What do we really expect from Orioles offseason “improvement”?

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When the Maryland Crab Cake Tour came to Koco’s Pub in Lauraville, it was a chance to discuss the Orioles offseason expectations with two longtime Orioles observers and media types. Our sports cartoonist pal Ricig and Baltimore Magazine senior editor discuss the magic of 2023 and the possibilities for 2024 and beyond with Mike Elias.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Ron Cassie, Mike Ricigliano


Death. Welcome back wn s CI, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. They send this out here. John Martin had him on this week he continued to send my wacky self out to places like Coco’s here in laurelville were given away Raven scratch also some instant lottery scratch offs giveaway our friends and window nation I got the wacky hat 866 90 nation buy to get two free 0% financing for five years and our friends at Jiffy Lube, multi care changing oil and more. Get out and get your oil change for the holidays. We got news American people here receipt is here my co host with a que I Coco’s laurelville Ron Cassie doing overtime here as a senior editor of all things Baltimore magazine, check out the diners issue in the winter wonderland issue coming out soon, pull a little card out, subscribe to all the things that here it is right here, Subscribe and Save at doing a good job with this 83% to do this. So keep running business here and take care of the sponsors of Baltimore magazine run into a problem and so we were gonna do some baseball. We’ve done about an hour and a half of funds over six finally got a beer. So he’s very happy to get American beer here. So I’m still drinking water right now because I have a story. I’m going to tell them ourselves, she’s gonna be upset with me. So whenever she comes on the show, to start last segment, I want to do baseball with you guys. Because we’ve done stadium pitching, we’ve done downtown, you can come back later we’ll yell about brambling harborplace. And do all because I know you want to do all that we don’t mind lanes. But we all love baseball. We talked about baseball and media and press passes. And I questioned whether receives a real media member or not. And then we’re sick. I had to tell the story about how he almost got Ken Rosenthal killed so

Ron Cassie  01:36

poorly on his first day of the job.

Mike Ricigliano  01:38

Stay on the job for a guy you know, like he just comes back. I had not even met him yet. And what was the cartoon? It was it was a cartoon about Eddie Murphy. It was about remember Eddie had kind of a reputation for not not getting his uniform dirty. Another word that was Stan Charles is yeah, that was. Yeah. I forgot the cartoon that I did. But it had some it was some twist on that, that I did you know for a recent game that had happened. And Eddie again has no access to the sports cartoonist. He has access to the sport for the headline, which is good for you. Good for you.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:17

The headlines were never the writers. The headline might have been a little bit tawdry. You heard it. Trust me. You heard it as a writer as a beat writer. That’s

Mike Ricigliano  02:26


okay. Ken comes back to the art department that day and introduces himself he says Hi, I’m the new, you know, sports writer here. And I gotta tell you, like i You must have done a cartoon or something people told me you’re the cartoon is you must have done a cartoon that pissed off Eddie Murray, you know, so he put me up against a locker and said who is you tell that cartoonist stop doing these cartoons or whatever, something like

Ron Cassie  02:55

Eddie Murray for jacked up his first day on the job? Yes. Like

Mike Ricigliano  03:01

a mismatch? You know?

Ron Cassie  03:04

And he’s got a foot tall, right? Yeah.

Mike Ricigliano  03:09

Right. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, that’s how I got to meet Ken. And you know, that’s

Ron Cassie  03:13

it right. As for Kennedy came back for day two.

Mike Ricigliano  03:17

I didn’t meet Eddie but I lived in when I lived in Cockeysville. Eddie I think was dating someone in my apartment complex so we would see Eddie come up and

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:26

Eddie would appear he would appear yet I

Mike Ricigliano  03:28

never know stainless Vanderbilt I’ve never been I’ve never met Eddie. No, no, but I that’s the closest I’ve come to meet and yet it is kind of fixed degrees or

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:38

spray for white is Earth say was like all the way out. So he’s sorry for drawing or say his face in all sorts of dartboard, right?

