Where’s the party?

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He was the house DJ for several of our WNST Purple Pep Rallies on the road over the years – and remains steadfast in his support of the Orioles and Ravens – but his real gig is throwing parties for kids (and parents, too) all over the region. Let Josh Levine of Electra Entertainment tell you about his Hulkamania bar mitzvah and his piece of Baltimore sports history on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour at State Fare in Catonsville.


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Josh Levine, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about W en st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively back at what I would call the first home of Baltimore positive we are in Catonsville the 21228, the Don molar and the whole Moeller family and let’s see David Thurston and all my friends at Lou wine cam and all the Catonsville crew here Evan brown works they fair and we are celebrating springtime with the Maryland lottery as well as with the crab cake, this guy’s already had a crab cake. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery. I’m giving these away. Let’s see 12345 A bunch of people in here today, everybody at the bar, they don’t know they’re gonna have a chance to win $10,000 Also our friends at winter nation 866 90 days you buy two, you get two free. I’m going to put the wacky hat on. This guy is sort of wacky. I’ve had some fun guests and part of the crab cake tour is inviting people out my dear friend Tom Gavin of Gavin’s DJ delights back when I was a DJ in the 90s did the show over at the Heavy Seas last year. So here at State Fair today we have my friend Josh Levine, who has been DJing for me parties give me the whole story about like your listener, but all I remember is you did my party’s Bobby Nick wasn’t available at various points at some off the field issues before he passed the lake. Great Bobby, Nick. And you took over ballroom DJ duties for me with your dad as I remember it back in the day Joe Flacco era you know back we won Super Bowls and stuff, right? Yeah, we won playoff game. We won. We won a lot of things we did. How are you man?

Josh Levine  01:30

I’m doing great. Thanks for having me. Welcome

Nestor Aparicio  01:32

to Catonsville. It’s not often that I actually dine with a friend and we had not we ate a whole meal at a cop Sal was delicious. Where I banned you from saying anything that we’re gonna say on the air. So we haven’t really we talked a little bit we haven’t talked about DJing the Orioles the ravens, your business How’s business parties are happening again right now after a couple of years banished to my basement and trying to do virtual parties for myself, which was really strange. Remember that?

Josh Levine  02:04

Oh my god, what I had

Nestor Aparicio  02:05

entertainment. I had Ray Bachman doing trivia, right. Eddie Lauer and Jason seamer were doing like a basement broadcasts. Yeah, you were throwing bar mitzvahs and Bar Mitzvahs from like a basement.

Josh Levine  02:17

Exactly. Yeah. And it was lecture entertainment. I want to get your whole ratio. Yep. Elektra entertainment. So we’ve been around since 1999. I started the company when I was bored of my fraternity house. Well, that’s

Nestor Aparicio  02:31

right when I get out of DJ, right, yeah, well, I

Josh Levine  02:34

had to take over

Nestor Aparicio  02:35

I do Jade from 1991 until about, probably my last gig was 97 or 9899. In that range, because I got the radio once I got the radio station. There was just a lot going on. Right. You know what Saturdays and Sundays, to be thinking that it was still a business that I would sell out people. Howard share humping housing as well. Back in the day, who now owns a duct cleaning business. And Howard has been on the show. How would you comment on the crabcake treated Beaumont with me last year? Yeah, so you’re in the no offense, man, but I love deejays you’re one of them. I’m one of them. Right I forever. Yep, we’ve lost Batman. We lost Bobby Nick, who would be great, great guests. So I have to backfill you know what I mean? So you Tom Gavin humping how we but DJs touch people and play music and you know, but it sealed the last couple of nights where my Aerosmith bell for Bill? We die from CFG Bank Arena today. You love music and you love parties. Yep. And have you ever had a real job?

Josh Levine  03:39

Now? I mean, he’s all you’ve done parties. God in

Nestor Aparicio  03:42

1993 in this radio thing doesn’t work out for me. I’ll go back. You know, I feel a lot lighter to be a DJ now. Being

Josh Levine  03:51

without it Oh, no kidding. No kidding. Last year,

Nestor Aparicio  03:54

we cleaned out the radio station and I found my PV 15 Oh, twos

Josh Levine  03:58

50 I had a pair of those back in the everybody. Shoes. I had a ultimate standard right and

Nestor Aparicio  04:05

you had to get onto it. But it had Greg great grips on it. Yep. And that’s where you learn to live with your legs not your when I got rid of it last year to the world shirt dead. That’s a word for proof. I DJ outdoor parties for Jay pivot from Toyota love you Jay over the eastern shore. 1000 people and you would have thought I brought Led Zeppelin in? Yeah. PV 1502 Oh, yeah. I’m burned out on DJ so but it’s like an easier gig now. It’s a laptop.

Josh Levine  04:36

It’s a laptop.

Nestor Aparicio  04:37

You mark Roadsters and boop boop, boop boop boop boop No,

Josh Levine  04:40

well, I’ve so I have pioneers and it’s a controller. And it looks like they’re turntables. But they all wire into this. Well, it works but it’s not. It’s not like lugging crates in your DJ Jazzy Jeff. Right? Yeah. Now that those days are done. There’s some guys who will still do it. Drop the needle and pray we’re dropping If that’s what I’m saying, and $250 to replace that needle when you’re when you’re.

