After switching teams late in his career, Joe Montana offered Ray Lewis some advice in 2009

Joe Montana Tampa Super Bowl Radio Row 2009
Joe Montana Tampa Super Bowl Radio Row 2009
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When Joe Montana sits down to talk about career and legacy, you listen. The Hall of Fame quarterback joins Nestor at the Tampa 2009 Super Bowl Radio Row.


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Nestor Aparicio  00:00

If you love Baltimore sports, you’ll love wn s 43. We have Joe Montana. This is just a legend you know say it saying I’m gonna get yelled at by the people of Baltimore the greatest quarterback of all time to say that no question you can argue that Montana are you thinking united? Who would you pick? Why not go yourself? Don’t Don’t Be humble now.

Joe Montana  00:24

I think the best day I had that I can remember was I got to play golf with Johnny you.

Nestor Aparicio  00:30

Nice. When was that?

Joe Montana  00:32

Was probably say six or seven years ago now. Okay. So Crosby now used to be in California and they moved into North Carolina.

Nestor Aparicio  00:44

So you spent the whole day yeah, you roll up onto the green? What are people saying?

Joe Montana  00:50

They’re probably laughing at my golf. My golf is not very good.

Nestor Aparicio  00:55

Cowboy fans say you were throwing it away. You know, you’ve heard that.

Joe Montana  00:59

I’ll tell you, the Cowboys. I tell him all the time. You know, even if I wasn’t throwing it away, they still got the ball. They still couldn’t score right. There. You got it. But anyway, I was thrown into. The unfortunate thing was that. I mean, it was kind of weird, the whole play because we never filled them all with him. He’s usually our second receiver. And he comes in and sets a little while the screens are illegal, right. Now the traffic inside receiver, and you just throw the ball to him. And we actually score it on the play earlier in the game. And you thought the hidden guy falls.

Nestor Aparicio  01:35

When you get drafted, you know today in the whole thing, San Francisco was you know, the whole keys, our memories were gone. Candlestick was there, John Brody and had his years in San Francisco there

Joe Montana  01:44

still was, was talked about a lot about the getting over the hump and getting past that and finally trying to make it to a Super Bowl. And that’s what they thought Bill brought. When he had these. He had this insight, just like the play you’re talking about. He made his practice that play in spring, in, in summer camp, from both blind I thought he was crazy, because we never threw the ball to the secretary.

Nestor Aparicio  02:11

And must be nice to only have your primary to hit right. Well,

Joe Montana  02:15

yeah, it was always nice, because, you know, Freddie is known as usually it was first down the second house, he didn’t really take any chances. And you never really waited on the second guy. But on this point, when Freddy fell down, I didn’t have a choice but the weight and Dwayne took so long because he figured I was gonna fill the boat. He was slow. Well, he looks slow, but he actually passed but he just didn’t take took his time coming back. That’s what he’s supposed to get in the back of the endzone slide.

Nestor Aparicio  02:39

How many times have you watched that throw? More than you could possibly

Joe Montana  02:43

imagine? Yes. Yeah. I mean, everywhere you go, like if I go to if I’m doing a speech, where do they play they play ever made. I never saw it. So I mean, I didn’t see it really till my God in the locker room. And everybody was trying to tell me what a great catch the white made, how high you jump. And I told him I was impossible because he’s white. He then jumped I can’t put the ball in his hands. It was number 16. But even the equipment manager gave me a hard time. I got in the locker room. And he came in and said, No, I was on the sideline. And it’s unusual because he usually one out there and he said to me even if forever it goes Roy your buddy saved your asset.

Nestor Aparicio  03:26

What do you mean he made your ask you to save it? He launched?

Joe Montana  03:30

Oh, come on Chico. He can tell these guys

Nestor Aparicio  03:32

I guess if it was one of those crazy TV shows. Where what if? What if the ball bounces off his hands and things change.

Joe Montana  03:39

Dylan already had another play call. The other one it was that play would have never happened. Had I not thrown the ball three feet over Freddy Solomon’s had to play before. Wide open, he would have scored a touchdown, that play would never happen. Yeah, and I think both of them play the game a little bit different. They manage the game different. They have different offensive styles. One obviously he’s got a ton of weapons, you know, in Phoenix and not that they don’t have a lot of weapons in Pittsburgh, but that’s a different game. They want to pound it at you. They’re going to use the running game as much as they’re going to throw the ball. And because they’re backed up migrate to Phoenix. I think that’s the key is can Phoenix keep Pittsburgh out of the endzone enough times and keep you from having long drives enough to give their offense. Plenty of opportunity.

