Cornbread and crab cakes with Delegate Anderton in Ocean City

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Our returning Republican champion from the Eastern Shore, Delegate Carl Anderton welcomes Nestor back to Ocean City at MACO with a chat about the value of the Ravens and Orioles to folks all over Maryland. And some local perspective on bridges, broadband, education and growth on the lower peninsula.


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Carl Anderton, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back, W N st Towson, Baltimore. Baltimore positive. We are positively in Ocean City, Maryland Talk brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. It’s a 50th anniversary for them. It’s 25th anniversary for us. This is our first segment that it was not what John Martin or Seth Alcon that features the special 25th anniversary logo. It is the it’s got the cupcake. The fireworks, the very Tinkerbell inspired from Walt Disney World. This guy next to me is an elected official. I I don’t know if I would vote for you or not. I am not getting the opportunity. Would you not given the opportunity? He is a member of the House of Delegates. I’m reading right from his work. If you look at that good looking this pink shirt you got there. Why comico County for those of you who don’t know where why comico county is? It’s over that way next door. All right. He is a Republican. Next time any usando have Republicans on here he is right here. 38 b district 38 B, we have discussed this about Del Mar and the peninsula and the sharps. Sharps fair, the fair this shutdown shutdown and fire department and oysters. Yep. Carl Anderton he is a returning champion here of all things Eastern Shore. I like him because he listens to the show. He came up he smooshed up to me like a politician from Eastern Shore would at Preakness and said, Hey, I listen to you. And I’m even a Republican that listens to you. And the next thing you know, I’m doing a crab cake tour. And you’ve joined me Salisbury a couple times and you’re at the beach. Yep, Mako is here. And this is when you bring all a city folks crossed the bridge. Everybody knows Ocean City become down here. But this is a big thing that I don’t know that citizens know a lot about and unless you’re involved in state government, but it’s a little bit of a Super Bowl for where the money goes and where the money flows. Right. And more than that, I think it’s it’s a Super Bowl for guys like you who maybe go to Annapolis see people or whatnot. But this brings everybody to one place.


Carl Anderton  02:03

Yeah, I don’t have to travel two hours now. So I can just come down the street here.

Nestor Aparicio  02:07

Usually doing all the drive. Yeah. And

Carl Anderton  02:11

so for, for local governments, you know, this is a one opportunity where they have the entire state government here in one spot. So any issues they have, be it roads, anything environmental taxes, whatever, one stop taking care of in one place. I mean, it’s just amazing opportunity.

Nestor Aparicio  02:31


All right. So give me the lowdown on what’s important to the people of your What are you in doing every day, that might look a little different than what somebody in the city’s doing? Or in Baltimore County where I live up in Towson? What are the I’ll tell you an issue I always have with you. And I brought it I don’t think when I was with Jake day, I was at the suicide bridge over and Hurlock Avenue crabcake. Couple weeks ago, when I went over to Dewey Beach, I drove through your county on the way over and back because it’s beautiful. I’d I’d rather stay off 50 I’d rather you know, I’m more 404 i So some folks from Kent County in Denton, I’ve really gotten to know these roads over here last few years. This is the most beautiful time of the year to drive those roads. But damn, if I’m gonna get a seltzer signal on me, like I’m just being honest with you. And this speaks to maybe our political differences and information differences. But like just trying to communicate when you’re not on 50 on the back roads. And I’ll speak to Western Maryland, I’ll get thrown over here. Later on. We’ll talk about what’s going on those but communication and cell phone service that in 2023 that we take for granted in Towson or on the beltway or in Baltimore, anywhere you your listener in the beltway. That’s not a way of life once you get off 50 going to Del Mar. Right.

Carl Anderton  03:47

That’s the truth, man, and it’s something we’ve dealt with. And we’ve met. Thank you, bro. Yeah, good, good. You know, look good. Sound good. Right. You know,

Nestor Aparicio  03:54

we already look good, you know, you

Carl Anderton  03:54

know what it is? So, but it’s an issue that we’ve worked on. We’re still working on it trying to get coverage everywhere. Broadband. Right? Well, just cell service, you know, and we’re still lagging behind because the issue is volume, unfortunately, user volume, so they’re like, you know, okay, yeah, we can put one on the backside of the Hebron that that will provide coverage for 500 people, or we can go over to a new development outside of the Columbia, Maryland and Hit 40,000 Hit 40,000. Right. So that’s always been our issue. And that probably

Nestor Aparicio  04:27

will always be your issue without without getting some sort of help. Because one thing you’re never going to have, I should say never but your is population, right? It’s Well, eventually people voted for you. How big is your Give me your district area? Because I mean, I see you every year your elected official but like a lot less votes than if you were in Towson would be necessary to let you really,

Carl Anderton  04:49

I mean, our district we have about 50,000 people in our district, you know, we have some Yeah, and you know, and but we I have a very You would still call it rural, but on the shore we call it pretty urbanized area. Okay. We have the Metropolitan core of why comico County and then it will be Saulsbury will be Salisbury. So I have half the county population in my district and the north side of Salzburg Correct. All the way through down down through Salisbury University down to the so right now

Nestor Aparicio  05:20

in my cooler in my car. I have half of a slice of death by coconut cream pie right now from the ugly pot in your district. Yep. All right. So there I shopped in your yesterday. Alright, that’s it. All right.

