Counting down to tax time…

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As the guy who keeps our money and taxes and the realities of the Internal Revenue Service in focus, Leonard Raskin joins Nestor with some real life spring tax advice – and some Orioles ownership thoughts on money and the future of the franchise under new ownership.


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn st Towson, Baltimore. And Baltimore positive I am cold and wearing a little, a little little warm fear overtop of my Pappas gear but we’re putting the Maryland crabcake tour back out on the road I don’t have a PAP estate. I do have a CoCo state I’ve got a Costas date. And we have several dates of fate these we’re going to be doing Friday’s live from two to five at all rhymes. Luke Jones will be joining us so it’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery in conjunction with wind donation, Jiffy Lube, and liberty pure solutions. This guy shirt is in a laundry right now and he was you know doing the book tour last week with fiduciary who and we don’t even talk any sports let Raskin joins us now he is our defending financial champion. As we get into March here, Leonard, I’m gonna start with just flat out we got free agency. It’s all about money, money money this week. On the football side. And baseball. We’re trying to figure out who’s coming up and who were sign it’s money, money, money, but Rubinstein and can we get the money to the finish line to get rid of Angelo’s before here. But I just want to begin this because last week he did a whole thing on your book and fiduciary you and who’s looking after your money and all of that. You look after my money Rascon global and I just with taxes coming April 15 And I was up. What do we say I can kick her last year right? I

Leonard Raskin  01:21

didn’t have my act filer at extension filer, whatever that is. Right. You’re right. All right. Well

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:27

run me through this, you know, because I had a partner that was unhappy with me because if you have partners, they want to get their issue in. So just, I want to be smooth this year. And we’re going to do this off the air like on a personal level. But I’m thinking somebody else out there is like, it’s Middlemarch, and I got a month left and like, Let’s get her

Leonard Raskin  01:48

to ramp it up. Business returns are due March 15. So that’s coming up super fast. That’s pretty opening day. And then personal returns April 15, post opening day. And the government says you got to have all your stuff together. You got to send it all in and tell us what’s going on. You got to pay your bill, if you owe a bill. If you do a refund, it’s no big deal, send it it get your check, should have already done that. Hopefully

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:14


you you’re the guy that tries to balance it exactly. So like my wife that has this cool job with like a big company and she’s got this deduction and that deduction and medical days and whatever, just getting it to the point where like, they don’t owe you and you don’t write them. That’s the best place to be right. But here’s

Leonard Raskin  02:32

the deal. Refunds refunds are foolish. You know, these people that say, Oh, I gotta refund, you gave the government an interest free loan for any or all of a portion of the prior year. That’s just silly. They wouldn’t give it to you.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:46

Number one Oh, no, that you would have told my dad talking to seven? Yes, my dad loves giving a kid a chapter back. Everybody loves tax refund. Everybody Well, here’s

Leonard Raskin  02:55

the thing. Look, everybody loves it, because they don’t know how to save their own money. So if you don’t have discipline, and you can’t save your own money, at least just saved somewhere you saved with the government at 0%. So better than spending it, at least you get something back. But but you should. The goal is to not have to get money back from the government that they didn’t pay you any interest on for, again, a portion or the whole year. Now on the other side, I used to advise us to, because things move fast, you know, with money, things move fast. The paying the government in April, as long as you file your return on time, you are allowed to pay the government the amount you owe, which is the deficiency in the squaring up. Because all you’re really doing when you file your taxes is squaring up. You’re reporting what you earn, what you have deductions and what what’s left. And if you owe, then what happens is the government says you gave us 10,000 during the year you owe 10,500. So now we need the last 500 We’re squared up. Okay, so you send them off the 500. And if you didn’t pay in it enough. So if you have your job and you’re self employed, you pay your quarterly taxes you withhold from your paycheck. The idea is you withhold enough to match the liability during the year. What if you didn’t pay enough? Well, that you Oh, okay, so I


Nestor J. Aparicio  04:18

last year bought away I mean, we sold our condo, right, thanks changed a little bit salary. Just a lot change. And all of a sudden, we’re like how much?

