A new beginning in heat of pennant race Means business for Orioles

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Luke Jones and Nestor set stage for Orioles big weekend ahead with Rays at Camden Yards. The biggest regular season series in modern MLB history in Baltimore. Are the Birds armed for success?


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Nestor Aparicio, Luke Jones

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Looking back at W N, S, T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive you’re positively celebrating 25 years and the Maryland crab cake tour hit it back out on the road. We’re gonna be at fadeless on Friday from nine until noon. We’re gonna be there with we’re gonna have the Raven scratch offs. I have these 50th anniversaries. These are old news now it’s ravens season the Ravens you want to know we’ll be there with our friends winter nation as well as our friends at Jiffy Lube. We have new sponsors for the Maryland crab cake tour beginning this week fade these nine until noon. Come on down the old Lexington market have a get there by 1030 or 11 in the land. But Dr. Anthony Jenkins from compensate our partner’s going to be joining us as well as Larry Stewart from the basketball program. So to compensate Friday to Maryland crabcake tour. Orioles are home all week Cardinals and of course this Friday and Saturday we’re opening the nest. So if you’re familiar with the cupcake and the Disney fied Main Street fireworks of our 25th anniversary, it’s right below that on the logo at the corner of Conway and Pratt. You’ve heard of the Baltimore Convention Center. It’s the deck on the backside that literally looks at the warehouse. It’s beautiful hotdogs, food, music, beer, the whole deal. My wife and I are gonna be down there on Friday night celebrating Adam Jones. I wore my black shirt for Adam Jones today. cocoas is our newest sponsor, I want to give Marcella some love as well. We had the most delicious cheeseburger in paradise over laurelville on Saturday Coco’s pumps to give Marcellus some love. You’re gonna be hearing about Coco’s and I’m gonna be out there. We’re there next week. Next Thursday. We’re doing the Maryland crab cake tour there so well. And I don’t have any guests for that yet. Although I’ll I’ll get for SIG to come by then it’ll be fun. We’ll be a Coco’s pub next week doing the Maryland crab cakes are all right. Baseball week. Let’s pretend that the ravens are playing this Sunday against the bank just for a couple of minutes. I know it’s hard to get past these injuries in the text service you got with coons Baltimore forward and what’s going on with Linda balm, and oh, my god, Ronnie Stanley, and what happened to Marcus waves all of that stuff. Look, the baseball teams in first place. And I know when any other universe you would suspend the football season right now and say, let’s begin football in November around here. We can’t do that football sitting on top of baseball, I don’t know how to deal with it. I don’t know how to scooch over 1257 Cuz you can’t take a phone call about both at the same time. You can only be doing one or the other. In this case, I want to do some baseball. And I’m gonna have some Show and Tell here in the segment for you. Because I went out on the interwebs and I’ve been doing some shopping. And on Friday at the nest. I’m going to debut my new Oracle jersey. I’m really excited about this. I think you could you could tell by the whites of my eyes. I’m excited about this. Are you? Are you ready for some some playoff base? Are you ready for what this weekend represents? Win or lose? They can win for lose for split probably more likely split three and one whatever. That that the race can’t catch them if they play good baseball this week. That’s unbelievable, dude.

Luke Jones  02:50

Oh, it’s so exciting. I mean, when you’re talking about what this team has done, all season long, I mean, 90 win season, which is I think the fourth time that’s happened since 1983. You’re in a position where you know, as they begin this homestand they only need to go 500 To win 100 games for the first time since 1980. They’re in a position where you know they lost the game on Sunday, of course, and probably the best game to lose because more people were probably paying closer attention to the Ravens week one, if you’re going to have a slip up in Boston, it was better that it was Sunday. I thought the

Nestor Aparicio  03:26

rain delay was gonna get me to four o’clock and then it did. And then and then a Rodriguez got beaten up. And I didn’t really see that you know what I mean?

