Going down the stretch with Pimlico horse racing history

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Longtime horse racing writer Marty McGee comes home to Baltimore to talk Preakness and state of industry as the second leg of the Triple Crown comes back to Pimlico with just one Kentucky Derby entrant – the winner Mage.


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Marty McGee, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

W N S, T, Towson Baltimore. Baltimore positive. It is the, ah, the pollen season around here must be a big race this week. We’re gonna be skipping the crabcake tour this week because I got lots of things going on. We have a crab race at LAX in the market on Wednesday, we’ll probably comes down at noon trying to revive the Preakness Mojo around your Maryland lottery. He’s given me these 50th anniversary scratch offs to be given his way up and fallston on Tuesday at the local from two of the five. I mean, I’m here and I’m gonna have a Gucci experience up there Restaurant Association of Maryland, said chef of the year the whole deal will be there, two to five up in Harford County that is on the 23rd and I have a litany I mean, I have a whole calendar of Baltimore crabcake tours that we’ll be doing around town. Oh, it brought you by window nation as well. 866 90 nation you buy two, you get two free throughout May and 0% financing for five years. I hope this guy’s got 0% financing for the next five years. This guy has been my friend and every year he comes on and every year we do this tap dance. He came from Kentucky here many many years ago. We met when I was young, but he was a little older. Back in the late 80s at the Baltimore Sun. He covered horse racing here when it was a glorious sport in our state and they were going to put slot machines and casinos and all that together in 1990 never did. He went back to Kentucky many many years ago made a life at the Daily racing form. He taught me how to read the form many many moons ago with Vinnie Perone and Chris Thomas and Charlie acumen and the dearly departed Clem Florio out at home Pimlico. Martin gage joins us here. He’s no longer one of us. He’s no longer a journalist. You’ve you’ve taken the step to the other side. Dude, how are you? What’s going on? Are you allowed to even pick winners in a racist week? Are you like, you’re no longer like a journalist. You’re like a regular citizen.

Marty McGee  01:55

I am a civilian astir thanks for having me. Life is great. I’ve been retired 10 days now from daily racing form. That’d be a total of 38 years that I was a racing journalist. First, of course, as you mentioned, with the sign papers left there in January 93 kind of kicked around for a few months DRF me up in May of 92. First, Ganga was good all Monmouth Park in New Jersey and it I really did I live the dream I held in my farewell story that ran on Derby Day on drf.com. About I’d spent X number of years here, there and other and elsewhere. Maryland was my number one non Kentucky a temporary place where I laid my head down and I so many years, probably total up to seven or eight years. I miss you guys back in Maryland. I wish I was there for Preakness week, but I got a new gig. I’m the agent for Jackie Jo talento. Right hardcore racing fans will know that he spent 13 plus years out in California being a star. He’s come here to Kentucky where the purses are great. We won our first race on Sunday. The first was her maiden race get this Nesta photo purse for a main race here on Sunday was $120,000. So the winner got 70,000 The Jackie gets 10% of that which is seven and I get a slice of that. So I’m making a living so far. It’s hard to scare up maths now there’s 25 to 30 really good riders on the Kentucky circuit. So you really I’ve been at this morning I was at before I came on the show early Tuesday morning, but I am allowed to make pics nobody really cared better now I don’t know.

Nestor Aparicio  03:41

I’ve seen you with the window. I’ve seen. I’ve seen you. I’ve seen you making it rain up there in the press box. I’ve seen it

Marty McGee  03:49

that’s the fun part because I got into this when I can the mid 80s Because I thought you could just drink beer in bed all day. But no, it’s not really like that.

Nestor Aparicio  03:59

How did you get here? How did the deal Austin did you ever like I saw Ross paddock ward. John Waite played the draw on Monday night down at the Guinness brewery. And I went down I had a great great time my buddy John Allen. Join me and we ran into Ed’s still got a whole bunch of friends. And John Waite was great and the drawl and like all of that, but dude, I don’t. I don’t recognize this from Charlie. Charlie Ackman and seeing you know, Howard Cosell walking through on Preakness day and the gold jacket and the wide shoulders and the big six foot five BM off that he was with a cigar and going up to the press box and looking down and seeing Pete X films name and see a Jimmy the Greek Snyder’s name, you know in their stalls where you could like watch the races the other 364 days of the year, but you had to get out because Jack Whittaker was going to be over here. And I mean, I I remember the grand nature of all of it. I don’t know where it is or what it’s going to become but I I’m here and I lament this every year. And you sort of flew into this at the Sun getting a gig here. And it was your dream. I mean, and you were young, I was young man you lift at the track and you it was, it was it consumed you you you still you’ve loved it your whole life.

