Crab Cake Row: Serving the Baltimore Homecoming community with prominent folks giving back and getting hometown involved

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Mandy Snyder gives Nestor latest updates on Baltimore Homecoming community progress at Koco’s Pub on “A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl Week” in Lauraville for the Maryland Food Bank. And Nestor shares the time they made him and his wife into a pancake for breakfast in 2019.


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Mandy Snyder, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:03

Welcome back. We are at Coco’s pub. We are in Lawrenceville. I’m still learning Oh my buttons around here. I’m in. I’m out. I’m up. I’m down we are. We’re doing crab cake row and a cup of soup or bowl. Love Coco’s because I sit here and I look at the bobbleheads I gotta Zack Britton bobblehead Chris Davis bought get the Chris Davis bobble head down. Come on Jonathan scope and there’s the Oriole bird who wants to assaulted me, section 84 We’re gonna get fresh but you know what I need to do I need to get you some new statues, the Palmer and the Brooks Robinson. We’re gonna get some statues in here the Earl Weaver the grumpy URL. Give him a crab cake make him happy. We’re Coco’s Bob. We’re in Harford Road in Lara Ville, people don’t know where Lara Ville is. And like, get off in Harford road come toward the city. Look to the left, you’ll find this big yellow building out front. They only let nice people in here it says so out front. There’s a there’s a thing on on the door. Mandy Schneider I think she’s nice cuz she’s here for Baltimore homecoming. I gotta give plugs out to all this first thing. I had Ross here the whole time. And I’m drinking my royal farms coffee today that I picked up in Providence Rhode in my Maryland lottery mug. And the reason for that is it has a little thing on the top allows me to drink my coffee this morning. And this live radio thing does not allow for bathroom trips over or under two and a half minutes. So you gotta you gotta be quick with all this doing live radio thing but our friends at the Maryland lottery and Ross is here we’re giving away Maryland lottery scratch does everybody hear Coco is gonna get one we had $100 winner last year. And I feel like Oprah when I do this, I’m like one for you. So I’m coming. Bring some canned goods by we’re here for the Maryland Food Bank. I have my little made little sheets up for Marcela to put on the door, but I don’t want to put it over the only nice people allow. Please donate today we will accept cash, but we prefer that you bring us some canned goods. Some box we have a whole area over here. We loaded a whole bunch of stuff at the St. John’s pantry yesterday. At Costas Monday we were downtown for grace note mission. Today here we are in. The food is unclaimed today by the Maryland Food Bank today. So I have to figure out where the food exactly is going today. So somebody who has a place somewhere Laura Ville area Harford Road area, I’ll drop it off when the show’s over. So and then Thursday at Maryland food banks back at as well as Friday. Thursday we are at State Fair in Kaysville. Friday, we’re gonna be up to Pappas cockys We’ll bring some stuff we’ll give you a cup of soup or bowl because it’s a cup of soup or Bowl week. We are not on radio row. We’re on crabcake row and Matt is here from Baltimore homecoming and I know you’re new to the organization. I mean I probably a good interview II for you.


Mandy Snyder  02:36

I was gonna say

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:38

I attended Baltimore homecoming. Not the initial one, the second one. Okay. Barry Levinson was one of the speakers. Just unbelievable panels. Angel mccoughtry came back Yeah. and sat on a panel. There was like a whole like a shark tank thing. Yeah, it was at the b&o Railroad Museum. Hi, Chris Allen. Some happen that day that that’s never happened since. But that was just crazy. morning breakfast. I went alone and he got a suit on you know, your hair was shorter was before the plague. So I had regular hair before I let it down. And I’m there at 730 in the morning, have a coffee walking around with my marital lottery mug and I look over and there’s a pancake bar. And they’re making pancakes. And I went over and the dudes like, I can make a pancake of you and your wife. Okay. And I’m watching him make people’s dogs and stuff like wow, like you don’t I mean, like they’re holding pictures up. It’s art. They he took like an easel. Yeah, he took my phone and said send me the picture. He put it up. And I’m going to show you the picture. Because if I Google the word pancake on my posts, right, it’s different. Are you ready? I’m ready. I want everybody to see this first. I want them to see that. Can you see that on the screen? Oh, yeah. That is my wife and I on a pancake. All right. So I bet you didn’t think you’re gonna get that or not at all. Over 17,019 Yeah. I said if Jennifer Ford Aparicio and I were a pancake. Jack, we’d be together. I think she is more of a hot cake. So there you have it. There’s my wife and my sense of humor. So atop that in Baltimore. Memory I met Barry Levinson and my wife and I had a pancake of us me about

