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Matt Birk, Torrey Smith reminisce about “belief” 2012 Ravens had on their way to Super Bowl XLVII


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Ravens Super Bowl 47 center Matt Birk and WR Torrey Smith join Nestor and Luke to talk football from Houston

Matt Birk and Torrey Smith revisit the glory of their Super Bowl championship and New Orleans march on Radio Row in Houston ahead of Super Bowl LI.


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Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back wn st Towson, Baltimore and wn St. dotnet. We’re live in Euston in Super Bowl 51 I tried to find the most handsome man in Texas to come on the program and busy I came up with that for Raymond Super Bowl champion legend but you know, what is your title NFL director? It’s because it’s changed. You’ve done some different things.

Matt Birk  00:23


Yeah, I have I’m I’m special advisor now. How’s that? Is that vague? And it’s vague.

Nestor Aparicio  00:28

Yeah, very vague. Just

Luke Jones  00:28

go with our job.

Matt Birk  00:30

Job. Yeah, jack of all trades. Winston will slap the problems. I’m strategists I solve problem. There we go. Do you need?


Nestor Aparicio  00:38

Well, you know, can I let’s start with this. I know you’re here to promote some stuff. And we’ll get but let me just say this,

Matt Birk  00:44

I’m here to talk to you. I’m here to I connect. I’m not here to promote anything. Okay.

Nestor Aparicio  00:51

We may speechless, we miss you. And I will just and you need to enlighten me because you are smarter than me certainly about this topic. Senators are so, so important. And if I were your agent, I would know I’m just being honest, it hasn’t been the same without you in a lot of different ways. And it wasn’t the same in Atlanta, until this kid gets here start snapping the ball, who reminded me of you I sat with him at block last year, he had, you know, some greater level of understanding about football as well as the ability to do it. He’s changed everything. I think that the Falcons are here because they got their version of Matt Burke, and I’ll let you take that original

Matt Birk  01:28


Matt Burke Alex Max slot better than I ever was. No, I think the center is important. I mean, that position can be you know, the quarterback is always going to be the leadership position. He’s going to get everybody going. But the center can kind of be his, his lieutenant and get everybody going on the offensive line. And there’s an offensive line play. It’s complicated, but it’s not you know, who to get and how to get them. And if you know who you’re getting, then then you can come off the ball. You can you can pass that with confidence. And the center needs to be that guy. You know, the senator, I think needs to give that whole unit confidence knowing Hey, you know, it’s gonna be loud. I gotta block. You know, this. I gotta block James Harrison. You know, I mean, all this stress. If I know my senator is gonna get get us going the right way, then I can have confidence and I’m not going to be timid you can’t play this game. timid. You can’t be you can’t be a split second slow off the ball. And so I think that yeah, I I do think it’s important. I’m not saying that because I played it, but I certainly think he can be he can be the glue. And and he doesn’t take a lot off the quarterbacks plate as well. So the quarterback doesn’t have to worry about protections that he knows. He knows he’s picked up and then he can just he can just worry about reading the coverage. Look, I

Nestor Aparicio  02:33

don’t wanna be disrespectful to Ray Lewis or Ed Reed. They’ll have their ballot. Let’s disrespect

Matt Birk  02:37

their garbage man. No, no, no, I heard it here.

Nestor Aparicio  02:40

At Berkeley. We talked for years about what life would be like after Ray Lewis what life would be like after Ed


Matt Birk  02:45

Reed and the sun came up then it did. But we haven’t made the playoffs three

Nestor Aparicio  02:49

out of four years. And but I think the biggest thing we would know disrespected Gino or even Jeremy Zuta. But I think things changed for the line is certainly Kubiak. Things change. Things have changed a lot for Joe voices in his ears, coaching scheme players around him. But I think he misses more than anything. A guy like you, I think was very obvious that that changes in offense when identification is in there. And I guess the question for you is I met you when you were a Viking before you became a raven, that day you became a raven, you were a 1011 year and however long you had been in the league, you had to have been so much smarter than Gino could have possibly have been the day he starts snapping the ball, or that Matt was the day you showed up in Minnesota that you do get smarter at doing well. I

