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Crab Cake Row: Carmen Del Guercio of The Maryland Food Bank educates Nestor about food insecurity


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Crab Cake Row: Carmen Del Guercio of The Maryland Food Bank educates Nestor about food insecurity on “A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl Week” to start Day Four.


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Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

All right, welcome, man we are we’re live for our purposes here. It is a a Thursday morning. It has been a it’s our 25 of a week long marathon is crabcake row and crabcake row has moved to the to one two to eight, where life is great and I’m going to be staring at Kurt Cobain. Is that Madonna? Courtney Love? I think that’s Courtney Love. And yeah and Dave Grohl. I’ll be staring all day at the flea at Eddie Vetter. I’m still alive. And Stevie Wonder which is, um, I should move Steve in front of the stereo Stevie all day. We’re doing all this on behalf of the Maryland food bank. This guy here if you add on the video side audio sigh Carmen who has been a repeat offender on this program, especially during the plague when we things really, really tough. And I I’ve never met you until like eight minutes ago. Moeller would have freaked out if you didn’t even see me talking to you. Because he’s was the green room where he would get the whole thing and then bring it on the air and like, No, we’re not repeating anything. And I sort of tease that like, you’re like, Well, I’d like to see you I’ve done the show before what what is the scope of Super Bowl thing? You know, like all that. And I know you’re here today because it’s, it’s nearby. And so you would have I said, You should be there day one on Monday and like, we’ll get to him by Thursday. And when by then I might be like my wife was over under my voice would be gone by like lunchtime today, but I’m doing okay. Good. Thanks. Thanks for comment. I noticed your side of town and I’m going to tell you our story and your story. But more than anything you drive into Gainesville every day.



Yeah, I’m driving to Gainesville every day. That’s where our primary headquarters is on Hill Thorpe. That’s our our largest facility, but we have warehouses in Salisbury in Hagerstown, so we’re covering the whole state.

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:43

Um, so today here at State Fair, will be the same deal as the last couple of days. If you bring goods for the Maryland Food Bank, dry goods, you tell them what they can and can’t bring. Because I failed to do that all week up in such a turn about that. Yeah, I


mean, dry goods certainly in terms of So You Think about things that are that are nutrient rich, and protein so so a black beans, tuna fish, peanut butter, chicken? Those kind of

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:08


goodness, those are exactly the things I’ve seen people read the rules. Good, looks good. And it drops though. I looked up and I’m like, There’s tuna fish in there. And everything you just said there’s some peanut butter was a cost. This is all big mega. Somebody brought saltines I saw a lot of corn, but I did see black beans. Yeah, didn’t see black beans.


Rice goes a long way. And our neighbors love that. So it’s a that’s perfect.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:29

Well, so this whole thing is kind of crazy. It kind of came together. There’s the behind the kitchen part where I used to be at Radio row and do this for Super Bowl and was trying to figure out what I was going to do. That would have some impact this week. That meant something to me. And October November, I started to think about Alright, there’s gonna be a Super Bowl week. The Ravens might be in it. I’m not going to Las Vegas What can I do and they might be in it and it might be a purple pep rally. Right? You know, I thought I haven’t done live radio 10 years. So that that will be special for me and a hot this is brand new equipment. I have no idea how to work. Remember light bright. We were kids. Your parents ever get you like that right there. Exactly. Yeah, no doubt what parents that was the one thing they promised me when I was a kid that I never get that and hop on. And I’m like, I’m scarred. You know, but I have my own life. Right. So I don’t know how to work in I’ve knocked my looks like you know what you’re doing. I went eight hours yesterday without knocking myself here. Alright, we are now officially, I don’t know, four and a half minutes. Three at three minutes and 30 seconds in. And we’re doing okay, so far. So good. So in October, November, I started thinking, well, the Ravens good. I mean, good. Whatever we’re gonna do with real party. I’m going to be in Hollywood casino on Sunday for the for the big game. And we’re always going to be there if the Ravens were in it, obviously. Right. I mean, right. Yeah. Still getting over that. So this dream begins in October, I mean, begin 40 years ago, but it really began October and I’m like, I want to feel airtime. I want to do something special. Jerry Lewis and watched him to the telethon. I’m I’m going to be on the air three in the morning and be showing your age. By the way. Cider, by the way, who was a former police officer in Orange County was my employee that afternoon drive here for a period of time, he did a 24 hour thing. And I’m like, Dude, you’re nuts. I mean, nobody’s waking up, I want to ask what I want to do. And I’m like, All right, man, I’ll call you at 1:40am I’ll be that guy. But this is before we had the internet, like all that 1520 years ago, I wanted to do something impactful. I’m like, Alright, nine to five working man, like the rush song. That’s, you know, I get to Geddy Lee thing once in a while. And I thought, well, let’s do it third day light. And that way my businesses can be you know, let me and get me hooked up. And I said, All right, I want to do 100 charities that week. I want to do 20 charities a day and meet new people and have old friends. Like so you were one of the people on the first 100 Like, and some of them like I said, Matt Gallagher from gold sector I wanted to I didn’t even get them on this week. So I’m only going to get to about 65 or 70. I mean, I’m just I’m running out of time and voice. But I did invite everybody. So that was the first basis of it and then And I wound up wise markets one of our great sponsors love you, Jamie love every thing about them, including the ice cream. And I was out of my wise markets if you would, my wife and I just went shopping on top of a chilly night. And there were tents set up in the parking lot. And there’s Jamie throwing the stick mic thing. And there’s bill from channel two. And, you know, I’m like, okay, see plan and it didn’t even occur to me, but I’m like, this is kind of a cool big live event thing. You know, people are bringing their food and, and I’m like, That’s awesome. And that’s that’s cool. And I know you and I haven’t had you on in a while. John maroon with a you know, like, so I started thinking it was Thanksgiving. My kid was at the house. We’re drinking some wine, some turkey. And I said to him, I want to do this thing like Super Bowl week. I want to do like a thing. You know, am I kid fit my kid forever. He’s watching me do all this for 32 years. He’s way smarter than me. He texted me like two hours. I was like, Dad, it’s Super Bowl week, you should do something but like you do crabcake tour. I said, Yeah, I want to call it maybe crabcake row was my first ID instead of radio row. I want to do one day cost is one day. Just what I’ve done. Right. Evan here. Great folks, Kirby letting us in early in the morning here. And I said, All right. Let’s let you know. He said, You should do something with Maryland crab soup. All your places have great crab soup. It’s February, do something with soup. And I’m like, alright. He said it’s Super Bowl weeks to do soup. I’m like, okay, so I want a cup of soup or bowl, bowl cup soup, bulk soup, soup or bowl cup of Super Bowl. And then I had it right. And I’m like, Alright, crabcake row, a cup of Super Bowl. And then I’m like, Well, what, what are we going to ask people to do? And I’m like, well for feeding people. And then it occurred to me My father started when he was a kid. Right? So my father never voted for Republican after Herbert Hoover. So he that are all in the family song mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again, my dad was best on. Every Saturday night after church, we come back from Our Lady Fatima with some donuts usually. And like we would watch that my dad would say Herbert Hoover, no, you know, so. So soup lines. And my father would when I was a little boy, my father was much older than me. He’s born in 1919. Here we go. There’s half. So he was born in 1919 9029. Obviously, bad things came to Baltimore to work on the bombers in Essex, in the 40s, during the war. And so I come along. I’m adopted Aparicio. You can read up on that. I’m releasing the book next month. So he would always say to me, you got $1 in your pocket, put some food in your belly, he bet my belly. So I’ve thought about this issue. No. guy would spend the night without food. Right. Tell people what that slide? Yeah,