Mandy Snyder  04:43

cooking a better day than that. Crab

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:45


cake a Coco is a free soup that is so you’re talking about Baltimore homecoming is because I would tell them and I think but I might get it wrong. I mean, honestly, like, it’s It’s James Shapiro, Nate Loewenthal, who have been gay. Still to show out of state fair when I did the crabcake to me. Yeah, I was promoting this back in 18 and 19 because they had seen this thing in Detroit that was being done, where people like Madonna and, and Eminem and Bob Seger Baltimore people, celebrities, Detroit people, celebrities, and business movers and shakers, industry moguls, entertainment people. People like David Rubenstein. Yeah, right. Right. Right. Faculty,

Mandy Snyder  05:26

David Rubenstein. Right. very timely.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:28

That sort of thing is exactly what you do. And I want to get you on like, but yeah, yeah.

Mandy Snyder  05:33

So what we’re really doing is supporting local nonprofits and entrepreneurs within Baltimore and activating a national alumni base. And using that an alumni base to drive investment in philanthropy back into Baltimore. So Baltimore is a place


Nestor J. Aparicio  05:46

so reading from a script.

Mandy Snyder  05:48

Oh, thank you. Thank you. Fellas a place once you grew up here, it is home forever. So if you move away, you really want to continue to give back and what I think our differentiator is is this alumni network and how we can really activate them, engage them and talk to them about Baltimore. When you hear about Baltimore on the news. What you hear, unfortunately, is a lot of negative things. We know that we live in Baltimore day to day there’s so much potential the last couple of weeks has been such great news with David Rubenstein buying the Orioles. Huge. I think another great thing that’s been happening is CareFirst going in Mondawmin Mall and what Tim Regan and whiting Turner is doing there that is changing the dynamic of Baltimore and opening up so many jobs in an area that people really since the unrest have kind of forgotten about and then really negatively out but they are doing such amazing things in revitalizing that area. Right so I’m Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:35

Coppin State. We’re near Morgan and I really like a jerk for not bringing some Morgan people over here today. March next time I’m here and we’re getting some Morgan State people. All right. So just take a note on that because we got it’s right. It’s like no more. Yeah, support for Coco’s man. But but here’s the problem. It’s like Dundalk, and I had all Essex people yesterday now from Dundalk. That’s, yeah, that’s not what we do. But I’m copying. So I, you know, I’m copying supported. Yeah, I just want to get a little grace for the common people. And we’ll get them on to but and I have them on all the time. But you know, the big basketball came over there Christmas time to comment. Yeah. So I went over there. And I went to the basketball game, and there’s 2500 people. Yeah. And the two police officers that were here Monday, right, that I’d gotten knocked off the air on Monday, and I’m gonna have them back home because I liked those dudes. But I’m copping to me like when I’m over there, unlike in this is way nicer place than anybody would ever imagine. Nobody goes from the because it’s, it’s because of that because of the perception that like, I can’t go see the second greatest or greatest depending on your opinion. Angel played there for LSU Great player Caitlin Clark played down in Maryland, but to come see like this legendary Baltimore athlete play. Yeah, the whole world wanted to be there that night, literally Christmas. And I thought I wanted to be the you know, yeah, it was just an awesome place. And I I’ve shopped them in domine back in the day like everybody else. I want to see that. I’ve seen that a security. Um, yeah, we talked I talked about trade point and all day yesterday, because it wasn’t done. And you know, we’ve been talking about the Inner Harbor. I’ve lived at the Inner Harbor for 19. Yeah. So I’m the guy that pitches about buying a condo for $430,000. And selling it for 390. Yeah, two years later, putting a quarter million. Right. Yeah. Right. Yeah, me. So I want better things for the city. And I know, I know, no, no, because I spend time with jam and I spend time and I’ve been at your events, your mixers, and I’ve seen the kind of people they’re trying to bring together. It’s really like a beautiful idea. Yeah, great concept. To say, You’re a Baltimore alum, you’re here forever. And let’s stay connected. Because you don’t want to hear people talk issue about Baltimore,

