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The ethos, long history and roots that led to “Free Kevin Brown” movement


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Yes, Nestor Aparicio is the guy who led “Free The Birds” back in 2006. Now, 17 years later he joins Dennis Koulatsos regarding the recent “Free Kevin Brown” dust up and how the billionaire controls the message and how that doesn’t work when you’re paid to broadcast truth.


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Dennis Koulatsos, Nestor Aparicio

Dennis Koulatsos  00:02

Welcome back as we say hello to Nestor Aparicio always doing great things, always bringing the noise with all the things that are sports particularly right here in Baltimore. The Orioles doing well on the field not so well off of the fields Nestor welcome in how are you? Fantastic I’ve done well done great spectacular if you will.


Nestor Aparicio  00:21

You know how much 25th anniversary last week I did all this radio had all these great I mean you were there we ate peach cake. I mean I was in the car listening to receive and I with Mr. Stadium singing show tunes and having to get just having a good time and thinking like this will be great air this week. It’s it’s training camp. We’re going to do oral stuff. The oils are relevant. You and I did a piece on Monday morning and the Kevin Brown thing. I’ve I’ve never seen anything become white hot in the way that it got white hot for John Angelo’s and has gotten I mean it went from you’re in first place. You’re taking pictures on national TV with the governor. DENNIS You kind of pooped on him but the family wasn’t around him. He’s up there with Mike ally

Dennis Koulatsos  01:04

opportunity that’s to me was an opportunity right so the family connect with the fans be part of Baltimore, right? I mean, the family as a whole has a great legacy, beginning with his father’s law firm and then of course with the purchase of the Orioles. To me it was just a missed if I’m doing PR for the Orioles I’m doing things differently that’s all

Nestor Aparicio  01:23

well they don’t have PR they’ve never had PR they’ve never wanted to a legitimate I had John maroon out with me last Friday for two out they don’t want to die when they don’t want to legitimate person trying to connect with community. I mean, they really don’t they it’s not the way they operate. It’s clearly not the way John Angeles operates. Dennis, I’m gonna ask you something. Did you if you I hope everybody reads my letter to John Angeles though. So far we’ve had over 12,000 people read it. I have the numbers on it to 12,000 people. I was out in Hampstead at Greenmount station during the crabcake tour on Wednesday, everybody at the bars talking about my piece and talking to me about it. And I’m like, I’ll have plenty more to say because I’ve been here for 31 years, there’s going to come a point where he doesn’t own the team. Mother doesn’t own the team because I think Major League Baseball is witnessed this Snyder thing. I think man Fred’s got bigger fish to fry than a first place team in Baltimore, with a broadcasting problem. But it’s a credibility problem across the sport now, because this is really become Baghdad Bob. And the NFL has done this to Chad steal your next. And if you’d like my letter to John Angeles, where do you see the one on Steve shotty. Behind the scenes that only I know about that everybody else. You know, he’s just a great owner. He’s a hiding owner. He’s not you know, if that’s a great owner than that, that’s fine. But like, we need more than that in this city. We need real leadership in the city, where John’s trying to go to the federal government, John Angela is trying to go to the federal government and build like this. Something else that’s not 395 in a loop in the parking lot. And Ken Rosenthal wrote about this at the athletic, I can report on his fact because I know what the factual, he’s trying to usurp the Ravens deal. The Ravens took the quick money with Larry Hogan Sashi and Chad’s deal went down and got the check. Steve still hasn’t even talked about, you know, his $600 million inheritance from our taxpayers. But John’s refusing to sign the deal. John wants another $300 million that Steve didn’t get, which would open a whole can of worms, because there’s no money for either one of them at this point. There are not states giving money to sports owners. You that that? Where else is this existing where there’s not even a public debate? Buffalo, right, fair enough. Okay, fair enough. But but like this is insane, right? That we’re giving our cities falling apart. We have a crime problem, a business problem and reputation. We have all these problems. And the biggest problem we have is these, these sports owners just usurping all of this money to have a good time on Sunday and take their wealth from 600 million to 6 billion while we sit here and fly flags on our car and give them more money. It’s it’s not it’s not right. I mean, and I love sports, but it’s not right. And especially in my circumstance where I try to report facts, and all they do is try to retaliate against me. Yeah, woke up on Thursday morning, Buck show, Walter’s wife is on my Facebook page, writing out loud about how the Angelo’s family told her family that I was a bad guy that they should avoid me. Yeah, while I was thrown out, like, you don’t think I’m a bad guy, the 100,000 people that have followed my words for 31 years where everything I do is, is is in front of people. Everything they do is in private and they get $600 million and intimidate their lead broadcaster. But the real story for me is this. First off whether Jim Palmer has COVID Or not I will find out right time will tell if they’re lying to lie more to lie, because they’ve lied enough, right? I mean, Palmer McDonald, all these guys, they go on the air Palmer especially because he’s got real power. He’s got real influence. He’s got real credibility. He’s got real salt. He’s a Hall of Famer, he doesn’t need this gig. This family has destroyed his credibility to sending him out there every night to watch this issue for years and years and years. And now the team’s good. He knows what happened to Kevin Brown. He’s not even protecting this kid. Nobody protects anybody, Dennis.