Mike Ricigliano  03:50

We did all dartboard and a dummy, you know,

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:55

the dummy says, yeah, maybe, oh, maybe all three of the dummies do the big ones in the little ones.

Ron Cassie  04:01

Been a great target for a car.

Mike Ricigliano  04:03

Perfect. And I quote, he was never any Angelo’s was Peter Angeles was the next best but Robert, I say is the greatest cartoon fodder for I’ve had as a sports coach in this town, you know, no doubt about the villains villains. So great, you know, and, and the dummy was, you know, the dummy was famous in the town. They had him in parades. They would wire up like a wire to his like a string to his hand and he’d be in a parade. Here. They use them and they put them in the baggie, and they’d have someone waving and people would just throw things at it, you know, fun to photograph.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:44

Real dummies sitting in Nacho Mama’s know, the real dummy head. Is it not sure. Okay. Yeah. The head originally had

Ron Cassie  04:54

gone down. I gotta go.

Mike Ricigliano  04:56

I didn’t exist. photos you have oh,

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:03

great photo. Yeah, you know where you can see the photo of him and I’ll plug Dan Rodricks here. Okay. I went to see Rogers Christmas show last year, and I’m in the front row. And Dan was a mentor to me and a friend of Dan’s one of my favorite people. He’s doing a show tomorrow. So we’ll have a story. But the receipt picture with the dummy was is literally in his show. Yeah, it’s on the street that night. I had my phone I took a picture of it. And I sent it to receipt. I’m like, Dude, I’m three minutes into Rodricks play and you’re in it. I I

Mike Ricigliano  05:34

am looking forward to seeing that just reminded

Ron Cassie  05:37

I didn’t see dance play last Friday sold out. I’ve got to go online if it’s available. Yeah, yeah, I’m

Mike Ricigliano  05:44

looking forward. I know


a guy might be able to re review great review. So I want to talk baseball with you guys. Eddie Murray being the the linchpin to all this. You were kind of you had an aha moment last segment that I’ve had, because I sit here and do this all day, every day. That how happy Mike Elias is is to this machine and what they are right now. And Michael is has to get out in the hallway and ask for money now right for the for for something I don’t know what it is for pitching for arbitration for rutschman. For Henderson, whatever it is, they need to spend more money. Yeah. And they can say, well, we will spend more you spend the dollar more and say your spend? I mean, yeah, I don’t believe any of that smokescreen, I want to see what they’re doing. But other organizations front facing when you’re trying to recruit your fans? Yeah, you went 101 games, they should be in the news every day, you’re talking about doing something even if they’re not doing something to whet our appetite. Then

Ron Cassie  06:36

we for last year Forbes had them at like the eighth most profitable franchise and baseball year over a year. So that was before led tenants went up must have gone up 30% last year. I mean, they were on that track. Right.


But what does that mean for season ticket sales? What does that mean for club boxes? What does that mean for sponsorship sales? They’re looking for a new sponsorship person. I saw that a random all these LinkedIn. I mean, like keeping employees there and keeping employees happy. Now they have this growth and keeping the baseball genius happy and his system happy. Yeah, cuz they’re not going to pick one one anymore right now for a little while anymore. Right. Right, right. I mean, Mike wise, he’s never gonna pick one one here. He won’t live long enough here to do that. Right.

Ron Cassie  07:17

I mean, it’s the most amazing string of draft picks that I can almost ever recall in any sport. I mean, it’s just, you know, it’s almost back to back rookies of the year. Right. I mean, at least he came up earlier probably would have gotten coming up next year. You know, yeah. It’s amazing. I don’t know. I I’m hoping that Mike Elias is from Alexandria, Virginia.


