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Teeing off the 25th Anniversary with Classic 5 Golf tales from the links


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The Maryland Crab Cake Tour and WNST 25th Anniversary got started at Costas Inn with a visit from Tom Pierce of Classic 5 Golf, who joins Nestor with a shotgun start to a year of memories, pictures, stories and lost golf balls. Let’s tee up 25 more!


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Tom Pierce, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about w n s t tasks Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are we’re kicking things off. It’s quiet right now at Costas. They will not be quiet because it’s like lunchtime on Thursday and the oyster guys are coming in. My wife’s in the fan club over here wearing Stacy Keibler shirts. It is our 25th anniversary it’s going to be long. Two days we have to extend it because I’m getting older and we’re going to be drug city on Friday. You know you got to drug city anytime you want get a snowball stop by the fountain get a milkshake. And while you’re at it make your way down here to Costas. They have lottery in both places which I love. It’s all sponsored by our friends at the Maryland lottery as well as when donation Eric’s gonna be mad and he says Harley i the floppy hat. I forgot it today. I’ll wear it tomorrow drug city and also our friends Rascon global I forgot my my damn crab mallet. So I think you could find a crab ballot here, Costas. Yeah, Tom Pearce is here for classified he’s gonna kick things off only because he was the first one to say, Yeah, I’ll come over to Dundalk at 11 o’clock in the morning and talk about my golf courses and Philadelphia sports and all that stuff. We’re gonna be doing our 25th anniversary, I want to kick it off. And everybody know, Bob mascara is gonna be here later, who is probably the reason I’m here because he was my Boston news American and went to the sun and funnily, I remember him bringing me there. So to tell some crazy stories, Kenny Albert’s already been on for an hour this week, talking about the genesis of our friendship and starting the show, but you signed up to be here at the beginning. And if there’s nothing else that’s going to happen now that you’ve been sucked into my life as a client now a friend and now that I know you we have so much in common with Philadelphia sports. This is gonna be fun conversation, but all these people have collected through 32 years of being on the air 25 years at the radio station. I’m in Dundalk where I figured if I do the show here, at least people would show up because I have friends and family here and then my kids sick so Mr. stadium’s coming later to play the piano we’re gonna have a little bit of fun with him as well. So all these years that I collected all this not everybody knows about the dump Trumpy signs they think it’s political and like now is Bob trying to be the the announcer he pooped on Baltimore from night This isn’t even like wn S T history. This happened before wn S T existed and you may know the story you may not you may know about my books you may not you may know about us doing the show in the little house up off the Timonium road into a well there’s mother’s garage all summer where they mowed the lawn and I sneezed just to keep my career alive to have the like crazy stories. But I’m going to tell every story over the next six months. We’re going to do 25 wn st stories of glory about how all this got here how all these crazy signs. My wife has free the bird signs defense signs re 252 signs What else do we have we have free the bird shirts we have get nasty shirts we have spank the Yank signs. I found a few clobber Cleveland’s I believe in Steve bring that over and that’s it. This is Steve McNair sign this would be like me showing you a Donovan McNabb sign or something right. Like a Richard wore ski sign right. Exactly. So we have all this history here but even as far as I go back 25 years, your golf courses have like I was telling my wife like didn’t Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer like shooted out of Mount Pleasant or something


Tom Pierce  03:21

Arnold Palmer did that when he won his third professional event at Mount Pleasant and Eastern open in the 50s

Nestor Aparicio  03:26

in the 50s Yeah, I was trying to say to her when it was because we drive them down hill and road we drive them down perring Parkway I mean we you know we traverse the city and I said to her it is all because she we went past Pine Ridge the other day we went up to the big truck brewery we took the back road out of the radio station north and I said man they got the simulators in there and I mean golf this is we pass golf courses all the time but you’re in like a real institution to Baltimore and I got your closest spares point down here to Country Club that hails joined as we would say yes, but they but your your classic finds like as intrinsic. You have 100 year old courses Ryan

Tom Pierce  04:04

Clifton opened in 1915 So 109

Nestor Aparicio  04:07


years man it’s something keeping any business running a month

Tom Pierce  04:14

and especially something that’s an outdoor business that mother nature can cause damage cause problems to you.

