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It was our lifer pal, Orioles fan, baseball man and Towson Transfers tape-to-digital guru Gregg Landry of Blue Rock Productions who inspired Nestor to put together a 25th Anniversary documentary bringing into fun focus the history of our radio station, entrepreneurial spirit, newshound mojo background and then spiking the ball on 40 years of Baltimore sports media life and truth – and the best is yet to come! Hope you enjoy “No One Listens; Everyone Hears – The Baltimore Positive Media Story.” It rocks because of this guy…


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Gregg Landry

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are W N S T A and 1570 towers to Baltimore and Baltimore positive and is the crabcake season around here we will be at fadeless each and every Friday and you find Luke and I there as well as some guests who used to be mayoral candidates and aren’t anymore are friends of the Maryland lottery give me these Pac Man scratch offs to give them away our friends at Liberty pure solutions, keeping my water clean. And I’m just gonna have my orange colored glasses here today. But I’ve just have this the clear, clear glass today with the Liberty pure water, as well as our friends at Jiffy Lube multi care. This is gonna be a fun one. If you’re reading the title up here, down here, it’ll say the making of the 25th anniversary video. Greg Landry has been my friend for so long that I don’t really know. And we went to the Orioles game literally yesterday. And it doesn’t matter when you’re hearing this. But we had a good time. I’ve told some stories about heckling Anthony Rizzo and taunting Aaron judge and collaring and Juan Soto and we had a trite, triumphant effort. But Greg has been my constant companion here over the last five or six weeks as the executive producer. And at every step of the way, I would turn to him and say, Is this good? Should we do this? Is this okay? Does this sound good? And hey, Greg, do you want to be the narrator and all these decisions that we made? That now we have, you know, there’s been like over 1000 people that have seen the video. I’m hoping more folks, I’m snipping it out. There’s gonna be a little sales version of it that we do somewhere down the line somewhere around the Fourth of July, when I sober up and get it all together. Greg Landry is a tacit transfers. He is Blue Rock productions. I don’t dude, how long have I known? I don’t even know. Like, Bill Cole tells me I’ve known him since he was an intern here in 1999. I swear to God, I don’t remember it being an intern year 99. And he has pictures of it. So you tell me you are Harvey Meyers son in law, you will always be that to me. And Harvey Meyers will always be my crazy father in law. But I don’t remember things that you remember, like you were bringing up to me when we were at a baseball game together. And it might have been the second $15 beer but you like, how do I know you do?


Gregg Landry  02:16

Well, it was through Harvey, for sure. And I’m thinking it’s been at least 25 years.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:21

When did you start dating Susan because I I don’t remember her? Well, you know, I mean, I don’t remember. I remember her being random, but I don’t remember like sitting and talking to her and knowing your name. I knew Harvey super well traveled with Harvey, but I didn’t know that I knew Harvey’s daughter. I can’t say that. I did. I can’t say that. I you know, know your children. You know what I mean? It just a lot of cases it. It is different. But Harvey was like, a blood brother to me, man. He was the first person to believe in me really? Yes.

Gregg Landry  02:47

Yeah. So he was now go back to the early 90s When we were both working at a crisis hotline called grassroots in Colombia. So you don’t know that story? Maybe I see any

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:58


of these stories, dude. So this is where I’m, I didn’t know you played outfield at UMBC until we got to day 16 of the editing. And you’re telling me Chris nabble stories. And I’m like, Okay, I need. I mean, you come out on the show. I mean, but every time you do the show, you’re talking about the church and helping women and helping families and getting videotapes of people’s first weddings or the birth of their child, and you want to digitize that. So we’re always talking about this stuff. But like, I need to do your documentary. That’s what I need to do. I need to come over do a documentary on Towson transfers and Blue Rock productions.

Gregg Landry  03:35

Anytime, buddy. Thank you. That’d be great. One of the way that Welcome

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:39

Back Kotter lunchbox got from us what I want to so literally give me your story, because what’s your elevator speech? You know what first thing my accountant on Friday morning accountant, I’m maybe gonna give him a free plug. Because really, when you Scott CAC, he told me that I needed to make the movie down like a five minute video for sales. And I’m like, Yeah, I know this. I know we’re gonna do it. And you and I are gonna have to like get together and do it. But right now, I want you to do it for you. What’s your five minute like? What’s your legacy five minute piece that says that you’re more than Harvey’s subtle, because I didn’t know Harvey’s done a little play ball at UMBC until like three days ago.

Gregg Landry  04:17

Okay, so I was born and raised in Groton, Connecticut. And like most people, maybe like you, I’m sure. But young man at the time I wanted to play professional baseball is Big Red Sox fan at the time, of course, growing up in New England. And where I lived, it was household to household It was either Yankees or Red Sox never


Nestor J. Aparicio  04:36

met. Never met. No. Okay, not even in like in the mid 80s. Now, you are my age. Right? So we are a my older

Gregg Landry  04:44

nature than you. You are three months younger than me. Younger.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:49

Okay. Well, the one that I listened to you because you’re my elder. As the executive producer, that’s fine. That’s right.

Gregg Landry  04:56


Yeah, so that those were my ambitions. I also enjoyed it. Taking pictures and so I had this dream of playing professional baseball and played for the University of Connecticut Avery point in my hometown of Groton for a year. Then I put all my chips on the table and said I’m going to try to go division one I walked on at UMBC ended up making the team and the Chris Napoles story. I was very pleased to be able to face him were UMBC versus Towson. And he pitched against me and I got a little base knock off him so that’s my little claim to fame.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:28

Yeah, I beat Danny Wiseman in bowling that’s my claim to fame as you put it in the frickin video and Wiseman’s to once Wiseman’s bringing tears to my send me nice words about watching the video on Thursday so like you know when you get a hit off a big leaguer, you gotta like I can’t believe I’ve known you 30 years is the first I hear this you know, I mean, I would have had a picture of it or something, you know?

