Crab Cake Row: The Tyanna Foundation and saving the Ta Ta’s and keeping motor boating alive

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The Tyanna Foundation and saving the Ta Ta’s and keeping motor boating alive at Pappas in Cockeysville on “A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl Week” for the Maryland Food Bank. And if you ever wondered how “Nasty Nestor” became that way, this is the segment where he explains it all…


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Anne O’Brien, Danielle Bunting, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:04

All right it’s it’s day five I think my microphones working. Check check check crabcakes are on the grill back here. We’re Pappas. Don’t go to Glenburnie don’t go to park. I mean you can go but I’m not going to be there. Bellaire. Certainly don’t go to National Harbor today. We are in Cockeysville I’ve already had a donut next door Simon’s bakery. You know, if I was really smart, I would have done this crab cake tour sometime between like the Fourth of July and Labor Day that way I could get the peach cake I’ll be rolling in there. But I come here and do a whole bunch of stuff with connects folks next door over at the mansion and I’ve had some good nights up there with art modell and a whole bunch of other people. So we’re blessed and pleased to be here today. I have a whole batch is whatever’s left is going to Hollywood casino on Sunday night. Really the big game and it’s a TV show. We’re going to be out here this afternoon. I got to a Maryland lottery scratch offs and our friends at window nation. I want to put the wacky hat on sort of start the party here a little bit today. 866 90 nation 0% financing five years when you get that go and also Jiffy Lube, multi care. Keep driving all these crabcake locations Monday fade Lee’s Tuesday cost this Wednesday. Coco’s Thursday. Where the hell was a state fair and Catonsville? I’m losing my days Friday. We’re Pappas. Chicheley MultiCare keep your car out on the road. I feel like Oprah when I give the 10 times the cash scratch offs away. So Danielle, one for you and one for you. I want to get the mics up for these beautiful young ladies who’ve treacherously made their way as Cockeysville to be my first guest Destiny’s over here from Blue Cross Blue Shield came first every sit down, relax, get a crack. Hey, water. I mean, I’m loose. today. I’m chewing gum. These two poor souls are banging on the door out in front of Pappas. And I decided to go an hour later today, just because you were booked an hour later, and I didn’t have a nine o’clock guest and I’ve been doing this all week. You know what I mean? Like, so you didn’t lose version of me. My wife thought I was gonna lose my voice. I’m chewing gum on the air breaking every rule. Because I’m like, I’m getting a little, you know, done a lot of talking this guy. I want you to talk about why you’re here. So that Tiana foundation and I think you guys you got all these questions. Danielle called me a legend. The first thing she said to me and I’m like, All right, sit over there. Out. But I only know how you guys got here. I put a Facebook post up. This just speaks to how crazy this city is right and, and small to more and Baltimore. put a post up right before Christmas. And I said I’m going to do this charity thing. If anybody knows somebody that wants to come out, or somebody who deserves to be on the show, get 20 minutes hang out tell me an awesome story made me cry. I met nine and a half cries this week. The over under was 10 I don’t know somebody’s gonna get me today. So anyway, so I did this and everybody hit everything on the page. And I literally waited till the next day for there to be 85 comments on my page and I went through every one of them and I created a spreadsheet and hit every single one of you as best I could on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and some people got back some didn’t some yelled at me this week like I didn’t get their spam then they got hijacked by the Soup for the Soul. Dungog people in it turns out to be like my high school friends brother. So that’s where we are. But I did this thing first thing on Tuesday with Lee a bit injure and it didn’t even get on the air live because it was like crappy and I was trying to I hit I hit a button. This looks like a light bright. Yeah, yeah. I don’t know how to work it. So I hit a button knock this off the air. So she came over and she talked about this dog that she has name Nyla and my dog’s name. My cat’s name is Nala and she’s this dog so beautiful and we have people to walk this dog every day we want somebody to take this dog’s dog licks faces loves people. And I’m like cool. Eight hours later I come home and realize the girl that actually walks the dog is like one of my life or rugby friends from 25 And she’s like, You had Leon and I’m like Chad, you do that and I’m like, you know it might have been you that just said you should contact Leah from bring them home rescue. So I don’t know how you wound up here and I can go back into my Facebook thread and I think you guys were like a double triple Whap you know, a couple people said you gotta have Tyanna on to crush it and breasts fast and pink and I had girls Susan G komen folks came to me yesterday and they gave me a real press pass. It’s not gonna get me into the Super Bowl, but they wanted me to have a press pass so I literally they gave me all this pink garb and I’m wearing orange today for the Orioles dammit because I’ve decided it’s it’s time Don’t you girls think that absolutely