Carl Anderton  05:35

Yeah. So on the way home, you know, stop at Walmart and hit the mall or any of the other shopping areas and spend some more money, please.

Nestor Aparicio  05:43

I’m not going to Walmart. I’m gonna do the evolution. Everybody goes on Walmart. That’s not I’m not going to want to Solsbury. I don’t need I got one at home. Let me do that. I got one. But yes, come to Evo. I know what I don’t have it on TV. I don’t have Evo. I don’t have we got that. Right. I know about these? Yes, absolutely.

Carl Anderton  05:59

Apps. I

Nestor Aparicio  06:00

wish you were with me is burnished the one that’s on a Sunday went on the north end on the north end. Behind the hotel. I was staying at the residence. Yep. Right. Yep, there’s Starbucks there and a chicken all the things you got right. But I want to that burnish it’s around the corner and you’d like to get the roll up doors and everything correct. Yep. I went there and you should have been there to cut me off at night because I I was staying a block away. I would never cut you know what happened was and this is true. I was there last year. I was there in August. And it was near my hotel, so I didn’t have to drive a literally walk. There’s a little frayed Skeeters over there. We got some big ones coming in from our delis bring you right carry you away, brother. I’ve been a Christian.


Carl Anderton  06:41

Yeah. Oh, yeah. Are you talking? Yeah, we named him. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  06:46

I still got the marks on the scars back there, my neck from that boat ride over to the Smith island. But so I went to the bar there. And the kids like yeah, this is good. This is good. And then this drinks good. And the Oreo game was on. It was in August that I think they were playing wasn’t West Coast pool. So maybe a Texas game or something started a little later. Right. And the beer was delicious. And unlike EVO where I was driving out of there, you know, I went to hit it hit and run out a little walk from here. Yeah. And I’m like any and I’m like, Damn, that’s good. Yeah, it was really stout. It was a summer staff. And it was it was a Swedish kind of stout noodle sauna, Sweden. And I’m like, I’m gonna have me another way. I looked up 9.2% You know what I mean? And I woke up a little hungover in your district. It’s all right. Honorable delegates.

Carl Anderton  07:36

Good for you. We welcome you. So well, the beer

Nestor Aparicio  07:39


was good. That’s that’s all that had nothing to do with my taste for the alcohol was just like, when that tastes good. Yeah, it’s

Carl Anderton  07:46

a meal in the mail in the beverage brother.

Nestor Aparicio  07:48

Listen, I I like the Eastern Shore. Like I didn’t know how much I’d like it. I had the folks in Rocky gap and the folks out in Deep Creek. I had never been out there. I had never really been off 50s Other than the drive thru a few chicken farms on the way over to the beach. I didn’t stop or anything. But like you haven’t, you’re in a beautiful part of the world and I can see the appeal of why people want to live over here. Yeah, absolutely.

Carl Anderton  08:12

I mean, this is this is where it’s at. But your family

Nestor Aparicio  08:14

came from the other side right your Baltimore people are no your show has

Carl Anderton  08:18

been here since the 1600s. So So why

Nestor Aparicio  08:21

did you adopt the Ravens? Why didn’t you have like the the burning goal, whatever they’re called, What is

Carl Anderton  08:26


wrong with you, man? I’m Maryland bro. Where the Ravens practice Maryland. Where did the commandos or whatever they call it this week, practice Virginia. Alright, there you go. need us anymore? No,

Nestor Aparicio  08:39

well, you are a really big you come at me as a sports fan as a delegate. So give me the sports five for the shore. I’m telling you I was in your district a year ago watching an Oreo game having a beer and the Oreo. I have not walked 50 feet and Ocean City without seeing an Oreo hat then it’s been a long it’s been many, but back to senior week in the 80s. And the minutes, brother. Yeah. And at the Madison Beach Hotel Daniel forth. You know, it’s been a long time but everywhere I go here, I’m seeing Oriole things. Yeah, give me your experience. Because this is another thing that affects you get into games right? Broadband like people were trying to get the games is an issue.

Carl Anderton  09:17

Well, even just traveling to the games physically we hit we dealt with it Saturday going into the preseason game. You know, we were two hours behind because of bay bridge traffic.

Nestor Aparicio  09:27

So you went to the preseason game. Oh, yeah. We


Carl Anderton  09:29

tailgate everything. off your heart. Cool. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  09:32

we tell you Oh, you drove two hours last week to go to the preseason tailgate

Carl Anderton  09:36

and tailgate we did steak tacos and scrambled brother

Nestor Aparicio  09:41


scrapple. Oh, yeah. Is that Eastern Shore Scrabble? Yeah, it’s real scramble, man. What’s that face for? What you make it? I don’t eat scrambled.