Leonard Raskin  04:29

Yeah, so the thing is, as long as you’re prepared, the downside is surprises. So we don’t want surprises. But let’s assume now that you know you’re gonna Oh, you calculate it, you say I’m going to owe five grand, I’m going to owe 500 I’m going to owe $50 Whatever it is, as long as you’re aware of that you’re probably going to owe you’ve escrowed that money in a savings account somewhere you have it in an available capital. You pay so you pay so what now as long as you paid your tax last year as long as you wish held it as much as your tax last year, or depending upon your income, you have to withhold, it’s a little technical 110% of that amount. So if you owe five grand last year, total tax, not that not the refund, oh, it APR point, let’s say your tax bill was five grand last year. As long as you withhold five grand this year, no penalty. And you could owe another five grand, you just have to pay it. So April 15, you file your return, or your extension, and you pay the amount you owe, because that’s what it’s required. As long as you do that, then you have a six month, stay up filing till October to actually file the return. But you don’t get a reprieve on paying the taxes do you got to pay what’s owed in April, so you better be ready to write that check. So now I write my check. And I go, but here’s the thing. There is a penalty for under withholding. So remember, when you get a refund, you get zero interest on your money that you let the government for the whole year. If you don’t pay enough, there is a penalty because the government didn’t have your money when they wanted it all the prior year, that penalty used to be a couple points. No big deal. I would borrow money from the government for a year anytime at 2%. And use my money to create wealth elsewhere and then pay what I owe in April and pay the government two points. 2%. No worries. Well, thank you, Joe Biden and the Treasury, they have raised that interest rate for underpayment of taxes to over 8%. Now we’re talking serious coin, to borrow from the government for one year and not paying what you owe eight plus percent withholding penalty. They’ve now made it onerous for you not to pay in what you owe. So you should exactly at least pay in what you owe the prior year to avoid that penalty. Don’t pay the 8% Why would you give the government 8% Unless you’re making more than 8% Guaranteed on your money. Good luck with that. You don’t want to give the government 8% return or in your case, in my case, anybody’s case listeners an 8% penalty for not paying in your withheld amount due so make sure you paid it your withheld if you haven’t if you’re under withheld, and there’s a penalty, start planning now for next year to avoid the 8% Would you go out to a nice restaurant and you get great service and you have a nice waiter or waitress. You can tip them if you want to tip them 20% or 25% Fantastic. For no service and no reason there is no reason to tip the IRS 8%

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:55

tip in the IRS I knew I wouldn’t be with this because people need to hear this right. We can talk to sports. Well, yeah, but every one of us is involved in this right?

Leonard Raskin  08:06


Everybody’s got it. Everybody’s got attack just about everybody you know, you make a little money these days, you got a tax return it just wait. There’s there’s more common. You know, one of the things you hear Joe Biden say all the time no one under $400,000 of income is going to pay any more in income taxes. Except if you’re a guy or a gal who sold a couple tickets on StubHub and made some money, they’re gonna send you a 1099 and soon you’re gonna have to pay taxes on those gains. So it doesn’t matter what you make, you’re gonna be paying taxes what is

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:38

income, right? I mean, it is what is

Leonard Raskin  08:41

legally legally it’s if you sell on eBay, if you sell on Poshmark if you sell on anywhere, you know, ticket ticket master stuff, so if

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:52

you sell on eBay, and I don’t but if I sold a whole bunch of stuff on eBay, and I had sold four grand and eBay stuff at the end of the year, yep. I’m not paying tax on that. I’m getting one now for you


Leonard Raskin  09:05

to not until you exceeded $20,000 of sale under 20 grand $600 600. So they’re picking up a lot more of the what’s it called tax free economy and making that taxable which makes it interesting how they’re going to gather up all your doubloons and

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:27

they don’t like those things in Delaware. I know that I drove to Delaware the other day they don’t like tax they’re right

Leonard Raskin  09:33

but they like him in Maryland and Maryland tried to pass a few more.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:38