Gregg Landry  05:47

Right so luckily it’s in the in the in the in the doc it’s, there’s a picture of him pitching so it’s I said that’s what brought it up for us. So yeah, so from there, you know, the baseball didn’t last I picked up a crazy sport after that called Ultimate Frisbee. I’ve been doing that for a while as you can see on my shirt here for those who can’t see it. There’s a Ultimate Frisbee player diving through my logo for towels and transfer sessions

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:12

that got delayed of the making of no one listens every one years not because of children or obligations or other clients. There were we have to take a break because I’m playing frisbee golf this today. Right? Like literally right? No, this



is Ultimate Frisbee.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:27

That’s what it was. I’m sorry. Yeah, I mixed that up. They played a Druid Hill Park though, right? Yep. Yep. Patterson park there to deny for years. So

Gregg Landry  06:37

Patterson Park is more so the ultimate frisbee Druid Hills more so the disc golf.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:44


You ask an expert you get an expert opinion is all I can say. Greg Landry is here he is Towson transfers, telling me what Towson transfers is. So bring me from there to here because it’s a baseball background when a good day thing. I mean your real ordeal fan I don’t like Adam his Red Sox. Orioles thing and like that’s like, you’re pretty you’re I don’t know anybody. It’s a bigger Oriole fan than you and like, I would have never guessed it like you’d like Fred Lynn.

Gregg Landry  07:08

I did when I was yes. Yes. Fred Lynn Absolutely. So that was that was my team that those were the guys Jim rice, Fred Lynn Dwight Evans. All those guys so I grew up with that. You know, I came here I had to make a decision. I could hold on to the Red Sox but I I embraced the Orioles. It was a bad time as you know, through praise the Orioles not long after I got here. They went on that terrible losing streak to start the season. But from there, you know, then there was the the rough. You weren’t a Red Sox

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:35

fan and 86 the Buckner all of that Mookie all that. Yeah,

Gregg Landry  07:39

I mean, I was a senior in high school. I mean, that was that was big time. But we are all over that. That was a big time for Did you have a good time and


Nestor J. Aparicio  07:46

Oh, four when they want or? No, were you not you’re just completely out of it. It’d be like at the Tennessee Titans won the Super Bowl when I was an oiler fan. I’d be like not really. You know what I mean? Like I wasn’t pulling for the Titans at any still don’t. Especially now that they put the gear back on like idiots. But no, I would just say this for you. You came into my life professionally, doing Blue Rock productions because you were the dude who had the camera at bandits in blast games that would make sure film got the channel to at 11 o’clock so that they can have highlights. And then you did commercials you famously did my free to birds commercial, you shot behind the scenes documentary footage of free the birds that we didn’t even really on Earth. We didn’t even look for it in doing the documentary because we had so much stuff to go through and I’m gonna get to the dock and all that but the Towson transfers thing in recent years I’ve talked to you and you know, this, obviously, anybody that saw the documentary if you haven’t jump urines in there, and there’s all sorts of old video and it was all old format video, that at some point along life’s journey you or someone like you 20 years ago, converting things, even converting it from those big things a channel to just getting it to a VHS in 1992 so I could show it to my mother, literally. I kept all of that i When my wife got sick, I took the digitizing a lot of the Rock and Roll interviews that you can find at Baltimore positive if you’re titillated by John Denver, or Jon Bon Jovi, or even things we didn’t put in there, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, all that stuff, the Black Crowes all of those interviews, the originals are all at Baltimore positive just put a keyword in up here and it will all happen but the tacit transfers thing we’ve been talking you’ve come on the show we do a ton of charities and we’re friends you know like in the real world we’d like same user we Tommy calm well and then your father in law died and I cried and I wrote a tribute and so but the Towson transfers is your primary business now correct and and people come to you every day and say yours I had my when my mom died I need the picture that and and you’re the person that takes care of like, Dude if you if you robbed me of anything? Don’t Don’t take the pictures, man. Don’t you know what I mean? Like, I’ll take my memories. And I think, think about the value of that I know what value it had to me to bring it to life with you the last couple of weeks, the things that I’ve been able to document in my life and show to other people that has been fun, you know?

Gregg Landry  10:18

Yeah. So Towson transfer has evolved. You know, I’ve been doing Blue Rock productions for 30 years. Over that time, people, friends and family come to me, Hey, can you transfer this for me transfer that? Sure. But I formalized it during the pandemic, you know, into its own entity, Coulson transfer. So here we are in my office, and people sit across me right where I’m sitting right now. And you can see some of the memorabilia here on the walls, because this is about memories. This is about going back in time and preserving things as you were saying, you know, these important, you know, anywhere from you know, people bring in films, they bring in VHS, VHS C cassettes, Sly slides, you know, whatever their memories are trapped on. We help them you know, bring them into the digital world so they can share them and edit them and basically relive these and kind of like preserve their legacy for the future. Ken Griffey

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:09

was a nice guy. You know, I’m looking over your shoulder here, you’ve got Ken Griffey on the Frosted Flakes box. You got the Welcome Back. Kotter cast I want I once met Gabe Kaplan, who he was very nice man. He was doing a show down at the mechanic. Yeah, you know, I’ve never met