Carl Anderton  09:50

You ever have real scrapple? I guess right? You have rapa or some of that Pennsylvania mess.

Nestor Aparicio  09:56

Up is there Maryland. scrapple. Yeah, absolutely. Someone is sure I probably get anything I want over here. Absolutely. We got

Carl Anderton  10:03

it all brother. We got it all. From the rooter to the tooter. Man, we got you covered.


Nestor Aparicio  10:08

Yeah. For dinner. You were doing this at night. Yeah, we do.

Carl Anderton  10:11

Yeah, absolutely. So it’s an hors d’oeuvre. We do. I don’t

Nestor Aparicio  10:15

want to call you hillbilly. As soon as I get your acting

Carl Anderton  10:17


like yeah, that’s all right. You call them whatever you want. I’m sure Billy. So we as soon as we get there we frost grapple upon the griddle, get it going. And that’s up for people to snack on. While we’re making the big deal, which we had London Brown, we sliced up for steak tacos for everybody. So why that? Yeah, I’ll eat that. Yeah, absolutely. You’re welcome to come anytime and weren’t allowed H every time

Nestor Aparicio  10:36

you go to every ravens game every ravens game? No, I Well, let’s talk sports and currently engineer. Is there anything political you want to say about Annapolis or something that’s overtly Republican or overtly sure that you’re bringing to Annapolis to help your people where you get pushback or fight that we can fight about it? Or you can make sense to lobby me. I mean, you’re working for your people I know you are. What do your people want? So let’s say what do you go to Annapolis for

Carl Anderton  11:02

this the same thing that everybody else wants? Man, you want clean, safe neighborhoods? And then no, you say his political speak, but it’s legit, clean, safe neighborhoods, clean, safe schools, everybody wants the opportunity to make $1 So they can pay the bills and live another day. I mean, it’s just

Nestor Aparicio  11:16

in your area making $1 means farming, it’s a different kind of way of making $1. Right, we


Carl Anderton  11:21

have a new secretary ag who I have a great relationship with. We’re working on some issues now. Because farms are in Delaware and Maryland. So what are the issues was a little bit of an issue with recognizing each state’s certifications, you know, for like sod for example. You know, sod has to be certified to be used. And so

Nestor Aparicio  11:42

and that is because of bugs. Things that Yeah, I mean, we got these lantern flies flying around now, right? I don’t know how they how they hatch or how they write but they’re everywhere. Yeah. And they weren’t three years ago. So that so when you’re this isn’t, this is science, and it’s important. And so it needs to be regulated, right. For the

Carl Anderton  11:59

longest time, you know, we had where each state would recognize the other certification, like, you know, you could use Delaware sod, Maryland, Maryland, sod and Delaware and and now it’s changed somehow, I guess, because of the administration shift. Maybe they were like, Yeah, we don’t understand what this is. We’re going to stop it. And so we have a sod farmer who would have sod planted, you know, grown in Delaware planted the Maryland now they’re saying, you have to have it now. recertified in Maryland, which is duplicative. And but we’re working on it. And then we’ll take care of that. You know,

Nestor Aparicio  12:31


that’s what happens if you have a state line. Yeah. Right. Right.

Carl Anderton  12:34

Yeah. And, but we’ll take care of that. We’ll get that straight. You know, the other issue, you know, we’re always looking to bring things home in the budget. You know, we’re looking at a new building at Salisbury University. expansion to the why comico airport waiting for your piece. I’ve always always absolutely, yeah, and, you know, but it’s John Angela

Nestor Aparicio  12:52

is fighting for his piece he is you know what? I mean? He said something be overbearing, you know, he’d be fool not to ask for it. I’m gonna ask he’s asking to have the parody claw

Carl Anderton  13:02

he demanding. That’s not gonna happen. That’s not gonna happen.


Nestor Aparicio  13:05

I’m glad you said that out loud. No, somebody’s going to Napoli that can’t happen. What do you make? Maybe you’re different because you’re all sports stop, and you’re all lubed up like, I was 30 years ago about having a football team and all this. Now that these billionaires are billionaires, and they get more rich off the public boobie right. I, I don’t know where I stand on it. And I certainly wouldn’t know if I were a person two and a half hours away, where they’re jamming your for cable television, and this and that, really kind of taken advantage of the bird in your closet. And I don’t know, if I were with people, if I were an elected, how over the top, I would be to further enrich John Angelos and Steve Ashada. You don’t I mean, like, I’m at the point. And it’s, I’m at a sports radio station. Right. And, and I’ve been horribly mistreated by them, given I’m a marketing arm for them, right. Like, I am an advocate for them whether they realize that or not, right? Yeah. I mean, I obviously they hate me, despite my advocacy. I can’t imagine for citizens who think how much are we giving them and why? Because why aren’t we giving it to schools? Why are we giving it to the police? Why aren’t we giving it to the millet? Like there’s a million different things we could be doing around here to take care of roads, I mean, a million million problems and you know, in your county, right. The Orioles in the Ravens getting richer. That might be a tough sell over here for you. Maybe not for you because you have a baseball or football but I could see where you get pushback on that at the at the barbecue, right.