Nestor Aparicio  04:20

First guess and I thought thought we maroons coming tomorrow some rooms gonna meet me because he wanted to come see drug city because drugs city Now have you ever been to Costas or no this first time here now this is my third time Okay, so you know but the crabs in a crab cakes and the beer in a bar and the Christmas lights and like all the fun things we have here. Nobody knew about drug city outside of Dundalk. So I’ve become George’s sort of, you know, Apostle to go out and tell everybody that drug City’s more than like a pharmacy or just a funny name. That’s from literally Mutrux city 1954. SO MAD talking to institutions like Bill coal from coal roofing when our great sponsors 1919 Same as my parents were born. So like these things that have been around forever. I don’t know do enough celebrating of the 25 years that we’ve done and when you’ve had a golf course 100 years you there 2050 You make a big deal you put t shirts together we had a logo.

Tom Pierce  05:09

We did We did you do? Yeah, we didn’t have to write well you do. I found that some people don’t you know with your anniversary, it’s big for us, but some people it’s not so we do it mainly for the regular golfers and for ourselves. It’s a celebration, I mean anything the last 100 years.


Nestor Aparicio  05:29

So what’s your official position like you’re the first guest I don’t even know where to begin with this. My wife’s handing me in duct art signs. My wife Sandy made the rate 50 to 50 twos in the belief in Joe’s she’s gonna wind up give me like three beers. I’m gonna want to cry when Mr. Stadium gets here. It’s gonna be we’re gonna play the piano and sing songs and and have fun. But, you know, sponsors are intrinsic to this, right? I’ve been doing golf stuff for I had a golf show on weekends with Jamie Watson. We’ve done you know, all sorts of different that brokered hours for golf. The guys that do my Saturday morning show, they do a golf show from every Saturday morning from eight to 10. Um, the golf community has always been strong. And anytime there’s a major there’s always been a swell about conversation. But more than that, it’s the one thing that you can go do on your own. Right now. I play tennis. I needed a partner, right? I had a wall. Anybody My wife always is interesting golf like so I start talking simulators. To her we pass Pine Ridge the other day. She’s exactly who you’re talking to. Billy picked up a golf could be made fun of golf. As long as I’ve known him. 65 years old had never picked up a golf club seriously. He plays five days a week now. So it’s something that even if 55 wants to get my back together, they’re gonna put me back together with Humpty Dumpty. It’s something anybody can do. And so for you, what’s your role and tell everybody why you’re my crazy first guest here.

Tom Pierce  06:48

All right. Well, my role I’m the executive director of the classic five. So of course, running all the five courses, the city courses that are owned by the city. I’m just trying

Nestor Aparicio  06:55

to remember them all. So let’s see Mount Pleasant, Clifton Park, Forest Park, Carol Park

Tom Pierce  07:01


and Pine Ridge and it confused people because the city owns the reservoir. So that city property actually even though it’s located in Baltimore County, Loch Raven reservoir is owned by the city, just like liberty is owned by the city. So that’s technically city property. But it’s in the county. It just confuses people.

Nestor Aparicio  07:14

So here’s the other thing. So my dear one of my dearest friends in the world, Rob debility is my oldest friend the world. He worked at the poop plant were from Dundalk, and he could walk to work from where we lived and where he lived growing up. And it was always he was a city employee. Right. I mean, what you like it was, even though it was in the county of Essex, right? Or just Dundalk claim it is that we’re not going to solve that here. Land costs. We’re not so you have these five courses, the four in the city and they are these venerable how long spine Ridge been up there? Hundreds, I

Tom Pierce  07:43

think open in mid 50s. It was 5556.

Nestor Aparicio  07:45

But it was a country. Yes. I mean, like way out in the country in the 50s. Because wn st came in 1956. And our tower went up and you guys are I mean as a crow flies or as the eagle flies or where we are the hawk flies, maybe a mile and a half from the radio station, you know, and I realized how country that area was in the 1950s.