Marty McGee  05:15

Well, you’re right because I grew up here in Louisville, and I went to my dad wouldn’t let me go to the 73 Derby. I was still in the eighth grade. That’s what Secretary one. They let me go whenever your

Nestor Aparicio  05:25

dad is he still your dad? Yeah. He kept your

Marty McGee  05:30

secretary. Well, I was in the eighth grade and he was right about one thing. Kids do not belong at the derby. They don’t belong there. So he let me go when I was a freshman in high school, let me offer my offer the tracks that have added have been to every one cent so 74 You went 74 So I’ve been to 50 in a row now, and I might not go to anymore because getting out of there is tough on an old guy. Anyway. Graduate a university Kentucky 1982 I wanted to get into Earth writing I didn’t for a couple years work for my dad. He sold water treatment chemicals, and learned how to be a salesman then. And finally in 1985, a short live publication called the sports I dared to go into competition with daily racing form. So that was no gave me enough time and a foot in the door. It was March of 80 Excuse me, March of 85. On March 10 1985, I made my first race calls at Pimlico and I swear that room that where I made the room has not changed in 38 years you call the race well I call it you call the chart you call the chart and then it’s documented written down and that’s how the data gets in the racing form. Okay, okay, now it’s done by equibase But anyway, finally date Dale, Austin, notice me son the morning sun you know if then it was the morning sun in the evening sun Ross Pedic court who you mentioned he was the handicapper for the evening. So no got me on with the morning sun and the rest was history. And they there for more than six years. Dale ended up leaving for the racing times in 1991. I ended up leaving in 92 when they started consolidating. You remember that

Nestor Aparicio  07:08

92 Yeah, I left I left on Martin Luther King Day 1992. I picked up my my buyout check. And I drove to the to the Minneapolis Superbowl, the Thurman Thomas. I mean, literally, since January of 92, is when I left, I had been there six years and nine days, my tenure at the sun.

Marty McGee  07:24

I left in January of 92 a little bit before that, and kind of kicked around. And in May of 92 is when when the racing form picked me up.

Nestor Aparicio  07:33

Well, so all these years later, you walk away from whatever it is journalism, handicap and writing being around the track. I mean, I would think you’re still around the track. And I always thought and I’ve given tick Gerardi a hard time and I’ll do that a little later on this week too. You guys were I mean, no offense. You weren’t degenerate gamblers. You like you like betting on the races. It wasn’t like you were just reading the form for sport. You like making money on it. And I was blown away when I was a 17 year old kid. I mean, you and I laugh about going to that Paul Simon concert. Dude, I was 18 years old then right let me know I was like, think about what 18 representing your dad barely let you go to the racetrack. Right. I was blown away that you could go up into that press much well, I got thrown out last year I got thrown out of the Pimlico print with a legitimate pass. The woman looked at me says you’re out of here and I’m like, I gotta pass. I’ve been coming here for 40 years. Why? Dude, I have the world’s all effed up the Ravens took my press pass after 30 years and I’m making up some bullshit about I don’t even know what they’re I don’t even know what they tell people but nonetheless, the media side of this is it’s changed so much but the thing that blew me away was in that press box you would go in and you could bet on the races back there and I thought they’ll never do this and baseball or football or whatever and then you would always see like tennis from Wimbledon and you’d see you can bet they’re 35 years ago and you’d be like oh boy the world’s caught up with all you guys you know on gambling betting baseball. I mean they’ve got them McDonald reading the you know in the third inning telling you what you could bet on in the fourth it’s it’s really unbelievable that it took sports this long to catch up with I will call it the original sin because I mean I pimped a lottery and I give tickets down and you’ve seen me play blackjack but I never had a sports betting things my dad never added just in a general sense. But I was around all of you who just loved it and ate it up and I was such when I lost two bucks. I felt awful. And I’ve watched you guys put down $100 Exact is and pull $100 bills because you really knew what you were doing all of you did.