Nestor Aparicio  05:05

So I would like to Gordon Miller music by the way, so you know, and I had my own equipment, but I’ve been in some rooms where I’ve DJ so like I was at the Emerald tavern, and I was the house DJ there on Sunday and Thursday for Harvey. What is now Zen West was once a pizza joint off well, it was a place called pica Zen West and Belvedere square back when you were in college. Come on. He didn’t like it and drink when he was in college. gators pub. gators pump does that. Does that not ring a bell? It rings a bell to get extra Metro Enoch was a gate gators, Paul. So I DJ there for the girls on Wednesday night. And the music them was like spin doctors slam Onyx. I mean, I’m just thinking, that was the era of op. Early 90s Buster move, you know that kind of stuff and jumper so mix a lot. You know, that was sort of the music. But I had CDs from my era of being a music critic. Yeah, in these red boxes. I remember telling Gavin about this. I had eight toolboxes that had CDs out of their jewel boxes that I put in the plastic sleeves. That odor from some company in Minneapolis Sears, I still have them. No, I buy and I would pack the back of my jeep and my PD 15 Oh twos and my mixer and my mixing box. And I had a carver amp, and I had Newmar mixer. And then I had some other kind of mixture, right? They blew up right. But I would run into Batman and Gordon Miller music and I was using the same equipment he was using rockin you know, Ocean City and fakers island right like big big equipments the left you had to have it right. It just it broke my back. I got an upstairs job at Hopkins University in some building that was built like when Johns Hopkins was alive, like in the 1600s. And it was a spiral staircase to this building felt like the building was going to fall over. And I remember showing up for this job, of course was 112 degrees. It was a tuxedo job, right. So so I’m in shorts and like, my shirts, I’m carrying stuff up. And I’m thinking to myself, no, no, no, you gotta tell me this is an extra $200 This is. This is like telling the refrigerator repairman. It’s on the eighth floor. Right? Exactly. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, we’re not doing that.

Josh Levine  07:20

Yeah. How do you carry speakers up?

Nestor Aparicio  07:22

anymore? Right. Like their little lightweight?

Josh Levine  07:25

Yeah, they’re I mean, the heaviest speaker that I have now is probably 40 pounds, and it puts out 1000. I know enough. I mean, yeah, what I blare it to, you know, to, to get it. 1000 watts. No, but it’s got enough. And it’s it. People are gonna have a good time. They’re gonna hear it. It’s going to be crystal clear. So

Nestor Aparicio  07:42

parties may not know you on the internet. Yeah, really what you do, you don’t but you don’t do as many weddings. You’re not out at the United State Fair, spinning tunes at midnight for people that want to dance. Right? Whatever, right? Like you want you’ve really become a bar and Bar Mitzvah specialist.

Josh Levine  07:58

Yeah. Yeah. So we made a decision. We’ve been in business since 99. And we were doing weddings with everybody else. But, you know, I, I grew up going to bar and bar mitzvahs. And I wanted to get here. You had a hell of a bar. Or Bar Bar Mitzvah? Yeah, yeah. It was a good one. You know, I have seen pictures. I redefined tuxedo style to make

Nestor Aparicio  08:19

you tell the story of your of your Bar Mitzvah and how it affected your life. Yeah, it involves Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan is a true story. It is too much about Utah than I do. And so the sooner you DJ, like a DJ in the late 90s, you’re willing to take on parties. But I’ve talked to Kevin an hour about this, like any job was a good job. I was the house DJ at Michaels Eighth Avenue for the late great Scott Wagner, who might just love men. I think of him all the time. I hear his voice all the time. Yep. And, you know, he would always say I got my end. I got my end, just glued in the back. You know, we’re gonna feed you’re good. You always say so I gain weight is I’ve slowed down while I’m still slim. And I ate two weddings every Saturday and Sunday. And I had wedding cake.

Josh Levine  09:08

And then we had to have and then yeah, sometimes they get a phone number. It was great. You know? Yeah. Then you had to have something on the right. Two in the morning. It’s Sports Radio

Nestor Aparicio  09:17

week. DJ weddings and parties on Saturday. DJ clubs in the evening. Yeah. DJ did it bow acres on Friday, Saturday nights with Steve Michael center for mix 106 I

Josh Levine  09:27

did one. Oh, acres. Yeah. I lasted one night and I was a

Nestor Aparicio  09:32

great DJ God. i Yeah, that’s so much so to have these people on the show right now.

Josh Levine  09:36

Yeah. Well, I was telling you before Bobby, Nick. Ah, what What a legend. And I got a great story about Nick if you got him.

Nestor Aparicio  09:44

I got pictures of him on stage with Stacy Keibler and whiskey Joe’s into scuze. Me. Hall of Famer Stacey T famer. That’s right. Former wn St. Intern Stacey key, I still have not put up the pictures that I have of her internship at NSD because she and I took a lot of pictures that we were friends a man loves that still love Stacey. I gotta get her on the show at some point but I’ve been following her but, but that my image of Bobby Nick is with Stacy Keibler on stage. Bobby’s probably wearing a skirt or something. Underwear were like Pam, at least pampers something like diaper. I don’t know what the hell it was. But, Bobby, Nick, I want to hear your story. But mine’s older, fair, hoppy. Nick was the high school basketball coach at Wild Lake. Trying to beat Dave Greenberg out here at Mount Hebron. I was notebook Nestor at Wild Lake practice. And Bobby Nick was the coach talking to me about running a four corners offense because there was no shot clock and Howard County girls basketball at that time, right? How I remember ish that happened in 1987 88. Chris Berg, I love you. I still have a crush on you. Chris Berg was a senator right? There was a thing. So anyway, I love Chris. So she played on his team. And then I went on the radio five years later, and he started calling in his name’s Bobby Nikki fortune. Yep. Right Nikki for us coach Coach Nikki fortune. He was a Spanish teacher. Yep. At Hammond High School. My dear friend Kevin EK, his old girlfriend had Mr. Nikki fortune, you know, so all these stories. The girl I took the Superbowl 35 Elise Love you too. She was my girlfriend at the time of the Super Bowl. She went to cerebral 35 with me. She called him Miss Miss Nikki. She’s taking Spanish with him. Right, right. So he was a Spanish teacher who was a basketball coach who was a basketball official. Yep, he had a whistle and a zebra outfit. Who was the wacky DJ at Zoomerang? Many, many major events bobbing it all he had a box of whipped stuff. Yeah. He came with a prop box.

