Coming clean on one of the best things I’ve ever eaten

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The Maryland Crab Cake Tour was well plotted at Far & Dotter and knew we needed to import a crab cake. This was a chance to finally bring Jerry and Erin Schlichting on the show and eat their famous Clean Cuisine ‘cake but to tell the story about the soon-to-be-famous and award-winning turkey butternut squash lasagna that is better than it sounds and tastier than almost anything on the planet.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Erin Schlichting, Jerry Schlichting

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:00

We’re back at wn st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we were positively not in a we’re not in a crabcake place but we’re with crabcake people. Although sometimes it can cause you to eat more crab cakes were foreign daughter to cannabis dispensary, holistic pharmacy wellness space and we feel very welcome you’re gonna be joined by Michael Brown fine and Wendy brown find in our fourth hour but we got a little bit of a marathon here and it is the Maryland crabcake tortoise all presented by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I’ve got the unwrapped ticket I tore them apart today because I know we’re going to have like patients and adult use people coming in here so I’ve got the the smelly gingerbread there’s one for you. The smell like peppermint but they really don’t smell like peppermint. These more smell like gingerbread because they’ve been too close to the peppermint here. These are the peppermint. These are the peppermint payout multipliers, lot of winners last couple of weeks we have one more Maryland crab cake tour stop we’re going to be up at wise markets and honey go on Monday we’re gonna have Maryland former Maryland stadium authority chairman Tom Kelso joining us as well as former wrestler Derek Frazier. But today we have royalty Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Gina shock of the Go Go’s Mike Dundalk. compatriot has decided to meet us out here in Timonium. I want to hear how she pronounces it, I will have her as well. In the two o’clock hour, we’re gonna have HEC CEO, Drew Westervelt, who i i use this product. So I brought these out onto the sat here today. And I looked on the back and it says manufactured Baltimore, Maryland. So I’m going to tell the story about how this gets all the stink out of my stank and my my my yoga clothes when I get hot and sweaty. It makes things smell better. So I’m going to learn science education today. What else we’re going to do a cross today we’re going to do rock a lot of rock and roll today we’re gonna do cannabis today. We’re gonna do holidays today. Monday, we do eggnog before it’s all over with him. But first things first. crabcakes I’ve been meaning to have this guy on for literally years, right? Like you’ve never, we never call her to the old wn St. Listener.

Jerry Schlichting  01:59

I mean, I was on you had us on for an interview like right after the taste of the town. Right? And Pike’s tasted

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:06

the TAM was the name of that right? So I had I had Wendy

Jerry Schlichting  02:12

that runs the Jessica Normington maybe No,

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:15

I had just gone I had I lost her name. Don’t be her. No, I’ve had when do you want it? Either way, the person that invited me to be a part of that it was at the suburban club so many years ago So Jerry and his wife Erin run clean cuisine, which is in the plaza where Steve’s deli was a sponsor of mine with delicious. I miss your corned beef Steve I do I really do.

Erin Schlichting  02:39

He just came in and got food from us the other day he’s a customer He’s a customer you stock

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:43

his corned beef if you stock hiscore beef you make a fortune. You

Jerry Schlichting  02:46

know what it’s funny because it’s a sample corned beef and we do carry Sava corned beef but we put it on the menu and just briskets our brisket our number one thing we make our own brisket. It’s phenomenal. It’s better than anyone’s brisket bar none just like crab cakes but

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:00

he’s been saying this to me from the minute I met him even saying I have the best crab.

Jerry Schlichting  03:05

I will put an expense Bearskin I’ll put our crab picks up against anyone and they’re gluten free. There’s no branding in them. They’re all jumbo lump. And it’s all fresh crab meat. Never pasteurized, never ever pasteurized. I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:18

wondering why I got your levels wrong, but you picked up her mic and she picked up your mic. You did the switcheroo on me and that hasn’t happened since Moeller you know, he used to do that every week and it gets it have the wrong thing and I got poor Barbara McCall’s get the wrong level. So you guys run clean cuisine and I’m going to tell the whole story about how I know you and then we’re going to prepare the crab cake for the crab cakes were because I don’t anybody saying like you’re curious foreign daughter you do want haxor Well, yeah, where’s the crab cake part? There’s a crab cakes and foreign daughter I’ve been over there. They make me want crab cakes but there’s no crab cakes there. So

