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Adding up the numbers of the Maryland Lottery


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As the Maryland Crab Cake Tour rolled east to Ocean City for MACO chats with state leaders, John Martin and Seth Elkin of the Maryland Lottery join Nestor to discuss the big picture of revenue and the future of mobile wagering in our state.


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Nestor Aparicio, John Martin, Seth Elkin

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back, WN S T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we have the new logo up. And I’m really happy because Seth Elkanah John Martin here from Carolina. Oh boy, how does the new logo look here? This is what this is the new 25 year I mean inspired by these right you see this 50th anniversary 50 years of the Maryland lottery now, right next to 25 years of wn St. in Baltimore. Pause. We’re Mako. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery conjunction with a wind donation. And our friends at Raskin globe work. We’re doing the crab cake tour. They got a lot of crab cakes down here. We’re at the Ocean City Convention Center. It is the two year anniversary of me interviewing Ben Cardin with the crabcakes out in the lobby and everybody got a little like, well, that’s a good idea. Maybe we should have podcasters here. So I’ve gone from radio station owner FCC now now a podcaster as part of podcast row here, so John Mark from the Maryland lottery. Seth Alcon also from the Maryland lottery here. This is like a big deal. This Mako thing. I mean, Moeller would always tell me elected people would say, they’re like, man, you get out and you’d meet people, if people want to show it’s bigger than like anybody would know if you don’t come right.


John Martin  01:11

And it seems like he gets bigger every year. And I am not the political animal that a lot of other folks are in our organization, as well as in other state agencies. But yeah, this is the place to be seen. If you’re going to do it, it’s going to happen here. And I’ve been here probably less than than 24 hours and feel like, you know, probably made more contacts in these these first 24 hours. And I may have had in the last six months. So

Nestor Aparicio  01:35

I texted my wife 20 minutes before you came over. And this is the first segment. So this is our inaugural 25th anniversary logo segment on the show, we have to try to figure out how to get it on the Zoom when I get home for next week. And I said to my wife, I’m like, I haven’t even done any radio. And I feel like it’s been wildly successful because I ran into 300 people last night, people were yelling at me about the John Angelo’s blog yelling at me about Raven season has Lamar gonna do what, like all of this stuff that’s going on. This event brings people like you together. And I think to myself, somebody prints the tickets for the lottery, that’s a vendor. So they’re just all the vendors and the people that are involved in this. But you come with good news like this. This is an official visit for you like a state visit where you come and you sit before the new governor, all the new elected and say, Hey, water is doing pretty well here. The sports wagering things catching on and, and numbers that, quite frankly, make your agency look good, but also 50 years into this. This is what this whole thing was designed to do, which was pump money into making our state better, right? I mean, the person who sat in your chair in 1973, that’s what they were saying was going to happen. Right?

John Martin  02:42

That was the promise and delivering on the promise. And yeah, first off, I like that. And those folks are joining us by watching the actual video, Seth and I coordinated our outfits today. This is our blue and gray. This is our new our new look. Seth, how do you think

Seth Elkin  02:57


I think we got it and we’ll reverse it tomorrow. Right? Right. You got the blue, you got the greatest Right,

John Martin  03:01

right, actually, we’re gonna take the same shirts and just swap them but that’s better to feel good, that look good. I was gonna tell anybody. Now there’s more information than people needed to know every time

Nestor Aparicio  03:09

I come into your office. I say I don’t have one of these. And people like well, you hold still. I still don’t have

John Martin  03:14

one. All right. Well, well, you know, we’re, we’ll look into that. We’ll look into that. But, but I want an orange one. We don’t have orange for the Orioles. Well, okay. Then you need to talk to the Orioles. All right,


Nestor Aparicio  03:27

homerun. Richards is overwhelmed the Ravens season.

