There’s no place like ho-ho-home for the holidays in Baltimore

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Baltimore Magazine editor Ron Cassie joins Nestor and Ko-host Ricig to talk KISS, local sports, neighborhoods, bike lanes and better transportation at Koco’s on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour presented by the Maryland Lottery, Window Nation and Jiffy Lube Multicare. And the time that Morganna The Kissing Bandit kissed Nestor…


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Mike Ricigliano, Ron Cassie

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:00

magnet wn st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive wearing the Baltimore positive bowtie. We got the parents in the background, we’re Coco’s pub. We’re in Lawrenceville. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery I have a handful of ravens scratch offs to give away I’ve been giving away the inch lottery scratch off your back in the summer. I’ve got reserves Roz’s working by the time Friday comes in. I’m at Hollywood casino I will have the scented gingerbread and peppermint scented a lottery tickets but I get a handful ravens got some lucky winners. It’s all brought to you by our friends at window nation as well. I got the fun floppy hat I’ll break out a little later on as well as Jiffy Lube. Multi care we’re laurelville I mean I got like old listers at tables to the left other listeners at the bar and brothers behind having credit everybody’s having crabcakes one guy seven shrimp salad out here and a hit Ron Cassie who you’re one of those guys, I don’t have you on Zoom anymore. You’re like I have to sit next to you. I have to be with you over crabcake Ron Of course with Baltimore magazine and they had their diners issue out here and hit you and I said hey, we’ll come on the show and where are you doing it? I’m doing it here there. Can’t do it that day. Couldn’t do Pappas last week cost this couple weeks ago. If I was to Coco’s you like Oh, I love Coco’s days that Oh, to Tuesday fifth, and you walked in the first thing you said to me is, I love this place, you know, who doesn’t love Coco’s

Ron Cassie  01:20

right. It’s amazing. It’s you know, next door XE is a little place called The Four Hour luthiery which has some live music and they do some workshops there and I have some friends who play music there and jam a little brand new. This was not your first trip to Lawrenceville. I knew that no and I gotta give a shout out to Ryan Dorsey got some bike lanes that come up here. So it’s an easy bike ride up here now from like upper Fells Point. Yes, I mean, like Montebello, herring when it’s all great. I can’t go up here enough. But, you know, if I come over here, I’m coming to Coco’s trying to time destination craft nation craft cake and and if I can time it with the Royals game on a TV, you know, you’re gonna get a conversation with a couple people that bar about the Orioles and you just feel right at home. Just came

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:06

in here. He’s usually my co host with the K because he lives in a neighborhood. So I have a whole neighborhood story here. We’re sick. Do you want to sit in and you ready? Grab a grab a chair. I’ll fix the camera. We’ll figure it out. They’ll grab this chair. Grab a chair on that side. Ron cast. We’re sick. We’re sick. I got your headset over here, man. Come on, man. We just started the show. I was waiting on receipt. Again. We’re six here. It’s all good. We’re gonna figure it out. Because I got a story to tell about the neighborhood here. And how much I love it. Marcel is here Liz is here. The brothers and sisters are here the bartender everybody’s we’re gonna have people on. This is our holiday edition. And we’re sick but we’re sick boot up your headset there. Put that on. You got to put your headset on there so I can’t hear you. Come on man. You’d see your act like you’ve never done this before. And watch he didn’t he doesn’t know where things go and we’re just not sure it’s like amateur hour. I thought you were in the real media. Did you have a media press press at one point? No.

Mike Ricigliano  03:01

I mean, am I can you hear me now? Now

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:04

I can I’m gonna I’m gonna be able to hear now you can hear a tech challenge. I

Mike Ricigliano  03:07

always have been. I always will be

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:11

the greatest sports cartoonist in the world lives. Three blocks from Coco’s. Yeah losing the neighborhood. And today kisses in town right so it’s and then I want to bring yourself with you. I made a note because Ron Cassie and I were together at state fair about a year ago CFG Bank Arena was a concept right like we were talking about would people come downtown things that make Baltimore better right. So we’re seeing are you okay are you looking at you have to cheval can’t really hear then you’ll be able to hear me now I can hear ya. That’s all I gotta do. You go like this and go like this, like this. All right. Do Sign Language.

