Crab Cake Row: Let’s help Leah Biddinger and Bring ‘Em Home Rescue find a home for beautiful Nyla

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Crab Cake Row: Let’s help Leah Biddinger and Bring ‘Em Home Rescue find a home for beautiful Nyla. Also: support their Bull & Shrimp Feast this Saturday, February 17th at Rosedale Gardens.

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Bull and Shrimp Feast info:[]%7D

And see more of Nyla here:

Hear the story of Bring ‘Em Home Rescue and Leah’s tireless work here:


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Leah Biddinger

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:02

Welcome back. We are live at costus in we are in Dundalk celebrating a cup of Super Bowl is crab cake row. It’s big week round here is a football game out Vegas but we get causes here in Dundalk. Our friends at the Maryland lottery have given me the shiny 10 times the cash tickets to give away we had some winners. We had a $10 winner yesterday fails. We’re gonna be at Coco’s on Wednesday. We’re gonna be Thursday in Gainesville. It’s state fair on Friday have a Pappas in Cockeysville I will have these to give away we have celebrities coming out cool people coming out Femi I have deja was great yesterday on the show talking about a group called turnaround. So we have some celebs coming out some sponsors talking about their causes and through sort of a note out to the universe back I don’t know about six weeks ago I said I’m doing this thing does anybody know it’s shared yeah I mean know who recommended Lee a bit injure here. She does things for animals and bring them home animal and rescue is her and you have to stress this morning because every day somebody’s calling you with a lost an animal a love and you will never meet anybody that loves their animal more than I love my cat even though she kept me awake last night she’s screaming really weird out of out of place I said but she likes to play our my kitty cat. Tell me what you do bring them home Animal Rescue and your your Eastside based, right?

Leah Biddinger  01:22

Yes, we’re based out of Essex. We are. We started about a year and a half ago. I started this this has been my life, my life’s passion. I love animals, I think that they like they just give love endlessly. So back in December of 2017, I was diagnosed with stage T for squamous cell carcinoma cancer. I was cleared I had my surgery on January 16th 2018. So I’m now six years clear of cancer. But my doctor told my husband and my mother when he came out that I was two weeks from Misumi backup and saying Go live your best life. So from that, I like to find the positive and the negative. So I decided I’m going to give back and I’m going to save lives because my life was spared. So I it took me a couple years to go through the radiation everything but once I did that I I formed my nonprofit. Bring them home Animal Rescue and trapping, we do animal rescue. And we also do last dog recovery. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:22

animal rescue that means I see feral cats behind cost somewhat not that I see them today. But if you saw them if you saw a feral cat here what I know the IRS did I’ve done a lot of this work with the Chesapeake feline Association man we’ve we’ve gotten our animals from Baltimore humane the barks folks were invited yesterday we try to work that out when the well and Bailey so I love animals I love that people like you love them so much that you want to do stuff but I can’t begin to tell you anytime I’ve seen a stray or this or that I was in Essex one day going to Pizza John’s about six months ago and I saw this beautiful dog that clearly knew its way it just kept walking the same way and it knew its way around and I’m like this is really sweating. It knew to wait for traffic at the corner 702 and back redneck road like literally it was crazy. And and I thought about that six months later, I’m still thinking about that dog because that dog to me was like the smart and I’m like God I hope nobody hits that dog you know, and I know you every day you see and hear the stories and you’re there to sort of clean up the scene of an injured animal for instance every day so

Leah Biddinger  03:25

we pull a we pull the majority of our animals from Barbara County Animal Services so we take dogs that are medically unable to be adopted behaviorally unable to be adopted long term residents that unfortunately what the state of animal animals today it’s very it’s we’re in a critical state

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:47

well the no kill part of this is essential right?

Leah Biddinger  03:51

Well the no kill. So no kill isn’t isn’t 90 Some percent rate of live release every shelter at some point does euthanized depending on illness, behavior. And unfortunately, when they’re over foot when they’re overflowing, and they have no room for them. That’s the sad reality that it has to happen. That’s when we step in, and we try to get these animals out of there. We have a whole network of people, different rescues, that you know, Facebook groups were on there every day just pounding out you know, please for these animals. So we take in like we took a dog that had just been recently adopted from Animal Services and was escaped as adopter, no fault of the adopter, but um, was hit by a car and she wound up having to have her leg amputated. So we we took her into rescue her name is chicken she is now doing doing well. We have another dog that was suspect that was hit by a car he had a fractured pelvis. We have him we have you know Oh, we take the dogs that are hard to place we take the dogs that we know that we know that we can help and we can work with we have one little girl that we’re I want my to be my highlight today her name is Nyla and she’s four year old Pitbull that we pulled. She’s been in kennel with me for about nine months now. She needs to be the only dog in the home the only animal in the home, not because she’s aggressive. But because she had a bad experience with her former owners. They thought it was fun to have to throw their smaller dog on top of her and the small dog would become reactive and attack her. And then when Nyla finally, Snapple do incredibly stupid, probably stupid.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:40

Like there’s no question that you’re rescuing animals from human stupidity absolutely