Carl Anderton  14:39

But you have to explain where the money’s coming from. You know, it’s not tax dollars. You know what I mean? It’s lottery revenue base pays the bonds off, you know, so if

Nestor Aparicio  14:52

right there, God’s right there. Absolutely.

Carl Anderton  14:54


Yeah, that’s my clicker core. What’s up, man? Keep on clicking baby. This right here,

Nestor Aparicio  14:59

when you’re with Someone of Carl Anderson statute, you know, like, over here on the shore.

Carl Anderton  15:06

Right? Anyway.

Nestor Aparicio  15:10

So for you, yeah. But for you and going to Annapolis and saying You said you have to explain where this money is coming from, what do you tell your people, when they say I have given them rich, rich people, millionaires, that you know, there are 150 miles away, and I got a farm and you don’t care about me? What do you really care about me


Carl Anderton  15:27

if you don’t buy this and you don’t participate? Right on? Yeah. So it’s a selective tax, you know, like gambling, you know, it’s a selective tax. You know, you don’t gamble. You’re not

Nestor Aparicio  15:37

contributing. That’s right. Yeah, absolutely. Well, you’re contributing. You’ve been to Orioles games

Carl Anderton  15:41

yet? Oh, yeah, absolutely. My wife and I, we love going, man.

Nestor Aparicio  15:44


What does that look like for you? I mean, and I’ll be honest, I came up with for Tommy calm. Well, a couple of I stayed in Salisbury, right by Bernard Shaw. weeks ago, three weeks ago. I I’m not at the point of midnight, I could turn around and make the ride back. Now. I do Philly, I’ve done DC. Lord knows I’ve done the Meadowlands like a maniac going, but I can’t imagine being from Saulsbury. Now the World Games ends a little earlier. So maybe you can get home by midnight. About that. Okay. Maybe that’s a little more tenable that you leave the Camden Yards parking lot on a Tuesday night after they beat the Royals eight to two or whatever. The games ended. 945 now not 1045. Right. Right. As that made it a little bit more. I mean, I gotta think of two in the afternoon. You’re thinking? I’m getting in the car. That’s right. It’s a hell of a Wednesday. Oh, yeah.

Carl Anderton  16:31

Right. Yep. Yeah, and we normally go during the week like that, because the beach traffic’s so bad on the weekends. I just, I can’t sit in traffic like that. I just can’t do it. You know, that makes it not fun. Yeah. And, you know, like, set like Saturday sitting up there for two hours, you know, to go one mile to get on the bridge to get across to get to the game. While you know. It’s that drives me nuts. I just can’t deal with it. Now. You

Nestor Aparicio  16:56

want to as guys want to get a third lane going across? Absolutely. Absolutely. So that’s that’s an Eastern Shore call. It’s

Carl Anderton  17:02

gotta happen, man. It’s just, it’s just it. It’s got to have I mean, everything that we get comes by truck. Right. You know, talking about Walmart, you know, I


Nestor Aparicio  17:11

laugh and joke. A lot of things out 13 Out of Jersey.

Carl Anderton  17:15

That’s a bridge as well. Right? That’s a bridge as well. Any all three access points are by bridge, you know, so you have to cross the bridge to get to the peninsula. You have there’s just no other way. You know, and, you know, so as the population grows, and it’s growing every day, people get driver’s license every day. It’s crazy how that happens every day. Everyday people when

Nestor Aparicio  17:38

I come over here specifically when I see what’s happened from Louis, the south on the peninsula, and and obviously and I have Linda Raskin, I’m gonna get Leonard some free love letters, one of our sponsors, rascal, he owns up Bethany. He’s a Delaware he he’s Republican. He’s a Delaware. And I even asked him this week he’s owned in Delaware. 15 years, like, it costs me less. I’m better on tatty, like all of those things. But I’m plenty people in ocean pines over here. Plenty people don’t like the eastern shore side from Saulsbury over the bypass road, everything near Purdue and near the the where the the shorebirds play. I just see development over here. And it’s a good life over here. If you don’t need to be in the big city, right? You’ll need to use the big airport or any of that. Right. But when you want to go to gain its commitment

Carl Anderton  18:26


and commitment. No, absolutely. And, you know, our economy, you know, a big portion of that is tourism. You know, until we’re afforded the opportunity and there is a way to do everything. We just have to figure it out where we can have that high tech triangle, you know, between Wallops and Umes and Salisbury University.