Dennis Koulatsos  05:35


Why hasn’t Kevin Brown given the statement then if that’s the case, because to me, I’m a little bit hesitant scared for his career. He can get hired anywhere he’s got to he I don’t think that’s the case. To me. There’s we haven’t heard from ownership. We haven’t heard from Kevin Brown. So to me, at least on the surface,

Nestor Aparicio  05:53

we didn’t know what happened. Whatever I hear from ownerships ally, Dennis,

Dennis Koulatsos  05:57

we haven’t heard from anyone. Kevin Brown, wouldn’t matter to me what John

Nestor Aparicio  06:00

Angelo says, What matters to me is when everybody’s buzzed out about hitting reporters like me to give me truth. This is so reminiscent of Peter. But we know for a fact Rosenthal’s the bad guy masters, the bad guy for reporting with Frank rents coming down the hallway and saying, These people are nuts. That’s a horror movie that Frank Wren told me that when he left and he was in Atlanta, I remember I remember this vividly. I was sitting with him at Yankee Stadium. And he said to me, it’s like the devil’s advocate. He said, Have you ever seen that movie? That was my experience working for the Baltimore Orioles? And this was 26 years ago, Dennis. So like, what the family says is a lie in most cases or a cover up? And that’s unfortunate.


Dennis Koulatsos  06:50

But do we know for a fact this is the reason why would the reason why Kevin Brown got suspended was what he said during the broadcast. Is that a fact we know that? We know that to be factual? I do. Okay. Because, again, he hasn’t made a statement. Neither has the Orioles. And to me, there’s always three sides of

Nestor Aparicio  07:07

the statement that he’s calling the game Friday night. The way Peter would do this is Kevin Brown would say I’m not showing up and they say, Well, now you didn’t show up for work, which gives us cause to bang you out of the 400 Grand we owe you. That’s what they’ve done in every circumstance. That is I’ve known all of these humans. I know how I’ve been treated. I know when they didn’t pay my bill. And I sold tickets for them on good faith. And there’s no there there. You can’t chase them. You you get litigious is the only way to chase them. And and Jon’s hiding now, instead of confronting this, but he has no credibility. As I pointed out. Last time, he was confronted, he told us he would open his books for us. The commissioner of Major League Baseball can’t get them on the phone. Okay. I can’t defend the state of Maryland can’t get them on the phone thing negotiated deal. They’re trying to give him $600 million. He wants $300 million more. He wants to deal with the Ravens the parody clause struck down just unilaterally like Steve’s gonna be okay with that on his boat down and in Bahamas. Steve just gonna say yeah, that’s that’s good. You take all the cake and I’ll take the icing. Okay, fine. Like that’s crazy

Dennis Koulatsos  08:26

gonna work? Well, the sad thing is unreasonable.

Nestor Aparicio  08:29


Dennis. I mean, that would be the story of John Angelo says he’s never had to have anything reasonable around him. I mean, like he’s not. Did you read the lawsuit with his brother? Like, yeah, if you’re capable of doing that to your family with your brother? over $2 billion. You think you’re not capable with trying to get to the Orioles? And that

Dennis Koulatsos  08:50

happens for a lot less money than that, I assure you.