Luke Jones  03:35

It was pretty forgettable. But at the same time, they just finished up a seven into road trip. And by the way, let’s be clear. When you’re talking about going with the opponents that the Orioles face, you know that you want to go seven into, especially with the way the rays are playing. I mean, the Orioles have the second best record in baseball best in the American League rays, I think are fourth in the majors behind the Dodgers. And they’re second in the American League. So it’s not as though there has been much margin for error. So it’s nice for the Orioles to have a three game lead. If they can maintain that at the very least going into Thursday. You’re in a position this weekend where they can all but put this away. And they’re in a position where even if they don’t play great. It’s not going to be disaster for them. Right. So they have done the work. They put themselves in this position. They’ve continued to go all the series without being swept. And you know what they did on the road trip? You went seven in a row before Sunday. And I mean, they’re at a point where they have played so well for so long that every loss feels bad. And when I say that I mean like you don’t expect it right you say

Nestor Aparicio  04:50

six nights a week. How can they lose the game the boss right on Sunday while I was off philandering cheating on them by watching the rave After watching them all summer I, I feel I feel dirty. You know? Right, right? I

Luke Jones  05:04

mean, it’s just wild when you think about that. And look, let’s be clear, that doesn’t mean you should overreact to it. But just the fact that you react to a loss in baseball, with how well they’re playing. I mean, before Sunday, they had what 113 of 16. I think that 19 of 25, whatever it was, and they had won seven in a row. I mean, I don’t care who you’re playing you, you’re doing that. And you’re doing that for long stretches, and you have avoided these dips. I mean, it’s rare that they lose two in a row. I mean, that’s where they’ve been all season, right? I mean, they’ve only had a couple stretches, right around the Fourth of July was the last time, people were genuinely worried about this team in terms of wins and losses. And we’ve seen how they played ever since. So it’s been almost

Nestor Aparicio  05:47

boring from a code standpoint, like it’s gonna get interesting this week. And if they lose Thursday and Friday, that’s when it’s like, all boy, well, you know what I mean? Like, we haven’t had an old boy around here with him really?

Luke Jones  05:58

Not really, other than the injury to Batista. And he even is playing catch that. Look, I’m not Don’t overreact to that.

Nestor Aparicio  06:07

But does it under one? Well, it might hate

Luke Jones  06:12

but it means there could be a path that he might be able to throw a little bit in the postseason. And maybe it is a case where yeah, he’s probably gonna get have to get Tommy John anyway. And he’s gonna be out all next year anyway, does he have seven innings in his arm? Even if it’s at throwing 98 as opposed to 102? That’s still better than anything they have. So don’t hold your breath on it. Let’s be clear. There’s a long way to go. But the fact

Nestor Aparicio  06:36

of UCLA injury I want to make sure you know, that’s a UCLA UCL, there you go. ICLA

Luke Jones  06:42

the way that I the way that I threw even in youth ball, I was a second baseman, so I don’t think I even have a UCL

Nestor Aparicio  06:50

Messina once said, You can’t throw a party.

Luke Jones  06:52

Right. But but but the point is even that we we found a shred, you know, a little morsel of optimism. Again, don’t hold your breath on it. There’s a long way to go with that. But this team just they keep finding ways. I mean, look at Saturday night. I mean, look at how historic that was that they found a way to win a game. People 23 hits.

Nestor Aparicio  07:15

I mean, who does that game still going on? Right had failed, right? It’s wild and look at that’s all baseball hope we never get those games. That was every night they played for our games. Right?

