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Our Ray of light and king of WNST Baltimore sports production returns to discuss 25 years of #AwesomeNes


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Our longtime producer Ray Bachman takes a break from his Trivia Night tour in Anne Arundel County to talk 25 years of fun WNST memories with Nestor at Pappas Restaurant in Glen Burnie on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour.


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Ray Bachman, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00


Welcome back, WN S, T, Towson, Baltimore. And Baltimore positive. We’re positively down here at Pappus. It is all brought to you by the Maryland lottery and scratch offs to give away. I hope this guy wins the 10,000 bucks. I do. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery. We’re at Pappas in Glen Burnie window nation, bringing this forth. I made a big stink about you. And like having you on. I’ve been chasing you for three months to come on. You chase people. You chase people to come on this show for 15 years. And I can’t get you on and now you. I mean, you now understand how hard it was to get other people on. For me to get you on. It took me three months to get through your neighborhood. Right? And I’m still was like, I’m texting you yesterday. Like are you committed to this?

Ray Bachman  00:47

Yes, a week ago. You don’t text me every day. I go well,

Nestor Aparicio  00:52

I mean, last time you said yes, your knee blew up. And the thing I’m glad that you made it this time because he gave me like another month and a half ago I did the show at at Beaumont for you to come out. And you didn’t make it you did Aruba. The Orioles are still in first play might not have been in first place when when this thing happened with you. So we got all sorts of things to get to. But more than that, this 25th anniversary and these signs and pictures of you and anyone else who’s ever a part of my life has made me very very grateful for all of you guys. So just being a part of like wacky like no way or say so. He this this will jog your memory.

Ray Bachman  01:30

Trumpy was the first ones right?


Nestor Aparicio  01:32

Correct. September 1, which is Friday, it will be the 27th anniversary of the first ever sign. And it was the dump Trumpy signs. September 1 1996. So the 25th I’m doing 25 stories of glory of all the years we’ve done this number 20 fives the signs and the signs like you were there that they like you were in charge of the signs right like ending them in a while. In the beginning. We didn’t have a radio station in 9697.

Ray Bachman  02:03

I mean when we by the time we got the Camden Yards when the Orioles were in the playoffs. People were lined up waiting to get assigned. Well, I didn’t have to do much work.

Nestor Aparicio  02:11

Tell me about it because I have a couple of these. I have a couple here we go. This was one of your bank that yes bank the arbor Cleveland. This was in 1996 sign smack the six Yeah, it has a meat cheese Bay Cafe Browns Toyota City della Rose’s downtown sports exchange and loonies pub in Kent one location loonies. So this is

Ray Bachman  02:37


around the corner Pratt, right. Correct. Right across from Tijuana West pret.

Nestor Aparicio  02:39

Spank the Yanks. It says here for Baltimore’s number one sports talk tune into the Budweiser sports warmer nasty Nestor Aparicio. Five to 8am 1360 So this was the 1996 arc. This is probably the second sign we did. We did bag the Jags we have stomped the saints. We have bagged the Jags. This was a 97 This was the clobber Cleveland This is a 9097

Ray Bachman  03:04

for that one right there. I had a a handcart with about six cases. And those things were having it really had a real habit. And I just wonder of Canada, Howard and people were lined up to get him so I didn’t have to, you know, actually that day. I got two free tickets to the playoff game. No, no, no. Online. It was denormals Play the mariners in

Nestor Aparicio  03:26

the playoffs. They played the Mariners and then they played Cleveland after that


Ray Bachman  03:30

was the mariners 90 said I was doing a nasty booth. Right. And a guy came back it was 96 gameplay

Nestor Aparicio  03:35

Cleveland. This is a 96 sign. Then we played them in 96 and then played them again in 97. We didn’t do them in 97 because they throw us off the property and 96 they threw us off the property for this in this. This was these were the two weeks in October 96 Angelo satis thrown off in 97. I never printed them off. I have John Ogden holding these at Hooters. We did the show at Hooters that day. And all the Hooters girls and John OG and have a picture that Gary Williams there to know that was the opening day at Camden park on the Pavitra and that was in 97.

Ray Bachman  04:09

Oh yeah, I remember I remember the Hooters

Nestor Aparicio  04:11


you mentioned to carry williamsii And that so so Hennessey did the ugly sides Hennessy did the artwork on I’ll give him the credit for that the short squat little things this week Budweiser paid for this so this is a go Oriole son use go Oreos man Angelo’s right you know, throw you out and then this was you know, Hennessy did this because this was Terps right? So this is beautiful here. So this was after we had the station. It has our logo on it. It says tune into Baltimore’s only 24 hours all sports talk radio station, nasty 1570 sports. This had to be the host around the edges all the hosts around the edges here we go sports guys seven to 10 the Bob Haney show 10 to two nasty Nestor two to six and the sport sky seven to 10am No, no. Okay, so the sports guy that that was probably Spiro and Swami. That’s what they Yeah, the spirit swamp. So this was a Go Terps sign so people don’t remember we didn’t read ones but we did the purple one. So when when people come to you other than bitching about me or politics or any of that other stuff, they come to you and you say something good about the station. What what do you remember about 25? year what would be your number one thing? Free the birds? I know you were there for that. I looked through the pictures.

Ray Bachman  05:23

Over the course of 25 years, what was my favorite memory are like number one. Match? That’s a lot of time brother. I’d have to sit down and

Nestor Aparicio  05:30

how many road trips did you go on?

Ray Bachman  05:34

I lost count. I have no idea. I mean, the San Diego 197 bucks to march wrote it was still the code. Yes. 97. That was a fun trip for me.


Nestor Aparicio  05:43

I found the pictures are you from that today, I found the pictures of all of us. That is a I do have a group photo from it. There’s like 100 of us that is a top 25 All Time wn St. Memory was one of the it was the first great road tailgate. I mean, our fans are known for tailgate. Now, you know, Brian throws these parties now. 10 years after I stopped doing it, parking lots beer drinking, taking over stadiums, you know, like taking over bars, literally that existed 9097 with the San Diego and I remember this is real community organizing the 97 tailgate and show Enoch still talks about that Pat, from Baldwin talks about

Ray Bachman  06:19

that. Remember to do to get thrown off the plane as we were leaving, they had to stop the plane to throw that dude off because he was drunk.

