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Telling some real World Series tales from 33rd Street lore


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When you find out that your favorite science teacher from Dundalk High School actually went to the 1966 World Series as a 15-year old and dragged along his 11-year old brother, you have to get answers and stories. That’s what the Maryland Crab Cake Tour is all about! George Scheulen tells Luke Jones about his Wally Bunker experience as a kid.


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Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back wn st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We are a positively drug city. We are doing the Maryland crabcake Tour presented by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I have the Ravens scratch offs. These have been a pretty lucky batch. We had some winners over Coco’s couple weeks ­­­ago. Hopefully we do here at drug city with their nation. I got fun hat on 866 90 nation buy to get two free 0% financing. And, of course our newest sponsor, Jiffy Lube MultiCare. There’s one right around the corner from you. And from here, we’re in Dundalk and old school in it today. It’s my 55th birthday. I thought we were gonna have game five the American League Championship Series tonight. But alas, Luke brought him bad luck by going to Arlington and we went down there obviously the world so I’ve lost eight playoff games in a row now. And we’re lonely and broken heart and we’re not doing a season recap Luke and I do that all the time. George sholden was our science teacher not my science teacher because I only took horticulture and he taught like physics and chemistry and and the periodic table of elements and what else



physical science, ninth grade physical science,

Nestor Aparicio  01:05

which I still would fail at 55 As I pointed out,


I did struggle my way through teaching that biology class at one time that oh my goodness gracious,

Nestor Aparicio  01:13


so you’re worse than Moeller when it because you all teachers man you’d like he came to me down at the fountain he got your early 20 minutes early like a teacher would for class. Yeah, he comes up and say what were we gonna do today when you get get the script for me? And I’m like, like your teacher, you know, like, looks back like yeah, like we can’t do that. But here’s part of the script I start to talk to you and I’m eat little chicken tortilla soup for my birthday and ordered a delicious hand spun cream soda that was outrageously vanilla delicious. And he says to me, Hey, go to hockey games anymore. I’m like, now I’m going to hockey games anymore. And and then you came up with this baseball thing. He said this to me. So this is where the segments going? He said, Do you know is that the first ever Baltimore Orioles World Series game? And I’m thinking well, that was 66 that had to been game three. Game Three, the 66 series. And I said stop. Yeah, talk about that on the air. We’re gonna do so. Yeah. So Luke, you know, this guy went to your dad did did he ever brag about 6970 7179? What as far as going games? No, um, you know what? I mean? I’m sure your dad was an usher.

Luke Jones  02:21

83 through 91. So


those 83 series

Nestor Aparicio  02:24

he’s got the greatest story ever. No, no. This is why I even brought this up. You guys up fast. Besides being the Dundalk Hi, how’s baseball coach Georgia, great baseball fan. I mean, like all of us. I wore my 69 White Sox throwback here today. I got my Dundalk baseball high baseball hat on it looks like the Tigers right a little bit. But the



guy came up to me one time said how did you get the Tigers hat and green and gold?

Nestor Aparicio  02:58

I will sing the Dundalk Hi alma mater before we leave you what


some years ago when I was still teaching in Dundalk. We played Taps go in the homecoming game we did Benson did. And we won. I think it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that we would but we want it was a pretty good

Nestor Aparicio  03:17


I got you can’t say Patapsco sucks here because it


shows like 3714 or something like that. So he’s on the air and eat in the evening. So I’m sitting in one of the coaches offices and all the other football coaches on the football coach. I was just a friend of a friend of the program. You know, I’m sitting so I went in the in the other guy’s one of the teachers offices and I call him up and get whomever you’re the guy that answers the phone producer.

Nestor Aparicio  03:44

The producer Ray Andy okay, I


told him what it was at boom, clicks show. Oh my god, I gotta talk you said we had homecoming tonight necessarily goes Don’t tell me. Okay. So he goes to some commercial and he said I’ll get you on right into the commercial and we were talking you’re talking about


Nestor Aparicio  04:02

see even then I told him I wouldn’t greenroom yet.