Mike Ricigliano  03:47

Hi, everyone. I just wanna say hands to talk. Consider my electronics.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:52

For six out of breath. He’s walked three old blocks here and large, man. So you walked past a very, very historic, special place in my life. If you walk from your house, to Coco’s, you know, this. Tyndale Avenue literally sits about halfway between here and there’s here. There’s Walther, right? And then there’s there’s Tyndale, and then there’s where you live at on Eastwood by the park, right. When I was a boy, my Venezuelan family came here from Venezuela in the 60s, and they all brought cousins, right. So in the early 70s, my cousins the escan, Bella’s came to Maryland, and they live over the Parkside gardens apartments near Cydonia, where Dennis galanos was from on the other side of Moravia here, right, right. So they moved in 1975, four or five to Tyndale. And they lived in this house and like the Amityville Horror, it’s still there. It’s giant house. It had bats up in the attic. Like like giant house it looked like it was smiling at you in this big, long, deep driveway. A and the park was right the park is where Morgana kissed me. Remember that first face with the Morgana X ray his friend? It’s a long, long story. Yeah, he’s the one that bailed her out and like she did she costed Ripken. Wow, true. I paid the bill. Yes,

Mike Ricigliano  05:18

I did not know. Did you drive the car? We went down? Yeah. I went down to try to bail her out. It did not allow us to do it. Right. They overnight signed autographs at Central booking

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:31

central book. Okay, yeah. Morgan, the Morgana. Morgana. So anyway, I’m in 1974 75. Nelson moves out to this big house and my father were very close to me. I was six years old. Seven years old, and every Saturday we’re at their house, and it’s Poker parties. Moran game music, crabs, you know, like, these are happy Venezuelans to be in America in 1975. My uncle was a mechanic at Chesapeake Cadillac. Okay. Okay. So he would always get up the box seats for the Orioles games. And we would go when I was a little boy 7677 78. I sat in Section five, right by we sat in the Chesapeake Cadillac seats on the little box and one more thing. So they lived here, and my cousin was like a big brother to me. I love him. Nelson, if you’re out there. I love He. He lives in Venezuela. Now. He’s lived there for 35 years, right? I went over to his house, we went up to the attic, and something really special happened. We shut the door. And he said this is a turntable. And he had albums. And he had 40 fives. All right. So this was the first time ever that he said there’s this band. There’s this band. He’s like, maybe like 12. And I’m like seven. All right, this is a big brother. You get boys, you understand this. And he says I had this album. It’s called Kiss, kiss alive. And there’s Paul Stanley on the front. And I open the liner notes. And there’s cat faces and demons. This This neighborhood is where I discovered death. Rock and roll music. Right? Yeah, you know, it’s so tinda so we’re coming back today. I wore my kiss belt buckle today for Ron Cassie Baltimore magazine. And we’re staying and I thought you know what? This can be a holiday celebration. You guys are all veterans to the crabcake tour. We’re Coco’s It needs no explanation. Although I do have a horror story to tell Marcelo about what happened here last week. It happened at home. It’s a kitchen err involved crab cakes. I don’t want to talk about it until later on, but I will. So it’s the holidays. Right? The ravens are nine and three. It’s very breezy we had by week onto a crab cake tour every day this week in the Coco’s today. I’m at gertrudes with Rodricks tomorrow, that Ramos, Councilman Ramos coming out. And we’re going to talk about dance show and I’m doing a big event with friends and receives one of my real friends in the real world. We’re doing a big event next Friday night for friends and clients. And it’s a holiday event. We’re gonna have crab cakes gonna be beautiful. And then Friday, I’m at Hollywood casino and I’m talking to Tom Kelso from the Maryland stadium authority, former chairman. We’re gonna do, we’re gonna do stadium for Dummies, two hours of that. Yeah, on Friday, and then Tuesday, I’m at State Fair, Dennis is going to join me. So I’ve always liked friends. And I didn’t shoehorn a lot of guests today. I don’t want to say I just need to two of you. And I thought you knew each other somehow, some way i

Mike Ricigliano  08:26

You look familiar. And I’ve drawn so many faces that I may have.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:30

Steve, Jeff, you’re very close. Yeah, I mean, obviously right? As a cartoonist, so I just thought like, you knew Max Weiss and you didn’t know her? I

Mike Ricigliano  08:39

didn’t know Max and I was you know, I was always a fan of hers. So it was awesome to meet her on your

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:44

daughter everything she knows.

