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Waiting for the next homestand to get back to Camden Yards


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Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor get back on the playing field and the many reasons the Orioles are bringing Baltimore back to Camden Yards this spring and summer.


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Nestor Aparicio, Dennis Koulatsos

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

wn st Towson Baltimore in Baltimore positive we are positively into a beautiful, beautiful spring week here. Preakness I put the crabcake tour away this week. We’re going to be doing it next Tuesday, courtesy of our friends at the Maryland lottery and window nation. We do an up at fallston at the local. That’s next Tuesday the 23rd because I got full focus this week I got focused on the Orioles. I got focused on John Wait, I got a horse race going on this weekend. The Ravens somehow have magically moved below the fold. So much so that this guy’s been out fishing, selling cars and making time strangely enough for Oriole baseball on a Mother’s Day Dennis Colossus joins us now. You are not allowed to ever go back to Camden Yards at which score run. When you went to the game. They barely hit the ball. But it’s good to have you on how are you?


Dennis Koulatsos  00:54

Fantastic and so it was a it was such a boring game for that the home fans that I guess it was around the fourth inning the wave made an appearance

Nestor Aparicio  01:03

you gotta cheer at some point you got to cheer and it

Dennis Koulatsos  01:06

wasn’t around. I’m telling you. Maybe double digits maybe 1012 times it just wouldn’t quit because we had to do something to keep ourselves entertained.

Nestor Aparicio  01:14


Well, it didn’t help um, listen now

Dennis Koulatsos  01:19

with Keller Mitch Keller will lights out 13 strikeouts in seven innings? I mean the

Nestor Aparicio  01:24

sat next gets soaked dairy not even gotten wet. Right nobody

Dennis Koulatsos  01:27

got wet in the birdbath area either. But I tell you what the Quiet quiet at the birds is Batson it was not a good game for the for the home fans to attend. But it was a beautiful day. Nevertheless.


Nestor Aparicio  01:39

Listen, the only one that’s been you know harder on Peter Angelos than you is me. Oh, you know over the course of this time. You’re back at the ballpark you paid I saw yet a nice seat off the first base side a little boxy back up high in the sun. It was. I mean, my wife’s been in Asheville all weekend with her mother on Mother’s Day. Her mother gets well soon her mother had an ear infection. So it wasn’t the greatest Mother’s Day for them. But I woke up in the morning and I just literally have squirrels that come to my door. And I just said what a beautiful beautiful day made me think of my mother I put pictures up on both my mother’s and I would just say to be at the ballpark and you haven’t been in a little bit. Give me Give me your day because we’re going to talk about other things on Thursday and the race and whatnot on your show when you’re here three to five. It getting ready for the weekend. But I want to have your Oriole experience and what led you and you didn’t get a good game. I mean, I mean you didn’t get moments in for the cycle and it is what it is but it seemed like a beautiful day to be at the ballpark.

Dennis Koulatsos  02:41

was a beautiful day and we have a parking pass close to the stadium since about a two block walk. Beautiful walk as you mentioned Beautiful day got in there early. Got our fanny packs the first 15,000 fans got a fanny pack giveaway so I got the you know the 1986 or rock fanny pack to put around my waist so that was a lot of fun fishing endeavors up keep something in there right I need a bigger Fanny back but anyway, another story for another day. But it was a lot of fun walk around and food was okay. And watch all the pregame festivities. Watch the groundskeepers take care of the field and watch the fans piling in. It was it was a good crowd. It was fairly a packed and it was a it was a good event for us and we get a chance to do it again. As I show Hey Otani takes them out Monday night.

Nestor Aparicio  03:28

You go back to the ballpark. Come back back to back. You go back to back. I

Dennis Koulatsos  03:33


haven’t been to back to back or I can’t.

Nestor Aparicio  03:36

It was probably a kid. Wanting to have the play. Oh my god.

Dennis Koulatsos  03:40

Yes. So we went opening day. We went on Mother’s Day and now we’ll get to see Grayson Rodriguez face oshio Otani. So Shohei Otani rather than if we didn’t see Ron Sunday. I’m not too hopeful about Mondays evenings, but he’s

Nestor Aparicio  03:55

gonna be talking about on Thursday we’ll be talking about your might with the greatest living baseball player, maybe the greatest baseball player to ever live. I don’t know. I don’t. That’s what Robert Davis has ever seen. Man.