Luke Jones  07:27

If you don’t make that a habit, let’s be clear about that. But it’s just it really is remarkable that they just find a way and they’re not perfect. We’ve talked about this a lot. It’s not even that they had that many guys that are having a Batista was the one guy having a truly historic season. You know, Gunnar Henderson is gonna be rookie of the year but he’s not MVP of the league either. They just have so many guys that have played good baseball. They have guys who’ve stepped up at the right time, role players that have contributed at the right time. I mean, look at look at the fantastic play. McKenna made. What was that Friday night, I guess? I think it was Friday night. So I in and out of watching baseball can

Nestor Aparicio  08:06

do you read? I mean, these guys that are there. They’re Todd cruisers. They’re Floyd Rayford. They’re just guys, right? And then there’s Westberg and Mullins who, you know, might be dudes on other teams, right? Because this team’s got dudes, right. This is a wild mix. But it still comes back to pitching for me. And how Kramer is going to look this week and how Bradish has been looking and where we really are with Rodriguez and where we are with no offense will do okay against the rays this week. I don’t think they’re gonna lose four games in a row here and make this thing turn this thing into something ugly, but he could. And this is the biggest series they played in this ballpark in this ballpark ever. It’s like, playoffs fine. I’ll take the ALC This is the biggest regular season we can in the history of Camden Yards and 32 years and they don’t have a lease. By the way. I’m going to bring that up this week, too.

Luke Jones  09:00

Yeah, yeah, it’s you bring that up? I’m trying to I’m racking my brain here. I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  09:05

what are they had a sold out weekend in the division game in September in a race that matter? They haven’t had that. I mean, I don’t there’s been that. You know what, this will tell you how old I am, dude. Okay. 79, the Red Sox and the Yankees came in. And my dad and I. I’ll really I’ll regale you with this because your dad was a ticket taker at Memorial Stadium. The bleacher seats were general admission. This is for the young people. The old people know this. When there were big games tankard night, they would make it reserved general admission, and you get a seat in Section 11 Row 31 on the tin right out in the gold seats. I remember and I had my ticket stops from 79 When the Red Sox and Yankees came in. My dad caught a ball from Lupin Li. I remember that vividly during batting practice, but the Yankees and Red Sox that they sold it that way in August and September 7979 was a real pennant race and 83 little more runaway, and then the catching up 82 When they didn’t make it, you know, 81 in the split season, they had big August and September series where Chuck Thompson was like, get your tickets ahead of time, we’re going to have a big crowd and it wasn’t we’re giving away a bobblehead, or there’s going to be fine. The fireworks are the friggin Yankees are coming to town. And that’s Reggie Jackson. And that’s Greg nettles and, and that’s catfish Hunter, and we need to go beat them. And we don’t feel that way about the rays, although the rays have been legitimate, right? But like, this is that series dude. I mean, I feel it in my DNA. In a way I was I was. I was a real media member. 9697 So I was there. They weren’t. I mean, 97 was a runaway they didn’t have anything big 96 was a catch up. And every series was because they were sold out every night anyway. Right? So and then in 1214 and 16. I mean, the Curse of the Bambino night, I was at that game and like that the the Red Sox thing happened and all that before they even got good. They do this is this is the real deal sold out. The Adam Jones thinks that’s icing. That’s great. This is the best marketing thing. And Adam Jones off and they screwed him over like they screwed me and a million other people like Mike bordick MPJ, sir, off it down the line down the line and down the line there, the Angelo’s family. But I mean, I’ll get flowers when they deserve it. And they’re they’re putting together a team and a weekend and something that I want to be at this weekend and a sold out night and I’m writing a note to Adam Jones. I’m doing a dear Adam Jones, though, this is this reminds me of my dad and I getting those tickets on a Saturday night game against the Red Sox with Jim rice. And it was coming in here to knock us out of the playoffs to seven yet, so I’m not gonna get knocked out of the playoffs here. And today, I’m gonna be playing October 3, fourth, and fifth. That’s what this is all about this week.

Luke Jones  11:46

Oh, no question about it. I’m having you just looking at this. And the way that this is, this race has presented itself for what it’s become. I mean, it’s the Orioles in the race. The winner of the division is gonna be the number one seed, the loser. Now they’ll host a wildcard series. But best the three. I mean, we’ve seen we saw this play out last year. I mean, look at the Phillies who are a wild card team. They beat St. Louis twice in 24 hours. And then before you know it, they’re making the world series but the Cardinals went home and

Nestor Aparicio  12:14

you want to play three games with Houston or Seattle? No play three games with Minnesota Oh, now for for everything knowing where we are with pitching and this and that you lose game one. And then oh my god, you’re nuts get tight.

