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Other than a Super Bowl, what do we expect from Lamar Jackson?


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Its now a Lamarathon Luke on Ravens fatigue

With the money in the bank and the wristband off, just what do we expect to see from the new offense of Todd Monken that is built for the Ravens’ former MVP quarterback to bring back the dominance of 2019 and lead the franchise deep into the playoffs. Fans won’t have Greg Roman to complain about this season.


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Nestor Aparicio, Luke Jones

Luke Jones  00:00

Yeah, absolutely.


Nestor Aparicio  00:02

wn st Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively into our anniversary week. You only turned 25 once around here I got the silver coming in just to prove we’re gonna be a Costas on Thursday celebrating 25 years and give it away scratch also in the Maryland lottery as well as giving away a whole bunch of other crap that I have at free the bird shirts and old nasty newsletters Luke remember the nasty van you know we have all this stuff here there’s the show I did with Buddy Ryan and and Lawrence Taylor. All of this fun stuff will be given away on Thursday including copies of Purple Rain one Purple Rain, two posters, CDs, hats, shirts, bumper stickers, stuff just stuff we’re gonna give it all away. Come back Come down and get it That’s Thursday. A cost is Friday a drug city we’re doing the show brought to you by our friends and when donation 866 90 nation I’ll have the fun floppy hat on by the time we get there. The Orioles will have Verlander Otani and I don’t know they might even deal for BJ sur off and bring it back I don’t know trading deadline is up. There’s not a whole lot of oxygen for the football team. Although I will say now that I’ve been thrown out by chat steel I don’t really get to hear the screams of the fans and all this stuff and and got it the Raven social media so ah, you know, it’s just all about waiting for fingertip catches or some kid to get pushed over and Odell Beckham, the elbow, but the viral videos and the screaming of the kids and the heat. And Lamar Lamar, Lamar Lamar and obj obj obj a Luke, I don’t know how you are you’re doing this. I mean, the Orioles? Don’t let me in the Ravens though. Let me in. They only let you in. You have to do double duty. You’ve had quite a week, right? I mean, between the baseball over the weekend. And the ravens and the Ravens have been mainly quiet. Let’s keep it that way. You know, for the most part, but the ravens are still going on and it’s been very overshadowed by nine innings every night. It has

Luke Jones  01:56

been and I think that’s okay. Right. I mean, I mean, we and third, there’s plenty of excitement for training camp. Let’s be clear. I mean, go look you just mentioned as as much as a lot of the social media content is not catered toward you or to me. There is plenty of juice and you just mentioned it. It very it was striking to me on the first day when they had their first full squad workout on Wednesday. So accustomed to this point to Lamar getting the rock star treatment from the kids in attendance and just the overall reaction, a pop as they call it in pro wrestling, right you who gets the biggest pop. Odell Beckham, I’m not saying it’s as big or bigger than the reaction that Lamar Jackson gets, but boy, it’s close and you really see the excitement and I mean, this guy’s a celebrity not just a pro athlete is a celebrities. Yes. 17 million followers on Instagram, by the way. I mean, it just speaks to what kind of stature he has that goes beyond not having a great run the last few years as an NFL wide receiver, but there’s just a lot of excitement on that front. You are right. It is being overshadowed right now by the Orioles. And that’s okay, you know, it’s okay to have more excitement about it’s

Nestor Aparicio  03:11

rare and unique. It is it’s 25th anniversary here too. I can’t begin to tell you how many August ones you spent the last 15 or 16 of them here with me. How many August ones were the only thing that matters is Obj. Give me your you know like that, that there is no there there on a Tuesday night for a trading deadline and the Toronto Blue Jays and meaningful baseball games being played every single night where people are much more inclined to pitch about Brandon hides bullpen selection or pitch about whatever cheapskate maneuver Angeles is going to pull this week or alias deal. He’s going to pull off we’re all gonna weep. We lose Jordan Westberg wherever it’s gonna be right. Like none of that had any oxygen at all that it was all. Houston is coming. Houston is coming. Here’s once again. Once again. It’s July and the game’s not till September. But for you covering the ravens, it’s still serious business out there for the 25,000 people that went down. It’s what the nuts off at the stadium on Saturday out in the heat. It’s still there that that heartbeat is still there that they can’t win or lose until September 10. And I guess from that perspective, this feels really different. I mean, it’s different over at 1057 It’s different for reporters, it’s different for everybody. It’s different for the fans minds are that they’re gonna play 35 baseball games 40 baseball games between now and then and all of them are going to hook the way the Yankees games that over the weekend, the way the Phillies games, when they lose, it’s going to erase all of that emotion gets tied up into that. There’s not much you can go get an autograph, you can go yell, you can sweat, you’re going to be out there doing all that. They’re not going to do anything. And we used to just sort of make it up for five or six weeks there would be news in record. Are to the Ravens. The the Orioles are making real news between the lines every night.