Nestor Aparicio  08:53

Well, I just, I’m witnessing this. And aside from all of that, we’re What 10 minutes into this conversation. Baseball team started the spotter earlier in the week Right? I mean, Batista, not the fans being down inside the dude, it was a free the birds rally on Tuesday night that I had nothing to do with I mean, it was Dennis It was nasty out there. They threw fans out. Yeah. You for having signs.

Dennis Koulatsos  09:19

Right i That’s the sad part of it as a team is doing well again the last two to the Astros. The Astros have been one of the elite teams in the league for the past several years. Still teams still 25 games over 500 Nothing to panic about at this time. And to me that’s that’s a sad thing. It shouldn’t take the focus off the brand and hide and the team but hey, what’s you’re doing and it shipped but it shifts to my focus is still on the team. And the other stuff. It’s it’s noise but it’s bad noise but to me it’s still noise.


Nestor Aparicio  09:48

But it speaks to the heart and the foundation of their credo of their integrity of how they do business, how they’ve always done business and how but this is

Dennis Koulatsos  10:00

Knowing that it’s out there to the future. Yeah, but it’s like when Bob originally was the owner of the of the cult, you knew the devil and you still went to the games. At least I did. You did. He knew about Berkeley was just a sloppy drunk

Nestor Aparicio  10:14

was eight years old. But it didn’t take me long.

Dennis Koulatsos  10:17


It didn’t take you long. We found that in 1983. But we knew who he was the 25,000 faithful that showed what do you do

Nestor Aparicio  10:24

with someone when they have no integrity? What do you do with someone when their word is no good, that you would not have any dentists? I’ve known you 20 years, you would have nothing to do with somebody? Nothing to do. You would not hire them. You would not? You wouldn’t. You wouldn’t visit with them on Greek Easter. If they had no integrity, you just wouldn’t. You wouldn’t spend your time. That’s why you’d fish. It’s what you know, like, you would not spend your personal time with someone who lied to you over and over and over again. And this has been my charge to try to clarify this for our citizens with an FCC license with my mother listening with you and Mr. Coons and Crystal coons writing checks to support what I do that I have credibility and integrity and decency, to be honest, and that’s why I’m still here. 31 years later, despite all the arrows I’ve taken, it’s still this week writing about what this family does and who they are. And Major League Baseball is outraged. And there comes a point where this has to end You know what I mean?

Dennis Koulatsos  11:32

I’m more concerned about them sign the lease than the Kevin Brown incident to be frank,

Nestor Aparicio  11:36

I agree with you. i Yeah, this is part and parcel of what so so then Kevin Brown leads you to the lease. And then this week all of this happens about the lease the money Rosenthal’s writing the story, Connelly wrote all the background that’s fact about how Masson has gone to all of these broadcasters. You know, Dennis, did I tell you this on Monday, I was listening to the game on Sunday. Because I was in Pennsylvania. I listened to the game and Matteo hit the triple and, and if you were listening to the game, you just would have thought it was a triple. A Twitter went crazy, because he checked it. He watched the ball he held the bat. And inside the Parco run turned into a triple and on the broadcast a like I’m listening to the team broadcast and they’re not really telling me what happened because they’re afraid if they tell me that he or she will play or Jake did they’re gonna lose their job because that’s not positive. The beer is not cold when that’s


Dennis Koulatsos  12:33

when so does peels a scab off the John Miller situation that happened many years ago where they fired him because he wasn’t 100 bleed

Nestor Aparicio  12:39

enough orange and leave enough orange. So Peter says and

Dennis Koulatsos  12:43

Miller said back then I recall vividly he said I can’t call the game. I can’t call the game. I can’t call the game that way that they want me to call the game. It’s impossible for me. I can’t do my job is what you’re saying.