Leah Biddinger  05:45

every single day every day. So if anybody has no animals and are looking for the sweetest Pitbull in the world, her name is Nyla reached out to me, let’s get her into a foster home.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:58

My kid his name’s Nala. So yeah, leave it interest here. So for for this work that you’re doing and your illness and your survival and sort of your miracle. My wife’s a two time leukemia survivor. So I live with a miracle I wake up one every day and go to bed every night we want. And it is kind of incredible what you do after that happens, where you someone sort of trying to volunteer barks about you know, those kinds of places because people love animals, there are lots of places where organizations already exist, that are screaming out for someone that loves animals like you and they have structure and maybe they have some money or have a look, you know, certainly what happened for barks in recent times is I remember their old facility down to the stadium, and I see what they built in Curtis Bay. And I’m looking forward to having them out. Because there’s so many people love animals and I’m with you. There’s nothing that gives me love like my cat does.

Leah Biddinger  06:46

I can do so much more as as a nonprofit. Um, you know, Baltimore County Animal Services is limited their county and other government agents about

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:56

that. I mean, you know, I’ve had Johnny on a million times, you probably could tell me five minutes about it. But what what is Baltimore, Baltimore County Animal Services is the dog catcher, as we’d say, right there.

Leah Biddinger  07:05

Yeah, we would say that we don’t like to say that. Barbara County Animal Services is the only agency and Barbara County where stray dogs are taken. So if you find a stray dog, the dog goes the bottom County Animal Services, they do their due diligence to try and find an owner. If not, you know, the dog is vetted, and then the dog becomes adoptable. It’s when the dog is deemed to have a medical issue or a behavior issue that we they’ve then reached out to rescues. So BCAAs is limited as to what they can do. Or how many you know how the resources I can take a dog that has a behavior issue and opt to send the dog to a board and train for a month we have one leaving on the 11th $1,600 board and drain they don’t have the resources to do that they don’t have the room to do that. So that’s where rescue stepped in. We come in and we pull these dogs that we can work with. And in theory, I feel like rescues I feel like it should be the steps should be Animal Services to a rescue and that adopted out because the rescue now has time to get this dog into a foster home where we can learn this dog’s behaviors we can learn this dog’s temperament we can learn its likes its dislikes, and then we can find a suitable placement for them. We you know do reference checks, vet checks home checks we make sure and we stay in touch and if you adopt the dog for me and you’re not able to keep that dog I will take that dog back. I don’t care if the dog is 100 years old bring me the dog that’s my dog I will tell you right now we have we have about 25 and rescue we’re very small compared to some that you were you’re looking to where ethics they’re not at my house okay don’t send bottom after me okay now we are what’s called a foster based rescue Okay, so our goal is to when we pull a dog to get them immediately into a foster Okay, so your house you know somebody else’s house

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:12

I have three friends very close friends of mine the false random Yes.

Leah Biddinger  09:15

So that’s our always our goal. Now fortunately, I work very well with a good friend of mine. His name is Tom McGrath and he owns waltz Wolfpack which is in Essex. By far one of the best grooming daycare and boarding facilities that I know and he has donated he donates kennel space to me. So if I have a dog that for some reason, is you know waiting for placement. I have a kennel. So you know I have kennel space for this dog. We can we can then temperament test dogs there. I can work with the dog there. I believe in not just putting band aids on issues. I believe in helping people keep They’re animals. So I spend a lot of time on Facebook. People are like, I can’t keep my dog. I can’t afford the vet care can’t afford our food. I reached out and like, meet me at the vet. I’ll get your vet, you know, get your vet bills. I’ll get your dogs man, you know, vaccines updated. I’ll send them a bag of food. I foster for people through hospitalizations. We have chopper, who’s a little Datsun right now his owner went into the hospital refused to go to the hospital because he had nowhere for his dog to go. My vet actually put them in touch, put him in touch. Amazing thing.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:34

If you think if you live alone, if you have an animal, and you have an issue, what happens to your animal? Yes, you know, I mean, listen, my wife and I like to travel, they travel together. We love our cat. We haven’t traveled as much together the last couple years because we still like we went to Hawaii for 10 days last year. And it’s like we were miserable in Hawaii. It’s just sort of like our sitter didn’t show up one day, and we’re in friggin a why. And we don’t have anybody to feed our cat. And I had to Yeah, well, I had to call my son right. I mean, but like putting that emergency thing on when you’re traveling even if you’re just a husband and wife like me and my wife and we have this beautiful cat. She’s very self contained. She’s cool. She can hang for a day or two or three on her own if just fat or whatever. Just give him some love. She plays alone. She’s good. But like, you know, it’s it feels cruel to like, do 17 days in Europe this summer and leave the cat Yeah, it really does. Because if we love her so much and she misses us and that’s very clear, you know, and then the sinner comes in Texas she really misses you Well, that’s not what I really want to hear when I’m in Paris, you know, but you do want to live your life but to your point the this is different than getting my cat sat for this is me and my wife getting in a car accident. Nobody take care of the cats literally right.