John Martin  03:31

It’s not Cordova. But I love the logo. Love the 25th anniversary logo. Jessica valus Harford designs. Very nice. Very nice. And yes, we have great news. And then part of the reason where Seth works tirelessly in the days leading up to Mako is that correct? That would be accurate. Yes. And making sure that our fiscal year numbers are complete, because it’s a great story to tell. And once again, we we achieved some, some great numbers across the board,

Nestor Aparicio  03:56

big big numbers 714 point 3 million lottery contributions to the state I got I got pie charts. I got Greg, this is like a real agency. The Maryland lottery really is this it’s

John Martin  04:07


real stuff, the stuff that gets real pretty quick and, and last year, we in terms of our contributions, the state total was over one and a half billion dollars, nearly $1.6 billion. Obviously we operate the lottery and very successfully ran the lottery this last year 714 point 3 million on that. But then we also regulate as you’re well aware, our casino gaming locations, and we have six of those around the state. And their contribution to to the state or ours on their behalf was $848 million. And of course all the fun we’ve been having recently has been our sports wagering side. And last year we came in at 25.3. Add in another 1.2 More or less on the daily fantasy sports and you add all that up and it’s really $1.6 billion. We’re very proud and Seth is going to fact check me on this, but we may be the largest agency outside of the US tax people outside of income tax property tax, sales tax, you’ve moved off the one side, we are probably the largest grossing, producing revenue generator for the state.

Nestor Aparicio  05:11

Yep. I think that’s an amazing thing, right? I mean, it speaks to people loving to play games wanting to win, right? I mean, and I this sports wagering number you have, for our purposes, it’s sort of a paltry number 25 million from where it’s going to be. But it was zero, the last 100 years, and we would always talk about gambling being on the up and up and whatnot. This is the beginning of what will be a windfall for the state when people gamble on sports, which is never really wasn’t even considered, I promise you, in the first 20 years of me doing radio, but clearly, in the last 10 years, this is something that’s coming on that the state’s gonna benefit from this, there’s no doubt about that. Well, they

John Martin  05:53

will. And they are and the reality is, this number is not going to get significantly higher. And I think some of the promises made, or maybe the false hopes were that this was going to be a big boon. And it’s really not intended to be that way. It’s still a very low margin. Net game. And Seth, you know, feel free to jump in with maybe some facts and figures you may have. But but when you look at it, you know, we thought years ago, when we first started looking at this, that 25 to 30 million would be where we’re at. And quite frankly, we kind of hit the mark on the first full year.

Nestor Aparicio  06:26

Well, gauging it. And and let’s start with, you know, mobile was a concept this time last year, you’re trying to get mobile, right? Mobile was a concept. And I was just up with Chris and David, up at the green male Bowling Green mound station and what they’re doing. And even those guys getting involved, I said to them, did you realize that the bricks and mortar were only going to be 1012 15%? And they’re like, well, we didn’t them we do now, you know. And, Cynthia, speak to that a little because I know you did research this. And I remember talking to you, before we got right here about what was happening in other states. And what we could expect here because you don’t want to come here and promise the governor something and then not deliver you want to be accurate in your predictions on mobile


Seth Elkin  07:06

has been a higher percentage of the market than we thought it was going to be. I think in other states, we saw, you know, 85 90%, we thought that that’s probably where it’s going to settle in. And it’s more like 95 96%. It’s that mobile market. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  07:18

cuz I’m wrong when I say 1090 simply

Seth Elkin  07:21

has been, and it’s, it’s something that people have really embraced. And we do have 10 retail locations that are open now. But you know, I wonder about exactly what the reason for that dynamic is maybe it’s just the traffic in Central Maryland is just that bad. People don’t want to have to get up and go somewhere. They’d rather love the convenience of being able to do it on their phone.

John Martin  07:41


Well, I think it really speaks to the to the makeup of the sports wager or the personality involved. That first weekend, as you know, was was right was Thanksgiving weekend. That Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we launched and we knew as a big sports weekend, a lot of activity, and we thought, Oh, this is great. For those numbers seem a little high, it’ll come back down. It never came back down. And if anything, it probably inched up a little bit. So

Nestor Aparicio  08:05

the inducements on mobile to give extra value. I mean, it’s like my David Chris said last week, they’re like, no, no, we have a new new app, people everybody sign up for it because they get extra value. And then they download every app and then decide, all right, this is where I’m going to be a customer. I’m at state of Marriott and Holiday Inns and, and hiatt’s and you decide where you’re going to stay and what business you’re going to work with, from your perspective and setting all this stuff up. This is a different Mako for you, right. I mean, two years ago, we’re playing and trying to get sports wagering installed last year, it’s mobile this year, it’s all right. Where’s the stability and all this and to your point, even your learning, the mobile side of this is just enormous. Right? And, and maybe that’s why you’re so concerned about kidney open last year, right?