Tom Pierce  08:07

Oh, yeah, it was I mean, it had to be just woods. I mean, they took it and build it out of the woods, somebody who back then Rec and Parks in the city. started the course got it moved. I mean, it was a great idea, somebody to go about a half mile to three quarters of mile in off of Delaney Valley Road, and then put this golf course right on the reservoir. I mean, somebody had great foresight back then to do that. See, I

Nestor Aparicio  08:28

would have been more into golf as my dad was my dad grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, born in 1990. My dad was in the basketball, boxing, baseball was his you know, love, but like never, you know, the horses never gamble. My dad was my dad drank beer in Costas in the 70s for sure. But you know, so golf is one of those things that the only way came to me, Mr. Frank bolc across the street, God rest his soul. He was a beautiful man. It was a policeman at the jail and he had golf clubs that he would put in and every Saturday morning come out it’s funny shoes, you know, and he’d add see him put his clubs in the backseat. I don’t think anybody else on my blog played my dad didn’t play but but and this is a baseball story. We would take the 23 bus up the Highland town go to GNA Coney Island hot dog or Mr. Rivera’s pizza and we take the 22 bus. So the 22 bus left island town, and it went down Edison highway, and across through a little flower and Blair Edison. And we’re Eddie Lauer lived, and then we would go up into Clifton Park and free golf balls be hidden to the boss, you know, like and so to say that golf is this, you know, suburban thing or whatever. I mean, I there was never a trip to Memorial Stadium in my life in my life. Literally in my life because I lived in the east side of Baltimore that I didn’t go through a golf course to get there. Right got

Tom Pierce  09:53

this for everybody. I mean, we work with the first tee and they do programming for my mean little kids and we have our own Junior programs. And it’s kids from all over we Don’t just get in from the neighborhoods we get anybody that wants to play as we get louder

Nestor Aparicio  10:04


is going to be here later one of my life or friends he grew up. And I know he’s going to tell me we hit golf balls, because it’s a block block and a half from his, he’ll tell me what hole it was. But I don’t know that egg gall offs, you know what I mean? But I know he’s, he had an opportunity to hit a golf ball, right. And if you grew up row houses in East Baltimore in 1970s, finding a place to hit a golf ball, there was a guy used to golf balls at Norwood Elementary, because there was enough space. And I would see him doing it when I was in eighth grade or whatever. But it’s not like a basketball court, or even a soccer field or in my neighborhood baseball was available. We had diamonds, you know what I mean? But it has to be made available. And you’re the guy that makes that available, I think for the city, right?

Tom Pierce  10:47

I mean, our purposes, we like to have the golf course it’s all about fun. Anybody coming out to play, don’t care, your skill level. It’s supposed to be enjoyable. Have anybody come out, do the recreation as you said, you play by yourself. You play with it through other people to other people. But to enjoy your time out there. It’s we do have some competitive events. But that’s not for everybody. You know, Pete, some people think Golf is a hard sport. It’s a sport, you got to you have to play a lot of it. To get consistency to not lose balls to not lose balls. I mean, everybody thinks everybody that knows me thinks I play golf every day. I played three times since October, but I played golf.

Nestor Aparicio  11:22

So like, I feel bad that you were coming over you did it because it’s such a nice day. And I’m like, Oh, you could be on the golf course. Courses are busy. And you’re like, No, I wouldn’t be golfing. I just be sitting in an office. Right? I’d be doing like work. Yep. You know, and, by the way, my wife’s a hero today. She’s taking the day off. She’d rather be golfing she’d rather be she’s your wife. So she’s in the woods, you know, so So, to be really honest, if my wife wanted to play come up to Pine Ridge, okay, like, Jim, we don’t have clubs anymore. Do we? We don’t have you have. You have clubs, just clubs, she has clubs, clubs, we have rental clubs. So if she brings her clubs from the 1990s on Pine Ridge, you know and wants to hit you would start her like on range, right?