I mean, that’s hard. I mean, I think about that every day, Nestor in terms of our mission, right.


Nestor J. Aparicio  07:49

And I think what you find in the morning, you got me going,


what you just described is a lot of people, a lot of people don’t recognize the magnitude of this issue in our state, right, we got a lot of beautiful things going on in our state. But there’s so many people who are struggling to make ends meet. And one thing that I’ve learned in my seven years at the mountain Food Bank, frankly, is the fact the resiliency of folks who are struggling to make ends meet, you think about the fact that they wake up every morning, who hungry and figure out how they’re going to get through this day. And they do what they can provide for themselves provide for their families, and they go to bed, they do the thing all over again tomorrow, right. And they do that same routine day in and day out. And so, you know, we’ll talk about this a little bit more. I mean, we clearly are doing everything we can to provide as much access to food as we can. But we’re thinking more broadly about the mission of the food bank so that we can begin to begin to address some of these root causes. So families don’t have to consistently you know, they can kind of break out of that that cycle of poverty and get in a position where they can provide for themselves our family this week are doing this work, right. We saw one of our partners earlier this week, right? Oh,

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:50

I’ve seen well, variety of people already. Do this work from St. John’s pantry and Aztecs and church outreach Reeves, Baltimore outreach down with the harbor sheltering when it just Yeah, pantry, pantry, pantry, pantry everywhere, right. And Oh, absolutely. Francis of Assisi yesterday over by cost or by Coco’s, you know, the folks that cost is a donate locally, I found that how much why’s markets and royal farms who’s also my partner? who donates do you mean all my partners donate to you? All these are all European. It’s amazing. And they’re my people. And this week, they become our people, I guess. So. The



330 organizations like that all across our state, and communities all across the state and think about it 24 counties, right, we don’t cover peachy Montgomery, but we cover the rest of the state to DC initiative. DMV and so you know, when I think about it, when you think about those organizations and the role they play in those communities Nestor right. I mean, the to the issue of food insecurity and not being a provide for your family from a dignity perspective can be really hard for a lot of people, right and so to have a local organization who they can trust and know that they can go to for help, and relationships that begin to get developed not only with the organization but with the people who run that organization. So it’s not the people you talk to this week, and the personal relationships that exist these are the lifeline for many people in these communities that otherwise wouldn’t exist and so our partner network plays a critical role we call them our last mile, they play a critical role and being there for the neighbors so that they can create as as more as much of a positive and dignified experience as they possibly can to know that our neighbors have a place to go when they’re struggling and and that’s, that’s that’s the part I think, the role that they play is critical for us.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:32

So the cup of Super Bowl comes because my kid comes up with this fun idea all my plans