Luke Jones  12:25

You don’t want to play a best of three with anyone. Considering the work that you have put in to this point. We just talked about where this season this season ranks. I mean, this is only their fourth 90 win season since 1983. I mean, that’s where they are right now. They only have to go 500 To win 100 games. Now. The divisions more important and it might take more might take one on one might take one or two. I mean, who knows. And we’ll see. Again, this four game set is just massive. The only thing I can think of in terms of Camden Yards and this is why I love the fact that Adam Jones is coming back Friday night and you know they’re doing the little thing where he’s going to tire an Oreo, you know, which he deserves that. You know, I mean, this is post Cal Ripken

Nestor Aparicio  13:05

Scruton kind of sort of, like I mean, it was just sad that they ever made him go to Japan. And if I ever sit down with him, it was the greatest thing that ever happened to him for his life, and the weight and the kind of human he is and traveling and, and like all of that, but

Luke Jones  13:20

it was unfortunate how it ended, however you want to slice it. And look, I’m not even saying that they should have resigned him, but the exit could have been much handled much better than it was everyone will agree on that. But the only what this reminds me of Nestor is I do think back to 2012. The Orioles had that series with the Yankees in early September. Remember that was the weekend Sabathia hit Mark acas, his thumb broke it. But they had Cal Ripken statue night on the anniversary of the 2131. And the atmosphere that night, Nestor electric sold out. Adam Jones had a big home run late in that game to ice it for the O’s. And that game was 11 years ago now. Yeah, I mean, it was it was fat. And we were just talking about this late season series, you know, division or wildcard or playoff race, you know, playoff berth on the line, there hasn’t been a whole lot of that because of some of the circumstances you laid out. The Orioles have either been way behind just trying to sneak in as a wildcard or in the case of 97 or 2014. They pulled away and they won the Division. There were no critical series at the very end. So this is massive. So to have Adam Jones, part of that on Friday night where they’ve already announced a sell out. I’ve talked to three or four of my friends. They’re all coming Friday night. It’s rare when I have multiple friends at a game on the same night like

Nestor Aparicio  14:40

that. But you still hung over from Penn State the other day or No, you’re right. Do you make

Luke Jones  14:43

myself hey, I had to work on Sunday. You know, I behaved myself up and happy family was just only sort of it was fun. It was fun. I hadn’t been there a long time got to watch a game with my best friends. So it was a good time. But this weekend, I mean this. This is huge. It’s important on so many levels. This is that we Can that anyone in your life that’s an Orioles fan that has stuck through this? You know, especially, I mean, we can talk about this the last 30 years, 40 years really, you know, even before the Peter Angelos regime, but for anyone who’s stuck through the last five years specifically, I mean, this weekend’s for them. You know, we’re you saw so much, god awful baseball, I mean, not just bad. 98 through 2011 Bad, historically terrible baseball. We heard a weekend like this weekend. 1921. Right. This is gonna be this is huge. It’s huge. And the good news is that the Orioles assuming they take care of business against the Cardinals and you don’t want to make any assumptions and I’d be remit remiss. You mentioned some of the pitching questions. John mean, starting on Tuesday night. I mean, that’s huge. What’s he going to look like? How does he potentially fit in? There’s a spot sitting there for someone to take in this postseason rotation. Bradish is in Grayson Rodriguez, even Sunday struggles aside is in for me. Dean Kramer has proven himself to be worthy of a rotation spot, that fourth spot. I have no idea right now. Okay. Gibson’s the vet. Sure, Flaherty has been committed no