Marty McGee  09:32

Yeah, it was a lot of fun. By the way I pay to go to work a lot. You know, sometimes I got rewarded extra for but on top of that

Nestor Aparicio  09:39

one more money or lost more money for all of the BS for 40 years of going to Windows read for all that you’ve invested in it time wise, life wise, just on the betting side not on making a living doing it. But on actual tickets into tickets out. Are you ahead or behind?

Marty McGee  09:54

Absolutely way behind, way behind and anybody admit that? Oh I am so Ultimately,

Nestor Aparicio  10:00

there’s no reason to never do it. Well,

Marty McGee  10:03

I mean, it’s I don’t want to say that, but I’ve paid for my entertainment. You know, I have no money problems. And

Nestor Aparicio  10:11

but you’ve seen people have gambling problems. I mean, you’re absolutely it can talk about this all the time, and certainly in the new world hear that the world is caught up to you and Dick and everyone else who bet and I don’t want to say, I like I don’t. I don’t know if you’re betting reds games like Pete Rose or not right when I’m at a reds game with you. But I know, there was plenty of betting going on, but never around baseball. I’ve been on the radio 32 years. I never really knew anybody. I think you bet on baseball a little bit. But I don’t even know how to bet on baseball. And now it’s like, it’s become part of the currency of the game. The game needs you to bet on it all of a sudden, as the NFL would when you put their lines on. But and I think all of you always thought that was a little screwy, that people like you that bet on horse racing. You knew everybody was betting on sports, but now it’s it’s mainline now.

Marty McGee  11:02

Yeah, I love betting on baseball. You know, it’s just a run line or an odds line, whatever, you know, you’ve got all these kinds of menus for it. You know, the one thing about horse racing media types, the handicappers, who get on the TV and make X bet. I just really think that’s wrong. I think if you’re actually doing things for the public, you should be getting your own money. Not necessarily exactly what you’re picking. But somebody it’s just it’s a scam. And it’s phony. And people who get up on TV now doing the sports bets, and they’re not really betting that. I don’t like,

Nestor Aparicio  11:39

well, I feel the same way. I mean, I break my heart to what I do. I mean, I don’t whatever is coming out of this Mike’s what I really think that what somebody’s paying me saying what I think you might want to hear, right? I mean, I made a living doing that.

Marty McGee  11:51

Like when a lot of times when I made a best bet in the Baltimore Sun or whenever I was betting on that horse, believe me, I was not trying to manipulate or this or that or fool anybody. Nah, it was it was what I thought and I was gonna, I was gonna back it up with my own money. Alright, so

Nestor Aparicio  12:06

you make this transition. Um, and I listen, I would think over 30 years, you’re really good guy. You’re a good soul. You’re hard worker, you’re all of that. I would think somebody tried to pull you up to do something else and say, Hey, come work for me in a stable at a bar in Florida. Like, I would think you had opportunities along life’s highway to do other things in the horse racing industry. What about here and now and listen, I saw John wait. Monday night, I went with another rock’n’roll buddy of mine, John Allen. Were there and John’s exam. It’s like, I wonder how much they’re making. I know what this cost the stage this he you know, he knows how the sausage is made for all of this. You know how the sausage is made in the horse racing industry. There are probably places you could have made more money but you like betting you figure you make money doing that you enjoy what you did. But why here and now to work in the capacity orcas. It’s tough. I guess my point with rock and roll is for these bad Kirk Newman from the bodines on their plane Saturday night. I’m like, man, be 5055 60 And on a tour boss is a tough life. And I think the race track in general, for anyone that’s not the billionaire with a bow on this weekend, writing the checks from Dubai or whatever people in the industry to thing I see every year when I would go out there and helicopter into the barn on Thursday and do the alibi breakfast and do all that I’m like, Oh my god. This is a hard, hard life. You have to love these animals.