fall far from the tree obviously from marketing perspective, all of

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:41

things all of my sponsors make great and here specifically they don’t have it on this morning i I heard they needed an ingredient there were cream a crab soup, they do a cream of crab and corn chowder here specifically today. If you’re listening today on Thursday, come on out the State Fair bring some stuff. We give you a free cup of Super Bowl if you leave behind stuff for this guy, his group, the organization, your Gainesville for 40 Every day we’ve had someone stopped by the show, tell their local story and then take the food home. That happened. St. Francis of Assisi church in the Laura Ville garden village district was Wednesday. So we’ll go through all that. I just want to give you the rest because it really does involve us super the real suit the big game the big game. I’ve been 27 Super Bowls broadcasting. My first Super Bowl was in 1992. In Minneapolis, Minnesota it was the Thurman Thomas forgetting to Helmand Redskins win beat. One of the many times the bills laws were sick. I’m sorry, you’re not here today. We’re sick did yesterday. He’s a he’s a Buffalonians by choice. Even though he lives two blocks from Coco’s so 9092 I see this event called Taste of the NFL, and it was I couldn’t afford it. I mean, it was 99 I barely got a ticket John Steadman got me ticket for that game. I didn’t have a press pass for that game but had a ticket. And I just started my radio career. I’ve been on the air a month with Kenny Albert. And I called Kenny show from radio row, which was a little hotel ballroom from a payphone outside with Keith Mills was there at the Minneapolis Super Bowl at the Hyatt. So that’s 32 years ago, last week, because they play Super Bowls in February, and they used to play him in January. So 95 and went to the Phoenix Super Bowl broadcast at Deke shack on the show that, remember, was like a beautiful thing. And we were just getting the team, right like the team was promised us. Art was kicking the dogs, the Browns are still in Cleveland. That was that period of time. And then two weeks later, like art showed up and march Brode was 96. Right? So that’s how far back I go. And in that Phoenix one, there was a taste of the NFL in the streets of Tempe and I saw it I was partying but it was an outdoor party. It was kind of I got up to the fence of elicitation and fell you need ticket cool and you know, it was a it was a spinose Some I couldn’t afford at that time, my life. So then I started to be at the team. I started broadcasting and every year the you have the taste of the NFL, the guy runs it was a guy named Wayne Custer Roski I want everybody Google Wayne K. OSTROSKI. Minneapolis restaurants here. Baker do gooder who founded this thing went to the NFL when the Superbowl came in Minneapolis when things were still more open. Like for ideas to make it great in a cold city. He came up with this well, it’s cold out there. You’re not golfing. We’re gonna throw an indoor party invite Miss America get REO Speedwagon chart you know get Coca Cola to underwrite it. We’re gonna do it for hunger. Awesome. tasted the NFL. Nancy. Nancy Longo from PeerPoint restaurant who should have been on the show this week. I should have gotten her I still have tomorrow. This Nancy I’m coming for you. Soon Nancy became the Baltimore chef. Okay, so I never went to this event before it turned into more of like a convention center 5000 People Barenaked Ladies Brooks and don these are the bands are playing you know what I mean? Like serious bands during the event and I got to know Wayne from radio row sitting on and he would bring by celebrity chefs sometimes they would bring alumni players so their event if you can picture was just this grand tasting event right? Like they would every Nancy every year would do something with crab so it would be crab and corn this crab and corn shatter little mini crab cakes and you get small plates and and she would have a celebrity there Right? A former Raven not a cold because the former colts were at the Indianapolis booth, right? And brico winds would always be the Redskins. You know, you could go through the teams were certain John capuleti would always be there with the boundary. It’s right. So like it was that kind of room right. Couple Hall of Famers here and again, but a lot of the players reappeared every year because we’re such a beautiful event. They got to fly in, and they got to be a part of the Super Bowl and they would wind up on radio row and they would sit and talk about their team or they were my guest right And then we’re there on behalf of tasting NFL hunger. We’re doing this event. It’s cool. This is the kind of cool stuff we do at the Super Bowl with our team ever makes, right? So our team made it in a one, right? So the year our team made it, Ernest Byner was the former we didn’t have a lot of former ravens do. Four years ago, Ernest signed up for it while he was the running back coach on a team. Remember he had that transition period, where he was like, after that he transitioned into sort of the team mentor that the role is now held by Jameel McClain and Harry Swain had their it’s a player community coaching former former player who is an outreach guy to keep guys on the top. Yeah, you know, tell guys had lived there to the right, right, right. So earnest first, right or just one of the first guys to be that down Brian staff, and earnest like, I can’t do this event. So Wayne said to me, you got to be the celebrity. I’m like, Dude, there’s football player Hall of Fame. Don’t make me that guy. I said, let me call somebody really famous. So I got Marty bass. Marty and I sat there and knocked back wine. The night before the Super Bowl wearing purple sign and stuff, Hank taking pictures, and we won the game. And so every year I wound up come in my wife. I got married the next year, Wayne Wayne, Andrew Zimmern, you know, celebrity chefs. So all these years later, I decided to do this thing, scope of Super Bowl, and I’m like, I’ve been doing this hunger thing for 30 years with Wayne. And I thought every football player that ever did the show Super Bowl, we had a cause they had, I’m here on behalf of isotoner gloves. And by the way, get your prostate checked, you know, I mean, that’s, you know, I mean, but but they all had a cause, right? And I thought all right, so blending all this together. So I called Wayne. I don’t know week for Christmas. And I’m like, Dude, you’re smarter than me. Give me some good ideas. And it occurred to me that this is all Wayne’s fault. This everything we did here is Wayne’s fault. You know why? For you at least? So 92 is my first 196 we get in the league. I’m at every Super Bowl every year from 6am. Monday till 6pm. Friday, doing what exactly what I’m doing right now, I stopped doing it live 10 years ago, because it just became easier to do it on tape, right? Instead of waiting for Snoop Dogg to stop taking pictures with a live mic and say, Dude, sit down or we will just roll the tape and tape things. 2012 We all heard our hearts broke right conduct misses the kick. Lee Evans drops the ball. From a business perspective, it was awful. But I went to the Indianapolis Super Bowl very, very begrudgingly, by the way. And I had broadcast from a dozen combines in Indianapolis so I’m always there when it’s cold as hell February awful, or say or say Peyton Peyton, who’s your dome? All that walking in The Hobbit down there with a little glass city they have built there. And so I’m very familiar with Indianapolis. We set up we were in the ballroom. I had like a whole epiphany that week I woke up on Wednesday morning. It was the best Super Bowl ever. It was the weather was beautiful people came from it was like it’s it’s like a state fair, not like a corporate gig, you know, like these other events? Right? It was real people involved in Indianapolis. And they loved it. And there were they had, what do they call those zip lines to the city? Yeah, I mean, and it was 65 degrees every day. It was just like it was perfect, right? So I undid the dagger with Ursa. I wrote this blog about like, You got to drop this. It’s,



it’s over 28 years. Right? Right. It’s only when we have our team. It’s over.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:43

So I dropped the sword. And then that Friday night, Saturday, Saturday night, they throw tasted the NFL Saturday. That year, they threw the party because it’s Indianapolis and ain’t nothing there. They ran out of ballrooms and places to throw parties. So they decided I think Wayne was I should ask him. I think he was kind of desperate. He’s like, we can’t get a hall. You know, it’s a small town. They throw it at the food bank. No kid in the middle of nowhere. Yeah. I mean, your food bank? I ain’t been over there. But I’m thinking it’s a giant. What’s


the prime real estate? Exactly? Its warehouse. industrial site. Exactly. He’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:18


through. That’s it. In this bank.


It should be a statue that guy outside of the food bank in the

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:24

middle of nowhere. The night before the Super Bowl. Wow. Transportation was an issue. Carmen Abed. Carmen del Cueto is here from the Maryland food bank. And I’m storytelling, but you’re wondering what the heck you’re doing here. So I’m giving you the whole I’m giving you the full monty would say so. My wife and I got trapped in the frickin Indianapolis Food Bank. It’s 130 in the morning, watching limos pull up begging people to get in 20 bucks somebody pity, pity and throw us in their limo and drive drove us back downtown and dropped us off the corner of Maryland Avenue, by the way, downtown to do that, but we like really stuck there and we’re like Like, we might sleep here to


get food, because we’re not gonna starve. That’s for sure.


Nestor J. Aparicio  20:05

I’ve told this story once twice this week, were you your Baltimorean? Give me your story. How did you get involved? Yeah, I’m


not a Baltimore and actually, I’ve been here since 1990. But almost almost. Where are you from? I’m from Westfield, Western Massachusetts. Springfield is outside of Springfield. Exactly. Ray Smith could recall all that good stuff. Yeah. Mike

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:22

Flynn is from there is one of my favorite people in the world. So salted the Earth. Exactly.



Exactly. There you go. Yeah. Moved here in 1990. But, you know, I grew up in Western Massachusetts, my parents were Italian immigrants. So they came to this country in the early 60s, you know, didn’t really speak the language particularly well, you know, worked in factory factory jobs in an odd jobs after after hours. And so that’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:47

certainly played baseball left me behind. Yeah.


Yeah, well, it was. I mean, it was great. I mean, you know, we didn’t we didn’t want for anything, frankly, you know, and neither did I, I have fond memories of,

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:00

I’m wondering what I’m going to eat? Not if I’m going to Yeah, yeah, exactly.