Nestor Aparicio  12:54


John Miller said that Oh, my airwaves. He came over and sat with me in the studio with W LG over the Towson shared and I have pictures I have all the audio. He he he he got very emotional thought he brought his daughter with him. And he had a book that he had written he was in Philadelphia doing at Veterans Stadium calling the Giants in 1997. Whenever that weekend was July of 97. He came down to sign books and greetings and readings. And he came to my studio and it was a big deal. He was live on my air. And I queued up the Peter Angelos what Peter said about him at the barn, and he started to sob. I’ve witnessed this stuff like I don’t know, I’m not making this up. Like this is my this is my experience with these people. And, and Peter and that at that time, Peter came out to the barn and sat with me drinking to justify getting rid of John Miller. So my conversation with Peter had a lot to do with John Miller. And I had a lot to do with free speech and had a lot to do. You’re not paid to be a representative of the Baltimore don’t listen to it. I mean, it’s his words. It’s his philosophy about the broadcast and Palmer has known this forever. Jim Hunter was subjected to it, Fred man for all of them, but it’s way worse with the kid. I mean, the kid is clearly clearly Kevin Brown being off the air about a Tampa comparison that compares bad to good. And then Dan Connolly reports that they were all banned from saying the words Manny Machado book show author, Chris Davis, Dan do cat Adam Jones they were not allowed to in any way. Zach Britton they weren’t allowed to

Dennis Koulatsos  14:39

do your job. You can’t do your job under those circumstances for sure. And that’s the sad part of this whole story. You can’t use this Egypt freedom of speech is it’s that’s that’s why we’re here. That’s why this country was founded on because of oppression of pressure tactics and measures and you got to be able to speak your mind regardless. Your occupation?

Nestor Aparicio  15:01

Well, I just wondering on the whole and that Palmer’s got COVID I’m gonna write a letter to Jim hope he hope he’s feeling better. Day Johnson showed up on TV and Melanie Newman on Wednesday night and the signs and then throwing people out and the signs were all over tbs. They were all over the Astros broadcast. What’s really happened now the hits ad in Major League Baseball, right? Like all the broadcasters on every team broadcast to go watch Twitter, Susan Waldman on. Yes. Anybody who broke down Michaels, Al Michaels bank did on John Angelo, so on Wednesday, so like anybody who has a mic, this is an indictment of play by play sports. It’s an indictment of the coziness of ownership. And this Pleasantville broadcast, that’s gross. But here’s the weird part then because I want to get I want to make this personal a local okay. I watched the game on Tuesday night. The Felix Batista meltdown happens after all the free Kevin Brown. There were a lot Astros fans. I mean, Astros fans travel now, right like they’re a big deal. Everybody’s got Jr, Richard jersey and whatever. They’ve won a lot. But they travel when good things have happened in the Astros games the last couple days. It’s been noisy, and the meltdown happens, Batista loses the game. Awful loss. I mean, I named me a worst loss then Monday night 25 games over five on it’s fine. Like it was terrible, awful, awful, awful loss to give up a Grand Slam with your impeccable closure on a night when your owners under siege. broadcasters are clearly embarrassed to even be there and they haven’t had this kids back. And they’ve covered it up for two weeks as a private business, internal HR matter and like all and they’ve been muted at every turn at every way. And now the game ends and they go to the post game. And Rob long is sitting there looking like he’s in the team store, wearing an orange Oriole bird smiling. He was wearing the cartoon bird hat. He was wearing a hat in the postgame and he’s smiling. And this is after Melanie Newman and Jeff Arnold couldn’t call it an inside the park home run. Shaking it like and this is after I read Dan Connolly telling me they’re not allowed to say Manny Machado or Buck show author. I don’t know how they got away with that last weekend. I guess they can pistol a buck now because he stinks. And they’re great, right? Because that’s what do they are. And I say I went to Twitter and this is my experience. This is not a crack on Rob long. This is not a crack on any of them personally, Ben Palmer any of them. But if you’re told you’re not allowed to be negative in the moments after Felix Batista gives this up, and you’re me Rob long, no matter who it is, and you’re told put the oil bird head on and smile and say we’ll get him tomorrow and be upbeat. If that’s the charge, that is completely opposite of what I was told by Peter Angelos at the barn in 1997. About why fire John Miller, he fired John Miller in his word he fired John Miller because he didn’t like the way John Miller looked. He didn’t like John Miller’s attitude. He didn’t like John like him why and shirt he didn’t like John Miller’s sandals. He didn’t like John Miller’s salary. He didn’t like John Miller’s agent Ranch, Pyro, he didn’t like, yeah, that’s broken. And John Miller, meanwhile, is a freakin legend. Everyone loves John Miller except him. He found that out. He didn’t care. He care about anything. So the old man says to me, he didn’t bleed and bleed a little. It is a bleed. He wasn’t he wasn’t upset enough when we were getting our brains beaten, in his words to watch it on YouTube. And now Rob long is smiling and upbeat and happy, happy, happy, because he has to be because he’s not allowed to be like, what you know, he’s not allowed to act like a fan. Right? He’s not allowed to even say, this is a tough loss tonight. You know, this was a tough one. Um, he’s got to say, we’ll get him tomorrow. I mean, I don’t know what he says it’s this isn’t about me and Rob long. Rob long went on the air and attacked me on Wednesday. And it was just attack that I told my employees that to never criticize Brian Billick. Unlike Brian Gillick was the least concerned guy with critic Brian love criticism would end every Prescott begin every press conference would say what you got for me and when and everyone I’m saying Go have at it. Go have at it Minamata hitting say whatever you want. Like I like it’s an unbelievable juxtaposition. And that in order to defend yourself in any way, if you’re a broadcaster, you have to and you’re a wrestling fan, you have to stay K faith. I don’t know what else to say, like, and I don’t know how you work under those conditions, which you pointed out. Al Michaels, me John Miller. I mean, God bless Rob long. I wanted to feed his family, I loved his children, I love his wife, I hired him, I put him in this chair to do my job when I decided not to do it anymore. And he left on his own accord. I did not fire Rob long. So like, I’m not, this isn’t about Rob Lowe. And this is really about Jim Palmer. Because he’s the one with the stones. He’s the one with the credibility. He’s the one with the Hall of Fame ring. He’s the one that should stand up for all of them and say, We’re not going on the air tonight. None of us. None of us because you’ve you’ve addressed us with how can we broadcast out of a mask? I could never do this. I’m in the business of doing this my whole life. I could never ever do that to anyone with a microphone here. I mean, I just couldn’t do it, I think because I know they couldn’t be comfortable doing it because I do it for I had it dawned on me. It’s,