Mandy Snyder  08:47

no, and Baltimoreans are sometimes the hardest on ourselves. We’re the one that perpetrates it and how can we, as Baltimore homecoming really start to share the local and national positive news around Baltimore, in a way that those that have moved away are seeing Wow, there’s so much potential there is so much investment going back into the city. Why don’t I bring my business here? Or why don’t I learn a little bit more about how I can give back to the community because it is the time is now for Baltimore? It is really on this trajectory in such a positive way in

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:15

the UFC that you’re blind 100% I mean, if you don’t go down the CFG Bank Arena and scrapes there, if you’re not seeing the businesses that have survived this Yeah, like Coco’s right Bailey’s fade these moving into a new space Yeah, it’d be beautiful my friends at a meet she’s I’m I’m just plugging my friends. And not even like my sponsor so much. But like I’ve ever been in these beautiful places that are coming to life that give you a reason I was talking about crave anatomy, like I get in the car and drive down there just to get broccoli. I mean, how much I love it. And we all need to lift it. We just be hanging out in Johnstown and Cockeysville in Westminster and saying, I hate to sit you you’re gonna hate it when the Orioles get you right that you’re gonna come down and you’re gonna find that there’s more to it than pa like in your car in a parking lot going into the stadium give them too much money. I don’t say that. I saw such a negative like God, it’s been an awful 31 years you know, with these people, but go down and give them money too but I, I am of the era of people coming down eating and Philips eating it more it’s going to roosters walk in the harbor, making a whole afternoon drinking at the bars after going to Hooters or Baja Beach, whatever it was, we were younger. Yeah, before the game after the game, there was a plan there was a place to go and there wasn’t this. Something bad’s gonna happen to me. Right there’s nothing else down there this the city is awesome. It is awesome.

Mandy Snyder  10:35

It is and it’s really becoming this space for business at the same time. Entrepreneurship tech, there’s so many things here that we’re when we’re talking to our alumni, they’re looking for another branch of their organization or where they’re looking to start something up. Baltimore is a great place to do it. That is an such an opportunity to be able to do that and important coming

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:51

to for this definitely audible pennants I’m not calling it that. I’m just letting you


Mandy Snyder  10:55

know that I’m not gonna fight you on that battle.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:58

Not Yeah, that’s it.

Mandy Snyder  11:00

That’s okay. Call

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:01


it Dundalk, Essex. We don’t do that. Right here. How’s Nate How’s James give me a little founder thing because you know, those are obviously made guys but they come from some affluence and have some ability to affect that sort of thing. They were true philanthropist but they don’t need to be doing this right. Yeah, this was their choice to come together and do this. And I wondered like where it’s going to be after the plague and a lot of things and saying all right, you know, they don’t seem like the kind of guys that are ever going to quit on Baltimore. Hong Kong. No, no, not at all. I sense that this is like it’s like me quitting on the Orioles like I was never gonna quit on him. You know. The birds are gonna die. I went out to drug city this week with my wife and I’m bragging about this all week as I’m doing live radio and I want everybody to know what the drugs city and well, it just started with Wendy Bronfman from curio wellness and foreign daughter. I asked her like last week because she was on the Wednesday morning after the Tuesday night news. And I was like, giddy, it was like nine in the morning. Yeah. Is there a champagne of cannabis? Whatever.