Nestor Aparicio  16:15

matter what dude, it’s gonna be committed no matter what we’re talking about games five weeks from now you’re right, or four weeks from now, who knows you’re gonna be healthy and all that right. Right. means being he’s the wildcard of that and or somebody I mean, Rodriguez is gonna go out and get slammed in the second inning against the something bad always happens in one or two, where somebody exits after 38 pitches in the third inning, and you’re getting you’re asking for the ones getting your ass kicked in the second inning. You don’t get a lot of rope. And then there’s the whole Well, we go to Cole Irvin, or do we get you know, whoever those people are, that’s why I’m not as concerned about the number you’re you’re going to number four, just give me three. Give me three. And we’ll figure out the rest of it. Because you might be up three Oh, you might be down three. Oh, and you have to go back to number one. Like because Okay, right.

Luke Jones  17:03

No, go ahead. That’s fine. I don’t disagree with that sentiment. I guess my sentiment is they need to find another answer. Whether it’s number four, or long man out of the pen, whatever it is. And that’s where John means making this start this week, being back on the active roster. 16 months removed from Tommy John surgery, he’s gone through his rehab. Let’s see what it looks like. Because if he’s anything close to the John means you throw a no hitter in Seattle two years ago, or the guy that made the All Star Team Four years ago. And I get it, it was kind of the Orientals, they needed someone to go but he was really good that year. Now he was really the only really good thing they had that year. Was he right? Was he a pure ace? No. But is he a guy that can be if he’s right, a legitimate member of your postseason rotation or a legitimate factor for you? Boy, that would be huge for them, especially as we’re talking about, you know what the bullpen is going to look like? Assuming we’re not going to get a miraculous return here from Felix Batista. But looking at this bullpen and how it’s going to play out, you need more solutions. You need more answers, you need more guys, we’re gonna factor Jack Flaherty is going the wrong direction mean, he’s got a nine era since his first start in Toronto. He’s looking like a guy that forget about being in the rotation. I’m starting to wonder if he’s even going to be on the postseason roster. That’s how bad he’s been. So

Nestor Aparicio  18:16

whether it’s three hits Saturday night, Ken Oh, couldn’t get out of his own way.

Luke Jones  18:21

Right. But But Flaherty has been the guy who has been consistently bad since that first start. So look, there are three weeks to go. We’re at a point now Nestor, where the six month marathon or the five and a half month marathon marathon, it’s a three week sprint now. And really, it’s longer than that, because you know, you’re playing in October in some capacity, whether it’s the division and the number one seed or whether you’re rolling the dice on the wild card round. So it’s go time, it’s time for them for guys that are staking their claim to whether it’s to be a starter in the postseason or be an eighth inning high leverage guy out of the bullpen, whatever it might be. It’s go time so the fact that we’re gonna see John means this week, see what it looks like again, I’m not expecting him to be oh, you know, pre surgery perfect version of John means whatever that looks like, which thrown out good or two years ago not expecting that guy. But can he be better than what they have right now? If he can, then that makes their you know, that improves their chances that much more for October? So huge, huge week. Absolutely massive for game set. I mean, it’s, it’s going to be interesting to see how the series goes. And then, boy, we were already talking about some of the conflict with Sunday at you know, where the Royals are in Fenway and everyone’s watching the Ravens. How about week two ravens at Cincinnati, but Orioles playing the last of a four game set against Tampa Bay? I mean, as I said, you always fear the worst, right? You always think about it in terms of okay, they’ve got this cushion. They’ve got a three game lead. They’re in position that even if the weekend doesn’t go great, but what if it’s the opposite? If it goes really well? You’re talking about bye So, come Sunday, they could have the division all but wrapped up mathematically. I mean, you know, it’ll be a case then where they could be up six with at that point what 13 games to go or something like that. I mean, that’s pretty close to insurmountable when you’re talking about that kind of math. So this is a massive week, a massive opportunity for the Baltimore Orioles. And, boy, it couldn’t be more exciting when you’re talking about a team that has already won 90 games on its way to 100 win season and very well possible that they’re going to be the number one seed, which is a little weird talking in those terms with baseball, but we know it’s important with the way this playoff structure is now you know what I got