Marty McGee  13:28

It really is a hard life, especially for a guy like my brother Paul McGee, who’s trained horses for 38 years. Getting up at 435 everyday, not some days Nestor like every day. That’s the that’s the key. It’s every day since I became an agent and days ago. I’ve been up early every day for 35. I was already out this morning at Churchill Downs just throwing the backside trying to come up with math reason, though that I quit racing journalism is I was tired of it. It was 38 years. Every winter over the last 20 Most of the last 26 winters I’ve had to travel somewhere. First of all, it was oak on Park. And then it was Florida. I mean, Florida in the winter is nice, but you think about it January and February. Pretty much anywhere. It’s not any good against dark at five o’clock. What are you going to do after that drink? No, you just kind of watch TV and fall asleep at 730 rake up 530 The next morning and do it all over again. So I got tired of that. I’m not going to have to travel as much as Jota Alamos agent. But it is hard work. It’s a full time job. People said why don’t you just do both? There’s no way it’s like having two full time jobs. Right.

Nestor Aparicio  14:34

You represent multiple jockeys or is this this is your

Marty McGee  14:37

only. All you need is one right now. The way the purses are here and hotel was actually married to

Nestor Aparicio  14:42

my niece Elizabeth. That’s beautiful arts, his family business good. I was

Marty McGee  14:46

one of the lectors or readers at their wedding in San Diego and

Nestor Aparicio  14:51

I could do this priest. Yeah.

Marty McGee  14:54

In November 2015. So yeah, well, I have a long history with you Know he trusts me, he knows that people respect me in the business and we’re trying to leverage that and getting back in the Iread or teases and dwell Rosario. So the game.

Nestor Aparicio  15:10

Well, I’ll tell you what Marty Mickey’s here. My longtime friend, one of my mentors around the track many, many years ago. So I went to Guinness the other night. And on Monday night, I’m sitting at the bar with my wife and a fella who looks like he goes to the track yells over Thanks, Joe. He yells array come out here. So come over, I was on your Belmont boss for Smarty Jones and for Big Brown, you know, he’s adding go to American Pharoah. So we got on to all this. And he said to me, one of the nicest things he’s like, look, I listen to all of them. 1257 people, none of them ever talk about the track. None of them. They trade war. They don’t know anything about horse racing. Why did you he’s asked me why did you know how did you fall in I said, Well, my father never went to the my father. Nothing about horse racing. Nothing about auto racing. My dad was traditional Scranton, Pennsylvania, boxing, basketball, baseball, football, sort of kind of in that order, but not a gambling guy suiting soup lines with Herbert Hoover in 1929. Like the whole deal, so didn’t didn’t bet on things. So I when I went to the track for the first time it was out of pure curiosity of having seen Vince Bagley read the seventh eighth and ninth you know results on the six o’clock news and seeing the hats and of course, I was five was Secretary Okay, so Seattle slew affirmed Aladar spectacular bid. I’m not reading I just know these things right? So not 7778 So now I’m 1011 12 and then like Codex and those horses kind of came along, but then I worked at the paper, and then spent the book. I’m trying to think of the beautiful chestnut with Charlie Whittingham. Give me that. Birdman. I met Ferdinand in the grass. And the story of Ferdinand Google. It’s one of the saddest because there’s a first horse that I like, I touch that horse and like I’m like, oh my god, what a beautiful creature. I was 18 years old and a punk from Dundalk. I barely met a squirrel in the backyard or Finch. I didn’t see moving creatures that weren’t my dog or a cat in the neighborhood. I had my wife still gives me grief. She was telling Ross paddock where he’s never been on a horse. So I went out to the track. I saw Howard Cosell that day, I ran film for Jean Boyer is at the news, American back to South Street. So all the ladies with the pictures in the hats could be in the special section. This is 1984 8586 and spend a buck app and and you happened in my life and we became friends. I don’t know why you liked me or I liked you. But you saw me the track. I was quite the whippersnapper at 1617 working in the paper with a press pass. Right. And we’re and it was a vibrant room of people. I walked into that room at the top of Pimlico I didn’t know much of anything. I expected more people to be there. I don’t know that I even had a guys in Dallas thing about it being a bunch of old white guys with stoke ease and hats or whatever. I don’t know what I expected to see. But I found the racetrack that was falling apart. And that I had the first time I ever went there. It’s still there. It’ll be there this weekend. And it’s all that point. But I found such interesting people. And I had such admiration for Chris Thomas for Charlie Ekman. And the fact that they were there every day gay or not. I don’t think I’ve ever admitted this and I’m being clean with you. Okay, full on clean. I just wanted to be around them to be great. I thought if I hung out with Chris Thomas and I hung out with Charlie Ackman. Maybe one day I could be like them, you know what I mean? And you were in the middle of it. You were in the middle of Charlie lamb up to tick jewelry in the early

Marty McGee  18:45

days. Rich Pitroda was doing the pics. Oh, God.