Dennis Koulatsos  04:06

Yeah, he’s a phenom. And I was trying to time it and you know how to do these lineups. Sometimes a pitcher is going to be there and sometimes it’s not so Oh,

Nestor Aparicio  04:15

wait, I love John. I hear you. I like it. I want to go but I know

Dennis Koulatsos  04:19

I can’t get the candy because of you. I can’t miss Otani because of Nestor Aparicio. It’s all your fault,

Nestor Aparicio  04:28


Angelo’s down there and you see the crowdsource family you tell them that I sent you back you tell them that I’ve been a part of fostering. Listen, I I love greatness. Right. And one thing you and I don’t talk much about I go to a lot of concerts. And you don’t ever ask me for concert reviews and I usually don’t give them other than I put a picture up or whatever. I walked in and saw one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen. On Wednesday. I went to see seal. It was so good. I got back in my car and drove to Philadelphia the next night. to see it again it is better the second night. It was really like, how was it better?

Dennis Koulatsos  05:04

Tell me tell me the difference.

Nestor Aparicio  05:06

It does show you the videos.

Dennis Koulatsos  05:09

But then you better what’s he better with? What’s the show better? What, what what was what made it better that Philadelphia Cheesesteak? I mean, what was it?


Nestor Aparicio  05:16

Um, both shows were inexpensive. I had. I drove to North Philly to go to the Met, and I had never been there. And one of the reasons I went is it was inexpensive. My wife wasn’t home. It was one ticket. It was a title. It was a Ferris Bueller. I can do it if I’m on time. Yep. And I just jumped in the car at 515 530. I’ve been thinking about it all day. Because I’m like, I’m a little worn out. I spent the day on the wharf at the anthem. I had a couple of beers. I ate, I shook my ass was seal. It was amazing. I drove home, I watched the videos that I shot. I’ve had no thought of going in at 10 o’clock, I realized he was playing in Philadelphia that night. And then by five o’clock, I decided I’m going to go and I went up. It was $50. To park. It was like in a really the Mets in a really challenged area. I mean, it’s between downtown center city and temple on Broad Street. And when I pulled up there was no way I was going to I mean, I’m from Baltimore. And I’m, you know, I’m not parking my car just anywhere. And I needed to get home. So I wanted to pay more to park than than I did for the ticket picker. And I waited and I expected to see a really grand place and instead it was kind of like a dumpy old place that looks kind of nicer inside to be honest with you. And I went in and he’s just transcendent. I mean I don’t I that’s the only word I can use. It was. It was like it was like going to church. I don’t know what else to say. Wow. of music, great music, great band to band members from Yes, Jeff Downes and Trevor born who did 9129125 Back in the day. Over lonely hard to Buggles Video Killed the Radio Star. So like, I don’t I love greatness. And I guess for you show a Otani you would say the same thing if American Pharoah was running this week at the Preakness, right like we all loved we go to Broadway shows we like to see great, great thing sure what the Orioles are doing right now. And they’re in the midst of in rebuilding a brand that has been tragically wrecked in my lifetime here and trying to get you back to the ballpark. raskins gonna be there Monday night. I want to be there. I would wave a $20 bill and pay Mr. Angelo’s to see Shohei Ohtani pitch, I have another thing going on my wife’s flying in. But like people are, you’re reaching for your wallet, and you’re reaching for your time. And you fished all day recently, because I saw the big fish you caught over the weekend you could talk about but this is cutting into your other things that you’re saying how important are the Orioles they’re, they’re getting into your DNA. And that’s what they need to do in may not just for guys who can afford to go but for your kids and grandkids to that, that they can wave a flag for the community. God Dennis, they have such a great opportunity to fix the Peter principles.

Dennis Koulatsos  08:12

Really. They really do Nestor and as you mentioned, I’m digging in my wallet. Now I’m making time I’m going to the stadium. I’m having a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to more games. I want to see who else is coming to town that I can possibly see. But the last time you and I talked he talked about the football crowds at baseball games. Well, Sunday it was not a football crowd. It was a baseball crowd it wasn’t that loud. Although we didn’t have much to cheer about but I’m a football fan. I would like to see more football fans more Ravens fans at the Orioles games I think we will make a difference we’ll be very loud and proud and help the team and give them at home field advantage which that guests they’ve lacked for many years now right they’ve they haven’t sold out to stay said