I didn’t know you didn’t

Nestor Aparicio  04:07

get you right on. It’s been a lifelong



and he said you were talking about salaries and salary cap stuff and everything. So comes back on because we’ve been talking about salary cap and everything else. But I’ve got something better now because no science teacher at Dundalk High School. Just called is I like

Nestor Aparicio  04:26

to say my old sciences because it sounds like I took some


I did. But he said he got some news about the football game. And I said what do you what do you got? I said, Well, that’s true. We had the homecoming game against Patapsco and he said wait a minute. If you told me that Potat that that Dundalk one, I’ll sing the Dundalk fight song. I said. I said read up 37 Patapsco 14 Sing that song and he sang both verses. No database.

Nestor Aparicio  04:56

Absolutely. Well, I will before we go serious games. I I added it up. I’ve been to 58 World Series games in my life. Okay, so you’ve been to zero?



Never in my life. I’ve been to maybe two, you’ve been to three. Okay?

Nestor Aparicio  05:09

You remember World Series games you went to, you know, I mean, for me, the leyritz home run was probably, you know, pretty high up there on moments that I’ll never forget. I’m sitting with Ken Rosenthal with like Atlanta, Fulton County Stadium. But, you know, I mean, I was there for Schilling, I was there for like, all the, you know, like, I was when Joe Carter hit the homerun in toronto, toronto. I was sitting in, yeah, I was there for every one of those games. So I love baseball. And you when you said you were mapping a lot of baseball games, I was 79 and went through a couple 83 and went to most of them locally, where people would say I went to this game, that game series game, you’re seeing zero like that. Like, I’m a little shocked. But I’m like, what, when would you have gone? You know what I mean? Like other than going to Philadelphia or New York or some other place? Right, since I was two weeks old when the Orioles last one tell us your story. And then I’ll be your your 66 World Series story, because yours involves his dad and his birth. And

Luke Jones  06:11

yeah, and I mean, I wish it was like a cool story that he went and all these things, but it was born October 2, which I believe if I’ve looked at the calendar before, I think that was the regular season finale that day, I believe so and I think they clinched and you know, McGregor won game five on October 16. I think it was I was to literally two weeks on Sunday. But yeah, my dad and I can tell you that. Our 16th was a son. My dad had become an usher. You know, he’s a lifelong fan.

Nestor Aparicio  06:38


He actually you were born on a Sunday. Yeah, the second.

Luke Jones  06:41

Okay. He and my mom. I remember this story brought a bottle of champagne to the 79. And what game six, thinking that they were going to put it away and of course they lost. They drank the champagne anyway after the game, but


there was a game with the Snowland with the

Nestor Aparicio  07:01

old I was so that day I remember being in hollyburn middle. We were in the same place. I was in the library that morning. My dad had tickets for Game Two, and it was snowing at 930 in the morning. When I was in the Hollywood library. I looked out the window and I’m like it’s snowing. We have a World Series game tonight. Anyway, so yeah.


Luke Jones  07:20

So you know, my dad was a lifelong Orioles fan. He was born in 51. So I mean, he had seen everything. I don’t know how many World Series games are 1566 Okay. Yeah, I mean, I know 79 went to at least one World Series game. I know playoffs what Loewenstein hit the homerun and what game was ALCS? I know they were there for that. But yeah, 83 was his first year as an usher. I always said it was the coolest job he ever had. He did it through the final year at the old stadium, we had moved up to Pennsylvania at the end of the 96. So you know that last year, he was kind of doing some games, but otherwise, he’s spending just not enough time with the family. And that’s why he gave it up when they went downtown to the new ballpark. But, you know, at three I was born, you know, he had every opportunity to work the World Series games, and he wanted to stay home with his two week old son. I mean, I said and you know, my dad passed away in Oh, four. So I was 21 when he passed and I said up until I don’t know the last time we talked about a month or two three months before his passing that I always said it was crazy. Like you regret that, don’t you? I mean, and keep in mind, this was in 2004. So the Orioles were already in the midst of what six or seven straight losing seasons since 97. And it hadn’t been a whole lot to write home about since 83 for the Orioles and still as it never never once expressed any regret for whatsoever. And what’s neat to me is I had always kind of thought it was more for my mom to be home with her. You know my grandparents my mom’s parents were state came and stayed with them for a week or two or whatever


your handful, apparently took three and four.