And but it’s funny, because when I think about, you know, going into this role, and the challenges that some people face, I didn’t really appreciate the fact that, you know, we weren’t food insecure, we didn’t have to worry about food and table, but we could, you could see it, you know, you could see it out there. You know, if I look back now, because one of the things that we never had to face as a family and Nestor was any type of tragedy, right? Neither one of my parents got sick to the point where they couldn’t work anymore, have some other family members that had to stay home and take care of, they never never got laid off in their entire careers. You know, my dad’s greatest fear, right? You know, things like that, that would really set a family back and create a situation where they would have to fall back on the safety net. Right. And so we were able to avoid that and say, right above that line in terms of our ability to continue to, but we had a large garden in our backyard that I hated working in and but but in the end, I know why part of the reason why he was there nowadays for healthy, nutritious but you know, just to kind of provide a source of regular food for us and good parents for everything. Yeah. So it was it was a great upbringing, but it was, you know, it’s funny, looking back, as I said it that the fact that we were able to avoid any significant issue in our lives that would have otherwise caused us to be having to rely on on the Food Assistance, safety net, and that’s what we’re dealing with today. I mean, there’s people who are falling into that trap for a whole host of reasons, many of which are out of their control. And so, but yeah, so that was my upbringing. I moved here in 1990. I started I worked in banking, my colleagues will call it money banking. Now I’m in the food banking business. I was on money banking business for 27 years with first national m&t Bramble, and yeah, Frank brand. God bless.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:34

Those people that were the pioneers that got the Orioles here. I mean, they Angelo’s window down at River all day long. But that period of time in the 80s, where we lost a football team, where we built a harbor Boston football team, right. And we’re trying to get that that the baseball team to stay with a Washington owner and the renaissance of Baltimore in the 90s was because of the thinking in the 70s in the investment made in harbor like where we are right now. I saw this picture of Governor Schaefer, you know, with hair and and everything we know is harbor play. I saw the day he was down there, like a press conference clip. It was an NPT thing. On Schaefer, it was green grass, because they had gotten rid of all the shacks down there on the waterfront. And it was like envisioning what that space would be used for, for most of my life, all of our lifetime, really fertile now. And now what they’re gonna do with it. And I was there a date open in 81. Right. So I think about these visions for like, nothingness and how things rise from that and how it rises, the city and sports being Cremeans huge. I mean, I see the Orioles do stuff for you channel, everybody’s love for you. Yeah.


Well, we’re very fortunate from that perspective. Because I think when again, people are more and more people began to realize, especially during the pandemic, I think next to the, the issue of food insecurity got elevated in a way that it’s never been elevated before and during the pandemic, one because more and more people were suffering. But too, because images that were sucked now started getting piped into your nightly news. You’re sitting home all day long, and car line car lines, right, right. Getting people like what’s going on? It’s like, Yeah, this isn’t this is the norm in many communities across America. Right, right. Right. Yeah. So there’s, there’s this awareness that became that really has benefited all of us as food banks is to try to bring more people to try to help us on our calls, people like yourself who’ve always been passionate about it. But now, you know, you and others who are starting to continue to advocate for folks who are struggling. And so, you know, again, from that perspective, we’ve been very blessed. And so now it’s our job to figure out how we can take this platform now that we have and figure out ways in which we can make, we can even have a bigger impact that we’re already having. So food distribution, we’re sourcing enough food, whether we’re buying it or getting it from donations, and so that’s probably to the tune of about 40 million meals a year. But we and we’re really focused I said earlier about the type of food we’re providing we’re really want to be more focused on nutrition more focused on culturally preferred as a way to make sure that people have access to good healthy quality food for their families. And in Oregon, as I said earlier, our focus is starting to is also been to begin to address the root cause of hunger. So finding ways that we can begin to help neighbors get out of this trap, if you will, of poverty. And so that’s really what are kind of I won’t say expand the mission. I think it’s all part of the overall mission of truly for talking about ending hunger, it’s more than just distributing food. It’s finding ways to solve this at a systemic issue. Carbondale,

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:21


gracias, our guest, ie, CEO, what do I call What’s your title


as your president? President,

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:26

President, President of the Maryland why don’t we get people I always say titles, right. But I gotta call you something.




Nestor J. Aparicio  25:35

You are so runs the food day. Is that fine? He runs the poll runs.


100 How many people 180 People now are helping us make us issue plus a, you know, 1000 shirt

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:48

and a logo because every day at four o’clock, a guy stood up, comes in with a little black jacket on and says where do I take it? That’s worked out. Well. That night in Indianapolis. The reason I asked you if you were an old school coat fan, is because I am right. So I’m a kid from East Baltimore. I I wear rock’n’roll belt buckles. And I have my coat today. By the way, I wore two brothers. Hey, did you because I was taking it to the streets. That that was kind of my theme for today over here in Kingsville. But the Baltimore Colts were a big part of my life as a kid in the 70s. And Bert Jones famously had a shoulder separated in a preseason game. You wonder why Harbaugh doesn’t play Lamar, right. And it you know, really ended Bert Jones his career for better or worse, nearly ended the Colts they were never anything after. And then they moved and there was a thought, well, it Burt stayed together, they might have won a Super Bowl or two and 79 or 80, because they’ve certainly were there with the Houston Oilers and the Steelers. And then his fell apart and obviously, bad management, bad leadership will get you blown up. You know, I think we can all say that. So, Tiger Bob took over and you know, they drafted our slickster and all the bad things happen. But it was a seminal moment in my childhood. I was 10 years old. I love the Colts they had they had played the Steelers here with the plane winning loss. They played the Steelers up there last they goes to the post loss. I was at the two games that were here. So I was eight 910 11 years old. And Bubba Baker was the guy who separated birch shoulder and at taste of the NFL in Indianapolis. It was it was early video for me like I had a camera where I my wife could hold the camera and I can interview folks for our YouTube channel or WNS your YouTube channel. Now it’s like ubiquitous, everybody knows. Right? But cameras phone and phones that have cam you know there’s 1213 years ago, and I’m in the Indianapolis Food Bank, and they’re throwing the party and there’s the Raven thing and Matt Stover is over there now because we have alumni he and he and Kadri and Yukon Richardson all beat each other up to get to the Super Bowl to be able to take free wine and serve crab cakes with Nancy and wear her purple royal hat might have been Trent Dilfer that year actually, so, pictures every year during this event, being at her table and putting the apron on and laughing with people and she they all fight about their helmets, they get their helmets all together. They all try to get the highest donation for hunger. You know, they all come in there’s like that whoever has the best decorations, they get an extra 500 bucks for their you know, so like they’re all competing all the chefs. So so the Cleveland Browns, celebrities alfalfa Baker, okay here.