Dennis Koulatsos  21:08

again, if those are the facts, and if they come at us facts that they censored them, and they they cost him they suspended him for what he said. It’s partially and completely and totally unacceptable. That I would agree with I think


Nestor Aparicio  21:20

as if as a as a not as a fan, because I’m more than a fan as someone in the business and someone has watched the broadcast every night. Right? I you know, I’ve watched the Orioles 92% of the broadcast. I’ve watched on television. I don’t listen on the radio, but I watch on television. And it’s been I’ve said to my wife a few times recently, like the socks other than Ben. I’m like, I mean, and I think Melanie Newman’s terrible. But she’s not she’s not given the opportunity to not be terrible if this is what she has to do. If she has to be on the radio, calling it inside the park home run that our player Jake, a triple and pretending then I don’t know what else is expected of the this is about all of the broadcaster’s This is about people who do this for a living, and fans who buy in to the K fame, that they’re not getting Mean Gene Okerlund. And Vince McMahon. I mean, I’m serious that that that’s not what they’re getting. And that’s a real problem. It’s a problem for the ravens and Chad steel. It’s a problem for the industry. And clearly, it’s a credibility problem for Gary Cohen, for Al Michaels, for any of these guys who do this at a high level to step up right now and say, no one’s tapping me on the shoulder telling me what I can or can’t say. Now we all know Roger Goodell will end your career quickly. Jack’s deal ended mine just because he didn’t like me, nothing I even said. But they all have a power trip about all of it. And having worked in the industry and having been around Fox News executives back 25 years ago, when they came to sporting news about trying to get me to do a radio show like TV. Like that is I’ve never forget that man. I my first day on the job at Sporting News Radio. It was one on one sports then. And Brian Baldinger will tell you because he loves He loves laughing about this, because it was like the second time I ever met Brian. I met Brian and was getting to know you. And then two weeks later, we’re gonna do a show together. And I knew Brian from, you know, television or whatever, right? He wasn’t even on television and he wasn’t like the star. It was 1999. And the first day we were going to do NFL monster Monday at one on one sports. So this is September of 99. Like that, yeah, 99 or 2000. Somewhere in there. And I went up to Philadelphia, and the big executive that hired me flew in. His name is George Krieger. You can look them up K ri e g, er, good man. Nice man. Wonderful man. I mean, like literally, but a guy who came. He was Kenny Albert’s first boss and all of them had fought He was the founding executive guy with Murdoch and Al all the guys that started Fox Sports with Joe Buck and Carrie Bradshaw. Kenny was on this week for my 25th anniversary. And he said the only ones that are left there him how he long. Terry Bradshaw and maybe Manaphy were original 1994 95 Fox Ayers when Fox went into business. So George comes over to do to produce my show. He flies into Philadelphia, and he feels like he’s got to do something. And I do this every day in my life for 10 years. I’m about to sit down with balding or we’re going to be fine. He literally I swear to god Dennis. He had no cards. And he was writing on no cards. Hello, my name is Nestor Aparicio. And today is the first day of NFL monster Monday brought to you by Coons, Baltimore for hear from NFL films. And he’s handed me this and he expects me to read a script to start a sports radio show that I do every day on my Life. And I was like, Whoa, I wouldn’t do this every day. I wouldn’t be coming in here and balding or was chuckling and laughing, balding, or if you ever have a beard balding or ask him about it because you’ll say, oh my god nasty was in the corner and this guy’s writing his script. I thought he was going to lose his mind, man, you know, like, bother. I thought he was gonna lose his mind. So I’ve, I’ve seen that man, I was in that room. And I’m like, George, I love you hired me, you have to leave. Like, you cannot sit here. I can. I can’t work this way. I work again, I’ll just, I’ll get my car, go back to my radio station in Baltimore. You can take the contract, you know, like, I’m not gonna sit here and work that way. And of course, it got worse. It. It never got better. They fired me on Christmas Eve. They paid me for six months told me they’re gonna fly to Chicago and fix things. I never saw them again. And that’s just who they were. And I’d fight with them a lot. But they hated me. From the minute they brought me in and gave me a microphone. They hired me to be what this is. And then the minute I came in there, take out the sound effects. Do this talk, Patrick Ewing. We’re doing golf today. Come on,