Nestor Aparicio  18:47

Well, you know Pete is battling dementia. The last time I saw Pete was at the Guinness factory. His daughter listens to the show his family listen to the show. But Pete came down for a Baltimore Sun News American sports reading. You should come back for it. It’s in September. It’s again as are October Stan Rappaport and Molly Dunham. Glassman do an event where we all get together and drink a beer and tell old stories. Pete came down and he you know, he’s not focused, but focused enough that you can give him some love. So I got to see Pete and I should have bet on we went down to buoy one day and he gave me sole proprietor and I’d embed it and box it the way I showed up and I lost about 800 bucks but nonetheless, I didn’t lose but I didn’t win. You know what I mean? Yeah, so anyway, give me what you found because I you came in from Kentucky. I mean, I don’t even know if you knew Charlie Acme probably didn’t know anything about Chris Thomas or any these people. But these were my heroes as a 13 year old boy and now I’m 55 and having done this for 25 years here and 32 years on the radio i i have I think a lot about that dude, I think and especially when he got thrown out of there last year. I think a lot about it. They

Marty McGee  19:57

all treated me like earlier Sigmund loved it that he used to conduct the International World Tourism handicapping in the fall. And I came in fourth one year and I remember he was really hyping me and everything that was 1986. And he was the emcee and all that and then Chris Thomas

Nestor Aparicio  20:16

McGee, God knows what are you doing? That’s where you can go to sleep when I’m cherries,

Marty McGee  20:22

exactly what he would do. And then Chris Thomas, what a great human being he was just he was such a lovable guy. You don’t want time I remember him on the on the Watson television. When Pete Maravich died. You remember this and Chris was on there and he said, SRT who for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for the heat marriage at age 40 or whatever it was. And I just remember I said man, this you’re awesome. And you know, he died a very premature death, which would really made me sad.

Nestor Aparicio  20:51

I tweeted about him this morning. So the bring his name up today really means something Steve to make the big dog from Tampa was a sports radio, larger than life personality. He was a golf, you know, encyclopedia, and he was the one that brought all the energy to the Tampa lightning it when they came to town. Nobody knew a puck from a truck in Tampa, and he adopted it and he died prematurely. But after my wife battled, his wife had a battle a cancer battle and he took like, we became friends and he died tragically. But I went down to Tampa. That’s right after my wife got sick, so it must have been six or seven years ago and I was planning maybe a Super Bowl party for the Ravens or something. And I went down to the studio, the studio he broadcasted from he took me into the studio. It was the Chris Thomas studio. Wow. So this morning, Today is the anniversary of his death. The big dog. It was his fourth anniversary, I believe of Steve’s death. And I saw it a five this morning and I tweeted about Chris Thomas. So the fact that I have you on spirits are flying Preakness around here, right?

Marty McGee  21:55

And there were so many other guys and Aster like Jack man, he was a brilliant man he went to one year of college, he would write his column in the evening sun which he would get I would get it go to Mount Washington tavern then on the way home maybe get somebody and pick up an evening Senator Reid bras pedagogues picks and what Jack men and written invariably he’d have one or two or three words in his story that I knew not what he’s even talked about. He was such a great writer Jack

Nestor Aparicio  22:22

man’s reputation on our desk with Mike Marlo and Bob knausgaard was Jack You don’t edit jack man you don’t need to add a jack like and writers that had that reputation being a kid there dude, I was everything in my life that ever come from good came from those six years of my life being around it. effing professionals like you and being taught the right way to do things so when people come to me and say Why do you fight with shoddy and Angeles I’m like, because they’re doing things the wrong way. And I and there’s I give no quarter on that like that just flat out taking people’s press credentials because you know, like the look of their their hair is not that that’s not cool. And and you know, I stand with those people from 40 years ago that were serious MF er series tats about journalism and accountability and what lasix was, and cheating and scamming and doping and all of those things that you were responsible for, for writing about out there.