Luke Jones  05:05


Yeah, no question about it. And I think here’s the reality. And this was always true, but it’s become even more apparent, with the preseason games becoming what they become where you’re not going to see many of the starters at all didn’t see many of the starters at all last year, you get to a point where there’s a novelty to it right. And the same thing happens post draft. First OTA, it’s really exciting. Hey, first time we’ve seen these guys on the field since January, and then you kind of settle in mandatory minicamp exciting, but it’s three days, right? So you see the whole team for three days, and they go away again. So there’s always that excitement at the beginning of training camp. And look, we’re not talking about fans going out there on a daily basis. That is a great experience. You know, I still have so many fond memories of going to Westminster as a kid with my dad. And you know, when I was in high school, going with my best buddy, but when you’re just talking about following it as a fan from afar, assuming you’re not going out there every single day, once you get past the first couple days, and now this week, as they put the pads on, then they start to hit. There’s another not a rite of passage, but another checkpoint, let’s say the first preseason game there was always some buzz until you realize, oh, this is fake football. Now I don’t even know if there’s as much buzz with that because you know, Lamar is not playing you know, the big stars aren’t playing it really comes down to this Nestor once they settle into a routine, the only significant news barring assigning and you know, they could still add an edge rusher. You know, Justin Houston still out there. Although the sense I’ve gotten early in camp is there is nothing imminent on that front. You know, that could change with one phone call. But who knows, you know, they could still add a veteran corner. But let’s face it, look around the NFL over the last the opening week of camp. What was the biggest news beyond some contracts here in there? It was Jalen Ramsey going down with a meniscus injury and probably going to be out for the season. Best case scenario is out until December, and Joe burrow being carted off with what turned out to be a calf injury, which doesn’t look catastrophic. But looks like it’s gonna keep them out for the preseason. So the point is this time of year, the big news, big news that that grabs attention is typically bad news. So if you’re the Baltimore Ravens and John Harbaugh, yeah, the JK Dobbins thing, we’ll talk about that, and we’ll continue to talk about that. But there’s only so much to talk about, he’s not practicing right now. It’s a hold in, you know, it’s no one says it publicly, but that’s what it is. But beyond that, it’s been a relatively nondescript start to training camp, and that’s okay. And it makes it even better when you’re in a market like Baltimore right now, where you have a baseball team that has the best record in the AFL that most of the discourse is on that there’s still ravens topics to cover and who’s looking good, who’s not how’s the Todd Monken is offense looks so far, and you know, all those different topics that you always cover this time of year. But at the same time, there’s only so much happening in terms of headlines that are going to be grabbed. And again, this time of year. No news is good news, generally speaking. And at least for the first week, the Ravens got through training camp without any any significant injuries other than just talking about some of the guys coming back from some pre existing stuff.