So yeah, like he was was the Browns when he separate his shoulder.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:38

Now he was a client that wasn’t like yet, but I think he was he was clearly a Brown alum because it’s the brown stable. Browns. We’re having a hard time getting along that year, the coach has changed and sought their two and 14. Then when they’re awful, right, so this is 2012. I go over this album with Baker and I said, Hey, Miss Baker, I want to interview he’s older man, right? I mean, 70s or whatever big, big. So big man. And my wife holds camera up and I said, you know, you’re sort of famous in Baltimore for second birth shows. And he said to me, yeah, man, I meant to hurt him. He like, like, went off the deep edge about like, the way we played the game back then, man, you know, I heard him I meant to hurt him. And I’m like, like, the 10 year old boy in me was like, this was a bad man.


He wants his guy breathing down on you. Yeah, I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:25

like, wow, it’s nice to meet you, Mr. Baker. Let’s get you know what I remember that night in Indianapolis. So I think you remember these snapshots of life. But I do remember getting trapped there. I do. Remember, it’s the only time I’ve ever been in a food bank. And it’s certainly a dozen years later, it’s come back to benefit. Hopefully you hopefully some folks, pantries all over the community. The creative awareness Commons. We’re here at State Fair. So I want to give everybody an open invitation for our fun little promotion here this week to help folks. You know, in a really tough time the year I said to my wife that so when I’m training This thing I’m still remember December, I’ve done coats I’ve done stuff for you Bran. We found we found old Campbell’s soup that got left in a closet. 10 years. You know, like in our when I went clean in the radio station now my wife almost died. 10 years ago, I found stuff laying around and like, it was 2007 or whatever, because we did coats and we did Cannes, and it mobbed the radio. I mean, like, literally, we had boxes piled up both times we ever did it, and the transportation to get it out. And I would just say for the modern part of this, when people bring it down to the radio station for a month, what is the best way people can do this for you? Because when I’ve talked to and your Joanne has been unbelievable, great. And I wish she should have come today because I wanted to give her some love too, because she’s done a lot of work. She’s done a lot of work last couple weeks trying to help me out to get all this organized because I am a one man band these days. And she told me she’s like, why don’t we don’t do it the way yeah, like thank God, because I you know, it wasn’t the it wasn’t the most efficient way rolling this stuff out the test in my little radio station. Yeah,



because you know, at the end of the day, we have a really good feel what our neighbors want and we have certain objectives we want to run nutrition so to be totally, you know, open about that Nestor we buy $25 million worth of food every year as an organization so you think buy it buy it right for distributing it to the communities across our state right

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:21

in addition to what we get donate buy from wise markets or someone like that correct.


You think about any any any potential wholesaler or retailer that we’re buying from on a regular basis and we’re buying it because the need is grant you know aren’t we are donated stream coming in from the supermarkets Weiss and others is what it is it’s not like they’re going to have any more food right any given time they are they’re good operating organizations they have their operate efficiently don’t have a lot of ways to get click donate to us. So when the food when demand increase, the only way we’re gonna fill it demand is to buy. So we’re buying $25 million worth of food every year. Just think about the buying power we have so for you to go to a store Weiss or any other store, and to spend $5 on whatever four cans a piece, right? I could take that $5 and pi by eight cans apiece, right? Cuz I’m buying wholesale by and large. Right?

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:04


So now I’m learning so learn. So


can we really try to promote we have a virtual drive to go to our website, we have virtual food drive, because I think people like the people give

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:12

you $1 You buy in bulk when they turn dollar to wise, which I want you to do. discourage that. Right, right. Okay. All right now Oh, that’s so only 32 minutes into this after crying. Ones understood halves. All right. I’m getting it now.


Yeah. So again, that’s that’s, that’s just going to be normal, our business model going forward. So we’re ensure there’s a steady flow of food. This is nutritional. Like I said, this initiative is highly nutritional value, we understand. You know, every community is different. The needs in certain communities. When you think of Pocomoke, you think about Western Maryland, you think about East Baltimore, right? The nature foodie might distribute in those communities, or it could be very different. And so we want to be in a position to make sure that we understand the needs of those communities and to make sure we’re putting out the food that is kind of culturally preferred and seen and when wanted in those communities. You know,


Nestor J. Aparicio  32:59

it’s amazing, like I’ve had so many conversations to speak about food that they’re like running together with people with pantries and children. Somebody said so and I don’t remember which person it was that they have a marketplace. Maybe it’s St. John’s pantry. It wasn’t great to know because they serve men when it was about children and being able to kids can come in it’s a marketplace. It’s not a beggars pulpit. It’s nothing where we shame people. It’s for a child to to this is where they grocery shop, and they don’t need to have that feeling of what the kids in my class had a Colgate Elementary, which they had special stamps. Yeah, we knew they’re poor. You know what I mean? My father would always see we’re not we’re not we don’t do stamps. You know, we reduce meal lunches. We had a lot of that my community, but there were kids and I, you know, I remember that they only had a mother. They didn’t have a father. They were renters. My father was very proud of owning my son still takes care of the house. My father bought 1953 lives in it. He’s talking about the other day, he’s got dust up his nose, clean it up. And I think there’s a shame part of this. And certainly, I went to Colgate where Reduced Lunch was a thing. I went to holla Burr, where it’s probably more of a thing from a poverty perspective, because there’s a larger area that I went to Dundalk high. And there were definitely people there that you know, had a card or something where they, instead of me paying $1.25 or whatever, right? They got their lunch for free. But I don’t know about a pantry in my school 1978 or 80 or 90. And I don’t know that if anybody really was hungry, went down to the nurse’s station and said I didn’t eat last like what yeah, what happens at that point? And when I think about like, lunches in my school, yeah, you know, is the Pete Rose pizza or the you know, whatever was French for whatever they gave you. But there was always food, my school, right and like, and you could get lunch and if you couldn’t get lunch, somebody that had a guidance counselor could pull you up if you didn’t have you know, a situation, but I didn’t see anybody starving in my presence in my school as a young person, but I also didn’t see a pantry where you could go and get some? Right? Yeah, that’s very common. Now that’s changed dramatically, right? We have over 100 schools that we work with that have actually pantries in their facility. Schools become community centers for many, many neighborhoods, right?