Nestor Aparicio  06:27

George, I hope you got home. I hope everything worked out for you. Picture which was so that tailgate that day we all got to the Doubletree in San Diego and I was doing a show with Ralph Rubio from Rubio’s tacos. It was taco and Larry Lucchino, who’s only got five World Series rings since he left here with the Red Sox, right? So literally keynote came and sat on the couch that day, we did radio, but everybody was like, What are we doing for the game? What are we doing for the game? And I said, Well, I wanted to put together a tailgate and Yoky was there. And Yogi had Yogi’s all American open Bel Air up into Aberdeen. And Yogi said, Walk cook. And Mike from the roofs route 50. Mike said, I’ll cook and I said alright, so my aunt Jane, were you with us when we went to the Costco to get all right, so we went to the Costco in San Diego, we bought grills. We bought four grills. I had a budget for it. I put 200 bucks up he bought four grills he bought charcoal and we literally got to the parking lot at like 7am we set everything else if

Ray Bachman  07:33


you aren’t a part of this. I was on that trip I just didn’t get up at seven o’clock. No

Nestor Aparicio  07:38

you were Johnny loves ripping it off. I think Dan and Dan in the Gaslamp but I remember but we were out in the parking lot that day and and everybody felt there was no Twitter. Right? There was no social media. There was no way of knowing where we were you couldn’t you could call people and say I’m over a parking lot pan or whatever, right?

Ray Bachman  07:57

I don’t even think cell phones were a big thing about that. But

Nestor Aparicio  08:00

it was the biggest it was the biggest party that that we were very proud to have thrown it and it was the beginning of like, what has become like a tradition for Ravens fans going on the road seeing again, you know


Ray Bachman  08:11

you weren’t there for this we did a bus trip to giant stadium Terps Notre Dame I did not go on that. Hennessy round the trip and we had like five or five bosses. Yeah was crazy. Ryan Ross from had a bus. I think Haney might have had a bus Terry Ford had a bus. I had a bus. I guess it’s

Nestor Aparicio  08:30

okay to harass kick, right? I don’t know. But it’s signs may have been the ones for the bus quite frankly. Right. Like, yeah,

Ray Bachman  08:39

he got Captain Harvey cold cuts. Okay, right. And there was Steve. Steve had organized everything right. Here’s a box for you. Here’s a box for you. So, the funniest thing about the whole trip before the trip even started, we’re in the parking lot and there’s six offers and and Steve’s got this little Alright, here’s what we got to see better system. Steve had a megaphone. There’s five of us there. And I’m like looking. I’m like, we got a megaphone for that. There’s only five. But my brother and I were on. We’re running one of the buses. And Steve said there’s enough sandwiches. There’s one for each person and it was cat Marvy said we’re big. And I’m like, I’d like to have one of those for a ride home. So my brother and I want to Hennessey’s bus and took two to Sodom on ice and put them on ours. When he got on the bus. He was sure he was sure to him. Until right now, he didn’t know I was going to do that. That was such a party on the way there. The people on my bus said hey, can we stop and get alcohol because we run out of alcohol? And I was like dude, I don’t know if we can do that because and then they got together kitty litter like we’ll give you 500 bucks

Nestor Aparicio  09:56


but the we pulled into a really like a boarded up one in Detroit. Oh One of my trips, one of my really fun trips, we did Canton, Cleveland and Detroit before they ripped down Tiger Stadium. And since before the stage in 97, I believe about if I’m not mistaken, but we did a Midwestern baseball trip where we we saw games in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Detroit. And came back pretty good. True. Yeah. And went to the Hall of Fame and went to the Hall of Fame. And it was it was a small trip. It was 30 people. I mean, the bus had space on it as I remembered it. And I was a little disappointed, but I just wanted to make the trip, right. I wanted to go to Tiger Stadium. And we got to Detroit. And we did a group kitty. We were like, let’s stop and get some fresh beer. Let’s stop and get some food. But those were like my wife did the bus trip down to New Orleans. And they were all stopping at different places on the way back to get food and get beer and stuff like that because you can only put so much on you have to get ice at some point.

Ray Bachman  10:51

Well, one of the buses the toilet on the bus was completely

Nestor Aparicio  10:57

clean. I just

Ray Bachman  11:00

made the trip home had a river going down the aisle.


Nestor Aparicio  11:03

I just made Nesta boss face for the first time to keep this stuff

Ray Bachman  11:07

when I tell you about when I was working

Nestor Aparicio  11:08

well, right. I mean, I believe me. There were many things I found out about much later on. Right back, Quincy. You’re 25 years we’ve been doing this and you’re like Dude, what are you gonna talk? Man? Like, nobody cares

Ray Bachman  11:18


about what I have to say. I’ve been gone so long. They don’t even know who the hell I am. They

Nestor Aparicio  11:22

know who you are from Trivia Night Day. Your legend down here. You still do a trivia? Yep. What do you do? Tell me where you are.

Ray Bachman  11:28

Monday. From a period away. Good. What’s the day Tuesday Tuesday night? Mike’s crab house in Riva?

Nestor Aparicio  11:34

Are all of these in an aroma County? Yes. Okay, go ahead. Good.


Ray Bachman  11:37

Wednesday, Bella Napoli and Pasadena Thursday, doing their basketball alley actually sold place about a month ago. Really?

Nestor Aparicio  11:47

Did he sell the crab soup recipe? I don’t know. Gonna find out I haven’t figured it out yet. All right. Well, good. Good luck to you pass while you Okay. Go ahead.

Ray Bachman  11:54

Thursday and Ronald seafood. Mountain Road. All right, cool. Place all the sea foods on ice. All the beers on ice. Give me a pound of scouts. Give me one that is Wednesday. That’s Thursday night, Wednesday night. Wednesday 630. Thursday 630 Monday night. Hold a wall dive bar. And I’m sure they won’t mind me saying I called alibis in Pasadena. And that’s seven cheap beer. cheap beer in good bar food. I’m in good bartenders. Yeah, love. I love the whole hole in the walls.

Nestor Aparicio  12:28


Um, for Dundalk used to come on how many holes in the walls you and I’ve been to? And you and I are in a place. It’s a hole in the wall. No offense to Pappas, you know, but

Ray Bachman  12:35

I remember going with you when we were in San Diego while we were in San Diego.

Nestor Aparicio  12:38

Super Bowl. Super Bowl. We stay downtown Superbowl. Oh, you’re right. You’re right. It was a 2003 Super Bowl. Yeah, you’re right. You and I went to San Diego. No, we were in Oakland and we went down to San Diego. We went to the AFC Championship game. It was in Oakland, you and me. We went to Oakland Raiders for 20. Shorts. It was the Titans. The Raider The Titans and the raiders and the Raiders won the game and then the Super Bowl was in San Diego, and they got their ass kicked by Tampa. I feel

Ray Bachman  13:09

like we flew up and then we flew to Oakland for the championship.


Nestor Aparicio  13:13

And then went down to San Diego for the game. Yes.

Ray Bachman  13:17

Anyway, we went to Pacific Beach or something. Okay, remember that when you go into this bar, and we resist super out of place? Like we stuck out like sore thumbs. You had your big leather coat that we were just no we were not cool. They were all cool. We weren’t it was just like a by trendy beach crowd crowd. Yeah, it was like something you would see on a TV show. And I just remember walking around there going, Man this is we’re sticking out like sore thumbs. Why would a really big place and then you go into like another room. They had this giant TV movie screen with TVs everywhere.