To Joe Biden rush stop in Delaware, you know,

Leonard Raskin  09:43

after you but Maryland Maryland wants to get you for a little more to they’re going to start charging additional delivery taxes on Amazon. They’re trying to pass they’re trying to pass a new a new Dodd gas gas tax. For those folks that went out bought electric vehicles, you’re using the roads but you’re not paying a gas tax. So now they’re going to charge you extra per year. When you get your license renewed on that Tesla, or that bolt or bolt or whatever it’s called or your F 150 truck, you’re going to be paying a fee or fixing the roads because you don’t pay the gas tax. Ah, you

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:22

know, it don’t get me started on EZ Pass as well. Alright, it’s a letter asking, he’s here. He’ll give me financial advice. He’ll make you laugh. He’s got a golf tournament coming up at the Mount Washington pediatric hospital. He does he does good things for them. It’s over to Hillandale. That’s coming up early June as well. So let’s do a little sports because I absolutely like a month Absolutely. What’s on your mind? I mean, like, like, really, like I saw. Let’s just start with this before we get to anything anybody cares about your cap sky? Like degree Leo? up right. I mean, Chris netsoft got delta like, like, I haven’t heard you talk caps to me like two years.

Leonard Raskin  10:57

They dealt away a few players. And And what’s really interesting is they’re playing their best hockey in the season right now. And and I think it’s interesting because if you look at the minor league hockey, the Hershey bears, right around the corner here, Chocolate Factory hockey team had the best record in the minors in the AHL, the minor leagues, great players, whipping everybody up, won the trophy last year, the Calder Trophy last year, and so they’re bringing up a lot of these kids and a lot of these young guys, and they’re starting to win. So they dealt away some salary cap. They’re bringing it up, some young kids are, they’re hungry and fast. And they’re winning. Because they got some speed, they got some youth and suddenly they’re, they’re winning some hockey games. So they’re looking good. And they have a long shot chance to make the Stanley Cup playoffs this year, long shot, and everybody thought Ovechkin was dead because he didn’t score at the beginning of the season. Now he’s starting to put pucks in the net again. And He’s creeping up on Wayne Gretzky’s all time ever goalscoring lead list, which


Nestor J. Aparicio  12:12

is stunning. Tickets don’t make the playoffs. There’s 20 games left.

Leonard Raskin  12:16

I know. But they got to jump a couple of your teams. So when you when you get a point, you get a couple of points. But so to other teams ahead of you. You got to jump a couple of your team. Well, they’re in better shape than the basketball team down now. So for sure for sure. And they’re supposed to move to Virginia, right? They’re supposed to or not?

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:31

Yeah, yeah. The Virginia Virginia now they did not put that on the tax dock and Virginia. I saw this over the weekend Tom Lucero wrote about it transparent Ted, in The Washington Times. So yeah, I saw that literally in the overnight on Sunday night. And I’m like, it always sketchball to me, and when I talked to real people about it about like, whether Virginia was really going to go for this or not. And Chip is

Leonard Raskin  12:59


trying to get free tax dollars. Right. It’s the rich get richer. Well.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:06

He’s gonna run from us two weeks from now we’re down in Florida. So yeah,

Leonard Raskin  13:08

yeah. Just ask to ask the I was gonna say just ask the shotty and Angelo slash Rubenstein.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:16

From the states pretty good. You’ve had time to marinate on this. Right? You were I think the first one telling me Rubinstein back in September, October, you kept telling me look into this look into this year reporter. I had John Miranda on last week who broke the story for POC, who was the old Sports Business Journal reporter, and he’s DC bait. He’s an artist. Yeah. So I love John. So John hears me a crabcake of faith. He’s one day. So what do you make of all of it?


Leonard Raskin  13:43

I liked it. The guy walked through the stadium and had the the look of a wide eyed child on the field. That what could be better than an owner who has money? Who looks like a 10 year old as he’s bought the team? I mean, that would be that’d be you and me. Well, maybe not you. But that would be me. I would be walking into the locker room and laughing I would just be stunned. I mean, to this day, we’ll take a quick diversion from sports. You know, we talked about how we both grew up, poor kids Randallstown. Doc, we had a little bit of something, but not a lot of anything. And to this day,