Mandy Snyder  12:04

Let’s celebrate. He’s like blissful

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:05

wizard. All right, but But I said, I don’t really like champagne because it gives me a hangover. Like, it’s bubbly. And like the taste of it, but I don’t want to drink too much of it. Yeah, I thought I’m really loved me of red wine. Yeah, but like, I’m a 16 $20 bottle of wine. You know, but every once in a while Marvin Lewis or Sammy Hagar buys me like some nice wine. And I have tasted $100 Wine 10 times in my life. When somebody else bought it, yeah. Thank you. All of you. Appreciate me give me good wine. So at least I know the difference by Why do people spend so much because they’re really good? Yeah, right. But I You know, I’ve been burned Steakhouse. It’s like $85,000 for a bottle of wine like nothing’s

Mandy Snyder  12:45

coming in the box either.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:48

Pacific a belt buckle so I’m going to show my village village people belt buckle later, but I bought a bottle at drugs city grantmaker store. You might love that. George. I saw Chuck last night it cost us and I got a bottle of the prisoner 5999 That’s that’s my investment in the Rubenstein ownership. They made it it happens. I’m on to uncork it and I’m going to unleash the prisoner. They it’s gonna be free right. To drink a really good glass of Cabernet. Yeah, blend. So Amanda Snyder’s here. Baltimore homecoming I asked you about Nate Jamie. Yeah, a chance to expand being crazy. Yeah,

Mandy Snyder  13:25

no, I mean, they are so committed to this and that to your point, they don’t have to do this, but they want to it’s an area that they grew up in and again, wanting to invest in get back in a ways that we really can and what we’re doing kind of what our homecoming is in this like next phase, we’ve been able to throw these amazing parties bring amazing alumni back. But how do we build off of that Baltimore home combat event? That’s our signature event? That’s not well, we’re still we’re doing it every 18 months. So that was a change so we’re going to be made 2025

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:50

learning part comes in a new donation. I’m like, only questions I have is I know where it was, ya know? What all the intentions were pancake? Yeah. Yeah. But But where? What’s the next thing and what? And I want to get caught up with shaman innate. Like what what’s been learned here? Yeah. And I don’t know how many people out in our audience even know about I mean, yeah, I did a couple of segments five, six years ago with Don molar over state fair. Yeah, I bragged about and put pictures up and tried to talk it up because I think it’s it’s beautiful. It’s an it’s a freakin all star team for ballroom. I mean, that’s the whole idea is to do to build this consortium of people that we’ve been unable to build here. When the banking industry fell apart. Yeah, the steel mills fell apart. Yeah, with Dundalk fell apart, right? Well, we didn’t know what we were where we were going. Then we had civil unrest, a plague, horrific leadership in the semi like, horrific baseball owner like just all of these things conspire to like and then crime and then poverty and all that thing, races, all the things that were fundamentally wrong and broken about us in the 60s they came back for If the years later, how do we pick ourselves up from that, and it’s going to take great people with extra income and philanthropy and a vision and a strategy. Yeah. And it can give people how and why totally. And

Mandy Snyder  15:14


I think that’s what we’re really looking to do in this kind of this next phase is continue to build out our programming so that we can really be able to support our local people that are really the ones that are making a difference, and making impact with leading their nonprofits and building their businesses that are going to be able to trickle down but then that’s a way that we can really start this engagement opportunity, get our alumni excited, if they’re having this expertise, which we know a lot of these alumni do. Let’s connect them here locally, let’s bring them around, let’s build programmatic pieces. Let’s travel to them. We’re gonna be doing regional gatherings going across the country, la Detroit, New York, Florida going to meet them and being able for me to sit down with them one on one and talk about what are you interested in Baltimore? How can we really make that connection and again, drive that investment drive that philanthropy back into the city, we’re really doing it kind of twofold where we’re supporting locally, it’s kind of the direct piece but there’s this indirect opportunity that is so vast and there’s so many things that that could really be and we have people that are on our alumni base ready to get engaged that have sold their company for millions or billions of dollars that are really now what can they do to get back

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:13

thing in Florida and their their pistol Baltimore’s going into disrepair and they maybe for a while felt like I can’t do anything I can I get a crab cake when I’m there and the family during whatever holiday or grad you know, whatever. Yeah, these deaths. I mean, you know, people come back for you no choice or need one or the other sick parent. I have a friend who moved his parents to Miami, like, but they’re gone forever. They’re not going to live in Baltimore. And yeah, right. I mean, our football owner is a great game. He’s not gonna live here anymore, right? Like, the baseball owner was off in Nashville, famously. Yeah. When the people who own the stuff here abandon it at that, that’s a problem for me. Right? Yeah. But but the people that leave you fully within your right to go live in Arizona, if it fits your way of life, but But you have roots here. Yeah. And if you care enough to care enough to say I’m an Orioles fan, I’m a raving fan. I love Baltimore. And you wear a hat that says Baltimore on it. Yeah. And people issue upon you because like they see the wire. Yeah. Right. And that we’re washing that out. But it is going to take those people to care and come back as well as people here. Right totally.