Josh Levine  12:03

Oh, yeah. He was a show, not just a D. He was a show.

Nestor Aparicio  12:08

So when did you meet Bobby?

Josh Levine  12:10

So when I wasn’t a guest, and I met him in the industry, it was 1995 and I it was my third event with the company that I was wearing kid.

Nestor Aparicio  12:19

I’m a I’m a 16 years old.

Josh Levine  12:21

I’m 16 I’m in high school.

Nestor Aparicio  12:22

I know when your Bar Mitzvah was I saw the picture. Bar Mitzvah. 91 Okay, I know what you’re referring to.

Josh Levine  12:28

Yep. I couldn’t even drive to the event. My boss at the time had to drive me because legally, I couldn’t drive after midnight and the party was ending at 1130.

Nestor Aparicio  12:36

So you’re on your learner’s permit.

Josh Levine  12:39

No, I didn’t have to have my parents it was the provisional ratio. That’s the word. I don’t know if that’s still a thing. So if you couldn’t drive between? Right, exactly. Exactly. 32 years it will let you do some things but not everything. Right. So here I am as a kid and it was actually for a radio station. I’m not gonna they’re not around anymore.

Nestor Aparicio  13:07

Many radio station you want.

Josh Levine  13:09

Just you know 1570s where it’s at, but this was a it was 1057 W QSR.

Nestor Aparicio  13:15

US Oh, these are the old these Rouse. Okay. And so downtown Diane Steve rouse yet all Davis.

Josh Levine  13:23

So Bobby was the DJ and he hired my boss to actually do the music parts so he could do his shit or they work together. And my boss was like, Oh, you got to come out. This guy’s incredible. He’s great. You’re gonna see so much. Right? And aside from drooling over the weather girl who I wish I remember what her name was. She was beautiful. So in 95 If you were the weather girl on the morning show on QSR here’s to you were gorgeous back then probably still are today. I hope it’s Rachel Muni. But go ahead could be so Bobby’s out there. And he he’s Bobby. You know, he’s every week

Nestor Aparicio  13:59

on remember Rosco wig underwear shirt off

Josh Levine  14:03

crazy personality. And at the time, I thought he was a jerk because he was kind of a jerk to me, but he was also kind of making me pay my dues. He’s kind of working. Yeah, totally. Yeah. So all of a sudden, he’s at he’s taught people

Nestor Aparicio  14:18

and I’ll say this. If you were here, he was an irascible personality. Yeah, totally. Totally. Especially after alcohol and football games getting on the plane. Because he always had the helmet on and yeah, I mean, I love love, love, love. There’s nobody I love more bobby. So you know, and he, you know, I wish you were with I wish you sit in your life. I do too. Because the CEO said last night it’s a circle. Right? So he’s, he’s here because we’re talking about

Josh Levine  14:41

totally Yeah. And as I got older, I still had a professional relationship with him which and there was a lot of mutual sexual ritual respected. He grew to respect me as a DJ Which to me credibly. Like when, when the Godfather saying you’re good, you can help me that’s a big

Nestor Aparicio  14:59

John he could. No he was the godfather. Okay, he’s the DJ The Godfather. Yeah, right, right. It’s Baltimore. Right? He did a lot of karaoke. I saw jobs for the godfather. The night the Christian Laettner hit the shot. Oh, wow, I stopped the job for the Godfather Johnny cuts another late grader. Oh man, we’re through all the legendary not exactly. All the night all the big words leverage and get Laverton in here too. If he was another guy that I did jobs for him to run.

Josh Levine  15:25

The amazing talent for any event is not even there’s nothing like it today. And that’s not a knock at me these personalities that they all create that man

Nestor Aparicio  15:35

came across the bridge. Yeah, play music and hundreds of people come out and party with him. Oh, yeah.

Josh Levine  15:40

You could just say DJ Batman’s there and six MC for showing up. Exactly. So with Nick, all of a sudden he calls me up and puts dog ears on my head and makes me bark jingle bells in front of 400 people because it’s a Christmas holiday party. So I’m sitting there barking Jingle Bells. Exactly. Okay, I got and I’m like pretty good. Okay, I’m doing this and the whole time I have a smile but the 16 year old in me is like, making it easy

Nestor Aparicio  16:13

to pull that one out. Have you ever had a kid bark? Jingle bells at a Christmas party?

Josh Levine  16:17

I’m not gonna lie. Yes, I

Nestor Aparicio  16:18

see that. Right so far? Oh, technique. Exact is what it is. Josh is here. He’s here from Elektra entertainment. He deejays weddings, parties, bar mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, and specialty occasions like the Maryland crab cake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery I got my wacky window nation hat on don’t change a thing about the hat. I don’t I don’t want a regular hat. I like the ball. It looks good. It’s very thirsty in hell, I think right? Very Island. I would say very thirsty no 866 90 nation you buy two you get two free five years 0% financing. So you came into my life I think as a as a listener. Yep. I’m gonna like show the Hulk Hogan story before you go you have that. And you see your listener? I don’t know. I think Bobby You know, Bobby lost his leg late in his life and had a lot of mobility issues. Bobby de Jade are Natchez Boat party in New Orleans. At the end of his life he had to get there. Man I’ll never forget I was sitting at the Met grill place the pike is probably eat some free dinners in Seattle on the Hill probably had the Chateau Brio at but I met the met met grill one of the really Ruth’s Chris he kind of beautiful legendary place in Seattle. And I was on the crack. I was on the baseball tour. Okay, yeah. And I was with Phil Gordon. Legendary poker player, yellow cord, right? Sure. A friend of mine lives in Seattle. And I looked down on Facebook and Bobby died. I’ll never forget, like sitting in a window. I’m like, ah, ah, I didn’t say goodbye. I didn’t you know, like all of that. At the end of his life. You took over his sort of WNS. T teaching responsibilities, right? I mean, what parties did you do? Did we win or lose? It’s important.