Nestor Aparicio  18:44

Are you a bridge across Annapolis are a different kind of bridge. You told me a third Bay Bridge,

Carl Anderton  18:49

right next to where the other two Okay, fair enough. Right, right. Next, because I have heard somebody

Nestor Aparicio  18:52

people talking about Harford County, you know,

Carl Anderton  18:55

I mean, you could you could do that. But the cheapest is to just do what we have and maximize the lanes we have now. And I think if we had another four lane bridge, you know, because then you still have five existing with another four, you know, that way and those heavy peak minutes, you can still do

Nestor Aparicio  19:10

it. My wife would laugh at me right now. But if she were here, she would have driven right. I’m a little height weird, right? Like, I lived on the 23rd floor for 19 years. And if it had a ledge, I wouldn’t have gone out. I may take a year. Like my cat getting in the basement. It took her a year and a half right the basement. I drove down this trip and because I got my EZ Pass, right. I stayed to the left there at St. Clair. And, and you know,

Carl Anderton  19:37

let me know. So what happened you were on the other side.

Nestor Aparicio  19:41


I wound up with the headlight traffic to whiteness. I got on it and all I’m thinking of I was listening to the bodines and I’m like, I need a mellow song right now. I need four and a half minutes just to get me to the top of the bridge. Once you make that curve will you make the call Ervin you look over. And you the other bridges there. Right and it’s it’s a mind that yeah, you know what I mean? Like, and I’m going up the bridge and I’m I’m like, You know I never ever ever my Tony Robbins thing was cool Moscow when and when I did the hot coals that’s a long story but I walked on fire coals it’s cool Moscow Moss and I’m like just trying to stay all Steely Dan mellow trying to stay all smooth jazz, no heavy metal, no heavy metal, you know, right like I’m just and I had a truck in front of me and I’ve just watched the license plate. Hum hum figured please, you know, it’s kind of like, just like when you get an IV just breathe through it breathe through a

Carl Anderton  20:36

little bit. And then when you get on the other side and you

Nestor Aparicio  20:38

start to go down a little bit, you’re like, I need to pull over at Stevensville get a towel.

Carl Anderton  20:44

I’m telling you I don’t I don’t take that side either. Man. I drive that bridge multiple times a week, and I will not know it’s not gonna


Nestor Aparicio  20:52

happen. No, no. You know head on traffic on the bridge is totally ya

Carl Anderton  20:57

know, it will mess you up, man. Yeah, absolutely. I

Nestor Aparicio  21:00

can’t believe that people don’t just stop their car pletely freak out.

Carl Anderton  21:06


Well, the head that they have that number now where you can call and come rescue me. Will you pull off the side of the road? Call the number and they’ll drive you over. I

Nestor Aparicio  21:16

couldn’t do that to them.

Carl Anderton  21:17

Wow, that’s the whole thing. So it’s peer pressure to get you across the bridge. It was something

Nestor Aparicio  21:22

it was a little puddle between my legs. Yeah, call androgens here he is a delegate 38 b I’m looking this up right 38 b y comico county people Baltimore Can you spell why comica know that that’s Saulsbury in north


Carl Anderton  21:36

south on the whole center of the county so where the people live where we all drive through right where y’all drive through on 50 You got it yeah Wait Wait

Nestor Aparicio  21:45

cash crop with the rural farms in his structure he gets little tags

Carl Anderton  21:48

that you can man that you cannot chickens better so

Nestor Aparicio  21:51


I was wondering that because I was driving because I took 90

Carl Anderton  21:56

to stop and get you some chicken that is different than it is different.

Nestor Aparicio  21:59

I had the best chicken if nothing to do with you add the best real farm chicken I’ve ever had two years ago in and in Queenstown. It’s right where the outlets are there’s row farms yeah to gas up Yeah. After I was white knuckle and go to cross the bridge. But I was on 50 I stopped I gassed up and use the bathroom in Cambridge on this one right where? Woods road right where you go north up to suicide bridge is that but the royal farms on the bridge. Oh city has beer and liquor. Handy dandy liquors quicker. But I did. There’s like three royal farms where the Purdue factory is coming out of Saulsbury on 50. Right. There’s one right by the stadium. Yep. And there’s one on the right side there’s another distribution center there’s a paper the toilet paper and whatnot. I saw that but a lot of trucks and I thought to myself the entrance to Frank produce things right here and the rural farms here I’m thinking that’s got to be the best chicken and we’re I swear I saw this the other day and

Carl Anderton  23:00

when the chickens get loose, they just catch them right there and they’re fresh man.

Nestor Aparicio  23:04

I was wondering how you could get bad fried chicken in front of Frank produce can’t happen bro. Can’t the royal farm it’s not gonna happen. We feed the world baby chicken Palooza going on for another week. So take advantage of that. Ravens and ORs you want to talk sports with me cuz you’re like whatever you want. You’re literally listener you mean you listen to what we do from not just for the politics, whatnot. But you love the orals. You love the Ravens. Are we going to have a pro when I see you in that red hot tent with Westmore next year at the Preakness? The 100 and 41st second, or whatever it is. Yeah. Are we gonna have had a parade? Do you believe in Oriole parade? Do you believe in Raven braid? Do you believe in one ahead of the other? So you really are? Yeah,

Carl Anderton  23:46

absolutely. You know, I worry about the you know, matchup against Houston in the playoffs. You know, we saw what happened. You know, we played them last week. I worry about that. They are real and we’re real too. And you know what? I love what Mike Elias has done. People can say what they want I don’t care. I love what he’s done. And I appreciate the fact that he didn’t sell the farm this trade deadline save it for next year when everybody’s a little bit older a little bit.