Leah Biddinger  11:41

And we always we always tell people outside of rescue because we will take our dogs we will take our animals back. But make sure you have that your dog should be in your will your cat should be in your will make sure you have that set up because no one knows one day to the next. Another thing that we are doing that we’ve teamed up with Gabrielle fields and Ashley Leone from they’re called the forever home group and then with Douglas Realty. When I have someone reach out to me and say I have to move and I can’t take my dog with me because my landlord does not allow dogs. I put them in touch with with Gabrielle. And she we will provide a temporary foster if we have Foster’s available and she will work with them over a six to nine month period to help them get approved to buy a home. So that way, there’s never that problem again. You know, so I believe in not putting band aids on things I believe in working for a solution. You know, helping people who you know are bouncing from place to place really there you know, several steps you can actually get approved for homeownership. There’s lots of grants loans out there. So I want to I work with them. I work with a Realty Group to make sure that you know we can try and help these people who want to find a permanent place for their for their dog. But, you know, we have we have a lot of things a lot of hands in the fire. I will do the shameless self promotion. We have a bowling trophies coming up on February 17.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:12

February 17 is your day. All right, just close. All right. Yes.

Leah Biddinger  13:15

So reach out to me. Set your response. Absolutely. Where’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:19

this give me the whole lowdown Rosedale gardens

Leah Biddinger  13:21

from seven to 11 All right, I like that. Yes, I love them. Tickets are $50 apiece. You can find them on our Facebook page you can reach out to me we will make sure that you know we get

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:34

your tickets at home Animal Rescue on the radio everybody now bring them home man. Alright, absolutely.

Leah Biddinger  13:37

So, you know we we work very hard to you know, help. We’re one we’re one of the only rescues and I think it’s because we are a little bit insane. That still takes out our owner surrenders. Because owner surrenders can be a nightmare. They most of time are not honest with you about their pet and you take in a dog that is completely opposite of what you were expecting. But we’re local we’re local animal rescue we’re out of Essex we have Foster’s all over we’re always looking for fosters we say that our fosters are the bridge from homeless to home. So homeless in the shelter, that bridge to get them into a home is our fosters.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:21

How many animals would you say in this year and a half that you’ve know that the animal is still alive breathing right now somewhere under care out of your care out of your hair and being loved somewhere at

Leah Biddinger  14:33

least 35 Okay, all right, at least 35 I know that last year we pulled 30 from Barbara County Animal Services. We’ve had some owner surrenders that we’ve taken in this year currently. We’re probably over that number we have we still have 25 We have 25 Roughly. Though you talk a lot dogs we so when I when you want to talk cats I refer you to my friend Don who runs Peninsula The peninsula colony cats, that’s my girl. She’s my cat person. Right now we we do 100% want to bring cats into the rescue. But there is there is a crisis right now in in the in the country with dogs COVID brought about that crisis, many people went to, I’m home for a year and a half, I’m home for two years, I’m getting a puppy, that puppy is going to stay with me all day, we’re not going to train the puppy. We’re not going to ever leave the puppy home alone. You know, puppies not going to be socialized because nobody left their house. Now people go back to work. Now you have a dog that has fear, anxiety, separation issues, you leave the house, they destroy your house, I can’t keep this dog. And the dog lines up at the shop. It’s a circle. It’s a vicious circle, and it just continues to happen. And then at Christmas time, everybody gets a new puppy. And then they send their old dog to the shelter because the puppy the old dog doesn’t like the puppy. And then three months later, human

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:06

errors were aged back to human here. The lead managers here we hope that if you have an animal, you love your animal, we take care of animals if you’re looking for an animal. These are the kinds of people that can help you out. And I heard great things about what you’re doing. My buddy Brian Marchetti is coming later Stephanie said she’s legit and I’m like, that’s good. So I’m glad we had a chance to have you out and talk about what you do. The shrimp and shrimp and bowls shrimp and what does it boil and trim face bow and shrimp? Sometimes they mix the oysters in their bull in shrimp. I like shrimp. I like crab. That’s why I asked this. We were doing it for the Maryland food bank here today. If you are out listening to us, you can come by bring some canned goods. We’ll give you some Maryland lottery tickets and certainly will give you a free cup of soup or bowl. Your cost is Coco’s Wednesday, Thursday. We’re going to be at State Fair Friday we’re going to be out at Pappas my big thanks to you website Facebook which best way to find Facebook, Facebook that’s your place or bring them home Animal Rescue and foster first First things first. If you want to foster foster

Leah Biddinger  17:05

good call for them, we’re good call for that fosters save lives. I don’t do anything. I run the business. My fosters are what keeps us going. They’re the meat and potatoes of our business. We need fosters. We need volunteers, we need adopters.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:24

And we’ll get some friends out to Rosedale gardens in a couple of weeks February 17 February 17 no conflict with any football anything like that. Not even in conflict with spring training pitchers and catchers reporting so keep up the good work. Thank you very much. Thank you. Yeah, I’m glad to promote your cause. Bring them home Animal Rescue leave venture joining us your work Costas and Dundalk. I’m gonna step out take a break. We’ve had some tech issues here in the early going, we’re fixing them all. We’re back on the air. We’re good to go back for more right after this on w nsda and 1570

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