Tom Pierce  12:06

Yeah, if she just wants to hit balls if she wants to play feels comfortable book a tee time and play. She’s gonna


Nestor Aparicio  12:10

make me play putt putt Ocean City two weeks, so she’ll get her putting game

Tom Pierce  12:13

but she’d come up come up to the range. Try the toptracer is, as we said the range we’ve added that we’ve actually added a few trailers so you can make a full

Nestor Aparicio  12:21

tracer think blows my mind. I mean, I guess it blows my mind for any kid that would be learning in school or whatever, that this would be the way that they learned I learned with Norman Witkowski gave me lessons down at the furnace branch in Glen Burnie after I went on a radio and sat alone at about golf I did on the radio only four years 95 It was after are not order Palmer, Jack Nicklaus made a run in a champion masters. And it was the Greg Norman collapse was that 9596 I think it was around the mid 90s. Okay, so that collapse happened and I got invited out to do it. And I picked and picked the golf club up like a baseball bat, because my last name’s Aparicio. I played a lot of baseball, right? And I picked the baseball like up like this. He’s like, Nah, no, no, no, no. And of course, I pulled my arms in, and that’s the cardinal sin when you’re when you’re waterskiing or when you’re golfing is you know, you know, like, golf is loose, and he taught me how to hold it. And I mean, I was almost 30 years old. I was 28 years old before I’d ever held a Glock that wasn’t hotpot, right? Do it the right way. So starting and fundamentally doing it right. I wouldn’t let her go hack.

Tom Pierce  13:30


The thing is, though, if you played baseball, it’s the same swing. If I had a club, I’d show you I’m not a pro. But watching our pros and the people teach, you can hold it like a baseball but your swing plane is the same. It’s just

Nestor Aparicio  13:42

easier if you put her on that equipment. It will be way different than when I took her up the cane Street to hack 20 years ago and I was like, oh, you know, I watched her hit and I’m like, you didn’t play softball pitches. A kid you know, now she’s good at football. She surprised me. She could throw a football like, like, like a boomerang baseball. She throws a baseball Well, she threw out the first pitch when she after she had cancer. So she did that. But like the golf thing, I took her at one time and no offense. I mean, you know, my wife but like golf is something Yeah, she needs professional and I’m not the guy to help her with that. Oh, we can do them seriously. You know, I need nine. You know, I’ve told all your pros that you know I said but it would be Pine Ridge for her and it would be sophisticated. Right? A different kind of a different level of sophistication than what we had Okay, tree 1520 years ago. Exactly.

Tom Pierce  14:28

And if she wants to learn I mean our director of instruction Julita stack be the greatest I mean, she does all of our programs at Pine Ridge for instruction further the children to adult level.

Nestor Aparicio  14:36

She needs another hobby that puts her in the woods. You know, no, no, she loves being outside. She loves birds. She loves nature. She likes squirrels. She’d liked the skunk did that. That lets skunk things happen on


Tom Pierce  14:51

golf with him she loves He does that happen. You know we now have at the course we have tons of deer we have wild turkeys have just appeared like two years ago at Pine Ridge like you’re there. I mean, I’ve seen the most I’ve seen one time is like, I think it was 20 Wild

Nestor Aparicio  15:04

Jen wild turkeys on the golf course at Pine Ridge.

Tom Pierce  15:08

Wild on the rain. Yeah. You’ve seen him on the range in the back of the range.

Nestor Aparicio  15:11


He’s on the range. You look. She said, Look at the smile. She’s ready to play. Oh, you see

Tom Pierce  15:15

that? Deer all over the place. She can be a member. Can you be a member? You can be nobody. Well, no, we’re not. We’re public. Totally public that we’re probably there’s no members.

Nestor Aparicio  15:23

So see, I always thought that was his clubs though. There’s private clubs. No, no, no, no. I mean, well, there’s

Tom Pierce  15:30

clubs to play. Yes, there’ll be their leagues. Yeah. Yeah, we have leagues and we have clubs that they run them themselves like


Nestor Aparicio  15:39

now what what I’m saying is if she fell in love with it, like this, literally, if she went up started playing and saying I liked this simulate, I meet some cool people. I want to play in ladies. Tuesday night, whatever, nine or whatever it is. All of that kind of stuff exists. Yes. See, I like I would not have known of that. Or if that existed 2025 years ago, right? Well, something new. Like if I had a girlfriend in the 90s it wanted to play golf. It wouldn’t have been like bowling in East Point where we had leagues now.