Josh Levine  18:05

The first one we lost. Did

Nestor Aparicio  18:07

you do the Pittsburgh Sheridan shirt? Oh my god, that was his kicker. I use the real word if I weren’t out in public. I mean, that was a poop kicker. I mean, that was a party that

Josh Levine  18:17

was I still talk about it to this day because my favorite part about that is we left ungodly early of course from set or

Nestor Aparicio  18:28

to set up you were there before anybody before the buses got

Josh Levine  18:32

no I wrote on the bus with you with all my gear on. Remember, all of a sudden the bus pulls up and I see 10 Guys from the hotel with these flatbeds and the next thing I know all my equipments on the flatbeds and in the in the hotel at that thank

Nestor Aparicio  18:50

you Sheraton Station Square Pittsburgh, who says I don’t have friends in Pittsburgh who so

Josh Levine  18:55

I’m like I don’t have to lift any of the next thing I know I walk in. I set a tripod up there’s someone right behind me put because we had six kind

Nestor Aparicio  19:02

of like you said the equipment up here with me earlier. Exact Exactly. Just bring roadie. You gotta.

Josh Levine  19:07

You always gotta have a roadie. So I brought my dad, right. My dad came with me and the greatest part for me about that game. We’ll talk about the party in a second. But at halftime, we were up my father’s talking trash to Steelers fans, and I’m like great I’m gonna get killed here in Pittsburgh because my dad at 65 or however old he was at the time is talking trash to the fans and the man never talks trash in his life. He’s the most mild mannered softest man you’ll ever meet in your life from

Nestor Aparicio  19:31

Brooklyn when I remember that that game championship game. I went up to the upper deck and I looked to my right and Lynn Swann was sitting up there talking to like some fans at the top of the top of the bench seats. The only open upper deck you know the seating there is in Pittsburgh, and then I look to my left and I’ll never forget this. Ed Mola Tolo is sitting there wearing a raven hat when he played for the Lions. Yeah, he had left right he was gone and And I walked in I’m like, Edie these are my brothers man. I need to be here. I need to be with my brothers. That’s all and so Edmo taller around bouncer for us up and section 519 kept up the championship game. That’s stadium is interesting because when you’re up in those seats, Polamalu pick the ball off Flacco and stone with the penalty right that Not that I remember thing I came out last night but I can remember everything about that football game that was 2009 15 years ago now that’s right 14 years ago right but when Flacco threw the pic and Polamalu stepped in front the whole the upper deck the building move yep and not only moves I mean like you feel it you know as a shimmy do it like an earthquake? Yep. And all I remember was sitting down and saying, oh my god, yep, we’re not going to the Super Bowl and then I mean, that’s nothing compared to Conde if we went out to Indianapolis and

Josh Levine  21:04

lost right up. Lee Evan Lee Evans content

Nestor Aparicio  21:07

for lost lost in Pittsburgh again, when we had the lead. years later. I was at that one two with you. I ran into Jerome Bettis at halftime and the press box and he conceded victory to me and my wife. I’m like, and then two hours later, our answers are beaten again. We’re back on the bus book driving back down the mountain. I’m going into Somerset so there’s a long ride home so you take some losers okay. I mean, we didn’t win every year. We only won one year. I’m at some point right. But you know, what other Did you do any other parties or just Pittsburgh?

Josh Levine  21:34

I just did Pittsburgh, but the most important one I did was when you had hot it was that I want to say the old Wyndham or shared in downtown. You had Harbaugh and Billick there with time you did

Nestor Aparicio  21:47

my I did

Josh Levine  21:48

for free. Right. We did. We did the happy hour. I thought you did. Yeah. We were there for a few hours. Now.

Nestor Aparicio  21:55

We had last Bobby Nick at that. Bobby was gone at that. Yeah. So that was in May of 16. Bobby passed in July of 15. Yep. So this is May 16. Mike Tomlin came down from Pittsburgh. Yep. John and Brian TIG cast. A lot of people participated that night raised. Hogan was the Governor Hogan. David Modell was the last time I saw David alive was that night okay, gave a beautiful, beautiful speech and everybody should go check out on YouTube about life and living and my wife and just incredible stuff. Man, we’re going back seven, seven years now. Yeah, time so yeah, yeah. Well, Josh is here. He’s still a part. So that so that’s you did those events. I see the media we I thought we did a couple more. But one of the ballroom in Pittsburgh a couple years later when we lost the gold ballroom and

Josh Levine  22:41

I did that too. It was at the Westin Weston. Yeah, I was there for that. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  22:45

Do we have more playoff games? Oh, look at this. Chris pike has found my walled Lake story about Chris Berg. Oh wow. Oh, look at this. He’s found that I was the lead story high school extra that they must have been high school extra light. January 25 1988. There it is. Girls top 20 Mount Hebron was number two. Bobby Nick tried to get himself in the top 20 But he didn’t breezy. Bishop got cheat sheet. She’s doing hard at Walbrook Western was 11 and one Delaney was nine in one Catonsville, Gainesville 10 and one and they were able to campaign there I end and mercy and see seeing Keo and mercy and I and D were still there to sharpshooters Lansdowne had a good program. Two kids in 1000 that year Yep. But there it is. Bobby Nikki fortune quoted. We lost they didn’t beat us. She played such a good game. It’s really a shame we didn’t win 31 points for Chris Berg. Wow. at home against Mount Hebron but they lost. They lost lead story. Thank you very much Chris pica. I’m sure I had that clip about research on demand and weathered. This unbelievable. This is the PR director for all things unbelievable. Pike is going to be coming on here. Chris, you want to get in are you what are you doing now? Well, I’m about to do Orioles and ravens so you’re welcome in you can make a new friend you know Josh I got headsets here just for you.