We’re in 1111 college universities. Now think about that, right? You think about the cost of cost of education and how people are doing everything they can do attend school, but don’t aren’t inability to kind of ramen noodles and cost? Sure, right. Yeah. So, and I think that’s the, that’s the thing that, you know, the dignity piece, so you started talking about is really what we’re trying to promote within our network, right, to ensure that when someone comes into their facility, they’re greeted, you know, in a very, in a very human way, right, in terms of where the interaction looks like. And then the experience is the same in the sense that there’s, it’s not like a pre bag box of food that we just hand somebody the walk out that we had to do that during the pandemic because it was it was, you know, obviously low touch, but we’re trying to kind of go back to the model we’re promoting for our partners to create that dignified shopping experience. So that kid who walks in that facility doesn’t know the difference between a supermarket and a pantry in terms of what their experience looks like

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:01

see I bring you by you call it what it is dignified. That’s where I was searching for that a dignified shopping experience I love so



we got to get away from the images that we saw piping in everybody’s living are about these long lines of people standing outside of facilities I mean, the more we can find ways to work with partners to arrive in situations where people aren’t having to do that right and there’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:21

a Christy green told me story the other day she ran St. Francis she’s now doing I want to get her organization right don’t don’t hate me Christy it’d be I don’t want to read it wrong. I’ll get it off my phone but I think she told me a story about a child who’s acting out and having problems and then they in they add a like all of that kid was starving. That was the crow at his core right? That was the problem that kid was starving. That really was what the issue right? So they’re doing all these other things, but the kids start at the end of the day, so yeah, like the kid starving. That’s it. Well, my cats hungry. I know three animals literally,


right? What exactly, period? Yeah, yeah. And that’s a true story happens every day,

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:59

the cats yelling at me at three in the morning. I know I didn’t do a good job every day.



You know, and that’s why advocacy is starting to become more and more of a you know, more and more of a an active focus for us as well. nationality, make sure we’re providing access to food, but we’re trying to figure out ways in which we can get other supports involved, you know, whether it’s tax credits or other things to help families, you know, provide for the children so their children aren’t going hungry because our data tells us that there are people who are making trade offs and our kids aren’t getting access aren’t actually be able to eat because of some of the challenges they’re facing, you know, inflation is affected every household in the state. And, and so you know, we’re constantly looking for ways that can provide relief for families in that way a

Nestor J. Aparicio  37:36

garden, provide some relief. If you’re in the neighborhood that listening live today. Some of this is going to replatform in the future. I’ve just decided some of this stuff just needs more people need to hear it. Because I’ve lived it a little bit last couple days. It’s been very rewarding for me. It is our 25 of a 40 hour marathon will be a Papist on Friday, Monday all day. We made it through only disconnected twice and cried two and a half times fade. These was packed. We had a lot of people down there Monday. So my wife says today, all right, I got families. We got the leftover mac and cheese. We got Tuesday you went to Costa she brought me cream spinach. We have crab soup. Well, they’re Greek that he sent me home with food, they they they will not let me leave without food. And then last night, Marcelo sent me home with a crab cake. Oh my god. We had the ahi pokey tuna, whose special thing it was amazing. So you know we’ve been fed very, very well this week and our places are equipped to feed you. If you bring something for the Maryland Food Bank. We’re doing a cup of Super Bowl come on by again. Maryland crab zone in the morning. I see Keith back there right now whipping up the cream crab. The credits chowder here and corn. Not available for a little while. Be here. Lunchtime. I think we’re working on that. But I got great. So you asked me when you came in. Same as Kirby asked me key there was a who’s coming today. Thomas York will be here at 10 o’clock in the morning. He’s been chasing me a couple months talking about his charity. Alison Yasui, my old friend for the Baltimore Ravens. Susan G. Komen I always get Susan B. Anthony Susan G. Komen Foundation. The children’s home right here in Gainesville coming by noon. I take interest I hope I’m pronouncing that right PJ sick. Schaefer is going to be here for that bill Cole my bill Co Co roofing not the other bill called the People’s Bill Cole, who I tagged the wrong Bill Cole the other day and former city councilman my neighbor, former friend Bill Cohen because I’m tagging him on the wrong to call they’ll call for Call Roofing and Gordian energy will be here. He’s bringing Kirby Fowler to Chris you’re gonna Kirby meet Kirby today. I wonder if they probably don’t meet a lot of Kirby’s. I don’t mean to meet a lot of Carmen’s. No,


I don’t even go to last name anyway. I’m gonna come on like Madonna and Cher. I just say Carmen and people don’t know who I am. I’m Nestor. Nagel, right. A pet same thing for you. For sure. Not many nesters. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  39:50


I met the well Nestor Kirchner’s the most famous Nestor Well, Nestor Cortez and for baseball now right? And I’ve never met him but I met Nestor Torres who’s the world famous flutist jazz Flatman. I met him on a plane once. He told me he was he wanted to picture with me because he had never met he said I don’t meet Nestor. And I’m like, I don’t know. So I don’t meet a lot of male Carmen’s for sure. Well, I got to Kirby’s here Kirby Fowler from the Maryland Zoo. I know you know, Doug Shea is going to represent my dear friend Rockstar Chris Shaffer from Sharp Dressed Man. Today center for Hope is going to be here. Sisters Academy is going to be here today for Anita Goodman, who is the National Kidney Foundation Maryland ambassador is going to be here today we’re going to talk about kidney transplants which I’ve done many times today is gonna be really cool at the end of the day I’m sure I’m gonna cry four o’clock Are you gonna see me cry kumbaya get a cocktail Kira baps is going to be here representing LLS they’ve been trying to get me to run they were trying to get me to run for Man of the Year visionary of the year and I’m I’m telling them I’m not completely under qualified for that. Caitlin Kirby’s gonna be here from Catonsville emergency assistance as well. That might be your


partner’s Yeah, absolutely. That

Nestor J. Aparicio  41:05

I get everything in anybody that wants to do full day so. So on Tuesday, I start the day my kid and I do this live thing which I replayed this morning, by the way from causes and I said I got a couple of free segments and I do have a couple of Oh, John Rollo supposed to come by today.


John, you know, John, I don’t.


Nestor J. Aparicio  41:23

John’s big and muscular. And like tatted up, John was, was first things first, John was my altar boy, altar boy guy and Our Lady Fatima in 1976 77. Then John’s dad, coach football and late great, Mr. Rolla, we loved him. He was my football coach. So John and I played football. John was like the I was this big John was this big. And then John was on my baseball team, too. And John was at that point, he’s about this big and it’s about this big. So I grew up with Johnny, he does show yourself side he loves kittens. So they cruelty to animals. So I felt like a jerk because I didn’t invite him and then show yourself so I came on Tuesday. And I’m like, John, you gotta get out here. So we go Tuesday morning. I’m like anybody with a story to tell me come out. I’ll make room for you. So a couple guys gather over at the table over here and they’re eatin food and they wink at me and I’m like Are you on the cow we’re not on the schedule we three another that I’m like I’ll fit Shana This is so I don’t even meet them and because I’m doing this like meeting anybody else’s here. I can’t do it. I pee I come back. I turn the thing and we go again. He gets on mic with me and it turns out like he’s he went to high school together. He does Soup for the Soul and Dundalk on. Okay, on to st Alena sigh You know, the other side for me that’s Dundalk. We have some fun with all that with Essex but so it turns out like I’ve known him forever his sister is smarter more man and he’s doing whatever it takes. He’s doing this work like of course. So bottom line is if you’re in Kingsville if I got a little bit of time in one o’clock hour, we will fit you in with Bill Cole and in the afternoon if you got something good if you’re bringing us some cans and dried foods peanut butter all those things I like black beans. What else you want? I don’t do tuna fish out of a can but other people Sure yeah. What should people bring if they’re bringing stuff? Yeah, I think all those all those work again website that they can go to right and yeah, if you go to your go to our website, and you’ll get we have a


site to get to give you a sense of what type of foods we might we might we’re looking forward and will you also again is going back to this virtual food drives as to you can kind of see the the type of foods that we’re buying whether own dollars so that you can just use your dollars to buy the same types of food as well. Yep. But vegetable, anything that’s going to vegetables again, high proteins, those kinds of things. I don’t