Nestor Aparicio  24:12

Gone through the cycle the flaring thing the other night.

Carl Anderton  24:14

Yeah, no, that’s okay. But we’re we’re geared up now to take these assets next year and go all in and that’s when I think things have busted you’re ready

Nestor Aparicio  24:24

to be eliminated in no five is not at all gonna be. No, no, you’re right.

Carl Anderton  24:29

I mean, no, I want to win at all. I want to be I want to be in downtown Baltimore for a parade. Second

Nestor Aparicio  24:35

floors Tommy Caldwell once saying there ain’t no tomorrow, baby. No, it’s just right now

Carl Anderton  24:40

No, you take we take what we got. We go but I appreciate him not mortgaging the future. You know, I appreciate that. The Ravens low every year since 1996. I’ve said we’re gonna win the Super Bowl. I was right twice. That means it’s not a fluke brother. So we’re gonna win it this year. As long as our secondary holds up, my only concern is our secondary That is my concern. Well, the Humphrey

Nestor Aparicio  25:01

thing should worry everybody, right?

Carl Anderton  25:03

I mean, the whole every piece of it worries me. The only one I’m not worried about Carl Hamilton. I’m worried about everybody else out there in the secondary the whole secondary. Absolutely that is I’m I’m sold,

Nestor Aparicio  25:15


I think because Eric is sold on ro Quan Smith in Lulea in regard to wanting, um no leadership on and I’ve said, Marlon Humphrey I know you’re not listening Marlon but your pretend leader and it’s not nice. There’s Terrell Suggs was a pretend Lee there’s pretend leaders and I’ve seen Ray Lewis. Well, yeah, I’ve seen Ray Lewis. Yeah, I’ve seen Rob Woodson Shannon Sharpe,

Carl Anderton  25:37

whenever when those guys are in the room, I mean, I’ve taken all that

Nestor Aparicio  25:40

I’ve seen in Quan Bolden I’ve seen. I’ve seen Matt Burke, I’ve seen real leaders. Romanum is Uncle row, I lead robot Smith is going to be a difference maker. And listen, and I’ll say this, first of all, I said this on the air because I said this. I haven’t talked a lot of names last couple weeks other than with Luke and he and I don’t pitch each other too much because we like each other. Although we went out each other on the Angelus thing last week in the Kevin Brown thing, but I think the defense is going to be better than the offense. And that’s a weird thing to say with all the money they gave them are all the toys, all the ze flowers in the mark Andrews and all and JK Dobbins and they’re gonna run and they have veteran offensive they have all of that they don’t have the left guard is they got one football and all these receivers. I’m gonna say on a week by week basis, I honestly believe we’re going to be happier with the defense then we’re going to be with the offense. And that and that if that’s true, weird August.

Carl Anderton  26:37

If that’s true, we’re winning the Super Bowl. Because we felt that way when the combos are yours. But the marchex Thank God is not called bowler. So you know, I mean, that was that was a decade of you know what, wait,


Nestor Aparicio  26:50

am I literally team this guy? Really? Um, yeah, absolutely. He was dominated try to clean

Carl Anderton  26:55

up what I said he dominated you? Right You’re gonna let that man say that. That means he’s a great player. A pretty soft now so you probably want to play him play man coming out. esport he could play? Yeah, man. Absolutely. You play

Nestor Aparicio  27:07

ball on a shore right? Oh, yeah. So let me ask you this is as a as a sports guy in Eastern Shore. Luke and I had this problem all the time, too. I grew up a little deprived. I played a lot of little league. I mean, a lot a little league in the 70s when a man Bad News Bears right. When I went to see the bad news, were you looking younger? Right? Well, do you mean 40? So

Carl Anderton  27:28


I’m 50 now 250. Now,

Nestor Aparicio  27:31

I’m only four years old. Okay, five years old. So Bad News Bears. You don’t really remember that. Because that was like three when that came out or whatever that was. I was that age, really. So I was 789 years old when it was all going on. 7677 they had an outfield homerun fence. I feel so cheated in my life. I live in everywhere. I went out. I had a couple of homeruns where the outfield would just let them run. But I didn’t have that kind of I was more of a single. That was a really good baseball player. That way. I hit for high average play first base caught, good defensive players good player, but like not a power hitter. Right. But the fence would have given me something. Like we played street ball. We had a fence in the neighborhood. But I never on Eastern Shore. There’s a fence right?

Carl Anderton  28:18

It was a mix. It was a mix. I know when we played in Crisfield in Christopher High School. Now, I didn’t play because I didn’t have the GPA in the spring. I’d always have in the fall. Like I start high with grades and they go down during the year, you know, but

Nestor Aparicio  28:33

I read your deficiency Carl and Carl does not apply himself is that what it is?