John Martin  08:53

Well, and you look going forward to I mean, we pride ourselves on first off on the numbers and the contribution every year, we don’t take that lightly. We accept the responsibility, and we deliver on it. And our mission statement quite simply is to continue to provide games of entertainment games of chance that are entertaining for a variety of diverse populations. But growing our revenue responsibly, and looking at new technologies and making sure our games are relevant in a regional landscape. Because any more I mean, yeah, we talked about we don’t really compete with other lotteries in the state. And that’s true. But when you look at the things we do in a regional market, and the ability for people to use mobile devices, whether they’re in Pennsylvania, Virginia, DC, West Virginia, Delaware, I mean, there’s a lot going on regionally and

Nestor Aparicio  09:39

Delaware’s right there. Yeah, right. We can see it from here. Somebody tried to get me to go to they told me Hey, got this great place down at the ocean for you to have dinner on Google to them like some Fenwick even in Maryland, you know, I mean, but you consider it the same thing, but it is literally that close. I know the mobile side of this last year was about state line. means and that if you went from alone to coning of north of the border south, and you know, in one of those places that you’re making sure that people can’t do that. And that’s a technology piece that somebody in here had to install to. Right.


John Martin  10:13

Right. And the technology, big part of it. But, you know, Seth can tell you as we look forward, we’re continuing to look at new technologies, we’re continuing looking at new markets, ways that we can grow revenues responsibly. And the next evolution for us is going to be continued growth in in digital online platforms. And that means extending our reach beyond our traditional lottery and traditional gaming, potentially, in the air. So many

Nestor Aparicio  10:36

people playing number on my phone. Come on. I never thought about it. I have, by the way, it’s the all star team John Martin and Seth Alcon you usually have you separately. It’s kind of fun, because like, I’ve never really thought about that part. My wife brought it up to me because she’s a lottery player. She’s like, why can I play Mega millet? Why do I have to go to rural farms? No offense to rural farms are wise. Why do I have to go there? And bang on the pleasure machine there and over Costas, you know, little Springsteen reference Get well soon, Bruce, we want to get well. But I guess we’re getting close to that. Right. I could sit here and play. Ben on pitches with baseball from here. It’s got to be able to get a three digit number sometime soon. Saturday, I

Seth Elkin  11:16

think I think that’s when we talked about evolution. That’s the next evolution is any any business, no matter what you’re selling, you’ve got to be able to reach the people who are buying it, where they are, and where they are. Obviously, it’s in the digital space, every business has to figure out how to evolve that way in the lottery business is no exception to that. So it’s going to be eventually where the business is headed. And we’re starting to look at how we do that, how we execute that. And how do we

Nestor Aparicio  11:43


implement that. So I love that Mako get the next big thing last year was mobile. So what does that mean, John? So if Governor Moore says or the citizens say to you Oh, wouldn’t you know, what do you look at? Is there another place where this is being done? I think the same question I had for you is, hey, let’s see how they’re doing it Massachusetts, or what they’re doing? Are there states where you can play lottery on your phone?

John Martin  12:05

There are a number of states that have embraced both traditional lottery and traditional casino gaming, and move both of those into ilottery and AI gaming, and made those available to players on their phone. And that’s only in this state, obviously. Right? Well, it’s neither of that is in Maryland. And that’s what the next evolution that conversations over the next 12 To 18 to 24 months will have to happen but you don’t have to go too far. Pennsylvania does both ilottery and I gaming? Virginia does ilottery West Virginia does both so again you look

Nestor Aparicio  12:45

does that mean I gaming I lottery different says

Seth Elkin  12:48

to distinction two different things the eye gaming, which is getting a lot of attention as as people know, we’ve got a study that we’re working on that the General Assembly assigned us some homework that we’ve got to turn in by November. I gave him when we say gaming, it refers specifically to casino gaming. So that’s online slots and table games. I lottery blackjack online, right, exactly the same as you would play in the casino.


John Martin  13:10

Right? If you can envision going into a casino and playing that game roulette, Blackjack, poker slots.