Nestor Aparicio  08:55

when we have a winning product it’s like if you were waiting a coons for it and you were you’re waiting for cars for you know like during, like when we have inventory we’re going to blank again when we have wins when we have Adley rutschman When show a Ohtani is in town pitching on a Monday night when it’s 78 degrees and perfect. We’re going to need acids here because we’re gonna walk in the seats. We’re gonna walk up people and we’re gonna walk up people that need beer food tickets, like I don’t know that the Orioles are prepared for that. I really don’t know. Like you have to tell me when 36,000 people show up on a Saturday. It’s hard to ramp up and have hotdogs it really really is and I sold them struggle with this back in the buck era where I stood outside one night and I couldn’t get in on a Friday night because they couldn’t get me in literally I mean it growth is you know it from a business standpoint they have opportunity now, I was a chance to Jackson Saturday sold out and it’s Sunday night. You’re down there on Mother’s Day for the baseball game, be in need a baker concert. And I mean this was the toughest concert ticket in the history of Baltimore concert tickets, we could not get one. It was Mother’s Day. It was a $400 Get in. At four o’clock. There were no tickets for Anita Baker on Sunday. City’s happening again. The city has opportunity. But the baseball team is we paid a couple 100 million dollars, your parents and my parents to have the stadium. He’s done even have a lease. And we’re forgiving all of this and giving them our money and going down there. Now it’s can we get the DNA going again? Can this be a bit can this be a thing again?

Dennis Koulatsos  10:34


Oh, thank you can I looked at the record since Adley rutschman. Came for the Orioles 93 and 70 the last 163 games which were completed yesterday. That was his 163rd game with a club of course he came into pitch hit and the last inning but 93 wins Sunday law I think this is who they are now I think this is this is a good team not a great team to have some holes of study pitching us got the hold up. I like Gibson but you know he he struggled they got to him early but if that starting pitching if they can get some some wins out of those guys and get

Nestor Aparicio  11:10

innings and great star he’s

Dennis Koulatsos  11:12

also knots in I understand that you gotta rest these guys and a thought resting rutschman and Matteo did affect the intensity and the offensive firepower of the club. If, if I may say so as a casual baseball,

Nestor Aparicio  11:29

go down on Mother’s Day and you go down for Otani. You’re watching the games a little bit on TV when you’re not fishing. And I am too right I mean, I was Saturday night I was at CFG Bank Arena at Janet Janet Jackson. And I was a guest of CFG bank and Bill widow who did the show Friday over state fair, you can hear that this week about how the bank got involved because building you want to do the deal. Bill didn’t have any affinity to think he was put his name on an arena. None of that it’s a great, great story. But I went to the show the other night and everybody’s watching the game. And I saw people’s phones go off when there was a final a Batista was was a tight game, the Cedric Mullins show was extraordinary over the weekend. And I was at the seal concert Wednesday night in DC. And I was in a bar at 630. And I said put the game on, they put the Nationals on. So I was clearly in the wrong bar down on the wharf in DC. But I was I’m monitoring you know what I mean? Like it’s become important to me again, you know why? Because I think it’s going to become important to the city again, and I’ve been waiting 30 years for this. So I’m not going to be the one urinating but they gotta get a lace and they got to make it good better than they got to make it good that when you go down there on Sunday, you really want to go back on Monday night you’re like well, I bought a ticket. I gotta go do that again.


Dennis Koulatsos  12:45

Now, we’re gonna go see Darius Rucker at the anthem. We will never been to the anthem. Good venue good place.

Nestor Aparicio  12:51

It is as fine a music facility as there is in the world. I mean, just as a place to go and watch it.

Dennis Koulatsos  13:00

We’ve never been this will be a first time.

Nestor Aparicio  13:03


Um, get there early and and get there early and park yourself and then walk up and down the promenade. There’s a Pendry there. It’s very high end. It’s very beautiful. I, I had a little time, right. I dropped my wife off the airport and I went down to see seal. And I just thought I was going to like a pretty good show. I love seal. I thought it would be good and it was better than that. But the whole experience walking through there. I got there about 233 o’clock and a park. I park at the Safeway up the hill and I walk because I’m a little bit of a cheapskate it’s $20 cheaper to park and I’m not afraid to DC and I like walk and it was a beautiful day. This is a six block walk. It’s not. So I walked down the hill and around toward the promenade is I walked all the way to the end of the wharf. And you know, Dennis, I’m in downtown DC in an area was very challenged in a period of time, right? And they spent billions not know it billions to to make this happen. Right. And there’s a Shake Shack and there’s, you know, Spanish restaurants, Mexican restaurants of Korean food, lobster rolls. Gordon Ramsay he’s got a beautiful I almost went in there and spent 100 bucks and got the Chateau Breon like I almost went nuts because it was appealing to me and I was hungry. But I walked down to the end of the wharf past the anthem. I couldn’t believe my eyes couldn’t believe it. I’m on the water and I don’t know why I’m shocked. There was an entire market that would have made Lexington market proud crabs, Maryland crabs, as far as far as your I could see shrimp fish and open air. Absolute as you would know it 1975 likes in the market seafood market out on the water where the boats are bringing the crabs up. And I’m thinking don’t tell anybody you can get real Maryland crabs in DC people might actually go and do it, you know, but Not that it’s any novelty for us. But if you’re turist in DC, it’s legit, and it’s right there and it’s five feet away. And they were, and they were inexpensive. They were cheaper than they, then they are here, like I was amazing. But I went up just having a little lamb soup and some french fries and a couple of beers and walk around. Look, the girls looked at kids looked at dogs, looked at the water, looked at boats, and but it’s beautiful. So please do that. But this or that. But it would lower you back what I just told you about going there. Now Baltimore needs that story, right for Lexington market, which I’m doing the crab races in a