Luke Jones  09:01

Apparently, apparently, but come to find out and I don’t think I ever really knew this for sure until years later that mom just brought it up to me and just casually because we talked about it at some point in time that she watched. They had like a little black and white TV in their bedroom. She watched the game up there with my grandmother, her mom and dad was downstairs in the living room holding me and watching it with my grandfather, his father in law so,



so clearly what’s your first name? First?

Luke Jones  09:31

I did I have no recollection whatsoever, obviously. What

Nestor Aparicio  09:34

do you want, you know, by the way has talked to Rick Dempsey about it since.

Luke Jones  09:39

Also full disclosure. I’ve was technically in Cooperstown for Brooks’s induction mom was seven months pregnant and it was hot as anyone can remember their summer of 83 Babies though so you know, you look how old I am and I’ve got gray hair now and I just turned 40 It’s been a minute since the glory days for the Orioles, but I certainly do There’s that and you know that story of my dad is not anything special from an Orioles fandom perspective, but it is special as far as a father’s now. And, you know, that’s something that as much as I love baseball as much as I grew up with the Orioles, and then I was 13 when the Ravens became a thing, you know, family family still first. And I think I joked with you, as we were flying back, after the game three loss, I said, You know what, you know, my niece is too, I love her to pieces, you know, try to be a great uncle to her and everything. It’s like, it’s disappointing, they lost, but she’s not going to care whether they won or lost. She’s gonna be excited to see Uncle Luke and just kind of think about that


Nestor Aparicio  10:38

cat was real happy to see me day early.

Luke Jones  10:41

I’m doing, you know, I’m sitting here, you know, and I’ve been blessed enough to have an opportunity to work in sports media. I wouldn’t have done that, if not for my dad. I mean, my dad was really a sports fanatic. But that example, he said it right at the beginning of my life, it’s like, you know, that’s still have to keep everything in proper perspective. And, you know, as we just recently lost Brooks Robinson, I mean, I think the thing that resonated for me more than anything, and I didn’t know Brooks intimately, well, I’ve met him a few times, and but I think we’re that hurt everyone is the sense of community that not just losing Brooks, but people in our own lives, who loved Brooks so much. It’s like losing another piece of them. And that’s how I felt with, you know, thinking of my dad and my grandparents and my aunt and everything. But like, that’s such, you think about Brooks, and you think about what he meant to this community what he meant to baseball fans, not just in Baltimore, but elsewhere. You know, just, you know, we think of the Rockwell painting, right? And yeah, you know, so much of this stuff like today, you see something like that today. And it feels so contrived, because professional sports are just, you know, there’s not that connection in the same way that that sense of community, it’s amongst people in the community, but athletes are making millions of dollars. And I’m not begrudging them for that, but

Nestor Aparicio  11:57

that they don’t need time for the fan. Yeah.

Luke Jones  12:00


And I just, you know, with that, I mean, I don’t think my experience was different or unique than, than a lot of people, you know, thinking about Brooks made me cry, because I knew it would make my dad cry would make my grandparents cry. And, you know, even though he wasn’t my, you know, he retired six years before I was even on this earth. But, you know, just knowing how important he was to so many people, you know, that sense of community and that sense of loss, but also so many wonderful memories. I mean, that’s where I feel so warm and fuzzy still, to this day, even as a jaded longtime reporter about the game of baseball, because of what it meant to me in my entire life, and what it meant to so many people in my life who aren’t here physically on Earth with us anymore, but still made such an impression. And I think that’s, I think a lot of people feel that way.