Jerry Schlichting  03:47

if you mentioned Barbara Mikulski yes she is a customer and not only does she love our brisket but she would not try and eat crab cakes at first she tried them and she said the absolute best she’s ever

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:58

okay so let me tell you this. The last guest I had on this year program was a family member now Chef John shields who it turns out on related to Okay, from gertrudes he has a Barbara Mikulski crab cake on his menu that I have not tried because he didn’t make it that day. He makes it specially for her it’s her recipe for family bakery and old deal. He said it has something to do with bread crumbs and her sped the way she wants it made with her bakery and it’s on the menu sometimes it wasn’t on the menu two weeks ago when I was able to him Roderick so so cheery I gotta I gotta give the full story for you because it because this is gonna make them laugh and for people that are here at foreign daughter watching our podcast to Baltimore positive, so I get invited by Karen Segal to Rheingold does that sound right that last name from for the Pikesville I had the wrong first name. Beth. Thank you, Beth.

Jerry Schlichting  04:54

That’s taken over in the last several years.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:56

I’m getting old. I had Bethel recently. So Have her and the folks Jessica Normington invited me through Karen Sago and my wife. And this is before the plagues. This is probably


Erin Schlichting  05:08

right before 1819. It was 2090 19 2019. It

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:13

was 19. So it’s probably spring. April. Maria was in the spring, it

Jerry Schlichting  05:17

was actually April 9. Okay,

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:19

so spring of 2019. We all go back five years ago, see where we were. And we get invited my wife and I, Karen and a bunch of people before the plague. And keep in mind before the plague, there was a lot of like, charity events where there was food. And they would invite caterers, we all been with ringing and bought the taste of ticket and there’s 10 restaurants, I’ve thrown those parties. And a lot of that went away. And we couldn’t touch each other for about two and a half years and wearing masks. But before that we’re all in this Giant Country Club. Ballroom, not one ballroom like several like they all opened up and splayed out, even out into the hallway. I mean, it was just a lot of the Pikesville Reisterstown Owings Mills, chamber, calm chamber commerce, right, Greater Baltimore. So I and my wife, and I know I’m skinny, you know, but I eat a lot. And we get invited all the time to be celebrity judges at these events. And like part of being a celebrity judges wonderful you come out people are nice to you, you get see friends, these people maybe do some business with people, maybe make friends with people five years later, like you guys, but the problem with it is you have to eat everything. If you’re going to be a judge, maybe I mean, I do everything with integrity. You guys know this right? For the Ravens in the world through me and so I we have to eat everything even like liver pate, which is no way I’m gonna like it. But if you’re serving it, I’m gonna have a mouthful of it. And we always wound up with indigestion my wife a little known secret parent, I love you for inviting me. So we went around that night. I mean, Ruth’s Chris there, you know, there’s all sorts I can name all you could name all the places that were there, right. Everybody that’s in that area had a little restaurant stall, and we walked around the place and we ate everything kind of indiscriminately. Little bit of this little bit of that. Did you try this? There were about eight judges. And we all were comparing did you try they that’s pretty good over there. Go get that they got an onion ring. They got a chicken satay, you know, whatever. So you were like, in the back in the corner? I mean, I don’t know. You must have been like a new business because you weren’t. You weren’t on the prime stripping off the block.

Jerry Schlichting  07:25

Even on our storefront. Yeah, we didn’t have a store for you. We’re just a caterer at

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:29

that point. Right. So I went up and I said to this guy, cuz I’d eaten your food was really good. Like you had three or four things out that and that is I remembered that several items that was like a little bit of a, it wasn’t a one item ring. ding it was more like, hey, fill up a plate, you get a little this little of that. So I picked it off. And he says, Oh, really good. And I don’t even know what it was. And I looked at it and I’m like, what is that? It’s sort of tastes like sausage. Sort of tastes like lasagna. But there’s no noodle. And I’m like, what is that? You’re like that’s my

Erin Schlichting  08:00

butternut squash, lasagna, butternut squash lasagna. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:02

of all the things I ate there, you know, all the meats, all the desserts, all the appetizers all the seafood, all of the chef things. That was the best thing I put my mouth that night. So I went over to say hello to you to meet you thinking who’s this good looking guy. And he says to me, your nasty effing nasty. That’s what he said. Without the effing. Well, the funny the funny is true. That’s what you said to me.

