Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Chapter 8: Catching a break with John Steadman at The News American

So how did the kid from Dundalk get his start in local sports journalism before there was a WNST?

John Steadman talks about history of Super Bowl

He was there for every one of them until his death in January 2001. Nestor asked his mentor all about The Big Game on Radio Row at San Diego Super Bowl XXXII in 1998.

John Steadman talks about AFL-NFL merger and Jets disaster in Super Bowl III

Early in his career, Nestor was always fishing for the real history of sports. No better place to find it than from a guy who was at the pool with Joe Namath in Miami in 1969.
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Twelve Ravens thoughts following Week 4 loss to Buffalo

Playing in front of a full Baltimore crowd for the first time, J.K. Dobbins scored two touchdowns in Sunday's defeat.
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