Matt Birk  03:34

think he’s a lot of things have changed since 2012. I mean, a lot, a lot of the pieces changed. I do think that you know, it was the Ravens were a perfect fit for me on a lot of fronts, but I think it really worked out because Joe was just going into his second year. And so and now I will say Joe needed help I’m not gonna say but you know, I was able to help him and I think you know, help take a little bit off Joe’s plate so he could focus on other things I mean, Joe does a tremendous job of as the your quarterback in the NFL, there’s no shortage of of coaching or critics or any of that I think Joe does a great job of handling all of that but you know, when I was there I was we had a group that that was there for a long time. I mean the main pieces were there on the offensive line you lose a guy here or there but had guys step up and just to have that that consistency and kind of I think really, it just it lends itself well to not just winning but but I think Joe’s career every year he was able to take the next step and you know, it’s it that football it’s a total team game you know, there’s no LeBron James who go out there and win the game by himself. And so except for it just worked. He’s pretty good. Yeah, I’m not a quarterback expert, but he’s pretty good.

Nestor Aparicio  04:43


I’m tired of talking about him this week. Every week. You know, every Super Bowl we come and it feels like we’re talking about him one way or the other.

Matt Birk  04:51

Well, you know what i You’re right. But then I look back and I say hey, you know what, in the playoffs and oh nine and and 12 Yeah, it makes it that much more special because nobody’s unable to do it, except us and, and those were I mean, other than winning the Super Bowl I think that that AFC Champions game walking off that field and walking off the field and oh nine when when the game was over in the first quarter essentially those are I mean those that’s that’s a hard place in our team to beat and we were able to do it. We

Nestor Aparicio  05:17

had fun that day Luke and I went to that game set in the upper deck. oh nine Yeah, Ray Rice just went by you. And next thing you knew he was spiking the ball in the endzone, right? That’s

Matt Birk  05:25

called starting fast. 80 yards first play, right?


Luke Jones  05:30

Well, man, it’s been four years to the day since you guys made the confetti fall in New Orleans about that last NFL game for you. Do you miss the game? You certainly don’t look like a senator anymore. For anyone who’s not checking it out on facebook live right now. Yeah, you’ve shed a few pounds to surf.

Matt Birk  05:49

Paddle Board paddle board? Answer. No. Yeah, I missed the game. I mean, I miss you miss being a part of that you miss being part of a group and having a an audacious goal and you know, busting your ass every day to try to get it done. You know, games, I don’t know if I miss the games more. But like, when you’re walking off the field after a Wednesday practice when you know, you just went toe to toe with your defense. And there’s nobody out there cheering me on that nobody cares how hard you’re practicing. Except the guys that are out there. And you’re walking off the practice field and you’re like, you know, man, that was hard. Like that was hard. But that was good work. Just kind of that that satisfaction. I mean, that’s that’s what I miss. I miss I missed the locker room. I missed the paychecks a little bit. I got a lot of kids. You know, I mean, college is expensive. But yeah, yeah. to

Nestor Aparicio  06:31

Harvard. Guys. Put your money away. Smart guy.

Matt Birk  06:33


Yeah, well, I do. But they, they take it spine. They just they just suck it out of you. But you know what? Hey, listen, I never thought I’d play 15 years. So when I look back on and if I’m feeling the least bit, you know, like, I wish I was still playing. I just remind myself man, I got I got way more than I deserved. And, and I mean, you know, you look at kind of your fight back on your life. And you know, you make good decisions, bad decisions, you do the best you can with the information you have. I don’t know how much I wanted to leave Minnesota. Like I had it pretty good there being from there. I would have loved. There’s a hamburger named after me in a bar in St. Paul. Like, eat it next year. Next year. Next year. We’re taking on the tour of the taste of St. Paul, Minneapolis, St. Paul,

Nestor Aparicio  07:16

you just said that on camera. So now we’ll do stuck with me. I would love to show you my city Tuesday night and Super Bowl week.