Jerry Schlichting  08:27

The reason we’re in business today is that butternut squash is on you. And so it’s it’s Aaron’s recipe, it’s the first thing she ever made for me. She was doing a healthy cooking class, I went to her house, we were just friends at the time. And now you’re married and now we’re married and we’re in business and that item alone when that

Erin Schlichting  08:45

started at all and I went

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:46

one of the best things I’ve ever tasted when my my wife and you guys were coming out during the show today. She’s like, forgot to bring up something that by now like you’re not coming home for Christmas, man. I mean, you know, it’s so good that it’s like it could be served as a Christmas dish. You know, I mean, it’s delicious. I mean, a lot of Italian folks always serve lasagna on right Thanksgiving on holidays or whatever, right? And I’m half Italian so so what is this rest? What is what? So we

Erin Schlichting  09:10

take the butternut squash and we thinly slice it. So it’s like yeah, the butternut squash is the noodle like when you

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:17

bite into it. It has the consistency of an L Dante

Erin Schlichting  09:21

right of an owl Dante noodle. Right. Yeah, so

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:24

we know about Dante is pretty far from your country.

Erin Schlichting  09:29

Yeah. So we thinly slice it we you know, boil it kind of like you would boil a noodle? Not as much time but yeah, we do that and then we have the ground turkey we season to taste like Italian sausage marinara fyros To

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:44

tell you so I mean, like it’s not sausage, but I swear around

Erin Schlichting  09:48

so it’s the it’s the final fantasy. It’s the final? Yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:53

Because I’ve commonly gotten in gotten just thinking 1000 times during the plague he wouldn’t let me in out in the park. Looking like banging on the door? I need lasagna. Sorry. We’ll bring it to you. Yeah, like he would let me in or anything and I’m like I thought we were friends. I got a mask all my hands are clean. I got a shot. I just you know, I

Erin Schlichting  10:11

washed my hair. We didn’t let anybody seriously Yeah, that just

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:15

goes speaks to in the plague. This is back when the Ravens used to let me in. I mean one of the reasons I will come to your place anymore honest to god is I’m not knowing you would say I was never there. I was only in your store three days a week and I you know, I wasn’t out there getting bonbons. I was out there like working and like stopping and you guys powered me up with this chocolate.

Erin Schlichting  10:39

So the chocolate banana protein muffin has It has about 11 grams of protein in it. So it’s a nice balance little snack. is good for me. It is yeah, it’s got your fingers. But that’s the fun part.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:52

It was sort of like that. I’ll be honest with you and this will take you back you Baltimore girl. You’re boring. Yes. Carroll County if you’re Baltimore, well close it off. So when I was a kid, I get the Tasty Cakes right? And you would always the candy cakes. You would always pull the peanut butter and the chocolate off. Or you would pull the butterscotch off the criminaIs you know, so that’s sort of like yeah, the butterscotch reminds me of that when the chocolate gets stuck on my hands. So I’m like a classic nostalgic food. I’m a real clean cuisine customer and it’s taken me years to get cherry and Aaron Schlichting on the program today it’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery our friends a window nation are also making it happen I think gotta get me doors. It says Windows on it but they do doors. I need a couple of doors from my joint 866 90 nation I get to wear the wacky hat we’re giving away. A Maryland lottery scratch off holiday scratch offs today out here foreign DoD are also going to be giving them away. And on Monday at wise markets in honey go. It’s going to be fun and you you have a crab cake but I want to talk about your business just in general sense because like you met over the squash, your catering, I meet you in 19 You weren’t married, you’re like getting married and or you just marry had

Erin Schlichting  12:01

just gotten married. We figured hey, if we’re going to be business partners, we might as well just get married, right?

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:06

I mean, do you have to work? Well, right. That’s what I’m saying. But you are getting that space together. You’re in the quando. Yeah. So on the way to MPT next to Steven, if

Erin Schlichting  12:19

you’re going to get your missions done, we’re kind of right where they are right in front of right where the emissions a lot of people are next to the 711 A lot of people come in and they’re like, Well, I was in the area getting my emissions done. So you know,

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:30

I’ve been in that area from the beginning right when the Ravens came to town and practicing their Marvin and Brian and all that, that I was always out there and Steve’s deli was in that Plaza and there was always dry cleaning and there’s not taekwondo. What’s it called?