Tom Pierce  16:10

They leagues back then. Okay, forever. Okay. Oh, yeah. It’s one of the things that for a business model. That’s your every week this time we have business and it allows people to congregate we’ve actually changed it were at our senior league at Forest Park on Wednesdays in Mount Pleasant on Wednesdays used to always go what they say off the first tee foursomes go off. Well, if you have 60 people, the people are done like hours before the last group. So we’ve made the decision years ago to allow them to shotgun so basically, we don’t let anyone else in the course we put them on all different holes so they don’t finish so they can communicate congregate afterward. Get somebody in the clubhouse. That’s what it is. It becomes social sure and it brings more people out but it’s people that

Nestor Aparicio  16:50

come out I mean, if you wanted to sit and play video game golf you could do that right? And you know my my dear friends over at Oak WaPo have a simulator now in the Bay they have a barcade Do you know what a barcade is? today because I don’t know how many people even when I say a golf simulator, explain to them what that is that isn’t golden tee golf in the old della Rose is wherever the barcade has that but when I went in there, they literally have a corner where you swing a golf club into a net inside of the bar like that they have that little thing you have out on a golf course now the thing that I saw you guys doing there? Is it space age that if you’re a kid you want to get better at and I guess pitching is like that now it things like that now with baseball that that I can only imagine how addicted you could get to it. Oh totally.

Tom Pierce  17:45


And the thing the way that I got addicted to Pac Man. Well it’s about also having fun because it’s they make they put games on it. You have simulations we actually are starting we’re signing up people now. I think there’s over 20 people we just started Monday we’re doing a top tracer simulator league that people come because in their program they have like world famous courses St. Andrews, so they’ll play and like Pinehurst number two Bethpage black Torrey Pines, so each week, and it’s gonna be Thursday nights and people can still sign up, you’ll go and you’ll get the review for view on the pad. And you’ll all play that course. And enjoy yourselves already drinks and food specials, but go into that. But then there’s also games that people so you can work on your game, but have fun. It’s not just the old days, you’re in a dry erase, you’re called push and balls, people just hitting balls and watching the fly. The data you get is insane with the cameras the toptracer offers you get if you’re really into it, you’re not as your ball speed, your spin. I mean, if you’re trying to practice put spin, you see pros, they hit the ball in the green, it’s a

Nestor Aparicio  18:44

video game that you get to play for real and then get to be graded on

Tom Pierce  18:50

grading, but you can improve it through and it makes it more enjoyable for you get a score and you can play against each other. You can have games, you can do close the pin, you can do longer drives,

Nestor Aparicio  18:59

right? If you do it on the range, at least to learn that way about shots and how you want to make a shot and where you want to put a shot that you don’t lose balls when you don’t get frustrated on the course. As a novice player


Tom Pierce  19:12

well, and also on the course you can’t just go well unless you put the ball out of bounds. You can’t just drop a ball if you didn’t like the way you hit it. You got to go to where you hit it on the range. I don’t like the way hit it. Perfect practice.

Nestor Aparicio  19:22

Exactly right literally. Top Pierce is here. This is time well spent. It’s our 25th anniversary Talk brought to you by the Maryland lottery our friends at window nation. I forgot my Rascon global gavel. I’ll get all that together. He runs classic five. So classic five golf you go out on the website, we’ve gone through the courses. The easiest way to make because I want to talk Philadelphia so I’m gonna take a break. I gotta get a drink and I’m gonna get some food we’re gonna figure this out because we’re gonna be here for a while. We’re giving stuff away as best I can books and all that stuff. But for someone did the entry way. website make a time Come on out, meet us come see the courses. How many on average in like a month on these five courses, people walking through the door for the first time to golf. Because it really feels like you really are the entryway more than a country club more than even just a range down the street to say, I’m committed to wanting to learn how to do this because to your point, it’s not going to a movie, right? Yeah, me really me going to the range is going to move. You can have fun, you don’t wanna throw your back out, you know, certain stretching things you want people to do before they pick up a club for the first time ever, right? But I would tell anybody, you gotta get a lesson. Well, I mean, you just do