You know, with with Brooks, you’re right about just, you had this. He seemed like he was just a regular guy that was right there. I was in. My first wife and I were in Europe in 1977, the year he retired. And we’ve had this really sort of stressful, there was an air traffic controllers strike and how to get home and she needed to register for for classes at Towson. It says there’s this crazy time is all over the place. And we were so we’re in London, and our flight had been canceled. It was a charter, and it had been canceled. And so we went to the in town with one of the one of the train stations is where you would get your tickets for the for the airlines. So I’m like, hang in there hoping something will open up. We’ll finally this guy says to me, we can get you on a flight. If you can get here in 25 minutes close. I’m running back to where we’re standing with throwing stuff in the bag we hold down there. So I mean, we’re like tents, and we get on a bus and we sit there. And as we’re sitting there, the buses filling up and I’m thinking, why are they going to throw me off? They could throw me off at any moment. I’m thinking Oh, please don’t do this. So I got off the bus just to get a something to read. So I went I got the International Herald Tribune. And on the inside back page was sports. And I’m sitting there kind of outside looking up at the window of the bus. And the headline on the sports said, one leaves as one returns. And the one returning was Tom Seaver coming back to pitch in New York, after going to Cincinnati. So one one returns and one leaving was Brooks midway through the season, when he gave up his spots somebody else would come in and and he

Nestor Aparicio  14:34

retired since as was again.


I’m telling you what, I’m sitting there. And the same thing was like had tears in my eyes because that’s brooks of course he’s doing something nice for somebody else, you know. And so in the midst of this, this tense stressy situation I’m reading about Brooks leaving the Orioles as you know, I


Nestor Aparicio  14:54

mean, I think he was a science guy and I don’t know that you and I’ve ever talked a lot of baseball. Maybe we did when I was a kid you Have 8384 85 We were there probably in the hallway. Life would love baseball. I mean, I mean, a lot of guys love me though. I’ve known people we knew. And you my last name was Aparicio. So you knew that because you were there.


I was there. And I remember we was there. I remember Louisa,

Nestor Aparicio  15:15

would you say, give me game three of the



games at the World Series set up between just past first base. So we’re on the right field line out from underneath the overhang. box seats are like the next terrorists. Yeah. Next up next behind. What had happened was my my father’s aunt, my great aunt, ma’am. Peg. Worked up in New York. She’s always working on the tickets. She she worked up in New York in the garment district. I guess her company had connections with the Yankees. And she got two tickets. And my brother and I got to go so I was 15. My brother was 11. His birthday was yesterday. So

Nestor Aparicio  15:57

no parental No, just the two of us.


My parents took my pair father drove us up and

Nestor Aparicio  16:04

dropped off again three years



away. It was it was never an issue. So we sat there and that was the one where Paul Blair hit the home run. And we won one nothing. And it was unbelievable that I can say that I went to the very first volley bunker right shot it Yeah, we’re

Luke Jones  16:23

gonna show my chops.


Yeah, well, bunker, but it was, you know, that was pretty spectacular, just to be able to say that. And then it only was only later that I realized the first World Series game we ever played in Sag, so that was pretty cool.

Nestor Aparicio  16:39


So Chuck Jacobs, he is the soda jerk. He doesn’t mind that I call him a jerk. Because he he’s a soda jerk downstairs here. He said he just brought me an orange creamsicle hard seltzer with vodka. Happy birthday. So thank you very much, Chuck. Appreciate that. Here. We are at drug city in Dundalk. One of my favorite places the fountains downstairs. They have 30 Different kinds of potato chips. Okay, so like I’m just letting you up at the gourmet. They have liquor and whiskey everywhere here and right. They have the tasting room upstairs. And of course liquor store downstairs. I have a whole list of things to take home. My wife’s been gone for like two weeks. She comes back Sunday night. My birthday weekend. I’m low on toothpaste. I’m low on deodorant. I need to pick up batteries for my remote control. And I’m a little low on tequila. So I mean, you could do all of that here and everything. Yeah, because if they don’t have it, you don’t need it. And that’s really the way George Shula was our science teacher and baseball coach at Dundalk High School. By the way he put me in the hall of fame is


that crazy? So that’s why you can still fit in your jacket that was pretty slick. It’s still

Nestor Aparicio  17:41

seeing the the Lucas here as well. We’re talking World Series because we did have one new cheer, and they’re gonna have one in Philadelphia probably right. Somewhere in Texas looking really

Luke Jones  17:51

good. They really are looking good.