Josh Levine  24:12

He might he might like the whole place. I

Nestor Aparicio  24:14

thought piker was gonna get a crappy Chris pica. Ladies and gentlemen, blog and tackle. We’re out of your state fair. Do I’m gonna give you that one just in case you win. Maryland. He’s only here for the lottery tickets really? And for the deal on Windows. Chris, your mics should be live now. it well. It’s not now it will be and I’ll even get your head set up. Chris Pike is back off the reservation from Dallas, Texas, where he has been spending his time working for everybody because you’ve been out online and I’ve been following. You’ve had a very eventful like six or eight weeks, right?


Yeah, I was the PR Director basically for the Seattle sea dragons of the XFL through an old contact and I worked for the New Orleans Saints. Our head coach that time was Jim has on our GM was Randy mule. Are they are together with the Seattle and Brooke saints? Yeah they are together in with the Seattle franchise and the NFL has the hub all eight teams are there they had a situation that required a PR person to come in and help them finish the season so I packed up and had a professional for hire professional for hire and then they knew me and so I just

Nestor Aparicio  25:22

think economy now man this yeah


so it was pretty amazing month so it was just got back about a week ago but a lot of fun and a great league and a lot of our guys are getting ready to get an opportunity here in the NFL on campus in the next few weeks.

Nestor Aparicio  25:37

All right, so this is where I bring in like I don’t take phone calls anymore but I have like two guys that love the Orioles. Chris has worked in the industry a long time Josh I see you’re rather level we are level headed cuz you’re in St. Louis or your Baltimore positive file. You’re a Luke Jones or acolyte as well and following all things Luke as well as Chris, your old Maxine silver, I see the silver coming in on you Josh even though you’re my little little brother’s age 78 This kid was born when you graduated pica. So I would just say we’re in an era right now where there’s this perceived prosperity for the ravens and you can have at it with whether you think Lamar Jackson is gonna win a Super Bowl or not. But we have a credible national football accomplished National Football League quarterback who’s under contract, we have a new thing with mungkin. We have all that. And then we have this baseball team doing something that most people your age, you’ve never seen it even though it’s been a lifetime. Not a rebuild like this where we’re not but we bought players in 96 and 97. Based on the largest and how well they really Keno ran the franchise that the Colts left town all the things that pike and I lived through as young men. This is a should I say Renaissance? Can it? Can I say that? Chris? Is that fair?


I don’t know if we’re at Renaissance yet because I look at the buck team. So the the mid 2010s basically being that Renaissance where they got to the playoffs a couple of years and it looked like they had things turned around. We could probably say renaissance in a year if his team makes the playoffs and as a consistent contender. But that that group that buck group was was a consistent contender for about four years. Oh, this

Nestor Aparicio  27:19

14 campaign was great. Yeah. And people were talking pennant race this year. And I’m thinking to myself, there’s not really a pennant race anymore. And I don’t think the Orioles are going to be a bubble team in this. I mean, I think the Orioles are going to be comfortable by September because I think they’re good enough. I think they’ll make additions. I don’t know whether the creek that owns the team is really going to put money up to buy an old pitcher and get a horse and give up more young talent and I and I have no idea what his intentions are for the lease and for long term and for how he’s planning on negotiating his $600 million heist. But But all that being said, I believe in Mike Elias, I believe they have good players. I don’t know if they’re going to screw things up with rutschman or whether rutschman is going to be happy here. That’s all that’s baked into the cake. But there is a world of possibility that makes all of these things possible in a way that I’ve been on radio 31 years. And other than talking about Jeffrey Hammonds and Adam Lowen. And Manny Machado and the old man, the old man was so cursed about all of it that you never could trust it. I’m not saying I’m trusting John angelos, why would I trust the guy who offered to open his books and as in but I am saying that they’re not I don’t think there’s going to be a pennant race is the old people know it, where it’s do or die, live or die. This is a big game we got to win this series to stay alive. I think all that happens in October and that’s more New Age baseball.


It is it is New Age baseball, especially with the wildcard that they’ve set up the Major League Baseball setup they want as many cities as possible in September and October out of the ballpark because their team is in a playoff fight. Maybe not a playoff race but a playoff on there are opportunities there. And speaking about pitching you know John means at some point is going to come back to this team sometime maybe in August you know and that could be a lift for them co

Nestor Aparicio  29:08

Hall should be had more season on right I mean, they’re


there they’re there are some pieces in place. And I think I’ve told the story a couple of times. There is a level of excitement that I haven’t felt probably since 14 or 15 that goes you know what, they have enough talent that they don’t know any better. And they really believe after last year that they can get this done.

Nestor Aparicio  29:29

This guy wrote a bus with Michael Jordan famously and 30 for 30. So they eat Tito Francona he wrote you know I 85 we and I 20 with these guys down in Alabama. So I mean you you really know baseball on a different level being around it in that way. You really don’t. Yeah.


And so I look at the Orioles and say hey, this is a ballclub that could be, you know very much in that hunt in September. Obviously injuries are always going to be a factor. You know keeping guys healthy. Can this team hit? Can this team hit can the bullpen can they manage the innings of the bullpen so that parties is not having to go out there and throw 2730 pitch saves in the night the hold on the games

Nestor Aparicio  30:09

is in ear canal go into the Hall of Fame. Was that is he going to the Hall of Fame?


long way from that, Hey, as long as long as he gets to playoffs this year and go wherever he wants, he’s

Josh Levine  30:17

going in the Hall of April.