Tom Pierce  20:36

well. And the thing is how we have it set up, you can go and get a private lesson that’s a little more pricey, because it’s your time with the Pro. But we do group lessons. And we found and also like National Golf Foundation, US GAAP has found that, you know, you can learn from others. So it’s cost effective for like 130 bucks, you can get six different lessons for two hours. And you might have seven other people, six other people with the one instructor

Nestor Aparicio  21:00


it really is a commitment. I mean, if you’re doing it for business for fun for your relationship for because it’s something you’d want to do you want to get whatever you want to get back to being fit whatever it is, like the first thing is take the summer take the fall, right it’s it’s August commit to doing this Labor Day, come out and say I’m gonna do it like a college course. September, October, November. I’m gonna fall in the winter. And if I find myself wanting to book a vacation in February around it, right, exactly, because I’m telling you, Bill, it would have been the last guy on earth. Like he pissed on golf. We spent he had a tournament every year down in Queenstown, and he coming down this year. Yeah, I need somebody to write because we like each other. Right? We would spend the whole day together in the car, driving beer around to Kyle bowler and Todd. He guys really were golfers. You know what I mean? Stouffer is that people who are golfers were out there. And I never thought he’d play ever. It’s got a billion dollars. He’s adding a grandkids they ski. It’s got a million hobbies. He’s Bodie reads his smear. And he picked up golf and the reason why he wanted to be around people, right, he wanted to be around people. And he didn’t want to embarrass himself but he’s big and he’s gangly six foot eight. You know, he’s all of that. And he loves it. So I know there’s somebody out there that I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I mean, like

Tom Pierce  22:18

it’s a sport you can play for life. I mean, we have 80 year olds I know and playing the league’s they’re out there every week out there hitting it. And again, getting the kids when they’re young. You learn anything, but it’s a sport you’ll play and you’ll want to do and whether you want to play competitively. I mean, I got into golf. My parents both played my older brothers good. I mean, he belongs to a club in the Philadelphia area and years ago, he’s won their Club Championship my older sister was really

Nestor Aparicio  22:37

like watching people play I went out and did the Mount Washington pediatric. Big shout out to Paula Bragg love you appreciate you let Raskin was a part of this invited me out. I’ve been out there a couple times during the plague and after, but I went out about six hours early June went out. It was an unbelievable, beautiful day. It was like that 75 Is it so Diego, it was a perfect day, right? And I went out and I did you know, I’d say two hours on the course. And we went course the course. And Leonard’s like Leonard doesn’t golf, he putts. He’s Ocean City golf, right? So he has this putter that he got at his wedding. 30 years ago, he pulls the putter out. And it was like watching Minnesota Fats. It was like he was he was the best putter on almost every green I went out to and I’m like, Look at you. And he’s like, this is what I do at tournaments. I buy naming rights. And I meet everybody to tournament and it’s the greatest day and I get to meet everybody. It’s outside. And I’m a good partner and I learned how to putt really well I’ve been putting on my whole life. And that’s his. And I had the greatest time delivering beer and watch it but watching just you know, Jeff molars a great golfer I’ve been out with watching him perfectly hit a ball and ping it but it’s the 15th and beautiful day I get the law. I mean, right right. But

Tom Pierce  23:48

it’s not about the perfect and being a good golfer as you’re saying that. I played a competitive sports on my life. Golf was one I just did it for fun. I never did it competitively. I did other sports, it’s


Nestor Aparicio  23:58

okay to be out there kicking dirt balls in the pond. I didn’t need to be perfect, but I need to be competent.