Nestor Aparicio  08:27

Here’s my Jones, he will be out the sweating this week with not as much better humidity here this week as the Ortles go out on the road and have trading deadline and then coming back home this week. What are you looking for out there? And I guess the obvious would just be where Lamar is different. And that’s really the touch point for this whole offense. It is amazing to me how shad upon Greg Roman is in like in every everywhere I go where there is a football conversation. The prescription was not Greg Roman, that this is going to fix things by getting rid of him. And I think there were many guardrails put on the offense by Greg Roman based on what he felt Lamar could do what he felt the players around the market do when he felt like their best chance of getting the next first down would be in many cases with Greg Roman, I don’t know much about Todd Monken. I didn’t watch the Georgia offense. I know he’s been in the league, I know what his reputation is, and that he can work with anybody and everybody and he’s playable and all that. But in his vision for what this can be and what it’s going to be with this offensive line not the one from 19 with Orlando brown and a younger Ronnie Stanley and all that, not what this would look like with the crappy wide receivers and Willie Snead and the crack down blocking that they wanted to do. And I don’t even know what the JK Dobbins situation if he’s not going to be on the field for all of August. What mungkin makes of him or thinks of him or Garner’s from tape, if he’s not going to be out there playing to say, this is how we’re going to utilize him. But to me, this is a mungkin Lamar Jackson show and figure out what they’re trying to do. Because apparently they wanted to blow up what they used to do, right. And that’s going to be Lamar pass Lamar pass, we’re not gonna put Lamar in harm’s way, Lamar is not going to run as much. I want to see what that looks like. And I know we’re not going to see it till September. But I’m thinking you’re seeing it practice out there. Because what else would they be doing besides installing a brand new offense? Yeah. And

Luke Jones  10:35

that’s what’s so fascinating. And you mentioned Greg Roman at the top. And, look, I think this is very common, that when things go poorly, I think fans and media as well tend to look at the coaching. And look, coaching really matters, let’s be very clear about that. I’m not trying to discount the impact that an offensive coordinator and a coaching staff will make or defensive coordinator in turn. But when things are going poorly, it tends to be the coach’s fault. When things go really well, like they did in 2019, for example, the players get the credit, and the coach might get credited at that point in time, but it can be very fleeting. So I find it interesting, because I’ve even pondered this. And I’ve talked about this with some people out knowings Mills, you know, and just some other media and whatnot. But I wrote this, from the moment that Greg Roman, you know, they decided to part ways with him that they could make a higher of a home run of a higher, you know, whether it was Todd Monken, or whoever they were ultimately going to hire as their offensive coordinator, and it could work out really well. And it could take Lamar Jackson in this offense to new heights, and say what you want about Greg Roman, they had a historic 2019 season, their running game was as great as anything, we’ve seen over a two or three year stretch in NFL history, or at least modern NFL history, let’s say. But it had plateaued, it had gotten to a point where you could tell it wasn’t moving forward anymore, for whatever the reason, coaching personnel, quarterbacks, lack of availability, all those different factors. And it’s never one variable. But the point is, even if they made a home run of a higher, even if Todd Monken ends up looking like he’s the greatest offensive coordinator in team history, he is going to be hard pressed this ravens offense this year, next year, the year after that is going to be hard pressed to match what they did in 2019. That was historical efficiency. They had a quarterback who led the league and touchdown passes, who also ran for 1200 yards.

Nestor Aparicio  12:39

They were in second in one or two more than any team in the history of short film.


Luke Jones  12:44

So my point is, look, Greg Roman wasn’t able to duplicate that in the three years that followed that, and that’s one of the reasons he’s not employed anymore. And you know, one of many reasons why the Ravens decided to make the change that they did. But the point is now how does it evolve? It could work out beautifully, but you’re not going to find that level of offensive efficiency. I mean, that was a historic performance that that 2019 team had. But what are they trying to do differently now? Clearly, a passing game? Doesn’t mean I think that they’re going to lead the league and passing percentage in terms of run pass ratio. Are they going to run or pass more than they have in the past? Yes, I feel that that’s the truth. Do I think they’re gonna abandon the running game whatsoever? Go look at what Todd Monken did at Georgia. That team won a couple national championships. The running game was still very prevalent in what they did. So I don’t think a John Harbaugh lead football team is going to suddenly abandon the running game. So more balance, more explosiveness. I think one thing that’s been evident in the first week, and there’s not a whole lot you can take away because it’s still very much a work in progress. Heck, I haven’t even put on the pads yet, as you and I are recapping this. But what has been evident to me and what was an indisputably a problem with Greg Romans offense and had become more problematic over the last couple of years. They are practicing and playing with a quicker tempo, they are getting to the line of scrimmage more quickly. That’s giving Lamar Jackson more time to assess pre snap, adjusting the protection, adjusting the play call moving players around the formation. You can’t do those things that I just mentioned, if you’re getting to the line of scrimmage with five seconds ago on the play clock as they repeatedly were doing the last couple of years. So if there’s anything that I take away