Ron Cassie  08:48

Italian American I guess circle to Jeffy right. Yeah, that

Mike Ricigliano  08:51

that’s first and foremost. Well, there you have it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:56

I’ve had some people here say Who are your guest today and I’m like what we’re sick lives in a neighborhood so Mr. Snow sheet that he’s coming in, there’s free beer crabcakes involved. And for you you love this place you come out today. And I said Ron’s like a Baltimore historian like that’s what I would call you. I would, you know, B mag editor B mag writer like all that stuff. But like I want I think if you we could talk about anything in relation to Baltimore, and you would have some grasp of the bike lanes and more Ville by Montebello.

Mike Ricigliano  09:27

Tell me about those uses.

Ron Cassie  09:29

Yeah, I IDs and yeah, it’s funny, I guess you would Thomas told me like Baltimore’s David Burke. David Byrne. Come on. All right. Yeah. Yeah, Baltimore, then we got to talk about that. David. David was a big bicyclist. Like commuter. I guess Baltimore is entering the 21st century. There’s now bike lanes happening and and a little bike backlash. It really mobility lanes, right? I mean, there’s so many scooters if you live in the city, everybody On A Scooter today, scooters shouldn’t be on the sidewalk and it’s a little dangerous for them to be in trash. I know

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:05

this they should be in somebody got killed a couple weeks ago and I said to my wife, I’m like, I’m shocked that that doesn’t happen twice a week. Like I live downtown. Like, I thought the scooters had been a bad idea from the beginning. I did all segment on it. Because I was down in Saulsbury on the crabcake, tore two summers ago. And I was there and literally the channel 16 reporter, young reporter came up to me wanted to interview me his man on the street I just pulled in from you for Baltimore. You know, I’m like, Dude, you got the wrong guy. So many scooters. They’re they’re controversial down here. And I’m thinking and Saulsbury you know, they’re controversial. Imagine where there were buses and there’s a Chick fil A in the middle of Pratt street did that 10 years into it, they can’t get people to stop carrying out and using the Chick fil A as a drive thru in the Shake Shack, you know? Yeah.

Ron Cassie  10:48

I mean, there they go pretty fast. But you know, e bikes and bikes and scooters are the way cities all over the world, including the US all solve that kind of last mile means of transportation, right? Like you can take a bus somewhere you can take a light rail, but how do you get from the light rail to where your actual destination is, you’re either going to walk which is great, right but although we don’t have a lot of great sidewalks in Baltimore, either but or you can get you know, you can get a bring your bike, you can get the bike, get a little lime bikes, or scooters, and, you know, cities are all about, you know, the ease of transportation moving goods and people quickly and efficiently. That’s why there’s such creative, vibrant places with one of the GDP and sees a higher than other places in the country. efficiency, efficiency, because it’s easy to move. It’s easy. I can come here in a few minutes. And we’re all here. It’s easy. We’re not driving, you know, far to get here. So yeah, I mean, it’s it’s happening in Baltimore, it’s great. It’s you have also you know, in terms of recreation, the great thing about these lanes coming up here is you have herring run. You have Lake Montebello, which if you don’t go to Lake Montebello, like there’s people every day, pushing strollers, walking roller skating.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:02

Gentlemen here, and I’ll say older, they’re older man 55. Someone to be in their 70s. And they all were addressing me in a way that they’d listened for years and knew about my show. Like all that stuff. They’re golfers, and I’m like you all golf together? No, no, no way. He played this morning. He’s playing this afternoon. Reminds me of your coffee club up at the Zeke’s. Right. Like they were going to six different directions. And they all came here for crabcake. But they’re playing three different golf courses in this area. Right? Yeah, they’re here, you know, and they gather here and I think it’s a such a special community Baltimore, right and, and I’m full disclosure, and I said this to one of the gals that works here. You’re from Jersey.