Carl Anderton  28:38

Is very trapped that absolutely.

Nestor Aparicio  28:42

He’ll grew up to be a delegate and an elected fish. Imagine that.

Carl Anderton  28:44

Imagine it. So but but for the longest time that the high school field didn’t have a fence. And so it was one of those you just crank it. And Ron, and so

Nestor Aparicio  28:56


most places in Baltimore as a kid, there’s no place I know of that I know of as a kid. And maybe somebody will say there was one in our Butis or Owings Mills or Essex or whatever. There was a cornfield behind the chase fields. It was almost like Field of Dreams when I was a little boy. We played travel ball Chase and ASICs. I never played or saw or know anyone other than Luke, who lived in Shrewsbury. I went up to Luke’s house and click pencil talkie right across the board. And I went up there and he took me out to his little league field. And it had a homerun fence and I was just weepy. And I was like, I didn’t have one of those. I’ll never have one of those, you know, and I’m figuring from the Eastern Shore. You must have at least you had that. Did you go out there and try to hit one? Well think of things you had that I didn’t have because I felt like I wouldn’t have wanted to grown up on here. I mean, I love growing up in Dundalk in the city taking the 22 to the memorials. I mean, I’m a city guy, you know that you know that. I’m not gonna be huntin or my official, but I ain’t gonna be doing all that Eastern short stuff. I’m not a farmer. I’m itched I hate bugs like all that But you had a home run fence and I didn’t and that, you know a little part of that. That makes me feel like I wish I grew up somewhere else.

Carl Anderton  30:07

Well, it’s nice to know that we had something you didn’t because that’s probably the only thing.

Nestor Aparicio  30:12

Who’s your favorite Oriole?

Carl Anderton  30:14

Who? Eddie Murray.


Nestor Aparicio  30:17

Know now oh, I

Carl Anderton  30:18

put you man all the time. Oh, net gunner gun as Your Honor man. Yeah, Gunner absolutely get you a number to Jersey? No. No. All right. Yeah. Well, you know, it’s kind of weird. With the jersey thing I do a lot throwbacks. Because, you know, the cost of jerseys. You know, I’m like, Alright, yeah, most Silla. 200 bucks for Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  30:38

only 13 You gotta pull the Machado off the back. Right? Exactly. If you got to Chris Davis jersey.

Carl Anderton  30:42


What would you do with that? Right? Oh, goodness. Put you’re not it’s almost

Nestor Aparicio  30:46

like Kevin Flacco jersey. What did he ever win? Well, right.

Carl Anderton  30:50

Wait a minute now.

Nestor Aparicio  30:51

I’m just saying I defend Joe. Joe guy.


Carl Anderton  30:53

I’m alright with Joe. Teen GI Joe. I’m not I’m not a big fan of you know, 1516 1718 Joe, but, you know,

Nestor Aparicio  31:02

well, where do you see what Lamar looks like when there’s no money around for him either? Because that’s common, and

Carl Anderton  31:07

that’s fine. You know, that’s true. Just you know, just give me a ring until then. I just want one. Just give me one in Lamar we trust just give me one that’s right.

Nestor Aparicio  31:16


Currently entertained if you see him. If you’re on the right lane going westbound or eastbound, excuse me. That’s where he’s going to be not going to be the left side going eastbound to Ocean City. That’s where the Mako we’re at. Tell me what Mako is if you give him the elevator speech on what what is Mako in Ocean City.

Carl Anderton  31:32

So it’s an advocacy and educational conference for county officials across the state to come down here. And listen, ladies to come down here and to learn how to be a county official. You know from running meetings to applying for grants to running a budget, all these things and then you have all of us the entire government basically down here as a one stop shop for county officials to advocate on things they need put services items in the budget ledge legislation is an amazing opportunity for your county officials.

Nestor Aparicio  32:05

I would I need some white comico county I’m gonna come find you hit me up bro. Saulsbury underrated. I saw the mayor of Frederick I want to get him on because I told him I love this town and he knew a little bit about what I was doing. So I gotta get some people on. Everybody knows how do you know everybody?

Carl Anderton  32:20

Cornbread man is what it is. You know I


Nestor Aparicio  32:23

didn’t even call you by your nickname. Cornbread is his name. Cornbread Anderton Carla handwritten A 38 B never to be is there a C just today is an A and B there is a C there’s a C A B and C

Carl Anderton  32:34

Yeah, you’re the B on the beat. All right, but I’m not a B

Nestor Aparicio  32:38

listen if the Orioles win a World Series, I’ll be

Carl Anderton  32:40


anything you will be in bold and poppy at all. That’s me.

Nestor Aparicio  32:43

We will we will have a drink together in your Eddie Murray orange 1983 throwback jersey.

Carl Anderton  32:51

But absolutely. Absolutely.