Anne O’Brien  04:42

don’t we have like 50 days till Yeah, but I mean

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:46

I’m just talking about you know ownership freedom. Yeah, I’m talking about Lilly that’s a new thing. So where are you guys from? I got an here got Danielle Tiana foundation. I’ve been like off let’s set this whole thing off. But I did. You guys did ask how you wound up here and I I know it wasn’t a Facebook thread. It was somebody I know that knows you that knows me that you’re you’re what is this?

Anne O’Brien  05:06

So the Tiana foundation is an organization that my sisters and I have four sisters set up because our mother Tiana died of breast cancer when she was 48.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:14


She had a beautiful name she did. Yeah, that’s a great name. I

Anne O’Brien  05:18

have nieces and cousins with that name. Oh, wow.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:21

When did when did we lose her?

Anne O’Brien  05:24

We lost her 25 years. Wow, five years ago. So


Nestor J. Aparicio  05:29

you know, my wife’s going off on a 10 year diagnosis of her leukemia. And we’re thinking like, if she had leukemia in 1989, she would have died. Right? This curve and I talked a lot about this with I think you’re the third breast cancer sort of group. I’ve talked to you this week. Just how far we’ve come that like when I see a friend of mine, and I’m 55 Right. So there’s people my age, they’re like, I got breast cancer. Oh my god. 20 years ago, you’re gonna die for 10 years ago. It’s, well, I know some people that lived and now it’s like, hey, you know, it’d be alright. Early. Oh, right. Yeah, yeah. This is when you bother me about the thing to do to the every year superball. The big game. Sorry, this is a couple of Super Bowl that you know, we get warned about the guy part of like, get check it check. It was important beaten on me. I know, I know. Keep going. The more I talk to you guys. And the Blue Cross people who come over here crush me on this because he got insurance. Robber, go. And I think the girls are like a little bit like, you know, it’s so my wife goes it’s like not a comfortable thing for women. Apparently. I don’t know. It’s never been done to me. But like, it’s a woman that likes it. You know? So there you have it. That’s a

Anne O’Brien  06:39

great thing to say. I hope everyone who’s listening to us today or my is reminded to get their mammogram, right? If nothing comes off of this. As far as breast cancer healthcare.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:48

That’s, that’s what everybody out there can do. Exactly. Get your mammogram. Daniel, you got a story. You’ve been like, you come in and you’re like, You’re a legend. I haven’t heard a word out of you. Where are you from? What are you doing here?

Danielle Bunting  07:00


Oh, I’m from here from Baltimore,

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:02

I can hear that love that.

Danielle Bunting  07:05

My sister died young of breast cancer. And if she had it today, she probably would be still living a lot longer. But she had three young kids. So she died 2009. So that’s why I was really attracted to and because of her story. So I just think it’s really important. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:21

a little bit I know about this, and I’m not a doctor, but I’ll play one on the radio for a minute is that you’re more susceptible because of your sisters that so I think when you say early detection, I’ve had a handful of people in my life in the last five years that have done and I don’t know you guys could speak to it. You’re the scientists not me done the detection section thing with the gene and the pipa. And they’re like, I’m like a 90% chance that this happened. And we’re gonna get on this right now. And there’s a proactivity part of this and treatment radiation different things that I don’t know, we’re just getting smarter, we’re getting better and all this crazy charity crap I’ve been doing all week that raises money creates science and creates a miracle I wake up with every day, you know, sounds kind of crazy,

Danielle Bunting  08:04

but they said that I’m when I got my genetic testing. They thought that it came from my father. Oh, that was interesting. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:11

how are you? You are okay. Yeah, I’m good. You’re okay, too. Yep. Same issue with with mom, right? Like mom and right. Right

Anne O’Brien  08:17

mother, great grandmother and great grandmother and cousins. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:20


you got a thing. You had a thing? What’s going on? In your thing? You have forced three brothers and sisters. I

Anne O’Brien  08:24

have four sister. Okay, four sisters, none of us have the genes. So, meaning we’ve all been tested. Did my mom happen?