Ron Cassie  12:37

Right? I was born in Jersey, and you’re you’re

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:40

born in New York, and really spent formative years in Buffalo and in college, right? So I mean, you guys are like transported in this. We’re sick. You live in this neighborhood. Yep. They I talked about Baltimore, and Baltimoreans. And provincialism, and all that thing that I represent. There’s so many of you that come here and spent a lifetime make a life here and want and are in it for Baltimore to besides just the diners of Baltimore magazine, right.

Mike Ricigliano  13:03

I mean, I’ve lived here in this neighborhood for 36 years, I was we lived in cockys Vote for two years when we first moved here, and then we moved into the city. So we ended up here. And you know, this is a special neighborhood. This is

Ron Cassie  13:18

Baltimore really is a city of neighborhoods and other places trying to, I think, say that about themselves. And Baltimore really is whether you’re here or you’re like where I am an upper fells your Federal Hill or, you know, your I

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:28

saw that on the city connect jerseys. And that’s where I live. Exactly. Yeah,

Ron Cassie  13:32

exactly. Yeah. I mean, that’s that’s, you immediately have you live in a row house straight, you know, or are up here. You course you know, your neighbors, they’re like two doors down from you. Oh,

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:43

my God, his neighbors were family. I mean, 14 years, I’ve been going over to his house, right, three blocks from here. And I’ve always paid homage to my Hispanic family where I discovered kiss amongst a whole bunch of other things funnily. Yeah, like I grew up in that neighborhood. Like I have such shock, beautiful childhood memories about all of that, and you move the block away from that part. And I never really left. I mean, all my years, I’ve been coming to your house through all your his kids named me in St. Nestor. I babysat his kids. And I sent him to bed early, and his kids took

Mike Ricigliano  14:17

him babysitting anybody

Ron Cassie  14:20

that came from the radio personna you know, it actually came from the kids who was babysitting

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:23

it before it was.

Ron Cassie  14:26

Yeah, it didn’t disturb you at all.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:30

That proud of my boys, so I was assumed to be like a cousin or a big brother. And they were too young to just call me by my first name, but I wasn’t like a Mr. And it wasn’t like an uncle. Yeah. And I sent him to bed early because I lost the baseball bat involved Todd for worse than Eddie Murray getting free roam runs and everything’s bad on baseball. Right? So I lost the baseball bat about Eddie Murray with received when I worked at the paper in 1989 when Eddie Murray went to 88 when Murray went to play for the Phillies, and they started calling me nasty nasty like Uncle Nestor So this went on 8990 9192 every time I’d see them they called me nasty nasty number six started calling me nasty Nestor then I got a radio show and I needed to come up with something because Nestor such a weird name so like Ron or Mike, you know what I mean? You don’t need us your does anybody call you Mike or Michael?

Mike Ricigliano  15:22

My mom you know nobody calls you anything other than we’re sick right most people call me was sick you know, somebody

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:28

said to me I’m going out. Like and Terry I’m like,

Mike Ricigliano  15:31

Who that carry and eyes wedding vows for Terry and we’re sick. So you know, the priest said, you know, we’re sick your wife calls you received my rifle. Call me anything but we’re sick, right? Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:42

I mean, she would call you

Ron Cassie  15:44

you know if you come from Brooklyn or North Jersey to Maryland. What you get is you get Mr. Mike or Mr. Ron or Mr. Nestor and Miss Mary you get first thing right but you don’t get that in Brooklyn or New Jersey you don’t get that’s when you know you’re in the south you start get those kind of nice oh, you forget your actual gentility actual gentility because like you said kids would kill it call you Mr. Ron or Mr. Nestor right the same area or miss Hello

Mike Ricigliano  16:12

Michael Mr. was saying yeah all by all kids yeah.

Ron Cassie  16:16

Teachers Dixon Line

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:18

professionals you call by their Latin Mr. Jones right if you’re the teacher but if you’re the neighbor it’s Mr. Tim or Mr. Bill right Mr. Pete in my neighbor Mr. Bob I mean all of them if I think of them their first name was Mr. Any of them when I picture it? Yeah. And just picture me and they think nasty Nestor that’s it that’s been a lifetime thing with that just as a side