Nestor Aparicio  13:15

Let’s be honest, I played blackjack online when I had AOL 20 years ago for fun in a room. Right? I mean, like, literally, that it was something you could do with your cousin in Arizona and say, let’s play play game tonight. Right? Talking about taking that technology has been there forever. Right? Well, and

John Martin  13:31

it’s there today. And you know, Seth can share with you a little bit to the extent that we can I mean, there are there are illegal entrants in the marketplace. So if somebody’s listening or watching to us, and we hope they’re doing both at the same time, but we but if they’re doing that they may say well, wait a minute, you know, I get these things hitting my phone or hitting my my laptop that talk about slots. I can do that today. Well, that’s true in the state of Maryland, there are illegal entrance, because it is not sanctioned in Maryland, that people can participate in these things illegally. And that’s what we want to guard against. Same thing when we went into the sports wintering versus there was always a black market for wagering,

Nestor Aparicio  14:12


but named salad after

John Martin  14:16

but the the ability to legalize it to put player protections in place to put a taxable revenue stream for the for the state. Those are the same things and people shouldn’t be surprised that the evolution from sports wagering to AI gaming to potentially ilottery Those things are in the next several years of development.

Nestor Aparicio  14:37

John Martin is here. Seth Alcon from the Maryland law room, Mako and Ocean City doing the Maryland crab cake tour. It is presented by the Maryland lottery I had my my cool little 25th anniversary cupcake logo now. We’re gonna be giving these away on the 29th at Pappas in Glen Burnie county executive Steuart Pittman is going to be joining us. Calvin Ball is going to be here with us this week. Senator Ben Cardin is going to be here. Attorney General Anthony Brown is going to be stopped by so we have lots of great guests down here Mako, we’ll get that back out on the road with Maryland crab cakes. We’re we’re going to be fadeless on the 15th of September as well with a compensate president, as well as a Larry Stewart, the new head coach of the compensate eagles. So Dr. jank is going to join us as well. So for you with you got stories, you have all sorts of things here. This I want to stick with this I part this i gaming part, just one more minute, because I probably will talk much about it as we get into homerun riches and ravens season in the State Fair and all the stuff we’ll be doing next week. The I gaming part of this is that something that needs to go to Annapolis that you need permission, you need all that right. You said oh yeah, I’m like, hey, maybe your lottery, you just do what you want, right?

Seth Elkin  15:45

And all of these things have to go through Annapolis and I gaming you may remember if you follow the legislature closely, that there wasn’t a gaming bill that was introduced, it didn’t didn’t proceed. It didn’t get out of committee in last in this past year session, but so that we’ll have to have enabling legislation. But more importantly, there will have to be a referendum in much the same way. There was a referendum to implement sports wagering and years prior there was a referendum to approve casino gaming in the state there was isn’t happening anytime real soon. Well, the soonest you can get a referendum on the ballot be November of 24. To to have the voters approve the idea of implementing a gaming in the States. And then


Nestor Aparicio  16:22

that would be a 25 getting it together late 25 kind of installation to put a timeline on it. But but we’re at least two years out on that if if it were to happen,

John Martin  16:31

right, it would be safe to assume it would follow a similar sports wagering from legislation to market timeline, right? Well, you’re

Nestor Aparicio  16:39

the head honcho, lobby me on it, what why is it? Obviously you just you did talking about the black market, but like, why is it necessary? And I mean, keeps you current, right, more than anything else, right?

John Martin  16:53


Well, there a couple things, and certainly going forward. And again, this is based on what we see in other jurisdictions, Seth and I and a number of other people with the lottery and gaming, both looking at what other people do what’s successful. And you know, there are no original thoughts anymore in this industry. So you copy what somebody does, and hopefully you improve upon it and make it better. And I gaming in some jurisdictions has been a significant boon to state coffers, provides a new revenue stream that doesn’t exist. It can complement existing brick and mortar entities. So it’s not a a stealing robbing Peter to pay Paul type of mentality. It must have player protections to guard with responsible gaming practices and problem gambling and making sure that that that we’re cognizant of, of playing behaviors, and we have the tools in place so that people don’t get upside down on this

Nestor Aparicio  17:47

still replace a scratch off though, from a physics you know what I mean?