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:31

So your mom’s a quarter of a century ago, almost as long as I’ve had this joint. When At what point did it begin? I mean, obviously, it’s something to you, you’re you guys are front and center on this issue. And obviously, it’s been a little while since your sister passed to. When did it become like, Alright, I’m gonna get that thing. And I’m gonna know. I mean, it was that 2010 1520 Hundreds. It feels like it’s been a last five thing. It feels like it’s been around about as long as 5050 crab soup has been around, you know? Yeah. Which I’ve been having that argument like, this is a new thing, like the last 10 years is kind of a new thing. And it’s my sister in law had breast cancer. Right. So my, my wife’s, you know, she’s been tested. My wife’s been tested friggin everything. But I don’t, that wasn’t a thing in 2009. Right. When

Anne O’Brien  09:18

did you get your genetic testing?


Danielle Bunting  09:20

It was probably like, five, six years ago. Okay.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:22

That’s really

Anne O’Brien  09:24

Yeah, it’s very recent. And they’re actually always finding new genes as well, which is kind of interesting. So you think the bracha gene was the one everyone talks about, but there’s some other genes that are in the, in the, I want to say testing stages, but they’re realizing that there are there may be other genes that can lead to breast cancer as well. So I remember when I got tested, they said they were looking at one gene and that the great thing about getting tested is they said you don’t have braca, but you have this one that we’re not so sure about. So as we get information about this one we’re not so sure about we’ll let you know. So you’re kind of in the queue for any new information that they that research comes up in the list. Exactly, which is huge. I mean, that’s what you want to be, you want to be ahead, you

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:03

want to get tested again, or cheap genetics, genetics, but it Do they recommend that five years later you come back and do a little something something. Yeah, but there are

Danielle Bunting  10:11

more tests and more genes. So you can get tested again, for more genes than when we were tested, you know, back then.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:17

Right? Well, and you know, what, when my wife had her life saved on the bone marriage to the man, who was her match, it was 10 genetic markers. My understanding is there’s more than that now. Like they go into further right, the sciences. Yeah, you know, further Come on. And I think it’s, it’s probably like just crazy. Equipment. I barely know how to work. But I think the technology moves almost as fast as, as this sort of technology moves along with it. And it’s so exponential in front of our eyes, especially people our age, who remember life without this tethered to us, you know, thank God for that when we were younger, right? Maybe not, I don’t know. But Mom and Dad would have had a better if we’re parents, we feel differently about it than when we were. But I think the last 10 years, the amount of tech even when my wife was battling, I was just blown away at how quick labs would come back and how, I mean, it’d be 15 sheets of stuff in her blood that like, I don’t even know what it means, you know, and I’m sure the same thing is true with the science of breast cancer, which there’s nothing that we’ve had more awareness of for women. I mean, I wish we had as much awareness from things qual all sorts of pick everything that would ever get Trump elected and kill it and say, yeah, like women, but but the breast cancer, the pink bats and sports and the pink gloves, and football and the pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, and everybody know someone who’s had breast cancer and his past and everybody that knows somebody like my sister in law, and I’m home bunch of other people I can name who’ve had breast cancer and survived. And a lot of it is if you get it now. Obviously, you’re blessed, but you’re blessed that they can help you fix it.

Anne O’Brien  11:56

100% When we first started breast fast, it was at the gin mill, if you remember that. And


Nestor J. Aparicio  12:02

I came to some breast fest. That’s you. Yeah, I’ve done I did the one in the park down at Nick’s exam, right? I wasn’t that one. Yeah, that’s, that’s

Anne O’Brien  12:09

where it’s gonna be. It’s, it’s usually a next but now, because Nix is getting all that construction over there. Save the

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:14

TA TAs. Yeah. Save the girls, girls. Sorry. I just figured

Anne O’Brien  12:20


we will take all my favorite shirt

Danielle Bunting  12:21

is saved motorboating keep motorboat alive. Yeah, I think that’s one of our shirts.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:26