Dennis Koulatsos  26:11

not you. I know. Well, that’s a nice thing about you having your own radio station and being self employed. You can say what you want to say. And you had fun with you today. You’re not a puppet. You’re not a puppet. You can speak your mind and it was just a

Nestor Aparicio  26:23

shoot interview. Was this like, was this like Superstar Billy Graham to his Shoot man.

Dennis Koulatsos  26:28


Good stuff. No, it’s unfiltered and raw. That’s that’s the best kind of interview. You don’t have. You don’t have cue cards. You don’t you’re not a puppet. You don’t have anybody pulling your strings. Right? You can be true to yourself,

Nestor Aparicio  26:38

but I’m reasonable. And I’m and like, if you’re not lying to me, and you have facts and you’re a person of integrity, and you’re willing to answer your questions. I mean, the weirdest part about John Angelo’s going off on Dan Connelly’s when you go back and watch it, Dan, just like, hey, what do you got planned for the team? What was a real open ended like, Hey, what’s going on with the lease? Let me tie I was like, oh, you know, it’s just, this isn’t that hard. You’re like I wrote, I wrote a lot of really mean stuff to Little John. But the truth is good outside the least interest. $600 million. Come up here. Put your feet up, start shaking some people’s hands, take all the credit for the winning and leave the broadcaster’s alone,


right? We can’t. He can’t. Okay. Yeah.

Dennis Koulatsos  27:27

It’s sad. It’s a sad state of affairs. But we’ll still read for the boys on the fields place.


Nestor Aparicio  27:32

We should all be happy.


Be happy.

Dennis Koulatsos  27:38

You’re happy? Like you said, you have your own radio station. And every job I’ve taken the general manager I did. When will the understanding it’s my ship. You don’t you don’t you just you can we can have a conversation. But you can’t tell me who fire you can’t tell me who to hire. I run my own show. And I couldn’t do it any other way. That’s why it was good for 18 years because I got a great owner who gave me the ball and said, hey, just do good things with it. And, and you know

Nestor Aparicio  28:04


what? He knows the spirit of you being a good human, right. So like, there’s a point I

Dennis Koulatsos  28:08

couldn’t have. I couldn’t have my hands tied on it regarding my occupation I can listen to Okay, you’ve

Nestor Aparicio  28:12

made mistakes. We’ve all made mistakes you make, but they’re their mistakes of effort and their mistakes born of integrity, strategy, intellect logic. Good. Good. If you’re like,

Dennis Koulatsos  28:27

if you want cheerleaders for your team, as your announcements, hire cheap cheerleaders that way we know it’s going to be one sided. But I don’t know. Just like John Miller, I go back to what John Mueller said. I don’t know how a broadcaster can do his or her job with their hands tied when he can’t talk about I mean, he would reading a script, wasn’t he? He was reading. I don’t know and this this is just it’s mind blown is what it is.