I’m hoping that maybe he’s close by like, that’s why he wants to be here, because I think he could go anywhere. He wants at this point. Right, right. And at what point is, the red rocks because John Angeles make it attractive enough for him to sign a second contract? Like literally, at what point does that happen? And at what point does he say I’m really happy here, and I have for Mike Elias, I have everything I need to be successful. Running the ball. The one thing you don’t have money, you’re never gonna have money right? Against the Yankees. And you’re never going to run that kind of operation, right? But you have to be so strategic with every nickel that spent that it has to be well spent, because the drafts not going to help you in the same way it did when you start right. Like a good football team, right? Or like when the Ravens give money to Joe Flacco they give money Lamar Jackson don’t have to be that much more shrewd about what do they do or don’t do don’t forget

Mike Ricigliano  08:28

that they had a lot of first round picks before Mike Elias came because they were bad then and they didn’t do well with those. So you know, just having a first round pick. Doesn’t matter. You got the guy there that makes the right calls on these first round picks, and second round picks. So and he’s done that since he’s been

Ron Cassie  08:46

I think oil fans, have you satisfied the payroll got it somewhere into the middle of the pack would be would be enormous. If it weren’t the lowest the next the lowest

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:54

point the last segment to the fans have any expectation or care at all. If they roll the ball out there and they don’t do anything this offseason, you would say well, they’re gonna win 90 games and you know, so they don’t replace Kyle Gibson and they talk about John means or they talk about whatever the next thing is that that that’ll be good enough here. I mean, if the fans aren’t even talking about the baseball team right now I think is wrong you know,

Ron Cassie  09:19

I think if the Orioles are competitive fans will go we’ve seen that you know the tenants you know fell off the map you know, bucks last year they got you got rid everybody oils, we’re going to start competitive and you’re losing essentially 100 100 games three times, you know, through other competitive fans fans will turn out but I’m going to follow Orioles fans on social media a lot and I think everybody was expecting you know, a pitcher you know, or do I mean a back of the bullpen guy we need at least is out and I think people really are expecting they’re looking at but why don’t you sign Blake Snell Why can’t he’s worried about getting somebody fly Japan and shop on the top shelf for a change right? Like they’ve never shopped on the top shelf

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:59

because small market money, we’re not built to win, we’re not ready to win. I mean, they have their own top shelf with Henderson and rutschman that they better they’re gonna have to pay.

Ron Cassie  10:08

Traditionally in doing was sports franchises, owners have been often happy to break even because the value of the franchise goes up so dramatically. Every five or 10 years you’re making enormous when you sell a team, you’re gonna make a fortune. So you’ve just cut it breaking even but the ORS are one of the most profitable teams in the game and not to spend money. For frontline starter for backhoe bullpen guy. I think we’ll leave fans disappointed every is going to turn out because we want to see this young lineup. We want to see if they can, you know, win the Al east again and be competitive.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:42

I’m gonna give you a line that came to me from the late great Mike Flanagan, who I loved it was my friend told me that Andy MacPhail once said to him, why feed him steak when they’ll eat hamburger? That would sticks with me.

Mike Ricigliano  10:58

I would say this. I think everyone would be talking about the Orioles right now except for we have a nine and three football team. And so that’s kind of in the forefront of sports right now.

Ron Cassie  11:08

We haven’t made a single move or anything to talk about. I mean, not

Mike Ricigliano  11:11


a lot of teams have made moves so far. I mean, it’s still pretty early in that game. But I but I do think everyone would be talking about them and talking about the fact that we hadn’t made a move. If it wasn’t for the fact that we are like, I

Ron Cassie  11:25

don’t want it. We

Mike Ricigliano  11:26

have a football in the NFL teams

Ron Cassie  11:29

could win their division. That’s a pretty good year for the city. The hamburger steak thing is pretty on point when it comes to oils, concessions. I mean, they’ve been I think fans have been pretty disappointed with the performance and the offerings at the concession I think I think they’ll do need to upgrade the game there.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:46