I wear that. Yeah, give me that one. So today because you know where my pappy shirt here in Cockeysville but, and my Oreo, like sort of orange I want to get back in the groove here. I knew I’d be sitting on to the oral side, which is good. I’m gonna have the bird looking at me the whole day. So yesterday, we had Biggie, overlooking everybody’s head, like looking down on him like this. And it was just hilarious. So the videos are all look, he’s people talking about life saving and big. He’s looking at him and I’m like, alright, you know, at least we have a sense of humor about all that. And is here Danielle’s here from the Tiana foundation Do you want so if I’m at the real radio row at the big game, there’ll be like some handler for you. And there’ll be some celebrity here whose mom and you know, I mean, it’d be something and they would hand me one of these. So you’re like prepared this is legit. They’re legit. They got talking points and like, do you want to read the talking points? Or do you want me to name I just want to know the history history talks about your mom give me the soup to nuts on how this thing started? So

Anne O’Brien  13:20

it started with my sister Sarah. She went to University of Georgia Okay, she had breakfast there at a bar called tasty world which I always thought was funny. What bars us I want to go there it’s not there anymore but it used to be called tasty where all the good places are gone tasty world for breakfast is just a funny thing. And then the she did


Nestor J. Aparicio  13:36

Georgia Athens, Georgia. Do you know that guy got on stage last night at the 40 Watt club? Are you aware of this? Before members of REM got on stage? Now slight wouldn’t sing Stipe sang from the crowd while they say I would have been three o’clock this morning. I got up and I’m like Mike Mills and Peter Buck did perfect circle.

Anne O’Brien  14:00

Yeah, amazing. So anyway, so we started we started there in the spring. And then in the fall, we started at the gin mill. And it’s funny when we first started speaking of how things have changed over the years, people would like the gym. Oh, looky Lester.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:13

Gentle. Yeah, small to more. Exactly. They think I was invited to the very first thank you.

Anne O’Brien  14:18


I honestly think you’ve been to more than one to be honest with you. But that’s where we started and people will be talking about breast fest. They would like whisper it like it was a bad word breast fest. Boobies. It was so funny. People would take down the posters and put tear off who had said breakfast and put it on their chest and we’re like, this is really weird. Well, the

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:35

social media that came out of your parties, you know, like, by five o’clock at the one I was double sloppy, yes. It wasn’t quite Preakness or throw your beads but it was like, you know, it was that crowd is actually a different crowd. You know, it’s raised a crowd that were happy. They didn’t have cell phone pictures when they were 18. Yeah, exactly.

Anne O’Brien  14:54

Exactly. Raise a drink to raise awareness. How about that

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:57

right on what what are you guys doing these days? I mean, I know about your booty fest that’s that’s in like September maybe or like it’s a fall 20 AC. I didn’t even look it up. And this year it’s going to be at mother’s. Okay. Downtown downtown mother patio day. All right, yeah. Good. We’re going down. Where are you gonna eat? Well,


Anne O’Brien  15:17

you know, exactly. Usually could be good. Absolutely. It’s on the 28th from two to seven. And we’ll work more for information to come out. But you know, it’s it’ll be Dave, I want you

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:28

to book the Neville Brothers. If you can get them back. Later. Yeah, yeah. Books the Neville Brothers for these ladies. Come on, man. That’d be great. That’s good. Why no, he loves all the New Orleans music. He gave him a hard time he’s got he’s got the band that won the Grammy that was at my party than that we won the Super Bowl and I just lost the name of their, their, their their front frontline front row front VA. But that’s not their name. Anyway, I will keep want to say Dirty Dozen brass band. But that’s not the name of their band. I’ll rebirth that I just got it right. Oh, really? brass band is playing a mother. So they’re free plug Dave,

Anne O’Brien  16:04

there is a band. The band that we’re having is called Scottie Pippen. And he actually plays at the Daily would you say state fair, he plays there as well. Okay, so he’s a, he’s a regular. And his mother and mother in law both had breast cancer. So that’s why it’s near and dear to his heart. And that’s why a lot of people get involved with us because we’re, you know, if your touch, you kind of want to do something if

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:23


there’s 100 people in the room right now and a Yo, how many of you have been touched by breast cancer in some very direct way have a friend or within your inner circle? Like, I would think 99 hands would go up my

Danielle Bunting  16:35

best friend’s habit. I mean, it’s kind of crazy goodness. Wow.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:39

Now where are you got? Where are you from it.