Mike Ricigliano  16:40

for you guys you know I am very fond of the Mr. No, I’m I collect Mr. items I have a huge collection of business cards from Mr. place’s Mr. Condom mister you know what Mr. Anything and I have some sin yours Nestor just for you know I have some fun your something’s I have a big collection of them. Nothing worth nothing but valuable to me. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:05

so I want to bring this up. We’re ciggies here, right toes with the K. Ron Cassie, and we’re gonna talk about her magazine. But you said something to me that’s triggered you triggered me more more than kiss or Paul Stanley or any other weird stuff I’ve shared this week and my dinner with Paul Stanley one night. I shared the actual audio that we cleaned it up. Thank you, Greg. It’s 1000 transfers. You can ask you about that later because it’s a journalist thing. I was like, interviewing Paul Stanley. So with Kiss being here, but you said seeing your John Steadman never called me Nestor. He only called me senor. He did he only only called me senor. I love that. So I want you know when you got here Stebbins royalty, right, like you are working with John, you know that from working at the paper. Ron, your old writer, you know about Brazil the cause so so Stedman will call me, senor. What would Steadman make of John Angelo’s going back to the government after getting $600 million and trying to get more money? What What would Stedman make of that?

Mike Ricigliano  18:10

I mean, I think he’d be up in arms about it. You know, like I don’t John step and, you know, I remember I remember this about John Steadman. John Steadman was such a proponent of you know, getting a team here after we left and and ranted so much about you know, the Colts leaving but when the Colts when the Browns were taken, and, and moved here, every sports columnist in this town, ripped the whole move company, art modell for coming here. And I expected to open the paper and read something glowing from John Steadman, he ripped them the most, you know, he ripped that move, you know, that kind of carpet bagging move. Now, some would not say it’s carpetbagging here because we deserve we never deserved to lose a team. But I’m just saying that that movement John Steadman realized was not you know, was not the thing to do. And we had it done to us

Ron Cassie  19:08

even though Cleveland was getting a team promised a team a year later, something Well, I

Mike Ricigliano  19:12

don’t know if they I don’t know how that. I don’t remember how that exactly came down. But I do remember that John wrote a very scathing column that morning and I, I, I guess I was surprised, but I wasn’t surprised. I was working with

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:24

him every night in the 80s of Ron, when when we were debating where we were going to put a stadium, right? Like, alright, we lost the Colts, right? And at that point, Shaffer then becomes governor, right? Like, and we’re going to try to woo a team, right? And we’re going to put money aside to make sure that we if we get an NFL team, we steal a team at that time was Arizona, Oklahoma, you know, I mean, we were we were filling her program was serving crab cakes to everybody trying to get the team right I’m still alive by the way, Maryland stadium authority chairman, her bell grad. And then John Logan, John Brown. I mean, he was the First Maryland stadium authority chairman, because this was all put together to Laura team to build stadiums. So you don’t have what happened in Oakland. You don’t have what happened in St. Louis, where you build a stadium and the team leaves because the stadium is in disrepair or doesn’t stay up to snuff. Right. And everything when I’ve talked to Tom Kelso about in regard to the last eight years under Hogan was that there’s a there’s a checks and balances, the stadiums are owned by the state. They were built by the state. They’re managed by the state. And these teams get sweetheart rent out of this deal, right? And the notion that the stadiums would exist there. Steadman roads six days a week, the port Covington was where the stadium should be, right? So from the very beginning, and now port Covington is its own thing. 30 years later, right? But the stadiums are there and they generate what they generate in regard to eight games a year at one baseball games, all of that, but how to make that more vibrant. And I know Ron, you talk Bramble with me a year and a half ago, and what harborplace was going to be Yeah, but this is an amazing thing that the baseball owner believes he’s gonna go down to the statehouse disband the Maryland stadium authority, you surf the land, healthy Damn the whatever the parody clause would be in regard to that without even like a plan without an iota of an idea of what that thing is going to be when it’s done. And now we’re Tick Tock 30 days down on this and nobody looks good in this. You would agree with that?

Ron Cassie  21:31

I do. Yeah. I mean, I think

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:34

she had a winning ticket. Oh, see? That’s what love to hear. I think if anybody, she’s moving fast, she must have won 100. All right. How much you say she went? Does she say she wants to under? No. Go ahead. You were saying Ron.