Nestor Aparicio  17:53

Yeah, I mean, but

Luke Jones  17:56

Arizona though. I mean, 84 wins in the regular season. I guess it doesn’t matter. That’s why

Nestor Aparicio  18:01

they play the game. Just doesn’t matter anymore on paper 66 World Series store for you. And I’ve told this one on the air. Yeah, once or twice in the last like, couple five years whenever Frank died who was before the plague. So Frank, I think may have died. 19 Okay. So Frank Robinson died. And on that day, I went looking for a picture of me and Frank. I found two pictures were Frank and I were in the frame together. Frank Lake never really, you know, was wasn’t great to me didn’t like, like me, didn’t like a lot of people but didn’t like me specifically. I always felt a little, you know, not welcome with Frank Wright. So Frank, called me out on a three two pitch as the umpire behind the pitcher’s mound in the one media print versus Brock. Why don’t we curse you played that game Kerching was what was print. And I was then broadcast because I used to be print the 91 I was printing on abroad. So I was on and Rick Vaughn, who I had on the show two weeks ago, he swears that he has a videotape of me playing third base in that game, and I made a great play defensively. I went over in the end of the foul territory and dove and grab one. Keith Mills also played shortstop keeps a hell of a player. He was a great asker he was a great baseball player. Terrific. So he was our shortstop. I played third on the broadcast team, right. 92 they broadcast the game we had they had cameras on and we were on the centerfield scoreboard in the game. Phil, what was in that game? Yeah, I mean, I guess the rows that those are all 92. It was 1992 in Baltimore. So Frank called me out in that game. And there’s a picture of team photo, that of all of us in this picture. And Frank and I are in that picture. And then I found one more picture where Frank was the senior vice president of given our fines or whatever it was in the 90s, where there was a picture of George Steinbrenner on the field at let’s say, Jacobs field, the All Star game. I think it was a 96 All Star game. And Frank and I are in the same frame, but I couldn’t find a picture For me and Frank Frank and I write never signed an autograph. You know, I mean, I have bookstores. I know Palmer stories.

Luke Jones  20:07


Robinson was great to me as a 10 year old at Fan Fest, I’m finding that he was gonna sign an autograph. Neither my dad nor I had a pen. Oh, cool


way. Oh, my.