Anne O’Brien  16:41

I grew up in Canton, Ohio, Canton, Ohio.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:45

I know Maslen crudely, crealy football and you know about why don’t you come here?

Anne O’Brien  16:50

I have been here for like 20 years. All right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:53

And you’ve been doing this? How long would hear foundation wise? Five years I’ve been hearing about you for maybe 15? Right? Like yeah, when you got together Luke and Lester that had been the odds, right?

Anne O’Brien  17:04


This is the our 25th anniversary. So you did the first gin mill thing last century? Yeah. Not crazy. So we’re gonna have 2020

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:13

You’re probably right. I was there. You know, now that I’m thinking about it, you know, so, but I have done your events, and what can people do to be helpful in and participate with Diana foundation?

Anne O’Brien  17:22

I’ll tell you what I was thinking about that. When we were when I was driving here. And everyone can do whatever they can do. Meaning, if you have someone in your office, who’s a breast cancer survivor, celebrate them. See if your company will be a sponsor, see if you can just get a bunch of people and come to the event. We have merchandise we have. I mean, sponsorship, obviously, and donations are what we use the most. We are 100% volunteer. So if you give us money, it goes directly to help people with breast cancer. It’s a big deal for us. So that’s why I like your

Danielle Bunting  17:48

foundation so much. The How did you find out about her foundation? Because my friend, my friend, Deb, Oh, right.


Nestor J. Aparicio  17:53

Now, how long ago was that?

Danielle Bunting  17:55

I think it’s been three.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:59

It’s recent for you. Okay. All right. Well, I’m sorry. I’ve never had you on before. If I’ve never had you on before. I don’t think of him before.

Anne O’Brien  18:05


Now. Well, here I am. So mercy is a really special place. And she was you were talking about Deb which makes me think of it. When I walked into Mercy, the very first time to talk to them about bras fast. I walk in, and I had been working at another hospital at the time. And it wasn’t like this. Are you nurse? No, I used to work for the School of Nursing. Alright. Okay. But anyway, I’m walking down the hall mercy and this guy standing by the elevator, he goes, Can I help you find something? And I said, Do I look lost? He goes, you haven’t seen that would never happen. That’s a summer she is a you walk in the door. And that’s why I feel like we’re in a special place. We give money to people who give to everybody you don’t I mean, and they make sure that the money gets spent on the people that needed the most and that’s why they’re our partners. And for those of us who give to us, they feel very comfortable that their money is like, used to help people with breast cancer, whether that’s a wig or it’s a it’s a mammogram or it’s a I mean, there’s so many we bought a lot of equipment for mercy. The big one was a 3d mammogram technology. If you get a mercy and you get a mammogram, it’s it’s you don’t pay extra for it. So in other places, you’d have to pay like $100 to get a 3d mammogram and mercy everybody gets I mean,

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:10

is that just nicer on the boobies are no more clear? Is that like the flat MRI versus the you know, I don’t know.

Anne O’Brien  19:16

Very good question. It’s not better on the babies at all. It’s the same, but it’s like it like when they take the technologies like taking slices. It’s a better test, better test. Oh, okay. Well, so much that most people that got the 3d the first time they got it, they had to go back and get rechecked because from one to the other. There was such a dramatic change. It was that much better. So the idea that you’re going to catch something, you should feel much more comfortable. And that’s another reason why you should what gets us to get your mammogram All right. I mean, and if, if this reminds you great, a lot of people do it in October because it’s breast cancer month. Some people do it around breast fest because whenever they buy their ticket, they schedule their mammogram. I don’t care when you do it, but do it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:55

Danielle bunting is here and is the voice of an O’Brien talking about that. Hi Anna foundation with speling Ty A N N A. So Anna is like, you know older folks, I had Anna as an why Tiana? That’s an interesting one. I like that.