Nestor Aparicio  04:26

I got a strange out of the box thing for you. Brian Billick is partner in our company Baltimore, where you you were there when Brian was the peak? I want some bullet stories. Let’s start with this. Brian tells me Brian tells me that when Walsh took the job, he came in and literally fired every person in the building and then offered the rehire that there was a management technique he’d use by saying, hey, it’s new. I picked you. I’m going to rehire you. So you know you’re my guy. And the stories that Brian tells me about Bill Walsh are legendary, but I can only imagine some of your best Bill stuff. Well,

Joe Montana  04:59

I was They’re for the firing and hiring part. But if he said it, I’m sure it happened. And that sounds like something bill would do. It was always something that there was a little bit different about him that make you feel that everything was okay. And then we were all in this together. And even his one thing was always that, hey, I don’t care who you are, whether it’s everyone gets treated the same, whether it’s the equipment manager, whether it’s the training room, staff, staff upstairs, everyone is equal in this building, and we need them all to win. And we’re all for it. And so I wouldn’t be surprised if he did something like that. Sounds just like

Nestor Aparicio  05:37

she had no good stories on Brian at all. For back when he was young.

Joe Montana  05:41

I was too busy and too scared. To worry. I knew they were never scared. They’re just having an opportunity to where I was just trying to take advantage of but it’s been a lot of time with him. But even if I had a good story, I could tell Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  05:58

yeah, he looks like he has a few good stars. He’s not telling you what you’re here to promote the sprint NFL mobile web company. Yeah, really. We’re radio station became a website. We’re out on the front end of cutting edge video, obviously audio, the whole thing. We’re going mobile and 2009 Tell us what this is all about. Because I think for young people to follow games, everyone asked in the stadium now everybody’s checking scores or checking fantasies doing everything on the phone.

Joe Montana  06:22

I mean, that’s that’s the thing, when when the cell phone first came out, I joke. It was a cell phone. And sometimes the first ones were almost the size of a small TV anyway, right? To carry around. But now, this thing, the little thing in your hand controls so much of your life. And it’s no different here with the NFL in the Springsteen with the NFL, a stream NFL Network 24/7. During the year, there’s eight games live, you can watch a game live and the game is on the NFL network you can get live on. You can listen to you if you’re removed fans. So you’re live in Chicago, and you’re playing Denver and you live in Florida. I can you can get on there and listen live to the game from the Chicago announcers. Say you’re the Denver fan living in Florida in the same game you can get on and listen to the Denver announcers live. So you can make it feel like you’re home. You can the upcoming draft combine that’s coming up for the NFL, all that is going to be live and you can download you can screenshot you want to watch some archives and see some good

Nestor Aparicio  07:29

Montana Clark Yeah, you could do that you can

Joe Montana  07:31

get on there and watch highlights from those games. I mean, there’s so many things you can do with this. It’s so simple. If you’re a sprint customer, you can you just text the NFL, you dial 7777 in text. And if you just follow the prompts, there’s nothing to download and you want more information on it. You just go to I’d say go you know, I mean, if he still wants to play when you leave when you leave the game, there’s no coming back. You know, especially knowing I don’t know, I can’t remember how old he is. It seems like he’s turning around 30 to 33 It’d

Nestor Aparicio  08:04

be 34. Still, he’s

Joe Montana  08:05

got some Kansas City, right? No, not at all. I mean, I just think it’s it was one of those things. I went to a great organization. I still thought I could play. I went there unfortunately played fairly well. And I wish I would have I wish I would have played the remaining year in my contract because when it’s over I look back on it. Oh, I had too many concussions. It’s probably the reason I didn’t go back but I would say definitely go here everyone’s gonna reach that now with the salary caps is making so much money. It’s it’s hard for them to keep them around, even though they know in their mind. And so they’ll they’ll regret it to a certain degree that he has to go but the bottom line is

Nestor Aparicio  08:43

Joe Cool. There he is, man. We had Joe Montana on our show.

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