Nestor J. Aparicio  43:31

have Christie and Torben on me. Marilyn coalition of families, Maryland coalition of families, Christie at the St. Francis Community Center, Neighborhood Center, which we did a Jana on Monday. I mean, we’ve done almond fund Catholic Charities here, but Bill



McCarthy, good man. He’s a good guy, good man, former banker Greg lamb. Yeah. That doesn’t make him he may not he may not admit to that. He couldn’t do it very well, since we tried something else. Baltimore

Nestor J. Aparicio  43:54

outreach services was with this Michelle President Walker dear friend from there goes my hero. We have Karen harp, maybe my favorite guest of the week of no offense to you. From Grace and hope mission. I have Wendy brown fine from curio Well, James Piper bond. Joining us tough does great work is partnering with I had Derrick Johnson from preparing for tomorrow. I am having them back because we had tech problems and they’re too good police officers doing great work in the city. And they they tracked me down after I spoke at a rotary club last year. I had Brett Brian gold from the Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce. We had Casey cares Femi came by Femi IB they came by with turnaround on they’re doing great, great work with with women who’ve been abused and just awful things make him a corporal came by I think I’ve never met Megan now. She’s awesome. She’s great Enoch Pratt. She’s on TV for years she came she’s super cool. Talked about literacy. I talked about programs United Way Franklin Baker. One day we had Lee a bit injure for bring them home Animal Rescue. We had Barbara not for churches for streets of hope in Essex. They made me cry Three times. I met this beautiful guy from the east side of town. We’re gonna go to an Oreo game together. He doesn’t know it yet. You know the Orioles are new and improved.


Absolutely under new managed save that saved us this week after the morning of the last stitch

Nestor J. Aparicio  45:13

for me. No, I should tell you this. He came on and like he was flirting with my kid and they’re talking marketing and that he sits down and he like went into this thing and I he gave you $2,000 worth of something something something I don’t I don’t even know what he got. He’s got to get a trunk full of some. And then we just moved on and got talking about branding and marketing. And I never even recapped like this morning at 630 I was gonna text me say you know what did you get? Maryland Food Bank again? Because there’s like a little bit of so it’s all running together dude. But Christie green, Maryland coalition of families. Felicia Fleming and Julia letter lost her brothers zagging against cancer. MC vet. Join us super the soul Dundalk. We had the St. John’s Food Pantry, Whitney John blocky doing good work and Essex friends for supper ministry. Trish Woodward who was in my childhood play in 1982. We did Oliver Twist at Colgate Elementary. I’d seen her in 40 years. 42 years I’d seen what she said she drank beer in my house and at 35 years. She’s now 52 I expect her to remember you didn’t camp opportunity for young people show your soft side already promoted them and Rolla is going to be your later, Brian Marchetti believable Foundation. We did Baltimore homecoming, Roslyn for the Maryland lottery came by and talked about kitty cats. Marcella had a beautiful bird. That’s the bird of Coco’s that she surrendered to a sanctuary because she didn’t know anything about take care of birds and she highly recommended that nobody gets an exotic pet because he lived 100 years so she was a really important thing she did. John Hovey from the Y. We had Brian Pugh talking about brain trauma from the Brain Institute, Brain Injury Association to Maryland to get that right.



You got a great list there, man. I’m glad I’m glad I made the shortlist. You don’t want to invite you to though I mean, your second chicken and waffles here during the break. Visit your second Food Bank someday, right? We are you on my hearing Hill Thorpe, right?

Nestor J. Aparicio  47:17

What are beauteous Catonsville? They not they they’re paradise. There’s like a I don’t know where the delineation is. You know what I mean? Sure, either. Right? Exactly. Where are you? Well, Hale Thorpe. I think of the brewery. So you near the brewery? Yeah. Okay.


About a mile from there. But each morning, Nestor partners like you talked to during the course year we come in actually, some of our smaller partners come in and pick up food because depending on the size, your organization, we might have a tractor trailer coming to you or via will be coming to us, right. And the energy in our facility, Nestor in the morning of these partners coming in and they can is opportunities for you to talk directly to people who are serving their local communities and the mission and the work that they’re doing. It’s really energizing and inspirational. And so I invite you to not only see our facility but also have a chance to interact with some partners doing doing some great work. All right, here’s what’s another thing for you know,

Nestor J. Aparicio  48:11


put on your list. All right. So you know, I’m going to do this next year right so we’ll see there maybe like a year we lost Carl Weathers who was a guest on the show he did radio row. Okay. San Diego years ago.


I didn’t know he played football.

Nestor J. Aparicio  48:24

He played for the Oakland Raiders. Yeah. Then he was Canadian League. Life. Yeah, yeah. So you know, remember at the end there ain’t gonna be no rematch, you know? Right. Six o’clock tomorrow night when I come home with food from Pappas because they’re Greek, and they’re gonna send me home and food to insist on a dessert that goes home tomorrow night. So what is this all over them under like nine on? All right, well, sure. Yeah. So I gotta do some sort of crab cake tour. thing. Your place? Yeah.


Let’s Figure Figure something.


Nestor J. Aparicio  48:53

Out. When do peep when do you need? I don’t say me. But when do you need the most help? When could I come to your place? A great question. Were the two weeks where you’re like, we run out of food every friggin year this time because of this ice sand salt. I don’t I don’t know your business.


Yeah, no, that’s a great question. Frankly. It’s become a year round issue, unfortunately.

Nestor J. Aparicio  49:14

How can I help you the most? Yeah, that’s my question. 20 minutes. You’re doing anybody? You’re doing it right here, right? You do the 20 minutes, tell them how they can help you raise visibility in a big way. You’re talking



to our partners, both in terms of our strategic partners like the why and Catholic Charities as well as our partners so important for us. For us, honestly, it’s right. It’s right now, right. We there’s a huge buildup of of activity going on. Right? No, no, absolutely not. Because they’re because during the holiday, there’s a lot of people focused on giving back right. A lot of people focused on volunteering, a lot of people focused on trying to provide an experience for their family during Thanksgiving or Christmas. And that’s awesome. Right? And so we have a tremendous amount of influx of, of people and food and drives and volunteers, but it tends to dry up in January, February, March, people like moving on to the next thing their lives right and so this thing started. You’re right in the heart. You’re right in the heart of a

Nestor J. Aparicio  50:04

cup. Ball. Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m be like those freaks in the NFL. I’m gonna put a Roman numeral one ego.