Matt Birk  07:23

I have no problems doing that. But when I My point was when I took that visit to Baltimore. First of all I’d like I called up John Harbaugh. And I said, Hey, I heard you guys want to bring me in for a visit. And now you’re not I said, What’s the deal? What’s changed? And you know, and he said, Well, I don’t know, if you really want to come here. I said, I want to take a visit. You know, I want to see what I want to see what you got going. And I had to convince him to give me a visit. And I sat there for about 30 minutes. I said I only have ever told it. It’s interesting. I want to put this in I actually in fact, I actually booked my own ticket. He said it was like 630 and he goes okay, well, tomorrow morning, we’ll we’ll set up your travel. I said no. I said I’ll book a ticket. I’ll be there.

Nestor Aparicio  07:58

The whole story. The whole story is you were interested. And they said Ah, or they that you’re just playing us to get a better deal. I had kind


Matt Birk  08:05

of reached out initially and I was like, you know, can Baltimore’s coming off. I mean, John’s first year there AFC Championship, there’s some going on there. So I was I was intrigued. I mean, it wasn’t like I was telling my agent, Hey, get me out of Minnesota. Sure. And

Nestor Aparicio  08:17

you’re probably telling your agent, hey, keep me in Minnesota problem. Well, I

Matt Birk  08:19

said, you know, let’s see what’s out there. Minnesota wasn’t, you know, chomping at the bit necessary to keep me in. And then the Ravens backed off. So I said, I’m going to call John Harbaugh. And I called them up and I said, you know, Coach, what’s the deal you’re interested in? Now? You’re not what changed? Well, you know, we don’t know if we don’t know if you’re just using us for leverage. I said, if I get on a plane to come visit, I’m interested. And so he said, Well, I will in the morning, we’ll we’ll have we’ll set up fly. I said no. And I said I’ll book a ticket tonight. I’ll be on the first flight tomorrow morning. I brought my wife because she has to get okay to deal you know, she’s she’s the president. And I sat down with her and after a half hour talking with Harbaugh and his vision and what it meant to play for the ravens and what the Ravens brand stood for. I call I remember I called my dad and I said Dad, I said I gotta sign here. I said I don’t know how many more years I got left and there’s no guarantee of winning but I said I want to I want to play for me they want me well they sort of want me but I definitely I definitely want them because you know as a player I’m no superstar wasn’t a superstar but you only have one career so hell of a player. But I was at the end and I say problem and

Nestor Aparicio  09:24


War II came six how many as seriously? How many were you said

Matt Birk  09:28

someone’s gotta go all the way number I’m guessing Google

Luke Jones  09:33

that was back when guys still kind of sort of wanted to play right yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  09:36

It actually shows you got to watch the game so pays attention. So but


Matt Birk  09:40

I was just I remember a comment i said that i said i i got to play for this guy. Because if my career if I have one more year left, I want to go out doing it this guy’s way like his vision for his team and how he was approaching the work was exactly how I think you should run a team and you know, John Harbaugh has made a huge difference in my life. I mean, even after Football, you know, we talked to him and every time I found my cm or talked to him, he’s, he’s a special, special guy. And I’m so grateful that I had four great years in Baltimore, we won a Super Bowl. That was great. I mean, that’s awesome. But playing for John, and that relationship is really it really won’t matter.

Luke Jones  10:18

You really did have the story. But I mean, everyone talks about Ray, I get it, you know, I don’t

Matt Birk  10:22

lie, but are talking about Ray

Nestor Aparicio  10:24


had one, one block and Ray, you

Luke Jones  10:27

know, you played played for your hometown team, all those years, you make this decision, which was, that’s that step that was stepping outside of your comfort zone, despite how excited you were about coming to the Ravens. And then your last NFL game you want to champion

Matt Birk  10:40

and I thought that’s cool. And I thought it was great. I mean, not to overshadow raise. And now I mean, I didn’t want to take any of his thunder. So I just waited to announce my retirement.