Gregg Landry  11:26


Fox. That lunchbox up there gets a lot of attention. People loved it. The thought of the old metal lunchbox with the Welcome Back Kotter. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:34

well, I mean, I’ve been Arnold horshack. At Oriel press conferences for oh, oh, and having the PR person look over my shoulder. So, you know, I know what that and the police thing I don’t need to tell you my relationship with Andy Summers. But I see that you too unforgettable fire album. And I will fight with anyone that thinks that you two ever wrote a better song than wire, and no one has ever heard wire. But you know, here’s the rope. Here’s the rope. Now swing on it. Greg Landry is here. He’s Towson transfers. He brings your memories to life. And certainly for me, bringing it sort of full circle, you reach to me last year was something about a documentary and this and that did I know people? And I said, are you talking about me because I don’t have time for this. And, you know, like, you know, football, this that. And I needed you, you know, you planted a seed. And I’ve told folks, Dan Rodricks hit me at 530 this morning. So Dan hit me like, he knows I’m awake. Because he knows me. You know what I mean? We’ve gone fishing together. And Dan hit me and he’s in the video. And the people that are in the video, I’ve thrown them a link and said you’re in and at 530. He’s like, I’m about to watch this. And I sent him a quick text because I was awake. And I said, Well, you inspired it. You know, I went and saw your story on stage a year and a half ago. And then Costas had Steve Cho, who’s running for me. Don’t run for me. I ate your broccoli the other day, bro. Love Jacobin. And he’s a host on the vice Food Network. And he picked Costas and said that’s a place that needs to be on whatever the munchie show was. By the way, all this brought to you by a friend Securio wellness and foreign daughter. I’m a blunt person. They have sponsored our 25th anniversary. That’s a safe cupcake for anybody I prices is a not a special cupcake. So I see these documentaries, and as the stories being told, and because I’m I’m bluntness, as opposed to fierceness, Kentucky Derby favor, hopefully Preakness entry. You know, I, I’m an entrepreneur, and if you see the documentary, you’d see that and I had some sales challenges in January, February that even in my mind, 30 years later, what I’m putting forth to the public as a brand, there’s confusion. Are you nasty, nasty, or are you am radio or what are you right? And I’m thinking, I’m a communicator, I should be able to communicate my brand better. But when I’m on a sales call with someone who’s never heard of me, because their boss says, I’m legend, I’m an icon. I’m Howard Cosell. I’m Howard Stern. I’m awesomeness, whatever it is. How do I bundle that up for down the line or and I beat on the Orioles about this all the time, and I’ll beat on them about all the empty seats that we saw and all the Yankees fans around us who were pleasant, especially when I was taunting and heckling there. I brought it hard, but you did. But I brought it hard. But I would say the sales. I wasn’t a problem. It was just sort of It’s a challenge I needed a solution for which is I have this really cool story. What do I do with it? For anybody who’s never heard of me and people like you who have loved my brand and I don’t know the first time you heard me on the radio? Or where you were why or why, but you are literally a fan of my brand. You are someone who loves what I do you do. I mean, I know that I know from your heart you reach to me when things are wrong technically and like over 20 years, you’d listen, you’re you live under my tower 24 hours a day. So like presenting my brand. And my challenge to you, probably is exactly what you were fishing for last year and saying, I’m looking to tell a story that has some value to somebody, it has value to me, because people come up to me every day and say, What is nasty? Nestor? Are you radio? Do you still own the station? What is Baltimore positive? How’s your wife? Hey, what happened your son like you like because he’s not on Facebook, he’s fine. He just does not want to deal with any of this and being my kid is, in addition to all of this, there really are 100,000 people to follow all this. I brought this to you. And like you have been just such a great partner and all of this. But more than that, in storytelling that we You were always trying to do a blue rock that I’ve been doing here from the beginning, but how to bring it together. I brought you this challenge. And be honest, I am the worst, most difficult pain in the ass guy that if you didn’t love me, you would never want to deal with me. Be honest. Really?


Okay. Let’s let’s agree on that. Okay, good. Good, good. Good. All right, good. Good, good, good.

Gregg Landry  16:21

Well, well, here’s the deal. And I’m somewhat out of practice, when I started off doing Blue Rock Productions 20 and 30 years ago, I mean, there was a lot of what we call client edits. But then in the modern day of where you can kind of create things and send them over to people. I’m hardly ever editing with a client. And there you and I were, I mean, what 3040 hours, I mean, elbow to elbow, I mean, watching the same monitor. And we had to me, it was a journey, we took a journey together and and I enjoyed it, it was it had its challenges and its moments. But that’s can be expected. We’re we’re in. We both wanted this to be great. And we both had our opinions and we worked everything out. I’m very happy with it. I’m I know you are as well. Well.


Nestor J. Aparicio  17:04

This is what an honorable man, you are Greg Landry of Towson transfers. I brought this to you, I brought a sort of a mini script, and then it got a little longer. And I said to you look, if I’m going to do this, we should just do it the right way. Because I can’t leave some parts of this out. And you’re like, You’re not leaving the Rock and Roll stuff out. You’re not like like, and then you got chippy. And then I sent you over a script and you edit it and I didn’t even look at it. I’m like, whatever you think is what we’re gonna do, because it’s got your name on it, I don’t want you like, having a bad ride. Because a lot of people are gonna see this. I mean, you know that I know that people that hate and you’re gonna see people love me, you’re gonna see it, I’m gonna brag about it, all my marketing genius is going to come out to try to make people watch it and create the reality of what I think I’m very proud of, I’m very proud of free the birds, I’m very proud of nastiness. I’m very proud of having a pregnant girlfriend of 15. And figuring it out, and having a business and figure like so. But having that conveyed in a sales front or a brand front. And rebranding several times as businesses do over 32 years and four years of my life. I wanted to present what we are why we’re there. And people would ask why and why be more, why be more positive and as your wife and as your wife and as your wife? And how about those Orioles? And why does pachadi not let you in? And when you get your press pass back? And is Rubenstein gonna give you a you like these questions that I don’t have any answers for but the but this needs to be presented to Mr. Rubenstein and say, This is the guy you’re keeping out. Just make sure that we’re clear that that, you know, I’ve done this work admirably professionally with integrity with character and in front of my brand for a long, long time. Even when I was running in my underwear on down Pratt Street to do that right now that I’m in pretty good shape. So I mean, I thank God the Planet Fitness has been where I need to be. And I would say the biggest thing about the editing process with you that really helped things was that roller, the foam roller you had in the studio. That was the that was a game changer that made the film a lot better. Trust me.