Ron Cassie  21:50

I think Johnston was actually against Camden Yards. So we’re listening to Kim. And he

Mike Ricigliano  21:54

was he was against the warehouse. And he wrote many columns. Yeah,

Ron Cassie  21:59

there’s a belief that you needed I think, at that time, a dual stadium to get a football team in a baseball team. And really the Orioles Janet Smith, and I can’t remember the GM at the time who really had the division. team president at the time, Larry Lucina. Right. Right. Lucchino had to had the vision to create a baseball only ballpark in like the Wrigley Field. Fenway Park Model, it’s proved so successful, right. But yeah, I mean, with the current. I mean, it really looks good. I think at this moment, it’s probably like state senate majority leader Bill Ferguson that say delegate now or the treasurer, now, Brooke Lerman. I mean, they’ve been steadfast that we’re gonna get the least sign and we’ll talk development after that. They’ve been kind of steadfast because it would take legislative action to actually do a developmental deal. They don’t get together till you know,

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:45

John Angelus realize how unpopular this would be. Perception. If it ever went to a vote of citizens, this would not go

Ron Cassie  22:53

well. It’s, you know, understand what’s happening, right that John Angeles wants the state to hand him property, you know, that this property, you know, is owned by the state, but you should go to a, you know, up for bid. And that’s the proper way of doing it just because you own the team that oil doesn’t grant you the right to develop the land around the state used to serve as the word. You know, and I’ll you mentioned harborplace would kind of say the same thing. You know, David Randall was offered the opportunity to buy harborplace pavilions out of bankruptcy. He there was no, there wasn’t a public vetting of that. You know, it wasn’t put up for bid. It wasn’t a competitive process. It was pretty much handed to him. And now he’s requiring like $400 million. He wants to change like the light street spur over there to get rid of that pre McKellen square I was gonna say I think is a good idea. We’re

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:51

talking bike lanes and I’m thinking transportation is not sexy, until it’s broken. And once it’s broken, then everybody you have to talk about it right

Ron Cassie  24:00

transportation will make cities work I mean, if you have great transportation of a great city, right? But the bramble wants that money to move Pratt street into slow Pratt street down to make a two lane Boulevard to remove the light streets Burberry McKeldin him because he’s going to build these high you know, residential towers there and he wants foot traffic and mixed retail and all that stuff. But that’s a big investment from the from the state and city. And this is what Angeles wants eventually he wants to be handed the property to develop. Meanwhile, the state is on the hook for $600 million are handing in renovations to the or the Orioles on Camden Yards to do pretty

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:45

much whatever they want to do to the state that could help them create more revenue. Right? That’s what this is this pointless flood he’s

Ron Cassie  24:52

getting $6 million from state bonds, do whatever they want. Now, he asked that now he wants all the land around there to develop not through any bit The process we don’t know what the plans are, like you said, and you know, I think the Angelo’s family right is in development, they own buildings down in Charles center downtown. And I don’t know that anybody’s talking about this, but their team was going to be up for sale. Right, there was a contentious family battle lawsuit.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:18

And there was a point apparently, where mom said I want out, and that’s where they really dug in to fight with each other.

Ron Cassie  25:24

Right? The mom, one brother wanted out, and John Angeles wanted to keep the team. But this does not mean a team won’t be sold down the line, right? Like if the oils can still use him, he can sell the team and Don amazulu still could keep that property developed for himself. It doesn’t necessarily, you know, I think the ideas, the hope, or the pitches from the Angelus is, you know, we have to pay at least to pay gunner. This is gonna make us more competitive, we own this, we can make it a conflict like Turner, like the more the Braves play and so many other places. But there’s no that’s not locked in writing anywhere. Certainly that that, that that’s goes with the sale the team, they could sell a team in a couple years, and he can develop that property, the two can be completely separated. You know, and he’s just meanwhile, he’s just been had this really lucrative piece of land,

Mike Ricigliano  26:10

right? So he could so he could end up with the land and no team he could easily learn

Ron Cassie  26:15

it with the land and no team and keep me that I brought

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:18

the ocean give me the boardwalk.