Nestor Aparicio  10:48

Yeah, you announced your retirement in the Caribou Coffee. A couple days after the Super Bowl. You were in there. You’re like, packing my bags, Florida, Minnesota, wherever you was. You were going caribou. Yeah. And I said, Hey, man, when you sit with me, talk to me about the book. You’re like, God, kids, I have


Luke Jones  11:04

your your retirement press conference with the kids at the reading center. Oh, that was the coolest retirement. I

Nestor Aparicio  11:12

was a teacher right. You know,

Luke Jones  11:14

I was I was a fifth grade teacher for five years. Yeah, I appreciate it. That was one

Matt Birk  11:17


and that’s the other thing and I don’t want to I don’t think canonized now, we got that real.

Nestor Aparicio  11:24

Oh, here we go real.

Luke Jones  11:26

It’s a Super Bowl. 47 reunion. I mean,

Matt Birk  11:28

I guess I guess, I guess in here,


Nestor Aparicio  11:33

wave. Torrey Smith, welcome back to Baltimore. How

Torrey Smith  11:36

are you? What’s going on you doing?

Nestor Aparicio  11:37

How are you? You know this guy?

Torrey Smith  11:40


I don’t know about seeing this guy. Alright, here’s the story. This guy had to look at him 30 times. And I was like, you kind

Luke Jones  11:47

of look like Matt.

Matt Birk  11:49

Lot. So alright, so it’s an off day one time and I got a buddy in town. And he’s my he’s best man at my wedding. I said, Look, I said we’ll go to the facility to go he was like, No way. You’re gonna take me? I said, Yeah, I’ll take you the facility. So you gotta act like you’ve been there before. Don’t be. Don’t be asking guys for knowing how and so there’s hardly anybody in there. Hello. He was in there. And he was like, Oh my God, that guy’s here. Jake and Tori was in there. I think you were rookie. And Tori is talking to his mom on the phone. They were like in the hot tub with him. And he says, No, mommy’s is there’s like, there’s like we got like real men on this team like Matt Burke. He’s a real man. You know? Like, I think I think what he meant was I was just old. We have men on this team.

Nestor Aparicio  12:28

Grownups. What’s going on? How are you doing? Good. A nice little gift to me. Thank you very much. And I’ll compare it to my gift. Last year. Last year, John Ogden was sitting with me and Brandon Stokely sat down and they had one together in a one to tell some old stories. You’ve been some places now since the last time we got together. This is up four years ago. Today. It’s the anniversary today. Neither one of you knowing that this morning, right?


Torrey Smith  12:58

No, I actually don’t even know today. years ago today that he retired very something.

Matt Birk  13:02

February 3 February 3 2013. That was a good day. That was great. So

Nestor Aparicio  13:08

okay, so last time you wore your ring last time you wore your ring.

Matt Birk  13:12


I actually did an event on Saturday night where I wore it and my kids were like, Dad, you’re wearing your ring. You never wear your I don’t wear the ring. I wore

Torrey Smith  13:21

it. The last Superbowl like hidden afraid so I won’t. I’m not gonna wear it now. But because I’m obviously on another team. But I wear it when I retire.

Nestor Aparicio  13:33

When you look at it, what do you think of like when you you know, when you sit? Because we’re here we’re seeing I remember one Flacco was on one of these. And Colin came, you know, when you think back four years, if somebody says, give me your number one story, what does it mean to you, Matt?

Matt Birk  13:45

I just think that run that we made, I mean, going to Denver winning that game and then going to New England and soundly, you know, beating them and then that San Fran team was was loaded. I mean, that’s I think that really just speaks to the power of the team. And when you get guys I mean, I don’t think we were we weren’t favored in any of those games. We weren’t more talented than them. But but we really believed that we were on a mission that there was a there was a reason that we were all together and you know, we’re able to, to to accomplish it. It’s It’s It’s special.


Nestor Aparicio  14:14

Just the weather and I know you’re a hardy Minnesotan used to

Torrey Smith  14:20

be the Florida guy now He’s new.

Nestor Aparicio  14:22

I was in the press box and my wife it was so cold in the press box. We had the heat, you know the little heat bags in our shoes. That’s how cold it was in the press box. I got down on the field after the game. I mean, just walking back to the car. My favorite story is Marshall yonder being iced over

Matt Birk  14:44


there taking the water and spraying on our chest it would freeze in the D lineman they put their hands on you they just slip right off. They were they were yelling at us and it was like Amen. That’s it’s your problem. Yeah, that you played the line. You’re dumb. You know, I can’t help but

Torrey Smith  14:56

never forget that I’m looking I’m looking at yonder I’m like Uh, beards frozen like, Yo, he’s just yelling.