Nestor Aparicio  32:53

I’ve been on eBay looking to buy in Oriole jersey. And I don’t know why I just don’t pull the trigger and buy the damn thing because I really wanted was when he looked at it’s a Louis Aparicio. Right. So it’s perfect for you though. But I want to show it because it’s orange. He never worn orange shirt. Right. But it’s the Aparicio. It’s the 79. Oh, yeah. John, it’s sort of the Mike Flanagan. It’s legit. It’s not the one they wear now, which is a different logo. Yep. This is like the Eddie Murphy. This is 793 pullover Polo. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the poly. It looks to be a legitimate like Cooperstown collection thing. So I’m thinking about that when it’s an 11. It’s an apple. I mean, I want a new one when I’m worried about it fit me in the chest the right way. But I’m thinking about getting an October. Right piece to wear some dress. Sure. And it’s not gonna be Gunnar Henderson or no but this Watchmen, yeah.


Carl Anderton  33:53

Yeah, absolutely. I’m about the buck and a half to make you laugh. Always. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  33:58

yeah, it’s little. Little more of my you know, I mean, I dress nice and all but I don’t spend a buck and a half. You look good, man. You look like Tom Cruise. And I spend a buck and a half. That guy’s got a great shirt. That’s way better. Oh, yeah, absolutely. I will wear that shirt. A shirt today. Especially shirt. Yeah, you know him? Absolutely. Well, Eastern sure they dress right over here. Alright, currently handwritten. You can’t vote for him. Unless you live in Wicomico County. But you can make you’re gonna run for governor at some point. Are you stretching out to do that now? You’re sure you’re done? Yeah, this is where you’re

Carl Anderton  34:28

gonna wake up, but I liked this governor.

Nestor Aparicio  34:31


You like what you’re clicking the legs West.

Carl Anderton  34:33

Is that dude is legit. He walks where he talks. And I respect tell

Nestor Aparicio  34:36

me what you seriously. There’s a lot of people that voted for you that did not vote for Wes Moore. I have a feeling right. Right. They were okay. So so when you see them out at the cookout on the Eastern Shore. They say Wes Moore added such and such Democrat. What do you say?

Carl Anderton  34:53

I said wait a minute, you know I mean, yeah, we disagree on stuff. We disagree on We do my wife and I disagree on stuff my mother and I disagree on. So, if you didn’t disagree, you live in an echo chamber and that’s a boring life get out. Right? You know, you got to discuss how you learn, you know, and but that’s okay you don’t have to hate somebody because you disagree on something that’s ridiculous in this world we’re in now is ridiculous you know?


Nestor Aparicio  35:20

That’s why I’m nice to you because you spread love Democrats absolutely mass wrestling every week it’s fine. You got

Carl Anderton  35:25

to transcend partisan politics but you know the thing with Wes you know I asked him for you know something to be put in the budget for downtown Salisbury and he made it and exceeded it. We took care of me. That meant he walked his talk, and I have nothing but respect for that. Sorry, it probably nothing I do for that. I wouldn’t. There’s probably nothing I wouldn’t do for that, man. He he is he is legit. I mean, I don’t you know, I mean, I’ve had plenty of conversations with him. One on one off the grid, you know, just getting to learn each other and I’m like, Man, this dude’s bonafide man. He’s a suitor. Well, six months

Nestor Aparicio  36:01

into this. Well, I’m looking. We’re gonna have Governor Westmore dropped by Senator Ben Cardin will be coming by, I guess one of his last visits as the city senator. And also Chris Van Hollen will be here. Calvin Ball How can executive Oh yeah. I don’t know. Well, Attorney General Anthony Brown gave me on BookBub early maybe by so we’re gonna be doing a lot down here. Currently handwritten. Oh you don’t mind being a warm up back for all that I don’t

Carl Anderton  36:25


mind it on my phone when the governor comes through. Tell him cornbread says he loves him very much.

Nestor Aparicio  36:30

Cornbread will be stuck in traffic going to Orioles and ravens games in August September and hopefully deep into October. He is the elected a house delegate from 38 be in whiskey why comico County on Eastern Shore and Salisbury Alright, signing off. We’ll come back for more we’re Mako we’re in Ocean City. It’s all brought to you by our friends window nation. I get to wear the fun floppy hat mess my hair up I get little string here 866 90 nation buy to get to free got some new offers I’ll be telling you about as well. The Maryland lottery have given away the scratch so you can have that one. That’s fine. Actually, that’s for show give me that went back. Yeah. This has been my show tickets. So 50th anniversary will be given these way on the 29th at Pappas in Glen Burnie we’re gonna be there with anaerobic county executive Steuart Pittman. And then on the 15th of September we’re back at fade Lee’s having the delicious world famous fadeless crabcake at Lexington market gonna be joined by Dr. Jenkins from Coppin State University, one of our partners and the Eagles and new head coach for basketball. Larry Stewart has been an old guest and guide though for 30 years. Good to have Stu back at Kopan I am Esther we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. I feel like Richard share on square off bathroom. Back for more on a Baltimore positive WASD stay with us.

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