Jerry Schlichting  12:45

Oh my god. Krav Maga, okay, so they’re no longer there. They’re no longer Gleaners is no longer there pandemic just shut everyone down. Man a pain was rough man, our business tripled during the pandemic. Well, you

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:55

were primarily at that point, and you can’t come in and sit down and eat your place. So that you know we don’t want people sitting down so don’t hold it against me that I have not had you that it took me to get an awesome cannabis dispensary here like foreign daughter for me to get this crabcake but I wanted to feature you. And so you know, first time I’m somewhere that’s not like Pappas, or Coco’s are, you know, any of the places that would have crab cake, I wanted to bring you out what your squash recipe thing is at a family thing like where are these recipes all come from?

Erin Schlichting  13:28

The butternut squash lasagna recipe came from just me trying to cook healthier, you know that that recipe came together with a really good recipe for making your own sausage from scratch without all the processed ingredients that go into you know, the stuff that you get it

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:46

gave me that nice clean cusine on it’s clean, it’s healthy. And I’m like

Erin Schlichting  13:52

yeah, it’s no processed processed food, right?

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:54

I want to yoga when I leave here literally to sweat and wash it with this hex stuff that I gotta meet the guy that makes the stuff who’s lacrosse player who couldn’t get his stuff clean. So good stuff. This show is educational. I’m all I’m telling you. Her squash lasagna thing is one of the best things I’ve ever had it won this competition. Every time I come in there. It’s right on the wall says winner of the Best of something something What does it say? It just

Jerry Schlichting  14:17

says it’s an award winning design. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:21

I hope that was

Jerry Schlichting  14:25

on the way over. I said I you know he’s gonna mention that he helped. He turned the whole room to vote for us.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:29

I didn’t know I went we had a little room. I’m this a series. We had a room across the way. And Karen is a taskmaster. She’s already texted me three times a day. She’s helped me with this charity initiative that I’m going to be pulling off in February. That’s my first announcement of it. My first public announcement that I’m doing something bigger than anything I’ve ever done in February. How about that? Sorry. Cool. It’ll be cool. So I had to celebrity. I can tell you some of the people were off Karen sago. was there there were people there in various media from City Paper types and Baltimore Sun and whatnot. But I went into the room and I told everybody I’m like, Have you been back into that back room? And try this thing? And a couple of are like, Nah, I’m where’s that? I literally said I didn’t call you call me made so six of you haven’t tasted it. And you’re in your voting. Stop. I say Karen stop. They got to taste his food. I said don’t make it obvious that like I sent you but go in there and get some of this. Whatever that orange thing it looks smells like sausage. I don’t know what the hell it is. Nice people. Pretty lady, the guy you know, use the F bomb when he must be one of my people. But clearly a listener, clearly a WSD. Listener. Right. So but I took people back in to, to make sure that they were taking it as seriously as they should. And when they came back you want yeah, so wasn’t like, I opened their mouths and shoved your food down and said you’re gonna like it.

Erin Schlichting  15:55

Right? It was different. Something different. It’s not your run of the mill, you know? And that’s

Jerry Schlichting  16:00

that’s our goal is really trying to give people a little different different recipes that you can do really good food a little bit better. Nothing inflammatory. No inflammatory readings. Nothing’s gonna make you feel like crap. After you eat. That’s our goal and all the food that we do, especially same with

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:16

a crab cake. Cool. Thank you. Bring it up here. Maryland crab, Peter, Jerry Schlichting and Aaron Schlichting are from clean cuisine. Show. I don’t want to touch that. But just show him that. There you go. Clean cuisine. So yeah, clean The Lean Cuisine and MD and Ireland so this is that’s a good look and correct that plates up nice.

Jerry Schlichting  16:38

And there’s no gluten in it. Look, there’s no high fructose corn syrup. There’s no blended oils. It’s all fresh crabmeat. Never pasteurized. I’ll put our crack a Cup against anyone’s and I’ll do I’ll take one all wine taste. This

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:50

is broiled on the top. Yes, there. It looks like it’s got that thing I like on the bottom that crusty on the bottom like it sounds like you know business on top party on the bottom. So no tartar for

Jerry Schlichting  17:04

you. No, no tartar. Well, tartar sauce is for crab cakes. That don’t taste good. You don’t really need I put cocktail. I know you’re a tartar guy, but we don’t even know I’m not as hard as I thought I remember you somewhere. Okay,

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:14

here’s what happened with tartar. I’m from Dundalk. We make hockey pucks This is more of a country club style crab cake. So if I’m looking at this, it looks like Satan Pappas crab cake looks a little bit like this a slurry I’m looking for. So this is the way it’s broiled in your world. And I see I’m looking for ingredients and I’m looking for different things.