Nestor Aparicio  30:20

Like me and you go back to Tom show pay and Jim Fuller and DRONGO Hayes wood and Bobby Baylor and all of


Tom show pay was one of my favorite guys, because there was a guy who literally, you know, had to scratch and claw to get to the five year mark to get his to get his pension. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  30:35

okay, so this keynote guy these three weeks when I’m talking Renaissance baseball and things I ain’t never seen before. I don’t know that we’ve ever seen. And this is me, you might have any already six and a half by Oh, I don’t, right, that’s fine. But for a couple of weeks. I remember Bill Ripken Jim Traber i I’m trying to think of anybody that’s been a shot in the arm to the team at a time when it matters when they’ve played a baseball.


Lopez would have fallen in that group. I mean, Lopez had that great year,

Josh Levine  31:08

Machado and 12. Like kind of gave the team kind of really, I mean, you can I mean, last year,

Nestor Aparicio  31:14

no point to that, like Rocky, you know what I mean?


Literally, there’s there’s the difference. There’s a difference maker right there, especially what they’re 90 and 68. Since he’s come on board, yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  31:25

well, that’s why I’m telling you. They’re, they’re playing this kind of ball, they’re going to be a better team theoretically, later in the summer, in a lot of ways, because I’m not a guy thinking they’re gonna get hurt, or mountcastle is gonna hit a buck and a half or, you know, balanced.


Can’t do this either way. Yes,

Nestor Aparicio  31:45

so I mean, there’s all of these factors that play into this, that I think they’re a playoff team. And I think that you know, that takes the edge off it for an old guy that there aren’t big big series that are Do or die, but they’re bringing sprinklers to the outfield $10 tickets, and I’m assuming somebody in there is trying all of a sudden I’m seeing a different level of effort. I met Mike Elias, me, he was nice to me. He took a book, like I’m seeing a different level of effort than even what I’m seeing from the football team at this point where the baseball they both need to sell tickets. They both have empty seats, but the baseball teams in progress right now that they’re doing this sprinkler thing. Okay. I mean, you breed minor league baseball, pica, you know,


whatever it takes to get people out to the ballpark.

Nestor Aparicio  32:37

You’re going to games right? Yeah. You see your season.


I got a 13 game plan.

Josh Levine  32:43

last 10 years. last 10 years does coat just COVID Count. Yes. Okay. Five. You go every other year. Pretty much. Pretty much are you with your dad?

Nestor Aparicio  32:55

Well, baseball and we do. All right. cost price point downtown. fraidy cats of the city went good. Give me what hat? What? Go ahead.

Josh Levine  33:05

boredom, quite frankly. It was not fun to go okay. There was to me like, I like look, I’m a DJ we talked about the events and everything. I need energy. I

Nestor Aparicio  33:15

yawn the monster right I mean,

Josh Levine  33:17

right I mean, and who cares who wins anyway it’s relish this is the only one that counts when the money anyway but that bet bet I’m sorry that oh boy. You know it wasn’t exciting some other things going on thankfully for me business was great. So it limited my time that I could go but it just wasn’t even a fun experience because you didn’t feel like the team was even trying to be competitive for so long. It just didn’t feel even though you’re doing a rebuild and there’s different things going on from a younger talent different things like that so

Nestor Aparicio  33:52

getting rid of Adam Jones was kind of like cosplay in Japan or robbing the money to have an ambassador for your your gear and someone who

Josh Levine  34:04

connected with

Nestor Aparicio  34:06

pitcher Kevin Jones great example a little bit too much at the end to hang around Mark cake. It’s those kinds of you know, the guys have made that team out there near and dear in the same way that every all the Royals heroes Christakis and all they’re long gone. And I saw them playing Kansas City land nobody. Kansas City’s a ghost town for baseball. And that’s the thing about baseball. It happens quick, Chris. Well,


I was down in Atlanta. I was working TV for the visiting teams that came in that ballpark. I watched this team under snicker go from a not a great baseball team. But watch them bill. Now of course they go into new ballpark New Energy. But when you walked into the ballpark on a given night, in the last few years, I was down there till 19 There was a palpable energy when the Braves played a partially because the Braves draw from everywhere in the southeast. So you know you wanted to get a ticket if you were from Richmond or if you were from uh Memphis Memphis right version. That was that was your team. So they showed up and the fans showed up but you had guys, you know chippers at the tail end of his career.

Nestor Aparicio  35:08

Oh lady south of Richmond fan like they’re


bright but there is this there is this energy at the Braves games a because they’re good, but you could watch them with Hakuna and some of those guys. They got some great talent on that team. I’ve always contended that as much as Baltimore is a football town. I’ve always say this Baltimore right now is a closet baseball town. Yeah, but you look at that playoff game against Detroit. The Dolman young double and watch the energy in the stadium that day. It’s possible and I’m in Syracuse watching that on TV getting ready for college football game that night and going crazy. My hotel room. There are 40,000 people in this town in this area in this region that will come out to those games that matter in September and October and those playoff games because there are baseball fans here you see it. Now they like I said they’ve been hiding element door right? And again to his point, is it boring. Now now your games are two and a half hours with what they’re doing with speeding up the clock. It’s a lot different to go out to the ballpark.