Mandy Snyder  17:22

And I think we’re having those conversations with them or they’re seeing that opportunity. That’s why I think there’s such a focus on the the the marketing the newsletters, that we’re doing the news that’s going out and sharing it to them that they’re seeing there is so much opportunity and that perception is changing and they’re getting ready and wanting to give back and do more. Yes, you can live wherever you want. But people do come home to Baltimore, they love the opportunity. They want a stronger Baltimore, they want a stronger Baltimore to it. It’s part of your DNA when I mean, Baltimore is one of the areas when you ask where do you go to school? It’s high school. That’s what people are asking for you. It is Baltimore does Baltimore Dundalk. Once you go to heaven, all right. Charlotte County. Oh, yeah. But I’ve been living in this city for over a decade now. So I’m back to

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:01

him and grads, spam and teachers. Okay. I don’t know how old you think you’re younger, too young to have been taught by Bobby Nick. But he taught there years ago. Spanish and he’s Spanish teacher. Okay. Yeah, he’s a basketball coach. Oh, nice. Yeah, late. Great. Bobby, Nick. My heart to him. I honored him last week with the nice guy awards. Today we’re gonna honor Harvey Meyers. I am a village people belt buckle on 70s. We’re gonna sing the YMCA Marcel is here. We’re cocoas Madison is our guest. She is from Baltimore homecoming, barber We tell people where to go and get more like all the info on that.


Mandy Snyder  18:32

Yeah, if you go to Baltimore, We have our website there, all of our socials are on it. And our contact information. If you want to learn more, we’re really excited. We were just kind of doing some internal planning this week talking about the calendar from now into 2025 to our spring event, which will be April May next year. So we’ll have some more information

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:49

about that year out on the next event. The last event was six months ago and our signature event.

Mandy Snyder  18:53

Yeah, so we just had our last signature event in September, I’m sorry, October. Our next one will be spring 2025. We’re planning out now again, more of our regional events that we’re doing, where we’re traveling, and then also ways that we can engage outside of the big huge party, the big event that we do, what are some other ways throughout that we can really engage people in Baltimore throughout the year on a little bit of a smaller scale. But it really a great way to invite alumni back, engage with those that are doing the great work in the community, opportunity to invest in other businesses and really make that difference.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:19


I would say the ask you for you on your behalf. If anybody knows anybody who is out of town and does have a love of Baltimore interest of Baltimore, they don’t need to be wealthy or rich. They just need to have some influence and care to be involved. And they come back to Baltimore and they consider Baltimore home. If they’re displaced, if they’re retired, if they want to donate if they want to donate their time, their energy, their muscle, their relationships, which is the most like the Rolodex has the most

Mandy Snyder  19:45

conversation. Just have a conversation find

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:47

him at Baltimore home. Mandy’s here. Thanks for coming by. Thanks. I can sit here and go all day with Matt start up if I went down to Howard County trail, or whatever and like all that so we I’m sure we could do that but up. So a year out next thing you’re doing, what’s the next event people could engage with? In some way? We’re

Mandy Snyder  20:05

still finalizing that calendar. But yeah, that’s what engaged is reach out to us and have a conversation. We’d love to talk to you more.