Nestor Aparicio  13:53

I don’t remember this.

Ray Bachman  13:54


I’ll figure out where it was. All right. Maybe I’m just imagining all this.

Nestor Aparicio  14:00

Well, I’ve been to San Diego enough. I mean, you’ve only been a couple times. So maybe your your recollection of it, because they all kind of runs together for me. And that like I had Leslie Shrieve here before you came. And she’s productive day to helping executives get more organized and stuff. And I found all my date books. Remember that? The date books. I just had my back pocket, right? So I mean, I found them all this week. And it was the Deion Sanders and my wife even said, Casey put a picture of you and him and Dion up from the night and Cornell Yeah, we’re in a party hill station, which is now a Mac voice. And I get my snowballs in the parking lot there. And that night was kind of legendary right like Deion Sanders showing up in a lead. And I’m wondering is that a top 25 wn S T memory I and I think it is but either way. I wanted to figure out the date. And I Wikipedia that Dion was Oh 405 And then I saw kudos Are we? Oh four, no five and I’m like, Alright. When was it? Where was it? Jen’s like, he was wearing a full length fur coat mink coat. It was cold out. And I’m like, yeah, yeah, I remember being cold that night. So it had to have been like late October, November, December, and I couldn’t find the date. And I had the date book. And I finally found I went through my date book and it says there

Ray Bachman  15:24

you still had that book from long ago. I have every date book

Nestor Aparicio  15:27

of my life in what’s the calendar in my life like Mary Lou Hendricks. So I put them all together to show everybody that I’m that I’m that I’m crazy. But this this is these are all my calendars and your names and your 1000 times, man because like you would book you would book guest for me. I don’t know what that is. But that’s okay. Oh, it’s a Denver Broncos. Oh. We beat them.


Ray Bachman  15:54

They still have a team.

Nestor Aparicio  15:55

You’re welcome for John Elway. We came John Elway. So so how many Super Bowl rings do we have

Ray Bachman  16:04

count Nicolson array? I

Nestor Aparicio  16:05


don’t know. I don’t measure my myself value Super Bowl rings anymore. But But anyway, the date minders here that we’ve had for all these years, I have every barn show. So if John Ogden was at the barn that night it says Ogden barn if Ray Lewis was there it says Ray Lu and right so when I go back and try to piece it together the 1998 season and say, What night was Ray Lewis? And Rod Woodson there, I can listen to it and hear us talk about the Green Bay game the day before and then I can immediately say, Oh, that was obviously that week because you can but things get lost man. 25 years long time, right. I mean, like,

Ray Bachman  16:44

I look quick to Brother, don’t blink.

Nestor Aparicio  16:47

And it is kind of crazy. And now I’ve been thrown out right by the Ravens. I’m writing a letter to Steve shoddy next week, as well as John Harbaugh, Eric Kosta? Sashi brown they’ll all hear from me. But like on the other side of this the measure everything we did for 25 years here and the people that were involved in it like you and all these people that were on the bus trip, even the two guys who screwed out of sandwich that would remember all these years that I got a crab cake on here. We’re Papist by the way, Pappas they just bring your crab cakes, it’s great. You know what I love about this nice look incredible crispy on the bottom, which is sort of like your business on top party on the bottom. I like that Papist restaurant we’re in Glen Burnie Redbox. misir, our longtime executive producer. People come to me all the time and they tell me that they miss our monologues. We’re like the show would start the nasty theme song. I’d say Hey, Ray, what’s up and you’d say I you know, my daughter’s in preschool or just you know, your daughter’s in college now. Right. How’s your kid now?

Ray Bachman  17:44

Ryan just turned 21. She’s in cosmetology school. So I’ll be getting free haircuts soon.


Nestor Aparicio  17:51

Do you have any hair to cut? Yeah, I got a lot of hair. Did you know me when I had long hair the first time you didn’t meet me till after that.

Ray Bachman  17:58

I was no I was there. Were you there? Brad Pennington? Can

Nestor Aparicio  18:02

you help me to cut my hair?

Ray Bachman  18:03


But I remember I used to listen to you before. Before I see your listeners. You know how. So I would come home from work around four or 430 Go take a shower. I lived with my grandparents. And they listened to 1360 legends radio, because I had Wayne Rooney congruent, and he would go off the program you’re about to listen to that was not the views that

Nestor Aparicio  18:26

that was Ken Jackson. And Ken Jackson did that wrestling The following program,

Ray Bachman  18:34

right? And then you would come on it would be this. You want to get nasty. Right, right. And I was like, What’s this? And I just started listening to you. And then I went on a trip to spring training. I thought it was 9590.

Nestor Aparicio  18:45

I shared that picture today. You see that? Facebook, and you had an


Ray Bachman  18:49

Aparicio jersey on I came up to you. I said, Dude, are you Nestor. He was like, Who were you? I was like I listened to you. Nobody listens to me. Yeah, you’re the chair. The guy says no one likes the guy. Right? Yeah. You said come over to Marriott. We’re doing the show live tonight. I’ll throw you on. I went over and that picture that you posted was the first time I was on the air with you. I’m wondering you have that I even said I don’t after show you like I don’t really know my way around Fort Lauderdale. And you hung out with us. We may want to like the Bob beach club or something. But that was the first time we ever hung out.

Nestor Aparicio  19:20

Wow. And you but you have a picture of it. Like I guess your brother took it or something like that? Because your wife’s in it. She’s in it.

Ray Bachman  19:27

She’s in it. She’s my uncle was there. Your uncle took acid

Nestor Aparicio  19:31


and that was at the DoubleTree in Fort Lauderdale and Cypress Creek and that was 96. I said 95 Is that wrong? Whatever your

Ray Bachman  19:39

six whatever your we had David Wells

Nestor Aparicio  19:41

9696 Because in 97 year I did it from the Marriott and that year I had Alomar and Pat Gillick and Kevin Malone came and sat. But you weren’t you didn’t start working with us or fireworks with you

Ray Bachman  19:58

that year


Nestor Aparicio  19:59

because it Mountain Dew boots. Yeah, so

Ray Bachman  20:00

what happened when once we got back from spring training? You put an ad in the paper. I want Steve to die. Yes, I answered the No, there was no Steve yet. Before Steve, I know you before Steve. Absolutely. Wow. So you put an ad I answered the ad you said dude, I know you’re like I trust you. I hung out with you. But I want to give everybody a fair crack at running this booth. I need somebody who can get to and from the stadium, who don’t get I said, Dude, I live a five minute walk from the stage. You said you’re hired.