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:24

I’m doing my 25 year documentary right now you’re gonna be able to see. And my eyes are bloody from the script. And the idea that Landry brought me and I’m seeing this all I’m releasing the book on my father. So like, feeling gratitude. That’s it whenever I walk back into that press box and I hope the gratitude I’m gonna feel for having survived at all right, like, yeah, so

Leonard Raskin  14:51

there you go. So I drive up to my house. I drive home for work and I just look at the front of my house. I drive and just say Holy cow. That could just be mine. You think you’re Tony soprano. Yeah like like this is this is silly. This is stunning and silly. And so you think about he’s was wide eyed he walked into the stadium as the owner.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:10


But what? When you’re a billionaire you because you’ve had every steak every meal every line like when you’re Bon Jovi to turn yourself on about buying something is your ability Joe you go play the piano because it turns. Right, right.

Leonard Raskin  15:27

I saw this over the weekend Bon Jovi’s running it a Formula One team.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:32

Well, we’re all trying to get our kicks, right? I mean, right? Whether it’s sex, drugs, money, food, club, baseball, team, baseball, whether if you’re a poor guy from Dundalk, and it’s just you want them to win, because that would give you the feeling. I mean, I once said to Steve shot, and I was probably wrong about this. I said, it makes you and I feel the exact same way when the Ravens win the Super Bowl. You don’t I mean, like, we feel that feeling that that’s right. But we you and I don’t feel the feeling of winning $5 billion from owning it, though, there is a feeling that’s a different thing that affords

Leonard Raskin  16:05

That’s right, so, so the the league has approved is purchase the owners committee, I guess. So that means it’s going to be approved. So Angeles will be done at some point, or at least out of control. And this guy will take over. And he walked out of the field and looked around and said, Holy cow, this is mine. And it’s a got to be a magnificent feeling. And hopefully he gets to say, we get to own this and we get to keep some of these kids. And my predecessor said we can’t keep everybody can’t pay all the salaries and he gets to say if the Dodgers can pay Shohei Otani a billion dollars I can pay Adley rutschman. And I can pay whoever I want whatever I want and I can keep a team here that’s gonna win. Let

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:56

me ask you this because you for really wealthy people you do I mean, yeah, we don’t You don’t brag about it. I’ve met your your clientele. They’re all over the place in different weird ways. But you, you your richest client, I don’t know if they could buy the Oreos, but they could buy something that you and I couldn’t buy. Right. Right. Sure. And they have that the wealth the bar what they need to do if they wanted to buy a soccer team, they could if they are minor league, you know, the kind of people that Yeah, right. Absolutely. So what if, if you’re in on this, and you know, Rubinstein and you’re handling his money are a part of his circle of people that would handle this kind of money. How does the justification How will his mind work? And this, because that’s what I’m trying to get my arms around. And when I’ve sat with people who have been around, Bill, and I’ve been around plenty of billionaires, yeah, sure, but talk like about their finances with or about their ideologies. But you see that on TV all the time about the ideology of wealthy people, when they’re doing things with their money, whether it’s even buying a boat or having a toy, or, you know, the guy that you probably voted for that, you know, gold this and glad the biggest and I mean, well, you know, like, you see all the delusions of grandeur about all of that. So this guy buys this thing. He has all this money as a television show. And he seems like a pretty humble kind of cat for the most Yeah, right? Yeah. Like what? Motivation wise, and then the business of it the actual business of I’ve got enough money that I can give this, Oprah I can give him 100 million, give him 100 million, and it’s coming in that fund for five years, and maybe sell it to the next guy for 3 billion, because I’m not trying to make money on it. Right? Like, oh, they’re always trying to make money. No, no, no, no, try to squeeze money at it right now. But

Leonard Raskin  18:41

the thing is, the thing is, at that level, the difference between that level and the normal folks, the thinking is always about opportunity. What does this avail me the opportunity to have to do? So it may be a pleasure to maybe have you have the president in your box right? Purpose. That’s right. It may be that purpose about who I am. And what’s important in my life reflects this decision. It may be that the opportunity simply to create more wealth on top of the wealth to do what I love to do, is the reason I buy this team is sidestep this thing. And most of them left too smart. If they’re smart. You know this, they bring in the right people and surround themselves with the right people to make it not just a toy, but an opportunity to create mass wealth. Now, you can look around and say who, who hasn’t and who might not. There’s a guy down to Texas, Jerry Jones, who a lot of the people would say interferes with and screws up the team blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, but there’s no denying the amount of opportunity and wealth it’s been created for himself and his family with his ownership. For the Cowboys, these franchises, if you look across sports, it’s very rare when one of these franchises loses value over time, this is the one where there are not many assets you can own that don’t deplete. They don’t lose value. But as long as all the more reason