Nestor Aparicio  36:10

The energy around the cities they’re different. I was at Costas on Monday night sound his up friends of mine from Pikesville drove across the city walked in Table eight all guys had played golf at caves. They came over and they wanted the Oreo game on and they were engaged in the Oreo game. They wanted to watch the Oreo game together. They plan the evening around watching the Oriole game and eating crabs that cost this on a Monday night. And they were all like they all know the history of baseball. They all live the history of Baltimore baseball. They’ve all run from this modern era of all the Angelo’s family has done to undermine all of it. And they’re all waiting before they die. He’s real guys in their 60s. They’re all waiting since 1983 Yeah, you know, for the magic, right? And we’re on the on the cusp of having it back and I’ve said this for four months. I just hope TJ Brightman and John Angelo some might I just hope they don’t screw it up because they have a really royal golden opportunity here between now and when the Ravens kick off against the Houston Texans that by then I don’t think there’ll be a playoff race I think it’ll be our we have to see to one see where but we’re in the playoffs and then it’s who’s going to pitch game one right and then and you know those short series and he’s heartbroken and


also Let’s also not forget to that the the talk about minor league baseball how much that’s changed in 1983. When the Orioles one the teams were far flung. I mean Rochester was a triple A. Now you’ve got these guys who they’ve been selling as the new hope of the Orioles have all been playing in the state of Maryland somewhere whether that’s Aberdeen, whether it’s down at Berry, whether that’s phooey, you can drive to watch those guys play for a couple

Nestor Aparicio  37:58

months. Somebody’s got Jackson holiday. All right on my Facebook. Yep. Right. 19 year old, right?


Yep. And that’s how they’ve been able to sell that because there’s minor league teams are here you can go watch these guys make their way up. And they’ve built that little bit of excitement, that little groundswell that we’re seeing now is partially because of the way the miners are set up in the state of Maryland with the Orioles organization.

Nestor Aparicio  38:20

I went to Ottawa last September, by the way, just Oh, wow. Just say like, wow, was that not a good that was? That was a crazy idea.

Josh Levine  38:27

Well, and the best thing about now is we’ve had players that we’ve heard about over the years, the young kids coming in whether it was you mentioned Adam Lowe and before Larry big be another one from, you know, way back and all the pictures like the bow hails and all those guys. We actually have young kids who are developing and turning into players.

Nestor Aparicio  38:51

They’re not they’re legitimate. Whether Alex’s show was going into the hall of fame or not right,

Josh Levine  38:57

Alex the chill the pride for Bobby Binya.

Nestor Aparicio  39:00

I’ll give you a lot of names. You know, we can week yeah. Hi, Chris pikeys here. Josh is here from Elektra energy. Tell her buddy give me your elevator pitch because I promised that you’d be out here three o’clock and bonus time for the Maryland lottery, where you will be asked to marry a lot of rich state fair in Catonsville. I have been giving these away we’re going to be at the local in fallston. With a lot of people in here having lunch. A lot of we’re gonna have winners in here ladies are the winning lucky tickets, but so also for one donation, but you’re a local DJ, you’re a friend of mine, your sports guy, you’ve been awesome and DJing events for us. Maybe I’ll have a 25th anniversary,

Josh Levine  39:35

too. We need to it’s been a while so I’m not gonna be a great

Nestor Aparicio  39:39

DJ. If I have a 25th anniversary. I’m gonna make him drink and eat gummies the way God meant for him to do we’re

Josh Levine  39:45

gonna make Ray again we’ll be by then too, by the way, he’s gonna be a guest. Yes. Right because Ray always does the guest DJ. We’re gonna make them a guest guest so it goes in as a good time.

Nestor Aparicio  39:56

Yeah, I reached Ray and I text three days a week. I don’t know some way some shape or form or idiots back and forth. I texted him yesterday. At some point I’m gonna get it back when I’m too busy man. Up to all got jobs I got I got trivia I got you know,


oh, he’s all over the place. That’s unbelievable. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  40:13

I invited him to CCO with me last night and I like offered to pay and everything tickets for $3 but I offered to pay and ocher Yeah, but I offered you know, hey,

Josh Levine  40:25

it seal

Nestor Aparicio  40:26

right so, but tell me what you do and how they can hire you and fire you and love you and dance to you and tell everybody that

Josh Levine  40:32

yeah, hopefully they’ll hire and not fire. Hopefully it’s hiring rebook. It’s Elektra entertainment. It’s Electra DJ. So that’s E L E, C, T, Ara. dejay.com 410-461-2557 There’s my internet voice right. There’s your DJ. Exactly. And marzipan the bass on it a little bit. We can go a little deeper. Yeah, what oh, five.

Nestor Aparicio  40:58

Like hollow thing. Yeah.

Josh Levine  40:59

Yeah. So yeah, so whether you’re having a bar mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, if you want the best lights, the highest energy MCs, the best DJs the most incredible dance talent you’ll ever see at your party. Give me a call shoot me an email Josh at electric dj.com We will show you exactly why we’re the best at what we’re doing which is throwing the most high energy party you have ever seen. This side of Bobby Nick because Bobby Nick was the true inspiration. He

Nestor Aparicio  41:29

makes somebody bark, Jingle Bells and

Josh Levine  41:31

we we very we very well may and I’ll tell you my whole Cogan story.

Nestor Aparicio  41:35

Yeah, I want your hall COVID story because Pike is a he’s a wrestling fan. a wrestling fan, Luke will appreciate Luke will I’m going to take that you gotta send that picture to Luke because Luke is going to love this more than anybody. You and Luke are contemporary. You’re born sort of in the same sort of era. Same sort of time. Your I never had a Bar Mitzvah. Yeah, I don’t even think I had a 30 birthday party to be honest with you. My 50th birthday, Jim Palmer pitch game three of 90 Day Three World Series. So that’s a pretty cool birthday. That’s my birthday. Yeah, we want Betty yells at Benny Ayala night was my my 15th birthday. So I do remember that. Your whole cooking thing? Yeah, he was showing me. Yep. So yeah, so I started with my Aerosmith belt. Right. So I’m wearing my Aerosmith belt buckle for a bill Wheedle from CFG Bank Arena. That’s so this is old school 78 You know, walk this way. And I collect pacifical Rock and Roll belt buckles and he says to me, Oh, I had a bunch of wrestling belts. I said sometimes they pop up when I do an eBay search and look like what Harley Race war or what Dusty Rhodes Warren as you know, I guess you could buy if he has a picture of it an old inside wrestling or whatever. Yep, you could probably get Nick Bockwinkel Awa belt or whatever. Yeah, if you look hard enough, you’ll find that guy as his a lot of people are on it. Yeah. So I was collecting champ wrestling championship belts. And as I was kind of ready to do something else, I