Nestor Aparicio  20:39

planned in October Luke? Not not a favor and my count, I’ve cleaned the calendar and I’m afraid like Coco’s right. I said the Marcella the other day is like, I gotta do the crabcake tour next week, because I’m, I’m gonna do this. I can’t plan anything next month, right, like at all. And so I had a little funny, I’m gonna do a little show and tell with you because I had, I had Dan Passerini on last week, and, you know, you know me while I you are listener, I mean, I was the biggest Houston Oiler fan in the world. Dan Passerini was my first quarterback even more so than like Bert Jones or whatever in the 70s. And I bought this because I get these crazy belt buckles. We know that right? So and I got this Passerini jersey. I paid 38 bucks. 35 But it’s beautiful. It’s stitched. It’s sort of lightweight, and it fits me right and it’s a Mitchell and ness and I thought it was like going to be like those blue Flacco jerseys. Remember back, you know, I thought it was gonna be a little like, on from the Chinese side of the dark side of the internet. So I had this and I got this couple months ago. And then we had our 25th anniversary overcast this. And Kevin grace, who’s one of the longtime listeners is beautiful man. Works for Southwest Airlines. He worked at the racetrack for years. He’s he’s had a movement to write a couple of books on Joe GaNS a boxer trying to get him into the Hall of Fame, also a horse that he wrote about as well. I’m gonna make him again. He said he was going to be a guest and he wasn’t but he brings me a gift and a bag. He’s like, you’ve been talking about this for years. I have this gift for you. I know you don’t have this item. And I know you want it and I’m like, what is it? And my wife’s like, yeah, what is it? I’m always looking for something to give him for Christmas that he would actually want. So he he got me the gym Palmer. I didn’t go to the game. I lived downtown when this happened. This happened when my wife was sick. And I didn’t get the jersey and it’s a 66 jersey. So you know I I love the 66 logo. I love the piping on I love the black reminds me like booth Powell and Aparicio. 66 So I got this it doesn’t fit dude. It’s like a friggin it’s like a gown on me. Right? Like so. So I mean, I can wear it and I’ve worn it. I wore it eat crabs, overcast this one like it’s a crab stains on it for Jim, who’s never done the show. And it’s kind of a shame because I love Jim Palmer, but I love him. You know, I love him better not having him on the show, quite frankly. Then I went on the internet and I thought all right. I can’t find Believe it or not. I’ve lost my Oriole jersey. The one you know about with the orange piping the one Aparicio 11 I bought it in 1992. I told Dennis this last week. Well, this has to do with you because you wouldn’t be on the radio right now. Like if it weren’t for all of this like so. 1992 When I went on the radio wi th I had a cheap yellow Jeep and I drive up and down Ritchie highway Harford road. Merritt Boulevard knocking on doors every business My name is Nestor I do sports forum on wi TH and 15 am 1230 At that time, so used to St 1570. So I thought what’s gonna get attention Well, the Orioles were sold out somewhere in 92 I invested like 129 but like it was a lot of money to get that jersey you know I took up the MAR up at Pro Am she stitched it for me it was perfect 92 jersey and bought it put it on and it fit me until I gained weight and then it popped and then it lost weight and start a fitting again. And then I stopped going to the games and Angela strim Yakko read the Peter principles of free to birth. So to work that much, but I wear it on opening day and