Jerry Schlichting  17:33

But um, you’re not you’re not gonna You’re not. You’re not gonna find a lot of gear. Go ahead and crack it. It’s very

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:37

simple crab camp before the crab cake. I want to tell the Tartar story because I thought I liked it. I’ve never had tartar on anything but a fish stick in my life, right? Be from Dundalk, right? Little Gordon’s fisherman you know, whatever, comes a little packet, right? And I went on this crabcake tour everywhere in a state like Eastern Shore. And everywhere I went I got tartar sauce served with it. And everywhere I went and looked around and people were just throwing it away. You know kind of came in a little plastic thing. People look at it and they’re like, kind of looks like relish in Manny’s Hey. But like cocktail sauce is something I had on every crabcake all of my childhood right? But I do agree like now that I get more Gucci. Like I was home the other night with a couple of families crabcakes from my party, and I was just home alone. And she gave me tartar and and cocktail. And I’m like, I’m not even at cocktail sauce with Mandy.

Erin Schlichting  18:30

I don’t think I ate them just the way they the first 40

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:34

years of my life. When I was at the bar and doing the show back in the day, I would always have cocked. I mean, I grew up with cocktail sauce with it in the way you would have cocktail sauce with. With with an oyster right? Oyster is probably where it comes from. Right? You want that horseradish? Maybe? Feel with it? Yeah, I mean,

Erin Schlichting  18:51

I do cocktail sauce with my steamed shrimp.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:53

I do too. Right when I like the cocktail so you want it to make you cry or

Erin Schlichting  18:57

no. Um, ours is pretty intense. I mean, it’s, it’ll clear your sinuses. Like it’s a good cocktail.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:03

I’ve waited five years he’s been trying to pull his crabcake off on me. How many times have I come in your story like you want to grab cake today like me like now I’m gonna wait for the tool. Yeah,

Jerry Schlichting  19:13

I mean the bottom line is I mean like it just I mean you just taste it. I mean that’s that’s all

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:17

right. Well, here we go. Here we go. I don’t have anything to wash it down with five years of see little Aggie like thing going on in here. I like that.

Erin Schlichting  19:26

Five years of anticipation.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:27

That’s a damn fun craft. How’d you keep it warm?

Jerry Schlichting  19:33

We it was cooked right before we brought it and I have

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:37

so Nancy Devine from families. We had a debate one day and she said you don’t want when you take that home don’t heat it up so much. It doesn’t need to be hot you to cold at room temperature. She said you’ll taste the flavor more like a wine you know I drink red wine cold you don’t really taste it. Right. Absolutely would say why don’t really want it warm because I’m American but this is like perfect this is like good

Erin Schlichting  20:01

temperature right? Yes warm Are you gonna taste everything?

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:05

I’m shocked that you kept it warm because like I’m like how do you keep it warm? You just got here we’ve been be acid for half an hour. All right Jerry Neriah somebody else about your manual? I got this is business you do pleasure. Tell me about your business and because your business really is a thing where people mainly order from you and you bring it to him. A lot of cases right? Yeah, we

Erin Schlichting  20:22

do a lot of meal prep. A lot of people will just get food from us for the week. They’re tired of cooking. They, you know don’t have time to cook or it’s just maybe two people at home.

Jerry Schlichting  20:31

And we do we do a lot. We do a lot of meal prep. We do a lot of stuff with the Ravens players. Justin Tucker comes in every week and gets food for the weekend. He goes to Royal farms he’s you know Michael Pierce, a lot of the coaches have a quandary from you. We underline for him. We don’t sell fried chicken.

Erin Schlichting  20:53

But the interesting thing about the crab cakes is a lot of people get them from us uncooked. So we form them. They take them home last last weekend. You know with Hanukkah and the holidays. We just sold so many uncooked crab cakes.