Nestor Aparicio  20:30

27 years later, but I

Ray Bachman  20:32


haven’t met Alan McCallum. The first time I did the booth. Alan came by the booth because he was your ballpark reporter but that was definitely before Steve

Nestor Aparicio  20:39

Allen came into my life. My high school English teacher Sue Monday was she had worked at Macy’s and worked in HR. She’s been in radio for a long time up on the Jersey Shore. Sue Monday was my high school English teacher. She taught me Catcher in the Rye and grapes of wrath and John Steinbeck. She hit me and said you had a radio show? What if I answered phones or printers? I want to get into radios what she said to me. I’m like, Why do you want to do that? This is 1994. And she came in one day she said, I met this young man who’s an usher at Oregon rich. He’s loves baseball knows everything about the Orioles. He might be a good guy for you to talk to about doing the ballpark job because Tom Cat didn’t want to do whatever. And every night Howard shear was doing it for me at that time to hump it out. And Alan came down. He said the end the 95 So that would have been the Ripken period that he came into my life. And we went to I mean, when Alan Moore hit the home run in Cleveland, we were together. When Jeffrey Mayer reached over the fence we would Skok are so mean our seats in Yankee Stadium we saw his arms reach over from the side not from the front. So Alan all these years later in the orals went in Are you engaged at all? Are you your guy? You’re like, out of the sports thing? Because you all have the scars? I got old.

Ray Bachman  21:54

I mean, he’s not as important to me as a you Okay, fair enough. Yeah, like the Orioles were my life your life? You know, like, yes, but now I work at night so I don’t get to really watch the games. It’s the connection is not there. I would love for them to win the World Series. But I don’t have the passion. Are

Nestor Aparicio  22:11

you feeling that all summer long being in bars at night that people are into it? Because the stadium is empty somebody to get bought? Yeah, no. Real


Ray Bachman  22:19

people will say, hey, there are a handful, Hey, turn the game on. But the fact that you even have to turn the game on, it’s kind of crazy.

Nestor Aparicio  22:26

Or trying to find the Game of Thrones. Plus another thing that you know, I mean, Luke covers the team for me up in Shrewsbury, he’s in Pennsylvania, there are games, he cannot physically get on top of it. But here’s the

Ray Bachman  22:37

crazy thing. That’s crazy. The crazy thing with the Royals, I mean to me, is, I mean, Cal Ripken has been retired 20 years. So these these fans at the ballpark. Now, they don’t know Cal Ripken or care about Cal Ripken or Rick Dempsey, you know, this bar is not there anymore. So it’s a new era coming. And the kids that are there now. That’s all they know. And it’s their time. You know, it’s it’s, I don’t know if that makes any sense. It just seems like there was a lot of somewhere in between

Nestor Aparicio  23:06


the stopgap was they were they last 100 days. And yoga has been a dip for 30 years. I mean, like literally right, but we

Ray Bachman  23:12

had we had the 9697 season which we were the best team and base by the way. I

Nestor Aparicio  23:17

want to thank Eddie Lauer brought this out to me. The last time we were together. This is the why brought this for you the wire to wire 97 playoffs. Eddie came out at the beginning of the 25th anniversary over and I was just looking at sort of the team was

Ray Bachman  23:29

a loaded master. We were the best team in baseball for those two years didn’t win at all, but


Nestor Aparicio  23:35

but they also spent gobs of money. People came down and supported the team. It mattered to the community in a way that they pretended matters. But does it you know and now the owner comes out he will sign a lease. Talk poor mouthing about signing Adley rutschman sign and gunner I mean that’s bad timing. It’s unbelievable. That they’re still there and effective when they’ve been such an awful company. You know, I mean like but

Ray Bachman  24:04

it’s because it’s a whole new crew now. None of these guys care or know about any of that. All they know is what’s in

Nestor Aparicio  24:10

front of them right now. The people that spend the money do the residue you know the part of that do do they

Ray Bachman  24:17


were going to ballpark on a Friday night it’s it’s 21 year olds everywhere drinking which is fine because we were those 21 year olds before. Oh, I agree with that. Being at the ballpark on the weekend is the

Nestor Aparicio  24:28

place of reason that you cared as a 21 year old is your grandparents loved my cousin. Are they loved Brooks Brooks Robinson do they love boop pow. I don’t the lore of this has nothing to do with JJ Hardy or Manny Machado or let alone Brady Anderson or Cal Ripken or Eddie Murray. Right. Somewhere

Ray Bachman  24:48

along the line. It became a big business and the guys and I’m not picking on Oreos, pick a team. Those guys on our team they don’t care about me you are the city and they don’t have to it’s not a bad thing. It’s It’s where they go to work and if tomorrow that other place calls you know New York or Boston

Nestor Aparicio  25:05

that will Flaherty they tap on the shoulder so you’re gonna pitch for the Orioles today right just that doesn’t mean he loves crabcakes or he’s gonna


Ray Bachman  25:12

there was a connection when we were younger I mean the guys lived here guys will be at Phillips they will be at Henry’s over on Fourth Avenue after daybreak

Nestor Aparicio  25:17

Dempsey all 40 years laters putting their fifth years laters putting together this you know baseball thing in Colombia Mike board is still here. I mean, BJ sir, off I did a I did the crab races with him down in Lexington market. I mean, there are people you

Ray Bachman  25:29

and BJ surhoff got together.

Nestor Aparicio  25:33


I give PJ his space. I’ve always respected BJ.

Ray Bachman  25:37

I was on BJs team at the Ripken minor league. I remember that he’s a gamer dude. And a lot of respect and love the guy. Very private guy, which which is, you know, nothing wrong with that. But uh, I took a lot of heat and had a run a lot of laps because of you when I played at Ripon fantasy. Why? Because you will definitely you and him and Palmera were all butting heads. Remember, Ray, you work for Nesta go to a lab around the property. I’m kidding. I’m kidding.

Nestor Aparicio  26:08

That’s gonna say I mean, I think BJ didn’t like me that much. I thought we fixed things. I never had things broken with BJ. I just was me. And you know, that’s okay. BJ and I traveled to China together. His wife Polly, they

Ray Bachman  26:20

do crazy things Palmyra might have been, it was Palmyra.


Nestor Aparicio  26:22

Well, Palmyra was Yeah, yeah.

Ray Bachman  26:26

Then somebody pointed out, yeah, yeah. Well, he

Nestor Aparicio  26:30

pointed his finger to and said he had cheated,

Ray Bachman  26:31


right? I didn’t do steroids. He didn’t know what it was. They thought it was before

Nestor Aparicio  26:35

I could put my finger back at him all 27 years like you’re not going to the Hall of Fame.