Dennis Koulatsos  15:34

harbor and all these places that need to be viewed as safe and be safe, right? Where people can take your family down here and not worry about crime.

Nestor Aparicio  15:41

What’s your going twice this week? So you’re a part of it. You’re part of the goods here. I want to really because I built Baltimore positive five years ago at the darkest times, where people and then the plague happened and people like you stayed on sponsored me sold cars, talk sports, waited for Lamar waited to take masks off all of that. I feel like there’s a real Renaissance happening in Baltimore right now. And people are going back and we have to keep it safe. I saw the mayor the other night. So I’m a Janet Jackson. And I see the mayor and I wanted to say, Hey, do you do you want to get a crab cake together soon. He held up his drink and held it up and gave me some love. We were 10 feet apart. I think he thought I was offering him a drink, like a food from the beverage thing. So I got a text. I want to have a crab cake with the mayor. But I’m feel and he’s had a lot of issues and problems and changes in his department and all that. But people coming back to the city, the Bank Arena, the stadium,

Dennis Koulatsos  16:38

any money right? That’s good for the economy down there. Yeah. And


Nestor Aparicio  16:41

that’s really what this is all about. And when special things happen for the baseball team, it it’s the biggest anchor I can think of to at least give you a chance that you will do what I did on Saturday night which is go to Mount Vernon marketplace and have a beer with a local oyster or pick up some Chinese from young scary out on that I love. Donald Guilford is my favorite place. So I walked the city on Saturday night to get the Janet Jackson. And it’s got some challenges, but I didn’t feel threatened in any way. And I saw other people walking around. I want this summer to be the Renaissance summer and I think it it really only can be because of the Orioles. And I want to say that as a challenge to John Angelos and to and to everyone down there TJ Brightman that this is your chance to sell cars to sell baseball please. Please make it good. Make the experience good for people this squirt thing Tell me about the squirt thing. Where are you on that?

Dennis Koulatsos  17:37

Oh, I like I love it the the birdbath. Are you kidding me? This is just a very fun team and I’m glad they’re gonna zation is paying attention to it. Who wouldn’t want to get squirted out there you know in right field and you watch the guys with the sprinkler and the homeowner hose. This is a fun group of guys. How can you not like them?

Nestor Aparicio  17:55

So hold on a second. If I can get us tickets in a squirt area Thursday. You want to go out what’s the weather on Thursday? Because I listen, it’s got to be for me to get wet like that. It’s got to be daylight. And it can’t be the Oriole bird doing it this time. I just want to point that out that that really did happen. So my memory is long for things like that. But let’s see whether on Thursday for the afternoon game looks to be 66 I don’t think it went on 66 I will do the squirt. You just said Who wouldn’t want to I got you. I got your tape.

Dennis Koulatsos  18:24


Let’s do that. I put my goggles on and my my swim fins and my little arm thing. floaties I’m ready to roll. I’m ready. I’m like I’m ready to dress the part and be the part and the birdbath area of that. You know at this at the stadium for sure.

Nestor Aparicio  18:38

I’m gonna buy the tickets. I don’t give Mr. Angelo’s money or any of them money.

Dennis Koulatsos  18:42

Thursday though, because I’ve got I’ve got to think of my mother Thursday. I gotta

Nestor Aparicio  18:45

find a game though. I did not turn 66 degrees and getting wet. No, I mean,


Dennis Koulatsos  18:50

that’s not going to be 696 86 degree that sounds. I got the

Nestor Aparicio  18:54

Oriole schedule out in front of me and I’m going to work on this and when you and I reconvene on Thursday and the Orioles have swept the angels and you’ve enjoyed all this and I’ve enjoyed John Wait, we got to Preakness race and Bruno Mars is in town and all that good stuff when you want to reconvene. I’m going to have a strategy that we can do the birdbath thing

Dennis Koulatsos  19:14

I guess guess what have better tickets now for the Otani and Rodriguez for the night had for Sunday’s game my better tickets were behind home plate so can’t wait to watch these guys get after each other they both. I expect a lot of strikeouts from our team just hope we get more than I do.