Nestor Aparicio  14:34

on a second, they’re talking about taking the wristband off for Lamar, right. We’ll see if you’re talking about that. That’s almost like controversial, right? Because he always had it. He’s always flipping through it. Now the new offensive quarters so now he’s got to have that in his head. The old offensive quarter said he could have had in his head that would have hadn’t wouldn’t had it on his arm. Like I like and we wouldn’t have been five seconds getting into this and as much as Rome has been blamed. I haven’t heard from Rome and again, I’m not a media member anymore. I’m not allowed to talk to these guys. I’d be interested to see what Greg Roman would say about getting those plays in late and and whatever that what if we could be real reporters and really talk to these guys and find out what what the mechanisms were for all of that. Then one thing Greg Romo getting beaten up. That’s cool. It’s fun for everybody. We’re still beating up Jim fossil and he’s dead. were beaten up Matt Kavanaugh. I’m looking at old pictures. Every body was ever the offensive coordinator here. Cam Cameron. They were all the village idiot. In the end, every quarterback that was ever here was the village idiot to including Flacco right. In the end, he wasn’t good enough. And he was maligned. So to beat up the quarterback Kyle bowler to beat up the offensive coordinator name any of them, I guess only Jim Caldwell and Kubiak got out of your life. Because they didn’t. They they left on they left before they could be run out. I mean, Roman would have gotten a head coaching job at 20 or 21. During the plague, we wouldn’t have been able to run him out. Right. Um, I find it fascinating that all of the angst about Roman that we think that we fixed it, and I and God bless them if they have, but I still think there’s a lot for Lamar to do here. And all eyes will be on mungkin but in the end all eyes gonna be on Lamar on Sunday at one o’clock throughout September and October. They play a lot of one o’clock Sunday games

Luke Jones  16:26

as they should be when you’re talking about someone who has accomplished what he’s accomplished over the first five years of his career in the regular season. And now the contract there’s no longer the business side that’s been talked about. So that’s absolutely true. So, but But what you just laid out, I mean, that’s how it works. And by the way, Jim Caldwell was much maligned in 2013 with the way the running game fell off a cliff and their offense was, you know, they got rid of Anquan Boldin. And suddenly Joe Flacco wasn’t the Joe Flacco. We saw that the previous January so it you’re absolutely right. And look, where does the truth fall? Is? Was it all Greg Romans fault? Or was it all everything else is false? The truth is somewhere in between, right? I think you look at where their offense was, I think it just comes down to this. And it’s very simplistic, and that’s why you can’t fire all the players. You know, you weren’t going to fire the entire coaching staff. But you do look at who’s in charge of the offense. It was Greg Roman, and there had been some backsliding that had gone on over the last couple years. Wasn’t all his fault. But I think if you look at at a pattern, whether we’re talking about a play clock issues, go back to Buffalo go back to San Francisco, there were you can go find topics of conversation pertaining to that with Greg Roman offense, a passing game, that plateaued, same thing happened in previous stops. So there’s a pattern there, doesn’t mean it’s all his fault. Greg Roman didn’t pick the wide receivers, you know, for example, that that did or did not work out. So, but at the same time, go back and look at the tape. There were deep balls that Lamar Jackson missed last year, there were guys open that he missed. I mean, it’s everything. So, again, what are they trying to do now? Clearly, the passing game has more of a focus, there’s been more of a focus on it and adding wide receivers, certainly this offseason, you know, as a flower, you know, talked a lot about Beckham’s a flowers, it’s been dealing with a little bit of a stomach bug and missed a couple days of practice here over the weekend. But he’s impressive. And I’ve heard from players, even some some members of the organization that there’s a lot of excitement about this kid that they think I’m not saying he’s gonna be their number one wide receiver from day one, but they think he’s that kind of player that kind of potential