Nestor Aparicio  20:18

Well, you know, I mean, I was a mean, I was I was

Luke Jones  20:22

10. You know, I also,



you know, get a

Nestor Aparicio  20:25

little older, and I wear a Louis jersey or 69, Jersey, I realized these are grown men, and there were egos and ballparks. And there were black men and Latin men and white men. And there were rich players and former players. There were players who were traded, that were clubhouse problems that were picked on or were whatever drinking product, all of that right, all of these. What was the Yankees with the wastewater? You know, like, there was just all of these stories that some were told, some were never told. Some were told and seasons in hell, one of my favorite books, some were told in the Lords of the Realm about how Steve Carlton wound up getting traded. And Augie Bush hated him. And that wasn’t racial. It’s just money. Right? This is money, rich and poor, all of these factions. So all these years later, I don’t think about it. I don’t think about being long haired Aparicio, in the clubhouse in the 90s. And what Jim Palmer or Frank Robinson or Davey Johnson or any of them who played with Louie, like all those guys played with Louie, right? So did Paul Blair. And so did you know, all these men that I knew played with Louis so how they felt about Louis might have affected maybe how they would feel about me, or whatever, right. So and it’s take I’m 55 this weekend, probably can think about this till I was 40. And I certainly didn’t think about until the day Frank died. So when Frank died, I went looking for a picture of me and Frank and I, you know, had these sort of, you know, whatever, and I don’t have some great warm, fuzzy, you know, only stories I have about Frank are the times when I’m doing a show like this in the in the hotel and Sarah in Florida. And Frank would walk by and wave to me and say you want to come on I talking to you Nestor. So all I own about Frank talking to you Nestor. So he knew my name, but but he wasn’t talking to me. So I went looking for pictures. And on that day, I found this I was looking for a picture of Frank and Louis, and couldn’t find one. I could I could not literally use a famous picture of Frank and Brooks that certainly two weeks ago, black and white right of that era, Baltimore jerseys. And there’s all sorts of pictures. I could not find a picture, but I found a lot of stuff about Louis Right. So I went it took me into a Louis hole, and looking for a Louis and Frank picture. And I found all these pictures of Louis, and all these stories written about Louis in that era, coming to Baltimore and why he wanted to be here and why he ever wound on here. He come here 64. So it seems a part of the 59. Gogo saw. Right. Okay. Yeah. So I mean, he was he was a star there but was always never paid. Right. Right. And was it because he was short Latin a player all the above? You know, I mean, everybody, everybody was mistreated. Right? I mean, Brooks would tell you he wasn’t paid. Right. Right. And he didn’t fight with but you had nowhere to go reserve clause right. Sure. So I don’t looking for these Louis things. And I found a picture of Louis in the dugout at Dodger Stadium at the World Series with Milton Berle. And it’s just black and white picture we’re Milton Berle looks like he just stepped off the set of it’s Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Louis looks beautiful in His Baltimore and it’s clearly Dodger Stadium, and it’s clearly the World Series, because while you know, why would he be there, and there’s and then I realized, I have a picture of Milton Berle, too. I have a picture of Milton Berle and I at the World Series in San Diego in 1998. And it was kind of this era piece of me and Milton Berle and Louis and Milton Berle at a World Series game, right. So I found the pictures. And it took me aback that then I started seeing stories that Louis told reporters in the 60s, why he came to Baltimore, and he said, he wanted to bring his family. Right, talking about your dad and with your lap. The reason I’m sitting here is because somehow hockberger took a gander on the Latin kid that he might want a World Series might bring him here and 64 and the misunderstood African American and Cincinnati where everybody’s dropping in bombs on him. And he’s not comfortable going into the ballpark in the South, in what Cincinnati was in 1956 and da know that, that the things that Frank and Louie wanted when they came to Baltimore in 6465 66, Jim Palmer is 18 years old. Brooks is welcoming boot pals welcoming, right? They just want to win. They didn’t win in 60 days and winning 64 Right. They want to win Clemson six ever close, close enough that if we get the shortstop for sure. God no bring him it


was in the back then only one person only one team went it wasn’t

Nestor Aparicio  25:05


until 6969. Right but the twin so. So Louis comes and Frank columns and it’s a baseball story that lifted the city and lifted the Orioles and you have these incredible stories of 66 and you have 83. So I have 79 and 83 stories. We’re all waiting on the next one. But like the Aparicio thing and that connection, and that part of it for me, as I’ve gotten older, and as I’ve done, like a little bit of research on how I got here, and what baseball means to me, but what baseball meant to Louis Aparicio, to want to bring my father, my father’s brother over to America. And that, you know, I’m sitting here, and I really do want to celebrate that as they celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month that they kick the Hispanic guy out of the press box. So I appreciate that. So you know, and I learned this to about Aparicio. While I’m on the Aparicio bank because I don’t talk much about this. But like since I started buying the belt buckles, yes, this is so this is what I wore my Van Halen belt buckle today for Sammy Hagar because today’s his birthday. So today’s Sammy 76 Today, Darryl Hall was 77 the other day, and I learned that I interviewed Andy Summers this week. And I said to my wife, we’re texting back and forth. She’s up New Hampshire. I’m like, Andy Summers gotta be like 7274 Andy Summers is at he’ll be 81 on New Year’s Eve. So that’s how the rockstars are getting older athletes are getting older. So I get on, you know, out on eBay, and I’m buying these belt buckles and I started like looking at Oilers stuff. So I’m seeing old boiler things. And I put Louis Aparicio in for the cards that I don’t have a different like this jerseys The reason this exists pay 58 bucks for this. This is a great great jersey for 50 great little large on me. That’s the the the sewn ons. Now this is sewn on 69/100 anniversary badge, only the 69 jerseys, add these.