Ray Bachman  26:41

Or it’s another crop to you got what Clemens the all time strikeout guy bonds, right dude, baseball, embrace steroids. Everybody was doing them. You embraced it. You allow it to happen. Now you keep them out of the Hall of Fame. You got guys voting who never played sports day in their life saying this guy can’t go on because he did some steroids. But

Nestor Aparicio  26:59

But Pudge Rodriguez is in big poppies, a ton of people. Of course. Well, I mean, that’s just free ways to sit and take phone calls on this and try to have it make sense. Peter Angelos doesn’t make sense. Steve Bashaud. He’s a billionaire. He doesn’t have to make sense. None of this has to make any sense. I mean, this taken Lamar in a microcosm, injured the last few years couldn’t finish the year. The last time we heard from him before the money was telling a fan and Pennsylvania to perform fellatio upon himself out on Twitter. It stayed up for five days it got taken down. Nobody ever got to ask him a question about it. He never faced the media on it. And the next time he showed up at a press conference was to pick up a $72 million check. It’s just a different. Do you remember when Aubrey Hoff called Baltimore? A menorah Hall?


Ray Bachman  27:53

That was after he left?

Nestor Aparicio  27:54

No, he was here. He can’t No, no, no, no, no. He played here that year. He played here dude. He came back and was still here when he said that he was still here when he said it. And he came back and played and made $3 million that year.

Ray Bachman  28:07

Well, maybe we’re doing something well, I

Nestor Aparicio  28:10


guess my point is what you expect I got into this 32 years ago and I’ve known you 27 years 28 Whatever it’s been you know that at heart all of this ravens and Orioles crap was about loving the city. put love in Baltimore. Right? It said Baltimore and therefore I’ll fight you for it. Right. Like that’s really what? For everybody that love the Orioles or love the Ravens was about loving art. It was a it was a way to show our community put the beyond the hat put the Baltimore on the jerseys. You know, one of the things we fought here forever. was Baltimore on the road jerseys. Do you remember? Absolutely. lost his mind on that. We did eight years of Baltimore on the Rogers i i mentioned it it was a topic when I talked to Peter Angelos in March of 1997. So in March of 97, I’m given the owner like they’re the Orioles. Why wouldn’t you put Baltimore on the road? Well, there are certain P mil and all that. Yeah, we’re all that right. So by Oh 506 The Nationals existed. Were free the birds we still have snow balled him on the road jerseys. They they put the bottom on the Rogers still nine I believe. So it took them even four years after

Ray Bachman  29:21

prior up DC having a team because, well, if you’re marketing to all these different places, and you think it’s going to hurt your business or hurt your money, why would it hurt them? I don’t know if it would I think it would have lots of one and as Oriole fan master. I mean, we didn’t get to go to too many away games growing up as a child. So I never even really paid attention to it.

Nestor Aparicio  29:42

But now it’s all they sell. Right. I guess that’s my point. My point is we for 12 years. Were trying to get them to put Baltimore on the road jerseys to honor Baltimore. They refused to do it. But when it became financially expeditious for them, they do it and then act like it’s always been that way that they’ve cared about the community right like these goofy black things are wearing now that wrote the the the ones they lose in every Friday night and a year when they’re 35 games over 500 They were there’s black jerseys or like a pitcher got hurt well, right the whole deal, right? I mean, those jerseys are not good mojo. But it says Baltimore on everybody wants to own one because it hard. You want to you want to love the community you’re from right? And then you know, and then you Danner Pasadena, and the city’s rough and people don’t want to come and nobody wants to come to city and Baltimore itself has this reputation for not being hospitable or safe or likeable or whatever. But now they trade off of it. And I guess that’s my point all these years later, the only thing I’ve ever traded off of is Baltimore not really off the Ravens or the Orioles it’s off of people listen, because they love Baltimore. They love the city. They love the community. They want to feel like they’re a part of something you know, and only sports knows that

Ray Bachman  30:58

the only thing that stays the same everything changes.


Nestor Aparicio  31:02

Money. There you go. Had you know that

Ray Bachman  31:06

top of the food chain or

Nestor Aparicio  31:08

re Bachmann’s here, he knows nothing about sports anymore. He used to be an expert on the radio, our longtime executive producer, all of our fun signs can be found the the OIC stomped them saints this was an early sign here. I think this is a 96 or if I’m not mistaken, I have to go back and check that out. But I can still smell Memorial Stadium on it.

Ray Bachman  31:27


Did you do something for the dolphins on the saints winter at Memorial Stadium?

Nestor Aparicio  31:32

I didn’t do a sign I was there that nor

Ray Bachman  31:34

the ball or so that was a new that said that that was just the

Nestor Aparicio  31:37

bottom or the ball was the name of the theme of the game. Right? I have my buy ticket in my press pass that night. The thing I’ll tell you about that night is I did not have a parking pass. I was new to radios in 1992 or three. I was just getting on the radio. It was a very unorganized game. Right. It was put on I think by the stadium authority time maybe Memorial Stadium, who the Promote who was paying that right to do it. There were three competing groups trying to get the expansion team that we never got, by the way, as a history lesson. Charlotte, Jacksonville, I still have to say that 30 years later that people know that we we lost that expansion, right. But that game that night, I was on the air five to seven. It was a Friday night. And I went over to the stadium and it was the typical Memorial Stadium issue. There was nowhere to park and it was packed with you. Did you go to that game? Right. You were kid at the time. 1993 I was out of high school. Okay. It was mobbed pack. John Mackey got his ring at halftime that night, it was a chance to show how much we love football. We want to be back in the league. We’ve been gone 10 years. And I barely got in there. Like I got parked somewhere over by city caught me and it was just a nightmare to get there. And I remember going and going up to the press box. And you know all of it was like a little weird because we had just left baseball there, right. And the buoy Bay Sox were like about the play there, whatever. So the stadium wasn’t like a foreign place. But seeing a football game there seen an NFL game there was weird after all, because I went to all those colts games in the 70s and 80s. So I went up there and I stayed until halftime. And I left at halftime. His game was friggin it was a mess. It was the drunkest unruly list.


Ray Bachman  33:23

It was Memorial State. It

Nestor Aparicio  33:24

was a show. It was the drunkest it was Preakness with 50,000 football fans drunk, yelling on a Friday. I mean it was sounds about right. And this was before the CFL came, right. So it was the one football game that everybody had to go to the NFL was coming back. If you wanted to give a middle finger to Pete Roselle or tagline who I guess was running it by then. But like that was a legendary one of a kind night. Totally one of you know, never never be wrestling.

Ray Bachman  33:54

I was telling my son the other day I said when we want to Memorial Stadium. You went you parked? You weren’t leaving? Because it was bumper to bumper. You were in the middle of the there was the 10 cars on each side. I see like the helicopter you had leaves you weren’t leaving.

Nestor Aparicio  34:06


And it’s it’s incredible. It looks like a toy toy. You know, like toy cars. It

Ray Bachman  34:14

was legit. If you were in the senator was 100 cars around you.