Tom Pierce  24:06

Oh, it’s competence different than being like if guys are hitting,

Nestor Aparicio  24:09

play tennis with somebody that wasn’t competent just wasn’t any fun,

Tom Pierce  24:11


right? But you’re not playing against other people. You’re playing against yourself. That’s the beauty of golf, you’re playing the course

Nestor Aparicio  24:16

I plan to get better at it first before I go out. And I don’t need to, you know, shoot in 90. I mean, I’m not in that I’m not an idiot. It’s tough. And I always pissed on it saying the ball doesn’t move. Because like, as a baseball guy, I always felt like and I’m arrogant 25 years enough to say this. If I golf every day, we get good enough at it to be good enough at it to be pissed at myself for whatever, right. In the same way that I bowled all my life and if I went out and bowl, I would have an expectation that, you know, I’m not going to stink at it. You know what I mean? Yeah, but

Tom Pierce  24:49

it’s all that’s all for you. And when you play with your playing partners, nobody really whoever you’re playing with, they shouldn’t care how you do. They want you to do well, but they’re also playing the course but it’s also the four ours with your friends, right? I mean, one of the things we just did in June,

Nestor Aparicio  25:04

Pine Ridge up anything else? I’m not going on tour. Right, right.


Tom Pierce  25:07

But it’s supposed to be fun. You’re doing the fun. And

Nestor Aparicio  25:09

I then you know, I mean, I’m here today cost is my 25th anniversary, I couldn’t just let it I’m here because it’s fun. Yeah, I’m gonna do fun things

Tom Pierce  25:17

right and enjoying the outside enjoying the people you’re with. I mean, that’s what it’s about. And, and so many people, I think they get so down on themselves. And it’s so Oh, this is hard or they get upset. It’s like you’re outside, enjoy the time you’re with. Doesn’t matter what your score is, right? There are people that want to do that. And that’s fine. But it’s that’s

Nestor Aparicio  25:33


for everyone. And the fun that I see people having when they golf, and I went out and chuck on start. So all these golf carts are up top, they’ll speech and they’re talking about Mount Washington, great, great folks over there. Give to them if you can. And everybody smile, and it was a perfect day. And we went course the course how you hitting them. I think today, you know, and that’s the spirit of like what you do every single day.

Tom Pierce  25:58

Exactly. And that’s we want to have I mean, it’s great going it’s one thing if you saw if we sold widgets or I marketed widgets, things that people don’t need, but when it’s golf people it’s like wow, this is there an oasis away from work.

Nestor Aparicio  26:09

That’s what sports is for people, right? Absolutely. Our top versus your classified. We’re constantly it’s our 25th anniversary. I’m gonna give you the first ticket here. 001 goes to Tom and the Maryland lotteries put us on the road doing this crazy crabcake tour. This is sort of a part of the Maryland crab cakes where for sure, we are going to be let’s see, I’ll top my head. I don’t want my phone in front of me. Oh, it’s in my pocket. Let me see here. Let me let me go through all the dates. Sure. I want to do that on behalf of friends and when donation 866 90 nation all sorts of summer deals make that stuff happen. I don’t get my weekly calendar up here. Oh, there we go. Okay, so next week, we are going to be I should know my own schedule better than this. We’re going to be Greenmount station in Hampstead next Wednesday from two until five. I got great guests for that curl domotz gonna come out. We’re gonna talk about everything they got going on there. We are going to be on the 29th at Pappas in Glen Burnie first time there. So I’m looking forward to that. And Rowan county executive Steuart Pittman is going to join us on that one. I also have some other special guests that they talked about productivity, which I’m into. We’re going to be at the Hollywood casino in Perry Ville. We’re Adam Jones was the other night we’re going to be there at the Barstool Sports. And we’re also going to be fadeless to kick off the football season on September 15. That is a Friday morning. And I’ve got I got a whole compensate thing going on that day. They’re our partner. We run their game so we’re excited about that. So the Maryland crab cake tour on the road. Philadelphia guy yet Tasty Cakes. You probably had Schmitz beers. Let’s do Yeah, you know, so like I’m picking all the Philadelphia stuff today. Oh, they do that god awful pizza without the cheese. The hell is that tomato pie. Shit on that man. I’ll do that peach cake. If you ever had peach cake.