Remember Chicago, I

Nestor Aparicio  26:57

picked this stuff up. And you know, I’m going through the Aparicio stuff for like the Kellogg’s cards and the post cards and coins that I had never seen before from 1962 and all that man, the baseball part of all of this and wanting this world series for everybody, you know, for the for while boobs alive while Palmer’s alive, right? I thought this was our year. And I know like, you will we will talk about this for a long time and how hard it is to win 101 games, how hard it’s going to be to be a one seed again. And I’m getting older. I’m 55 You know, you’re you just turned 40 Sean Fraser to one. And you know, 6683 79 we want to have it here again,

Luke Jones  27:45

we do but here’s where you do take a little bit of Solace is looking at how these this postseason played out. I mean, 100 plus when teams are gone, not just the Orioles but the Dodgers in the breaks. The point is, we just talked about 1964 66 pre divisions. You had to win 101 games to be in that position. Now it’s Hey, chances are you win. 94 You win. 92 Maybe 8081


Nestor Aparicio  28:10

would have been are you 100 games at eight? Dice? Yeah,

Luke Jones  28:17

I mean, I looked at this today, the Oakland A’s worst team in baseball. They had a seven game winning streak this year. Dodgers, Braves Orioles, 300 plus win teams all had four game losing streaks. What does a four game losing streak mean? In October? You’re done. You’re done your seven game winning streak even for you know, okay, the A’s weren’t going to make it ever with that record. But the Diamondbacks. Look how they’ve gotten gotten on a roll. It’s all about who’s hot. And when you expand the playoff field, it’s going to create way more variance it’s going to have some lesser teams that sneak in get hot at the right time. And unfortunately for the Orioles or for the Braves this year, who were the best team in baseball. When you have a more expansive field, chances are decreasing the probability that you’re going to win it so it stinks this year for the Orioles. But hey, they can be they can be an injury riddled team next year that sneaks in with 89 wins is the third wildcard and maybe John

Nestor Aparicio  29:13

means pitches game three next time. Yeah. Remember



in AD two was Milwaukee, the last game and then we came back

Nestor Aparicio  29:21

last week. It wouldn’t have meant anything if it was if we played each other five more games next week. Right? Yeah. GEORGE Schulman is here. One time science teacher. My son is actually doing the show, which he hasn’t done in his adulthood. He looks a little nervous. He didn’t shave come on my birthday. Lucas here as well. We’re talking World Series edits and funnier. So the last two, two last things I want to do before we wrap here. We’re doing the Maryland crab cake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery. My son’s getting a lottery ticket. So that’s good news there I think as well as our friends at Rascon global and of course goodwill and in our friends at window nation 866 90 nation as well as the Jiffy Lube multi care so I have a mixed drink You’re for the birthday. And I don’t want to make you cry, but I will just want to give some love to fantaisie de fantaisie was my seventh grade science teacher. I don’t know what seventh grade science What do you teach seventh grade? What did I learn? I was


taught seventh grade, but I think they probably had a little bit of biology.

Nestor Aparicio  30:18

Teachers who are human right, because I’m getting to be a little person now I get to change classes. I had Dave second period of science, Kevin EQ, and I were classmates at that time famous wrestling, Kevin EQ. And fantaisie was our was our science you did you know him that you just got



no just gotten? He was as well as he came over from

Nestor Aparicio  30:39

high school with you and I never had, you know, Teacher Oh, you didn’t teach remedial sounds


like you go out and recruit like.