Nestor Aparicio  19:28


I don’t want anybody give me a hard time about the Otani think as I am support the Preakness and the Preakness draw and Baltimore blonde beer, you know,

Dennis Koulatsos  19:35

I’m gonna do your thing. You’re a busy guy. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  19:39

this is a great week. I’m doing the crab races at Lexington market on Wednesday. They brought the crab races back that Governor Shaffer you know made famous back in the 80s so we’re gonna have some celebs gonna have some fun some social media. I you know, the Janet Jackson thing was amazing. I’m gonna go see Bryan Adams in a couple of weeks on a

Dennis Koulatsos  19:58

good show. You know


Nestor Aparicio  20:01

Between you and me.

Dennis Koulatsos  20:02

You said steel was great, but you’re not you didn’t say Janet was great though I picked up picked up on that.

Nestor Aparicio  20:06

I don’t know I’m not No no, I just I’m not sure when she was singing and when she wasn’t I mean, she was definitely singing some of the time. But, but I, you and again, I bring no shade my hips are still hurting from dancing to January

Dennis Koulatsos  20:20


go Where are you entertained? That’s that’s the whole thing. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  20:26

Oh, man, all the old stuff. Control and she got the pleasure principle going on. And how about nasty, nasty boys don’t mean

Dennis Koulatsos  20:34

our ages younger yet with us.

Nestor Aparicio  20:37

Janet is where she was penny on Good Times. She’s 56 She’s always been bending. I was gonna say Janice probably 60


Dennis Koulatsos  20:45

She was penny on Good Times. Right? Like one of my favorite shows. Growing up.

Nestor Aparicio  20:50

I took my my buddy Kenny, who was my phone wizard from Verizon. And and when I had an extra ticket bill, we Dell threw me a note. I threw it out on the internet. And Kenny answers the call and he came down and it was so much fun taking someone because during the show he kept you know referring to her as that’s my penny. That’s my penny.

Dennis Koulatsos  21:14

She has a she has a birthday tomorrow. He turns 57 she splits the difference between you and I in terms of age. He turns 57 tomorrow.

Nestor Aparicio  21:23


What time she brought the heat on Saturday night. I love seeing Janet Jackson I had a great time. I’m a little disappointed she didn’t play more black cat. She only had one versus black cats sort of with mixed into that Rhythm Nation. ensemble that she did but I that was a great song danced. We drank Okay, eight Okay, rested and we’re gonna come back and check it all over again just like you’re going to do after not scoring any run due to photonic shuts out the Orioles. I’m taking somebody else to the birdbath because I can’t afford to be shut out. Leaving jinxes I’m not. I’m not going to use the birdbath and not getting wet. I’m not going out there and sitting out there and they don’t have any doubles triples or homeruns. We’re gonna win two to nothing. We’re gonna pick a day when they get bad pitching to us was getting to the other is nothing

Dennis Koulatsos  22:15

to nothing birds, but then in the books. It’s there. All right, we wouldn’t be good. It’s gonna be rockin at the stadium. I hope it’s rockin I want to see a football crowd at the stadium tonight.

Nestor Aparicio  22:23

I do I’ve talked about that many many times. On when when people when the Who’s Your Daddy from the Pedro Martinez game 20 years ago, when that sort of angst shows up. And it’s common. It’s common right now because rivalries are going to be built in this division and meaningful games to beat the Yankees and the Red Sox to be the aggressor. As Zod once said and Superman to you know, I we want them to kneel before Adley rutschman is what we want.

Dennis Koulatsos  22:51

It’s hard to build rivalry. Rivalry is when you’re losing 100 games a year. You’re nobody’s rival. You’re you’re you’re everybody’s at homecoming game.


Nestor Aparicio  22:58

And it’s even harder to get that as collaborators to come to two games back to back on a Sunday and a Monday. You believe that? I’ve reposted it three times in this segment not sure my

Dennis Koulatsos  23:07

own free will I’m not being forced I’m not you know none that stuff so

Nestor Aparicio  23:11

Alright. Look, if somebody hands your freebie tonight, throw it in your pocket because I’ll come down fifth inning after John. Wait. All right. All right, Matt. Let me know. My Dennis and I will be here together on Thursday. From three until five. He does the Sunday Sports voice. It’s a Thursday afternoon challenge. It’s Preakness weekend. There’s post position draw. Bruno Mars is in town John waits in town show we were Tani’s in town like trouts in town. Janet Jackson, Anita Baker just left town. And we’re here for good. It’s Baltimore Stay with us.

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