Anne O’Brien  20:09

So in this house, a lot of times you have these Mosh names. So my grandfather was named Iris. My great grandmother was named Anna Margarita, she became Tiana. That’s why I’m Anne Margaret. It’s not the end, Margaret. And Margaret, and Margaret and there’s a Margaret O’Brien. So I don’t know if that anything to do with it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:26

My mother was Southern and everybody has like, my, my son’s middle name is Alan sorted to like, make her happy. You know what I mean? Because there was an EI, L L. E. N and her family. So I went meet him at ALA and just kind of like, let him let it roll. And as she’s dead and gone didn’t care. I never really care what his middle name was. And nobody even knew his middle name. But, but it’s honoring.

Danielle Bunting  20:46

My dad died. His name was Charles we named my daughter Charlie. There’s already another Charles like my you know, my nephew is like, yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:54


I understand that. I mean, I told you I didn’t do Yeah, I admitted earlier this week. My son’s name is Barry because my father’s name was Bernard and his father’s name was Barney. And Barry seemed like a more sort of modern cool, different weird, you know, I even yell he was producing the show that they might you know, any other bearers? She’s like, No, and I’m like, see? Perfect. I made you unique. You know, that’s great.

Anne O’Brien  21:12

I mean, Tiana is definitely unique. The only ones I know about are my niece and my cousins.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:16

Oh, that’s cool. And we can find it and circle the date September 28. Because like they’re throwing a party and the music will be good. Yeah, the suds will be cold and

Anne O’Brien  21:28

and the silent auction it’s another thing if anyone has any auction items. So you work for a jewelry store. You work for


Nestor J. Aparicio  21:33

a radio station.

Anne O’Brien  21:37

Oh, wait a minute. I like the sound of that.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:41

Listen, yeah, I’m getting to be the producer for no it’s I’m like the I’m like the great emperor Wizard of Oz. I want to put on the show that the yellow brick road, but then you pull the curtain back and you know, and then I show up and you’re like, you know, I’ll see him when he’s out of Pappas or something like that. So you guys a couple of Super Bowl is on it’s crabcake row we’re promoting the tie into finish. We’re gonna be talking about a whole bunch of stuff today. I want to promote everything we’re doing and just have like a whole list of this. Destiny Simone is gonna be here talking to Blue Cross Blue Shield care first and community initiatives. Tom herbes gonna be here from the HOFA Foundation, not that Hoffa. Terry Weigel is going to be here from Hopewell cancer support. I got to meet Terry when she was working for there goes my hero, literally my wife was fighting, Marc Prensky. He’s making his return. I was on a show last week. And he kicked my butt for like 30 minutes and I put it on the air and we talked about all this cool stuff on his show. And I’m gonna beat him up about the sound of his, his podcast because, you know, I like good sound.

Anne O’Brien  22:41


Yeah, this is good sound.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:43

It’s almost like FM but it’s not. It’s and can you give a good voice? I have been known to sync. Can I get to my plugs? Just Drew is it’s gonna be here from catch a lift. Fred and Danny growl. They’re not going to make me cry because Dan is going to come in and pick on me. Danny is a special Olympian who I’ve known, man. I’ve known him since he was this big. And now he’s like, a grown up. And he hasn’t ceased to give me crap. So he will be he’s a super plunger. And he tries to get to me. I don’t do my people from the equator. I don’t do cold. I mean, I’ll be nice. I’ll promote your club and I’m not getting the water. I’m not. I mean, I even Victor Briggs trying to get me to do it for like health, right? You know the super. Oh, no. I’ve seen the football players do that in the club. I’ve been on the guy to put my Pinky Winky toe in the water. No, no, no. I mean, I go to Jamaica. If it’s not 86 I don’t get in the water. You know, I mean, it’s cold. Forget Ocean City to page current or the Red Devils from a cancer. There’ll be here Robbie junior or senior or both. They’re always in the same room. They’ve never been apart kind of like me and Luke. I don’t know like Bernie topping and Elton John. One of them is going to be your day to talk about the Peter Angelos autographed bad that they sold out from under me. John Brothers is going to be here today from T Rowe Price. I might ask him about the stadium naming thing you think I should? I think you should. Yeah, I’m

