That time Larry King called my book “a good read” and discussed history of Orioles baseball


Back in the 1990s when he worked at CNN in Washington, Larry King was a frequent visitor at Camden Yards and loved talking Orioles baseball and Little Looey with Nestor. He also wrote in King’s Things that “Purple Reign” was a good read. No higher praise ever given…

A personal note from Nestor:

I knew Larry King a little bit. He used to come to Orioles games at Camden Yards when he was working in Washington, D.C. and was one of the biggest stars in the world. He liked my radio show. He was a frequent guest back in the 1990s. I will post a baseball chat with him but I am posting this absolute miracle in my life from 20 years ago. I had no idea he was going to write about me or my book. Then, he did. And my life went crazy that week because everyone in the world saw it. It was very big deal to be one of “King’s Things” in the USA Today. I have not been “honored” a whole lot in my life but this meant a lot to my Mom.

R.I.P. Larry King. He was a prince of a man.