Marty McGee  23:20

Yeah, we were I was you know, just having ale Austin as my mentor. He he had the courtesy to die on fitness week, about five or six years ago so that we can all come and be his widow and who has since passed on who and Ale taught me things that I still remember the calling by I in print us that are which don’t say like, say such as, you know, there were a dozen different things. It’s to this day, I still remember the Delta. Andy Barr was around he didn’t really mentor me, but just his presence, his aura and just

Nestor Aparicio  23:54

always knew when he was at the track, right, he sat up on the right and it was always gonna talk to Andy.

Marty McGee  24:00

And just there there are so many guys there when Clem

Nestor Aparicio  24:03

Come on, give me a cleanser. We pop by Oh, my you baby. Oh, you bet. Look at the sweat swept out there. He’s ready to run. He’s right. Hey, hey, Mati. He’s ready to run. Let me tell you that.

Marty McGee  24:20

Yeah. So there were just so many of them and I missed them all. And that gave me such a great foundation to go on and do what I did you know, and 30 plus years after that.

Nestor Aparicio  24:30

I love you, Marty. Mickey Marty, Biggie, former daily racing form. He’s an independent now he’s out doing some things on the tracks of Juna coming up for the race this week, or they give me a little primer. Okay. So somebody flies in, they like our little fun chat about the old days and whatever. And I think Joe from candidates will appreciate it the most because he’s an old racing guy. Give me a fly in I mean, Bob Baffert and I text last night, right? So Gerardi came on two weeks ago. I don’t follow a lot of this right I mean, a Jordy came out two weeks ago said Bob can do the Preakness I went to the Draw last night everybody that was there didn’t think Baffert was in the race, like people don’t know. They just, they don’t know because they don’t have anybody like you covered and people reading the sun and Bagley on the air and me on the like. I mean, he’s dopes over 1057 don’t know a horse from a course. Right. So I like literally, nobody knows anything. I was at the drawl and nobody knew national like, like literally so backwards in the race and I’m there I’m like backwards in the race. Okay, so I text Bob, Bob text me back, Bob said, I’m not doing zoom, we give a little love back and forth. Bob’s not coming on the show this week. Bob came on the show right before he was suspended two years ago. bring people up to speed on the state of the industry. And what you need to know if you’re going into the race this week about the future the Preakness the Triple Crown. What’s What’s news because it never changes, but we’re always talking about changing it.

Marty McGee  25:52

Well, it’s kind of in a state of flux, and especially in terms of like felon Laurel, you know, they had the $380 million they were going to spend, I don’t know where that stands supposedly, state of Maryland’s going to take over at some point from the Stronach group. I don’t know how or what. I don’t really know the details on that. A Baffert, his two years suspension from Churchill Downs not running in the derby. I guess that’s over. I haven’t seen the first thing written about what’s going to happen. He’s a vague but he ran a horse this week at church at that, or can he run one in the derby next year? You know, it’s been such an such animosity between the two parties effort, his lawyers are scheduled as his lawyers. Meanwhile, we had this catastrophic week at Churchill Downs, pre Derby with seven equine deaths, two or three epithelium before that. So the animal rights people are all breathing down our necks. There’s a lot of infighting within the industry. And meanwhile, Bob has his his crisis has sort of been given third or fourth shrift behind all these other

Nestor Aparicio  26:59

wins the race this week, he comes right back to the front, right.

Marty McGee  27:01

I’d love to see him when he’s got a good chance. It’s only an eighth horse race in the Preakness with national treasure for the one on the morning line. I don’t know this horse. I don’t know much about this horse. But the fact that mage can ask he’s the only Derby returning I think it’s the first time I heard since 1948. We’ve only had one Kentucky Derby horse run back. And

Nestor Aparicio  27:20

why is that? Is it?

Marty McGee  27:23

The two weeks is it? I don’t know if that means the triple sounds coming apart or what? Or if they’re all going to regroup with the five weeks from the derby end of the Beaumont, which they had a few of them are?