Ron Cassie  26:22

This is his leverage. This is he feels obviously this is his leverage is this

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:26

lease? Well, the leverage should be the people pushing back and saying you’re not getting this 600 million is what you’re getting. And you’re not getting that in Nashville or anywhere else. And Major League Baseball isn’t let you move the team. So pound sand and take your loss like a man your loss of a $600 million

Ron Cassie  26:40

when he’s trying to try to use this leverage of you know, we know we’re Baltimore’s obviously leery about the team moving or somewhere. But this leverage of having an unsigned lease to get the land. And I think he’s already as you guys have said, and he’s already had the 600 million I think, I think Bill Ferguson, a bricklayer man are saying, you know, listen, this is these are two separate issues, you sign the lease, he will keep the team here, then we can talk about other development because they really are two separate things. Oh,

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:07

my gosh, he’s here at Baltimore magazine receipts are glad we’re saying

Mike Ricigliano  27:10

and that’s got to be the order. They do it in just the way you said it. I mean, just the way they said it. Otherwise, he will have that hammer over there. And

Ron Cassie  27:17

this comes to a head soon. I mean, December 31. The lease expired. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:21

mean, we’re starting to see a story float in the sun the other day with Jeff Parker about two separate things i Tom Kelso is coming on. And again, we’re gonna go through this. I’ve had done two pieces, one of them I’ve done about 115 minutes worth of conversation about this. Some of its meandering and learning things like that job’s not even paid. That’s an unpaid position. Tom Kelso. He did that job for eight years knows all of this intellectual information and never received payment. It’s an unpaid job being the chairman of the Marriott. So he’s coming to Hollywood casino and continuing on because he thinks this is such a raw deal for the citizens because he was on the inside to negotiate which was already giveaway $600 million. He said when I walked in Larry Hogan and you know the governor and said it’s going to be 1.2 billion and Hogan said billion with a be like it’s already in outrageous giveaway right for California is not giving this up Missouri doesn’t give this up for that nobody now your Buffalo Bills managed to pull off some Hokey Pokey up in New York, right? They got money from all over the state that has been widely panned. I would think if you live in Long Island and you’re helping the bills owners get richer Yeah.

Mike Ricigliano  28:38

I from Long Island originally, I’m sure they’re not happy about the way that’s all gone down. Buffalonians are happy that their team stayed remember, remember Donald Trump was I remember Bon Jovi was gonna move on to be my least favorite musician because of it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:54

set foot in the city of Buffalo you know this

Mike Ricigliano  28:56

Yeah, I’m a big Bills fan. So I’m just even though he’s wearing a Ravens, I debated you know, but that that loss was just too hard to take the other day too. It was it was just had the

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:08

bills run you back into shame. No, not at all. But

Mike Ricigliano  29:11

I’m just saying that game the other night I’m sorry to digress here but that game the other night was just so typical and so painful, you know to watch it was great game. Another great game that the bills the bills apply some great so are your

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:25

Bills fan, but I loved it. I watched the combat. I was an Oilers fan. Big time Oilers fan. I watched the Euler Frank Wright who got fired.

Mike Ricigliano  29:34

He got fired just the other day.


I thought he was playing

Ron Cassie  29:38

against Andre Reed. Yes, he played baseball football.

Mike Ricigliano  29:45

Hall of Famer. He is a Hall of Famer,

Ron Cassie  29:48

autographed football for the Kutztown State. Yes. From the Pennsylvania

Mike Ricigliano  29:54

That’s right. I couldn’t tell if he was from Kutztown quarterback in

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:57

high school, really humble guy was That was

Mike Ricigliano  30:01

very good guy, very great player. But yeah bills. Being a Bills fan is just tough. I’m just saying, you know, like I, again, I’ve said this before many times and Nestor was going digressing, talking about the fact that I watched the Oilers disintegrate at nesters house with Frank Reich at the helm with Frank Reich at the helm. In Maryland, one of the funniest things I’ve ever been a part of was just watching that whole thing watching me melt and s&s was like, you know, just so invested in the oil. We didn’t have

Ron Cassie  30:32

a team Robert Moon couldn’t get anything going in the second half.