Nestor Aparicio  15:04

Jack is shiny, glassy.

Matt Birk  15:05

Yeah, it was. Yeah, that look in his eye. Absolutely.


Nestor Aparicio  15:09

Torrey Smith hanging out Matt Burke we got a Super Bowl 47 reunion literally on the anniversary of Super Bowl 47 Glad to have you guys together. So sorry, what are you up to? are you stopping by here running around your schedule, Matt was scheduled and

Torrey Smith  15:25

you know, it’s perfect time it just came down is few events that I was invited to. So I just enjoyed a couple of days and head on back my family. So

Nestor Aparicio  15:34

you know, when I wrote the book after the Super Bowl, every person mentioned the word luck, and love and luck and the relationships between the players. Because you know, there’s gonna be a five year next year and a 10 year, you still want to win more championships. You’re done. You’re washed up over

Matt Birk  15:52


2010 on for dear life, but

Nestor Aparicio  15:56

the relationships between all of you, I think that that that’s the thing that I’ve noticed 16 years and we lost David Modell a couple weeks ago, and having the Owen guys all come back together under a obviously sad circumstance. But there’s lots of happy circumstances when you guys that were part of that brotherhood get together

Matt Birk  16:15

was a retired player. That’s that’s what you cherish. That’s what you hold on to in those relationships. And it’s fun to come to events like this and see people I mean, when you’re still playing, you’re so focused on playing and, and you and you should be but when you walk away, you know, you tend to forget the two days and all that stuff. And you remember the good times and the good guys and like the moments you had like, like in the hot tub. And that’s that’s what I mean, that’s just best tourists. What’s your I got a I got a couple more, but not in there all appropriate, but not as good as Alan, that’s when you retire. That’s what that’s what you have left. And that’s what you’re grateful for.

Nestor Aparicio  16:54

You were a little intimidated early on, I think I mean, you’re more comfortable. Now. You were the rookie that was getting hazed a little bit, you know, trying to find your way not wondering if you belong, I think right?


Torrey Smith  17:06

Yeah, like for me is, that was the best part. Matt came in the lockout year. So I didn’t even know what I was talking about a rookie. I was part rookie. Yeah, it was tough to get down into the fire and a good team like that. But to be honest, I don’t know if I was anywhere else. I don’t even know if it would have been the same because of the vest we had. You know, I was always comfortable even when I was struggling. You know, I had guys like Elena every, you know, Ray Lewis Burke, like we have veterans who just took us all in and they never made us feel like we weren’t a part of anything. So that’s what made it special. Like it was It wasn’t abnormal to see Burke having a conversation with me about politics or life or religion and or seeing him with the older guy doing the exact same thing. And that’s why I really think we were good. That’s just

Matt Birk  17:53

fun as an older player when you get young guys in who are right way guys who are busting it, and you know, yeah, I mean, I I remember vividly what it’s like to be a rookie, you have a good day, and you’ll have five bad days and it’s a roller coaster when you see guys sticking with it and developing and contributing and starting to get it like as an as an older player. That’s exciting because then you’re like it’s just fun to see. It’s fun to see guys like him succeed but then you know that’s what you need to have a good team you gotta have young guys young guys step up and and he certainly did you one

Nestor Aparicio  18:23

thing I wrote about in the book now that you’re here was your religious stance spread and I’m and daisho different. You know, Bernard Pollard had some there were there were a lot of guys that had opinions. But that is a testament he was praising John before you got here just about what kind of person he is, what kind of leader he was. But putting that group of people together, it was a wide cross section. And when you consider what’s happened on your Facebook or your Twitter in the last year politically with people who don’t agree, it is hard to manage that because we all do have strong convictions opinions on why including how the offense should be run, right?