Jerry Schlichting  21:09

I’m not sure if crab cake is really on many Hanukkah menus, but for some reason it was what I wanted

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:14

it for these people were in Maryland, come on. Exactly. The cabinet was family. You eat crab cake. That’s what we do. Yeah, marijuana. Well, from your perspective for customers that want to try your products or come in, just come in and get it and go. Because I the last time I was out there, back when I had a press pass, I had a mask on couldn’t even get in. So I mean, your storefront was kind of new, and then the plague happened, right? And then you couldn’t come in, right. So I don’t know that everybody has an association with coming in, in the way that you go online in order. And I mean, I think of you every time in there, it looks like stuff going out the back door to somebody’s house. Like way your business. I

Erin Schlichting  21:54

mean, a lot of people call or call an advanced place their order. Again, some people will just get get their food for the week. And they call they place their order. They come in, they pick it up at their car, and they eat it at their convenience. So that’s the nice part is like it doesn’t really matter what time you know, we’re like, oh, what time do you need the food ready by two o’clock if they show up at four o’clock. It’s not a big deal.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:15

You know, specials are just like sort of core menu items. At this point.

Erin Schlichting  22:19

We do a lot of different stuff. We do a stuffed shrimp. That’s amazing. It has that crab cake on top of a butterflied shrimp that’s just you know, out of this world.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:26

I mean, that was on Monday. I love me I mean that this

Erin Schlichting  22:32

is it is it’s such a great combination. And he does it a little tiny version of that

Jerry Schlichting  22:36

we use the same. Like a lot of places that’ll do stuff shrimp will use a different crab meat will use back then crab meat, we only use jumbo lump. If you look at that you only see jumbo lump. There is no other meat in there. And it’s all fresh crab meat. A lot of places. I know a lot of the people that sell to a lot of the places that make crab cakes and most places in Maryland, believe it or not are using Chinese or Indonesian or Mexican pasteurized crab meat which will stay in your fridge for a year I can chase the difference. Yes. 100%. Yeah, you can say all fresh and it’s all jumbled up and we never do anything different.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:06

Well, count me in. Count me is impressed. But I was like, Look, I helped you become award winning. You know, it’s true. I think camping you from the beginning. I will pimp you here for anyone. If you haven’t been clean cuisine, they’re one of my favorite little joints in town. I have never had to grab cake before five minutes ago, even though it’s become it’s been five years of anticipation, like a urinating match crossed the counter over there. Mine’s the best. Why are you trying all these other ones minds debate every time you post something? Anyone

Jerry Schlichting  23:35

have any ideas?

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:37

I mean, I’m gonna tell you, right. People say this meal, what’s the best what’s the best? And so I did the show Coco’s two weeks ago. And Mondo, Marcella 30 years midnight, and just a moment of silence for my friend RV Meyers, who passed away last because I know Marcel if you Harvey because we knew each other from the Emerald tab or 30 years ago. And Marcella one best stuff from the 100 points everything slammed her business people were driving from things Berg to come get a crab cake at her place, shipping the whole deal. But she said I’m almost a little embarrassed because like, I wouldn’t want to pick the best. They’re all different. She said after the whole afternoon was done. She was all sold out. There was a vendor next year had a couple of crab cakes left and they’re like, Hey, you want a crab cake? And she’s like, Yeah, give me one of those and ate it and salt that’s delicious. Everybody, you know, there’s

Erin Schlichting  24:22

different flavors. She

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:23

loved this crab cake because it’s the delicious crab cake, right? I mean, but this does not taste like this or that or the that was the beauty of the crabcake Torre did this. To me this has a really nice eggy kind of slurry. It’s wet in the way that I like it. Not Manny’s forward not most record. I mean, I would almost say it’s like sort of a really unique combinate because I teach them obey a shoe flavor nicely well balanced Yeah, balance. That’s what I would say. It’s not it’s not forward with anything other than the crab itself. And I like sort of the the oily nature of the butter, the bitsbox So there’s there’s more butter in this than that I can feel the oiliness, but I also the bottom where it gets crispy that to me that’s what I love about a fried crab cake. Right when they say well, we don’t you know it’ll fall apart if we fry it, but I like that nice little hockey puck on the

Jerry Schlichting  25:16

frying. I like a fried crab cake too. There’s nothing like a crab cake and we’ve done it with error sometimes too. Like we’re messing around we make them a little smaller but I agree with you like the fried crab. I think there’s nothing like a fried crab cake but it’s something that you know, it

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:27

would this would fall apart if you put this in. It’s cold I probably

Jerry Schlichting  25:31

could if you made them a little smaller. We couldn’t make them that big and put it in the fryer. Nope. All right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:36