Nestor Aparicio  34:18

So in my neighborhood my dad, we never drove my dad. We always took the bus. And when Mr. Pete would want to drive because I take it out dad boss and my dad be like, it’s bumper to bumper parking P like you’re on the bus and we’ll be home and 45 minutes. No problem. You sit out there we’re not leaving. Right. So we always took the bus.

Ray Bachman  34:38

That was our Well, y’all. We number three call on Pratt and Calhoun.


Nestor Aparicio  34:41

I don’t have that experience as a kid of sitting there waiting. I have that at concerts leading the capitals in our parking lot. You know I have that all the time. You weren’t going anywhere? Yeah, but Memorial Stadium idle as a kid I we got the first boss

Ray Bachman  34:53

we were always on the bus as I got older and we drove man I remember driving to Memorial Stadium mistake. It’s a mistake. The The coolest thing about Memorial Stadium was when you made that right on Charles Street and the lights and you’re not Charles 33rd coming off Charles and you just saw the lights, some special lights

Nestor Aparicio  35:08

and make the hair in the back of my neck stand up. All right, Ray Bachman is here. We’re at Pappas. This is the delicious Pappas. crabcake they’re in Cockeysville. They’re in Bel Air there. Parkville the original location here and Glenburnie Talk brought to you by our friends who Raskin global radio, a lot of things in your life. You’re seeing all these this is a this is a crab mallet with the beer opener on the side. That’s it. That’s the American dream. I’ll Rascon global rescue and our friends window nation 866 90 nation, get him into Labor Day weekend. It’s 10% off by two you get to free tell them we sent you as always 866 90 nation and Ray’s got his lottery ticket. Anything you will say about life these days. I mean trivia get people come out and like what makes a good trivia night for you?

Ray Bachman  35:51


I just go out to have fun. I mean, I my crowds are kind of built in. So it’s a lot of the same people every week at the same How do you

Nestor Aparicio  35:59

do the same questions and get cheating?

Ray Bachman  36:02

Well, you gotta have your phone away your phones out. You’re not when

Nestor Aparicio  36:05

you can bring your phone. Okay. All right. All right. So phone is


Ray Bachman  36:08

no phone, no phones. And I try to build my questions around the crowd.

Nestor Aparicio  36:15

So if you see me with my long hair, and so

Ray Bachman  36:20

after times around, I can figure out you don’t want to go ask and people don’t like coming out getting stuff wrong. So you got to ask stuff that people is gonna get right. I wonder

Nestor Aparicio  36:29


what I look like, man. I’m Stan Ocean City week and a half ago. I’m out on a deck about 11 o’clock at night bill calls with me. Joe, Enoch, Candice are there they send their love. girl comes up to me 1130 At night at a political event. This will tell you where we are in the world. We’re staying here girl comes up. She says hey, study weed man. And I’m like, why? I’m like, she’s like, Come on, man. You look like the kind of guy that as we call it. And I’m thinking to myself, is it the hair, right? So so anyway, I you know, I don’t know what I look like apparently I look like that to a 24 year old girl. No

Ray Bachman  37:12

strange chick just came up and said you got weed.

Nestor Aparicio  37:15

legal right to say. I said now why don’t you know I said I can’t help you. You know, I said why do I look? The guy? No. Me Me. Me. Yeah, but I have a gummy right here. Special. And a special package. concerts for you and me. We talk sports all day long. But I mean, I’ve run into you, you and I share.

Ray Bachman  37:35

Here. Here’s Nestor. Ahmed Ahmed Hall notes, Merriweather second row. Nestor texted me Hey, I’m all the way up on the top lawn. Come hang out with me. That’s not coming up. Very do. I’m gonna second row I’m drunk. I’m staying here all


Nestor Aparicio  37:49

spitting on me right now.

Ray Bachman  37:53

All right, every concert I go to I said I guarantee I run into Nestor. I don’t even seek you out. We just

Nestor Aparicio  37:59

what shows you go into in the next 10 weeks?

Ray Bachman  38:01


Next 10 weeks? I don’t know what I’ll go. Fix coming up.

Nestor Aparicio  38:04

You can be kicked. Absolutely. I’ll be a kick sorry. So I will see you there. See, I tried to get re on the show for months and then I wind up bumping into him and he avoids me doesn’t want to go I got nothing to say Matt

Ray Bachman  38:14

Smith and in the month you’re gonna Aerosmith. Black Crows are open never seen. No. I want to see the Black Rose.

Nestor Aparicio  38:20

You never see a black rose. Never seen never gonna see the Black Crowes Christy’s not on drums. But you can see Richard Chris, they call it the Black Crowes but Steve’s not there. So this is me off. And Steve Santa Rosa County legend Steve Gorman. Was that to do the ball show? Yes. Steve Gorman. Yeah,


Ray Bachman  38:34

I was thinking for some reason I was thinking he was in a Gorman’s, doing random cruise. I was thinking oh

Nestor Aparicio  38:42

no, no. Steve Gorman is from Severna Park. He drummed easy, rich founding member of the blacker he wrote one of the greatest rock books, you still read a little get get his book, get Steve Gorman’s book on the Black Crowes. You don’t need the like the Black Crowes love them. It’s the best rock book I’ve ever read.

Ray Bachman  39:03

But on Sammy Hagar it is really good

Nestor Aparicio  39:04


dude, Sammy, this. He writes a chapter about how Jimmy Page was dying to be in their band and begged to be in their band. And they all screwed it up so bad that they offended Jimmy Page. From Led Zeppelin led guy from Led Zeppelin wants to be in my band, and they screwed it up and he wrote about how they screwed up. I

Ray Bachman  39:25

gotta check it out.

Nestor Aparicio  39:26

He also wrote about how rich one night got pissed at them and stole the tour bus and stranded all of them in a city.

Ray Bachman  39:35

That sounds like a good book.


Nestor Aparicio  39:37

So yeah, concert so black crows are playing against Springsteen or a park got Billy Joel state Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks. Don’t forget about that. Peter Gabriel’s around that here’s something that you need to do. All right. And I’m going to tell you because you get true when you do this. Nile Rodgers and chic that they’re opening for Duran Duran, that’s fine. You get out of there see that? But they’re playing Artscape Keep in the city on the 23rd of September, same day as trifecta. It’s in the afternoon. Now Rogers and chic was the best show I saw last year. Yeah, I heard a lot of you they open for Duran Duran and it was it’s a week after kicks but you go to earth when a fire last weekend I did. I went to Earth Wind Fire and Lionel earth when the fire was better than line

Ray Bachman  40:19

on earth when a fire brings it every time every 75 years old Philip Bailey

Nestor Aparicio  40:23

sitting down with fantasy Red Hot Chili Peppers, and then that oceans calling festival Ocean City now I got John Mayer. I got weddings. You got you got Atlantis more said. I want to see Lana Del Rey Merryweather on the on the first of October. I really want to do that. And then Billy Joel and then oh, obviously John Mayer,

Ray Bachman  40:45


Billy Joe m&t are at

Nestor Aparicio  40:47

Billy Joe’s at the football stadium and Springsteen’s at the baseball stadium. And here’s something I’m doing because you love Wayne tonight. So, there you go. So that week, October 23. Sammy Hagar is playing in Greenville, South Carolina, playing a little theater with the circle. Through it a lot of all Van Halen Sammy Hagar little LEDs.