Nestor J. Aparicio  20:10

All right, so the founders back to talk to me next time. I gotta legit crabcake for them somewhere. This is crabcake row is an extension of our Maryland crabcake tour. It is all brought to you by the Maryland lottery. I will give man Diego Mayor lottery 10 times the catch. She already has one person they’re kind of they’re kind of shiny, like my belt buckle my village purple belt. We’re Coco’s, we’re laurelville in a beautiful Harford road, just get off an off road, come south, if you’re in the city, come north, you’ll find this big yellow building here on the corner. Delicious crab cakes. They ship them all over the world. They do it real clean and seamlessly. You click and the crab cakes show up and they’re as big as my head. They do a special 11 ounce crab cake. I’m gonna let Marcella tell a story about her mother who I knew and Harvey Meyers who we used to go and party with up at the Emerald tavern. 32 years ago, we lost Harvey since last time Marcel and I got together so it’s probably gonna be the first time I cry in the segment today. Over unders to what day was a little over on Monday. A lot over yesterday. Got it. We’ll see how it goes. I’m not going to cry when Luca was sick get here because they’re going to tell me the Orioles got sold. That’s going to make me laugh. I’m gonna cry from that. I haven’t cried tears of joy. Yeah, we went back definitely. Okay, so big thanks to both of our homecoming Big Thanks, everybody this week who’s donated to the Maryland Food Bank. Cash is accepted. But we’re taking like the dried foods, the canned goods, all that good stuff, sending it out to local pantries. Yesterday was at St. John’s pantry Monday. It was the grace and mission, which I love that segment. I went home to my wife. I’m like, I did like 18 segments today. And she said, What’s your favorite one? I’m like, I met this little silver haired lady who looked like my mother. And sounded like my aunt. And they both have been dead for a long time. And she had a southern accent. And she was a legitimate mission lady. She was right out of Guys and Dolls ringing the bell. She has worked at Grace and hope mission for 48 years. And I’ve driven past grace and hope mission 10 million times on Gay Street because it was the Federal Fair for 20 years. Yeah, City Hall to get to 83 where they have the farmers market. And I thought it was like just a sign. I thought it was a sign left over from a begotten foreign time. And it is alive and well. Every single five nights a week they do it there. So I’m learning stuff, right? I mean, so we’re having some fun. The Maryland Food Bank has been a part of that when the Maryland Food Bank gives them the food. Yeah, the food families went there. And she was appreciative and she made me cry. It was wonderful. Maryland Food Bank is he is gonna be here at the end of the day today tomorrow. Thursday we are at State Fair in Gainesville Friday we’re Pappus and Cockeysville come on out participate give you free lottery ticket and and a pretty clever cup of soup or a bowl. So I want you to say that really fast three times a cup of soup or bowl. That was the whole idea is it is the big games this week. I don’t know if you know that. There’s a big game this week there is we broadcasted for 27 years from the big game. We are uninvited this week so I decided to just make for a really good cause. Let me let me urinate upon Las Vegas before the segments over because I love doing this in live real time. It is currently 41 degrees in route 48 Okay and beautifully sunny remains a beautiful day here in Baltimore. The beautiful February day. If you were Las Vegas right now. Yeah. 44 degrees headed to 54 degrees.

Mandy Snyder  23:30

Okay, all right. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:32

you’d lose all your money anyway. Price and Taylor’s not even there yet they’re gonna be Taylor’s the Ravens they were then Taylor. Next year. You’re young. You’re Taylor girl.

Mandy Snyder  23:44


I appreciate what she’s done. Great businesswoman

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:47

you know what this look old fart like me? She still remembers John Wayne because I walk like him right now. It was always stones Beatles, right, John? Holy Beatles stones Right? Or it was like Zeppelin Pink Floyd or are there? Right? So you have these rivals Connors report, you know? 18 or Chris, you know, whatever it is. Um, you know, the rivals part of this is still you know, it’s like Raven Steelers and all that. Yeah, who’s got the best crap. I you know, I like it all like that. Yeah. Let’s take a break. I’m gonna I gotta stop talking and get John in here. John’s here from the Y Marcellus here. From Coco’s Maryland Food Bank is like here ready to take stuff and we have a cup of soup or bowl. And it’s a cup of Super Bowl week. It’s crabcake row. Thank you for coming by.

Mandy Snyder  24:31

Thank you so much for having me. All right. See,

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:33

she was worried that she didn’t have the answer. I always tell people I don’t you know, I just asked the question. You provide the answers back for more big appreciation of Baltimore homecoming. Come see us over here. cocoas

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