You are. See, I this is one of the things about me being and I’ll take my window nation hat off here just for a minute. I realized why John hates me personally so much through all this. But I’ve done a lot of soul searching in this. I mean, I’m 55 Now I’ve owned the station 25 years, when I really think about this and you said sports radio about an hour ago received about the lightning rod of criticism. Yeah. Eddie Murray doesn’t slide or, you know, this quarterbacks black, this quarterbacks white, I’ve dealt with that with banks and go back 23 years ago, right? Like all of the things that that are awful about sports, radio about opinions of all of that. I would just say that there is a point where the conversation that they need to be a part of that conversation, not on the outside of that conversation. So the fact that the ravens are relevant nine and three, were there space for the Orioles, I mean, there’s plenty, and they need to jump in and own that space and be well run and have a winter carnival and have a lease and have good relationships with media members they like and media members they don’t like. And there’s a point where you wonder if they can grow up, right

Mike Ricigliano  13:01

in New York sports, radio, you know, there’s room for all of that, you know what I mean? Like, and they don’t even have good teams, they have bad teams, you know, bad football, the

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:10

popular thing for them was people would have a bad experience with your and I’m talking like a long time ago. I’m talking like I started the station in 1998. But doing this a long time. I’m talking like Oh 20304 when things really got bad, right? Like when Angeles was really running it Messina is gone, right? John Miller is gone. Davy Jones like all that’s over with right. And they’re brutal threats. Yeah. Okay. And and then they were gonna lose 12 years in a row. Right. And the Ravens had just won the Super Bowl. And we’re in Billick land Ray Lewis is dancing. They’re relevant every year right? All that’s going on. When people would call my radio station my radio station all day long. And the summer was nasty. What’s wrong? What are your rules? I want you to game your night. So cockroach, I want you the other night. Get it? It’ll do this. And I didn’t park. And there was nothing good to say about them ever. And I became their complaint department. Right? Like literally you couldn’t call them and bitch because they didn’t care. You can call Peter and say please fix this. You couldn’t. There’s there’s no there. There’s to this day, call TJ Brightman and ask him to do seriously call them and with a complaint and see where you get with it. Right. I would just say I became my radio station became the complaint department for them that like Twitter is you know, you’re pissed at Southwest Airlines. They lost your bag. You yell on Twitter, you know what I mean? Like every tag on Delta Airlines you screwed me you know, like, that’s what my radio station was before there was an internet and there was this perception that I was negative No, you’re given the fans a rough ride you’re you know, and when they’re calling me about your team losing your owner being obstinate, firing people firing brought like all of these bad Drinks and you’ve even brought it to the concessions which is new to me, because like to me, I wouldn’t pay 14 bucks for nachos no matter what. So I don’t care if your best nachos can tastes like pumpkin pie to me wouldn’t pay. But there’s so many things people can complain about. And I think what the Orioles there’s no complaint department, there’s no department that you go to where you feel like they mistreat their broadcaster, they put their broadcaster in timeout and tried to hide it and had everyone around him still to this day lie about it. Ben McDonald, none of them are allowed to talk about it because they’ll lose their job. And that’s that sits underneath of 101 winds and the lease issue and the bad vibes and the fake thing that they did with the governor saying we have an agreement applauded for us and it’s fake. I mean, I would have said to Wes Moore and I did pull them up at the crab feast. He’s gonna embarrass you he’s gonna embarrass you like that I that’s what I should have said the West more because if you lay down with them, eventually you wake up with Kevin Brown you know, and that’s modern and that’s recent. And and they need to get away from that and I don’t know what other than new ownership can do that complaint department for them to your point you read people bitching about the food on Twitter I’m just trying to get

Ron Cassie  16:20

the ballpark this year like an opening day i I’m like you I would tend to bring in spice and peanuts and a soda bring it in with me. And that because I don’t want to miss the game being in line and people were waiting for BRB miss two eggs. Me