Nestor Aparicio  27:33

Well, I mean, that’s really screwed the Preakness and I guess this all started the day we met with spend the buck in 1985, right? I mean, that’s only been 40 years ago. But this thing has been unraveling. Because this isn’t good for the horses, right? Let me talk about this every year there, there’s no way your brother would have a horse that’s worth $5 million. And think about in any way injuring that horse if if in a second, and there’s not enough money to come here. And there’s more money in New York, bigger than Baltimore and and Baltimore doesn’t have his ich ich together. For all of this, it hasn’t a long time. I mean, I’m worried about him already. And I’m worried about it every year this time of year.

Marty McGee  28:09

I am to this is a very selfish thing, this thing to say nasty, but I’m glad I’m 63 in this industry, not 23 in this industry because its features very murky, as I said that animal rights people have closed down what circus and SeaWorld and a number of other things. And dog racing, which I used to love and in Florida go to the dog races and those those dogs now you start going to exist. They’re not going to be bread. So I mean, pick your poison on that. Yeah, there’s just so many things going on in this business right now. It’s very fluid. And, you know, I don’t know what else to tell you.

Nestor Aparicio  28:51

Marty McKay is here. He’s still in the business down in Kentucky. And I’m not going to make you make Pics or anything like that. But I’m still going to bother you at least once or twice a year. And certainly go to a ballgame with you at some point. If we’re local and I guess you don’t get up here for crap. I’m gonna have a crab cake tour going on Marty. I built this thing for people like you tourists to come down and have a favorite crab cake or costus Crab picker. Take it Oprah’s crab cake. I mean you don’t come to Baltimore anymore Right? Baseball team now we do we

Marty McGee  29:21

do I come you know what I’ve done about four out of the last six years has come to Cambodia come on Travers day from the Maryland State Fair and go to the races there on go to Nick’s the grandstands last Saturday of August. So I hope to come again this year and after and I’ll definitely give you a phone.

Nestor Aparicio  29:39

Hey, you know, I made it to Saratoga a couple of years ago. Oh, man, what a when you go there and the thing that the first thing I see as a as an old I was 51 when I got there as met four years ago before the plague. I went up to see hooting the blowfish. It’s back. I was in New York City already. I’m like, let’s go. And we’ll stop by Sara and we got there. 673 So it was traverse weekend, but it was the stage was a Saturday. I mean, it was a big day. There are a lot of people there. And it’s just the gentility of the blankets and the picnics and the and you go there, you’re like, oh, look, I’m in a 1958 postcard, Isn’t it lovely? And I’m thinking to myself, what Pimlico could be what racing could be here what it should be here. And, and, and it’s it is great on Saturday, if you go out to the and we get weather this week. These these are great events. They really I still tell people that Kentucky Derby is the one event if anybody comes to me and says What should I go do? I’d say go to the derby. It’s the greatest day in sports. I believe that

Marty McGee  30:37

it is and I’ve been to 50 of them. And it is an it is a great thing and the Preakness the Preakness is like everyday redox it is just a fun thing to do. And yeah, I highly encourage people to go out there that Saturday.

Nestor Aparicio  30:50

Get ahead get ahead, Marty McGee, formerly of the daily racing for a long time, short time now working with jockeys and working with the track and living a good life they I think we were gonna put you at the start at any point but it’s 63 by bathmat to get there. Take care of yourself, Marty. Love you, man. You too, buddy. Nobody knows more about the game. The Marty McGee picture already will be here this week. I appreciate Joe over Guinness at the John Waite concert the other night for inspiring me to chase down Donna brothers and Kenny Maine and Randy Moss and anybody else that’s willing to come on the program here this week. We did not land Bob Baffert, but that does not mean we will not land him in the future. We will be landing Maryland lottery tickets in fallston. At local on Tuesday from 2005. We are doing the Marilyn crabcake tour up at the local top brought to you by the Maryland lottery and our friends at Windsor nation. 866 90 nation if you need Windows, make sure you take care of them. Tell them I sent you there. We’ll be there two to five and then the Maryland crabcake tour. I’ve set dates now all over the city. I get to Dayton and rondo. Canada two in Harford County, one in Carroll County all over Baltimore County all over the city. I saw Mayor Brandon Scott the other night we talked about having a crab cake together so there’s gonna be a lot of stuff going down this summer. It’s my 25th anniversary on August 3. I will be crowing about it because if I don’t who will? I am Nesta? We are wn SDA and 1570 Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking. Greatness memories and magic and Baltimore positive stay with us.

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