John Martin  17:51

Well, that’s true. That’s right. I mean, it’s not going to replace I gaming, it’s not going to put casinos out of business, you know, they will still exist. Similarly with a lottery, it’s not going to put traditional lottery out of business, there are people who still want the tactical touch and feel experience, whether it’s lottery or casino, they want to go to they want to play craps with people, that there they can interact with

Nestor Aparicio  18:13

that if it’s snowing out in their home, and they can play if they want


John Martin  18:17

if they want, okay, and again, a lot of these people feel well, they can do it today. And they may be right, but they’re not doing it legally. And that’s that’s really the second part of it. So the first is revenue generation. The second is, the legality is is putting people in line with legal and approved solutions, again, protects the player, as well as generating the revenue stream and it also has some some guardrails around it. I love

Nestor Aparicio  18:41

having you here too, because you can now do the whole, like talk about problem game because we talk a lot about that, especially in the early part of let’s talk about football starting in a couple of weeks. Right baseball’s on every night we’re all baseball up as we shouldn’t be around here. But this is new, and it’s worried me and I’ve talked about it on the air and certainly for our listeners and people that I know that have that Fred Flintstone bet bet bet thing going on? Slow Slow your roll, as they say, right, one of

Seth Elkin  19:09

the things I think is probably useful to think about too, when you have people engaging these activities in a digital space, there’s a way to message to them in a controlled way that you just don’t have available to you when they’re in a retail space. When you’re out at a casino or when you’re buying tickets at a retailer a lottery tickets, we can there are ways

Nestor Aparicio  19:28


to the bartender you could say slow down and show somebody here’s

Seth Elkin  19:30

how much time you’ve spent playing. Here’s how much money you spent. So those are tools that will probably it’s hard. We haven’t worked out all the details to this. We don’t know exactly how all of this book when it gets implemented. But these are things that are on the table. And these are things that we’ve seen implemented elsewhere and in other states and, and tactics that we think can can have an impact and helping people to engage in these things in a responsible way that you have available to you in that digital space because you can put it on the screen in front of somebody and you can’t do that when some But he’s out at a retail environment. So having covered all

Nestor Aparicio  20:02

the Mako news, you’re gonna have some fun we got winners and we got things going on. We got homerun riches we got ravens rolling out, we got state fair we get we get a lot of things you give it away a lot of money so


we always get we always give away we always have a lot of


Nestor Aparicio  20:14

we don’t we’re not giving a billion dollars really give it like a quarter of a billion right now on the jackpot. So we don’t talk about jackpot winners on my winners. But we’ve had winners here in the state and lots of fun stories that come when people do when you’re in the front line for you changed my life. Let me tell you what I’m going to do with it. Bla bla bla Kryon pictures come down and get a big check, right? All of the

John Martin  20:35

winter stories available at MD And they are all unique and they are wonderful stories. You get them every day, right? Literally we Seth comes to me and got another one got another one. And they are they’re truly great stories. And one of my favorites from this last week is we have a relatively new game called pick five. You know, we’ve had pick three, pick four for years. Pick five, no secret, you’re waiting for five numbers to come up and we draw that twice a day. And people you know, they have their certain numbers, that’s their house number. It’s their anniversary, it’s their, whatever their license plate is, you know, they whatever things they have to do to pick the numbers is great. We had a story recently of a man from accokeek. I love saying acha K

Nestor Aparicio  21:18

Hold on a C C, O. K E. You may I’ve never heard Hold on. I’m gonna, I gotta go with but do you know where it is? No, I’m gonna find out right now.



I could tell you. Oh, no, no, I’m

Nestor Aparicio  21:30

gonna admit I’ve never heard of accokeek. I mean,


your travel activities

Seth Elkin  21:35

mirrors George’s County, you’re gonna be


Nestor Aparicio  21:39

up in there. Of course. It’s right down by the MGM. I drove south on the way to St. Mary’s. I’ve been through there a little cloudy that days. I remember.

John Martin  21:47

I had been there. Okay. So not only did he have a luck, by the way,

Nestor Aparicio  21:51

it’s right up the street from pole monkey. And Ben’s Ville and Pomfret and Piscataway. There’s a Piscataway, Maryland.

John Martin  21:57


Someone take away his Google map before he hurts himself. All right.

Nestor Aparicio  22:02

They got a row down there. It’s legit Go ahead. But the

John Martin  22:05

beauty of his not only his numbers, he chose to play his numbers on $1 Bet 15 times. So he makes a $15 bet. Don’t get ahead of me. His $50,000 Winning top prize hits times 15 When $750,000 That’s a lot of dough. That’s a fun story. That’s a fun story. But the fun

Nestor Aparicio  22:29

parts accokeek Now that I know right up in there, though, right,


John Martin  22:33

right. Right. So that that was a fun one. Another fun one we had was in Rosedale, which is one of the hot beds you know, we’re Rosedale is

Nestor Aparicio  22:41

going to test so Rosedale from from my bedroom porch on Bank Street. We lived at the top of the hill, out my bedroom. I could see Rosedale. So yes, I’m very, very close to Rosedale. Yes.