Matt Birk  19:01


That comes from John I mean, John always tell you let your light shine, you know, be who you are, but but respect and when when that stuff was going on. I mean, I know. I took Brandon aside and just said, Hey, you know, I, I disagree with you on this issue. And just so you know, I mean, this is going to be coming out and, and but you know, it’s not going to change us not gonna change our relationship not gonna affect the team and, and we were all so focused on on the mission, and we knew why we were there. And so there was, I mean, it was great, because we would we would have so much fun in the locker and we would rip guys so hard. But there was always that respect. It was never disrespectful. And that’s, that’s a credit to John to manage. If you got 53 alpha males in a room trying to get them to all go the same way. That’s I mean, that’s why John Harbaugh is a great coach

Nestor Aparicio  19:42

from different parts of the world, all different backgrounds and everything. Everything. Yeah, guys, it’s great to see you on the air. Thanks for spending our anniversary.

Matt Birk  19:50

Gotcha. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  19:53

About Baltimore’s most.


Matt Birk  19:54

I miss vetoes on York Road. I certainly miss the crowd. You can’t go out anywhere and they say, Oh got crab cakes is and I ain’t getting those, you know, unless I’m in Baltimore. You don’t get the crab anywhere. Well, he gets

Nestor Aparicio  20:06

crab in San Francisco. He was trying to turn me on to someplace.

Torrey Smith  20:09

crustaceans is good, man, but you know, and I’m gonna get a reservation like Jimmy’s always bet. Oh, yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  20:18


Oh, yeah, yeah, the football for these guys.

Luke Jones  20:20

Just last question when the confetti fell. You know, Josh Bynes makes a tackle on the free kick and you know that the comeback attempt has been foiled your champions. Thankfully,

Matt Birk  20:30

there was not two more minutes.

Luke Jones  20:34

What went through your mind? Or was it such a just a blur of emotion that you don’t remember?


Torrey Smith  20:39

I remember when it was actually over. I just remember looking at Laquan Williams you remember, we went to college? Oh,

Luke Jones  20:47

yeah. Look, Juan

Nestor Aparicio  20:47

just signed with the Arena Football.

Torrey Smith  20:50


You know what, two years before that. We’re in a college dorm watching the playoffs? You know, they were watching the Super Bowl. We had a Super Bowl party to my daughter. And then I’m like, we’re here like, we are going crazy. We’re yelling. I’m like spinning in circles. Watching the confetti fall like you know, I’ll never forget it.

Matt Birk  21:08

Yeah, for me it was I mean when I remember I don’t remember everything it was it’s kind of get to the parade right? I couldn’t get to the break. But but but that game you know, I remember I ran out to get my family and they were sitting next to Kenny Payton Walter Payton widow. And she’s like they’re over there. Yeah. Because when you go through okay, if we win, this is how it’s gonna go. For my family, I can remember when they came out of the tunnel run and I was just like, Man, this is this is it. You know this. I mean, I was just so so relieved. And just so so full of joy. And I got great memories. I had my son on my shoulders like the whole post game. Just walking around with them. He had become a Patriots fan that year. Yeah. are one of our babysitter’s. Yeah. So he was he was five and he was telling me the Patriots were his favorite team. I remember I grabbed him, I held them up like this. And I said, Who’s your favorite team now? And, and he said, The ravens are so grateful for moments like that in your life. And when you can share him with the people that you love the most. I mean, that’s, that’s it. Great.

Nestor Aparicio  22:12

Great grateful for our friendship over the years. You know? Maybe someday again, you can wear purple navy.

Matt Birk  22:19

Well, it’s good. I’m lobbying we need a wide receiver tampering. I think that’s


Torrey Smith  22:24

I’ll be back in March 19 For my charity game, so it’s a new purple jerseys if you want

Nestor Aparicio  22:31

to find all that. Say Good job. Ready? Where to find

Torrey Smith  22:33

Oh, well, tickets aren’t gonna go up until Monday. So March 19, where he finds arena. Everybody follows

Nestor Aparicio  22:39


you on Twitter.

Torrey Smith  22:40

I know you guys

Luke Jones  22:41

retweet you will help you in any way we can.