Well, I gotta go because I gotta eat while your place. Toby, what’s going on? Did you bring the squash? Yeah, we got to do next next

Jerry Schlichting  25:46

segment, and it’s warm too.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:48

So I’m gonna do a segment here which we Westerwelle from from hex. I have his stuff here too. Guys can eat it on Yeah, yeah, I want to show it off. And the next step for sure man because I’m we’re out here foreign daughter, which stands for father and daughter. I don’t even know this picture Michael and Wendy, when he’s become a friend of mine and talking rock and roll, that’s her dad. They started the business here. So it’s really a cool story we’re going to tell about their pharmacies. I mean, they were pharmacy family, Neighbor Care in the community and decided to go in this business 10 years ago and we are Yeah, and well you deliver food to a lot of people do somebody say that. Jerry Schlichting his wife Erin, they have clean cuisine. They brought me a crab cake today that is delicious. All brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. Peppermint and crabcakes and I got leftover gingerbread tickets again with our friends in winter nation I’m wearing the fun had 866 90 nation you buy two you get two free 0% financing through the month of December through the holidays and our friends at Jiffy Lube multi care if I go out there and start my car right now the little orange lights gonna come on because I need oil so Dundalk I’m coming for you over to Merritt Boulevard not far from where Gina shock grew up Gina shock from the Go Go’s Rockwell Hall of Famers gonna be joining us here at foreign daughter as well. So let’s see we got an education today on on crabcakes and butternut squash lasagna, right? Healthy lasagna, why don’t you make a name for that? That’s like better than butternut squash? Because if I say Does anybody want the butternut squash lasagna? They’d be like,

Erin Schlichting  27:12

the hell now? putt putt, putt award winning

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:19

award winning lasagna, delicious. Danza. I can’t believe it’s not sausage and noodles.

Erin Schlichting  27:28

No, I can’t believe it’s not sausage and noodles.

Jerry Schlichting  27:31

We’ll start we’ll start on that on the new menus.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:34

It tastes better than the sausage in the noodles for dinner tomorrow you know I love you. This lasagna is better than any lasagna that I’ve had this side of Mrs. You newsy up on what when Brooke row when I was a kid, the

Erin Schlichting  27:47

butternut squash really adds another layer of flavor to it to not gonna make you feel like crap afterwards. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:52

promise. You This is the thing you said. You handed me the first food. That’s what you said to me. You said you’re a nasty effing Nester and then you said here this food is not going to make you sick. I promise. That’s what you

Jerry Schlichting  28:02

said that people don’t realize a lot of how you feel when you wake up in the morning is what you put in your body. And that’s kind of the idea behind what we do when when Aaron started making the butternut squash was this

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:12

fuel like those little chocolate banana things that got thrown out? I missed those. Did you bring me any of those now?

Erin Schlichting  28:18

I didn’t bring any of them.

Jerry Schlichting  28:20

We didn’t have time. I told him

Erin Schlichting  28:22

I wanted Oh, he didn’t tell me I would have I would have we

Jerry Schlichting  28:25

didn’t we didn’t have any to make and we were kind of busy this morning.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:27

Can you pack my press pass and go back to Owings Mills our friends are asking global this is this is my Richard share gavel at some point. I’ll hear from him and you’ll come on the show. Remember, remember square off. So this is my my crab mallet from spear opener on this side.

Erin Schlichting  28:42

Rice. multitasker,

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:44

right i mean i like i like a crab cake with with a little balance and and like, like a crab melted opens my beer. You know, big appreciation all of our sponsors. Were baking up something in February. It’s gonna be really awesome. But we’re out here of a curio wellness and our friends of foreign daughter who have sponsored our 25th anniversary. I have been delinquent in releasing all of the memories were stuck on 2320 I wish I was stuck at 23 Quite frankly, but we’re gonna get those out through the holidays Luke’s in Owings Mills. Ravens are headed to San Francisco for Christmas night. It’s holiday week around here. I’m one eggnog away from a true celebration. Thanks to Aaron and Jerry. We’re gonna continue on. We’re far daughters the Maryland crab cake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery conjunction with window nation and our friends at Jiffy Lube. Stay with us weren’t somoni Beaten crabcakes talking about cannabis and detergent and all sorts of rock and roll

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