John Martin  22:53

A gentleman who won a top prize on our lucky scratch off ticket of $100,000. You know, I love this and here’s the testimonial, unsolicited testimonial. I encourage everyone to play you can’t win if you don’t play. I would have added play responsibly to that. But I think the spirit is still implied there, don’t you think?



I think so.

Nestor Aparicio  23:13

63 year old loves to fish and crab. That’s the important part. That’s Rosedale guy. Yeah, well, of course, what

John Martin  23:18

else they do? Well, play lottery apparently.

Nestor Aparicio  23:22

Like Rosa Rosedale. I bet you didn’t know that lower Rosedale but Rosedale. All right, suppose famous Rosedale resident? Yeah, they’re going to get that in.


John Martin  23:30

We have a husband and wife team working in in Harford County. Apparently, she picks the numbers normally, for whatever reason she didn’t have her numbers today. The husband gives her the numbers for the day bam, winning ticket.

Nestor Aparicio  23:45

Where was that lottery ticket purchase? John Martin.

John Martin  23:47

Where was that? Where was that? That was at Royal farms.

Nestor Aparicio  23:52


Edgewood road network. Yes. I know that Roy pharmacists. Yes, yes. So there are the fried chicken there you know that

John Martin  23:58

that’s a fun story. We have a game called multi match which is an interesting games are in state jackpot game it sometimes doesn’t get the attention that Powerball and Mega Millions does because it grows as a much slower pace. But recently we had a Waldorf man, you know, we’re Waldorf.

Nestor Aparicio  24:17

I’ve been the Waldorf charles county, or is that Calvert County down there somewhere? Yes, go ahead. Yes, one of the I was one of the I believe I’ve only been Southern Maryland once in my life. So don’t Don’t be mad at me about accokeek or mad at me about Lexington Park or any of these places. Then I went it was nice. I want to let you know but I don’t know one town from the other. But I do know Walter, where do you

John Martin  24:42

know this gentleman one $840,000 on multi match. Nice. Do we have some people that are that are doing playing responsibly winning some prizes having some great stories. A lot of people that are that are former state or federal employees. We see a lot of that We see a lot of people, retirees, maybe it’s because youngsters don’t don’t play as


Nestor Aparicio  25:07

math for when I retired to hit the lottery, you know what I mean? I would appreciate it now if it could, you know, I don’t go to work tomorrow when my wife wouldn’t be the same. Let me work a little harder. And then I’ll hit the lottery. John Martin Seth, welcome here. Live scratch offs. Ravens Oriole sport. I mean, obviously, we can sit here and beat up on Cincinnati all day because they got a Pittsburgh going to Cleveland got here this time of year. But the sports part of this and what your relationship with the Ravens. This is all coming again. We did. We did baseball for six months. And we’re getting to the end of that and what a run. It’s been there, right. And then you got a 50th anniversary Raven thing going on. And

Seth Elkin  25:42

first of all, we’re not quite done with baseball, we got that last drawing and homerun riches were on August 29. We’re gonna give away a first of all, all of the contestants of the game for September, but then there’s a $50,000 prize in that drawing as well. So these people still got time to enter Barbra Jean is not the only one. He’s not the only one who is going to be one more $50,000 winner. But yeah, the Ravens tickets the $2 and $5. Ravens tickets launch on the 21st of August. And that’s when the second chance contest gets started. And that’s huge for us every year and people love that second chance contest. There are many ways to win. There are many different prizes, you can win season tickets, you can win season tickets for next year, you can win season tickets for 20 years, which is the grand prize that everybody wants to play for. So you guys

Nestor Aparicio  26:22

have second chance on like everything is the Ravens one that’s the most famous one amongst my I mean, I know about it. I know but tickets for life. You guys have paraded your winners around and they get to go. I mean, the experiential part with the Ravens has color right? I mean, it’s it’s like training camp right now, you know, Odell Beckham has got purple in his hair, and people see it. But there’s the part of Second Chance across everything that you’re always hitting me about an exotic trip did this or a special experiential thing. But the Ravens one probably speaks, you probably get more participation in that than anything else. That’s kind of thing

Seth Elkin  26:56


I wasn’t even done listing off, all of the things are still more experiential, there’s a trip to Jacksonville that you could win this year to travel with the team. When they go there. There’s the onfield pass for cash experience that people can go in and play and have a chance to win money at halftime of the game. So there’s all kinds of ways to be a part of that. And I think it really does ramp up the excitement level, not only for the start of the season, but our our fans, lottery fans get excited for when those tickets launch, so they want to play and they want to get a chance to be in those Second Chance contests.