Nestor Aparicio  22:43

That’s gotta get out of here. See you later, man. You can save a few minutes. All right, George. Stepping into the hot seat. The Hot Seat, Matt. Thanks so much and drunk coming into all let’s get let’s get the bus. I’m ready. I’m ready to ride the bus. Now. We’re still on it. Oh, Brian billings here to Brian. You want to sit down with Jerome Bettis? Who’s here? I’m still alive. I’m doing my thing. I don’t know what’s going on. I can’t take a break. Have the bus. Oh, we gotta get to doctor as well. Okay. I’m going to finish up with Tori. Two minutes for tour. Yeah, let’s do that. We’ll finish up Tori. All right, we’re gonna have the bus come by.


Luke Jones  23:17

Okay, Tori. How weird is it that you’re waiting for everyone? I think it’s no secret who the 40 Niners

Matt Birk  23:24

next head coach is not really waiting.

Luke Jones  23:28

How weird. Is that been though? I mean, everyone else? Yeah, we’re in the February now. And you’re still waiting to officially have a new head coach in San Fran.

Torrey Smith  23:36


Yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s a little weird. But I think it’s a good thing where you know, you’re getting someone who’s a winner, even if he doesn’t win, you know, you know that, you know, he helped lead that team in that direction. So I’m excited for him. You know, he’s a younger guy. And he’s kind of paid his dues. So see what he does.

Luke Jones  23:53

Have you gained? And I know you appreciate it playing for the ravens and all the success you guys had. But understanding how hard it can be. And it’s no secret. It’s been very hard in San Fran the last couple years, you appreciate even more what you guys did, just knowing how incredibly difficult it is.

Torrey Smith  24:10

It’s very hard to tell people I was spoiled. You know, I can come in. We’re player two away from the Super Bowl, being going back to brag, right? You know what I mean? So like when you go there, and we missed the playoffs the next year, and then obviously we go to the playoffs and lose of my last year there but it’s like, like people don’t realize how hard it is. And I think like even as a fan base, you’re very school because it’s a very good organization. So to have that type of stability, and then kind of you know, see where we are now and separately. Like you know, you know what you’re looking for and like, you know what it looks like so I’m looking forward to seeing that the new coaches can get back on track.

Nestor Aparicio  24:48

I was gonna ask this what Matt was your winnings more fun than losing and if you pass


Torrey Smith  24:51

long enough, so when you’re not losing weight,

Nestor Aparicio  24:55

you’re gonna win. You’re definitely gonna lose playing football you’re you’re gonna lose at some point.

Torrey Smith  25:00

Oh, that’s my top row right there. Oh, we got no other care. Oh

Luke Jones  25:08


absolutely. Back to the fridge yours love it. Yes sir.

Nestor Aparicio  25:12

Well, you know, for for you with the offseason to charity work you always said you were gonna do stuff in Baltimore no matter what. And you still are and obviously you come back Tell me Tell me about your events and stuff that you do love to win and why Yeah,

Torrey Smith  25:25

I mean we we started our foundation I was really you know still gonna do things in Virginia we still do things obviously you know in the bay where I am but it’s gonna always be based in Baltimore that’s home for us now. I think that way. Baby’s gonna love answers. TJ will be three in April. Okay, so I wasn’t far enough are often low cam seven months,

Nestor Aparicio  25:46

I measure them all by Super Bowl appearance. Because I remember a little peanut and


Luke Jones  25:51

he does have the cutest kids.

Torrey Smith  25:54

TJ has pictures with like Barry Sanders he’s gonna have a nice little get up

Nestor Aparicio  26:03

here waiting to come on. I know. I fell back off the bus.

Torrey Smith  26:07


He definitely stopped the

Luke Jones  26:08

bus. That’s a raven always a raven. He was a steal.

Torrey Smith  26:11

He’ll be back the buses. I got he’s a great man.