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:32

Well, I gotta kiss tonight and it’s like royal farms but pick it up and you swipe your credit card. This

Ron Cassie  16:38

I think the point about the Ravens you know, definitely football is a very I think seasonal sport obviously it’s a seasonal sport. The theme of baseball is is that it’s every day the boss was there every day we can talk about it we can bitch about it we can celebrate and you also have the you know baseball’s on the things where you know fan I mean average fans, you know, you go to a bar you sit next to the guy and a girl like they’re talking about who’s in the minor leagues coming up, they know, the ball tour, they know who’s a buoy who’s at Aberdeen, they know where their draft picks. This is conversation that is dead on a different level than other sports. But you don’t you’re not talking you can go the baseball season around the country let’s be honest, it’s not just peculiar to Baltimore, you can go to a bar and they’ll be talking there. Well the action about what somebody did in AAA who’s coming up with a need to move you know, and it’s remarkable that the squat is ingrained into the fabric of the city the conversation through the spring summer and into the early fall in a way is really unique with obviously 30 spring training games 262 regular season games sure minor league the dread is something that you can talk about like every single day is a little different than than football I think that’s a good point Yeah,

Mike Ricigliano  17:50

it’s it’s a good point I you know, and the hardcore baseball fans will talk about and this

Ron Cassie  17:56

is why Camden Yards and for the Orioles that even survives was a 12 or 14 losing years even survives 100 years like they put a good product in the field last year attendance they put a great product in the field pen and sword this year

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:11

you know they moved the fence back under the guise that we’re going to use that to attract pitchers right we’re going to be able to select a child

Ron Cassie  18:17

that the Orioles are making the taxpayers pay for that moving the fence back the Orioles cost like 3.5 Paila would give a shout out to the Baltimore better than their nice piece of like a month ago on the MSN mural stadium authority

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:33


for that wall up you

Ron Cassie  18:36

know 3.5 liter move it back to pitch oil oils kind of deal to deduct that from their rent.

Mike Ricigliano  18:44

Oh okay yeah wow I mean that’s a slippery Wow.

Ron Cassie  18:53

And be like look if it got us 200 wins in first place okay, that’s that’s worth it. But you know, it’s it’s those kinds of there’s like the minutiae the details the nickel and diming of the fan this is where people come up with concessions and stuff like that not just the quality but how you know there’s there’s no concessions open the and the upper deck whatever the long waits from Clancy my beers, I have a great I live close enough that you know, like I ride my bike over grabs the pants and a bottle of water. So I’m gonna go in I have a great experience. I have a great relationship with with the oils, communications people you’re in the playoffs was great this year. Tell


Nestor J. Aparicio  19:30

them I’m not as bad as they say. But let them know I’m not you know, I

Ron Cassie  19:34

think they have, um, they’ve been they’ve been blessed from you know, Chuck Thompson, John Miller to Kevin Brown. I think Ben McDonald Jim Palmer both great. I think they’ve been really fortunate to have great announcement

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:47

Donald’s Great.

Mike Ricigliano  19:48

Joy, Ben. Yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:49

And I love memories. Oh, yeah. I’ve known Ben forever. I got to see him Dan wrong. Yeah, catch up with him. But I love Ben. Ben from the bar here tonight because yeah, lets us play. Yeah, that is we even the best of both part was growing up here in receipt can speak to that coming here is that because I would come over your house, you’d have John Miller Chuck Thompson on your porch every you know, you would. It was a companion the announcers are companions to sport they they’re your eyes, your windows to the sport. And that’s why they can’t be competence

Ron Cassie  20:19

with the bloke with an eye to go cube going back to the about Kevin Brown who did nothing last year to get suspended. And then this kind of like, you just shooting yourself in the foot. You don’t I mean, like everybody has a affection for the great job that preparation does is fun. Listen. Great with Ben McDonald and Jim Palmer loves blinking, wanting to, you know, to just bully somebody in that way. For no reason they get that wrong, you start to wonder about everything else.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:48