Nestor Aparicio  28:48

Dennis, I’ll leave you with this because I’ve told you this story before and I’ve told this story a lot and it needs to be told again, especially now that I’ve been thrown out of the Ravens by Chad Steele right. First time I ever met art modell This is a God’s honest truth. First time I met him Kevin Byrne dragged me down to the Signet tower the little skinny tower that’s right behind like city hall where they they were where their offices were up top and it’s where John mode set them up when they got here right back in the day. This isn’t it before they I think it’s before they played a game. I mean literally this was like that summer I went down to meet art and I went into his office he had big office there overlooking and he was still doing well then you know physically well but sheltered and you know beaten up from the Cleveland thing. And he said to me, I’ve heard some things about you nasty Nesta. Let me tell you one thing young man. Always be fair with me if your criticism is fair, because if you’re not criticizing me, they’ll never believe a word you say.

Dennis Koulatsos  29:50

The good points when he told me that’s a good point. Well, it’s a good owner to art was a good man.

Nestor Aparicio  29:55

Well, I I’ve written about that in both of my books. I’ve I We’ll take that to my grave, because I really feel like at heart, that’s what, that’s why I’m still here. 31 years laters because you believe what I say, like, you know what I mean? Like, and I’ve made mistakes. And I’m not admin, a perfect person. I’m an imperfect boss. I’m the perfect husband, perfect father, and the perfect partner in every case. But like, I 31 years, I’ll stand by my track record against the track record of the Angelo’s family, any day of the week, any day of the week,

Dennis Koulatsos  30:27


who was I remember, I used to listen to broadcast by Sam huff and who was the quarterback,

Nestor Aparicio  30:32

Sunny, Sunny, Sunny Sam and Frank, back in the Redskins group. They were called the Redskins. I remember, he would cheer for the team, and they would annihilate the team. And they would say, Boy, these

Dennis Koulatsos  30:41

guys were really stinking it up today. You know, I remember that vividly. And I thought, Look, it was a great, and I guess they were playing the Ravens. I don’t know who they were playing back then. But anyway, it was it was just, it was refreshing because these guys were telling the truth. And they were unfiltered. And they were raw. And you can hear them and they would broadcast a great game because they will tell you the truth. So I think freedom of speech is a that’s that’s the biggest story here. To be able to speak freely without consequence. I mean, this is a country you can burn a flag and not go to jail, which is unbelievable to me. But anyway,

Nestor Aparicio  31:14

by the way, free coffee never. You’ve been to Maui once. Yes. I’ve told you. I’ve been to Maui twice. It’s it’s the most beautiful place in America. I mean, like I’ve been all over this country. I’ve been to Montana yellow it. But Maui as a place just on a whole as a place in this country. It’s the best place I’ve been. I’ve been to Puerto Rico haven’t been to Hawaii and to see behind Yeah, destroyed like I was four months ago with my wife. We went through our pictures and I mean, behind him and fleet Woods down there. I went into fleet woods, and they had all of this. memorabilia, rock memorabilia. Incredible stuff there. All the art down there, the tree. The sign Jesus save sign that Don Henley wrote about in the last resort. And yeah, I our hearts were broken on Wednesday night with important things much more important than absolute John Angeles, you know, so absolutely. Well, well, let’s go. Let’s go get him in Seattle this week.


Dennis Koulatsos  32:16

All right. Listen, I appreciate your time. We’ll catch you. We’ll catch up with you again next week.

Nestor Aparicio  32:19

Thanks for having me on. Thanks for all you do. Thanks for the 25th anniversary and I’ll find you some gold watermelon. Wise, that was a lot of fun

Dennis Koulatsos  32:27

with that. We’ll take a next break here at 1570 Am WNYC. We’ll be back right after this.

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