Nestor Aparicio  18:46


to call them a toy, right? Yeah, exactly. I

Luke Jones  18:49

mean, moves moves really well. He’s not big, but he plays bigger than Hollywood brown ever did. And you know, I don’t want to go to Steve Smith

Nestor Aparicio  18:58

comparison is

Luke Jones  19:02

I’m not ready to go that far either. Because you’re talking about a fringe Hall of Fame type wide receiver there, but he’s got potential to really be it’s a pretty low bar completely acknowledged that Hey, who are you talking to a guy who’s banging the table about wide receivers for over a decade now covering this team, but he’s got the potential to be he’s got the potential to be something special for them. At least that’s what I hear. And early on in camp he’s looked good. So we’ll see how it plays out. Of course


Nestor Aparicio  19:29

everyone you started banging the tables by the way it was like I was in the middle of writing Purple Rain too which will be giving away Costas this Thursday. Stopped by have a pick up anything you want. Everything I have is free. It cost us I want to point that out. But I remember walking in that night to the to the the Meyerhof where the Ravens were were showing their Super Bowl video and I’m in the lobby and the wn S T text went off and it said Anquan Boldin San Francisco 40 And I’m like that was right The moment that Luke broke out the started dipping the pen into the ink and saying we need wide receivers and all the Prashad Perriman you know and all the Hollywood Brown and like all and and every name them all Macklin Wallace they go through I have to know right do I have to? But you’re right they brought they brought the Sean Jackson in here last year he

Luke Jones  20:27

ran around. And he left. He basically quit. I mean, that’s kind of kind of sort of what happened with him last year.

Nestor Aparicio  20:37

So did the quarterback by the way, but we gave him 150 million.

Luke Jones  20:41


He was okay. He was hurt.

Nestor Aparicio  20:42

He was hurt. Now let’s let’s not. Let’s hope he makes the trip to Cincinnati for the next playoff. Okay, but

Luke Jones  20:47

let’s not let facts get in the way of a good story. You know, like he was hurt now to Sean Jackson. That was a waste of another waters

Nestor Aparicio  20:55

too. And he should have been on the sidelines with his teammates at Cincinnati, and I’ll never back down from that. Five.


Luke Jones  21:01

He was hurt. But he was hurt. You know, like don’t don’t make it out that he quit. You know that quitting on your team? I only have a fee is way different than being legitimately hurt. Okay, but I’m telling you he was hurt. Look, I’m not saying he. Let’s not we spent a whole offseason talking. I

Nestor Aparicio  21:18

know we bring it back

Luke Jones  21:19

to this offense.

Nestor Aparicio  21:20


We spent too hard now all of a sudden.

Luke Jones  21:24

But But this offseason, or this training camp, you know this preseason, are we going to see a lot that’s going to really give us a great idea of what this offense is going to look like. Yes and no. Again, tempo, I do think you’re gonna see them spread out way more, I think you’re going to see much less of the heavy packages, you know, with regard on the field constantly, one record still recovering from offseason hip surgery. But I think you’re gonna see more 11 personnel more three wide receiver sets doesn’t mean that that’s all they’re gonna do. But I think you’ll see them spread out more. I think you’ll see them run from those types of formations with a lighter box defense putting fewer defenders in the box because you spread them out and you can run the football that way, you know, that’s something that Sean McVeigh and the Rams did very successfully you know, when Todd Gurley was at his best running from 11 personnel so so you’re gonna see different things like that. Certainly, there’s going to be so much attention on the passing game, but I’ll say this much what we’ve seen early on in camp and mind you they as I mentioned, ze flowers has missed some practice time Rashad Bateman still on the puup list. So the tight ends are still going to be very heavily involved. And it makes sense right I mean, we’ve said all along Talk all you want about Beckham I just spent two minutes talking about ze flowers and the excitement with him. You know, Rashad Bateman if he comes back healthy, but Mark Andrews is still their number one receiver, you know, he’s other than Travis Kelce. He’s, you know, for my money he’s as as good as any tight end in football as great

Nestor Aparicio  22:57

as less teammates in practice than Travis Kelce. does too. So

Luke Jones  22:59

yeah, that’s That’s true. That’s true. So we haven’t had


Nestor Aparicio  23:03

that, by the way, right. I mean, the Browns had shut down their camp. I mean, like, out in Owings Mills at this point. That’s the kind of crap I don’t want to see. The Browns running sprints because they fight too much. Stop.