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:18

to try to win and right and especially a couple things Rubinstein older guy, not the shotty, not 3841. He’s right, right. Like, had not invested a whole lot in Baltimore, from what I understand for being a guy who’s loved Baltimore brags, for Baltimore, you have just never felt like from a financial standpoint, in the same way you’d love Baltimore, but and I love Baltimore, and I invest in Baltimore got my ass, right. I live down there. And it’s cost me opportunity for the rest of my life. Because I bought a condo for 400 Sold it for 300 Instead of buying and selling it for 820 unit,

Leonard Raskin  20:50


that’s a function sadly, sadly, that’s a function of the city and property taxes.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:56

We talk about this all day long. Right? Right. Brian Billick left Merrill, like so. But

Leonard Raskin  21:01

the bottom line here is sports franchises don’t tend to that direction.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:06

But there’s a number of interesting for him. Okay, stay on. He’s pretty good. Well, first thing says it’s coming with $600 million. Right?


Leonard Raskin  21:14

That’s my point help.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:16

Right, right to fix the stadium. It’s coming with a really good team and

Leonard Raskin  21:22

the young nucleus of a really good

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:25


team with this chance to really you have something to sell, you have a product to sell where you don’t if you buy the Oakland A’s right now. That’s right. That’s right. So and no steak. So they got going on. There’s a lot of really nice components. And all of this part of it is the other guy was so bad, you can’t help but stumble forward.

Leonard Raskin  21:42

Here, the bar is pretty low, you can step it up pretty easy. But but

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:45

the motivation for a 70 something year old guy to do this, with this kind of wealth isn’t about one day, I’m going to live long enough to flip it for 4 billion. It’s I don’t really sign these baseball, it might be different, like, how can I sign these baseball players we currently have so that I can enjoy the next five 810 years of my life. That’s right, Raider two, and that itself will leave a thing in better shape. And and I don’t have to make my this does not have to absolutely make financial sense. But part of it is that it make financial sense in 1,000,000,008 to get into this, because most people that buy this at 1,000,000,008 have a debt service problem ratio thing that says, Look, we only have 23,000 people in the ballpark, we only have x amount of bills, we’re like, this is tough, this is what you

Leonard Raskin  22:35

can throw around look, when you can throw around that kind of money. Like it’s nothing like you and I throw around to buy a cup of coffee, or go to a show. That’s pocket change for this guy, then then you’re in a great position. Again, I don’t know the guy’s story, it’d be interesting to see it and to learn it as time goes on. One of the things that we talked about, and I certainly talked about in everyday business, the passing on of a business to the next generation is hard. The passing on of a business to generations is damn near impossible. It hardly happens. You might hear the names. But they might and probably aren’t owned by the same family that were the founders. It gets sold off to who knows who, you know,

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:22

well enough, the kids find another way in life a lot of times, often,

Leonard Raskin  23:26

often. And it’s not in the family business. And so

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:30

you know who Steve shot his kids are, and that’s the way he wanted it. That’s right. He wanted it from the beginning, he was unabashed about that. That is That’s why his son’s not the team president. And in Kansas City, the teams like the hunt families, and by the way, got F minuses from all the guys after they won the match. Right? That was really wild. To me, but we start talking about these ownership groups and how they’re all different. And that’s right. Angelou. She wanted to be the king of the world. He wanted to be loved. He was a prick. He wanted to he he was a hard charger for the run to be the mayor. He wanted to be God he wanted he wanted to sit in the box. And then he wanted to run when he got famous. He got famous and then said I’m out like, like the last 25 years of his life. And I’m at but shotty came in yet, since Ray Rice punched his wife in an elevator and it’s my fault because I’m a media member he had been seen. So these guys their tunes change and how it changes.