Right? I look forward, I’m looking forward to doing this for a trophy. I will not be 57 I guarantee

Nestor J. Aparicio  50:17

you bout some 58 where we figure out some way to not get sued with a with a, like a cereal bowl. Yeah, you know, the other thing that I did on this and look, I was nasty, nasty. Okay, so at the end of this segment, I’ll do one funny little off color thing that I did from 20 years ago, but this was sort of borrowed from the wing bowl up and filling the wing bowl. Oh, so the Philly wing ball was an was



another NFL initiative or on the

Nestor J. Aparicio  50:47

was a completely banned at Philadelphia crazy thing. Were they involved?


No cheese steaks. They went with wings. I think it was the spectrum

Nestor J. Aparicio  50:56


with the wing bowl. No kid knows a radio station. It was a promotion. It was a radio station promotions, a wing eating thing that then involved all sorts of untoward pawn shops. You know what I mean? Anybody could get to sponsor it, right? I was purely HF festival became the band thing. Philly had this thing called wing bowl. That dude, it’s the bourbon bacon beer thing in 98 Rock cats do right? But it’s on steroids. And it’s around almost like a Project Runway kind of in an arena. And it you know, by the time they got the gentleman’s cabarets out the sponsored it probably was Philadelphia default in the fall, right they boot Santa Claus, right? So I don’t want this to turn. Right let’s but you know, I was nasty nasty, right? I’ll leave on a break. And you just laugh at this your club over the head, and I’ll be racing coach next year. But back when I got the radio station, this tells you how far we’ve gone. We’re it’s our 25th anniversary. And the I think even Wendy would laugh at this material wellness because they sponsored our 25th anniversary and they brought James Bond by the day and I brought they do a lot of work with Brad. So they sponsor my 25th anniversary and I was inspired by the Maryland lottery, I gotta get my lottery tickets at some point here. I think I left them in my side bag, but we’re gonna be given lottery tickets. I should say that when donation our friends at Jiffy Lube all of our sponsors. But back in the 90s I got a hold of the radio station and we were promoting things and it was getting nasty and like all of that stuff. And I have all these old pictures that I’m putting up. We have these 25 stories of glory, all the best things we’ve ever done charity events, I did a night where I brought Mike Tomlin Brian Billick and John Harbaugh together for the bone marrow registry. My wife had cancer, you know, my wife and two time bone marrow transplant survivors. We’ve done a lot of things for charity stuff like that, but I’ve also done some things. What do they say that I’m not some very proud of, but they’re funny, you know, they’re funny. So I have all of these trinkets and widgets and defense signs and get nasty shirts and Peter Angelos and free the bricklink all the things I’ve ever done in my career. But the lowest low that I’m the proud of stuff that’s funny is when the station first came we were the station with balls because you wanted to be sports. So is nasty 15 Seven Do you know if that all up? My last name is ness and Preakness and nest and nest tour and Thun nest and birds and ravens i i should have branded the nest like the fan. And it would have been the nest like the bird’s nest. And you know when I found that nest was a suffix, I really screwed up Preakness every year should have been Preakness. So back in 1998 99, we got the station. We called ourselves wn S T, here it is right here. Nasty 1570 sports all day all night. All sports. Dude, Walker was our bar now, all day all night, all sports was station with balls. So that’s what we work with the station with balls, and that this was the balls, right? That bump juggling balls. And I’d get nasty. The Ravens got very angry when I put the R word, or the O word Peter Angelos would send you a C and D. And so when we got Baltimore, so the promotion for this seat cushion, which is the last of I think I sold a couple 100 of them because we were it was part of our tailgate package when you had you. So we had a Monty Python song we used to play Are you familiar Monty Python guy? All right, anybody will know. So my wife when I said I’m taking my seat cushions in my back hurts on Monday. She said, do you get to sit on your face all afternoon. So there’s your Monty Python reference. I knew I’d make you laugh, you know. Thank you for coming out. Thank you for having me. For doing this all week long point is my back’s my wife got me a proper set hazard of the job my wife gave me these are from the sofa that my cat nests on every anything I can do to save my budget through Dr. Steve Eliot saved my life with a chiropractic adjustment Leslie so my wife had her life saved from the bone marrow registry which also inspired all this Baltimore positive nonsense. Her blood type was B Positive that’s a rare is it rare now it’s stay positive, Be positive, be


positive, heard, literally be be positive. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  55:09

I had all sorts of weird stuff. It’ll make me cry if I tell you I had an Uber driver first day, drive me to the hospital. Mess. He turns around, he says he was he was from Ghana. He said, My Friend, you must always be positive. But we’re positive was one so my wife went over to the football game in Frankfurt with the man who saved her life on his birthday. And all she got me was just lousy seat cushion they came it’s like a Super Bowl game when they play the games in Germany. I bet so you get a seat cushion to go so I am sitting on my face the AC cushion a 2013 seat cushion back support and I’m gonna make it eight hours get up stretch Carmen toe Cueto, give him stuff give him love what’s what’s the website give me the food And the best thing to do is write a check. You don’t want to be that guy but you’ve explained why that he can buy stuff for cheaper


than we can get other retailers. today.

Nestor J. Aparicio  56:06

We’re giving you free call make it work. Well, we’re out of state fair in Catonsville. kisi in the back, they ripped up the delicious Maryland crab soup. They’re gonna have their cream of crab and corn chowder, which is one of my favorite things. My wife will have that for dinner tonight as well as we get out of you’re gonna be a big day. Stay with us. Come by visit us if you can’t today. Come the Pappas. If you can’t, then I’ll put a second Roman numeral on this and be crazy again next year. We’ll get it done. I am Esther we are wn St. On behalf of our friends at the Maryland lottery. When donation 866 90 nation I’m getting doors this year I had windows two years ago, I see the crack underneath and I’m like, Alright, by April that’s got to change otherwise my cat’s gonna be hunting mice in my place and snakes and other things like that. So we can’t have that. That’s why pesar and also if you do multi care who’s underwritten this whole mess and we appreciate them and I gotta get some trinkets from Jiffy Lube around here. Gotta get a Maryland Food Bank tours. Well, I’m back for more on wn S T A and 1570 We are live at State Fair. Come join us

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