Tom Pierce  27:49

I don’t want peaches. So now


Nestor Aparicio  27:51

what do you communist from Pennsylvania. Where are you from? I’m from outside of Philadelphia grew the best peaches in the world, Pennsylvania.

Tom Pierce  27:57

I just don’t like the taste of them. Is it? Was it the texture? That’s a taste I just like to taste I only thinks flavor peach either.

Nestor Aparicio  28:04

What else Don’t you like that I should know about you don’t like ice cream fried chicken.

Tom Pierce  28:07


No. I was talking about Telemark when I was out in Oregon. No I love pretzels always

Nestor Aparicio  28:11

taste better Philadelphia. Is it the water?

Tom Pierce  28:15

Water, water water? The Crick from the school. Now it’s I mean the best thing is that as a kid growing up, you come out of the vet and you got the people with the shopping carts with the long filly pretzels story

Nestor Aparicio  28:26

my life dude,


Tom Pierce  28:27

I need to ask you to keep asking is a day old Soviet dollar for eight.

Nestor Aparicio  28:30

So my wife would tell you this in Moeller would certainly tell you this cap top caps here. One of our partners here wn St. Good to see you mountain fit all that pickleball he’s doing. I asked him if pickleball was for old people. Everybody I know that plays it is you know now I

Tom Pierce  28:46

know a lot of people that play it that are in their 30s and not as many 20 year olds, but 30s 40s 50s

Nestor Aparicio  28:52


I’m still young enough to think one day I’ll play tennis once I get my back fixed. But that’s probably going to be surgical procedure that I’m unwilling to perform right now. When I’m doing yoga five days a week can feel pretty good. Right? So, so that’s why I’m not golfing. That’s why I’m not gaming. That’s why I’m not out fielding grounders. Which every time I see baseball, and the Orioles get good, like I want to grab my glove, and you know, like my wife’s never seen me play baseball in any capacity and 20 years and she’s sort of laughs to think that I was like actually decent at it. Not we had a state championship team so like, the whole different level playing baseball and Dundalk in the 80s Alright, guys play ball or no and I play ball but I didn’t play ball, you know. But yeah, I mean the whole athletic thing. It’s passed me by but I’m enjoying it again. And what’s not to enjoy your Philadelphia sports fan right of course with the the world series last year.

Tom Pierce  29:43

Yes. Right. It was amazing. And that’s why I have the feeling that’s like the one hurts Oh yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  29:48

the Sixers matter? Yes, the flyers think the way God meant for it to be now they

Tom Pierce  29:55

stay there horrible. Feeling with what the orals are doing now it’s reminding me of the fun All these last year, they’re winning the top games. They didn’t win last night, but they’re winning those games. They’re looking good. I mean, I’m telling my family members, my wife’s family members all from Baltimore, and they’re all being personal like they’re gonna win the division. We’re gonna

Nestor Aparicio  30:11

do a whole thing you and me on Philadelphia when we continue to cheer classic fun. He was trying to talk to me before the show with all these live at JFK spectrum Philly vet, Ted Sizemore Mike Schmidt, Michael Jack Schmidt. So we’re going to come back and I’m going to tell him stories about my childhood and loving the Phillies that you don’t you know nothing about my passion for the for the 1980s Philadelphia Phillies and Pete Rose and Joe Morgan and the conflict that I had in my heart and in my soul during the 1983 World Series. Tom Pierce is here. He runs classic five golf, you can find them and they’re one of our sponsors and friends, which is why we’re together which is why I made it 25 years. We’re here at Costas are going to bring me crab cakes and that ridiculous seafood tower that they do. My wife’s here we’re giving away stuff. And we’re gonna have some fun and just continue to storyteller. We’re going to be truck city on Friday doing the Maryland crab cake tour, but we’ll come back and I will go to my dirty, dirty dirty roots of yo Adrian I did it. It’s 25 years we’re back for more cost to stay with us.

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