That’s what I worry about. So, Rod cast, he’s here. He’s one of the smart guys. He’s at the Baltimore magazine. We’ve seen your executive editor and received you had something you

Mike Ricigliano  20:55

just wanted to say. And we were talking about, you know, how ownerships kind of ignore journalism? You know, let’s not forget that back in the day, Peter Angelos. You know, and John Miller, you know, did not bleed Oriole blue blood.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:09

That was it. He didn’t bleed it off, but Black Widow and played in orange enough and was gone. Oh, my airways, by the way, he didn’t bleed enough orange and black. Yeah,

Mike Ricigliano  21:18

I mean, it should it goes back that far, you know, further, probably, but I’m just saying in recent memory, Peter angelos, tried to control the whole thing, too, you know, so?


I don’t know. I just want to see better leadership. Ron, that’s all I mean, you want to ask for $5 billion, we’ll give it to you. If you got a $5 billion idea. You don’t I mean, I not against them getting money. I’m not against the lead. I want to see an idea I wanted what’s the great idea? That’s, that’s gonna make that area relevant enough for the taxpayers to give a couple of billion dollars to

Ron Cassie  21:54

build so far, I’m happy that I mean, as a taxpayer, whatever, that the state legislators are not as not caved in, you know, that, like $600 million is enough, right? You’re likely not gonna have to pay any rent, you don’t get the same deal, right? I mean, that’s a pretty sweet deal. You’re gonna talk about developing state owned property, meaning that stuff the city needs to be involved with the game, the city, they, wherever Bramble brings together for harborplace to connect these a little bit. They’re going to have to run those architectural designs through City Planning Commission’s it’s not clear that that the Camden warehouse and the train station all that kind of development, that on state loan land at the City of Baltimore would have oversight over those architectural plans can stay property, right. So you can’t you can’t avoid that democratic process of having the citizens of Baltimore’s elected representatives that people have a chance to look at those architectural plans weigh in and do all the kinds

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:55

of city council do that last week, right? With the bramble plan, right? Right. Right, right,

Ron Cassie  22:59

they push back a little bit right, and they’re gonna it’s gonna be the ongoing process. But that next process that you’re seeing would not happen necessarily only would happen if you hand over the state owned land to John and stadium because it’s state land and conceivably, the city would not have impact in the planning process. They do like with harbor place which would say, of course, you know, should have that kind of plan should be transparent city should have oversight over that. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:27

I Spoken like a true journalist, photo magazine. What do you love about it? Tell people why they need to get Baltimore magazine. The Max.

Ron Cassie  23:34

Max is awesome. Our editor team is awesome. Amy Saturday, one of our editors did an amazing piece you have to read the little intros to the diners and a little bit of history and context of Baltimore diners

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:45

see how many I’ve had? How many? I haven’t because you mentioned one I haven’t

Ron Cassie  23:49

lost 50 Are you from Dundalk, you know about diners. The Boulevard the Broadway diner, sipping bite and there’s a lot of

Mike Ricigliano  23:57

talking about the news American. That’s a place the news American sports staff gathered at cheese steaks at 2am late and it was open and talk professional wrestling man like

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:12

next time on our show, we’ll discuss scrapple Is it food or is it evil?

Ron Cassie  24:18

As Baltimore that’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:21

a knockdown drag out of fadeless three weeks ago with Matt Campbell who runs the Baltimore convention center and Bill Cole over deviled eggs. We went Ah, gross. You’re going on them are out. I mean,

Mike Ricigliano  24:34

I’m kind of in the middle of you guys on it. You know like I’ll eat them when they’re at a party but it’s not my favorite. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:40

the last thing I’m seeing

Mike Ricigliano  24:42

is a Baltimore thing devil they know okay,

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:45

but it’s a picnic thing. When you put when you put crab on it, it’s a Baltimore thing.