Ray Bachman  41:11

I seen him at Wolf Trap. One of the best concerts I’ve seen in recent memory. Okay,

Nestor Aparicio  41:14

so I’m seeing that show. I’ve been trying to get to Greenville, South Carolina for 20 years. My mother’s from a little town called Abby Ville, about an hour south of there. And I toward the end of my mother’s life. I was going to try to take her down there but she wasn’t mobile enough. And I thought it might upset her. I thought taking her down there. To her hometown. She may spend three days crying and I really didn’t want that for her at 9495 Like I


Ray Bachman  41:38

do when I ride through my own. Right, exactly.

Nestor Aparicio  41:41

So I never took her. She died five years ago. I’ve talked about going I’ve talked about going I talked about going the Eagles play down in Greenville, the bylo center down there about a year and a half ago. Didn’t go this Hagar thing happened in October on a Wednesday. I’m flying down. I’m going to spend two days in my mom’s hometown. Just kind of chillin it out seeing Abby Ville, South Carolina, and I’m gonna see Sammy Hagar, what’s the only job I have booked? What’s the 25th fourth fifth Wednesday fifth 25th of October you want to go maybe come on man. I’m gonna go after the 24th in the back on the 26th and in this meaning that you put Depeche Mode to play in that week and I’m definitely definitely definitely seen Depeche Mode so I’m doing that kicks saying goodbye what come on and

Ray Bachman  42:28

know what’s going to happen sooner or later.

Nestor Aparicio  42:30


Used to go see funny money all the time. Yeah, I forgot the kicks broke off. I mean, I John Allen. I got into a fistfight about that over Costas. She’s like, No, they were they do funny money. He’s doing funny money. He wasn’t doing kicks. And I’m like, I didn’t really know that I just thought funny money was like a side projects Nirvana

Ray Bachman  42:46

hit kicks disappeared. Funny money they would play Daytonas a lot and I was the house DJ downer for a while so I got the check. I’m a funny

Nestor Aparicio  42:55

money was all kicked songs, right?

Ray Bachman  42:57

No, they they had four original albums. Now. The first one was a lot of Steve stuff that never made the kicks.


Nestor Aparicio  43:04

If you want to see funny money when he played the itch, and

Ray Bachman  43:08

like, they they would play some kick songs, but not a lot. Okay. They would never play Don’t close your eyes. They would never play right. Okay, finally near the end. Steve said what the hell everybody’s coming out. They want to hear well, we’ll do it so they there was a point where they started to do but he just said it didn’t feel right. Don’t you

Nestor Aparicio  43:24

know what’s the craziest thing for me is my wife is of the air she’s a little younger than me. And to her like, Don’t close your eyes is a song she knows knows well. Grew up with knows everyone I took her to if they played heritage fair, and Midwest, I know what a back kick. She’s from New Hampshire, you know, so why would she? And we were leaving the concert like, and they were playing Don’t close your eyes. And we’re like in that little area in downtown Dundalk. And she’s singing every word from the district, MTV.

Ray Bachman  43:51


I mean, that was in heavy rotation. It was when I had that total request after school. It was every day. Yeah, I mean, for a good run back when the power ballots were were. And it’s

Nestor Aparicio  44:03

it’s interesting to me that they’re known for that in a way when I think of them, I think of them as our band or local. I say that Steve all the time, I think at the edge and I think I saw the first time I saw kicks, was with Aerosmith at the Capitol center in 1982. Or three. It was when Perry and white for wanting to ban with for more than a ban. And Jimmy Crespo and Rick do fey were doing guitars. Steven Tyler was smacked out of his mind at pictures. He looks smacked out of his mind. A couple people that read that show. Somebody else was supposed to open that show and didn’t do it. Fast way are like one of those bands and they filled in and they were so much better that night. And I have I have pictures from that show of Steve sitting on this crane with a umbrella singing for shame that night. So this is 42 Two years ago

Ray Bachman  45:02

I remember the live album when they were at College Park. Oh, yeah, right around listen that all the time and like, blew my fuse which was there, there was the biggest record that hit at the right time because that’s when I you know, I was getting into hammered

Nestor Aparicio  45:15

Cold Blood man red light green light.


Ray Bachman  45:19

And if you go on YouTube, you can watch old hammer Jack shows. And like Donnie Brunel who’s you know, the original bass player, that guy was a beast like watch him you forget how good of a bass player he was. And he’s a maniac gonna stay

Nestor Aparicio  45:33

said Shan had never seen John Allen play drums. And we’ve been to dinner with John

Ray Bachman  45:38

John Allen’s the drummer to me.

Nestor Aparicio  45:41


Well, and he deals with that. We talked about that in the segment, just like how people come and say, hey, I want to see you play the drums, you know, and my wife had ever seen him play. And then I went to the reunion. He played the drums the night Sarah Fleischer retired, and then he played the drums was kind of a kicks Child’s Play hybrid band. That was an amazing show. And they played drums last summer at soundstage for the Brian Jack where you and I it was great. It was awesome. But my wife didn’t go to either of those shows. So she showed up and Merriweather for em three at noon. And she’s not like why did we have to get there noon? We were there all day. Right? But it was a long ass day back in May. And we had great seats because sticks left us tickets, you know, right, right at behind the pit. And it was loud, really loud. And he came on to his Brian Jack thing barefoot, but then he got behind the drum kit. And it was really loud. And she’s looking at me she’s like, Oh my God. He plays the drums like that. And I’m like, yeah, man, you know really

Ray Bachman  46:36

good from it to him. He doesn’t know

Nestor Aparicio  46:38

Johnson Johnson when the whole world there. Go on tour. They’re doing

Ray Bachman  46:42

a big tour. He toured with Molly when they were doing SRS sr 71 That way he was Charm City doubles. Okay, right. And I think Nikki six had signed them to their labor


Nestor Aparicio  46:51

sr 71. Was with Bon Jovi.

Ray Bachman  46:53

Yeah, was that Nikki 60? Yep. was challenging.