Gregg Landry  19:07

Yeah, that allowed you to step step out, stretch a little bit sometimes I just need five minutes to put this together and you would step out do your stretching. Do your thing. And so now we we made it happen. It was great. Sometime we were together a lot then I would take on some tasks that you didn’t need to be there for. So it all worked out.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:27

But what did you make of the whole thing because like it like I’m doing the making of so like I am now the documentarian so you have to be like honest, like my wife and I were on the hill when you shot our wedding video 21 years ago. Like, I brought you something that quite frankly, a barrel of snakes, right. I mean, literally, I mean, like, do the making of the documentary, pretend you’re talking to make a good shell and like real hard over a beer as to what happened and I would just say this is how honorable you are. When I brought To you, it got stickier longer like all of that. But there came a moment of truth where when I thought this was an eight or 10 minute documentary, I said to you, you said to me, Well, who’s gonna narrate this? It was never gonna be narrated by me. It just wasn’t never, I never heard it or felt it that way. And I said, Well, you and you looked at me like you’re looking at me right now, with this look of like, no. So right away, the first idea I had for the film, you shot down, and he’s the executive producer. So right, right away. You went all Simon Cowell. Oh, my ish.

Gregg Landry  20:41


Darn. Right. So yeah, that was a that was a big moment. I think. When you, obviously you have voices, you’re, you’re on the radio. So I hear you hear voices all the time. So it made sense for you to tap some of those voices, I mean, professional voices, non professional voices, recognizable voices. That way, you know, bring some variety into it and kind of mix it up a little bit. And that was up to you to to choose the people and you chose very wisely.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:09

Well, what happened was I had half a script written in sort of the mind of Keith Brewer, and I told Keith, this how flattered I was that he played the role of voice of God and Keith, when you challenge me that night, was like, what genius shot called me and said, you know, guitar player, and I’m like, Hey, I got one, you know, bass player, and I’m like, no, and then well, yeah, we I’m only five, you know, and then God Trump. Yeah, you know, you’ve played drums, I don’t even know you play drums. So, um, so I, you know, you challenged me, and I’m like, I don’t know any new era. I don’t know any boy, you know, and then I started to think, alright, alright. Alright. If I had a perfect world, if I could ask anybody in the world to do this, because you and I talked about Brian, you and I talked about Joe Flacco and Joe, we would I never asked Joe But Joe would have done it. And you know, what we had, we had plenty audio of Brian talking about me in the business. We wanted to use any of that we didn’t use any of it. There’s a lot of stuff. We didn’t use a lot of stuff. We didn’t use. Me, Chuck Pagano. We did a night with him, he helped save my wife’s life. And we didn’t even like a loop. I mean, things that I’m thinking about, it never happened, that would have been more celebrity this and that whatever to put in there. But I started to that night. The first reach was Keith thrower. And the reach was because he’s like, and I know a lot of professional. I mean, I love Charlie, why rock I love. You know, dude, Walker was my voice for years. You know, I’ve had, I have people in New York that have been great to me, that I don’t want to mention, because I’m just not going to mention them, but they know who they are. And Andy Muller, also, you know, is our voice now. And Andy lives up the street. And he was the first guy to watch the documentary and give me feedback. And the first guy by the way, the reason you were in the seat is because Andy turned down to see and you know what? He’s a Yankee fan. He didn’t want to be there. Anyway, he sent me a note. He’s like, looks like you guys had fun except for the outcome. And like, only thing would have made it more fun was you sitting there watching it with me? So, and he’s the voice of the station. And Keith, you got me thinking about like, alright, so honestly, God, can I be morose? I thought if I died, who would I want to tell the story? Yeah, like, who would I want to tell the story? And I thought, Well, John Allen has to be a part of it. And I hear part I hear the story being told about the radio station and raised voice I hear just Ray telling stories about the station that only Ray could tell like literally because because Ray Ray was the heartbeat of the radio station. And Ray was the soul of wn S T, like literally like the you know, like literally the soul of what we did. And and then Gina shock, you know, my She reminds me my mother. She’s my mother’s accent. When you hear gene has voiced my mother does. It’s exactly what my mother sounded like. And so I heard all these voices. Mickey certainly heard Mickey. I heard Mickey because he’s funny. And you know, Mickey is funny, and I thought that Mickey would make it fun. And Mike Brill hearts, my high school friend, and you want to grow heart, your legs. You’re like, get me bro heart. And I’m like, really? My dude from Amberjacks. Might you like? Sure. I guess he’ll do if I ask but I’m not you know, I haven’t asked him for much. You know, free beer. Right?