Ron Cassie  24:51

The first day and stuff on I prefer that Yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:57

Jeff goes get a crab cake sell off those deviled eggs. We don’t need any help. oz rocks man. All right, it is my co host with a K microsc Liano. Better known as received by his wife, his kids and everyone else by the way, I didn’t get to meet your grandchildren you

Mike Ricigliano  25:10

have twins. So sorry we didn’t get make that connection. You know, like I was

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:14

such a jerk. I was having burgers here with my wife last week and had the episode that I gotta tell Maurice about but but you know, happy holidays to you. Yeah, happy.

Mike Ricigliano  25:23

Oh, it’s the greatest And I’m looking forward to my night out with you guys and seeing how much you can see in the earth as

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:31

to the Roderick show. You really need to see that man. Yeah,

Ron Cassie  25:34

no, I know. Unbelievable reviews.


Like great beyond Yeah, like when I saw it that night. All I thought about was everyone I know who loves Baltimore who didn’t get to see it and I thought I’m gonna gather it’s why I’m doing this holiday thing. I thought I’m gonna seek needs to be at this this year. And I don’t just need to make this small excited. So Rajesh and I are getting together. We’re going to be at the BMA gertrudes on Thursday with dance if you hear him or John shields or Odette Ramos that’s happening Tom Kelso on Friday at Hollywood casino in Perryville. Also, the whole crew up there is coming out Perryville big appreciation for all they do my pick sock right now I’m I’m in such a slump. I mean, the last four weeks, I’ve just I’ve turned to I was 24 over 500 at one point I’m down to to over 500 right now. And the Ravens don’t even play this week. Next week. We’ll be at state fair on Tuesday. And I think that’s it our friends, window Nation. I’m gonna come back here to Coco’s and wrap things up but can

Mike Ricigliano  26:27

I ask about what you think? Who you think the Ravens biggest competition will be? Good city, okay, so, I mean, in the Superbowl, too, I’m saying you know, wouldn’t a

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:39

Baltimore Philadelphia Super Bowl like yeah, like I think about losing that and I don’t think that would go you know what I mean? Like beat the Phillies. And let’s keep it that way. You know, I don’t need a we were rocky with Apollo. Craig. Rubino rematch. No rematch. I mean, come on now. Yeah, hell of a game.

Ron Cassie  26:58

I wrote Philadelphia fans. I got it. I

Mike Ricigliano  27:00

do love Philly fans. I

Ron Cassie  27:01

love Philly fan. And

Mike Ricigliano  27:02

I’ve been in games with Nestor up in Philly. So you know, like, I love Philly as a sport. I went

Ron Cassie  27:06

to New York Mets Phillies game this summer, and they were people were tailgating like a football game. That’s what the fans were like outside. People weren’t even going into the park.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:15

Anybody see I love Philly fans.

Ron Cassie  27:19

Off the water while like characters used to have a jail the bottom of Veterans

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:26

Stadium that skinny guy with all the tattoos on it. You see, he’s got he’s got the fanatic in his navel right? Yeah, seen that guy come

Mike Ricigliano  27:34

on to be it’d be great. I mean, let’s let’s hope for it because then I got super put

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:39

in there. Get a cheesesteak get a pretzel Get the hell out.

Mike Ricigliano  27:43

Kansas City who else in the AFC is not the bills? It’s certainly not I’ll see the rain. Never get the Ravens met

Ron Cassie  27:51

the cow was a beat the cow was that would be my dream.