Josh Levine  43:03

started selling some of them. And I had the one of the original WWF winged Eagle belts, you know that? It was pretty much in hat for 10 years from 88 to 98. So Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Savage, Shawn Michaels, etc. Bret Hart, and this is something

Nestor Aparicio  43:21

you buy online or WWF for $129 Bandit,

Josh Levine  43:25

this was a sigh I was never doing those those cheap replicas. This was an original but it was a it was a collector’s edition. So custom leather, custom made replica with looked and felt every bit like felt Airwrap Exactly. Oh, yeah, it was the strap. It was

Nestor Aparicio  43:42

this isn’t a toy thing.

Josh Levine  43:45

It was it was expensive. Okay, so this last belt. I’m like, You know what, I gotta do something with this. And I was a huge Hulk Hogan fan. The theme of my bar mitzvah was Joshua mania. And because I was a 1313 year old wrestling fan. I had red and yellow Hulkamania shirts made but it said Joshua mania. Yesterday was the 32nd anniversary a giant

Nestor Aparicio  44:10

in line at the bathroom at M three last week with a hot rod. Roddy Piper it literally this throwback hot, right. He was not wearing a kilt, but I got I got the message.

Josh Levine  44:22

So a couple years ago, I found out how to ship the bell to Hulk Hogan. Hulk signed it. And in addition to shipping the belt down, I had to have my jasha Mania T shirts left. So I threw that in the box with the belt. And when it came back to me a few weeks or a month or two later, whatever it was. I have this beautiful same belt. I made sure it was the same. I knew what the tail was so I could see it. Signed by Hulk I had a picture of him holding that belt signed and I was able to verify that certificate of authenticity and then I pull out the Joshua mania t shirt. We Hulk Hogan signed, and my wife caught a picture of me. Literally for a minute to a minute and a half, I must have been 13 years old again, of course. And then as an anniversary present, she took the belt to a local framing store and they mounted the belt, mounted the shirt mounted the picture of Hulk holding the belt, and the certificate of authenticity. This 40 pound frame is now hanging on my wall in my basement, throwback to that day, and it was always a meaningful day, but then getting this it was literally 30 years later getting that final piece. Hey, it was all about Hulk Hogan and as a kid, I thought Hulk Hogan was the greatest thing as a wrestling fan. And, you know,

Nestor Aparicio  45:41

I buy belt buckles now to give me that feeling. I had recently appreciate this podcast that you’ve been you’ve been on you’ve been AWOL with the XFL for the last two months hanging out with the rock Yeah, as I’m on, you know, online, trying to find belt buckles to buy from or rock and roll bands. I just got my Allman Brothers belt the other day, so I’m pleased about that. I started seeing Houston Oilers stuff. And I purchased a Warren Moon, white jersey from the lady legitimate fan. Sure. I paid 25 bucks in a game that smell great, but I fixed that. Then I saw a Dan Passerini alo a blue like a letter like a real one. That was a Mitchell and Ness. And I don’t know, it looks legit. It doesn’t look like it was made illicitly. It looks legit. And it’s a small, it’s a seven, it’s blue, and I ordered it to get p $28. For this thing, right. And it came in a box. And I pulled out this Dan Passerini Jersey that’s actually going to fit me and I looked at it and I’m like I was 13 again like you know what I mean? And I don’t know that there’s many things the Oilers are bringing the derrick back to share right? The Titans are Yeah, they can have multiple helmet they’re gonna wear it one time this year. I don’t know if my London or not did to


backup your two stories, my picture like that. On my honeymoon, my wife and I come up to Baltimore, we get married down in Alabama. We come up here, we get into the back of the Babe Ruth Museum. My wife has a picture of me holding the Super Bowl five trophy and I must look like I was eight. Again. It’s one of my wife’s favorite pictures of me holding that trophy like a like a baby. You know, to see the have that it’s like that. There are certain things that just bring you back to that time that just go wow, this is like really cool. Whether that’s a belt, whether it’s things like that. I mean, it’s you know, it’s amazing.

Nestor Aparicio  47:28

That we’ll think Super Bowl five is also cool. We got it. That’s a little tease for a segment coming later. Billy Dell from CFG bank will be here Chris is going to hang out into a segment with us. We’re going to talk some sports and XFL and football. I haven’t even said The L Word. Lamar Ravenstone Super Bowl contenders. You believer. Yeah, you’re a believer, you believer.


AFC is hard. Yeah, I’m not there yet. I’m

Nestor Aparicio  47:51

gonna take a break. That’s good. We’re out of state fair. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery. Pike has got one Josh has one call. Let your entertainment so I brought you by window nation. 866 90 Nasreen, a lot of people hear that a lot of lottery tickets are going to be given away it’s good thing John Martin and Roz and Doug and everybody gave me a lot of tickets to give away and Seth as well. I had Seth elkon on this week from the Maryland lottery. He’s from Pittsburgh. And he’s, he looks young. But he talks enough ish with the 79 like Willie Stargell was his first hero. And he put on his really startled Jersey in the segment out which may be in the segment, you know, not quite like Bert Blyleven offered me to wear his 1979 World Series ring. This is the year we’re gonna get even for all of that. I am Nestor we are wn st back from where we’re doing the Maryland crab cake to arrive at a Cobb salad but they have promised me a crab cake here. I have promised bill we del from CFG bank, a crab cake we’re gonna talk rock and roll Aerosmith kiss, Janet Jackson Lizzo and Anita Baker, Bryan Adams, John Mayer, all coming to Baltimore. Back for more Baltimore positive stay with this word State Fair

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