Voice Yes.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:28

So I know you love Mike and I he was sort of the last person we asked because like, you were like, you gotta get him in on it. And I’m like, okay, okay, I’ll make this is why you’re the you’re Simon Cowell and um, this is why you’re Greg Landry of Towson transfers and Blue Rock productions and I’m just an asshole client that needs to get a movie done. So but the Keith Brewer thing that night. I started thinking about it, and I Googled him. And the first thing that pops up is he reached James Patterson’s books, and Daniel Steel’s book I don’t like and but I knew he had done. I thought he did behind the music. I told you that sick dude he did behind the music. He’s the voice of what, you know, when the rockstars want to kill each other and they get the divorce and the bat and they had the drug problem and they’d lost the band member. He’s that guy. And he’s not. He was the next show on VH one, which is called before they were rock stars, which was the Sheryl Crow grew up in Missouri and he played the banjo and her and sang and her choir and you know, like, he was that guy. And I’m like, okay, and I reached a Keef right away, I’d seen him at the kicks concert. i By the way, if you love ki for rabid, please go watch that piece because I learned just a boatload about the band. We went saw the band drank with the band had fun with the band did everything we take a picture, you know, Keith, this is the filling in him. You know, you and I are going to be up in Windows people soon eating good pretzels and cheese steaks. But he kicked me in the nuts. He watched the video and he sent me this beautiful note. He’s like, that was just such a beautiful story. What an honor to be a part of it. And then he wrote me back. He’s like, Hey, I noticed there’s not a picture of you and me. Everybody else would. There was a picture and I’m like, Dude, I came out to see you last week to take a picture with you. And you got trapped at the water thing. And we didn’t get a picture. I don’t have a picture with Keith Brewer. If I had it, it would be in there. I explain that. And he’s pissed about it. So now we got to make another movie. I’m kidding. I’m just kidding. It’s good. But Keith, that night, Keith hit me back. And if I read through the text, I’d start probably getting weepy. But he’s like, Sure, I’ll do anything for you. You know, you know, kind of like, and I’m like, okay, man, I text you. I’m like, I just got Keith brewer to play the voice of God. We’re on. Now now. It’s a Writing Challenge. Now it’s how can I write it for Keith? How can I write it for Gina? What will my mother say? What would Gina say? What would How would Mike bro hard tell tell stories about me being backstage and hammertek? How would Mickey tell because they were there? How John Allen tell stories about my wife being sick because he was there. You know, how would Bill Cole tell story about portraying my business in a light that he understands it to be seen? Because he’s fed me coffee and my royal farms cold roofing mug for a dozen years and been gone slightly shady to what we’ve done here, you know, over the course of these years, so involving cool people made it fun, but I made your friggin life miserable. I wrecked your Spain trip. I’ve you know, I’ve I hope this black crow thing works out because I if anything happens, your marriage. I know it was my fault. And it goes to Harvey as well. We’re good. Trust me.



We’re good. All right, well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:43

so Keith comes into this thing. And I say to you, but this thing unraveled for you. Right? I mean, like literally, this became, you looked at me several times, and you’re like, I haven’t really done anything like this is like this. There’s a lot going on here because it really got kind of intense, right? It looks great and plays great. And people are telling me, John Pierre and text me. He’s like, Oh, my God, what a production. I’m like, well hire pros like Greg. I mean, like, literally.

Gregg Landry  28:12

So I have some I have some stats for you. I calculated them this morning. Are you ready for this? Are you can embarrass me now? Well, that’ll be up to you. But I went through and counted how many? How many bits of information that we used in this video? Are you ready? 2202 2202

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:36


to 202.

Gregg Landry  28:40

And for the video folks that are out there. This was a 36 minute 36 second documentary. So the math on that turns out to be around an image a second. Now, it doesn’t fly by like that. Because, you know, we made sometimes three, four and five images all on the same screen. At one time.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:58

I did it myself because I hit Mike Wargo and told him he’s in it and he is in it. But it’s that Dave Winfield Barnes scene that we used earlier. And we used it again. And we should have held that a second longer because like, my childhood buddy, Mike fountain is in there hugging Mike Wargo. And they are looking at Dave Winfield, as though he is the box that they found in Pulp Fiction. You know what I mean? Like it was just such a great image of my friends on the stage looking at Dave Winfield and saying, shit, that’s Dave Whitfield. You know, it’s probably what you would have said, 9096. If you walked into the bar and sat down, let’s say Whitfield. Guess what I said because I wouldn’t it was a total shock to me. But anyway, but so some of the images, we didn’t hold very long, and I have to apologize to people for that. No,

Gregg Landry  29:55

I mean, it moved along it had to we had a lot to put in there. You’re well documented my friend. And so we had the biggest challenge, from my perspective is getting a good script, which you were able to put together very, very well. And then being able to support the script with with images. And so you were able to find these images. And of course, you were particular about, you didn’t just we created this into sections, and you just didn’t want these intersection you want to this one, when you say that word, and that one when you say that word, which made sense. So you were particular, I like the in particular as well. So that’s what made this a journey. We were on it together and, you know, over 2000 images in this documentary, it’s it’s aggressive, but we we made it happen. And I’m glad it’s done. But it was it was a wild project, a wild ride to go on with you.