when I go to ball games I wear it It’s a little hot because summertime can be a little bit that way. Polyester 290 92 I can’t find it. We move the I can’t can’t find it. So I’m like alright, I’m gonna start looking for some jerseys online figure because I have the Tony Gwynn that’s lightweight. Awesome when you have it lightweight jersey, I paid 100 bucks for that on the baseball tour eight years ago. So I don’t spend any money on baseball right? I don’t go to games other than Angelo siphon and whatever. $3.50 He’s getting all my cable bill. I haven’t given them a nickel this year. Matter of fact, I didn’t even go to Springsteen the other night even though they canceled it because I found that they were given the state new money. I was like, I’ll go to the next park one. So I went up online. And I started looking at jerseys and like what I wanted and this is the one I always wanted, right so this is this is the one I was looking at every time I was at Comiskey Park eating the lattes that I tell you about that are so delicious there. And I see Aparicio. 11 up on the facade and I see the Louis statue out in centerfield And I take pictures with it. The 1969 Chicago, White Sox jersey is the great it’s a little big, but it’s not too big. It’s big enough that I can wear it in winter. It’s polyester, but it’s not wool. The ones that Comiskey Park were wool, and they were like, you know, 379 But some of that I’m gonna buy. I’m $100 Louis, you know, I mean, I, I if, if I can’t put it on for less than 100 bucks, I’m wearing it. Um, I mean, I’ve heard Dundalk, right. So I got this thing. This is the 1969 Louis Aparicio, Jersey it has the 100th anniversary and much like the Passerini Jersey dude, I thought this thing was going to show up and be ratty and awful and black market No, no stitched. It’s legitimate. It’s true, per se it’s beautiful. And look at that dude. How beautiful is this? 69 This is on the 1970 card. So if you get this 97 They only wore this one year, a lot of teams had special jerseys in 69 to sort of honor the 100th year anniversary because a buoy cool thing. So this leads me to the new Oriole jersey. Okay, you’re ready. I’m really I kind of want to 66 Aparicio kind of like the Palmer that’s kind of what I want. And I could do it and it’s more money than I want to spend quite frankly, it’s just I’m not going to spend $289 or whatever to get it on the pro shop and all of that. And then I find this piece in the dude wanted like this speaks to my cheapskate do want to like 179 bucks and I’m like can I pay 179 bucks but that frickin thanks beautiful and I have to have it and I had the measurement of it, make sure it was going to fit. So this is the 79 Oriole Jersey style. It should have an 11 and the senseis on it probably right from that era. The last Jersey Brooks wore when he hit the homerun right like like all of that. So this is the late 70s My favorite my heart right being up in in Section 11 Walking up the 34 while Bill all of that they wore these from time to time, you can the red key one was calling my name to the red key one. Totally call him my name with a 35 on it. But Louis Aparicio was here from 64 to 6867. He wore the Baltimore I have this beautiful news American Sunday insert with him wearing Orioles in the block. O R I O L E S with black lettering black piping, just beautiful jerseys from the 60s. I love that 66 Jersey, but I’m a late 70s guy. And they had an Aparicio. Stitched, awesome. That’s existed. So I’m like, I pay him 179 for this. So the guy tried to sell for a buck and a half up there. Finally, I’m like, dude, 99 bucks. I need this for the playoffs. All right, I need this. Alright. 12 bucks shipping.