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:35

Yeah, by the way, Warren Moon you give a shout out John Eisenberg was our guest last week at Pappas and we talked all about Warren Moon and black quarterbacks and rocket podcast he’s here Baltimore magazine is the way to your editor writer what do you what is your what is your official title official

Ron Cassie  30:49

title is senior editor senior editor I know I do another editor cover you’re gonna show Amy Scattergood this great cover story feature on Baltimore diners Well, let

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:59

me a diner Yeah, yeah,

Ron Cassie  31:02

yeah all right. Cool. It was almost as a diner feel except differences of course diner to get coffee

Mike Ricigliano  31:06

is launched in the in the it isn’t there. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:11

I don’t know. Oh,

Mike Ricigliano  31:11

really? Come and meet me for breakfast there one. Very fun,

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:16

fun last in the 50s That’s like a Ronnie Milsap song. I like that. It’s

Mike Ricigliano  31:19

yeah, it’s very it’s it’s ROM. Cool, cool play. All right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:22

I want to take a break because we’re Coco’s I have to pee. I gotta get a crab cake. By the way, don’t sleep on the coconut shrimp here if you get any. I mean, you come here and I told these fellas have a golf and get coke. And I was just handed a note. Nestor need to talk to you Danny. I worked at the news American for 22 years with John Steadman. Nice. We got another news American alum back right. Let’s see. I might know him. Cassie. You’re so sweet. And you’re so legit. You would have been a perfect na guy. Right? Okay. Wouldn’t you have been a good na guy back in the day? And

Mike Ricigliano  31:51

they had plenty of characters that you say are you suggesting that it was very strange

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:55

that he would have fit in?

Mike Ricigliano  32:00

There was some characters at that place. That’s all I’ll say. Yeah, there’s

Ron Cassie  32:03

a location downtown. I

Mike Ricigliano  32:05

think you would have fit in anywhere. Right. And you would have been, you know, a major plus for our paper. I’m just saying there would have been there were some characters at that place. You among them that I

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:16

run cast. He’s here my kiss belt buckles here receipt, who was my co host with a K because we were at Coco’s were laurelville having the best crabcake according to a 100.7 and

Ron Cassie  32:29

more Magazine’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:31

Best since the best off at the festival a couple of weeks ago. It’s hard for me to get near and I know people I’m just saying the places get a little crazy the shipping crabcakes we’re gonna be telling stories about here and that the neighborhood because we’re sick lives in a neighborhood, but I want to break it off and I have a whole like segue we come back because I want to talk some talking heads. I definitely want to talk more stadium with you and downtown for sure. Because Ron is a you know, your recurring figure here you want to talk about these things that happen. And we’ve been friends long enough now that like, remember that CFG Bank Arena concept happening harborplace At some point, they’re gonna come up with plans tap and so we’re gonna react all that procedures here we’re gonna talk about some art, some sports and some holidays as well chips and crabcakes it’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I have Raven scratch offs to give away. I’m gonna have some sent the tickets to giveaway as the 50th Anniversary Giveaway as well. We had a lady run out of your saying I just want I don’t know what she wants. But I do know this if you win and you win and it says CMD lottery. That means you’ve won like big you’re gonna have to pay taxes on what you want. So you know what I mean? So that when it says CMD lottery that means you want something

Mike Ricigliano  33:38

to do with the scented lottery tickets. So what I

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:41

pick them up on Friday, I’m going to find out it’s gingerbread and peppermint.

Mike Ricigliano  33:45

Is it like is it like John Waters? You know,

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:47

I had John Waters on this month I

Mike Ricigliano  33:49

know you know, but I’m just saying Didn’t he have polyester had scratching sniff out a Rama Yeah, the greatest

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:56

Yoda Rama great. I did not bring out a ROM off with John Waters. Waters back on the show. This would be a great place for John Waters de crabcake to All right, sure. Right right around the corner. And

Mike Ricigliano  34:09

you know he he frequents this, you know, he hit the bar circuit on the street a lot. He’s gonna love me he just doesn’t know it yet. I’ve run into him a few times on Harford roads with the

Nestor J. Aparicio  34:17

nation 866 90 nation I’m talking some doors with them for next year as well and our friends at Jiffy knew multi care, keeping us oiled up on my little orange light goes on. We took the car over to Merritt Boulevard. He took care of things. We’re appreciative for six year run Cassius, you’re on here. We’re cocoas it is the Maryland crabcake tour. And I have my Raskin global gavel. That means after take a break, we’ll come back with some iced tea, some beverages. That trip right after this. Stay with us. Great

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