Nestor J. Aparicio  30:47

So the only person that had seen it prior to being what it is, Bill Cole had a preview of it. Mike Rosenfeld had a preview to the point where he got nine minutes and he’s like, stop it. I want to watch the whole thing when you get it done, because it was not done. couple friends, you know, had an eye on it. My son didn’t want to see it. My wife didn’t really want to see it. But she saw little pieces of it. As we were doing cool things. And I came home and said, I’m like, you gotta check. This is pretty cool. And most of us are sort of unearthing of things. You know, when I found John Steadman say like, that still blows me away. Like that blows me away, then I found that that had ever happened. And I don’t remember him saying that at all. I didn’t remember the Vinny Testaverde called me specifically nice. Like, I don’t remember that. I remember sitting with him and him being magnanimous and telling stories, but if you haven’t watched the whole Vinny thing, there’s a there’s a command to go to my archives and go watch some of that crap. Because I think some of it still has value, especially if you were you were there the first week, and you say, I wonder, because I see the Ravens bringing the storytelling series and they’re all brought to you by this and that, well, they throw people like me out, which we also address in the film as well, creatively, but um, you know, I would say to you as the mentee of the mentor, there were definitely points for you where in the beginning, you’re like, dude, script handleless. Like, you’re like, the only thing that matters is, you know, you really kept me on point, you’d be a hell of a professor, you’d be a hell of a partner, you know what I mean? Like, in any project, anybody, but like, just keeping it really directed? You know, just like keeping it like, because I know, I’m not easy. My wife would tell you, I mean, anybody that knows me knows, like, I want what the f I want. Read my shirt. And, and I wanted it to be great. And I wanted people, I wanted you to think it was great. It was so important to me, because I’m like, I’m like it can’t, you know, it has to be professionally done with John Buren sees it and says that was professionally done. He knows the difference. He’s in it. And which is why I hit him and said, Bebo, sorry, dude, you made the cut. You know what I mean? A lot of you made the cut, I went back. So I was gonna say this, my wife finally watched it. And the feedback I’ve gotten all across, you know, my world in so many ways. Look, it’s 30 minutes long, it takes little time. I don’t, you know, everybody can see jobs the first weekend, I get it. And there were people that have said to me, Dr. Steve le chiropractic, one of our mutual friends said he watched the first six minutes. And he said, It got real heavy. And he had to put it down. He’s like, I need to like really use it. I’m really looking forward to watching it. But like, cool. And that gave me the idea to snip at it. So the next couple of weeks, in addition to this piece, I’m going to snip it 17 chapters and bring them out slowly. And if there’s a piece of it, that attracts you to any of it, they’ll go back and watch the whole thing, hopefully. And I understand it’s a commitment. You know, for anyone, my wife didn’t have a chance to watch it. She was on vacation, in, you know, hotel room with her sisters and mother and sweating it out and trying to be vacationing, and she came home and we sat and like watched it and what I got out of it after watching it again, how many people I still need to hit and say, Hey, dude, you’re in the film, because I didn’t really think about that when I was just putting the slides together. And now I’m feeling like, I didn’t put that person in. They’re gonna not be happy with me. But I did put 20 you put 2200 slides in you didn’t put me in the presentation. So I apologize to anybody. I didn’t get in there. And I tried to I put I really didn’t think about getting everybody and I thought about like, Greg’s gonna kill me. That’s where I was at the end of this. Greg’s gonna kill me. We gotta get this out. Make the baby and deadlines deadlines, as you know, deadlines for activity for sure. But my wife watched it. And you know, finally and what I kept pointing out to her because she’d seen little snippets and whatever. The music and the score that came late and my appreciation to John Allen and the guys at Childsplay. And Keith and Rob and the guys at the Ravens for allowing me to use just two local songs didn’t even use race. On the radio wanting to, would love to, in my mind, I hear it too raised on the radio 1968. So anyway, the music, and really more than anything, because supportive part of the video that you in the beginning made clear to me like script pictures, are you going to have enough? Do you have enough? How do you make the story move and all that. And just the crap I found at the 11th hour sort of miracle, Hail Mary, pieces of video and different stuff that I sort of knew I had, but didn’t know how to put together. I mean, your real gift in all of this to me was taking that and that’s something I never could have done on my own. And the way that certainly the way you did it. And that came at the 11th hour, a lot of that stuff came at the 11th Ray Lewis, you know, the mike Tomlin and Bill Murray and Brooks Robinson, and what do we do with this? And because when I put it together, I was thinking more art Donovan, and, you know, like, I wasn’t, I was thinking of the things I knew I had, I didn’t even wind up using any of that stuff. Right?

Gregg Landry  36:07

Right now it was it was a collaboration, we both brought our unique skill sets to the table. And, you know, that’s how we were able to manage over 2000 images to get it in there and have it work.

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:21

You know, you didn’t want to put my wife or my mother in there when I said, Hi, mom. And I did stop the saying and point that out to my wife. I said, Greg and I went back and forth on that one man, like my mother needed to be in there drinking a beer, if I said hi, mom. Like it was important to me. But there were a couple things you were like, I’m not a typical client, right? I mean, I mean, like, you asked me to, we got off the highway together. And you’re and I said, I went to UB, and my buddy Brian Poole, what do you be? And I showed you where I did my editing and like all of that, that crap over there. And you asked me what my degree was in and I’m like, exactly what you want. I’ve been doing I didn’t even like corporate communication, which would be he wasn’t born nasty. noastre Churchill hospital, you know, it would have just been Keef doing it for three and a half minutes, it would have been all the cheeseball awful. synth music of corporate. No offense, jerk off video that I want the school to make 32 years ago and you’d be which one is the Johnny Bravo video. One of the worst corporate videos I’ve ever seen. Speaking University of Baltimore is the Peter Angelos law firm. 120 years ago, Peter Angelos saved the Orioles for Baltimore. So like, that’s exactly what I wasn’t doing. But be honest. Like, I’m, I sent your wife a text. And I said, I was the, the woman from BB glean from The Brady Bunch. When Mike Brady had this crazy client that wanted her headquarters to be a powder puff. And he’s like, I can’t take care of I can’t do this. And he had to go home to Carol and she’s showing up knocking on the door trying to get the powder puff room bill. Now I did MC the powder puff high school game, it got brought up George Schulman brought this up told the whole story. It’s not in the video, but that’s how you get into Dundalk Hall of Fame. You emcee the powderpuff game, we lost to the juniors live that down 40 years later, but I was your powderpuff client, right? I mean, I you will never have a more nightmare client, you will never, ever do a presentation in your life with 20 202 images and 36 minutes and 36 seconds.