Anne O’Brien  24:07

going to be interesting conversation. Sherry

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:09

Bailey, who she’s from Leyland’s gift. She wrote me and said, What do I need to do on to be on your show? And I said, Well, you got to have be fun. Like the better revenge. She’s like, I’ll be there. She said, My middle name is fun. So Sherry fun. Bailey will be here later today. Paul, Colleen and Sarah are going to be here. And this is I’m gonna cry in the four o’clock hour. Andrews laughing gas count on it. I will. I’ll be crying by 420. Cathy’s gonna be hear from you and see as food pantry. They’re actually down by Coco’s every single day. The Maryland Food Bank and the cool stuff we’re doing here for the Maryland Food Bank. We’ve had like a table full of food, and it’s gone to a local pantry. So Monday went to St. John’s pantry and Essex Tuesday. No, actually Monday it went to grace and hope mission. My favorite getting no offense to the time I tell girls, the lady from Grace admission was my favorite guest of the week. Just go watch it. It was friggin awesome and she’s coming back on. She know it. Yeah, I’m gonna go visit her because she was cool. So all these food pantries are here. We did St. Francis of Assisi on Wednesday. I’m trying to think what we did yesterday. Oh, we did Catonsville system emergency assistance on Thursday. And we’re gonna do you see yesterday if you come out. A lot of people are coming out today. I know one of them that is not coming out today. And I know this is going to crush you guys. Let her Raskin who manages people’s money and empowers people to choose their financial future. He’s Rascon This is his favorite crab cake. He’s usually over here at the table and I usually have like Mike bordick Are people and he loves the crab cake. He loves Justin couldn’t make it today. He’s enjoying his last day in Maui. Yeah, it’s tough. He’s He’s will lay it today. Sorry. Yeah. Yeah. Eaten poke a and I keep thinking of, I see Raskin sitting there with Kathy and one of those things with a pineapple with a thing that a Muy Thai eating boy like Fred Flintstone. And, and I know how much you’re going to Maui. Now go, just just go your your American citizen. It’s, it’s your right and obligation to go. Especially not behind your burn down. You should go over there and leave some money for some pineapples, which sounds good. Let us do that. Right. Well, Leonard thought like I thought, even when I booked you guys, I booked you guys a while ago, right? A month ago, right? We did Pappus on Friday, because like, as you can see, it’s big. And there was a football game that was played 12 days ago. It feels like it was played 12 years ago now. That would have made this purple pep rally. Brunch thing. And so that was part of like, today and doing this but it is a cup of Super Bowl. You come by Maryland crabs who cream crab soup. Nobody does it better than Pappas. They mix it, you can go one or the other a cup of soup or both. You get that? Say the roof as a couple of Super Bowl. I said the big game. You said Super Bowl. So whatever. Roger. Roger, I know you’re hiding out there. But so we’re here all day. Last thing for folks, you want them to come on September 28. That’s what you want to do anything between now and then


Anne O’Brien  27:24

no, nothing scheduled. But check out our Facebook site. We always do things you know, throughout the year. We’d love to have you join us for anything you’re available for well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:32

I might be watching an Oriole game from the press box.

Anne O’Brien  27:37

Well, then you’ll have to come to a different event.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:41


There’s beer, there’s music. There’s girls, there’s food, lots of fresh air. There’s Tata cars, there’s pink, more pink. Yep, I have a lot of pink, it gives me a chance to wear it.

Anne O’Brien  27:52

Absolutely. And we have a really good silent auction. So you’re gonna want to see it. All right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:59

A Day in the Life of investors not one of those things. I would promise you that. Come on. So here’s what I’m going to do for you. Because this is part of my USP by saying yes, so you can Google that. We’ll get you on stage. You can see what I said to my wife. How many times this week am I going to have a guest on? And I’m going to say, well, we’re out of time today, but you’ll have to come back and visit us again soon. So come back before September 28. I’ll do a crab cake tour at Pappas or Coco’s or fate. I’ll be somewhere causes you come out like a month or two before and we’ll have some more fun. And here’s what I want to do. This is why this exhibition is perfect. I’m gonna officially end this with you guys by saying so this has given me okay, I began the whole week with the Hope Lodge and the American Cancer Society. So this is my hope is that your your events September 28, by God by God, I hope we have a new owner by then I went out to drug city and I bought a bottle of the prisoner and I’m going to release it when you know when we