Luke Jones  23:17

Yeah, I mean, look, there’s there’s gonna be some scuff, there are going to be some scuffles you have some of that, you know, there could be a couple guys that take a swing. Now you don’t want to see anyone break someone’s jaw or any or swinging a helmet like that is possibility when

Nestor Aparicio  23:29

you take a swing, right? Yeah, yeah, sure. But

Luke Jones  23:33


at the same time, I’m also not going to make too much out of a camp fight, tempers flare. The pads haven’t come on yet. With the pads coming on this week. We’ll see some push and shove and we’ll see some of that. But yeah, you want to avoid that you want to avoid the catastrophic injuries. We haven’t mentioned too much about JK Dobbins. But the Dobbins watch continues. He’s out there, you know, in terms of going out there to observe practice. He’s in the building. It’s working out. He’s just not taking part in practice right now. But as I wrote it, Baltimore As much as I don’t think that’s moving the needle for him whatsoever, one iota, trying to get a new contract or getting more money out of the Ravens or anything like that. What I will say is, if you look at it logically, from his perspective, he says, All right, I I’m not getting a new contract immediately, or at least the money that I want for a new contract. But if I can mitigate a little bit of my risk, practicing in late July, practicing the first week of August, maybe even practicing the second week of August, and I’m just working out, I’m making sure my body is in great shape. I’m taking care of myself, and I hit the practice field. I don’t know August 13. And I’m just throwing that that date out arbitrarily Nestor but if he’s on the field August 13. He has plenty of time to get ready for the for the regular season now. There are other factors that work there including you are contractually obligated if you are healthy which is why he’s on the PU P list and you know they is telling them I’m not quite right. And John Harbaugh didn’t touch this the other day because hey, the team put them on the PU P list and that’s physically unable to perform. So there, they cannot come right out and say, we don’t think JK is hurt. Because if they do, then they subject themselves to probably some a fine or something along those lines because he’s on that list. But the point is, if you’re him, get out there, mid August, you’re healthy, you have plenty of time to get ready. Now you better stay healthy, you better not tweak a hamstring the first day of practice whenever it is for you. You better have a good season. Because if you don’t, then everyone’s going to be pointing to that. But my long story short, do I think that that is a colossal issue for them right now that’s holding their offense hostage or anything like that. Now, do I think probably there’s, you know, are there people annoyed in the building, including maybe some of his teammates are out there sweating their butts off while he’s not practicing, even though he’s under contract and obligated to practice to? I’m sure there’s probably some of that, but he’s doing what he and plenty of other running backs are trying to figure out right now. And I can’t say I like his chances that that this is helping him at all. But if you’re JK Dobbins if you’re his age, and you say, You know what, we’re not going to get a deal right now. And whether it’s with the Ravens or some other team after the season, we think sitting out practice in late July and the first week or two in August. It keeps them healthy, keeps him away from some defensive lineman falling into his knee. And you know what, there’s probably some merit to that if we’re being totally honest. And John Harbaugh would have, you know, would have a hissy fit hearing me say this right now. But if we’re being totally honest, this training camp need to be as long as it is. Yeah, the pandemic here. They didn’t start, you know, they started a little bit later. You know, that was a much more condensed kind of preseason. I think the product was okay, that your lack of fans and all that, you know, COVID stuff aside to play on the field? Do they need a full training camp? Does every veteran player need the full training camp to be out there every single day of practice? Probably not. But coaches want it front office’s want it? The players are contractually obligated, and mind you a collectively bargained agreement in place for the structure and parameters of training camp. So

Nestor Aparicio  27:29

it’s amazing that the training camp and you should expect Lamar and obj to be laced up that day, no matter how hot it is, or whatever. But when you go to the games and you pay, you don’t expect any of them to play. Oh, sure.