Nestor Aparicio  46:59

On aroma not not at all honor among they wrote

Ray Bachman  47:02


some hit songs they got. I know Mitch has probably got a couple Grammys, and I know,

Nestor Aparicio  47:06

I told John this story about this. And he doesn’t remember when 1985 1985 I said, I didn’t know he wrote there’s this great song man, you know, sugar ass on the hood of Whitesnake car, you know, she’s still preoccupied with 9085 and I’m sitting there he’s looking at me he’s like, Are you kind of putting me on you know, I’m like, he’s like I wrote

Ray Bachman  47:24

that song until I watched your video. I had no idea either.

Nestor Aparicio  47:27

Well, I hope he’s getting residuals on that. Right Bachmann’s here. I’m gonna give him residual crabcake rip, Pappas and Glenburnie. My longtime friend, Executive Producer, 25 years, lots of pictures, lots of source. I’ll leave with this because before I left with Jentsch, I shared those pictures of you and me with Lennox Lewis and Shan Shan sharp picture with the old host of talk soup. Henson, John Hansen’s, right, John. And then I shared a picture of you and me with John Amos, from Good Times credible after coming to America, the whole deal, knew that boy was that boy was special. So I was looking through all the pictures. And the problem is you’re you and I are aren’t in a lot of pictures together. Because you were the guy taking the pictures. And I said that the chin I’m like, it’s really a shame. I said, but what we always did was I would be there doing the show, you would take a picture of me and Don Shula from three different angles with the mic flags, then you sit back down and do your thing. And then it would be done. And you would say Mr. Shula, can I get a picture with you? And then I grabbed the camera, take a picture of you in Shula, and then you’d be like, Hey, let’s get in here. I’ll get one of you, and then meet on shore, take a picture. So I have all the same pictures. There’s three pictures of me like this. And then there’s one with you, and then one with me. And there’s not one with both of us in it.


Ray Bachman  48:38

There’s that was when we had to get the photos develop.

Nestor Aparicio  48:41

Right here at the photo map by Michaels Eighth Avenue in Glen Burnie and by the way, I wanted to begin the show with this but I made a wrong turn coming down here today I got on the 97 sort of force a habit to go into the Bay Bridge. I was gonna tell sewer Pittman this but I didn’t get would mean more to you. I took the 97 ramp and I’m like, gosh, you know, Ritchie, highway MC. And I’m like, alright, I’ll just go down to Baltimore national I could have by Michaels Eighth Avenue. And I got emotional I started thinking about Scott Wagner. And I got off the ramp and I made the left hand turn with a light rail is where Eighth Avenue is and I’m like I’m going to take Eighth Avenue when I went by I went by last week where I got married, where I D I was a house DJ for 100 weddings, the boxing matches concerts he had down there and just how many times I would go down there and just drop by and go up on the second floor and just sit there and talk to him and Mr. Michael like had nothing to do with work and I wasn’t working I was just selling in this area because I used to sell advertising I would drive up and down Richie I were trying to get sponsors all my first sponsors was O tools fireside in Ritchie highway georgia avenue right by the by by Taco Bell right highway right there. And so Wow, I almost like pulled over on the side of the road and just wrote I miss Scott Wagner, like I figured somebody that was

Ray Bachman  50:02

one of the best dudes ever. He was a people person. Like nobody dislikes Scott Wagner. Nobody and, and I mean, my stories are I lived a little bit closer I would get that phone call Brother Ray brother Scott, what do you know? And I would write I need some help with a microphone or some and I’ll be right over and we’d sit there and shoot the

Nestor Aparicio  50:20


I just I drove by and there’s like this. This, the bones of a building are going up the bones of like a four storey kind of looking brick. I don’t know what it’s going to be. It looks like an office

Ray Bachman  50:32

park, right? Or they’re just building it and they don’t even have tenants yet. Okay, it’s just a it’s just a it’s an office, but when I leveled it, I went by and took some videos. And I mean, I I got the DJ, all the Baltimore boxing events for probably two decades. And you know, my prom was there. There was the Glenburnie escape attended my

Nestor Aparicio  50:53

wedding there. Yeah, absolutely. Bernie skate rank. So anyway, Scott Wagner, if I had a drink, I would I would tow Scott Wagner with a non alcoholic drink for Scott, at least for now. So we miss you miss Michael as well. I mean, we get you out of here. Reebok was here. We’re gonna split this crabcake we’re Pappus it’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I have strips of these a lot of people back you’re gonna get some some winners here. We had $100 Winner Coco’s couple of weeks ago. So people really win. I’ve had I’ve had three $100 winners, handful. $50 winners, lots of fives and 10s. Twice, but somewhere out there. There’s a $10,000 winner. It’s the 50th anniversary of the Maryland lottery 25th anniversary for what we do. We are featuring our 25 stories of glory. And I hope you appreciate this. This is going to be the theme time will not dim the glory of your deeds. Okay, so everybody out there that’s helped keep the ship rolling including this guy. You’re a better producer than you are a guest because it was so hard to make you a guest on the show. As a producer. You were more dogged on booking Joan Jett on the show than I have been of chasing you around to try to get you on the show

Ray Bachman  51:56

before you jump off a couple of weeks ago as a home has some tequila got got you got me got on YouTube and looked up the old wn S T videos okay, which which ones you look on man are all so funny now because they’re 15 years old. Yeah. And I was I was walking around messing with the interns and just agitating everybody. I got to take that stuff. There’s like four or five really funny ones. I will not be funny to anyone else on the planet other than me but I enjoy.


Nestor Aparicio  52:26

They’ll be down by sundown with time. I love Ray he knows that we’ll get together at kicks. I have him appear. Steve Whiteman and our friends are stone horses and Child’s Play will be there as well. So on behalf of us who did sports forever, we still love rock and roll get together and doing that our friends when their nation 866 90 nation I wear the funny floppy hat with Ray here at some point I never did get those Miller Lite hats. Every year I I saw one in a third hand store for like 30 bucks. It was like the 80s or something and I’m like

Ray Bachman  52:56

I bought a mug in an antique store. Remember the blue Busch beer Oreo mug

Nestor Aparicio  53:03

as Louis Aparicio want to sign up for?

Ray Bachman  53:05


This one had this this one is actually the Hall of Fame classes they used to do every year. This one was it was blue and white and had like the Berta might have had channel to honor some but it was like six bucks.

Nestor Aparicio  53:16

I think my Oriole went had Louie Aparicio. Cuellar, you know, bleh three, they put a bunch of people into the Hall of Fame’s early part of the Oriole Hall of Fame. And it’s a tankard tanker. That’s exact tanker just a little plastic. It was almost like a sippy cup for a kid that drink milk out of quite frankly, it’s a little white plastic thing, tanker tanker tanker night at Memorial Stadium. Come on out, eat the miracle. All right, back for more on wn St. We’re at Pappas in Glen Burnie. It’s our 25th anniversary. I feel like Richard share on square off back for more right after that. Stay with us.

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