Nestor Aparicio  26:13

Yeah, he’s absolutely a great guy. So life in San Francisco. It’s one of my favorite places. I told you that last year. And I know, you know, the place that you like to eat right in the city. You know, being out there and being a part of that it’s it is a different place than the East Coast is


Torrey Smith  26:27

completely different. It’s more diverse in a different way. I think we say diversity on the East Coast, you think black and white, or maybe a little bit Hispanic, but like there, it’s like melting pot. Oh, it’s it literally everything like so I think it’s pretty cool to see the different cultures that are out there. And just to experience that I’ve kind of only seen one thing you know, I’m from Virginia, what school in Maryland. And

Nestor Aparicio  26:51

when they say they met one thing, and then they bring

Torrey Smith  26:55

I knew it was a different type of crowd. I’m like, Yeah, I don’t have obey here. So I don’t know about this. I actually got excited I found something that grocery stores

Nestor Aparicio  27:06


ship it out. So you know as far as your your stuff in Baltimore, your gain Tell me about your game. And you’re doing it every year. It’s a lot of work every day.

Torrey Smith  27:15

We do it at Royal farms arena again. So my god Frank, taking good care of us. And to be a basketball game, of course, again, a charity basketball game, but this year, we’re doing a little different, we’re adding a resource fair component to it. So some when we had that conversation with the community during the bye week, a lot of people were talking about different resources. So we want to give some groups opportunity to connect the dots with some of the people in the community who may need help, and help now I’m

Nestor Aparicio  27:40

a little seminar done. Yeah, right. I missed it. My wife actually had a doctor’s appointment weighed down the sheet. So you were writing tomorrow, and I found out about it that morning. And I couldn’t make it over there. But about that day, because I didn’t come and interview you. And I think Angela was gonna set up a call that week or something never happened. So tell me it on that.

Torrey Smith  28:00

Yeah. So we went there and we talked to him about we’re it’s kind of like just an open forum really about whether it’s policing or issues in the city. And his baseline from our perspective is like alright, like, how can we help like what can we do you know what I mean? And


Nestor Aparicio  28:15

I mean assignment I’m a wide receiver give me round.

Torrey Smith  28:18

Yeah, like wonder like, because like, what are your biggest concerns? You know, there’s a lot there’s clearly a lot of issues in the city. And some people are a lot of people who are doing great things in the city as well but they kind of don’t know how to connect the dots like certain things to complain about and just from being there something like Oh, I know someone who does has this program I want to get my son into mentor Oh, well, this place offers this so like, we kind of want to be able to connect those dots and then also we’re gonna have a book a book fair there as well. So you got the opportunity by book obviously we preach the importance of reading and education so looking forward to

Nestor Aparicio  28:53

the new UAE house yet the underarmor house crazy it’s crazy. I was there the day it was was did a great job. Really incredible thing over there random the Thomas Dolby us doing the music side, and they have the entrepreneurial program itself. You know, we need more of that

Torrey Smith  29:09


is I’m telling you like I’m saying but it’s groups like you know, living classroom who are like they are doing their part to help.

Nestor Aparicio  29:18

Brian abaa Part of our company five years ago, 5% of all of our proceeds WNS d go to live in classrooms foundation, so we flipped classrooms is a partner of everything we do, because Brian And it’s that kind of partnership that leads to the US. So you better believe I want to be over there and feel a little sense of pride. My way we’re, you know, you are proud of it. Yeah, man. It’s it’s a village. I mean, every you know,

Torrey Smith  29:44

that’s how we feel, you know, it’s gonna take everyone and it’s not going to be overnight. So as long as everyone’s committed to it, you know, we’ll see the changes that we want to patients and a little positivity. Absolutely. Absolutely. Good to see you my pricey two. Jacket by the way.

Luke Jones  29:59

Thank you for your continued commitment to making Baltimore you’re making a difference. I’m officially we hope to have you back one day we’ll say it

Nestor Aparicio  30:07

but I’m gonna hug you and beg you to come back crusade. So Torrey Smith joins us here we’re live and radio row Super Bowl 51 continuing coverage anything you miss you can find in the buyer Toyota audio vault 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. We’re continuing on mixing and matching celebrities football jackets, I’ll even bust out my cowboy hat if you’re not careful Jones We are wn st dotnet am 1570 and wn st Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking. Baltimore sports

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