Luke Jones  27:41

Well, and again, there’s another factor that kind of plays into this. Look, I’m not saying training camp has no value. Let me be very clear about that. But JK Dobbins or any number of other veteran players, or more established players? Do they need every single practice? Do they need every single day out there to make sure that they’re gonna be ready for the season? Probably not. But rookies, fringe veteran players who are all in the bubble, guys that are trying to win a starting job? Yeah, those guys they need every rep. So JK Dobbins, he’s their best running back look, with apologies to Gus Edwards, or Melvin Gordon, who’s now on the roster or Justice Hill. JK Dobbins has more upside than any of those guys right now. And he knows that. And yet, guess what the Ravens know that too. So I think for right now, now, this could change if he’s still not on the field, August 23. And we’re starting to, you know, we’re, we’re at the end of the preseason schedule, and we’re talking about final cuts and talking more about the Houston Texans week one, you know, that that could be a different story. But for right now, I get the sense that the ravens are willing to play nice, you know, they’re not appeasing him that they don’t like it, but they get it to a point as far as where he’s coming from and running backs in general, but the market is the market if you’re the ravens, so they’re not going to give in, nor should they. And if you’re JK Dobbins, you say, You know what, I may not win this battle, but if I can eliminate too early weeks of practice in terms of the risk of me getting hurt, then maybe it’s worth it. And time will tell you know, he’s got to have a great season regardless, anything late July, early August, P goes out, you know, if he even if he was on the field, and practices, he goes out there and doesn’t have a great year, no one’s gonna care that he was on the field. On the flip side, if he doesn’t show up on the practice field until August 15. But he goes out and runs for 1200 yards or 1300 yards this year and might be a pro bowl running back. Who knows? No one will remember if that happens, no one will remember nor care that he wasn’t out there on August 1. So the point is, yes, it’s a talking point. Yes. It’s a topic. Yes. It’s news for the Ravens in what has been an otherwise quiet start to training camp. But do I think this is a major colossal issue for them right now? I don’t, but I’m making the assumption that we’re going to see him in the next couple of weeks. That that we’re not going to be talking about this on August 31. wondering like, when the heck is this guy going to practice? Because then that’s when I questioned him and saying, man, what are you doing here? Are you is this really going to put you in a position to have your best season? If you’re not on the field learning Todd Monken is offense in terms of muscle memory and getting into football shape, you know, he’s in the meetings and all that so it’s not as though he’s not preparing. But, you know, we get to that point then it’s a different conversation for right now. It’s an issue but I don’t think it’s this major issue that’s hijacked the football team or anything like that.

Nestor Aparicio  30:40

Luke Jones will be out in Owings Mills all week. The orals we playing in Toronto and then back home again, Luke could be at the ballpark as well. We’re gonna be celebrating 25 years wn St. On Thursday. It is our 25th anniversary. We were born on August 3 1998. Although I did spend may in June part most of July, building the place and getting the place in order but it’s been 25 years have found all the old pictures, lots of old memories, we’re giving it all away anything that I have. It’s not nailed down will be a Costas at 11am. On Thursday, we’ll be there 11 For all it brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery having the crab cake tour. I’ll have some scratch offs to give away our friends window nation as well. 866 90 nation putting it all together. The crab cake tour is going to be moving to truck city on Friday from 11 to four we’re going to celebrate 25 years there two days and Dundalk this week. Then next week we get back out to green mount station the middle of the week up in Hampstead Castle crabcakes up there with Chris talk about their their sports book and their relationship with a bet parks as well. And later in the month at Pappas in Glen Burnie, as well as some other dates in a fade these were going to be there. But this week cost is Thursday. 11 to four drugs city 11 to four on Friday, lots and lots of stuff to give away. And we appreciate the all the nice words and pictures and memories. People have sent me pictures of seat cushions that I didn’t know still existed pictures of old shirts and I forgot we made all the backs were different on the get nasty shirts. So some of them were sort of Preakness backs or road trip back so anybody’s got cool stuff. Please take an image please send it my way. Nasty at wn St. dotnet. Of course you can reach Luke Luke at wn St. dotnet as well as on social media. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And if you hear some old school voices around here this week, we’re just celebrating 25 years because we made it and they said we could report them a Stay with us.

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