Leonard Raskin  24:29

lives change certainly. So their choice of how they act is certainly in their court. They can do what they want to do, but they are shot.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:37

He was local ownership Angeles, they are civic, and their civic, local guys.

Leonard Raskin  24:43

They are Civic, local guys. That’s why I said so. You’re gonna find out this guy story. The question is, what’s his family? Does he have kids? Is he interested in bringing them in to continue ownership? You know, what are his legacy plans relative to that? And he had to be thinking about up that the day he bought it, I know for a fact. And you may or may not know this story, one of the big reasons, art modell came to Baltimore was liquidity. He didn’t have money. And he kind of knew that his team would have to be sold it when he died to pay the estate taxes because there wasn’t enough cash. And Cleveland wasn’t stepping up. So coming to Baltimore, he got a lot of money. And he got an opportunity with a guarantee that his team was going to be sold and it was going to be liquid, he was going to be able to do what he wanted to do for his family and leave the legacy behind that he wanted for his children, his grandchildren, because cash is king. And so his legacy plans caused a move. I’ve no idea what the case is with this guy and what his

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:50

plans are. I’ve written about that. But I’ve never thought about it in exactly that term, not just to how we got the team. But the notion was he had to make it worth more. And I think John had that in his sights in Nashville, according to his brother in court documents, right? Yeah. Like, literally, that must have come up with Thanksgiving somehow. All right, yeah. Go figure. Right. You know, when they were sitting with Brady down at the Four Seasons, years ago, when when things were better, and


Leonard Raskin  26:17

dad, it’d be a big estate tax, you know, there’s gonna be a biggest state tax come in, and it’s changed

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:22

dramatically for John Angelo’s from where he thought his life was gonna be 510 years ago. You know, I’m writing an ode to John at some point here when he gets out. Because, you know, they’re just going to be really, really filthy rich kids now, right? Like, that’s just that’s the way

Leonard Raskin  26:39

they’re gonna be filthy, rich children of a billionaire. But they’re hardly kids, right? I mean, right? Right. So this is the thing, wealth transfers. At late ages, you don’t think about it, not many people die, young, wealthy, and leave, leave legacies. So some do but most, live a long, long, long, long time. And so their heirs received their money in their 60s 70s. And then their kids are in their 40s and 50s. And great grandchildren in their 20s Great greats. You know, it’s it’s a whole line. So there’s opportunity there. But who knows what this guy’s story is, I’m hoping he’s willing to spend to keep the players keep the stadium we’ve got stadium 600 million to 40 million a year for 15 years. They did a bad get. I’ll take that all day long. And you can, however you want to spend it. Right. Well, that allows you to buy some players because money is fungible. The state says you have to use it for the stadium. You say great. Now I don’t have to use my money to fix my stadium. I can use my money to pay some players in a report profit. It’s all good. It’s a great game. How

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:49

many games go into this year?

Leonard Raskin  27:53

Ah, you know, probably be home this summer. Good bit, waiting for the boys to head off to grad school. So I think we’ll go to five a dozen, you know, give or take probably all right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:06

Every Rabia you know, I’m just trying to figure out what the new kiss is going to be. Because I’m like, I think I’ll be down there more often. If they give me a press pass. I’ll go well,

Leonard Raskin  28:15

of course that’s a different world.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:17

I will go frequently because that’s a different world be there. I like to feel welcome to be there. My name is Aparicio lead a raskins that that his last name, but he’s fiduciary who he’s got a book right now. He’s Mr. Hot Pants. You can find them on Amazon. He won’t be doing this for two years. But you can go you’ll find some of his work at Baltimore positive as well. But he’s now in Altair. And you can find him in fiducia. We did a big segment on that last week. If you want to go listen to it. Find you can find that out of Baltimore positive. We’ll do football next week after free agency. Okay, absolutely. See how much breaks over here and this guy’s there and like all that matter. pkce here, that’s all we need to know for see where the rest of them go. That’s right. I’ll have you break down the salary cap for me next week. Let it out on the web, and also at Baltimore. Stay with us.

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