Mike Ricigliano  27:55

I hate him to write the most read everything about other than the dolphins because they’re I

Ron Cassie  28:01

think I think Philadelphia Baltimore maybe you know, a little more uncommon up 95 I think Dallas is the ball.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:08

So what you really want to see is Dallas beat Philadelphia and drive them crazy in a championship game that that’d be just the Eagles fans off. That’d be great. I would I hate the Cowboys though. I don’t Yeah, no, I can never wish anything good on Jerry Jones. All right. We’re gonna take a break. Come back. I’m gonna Coco’s I don’t know. I’m Marcia. You’re doing the show who’s doing the show for you should get up here. She’s doing the show. You’re doing the show. I have a really bad story. I gotta tell you when you come back over here. All right. We’re here last week we had we had a fiasco and I I’m gonna tell my wife’s like, you’re not going to tell Morris that’s like, I gotta tell her. I’m doing the show today. So yeah, that’s my teaser for it. All. All I’m saying is we’re taking crabcakes home for dinner tonight because I gotta make things right. I got I got things I gotta fix. I am not going to the KISS concert at CFG Bank Arena. But I do have my kiss belt buckle here. And you can hear my exclusive because when we say that media, I mean other people have sat and had dinner with Paul Stanley. I’m not the only one. But I was the only one that night 1990 In Dulles. Hi. Paul Stanley said, hey Nestor, just just come back to my suite after the show, man. I’ll give you an interview. We’ll sit down. We’ll talk all night. You’ve had a nice

Mike Ricigliano  29:17

run. Paul Stanley. John Waters. You’ve had a nice run here now.

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:22

Well, Paul Stanley happened in July.

Mike Ricigliano  29:26

Okay, oh, I’m sorry.

Ron Cassie  29:27

John Waters on such a great guy. I meant to ask you before

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:31

you leave the last time you came on. You had an amazing night where Brooks was there with Barbara McCall’s. Did that cover shot? Yeah. Can you remember? It was all these iconic? It was yes. Barbara Mikulski

Ron Cassie  29:44

Brooks. Carla Hayden. Joyce Scott Kurt Schmoke. John Waters Yeah, was amazing group of waters there to hang out with Brooks and the funny thing was all those people Barbara Mikulski, John Waters They all wanted Brooks Robinson Zona Yap Carter. He’s the most humble guy of all that’s got two autographs for Brooks. I mean, that’s, you know, trying to find something for the sign. Yes. Yeah. Really, really, really great. That’s a neat experience.


And it gives me a chance to talk about Brooke to Brooks. We haven’t had a social Brooks man because we lost our websites last night. Oh, yeah. Here we go. Yeah, absolutely. For The Holidays, man. Number five heart broke. I’m gonna go back. I’m gonna tell the worst story I have on the credit and the history of the crab gate door.

Mike Ricigliano  30:30

All right. Well, good being with you guys. I’m


a Coco’s. I love receiving. I love Ron. Cassie. Go see Ron. Dan Rodricks show. Subscribe. The Baltimore magazine pulled the card out, save 83% Get off the cover price get 12 issues for just 1497 So you go to ROFO go over to the magazine. Shake the magazine and get this out and subscribe. And then. Yeah, is that good advice?

Ron Cassie  30:53

1212 issues for $10 The Holiday Sale. Wow.

Mike Ricigliano  30:57

Jump on that

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:58

for faster service visit B mag.co/news sub there it is right there. Max. I love you. I miss you. I’m not Baltimore’s best, but I’m pretty good. And I appreciate I gotta give her a chick, man. Come on. I gotta give her one little kid i i

Mike Ricigliano  31:15

wrote to her and asked her for restaurant advice for our anniversary too. So I mean, and I just didn’t know but she was great.

Ron Cassie  31:22

I have access to our food editors. Yes. That’s great. Listen occasions

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:26

I have text read here with with Max okay, I invited her to the talking heads show this is the last thing she you know like she’s like got all this I actually think concert film was the best use of that technology that’s Max’s so but she couldn’t do it. It was a bad week she was deadline on the November issue there yeah just November issued December ish. Yeah. So she couldn’t do it. So anyway, I match you missed it. I’m glad I did. I tend to all say Oh, I have to say to you matches I psycho killers back from Coco. Stay with us.

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