Gregg Landry  38:40


That is that is for sure. But hey, so like John Harbaugh says in the video it’s it’s a tough business you’re in and so if you weren’t demanding if you weren’t particular, you wouldn’t have made it this far. So it made sense. I was I was nobody

Nestor J. Aparicio  38:56

cares. Try harder. Nobody cares. Try harder. Right? This was that my was I that guy?

Gregg Landry  39:04

Yeah, you sure? No, but it you know, hey, like I said it was it was a lot of work. And that was a No you got through it together. It

Nestor J. Aparicio  39:14

was a nightmare. Greg, Greg Landry is a saint. If you meet him, you’ll figure that out. He’s at Towson transfers. He’s a Blue Rock productions. Speaking of your sainthood, tell everybody about your charity work, because it’s a good opportunity to do that. Because it’s usually what you come on and like really want to talk about you when you’re cool and making people’s videos into nice memories. You’ll take great care of them. You’ll give me that whole spiel about all the professional stuff, but you’d really rather be talking about helping abused families and mothers and displaced people in a shelter. Beautiful place that literally is right below where this picture is if you’re watching on YouTube, because I was literally my neighborhood church where I live for 19 years.


Gregg Landry  39:53

Yes, thank you. Baltimore. Outreach Services is a organization that Susan and I have been supporting for many years. financially, but we’ve both been on the board and we try to advocate for as best we can. Women with children, homeless women with children is an extremely difficult population to try to work with. There’s a lot of angles you have to manage. And they do a fantastic job. It’s in the undercroft, the basement of Christ Lutheran Church in Baltimore City, catty corner from the Science Center, just a great opportunity, if you’re looking to help with monetary donations, help prepare meals, visit with the kids, anything like that. So Baltimore outreach services, a homeless shelter, and job training program for women, with children, homeless women with children in Baltimore City. All

Nestor J. Aparicio  40:40

right, I’m gonna take us from something very, very serious. And anybody that knows me knows how serious I am to something comedic, your will wrap this, this will be like the end, the triumphant end that we have. This is where we stop, we wave and say, This is Greg Landrieu from task transfers, and we’ll come back and do the the Encore, but I’m going to be like Billy Joel with some of the old people saying, Look, I’m not getting off the stage. I do have to pee, but I can wait three more minutes to tell the story and try to make you laugh. So Greg Landry is here for any of you who aren’t watching this and you’re listening on the radio, I’m going to try to make it a good story for you. And I’m just doing I’m making this up as I go along. Like I’ve done everything from the beginning of time. So I I’ve mentioned BB Delaney to you and I know I mentioned this the Susan, do you know who BB Collini is? Or is it not clear to you as to what a troubled, passionate? Completely batshit client would be like, because you will be telling the story of me the rest of your life. That I was your BB Collini so do you know what BB Do you remember BB Collini because I’m about to really bring this to life. Because every time I came in, I


get reference Yes. Okay. So so

Nestor J. Aparicio  41:55


my audience might not. So to aid them I’ve gone out to female And she is a female villain in the Brady Bunch worlds so BP Collini played by the great actress Abbey Lane was a snobby lady in the 1970 episode, Mike’s horror horror scope for the TV series, The Brady Bunch. BB Collini is a fussy client who is a cosmetic giant. She arrives at the office of Mike Brady to have him design her perfume factory. Kind of like when I said to Greg Landry, TAs and transfers. Hey, dude, the documentary thing for last year maybe we should do a little five minute movie helped me with sales. Let people know who I am and what I do. BB monopolizes his time, disrupting the Brady family activities. This is the part for Susan. This is why she’s getting free beer at the Black Crowes concert, but not too much fits how expensive it is and who’s driving. Carol Florence Henderson. West finality is a little jealous at time Mike is spending with his new client and especially I don’t think this applies to Susan, but it probably would have screwed us up if it messed up Spain more or Portugal more and like when you know the Black Crowes are in town when she thinks back to Mike’s horror script that she read prior to the meeting and said Mike would meet a mysterious woman. Well, I hope none of this part is here. But Bibi has a reputation for being irresistible to any man she meets. It appears that Bibi enjoys a little extra attention. She has a European accent. I have a Dundalk accent and it’s sort of so feel aren or Zsa Gabor flavor. I’m somewhere between like acumen and Steadman hopefully. Maybe the splashy John Miller were the right suits. So finally BB visits the Brady home it dictates and impossible design change. That’s probably where I was when we went to you thought I was going to do that. How do we stop this? You thought I was going to rip it all up and really make your life miserable by ripping the script up right? I didn’t have a lot of changes. You must admit that right?

Gregg Landry  43:59

No, hardly any changes at all was quite impressive. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  44:03

I wasn’t fully I want to end this thinking I wasn’t your worst knowing I was your worst client but no one it could have been worse. I guess that’s what I’m trying to point out. You know, at least you want to the ball game and have fun. How about that?

Gregg Landry  44:15

We sure did. And we went to families for a crab cake platter before that. I mean, what a what an afternoon. Fantastic. Thank you.


Nestor J. Aparicio  44:24

I really like I would be a good heckler. Right. Like pica was aghast one. I mean, really, when Rizzo was coming back to the dugout, and I looked him in the eye and I said it was over your head. What are you swinging at? And he absolutely like at that moment. Chris is thinking, I’m sorry I ever met you in 1984. Right.