Nestor Aparicio  30:49


So that’s why, you know, so fan. This is my fan story. Okay, so de fantaisie was a guy from Dundalk. And I don’t know that I value that when I was in seventh grade that I wouldn’t have known like, Scott’s from the neighborhood, you know what I mean? Like married at Dundalk, or, and I don’t know that I really knew that until he died. You know, I mean, I read his open this summer. And I hadn’t seen David a number of years, but I’ve seen him, you know, a round or whatever. And he was one of our favorite teachers, for a lot of reasons. One, he looked like Gene Wilder, he had his striking resemblance to Willy Wonka, he really did. And he had this matter of fact, Way Home kind of a way about him, you know, he had kind of this thing about him. So, but on his desk, and I’ll never forget the science wing up by the Home Ec and up in the drafting area. It’s room 40. I looked down on his desk. And there it was, and this is a great plug for our sponsors at Toyota, Toyota in 1978 7980 81. And you can eBay this, you can buy this, you could buy the magazine, I’m gonna find it while we’re talking about fan, because I’ll get you a minute. And on his desk was the ACC season preview and it was thick. It was, you know, nice 120 page, you know, eight pages on the Terps eight team conference, South Carolina, as you know, not not nope, at Georgia Tech wasn’t even in the conference at that time. So it was 18 conference, Clemson, North Carolina State, you know, sort of the word of the Perkins, you know, like that sort of era a buck Williams, it was it was a 79 buck team, and then Reggie Jackson and Greg Manning and REG King. So it’s on his desk, and I looked at it and Kevin and I looked at it and fans like oh, you can take it just don’t take I had that most of my life. I kept that man. I probably got rid of it when I left Whitemarsh when I got married 20 years ago, but I had that magazine forever and fan gave me that magazine so they’re at our booth Dave I’m gonna find it good man. The good science teacher is a great friend All right, man. I ain’t gonna make you talk about you’re gonna sing the chorus and go for any we will ever seeing in trial and we will all wish you march on Dundalk march right onward to we reach out and cheer from each good fellow means we have not lost that’s Mr. Miller you’ll be to school we love bread, all our hearts and hands and voices to we


should be standing up with my hand over my heart or something

Nestor Aparicio  33:45

that tries to talk I never learned my high school Speights Luke I gotta get used. He’s off the pizza John’s for pizza. He’s off the cost is for crab cakes. He doesn’t come down to this peninsula. This this is one way secret peninsula of Dundalk. Come on this smell besix on the way and I know you did. You know I mean that’s what we say around here. Oh Jones covers all things football and baseball. He’ll be you’ll be on the backfield and Owings Mills when? Wednesday right starting Wednesday,

Luke Jones  34:11

it’ll be back in the back in the USA and we’ll see how the rest of the season goes.


Nestor Aparicio  34:17

Bad news for the Detroit Lions this week. Nothing for you. You done. When you’re retired. You’re just done.

Luke Jones  34:23

I put the lions cool this year I’ve always said so uniforms will get to the lowest like Lulu blue. Hon Lila George

Nestor Aparicio  34:33

Shawn and I don’t care who knows it my longtime never science teacher. And he tried in the first segment to teach me am equals f equals force force equals mass mass times times acceleration. Acceleration. Here



you go. Did you know that F equals MA see there obviously it’s gonna keep what’s the hairy haul?

Nestor Aparicio  34:55

That’s the problem. I’m paying attention right now it’s my birthday we’re drug City Talk brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery got rave and scratch offs, as well as our friends at window nation. 866 90 nation you buy two, you get two free and 0% financing all month. And if you do multi care, my little orange light went out literally this morning, had to text my wife see what’s that mean? Get the oil change. I’m like, oh, have sponsor for that chicken, your MultiCare will be over at the American Bar doing that. Luke, I’ll see you in six months, eight months. We were never in the zoom window. We’re never in the same room together. That’s why I made him come here. I’m glad you did that because he needs toothpaste and deodorant and Trump city. We’re at the tasting room above the fountain. I’m having adult beverages because it’s my birthday. It’s my birthday. I’ve already sung and lamented loss of digital series and I haven’t even cried about them. That’s all I had back for more drugs city. My kids coming on next. I have no idea we’re going to talk about but it’ll probably be interesting. I think

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