Nestor Aparicio  27:24

Well, now that I have you the all star team together with Seth Alcon and John Moore, I want to say to you, this 50th anniversary thing inspired the logo that sitting underneath of me right now, because I started thinking like in June, I’ve done so much with your 50 My 20 fives coming up. And I’m thinking, Should I spike the ball? Should I not? I don’t want to do it. Well, here’s what I didn’t want to do on your behalf as much. I didn’t want to do it half. But you know what I mean? Like, I didn’t want to tippy toe in 25 years, and I wanted to have a real strategy. So the strategy is this and you guys are part of and sponsor, we’re going to be doing the 25 stories of glory, because all you do the storytelling and all these great things. We got a story to tell it nsj and I’m gonna retell it because Seth was too busy rooting for the Steelers in the in the pirates 23 years ago, 22 he didn’t know who I was. So we did all of these things from whiskey Joe’s and free the birds and and all of the road trips and where we were the night that the Ravens beat the Patriots. And where are we the March we did in New Orleans. We’ve had all of these events. I have pictures and videos. We did a nice guy awards years ago, we did Ed block things for years where we had Junior saao, and lots of legendary players, all of our ratings. So we’ve done all these things. And I’m trying to figure out what our top 25 are. And I’m going to release one a week, every week for 25 weeks beginning Labor Day.

John Martin  28:42

Perfect. Perfect. All right.

Nestor Aparicio  28:44

So you inspired me. Excellent. That’s strategy and leadership. Excellent. leave anything out. Are we good?



No, we’re good. We’re good good.

Nestor Aparicio  28:53

crab feast here we are ready for you know the Mako we are always ready for a craft piece. It’s all your heavy lifting done that you presented all this money you’re given to the state.

John Martin  29:02

Our job is never done there at the Maryland lottery. All right.

Nestor Aparicio  29:05


I gaming’s next now you got a hot button and you give me something that next six months I get to hit you guys about it? Well,

John Martin  29:13

number one, November, don’t get ahead of yourself. Don’t

Seth Elkin  29:16

refrain we’re going to be giving a lot. I have a feeling over the next

Nestor Aparicio  29:18

few. But this is going to be something people are gonna be talking about in Annapolis. Yep. January, February, March.


John Martin  29:24

Yes, it will be a topic.

Nestor Aparicio  29:27

We’ll add revenue will change revenue. That’s

John Martin  29:31

it is intended to add revenue. But again, we haven’t seen anything yet because Napoles hasn’t seen anything yet from the study that’s been required. So we’re, we’re still at least two or three iterations from actually having something to really talk about. But November 15 is the start the session next season we’ll we’ll move it along and then probably a much better conversation will happen after the session when we’ll know if there is a referendum it will be scheduled and then we’ll be able to really get them another level of conferencing issue.

Nestor Aparicio  30:00

So I had a, I was at a cocktail party, imagine that it may go. And I was with a madam secretary that she ran something I wasn’t aware communications person was there. One of my listeners is in the draw and said, Hey, he’s a real journalist. He pisses people off. So this. So I said, we’re making news down here. There’s a little bit of news in this in what you’re doing here, not just in the money in sports, wagering and mobile, but there’s some future here, because I was going to ask you what’s next? Because it seemed like the 50th between 50th anniversary and mobile sports all the way we’ve come in 24 months, I’m like, Chantal off and you’re done. But you’re not done. No, no, we never rest. All right. We never stop talking Baltimore sports. I went with that for 93 and a half years. So Seth, Elton John Mark from the Maryland lottery. We’re down here at the Mako. We’re eatin crabcakes. We’re meeting people making new friends having lots of folks on and more than that, as my mom would say you make a noose down here. So what we’re trying to do that I’m Nestor, we are WNS da in 1570, Towson, Baltimore will Seattle the Maryland crab cake tour trail. We’re in Glen Burnie next week on the 29th with enrolled county executive Steuart Pittman back for more from the beach. I’m not sunning myself. This is not sunlight. I promise you. This is convention center light back for more Baltimore positive stay with us.

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