Luke Jones  27:50

So, dude, this is my, that’s awesome.

Nestor Aparicio  27:53


And if I can resurrect more, or send this thing off to that Cleveland person that does the Lebron James, I’ll get 11 here to make it look proper. But it’s kind of cool the way it is. It’s kind of unique, and it fits me. So and it’s a little it’s got a little thickness to it like my old one did so I mean, the weather is going to be changing here. It’s probably not July 14, afternoon, Sunday afternoon, Jersey, but it’s going to be a great September through Memorial Day jersey for me. So, Luke, I’m ready. Do I look ready for the nest on Friday night?

Luke Jones  28:26

You are ready. Ready? Excited. I mean, it’s this is such a big week. It’s such a great time to be a Baltimore sports fan. It’s been. We talked about this a little bit in 14th and 16 and 12. But boy, this is Orioles trying to be the number one seed trying to have homefield throughout ravens off to a one and o start, even with the injuries. This exciting time so enjoy this because lord knows there have been some some times where Yeah, it was ravens and nothing else or whatever it might be. So for both these teams that have the expectations they do and for the Orioles to be right here on the on the cusp of winning the division number one seed all that. I mean, it’s we’ve come a long way from even two years ago with a 110 loss team, that’s for sure. Tell me

Nestor Aparicio  29:18

I look good. Just tell him tell me this was it fits me. Perfect, right, you’re ready,

Luke Jones  29:23

it sends you out to the what the splash zone, the bird bath and all that we will send you out there

Nestor Aparicio  29:29

called Dog the sensation. I mean, I’ve been thinking about him a lot because of the 11 on it. And you know this whole thing God does senseis is the one guy who came up to me through all of this because I’m going through this crap with the Ravens which you’re clearly aware of and you know, I don’t deserve any of this and like it same way you don’t deserve any of this have to work double duty this week. I should be sitting in the press box next to you this weekend. But the amazing thing is Bob Ehrlich who I supported and I’m appalled that I supported him and I told him to his face I’m happy about that. But I supported him. And he did this Sports Night was a fundraiser over Martins West when he was running the second time for governor. So I think he was he was the sitting governor at the time. And he threw an event over there was a big Republican thing at the time. And, you know, I was, I’ve been pretty down the middle and independent about lying and not lying on all sides of the purple and orange fence and the red and blue fence and politically and all that, but I went, I was invited in, you know, early Academy down to the statehouse with a whole bunch of folks. I had a beautiful night down, it had the governor’s mansion. So we put all that being said, January 6, tyranny I’ll, I’ll do that in other segments. But Dr. senseis came up to me and Martin’s West that night, and this VIP room that Ehrlich was in, it was a sports thing. There were a lot of athletes there that supported Bob Berlin, and he came up to me and Dr. senseis came to my Eastwood literally when I was a boy, Dundalk Avenue at the at the auto workers Hall we had our Eastwood Little League trophy ceremony 1978 He’s wearing a brown bomber jacket, it looks like it looks like a California superstar. His glasses are a little tinted, you know, and he has a picture. I’m a little boy and had a picture with me. Dhaka city so didn’t know I’m never we never had him on the show. This is 2007 or eight, after free the bird so he came up to me night course I know Dr. senseis is and he comes up to me. He’s like, I just want you to know that everything you’re doing and everything you’re saying about Peter angelos, you should keep doing it. I’m behind you. 100% He’s wrecked the French like, the senseis went in on so I’m like, Thanks, Doug. So, you know, you remember when people come up and support righteousness. So righteousness is we’re winning and righteousness is Dr. senseis Jersey says Aparicio on it and I’m happy to have it. I’m going to be wearing it at the nest on Friday Friday’s big day man I’m gonna have Maryland lottery scratch offs. They’re gonna be the Ravens scratch offs, not these 50th anniversary which has been very lucky by the way had $100 Winner Coco Scott months ago as well. We’re gonna be at the nest which is the deck underneath of the cupcake on our on our zoom screen here at the corner of Conway and and coming into the city on Howard Street at the foot of 395 Staring at the Welcome to Oriole Park at Camden yard sign on the warehouse. Lovely priced right hotdogs. It’s the mayor’s party at the convention center Friday and Saturday with the nest. I’ll be the guy in this looking throwback from majestic Luke can be found that Oriole Park at Camden Yards all week long as well as on the backfields Owings Mills. He’s doing double duty this week because they don’t let me in. I wish I could pay him more. Twice as much. Please. Sponsors come in curio Jiffy Lube. We got new sponsors everywhere our friends in winter nation, as well as putting it on with the Maryland lottery. I’ll have scratch offs to give away families on Friday morning. The nest on Friday night. Sold out Adam Jones it’s your Adam Jones letter coming to you, Mr. Number 10. Somebody hold me a t shirt because I’m not gonna be able to get in early enough. I’ll get all that scramble. Maybe 10 years later, somebody will bring me one like they brought me the polymer one. I’m Nestor. He’s Luke. It’s baseball. It’s football. It’s September. It’s week two. We’re going to Cincinnati. We are Baltimore positive. Stay with us.

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