Gregg Landry  44:44

Well, your your voice is piercing. I mean, got right to the players. And so they were looking up they heard you for sure.

Nestor J. Aparicio  44:51

Do you think Aaron judge knows his batting average? He sure

Gregg Landry  44:55


does. And he knows where he is in relation to the Mendoza line.

Nestor J. Aparicio  45:00

I forgot I yelled Mentos. I remember the one that ideate I forgot them. And those are we should drop the mic after dropping the mic would be yelling at Soto. I’m staring at you. I’m glaring at you. I’m staring at you. I’m clarity. Ah, and then you move in the outfield. Alright, we’ll go back to another ballgame. Greg Landry is attached to transfers. He’s the executive producer of our 25th anniversary documentary that I hope all of you watch and laugh and cry and any everything you’ve ever wanted to know and more about why you’re here and how you found me and all that stuff. And I was a nightmare client. I’m just apologizing. Tell everybody what your perfect client is that they know what a nightmare is. What what is a perfect way to do this? Because I know there’s somebody listening. There’s so many people in my world that Glenn Raskin needs to see us already told me twice this week. Literally. He’s like, I got soft. Tell him I got stuff. What is this stuff? Yeah.

Gregg Landry  45:58

So on the Blue Rock productions and photography and video services, I have a portrait studio right outside my door here. So if anybody wants a real old fashioned portrait, family picture or

Nestor J. Aparicio  46:08

a second year, let me can I get a Stedman and I’m doing a stab and it has it has to be like the thinker, right? Like if you’re doing if you were doing me, okay, could you do a serious portrait of me? How could I come in shave? What would you tell me about my hair down up? How would you prefer


Gregg Landry  46:23

I’d rather take a picture agenda be honest with you. So we sent her over. And Will

Nestor J. Aparicio  46:28

is much more photogenic tonight.

Gregg Landry  46:31

Indeed. So yeah, anything on the video production photography side, happy to take care of that on location or here in the studio. And then tell us the transfers people sit across me just like you’re sitting right here. There’s a lot of relief when they come here. They bring their old memories they bring in boxes that are big, sometimes they bring in one film or tape slides, you name it. And so we transfer that to digital there’s a lot of services out there where you can send it in through the mail people do not want to do that they want to meet the person that they’re working with. They want to know that things are done right here in this room. And so we take care of people and people have laughed here people have cried here people have given these spontaneous hugs. It’s just a lot of relief when you know that these memories that you’ve been wanting to take care of for many years are now taken care of and they’re done and done right so Towson transfers we’re right here on Loch Raven Boulevard behind Total Wine and we are by appointment only give us a call and we’d be happy to take care of you and your memories.

Nestor J. Aparicio  47:31


Hey man i upon you out and trade you my Rolling Stone I have an extra rolling so this is like legit right that if if I could borrow the Welcome Back cod are like just a timeshare. You know, like like I was at the zoo the other day and Bill Cole did a big thing at the zoo with our friends at accelerant and at Kirby Fowler on during a couple of Superbowl we were promoting people like Baltimore outreach with you and they have a share you know where they give animals to other places right like you take my elephants I’ll take your hyenas or whatever we were in the we were with a rhinoceros. The horns I touched around this was cool. Next up is a hippopotamus but you have to go to Cincinnati to do that because that’s where they do we want penguins we go to the Maryland Zoo. So if I give you this to hold this for the Welcome Back Kotter lunch bucket. I had a chance to buy a $6 million man one at a gift shop out in Oakland, Maryland on the crabcake tour. So show that thing again. Let me see that man Friday boom boom, Washington. Man Epstein I gotta know from his mother, Vinnie Barbarino All right. Did you go and then on on boy shack, and that was Julie. You speak of making you want my pretty wife and for pictures. Has Julie knockin on the on the thing, right? I had such a crush on Marsha Strasberg. Oh my god, geez, don’t get me started. Even Honey, I Shrunk the Kids the whole thing. He is Greg Landry. He turns your videotapes, your memories, your pictures, even weird, stupid formats that you don’t remember mini DV this high eight that he has all of that and a bag of Betamax is as well.

Gregg Landry  49:25

Yeah. And also Nestor one quick thing for the professionals out there. We also do professional formats. Beta cam sp three quarter inch, you name it any professional ends. So if there’s people out there that you know are of the television background, we do those as well. Reel to Reel audio, you name it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  49:43

Stuff I ain’t even heard of. Dude, you knew the old radio station pictures. I put I put a slide in there specifically for Marvin Lewis. Marvin Lewis thing he remembers about coming in my studio. The thing he told Daniel Schneider when we’re sitting in having a beer literally If he had this piano thing that open beers, it was a MIDI. You know, like the gave me sound effects. And there’s a really clear picture, but behind it are the eight track carts the cart decks that were literally a track blue eight track tapes that we buzzed and that this would be my my encore presentation I will come to you to make a new film for BB. So maybe if we make the next documentary, I’ll regale you with more tales. Greg Landry has put up with me, including going to a baseball game with me. He is glad to be done with me as a client but happy to welcome you. He has more time on his hands now. Time is on my side. Yes, it is. Towson transfers is the way to find him. And he will transfer your stuff. He’s also Blue Rock productions, and He is the executive producer of the mess that I call no one listens everyone hears and he edited out the part where the No one listens that Arbitron gave us zero all of these years. But my favorite part of the No one listens. everyone hears part is when people are on the internet talk about hate me every day. Know that I have a documentary because no one listens. And everyone hears I am Nestor. We are WNS ta a 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive and our 25th anniversary and our thanks to curio wellness and foreign daughter because I am a blunt person

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