Anne O’Brien  28:57

already have a new owner. It’s not done. Oh, okay. It makes me nervous. Now, I didn’t know how to be nervous. This is


Nestor J. Aparicio  29:05

an agreement that involves the Angelo’s family. Okay, it’s not done till it’s done as I see it, and I’m not gonna let that you know, that’s probably why right? So whenever it happens is when I’m going to drink the wine when I see the press conference and I know the money’s in the bank and I like when that happens. But I’m thinking that’s going to happen before the next time I have you on so that’s my hope. My hope is I think you’re going to come on my show sometime in late July or early August. And by then I’m probably going to be into my 15th bottle the prisoner and broke you know drug city is going to be very happy. Yeah, I’ve never bought an expensive bottle of wine in my life. So this was a big splurge. For me it was a $60 bottle of wine and I’m like because I had Wendy brown fine on from a curio Well Mr. Sponsors our 25th anniversary. Please go see all that and they’re going to be sponsored by Super Bowl radio row vault as well that you can see at the website. And when he was on like the morning after and I was a little weirdly giddy After the I thought they were sold to, you know what the headline is to be sold. There is an agreement. So the next morning she was like my first guest and we were like BS and she’s an old school Oreo fantasy. Is there a champagne of cannabis because I don’t like champagne like gives me a headache. I need a champagne. And I’m like, You know what I’m doing to get a bottle of red wine. I’m just gonna get like a really because I’ll enjoy that. And it’ll feel prisoner’s

Anne O’Brien  30:21

wonderful. It’ll feel celebratory.

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:24

All right. You’ll be back. Right? Absolutely. You’re not talking with me? No. Any more questions started.

Danielle Bunting  30:30


Now with thank you so much.

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:32

I appreciate you. Imagine. I hope I cleared things up for you. Danielle bunting. Ahead O’Brien here from thud Tiana foundation. Ready to come back to the community talk about Blue Cross Blue Shield care first. big important part of a couple million dollars of insurance that, you know, I know my wife was worth a couple million dollars and a man in Germany saved her life not once but twice and all this blood that got flown around and platelets and like I know don’t want to talk about but we’re going to talk about because we have to talk about it. All right, stepping out. We are at Pappas today. I don’t want to say Costas or Coco’s, or fade. These are safer because I’m, I’m going to get to five o’clock today. Why

Danielle Bunting  31:11

do they call you nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty was that I

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:16

went through that on Tuesday. That was Wednesday, a Coco’s micro SIG Leon OHS sons who were little terrors and they’re now like in their 40s and have twins and are like, wonderful guys. And my kid. I had my kid on a weekend in the late 80s. I went to a baseball game in Philadelphia to see the Phillies. It was actually see Eddie Murray, Eddie Murray had like three homeruns. In the game. He was a Dodger. He had just gotten it was a summer 88. So 88 or 8980 8989. Might have been 88. But 89 may be one or the other. She hit a home, they hit a bunch of homeruns I came back to the office and the Dodgers had beaten the Phillies like 14 to two and we’re sick brings his cartoons sports cartoons in five, one North Calvert Street in the late 80s. Every night he would do his cartoon at home. This is the internet there’s no skin skin, he would physically bring it in to get it onto the newspaper. Right? So he came in at night of today. I spent the day in Philly. So Eddie, you weren’t the game today. Man. They brought guys in from the bullpen, man they bring in guys and if you knew who these guys were, I babysit your kids. He knew who they were because he played rotisserie bear one and the one that won the babysitting was Todd fro worth the late great Todd fro Werth who we lost a few years ago of cancer. He was the lead and I got to know him because he was an Oriole after that. So I had to go on a Saturday night to garden Ville right. By Coco’s two blocks from Coco’s and babysit, were six kids while they went out to dinner. And my kid was four or five, his kids were six and eight, like so this was, you know, I’m on it. And we left the chicken on the grill that that receives wife Terry had, she’s like, You can’t screw this up. Don’t order pizza, just put a chicken alternative. And the chicken burned. And I blamed it on the kids. And I sent him the bed early. And instead of calling me I was gonna send them to bed early anyway, because I was 22. And there were girls, and it was a Saturday, you know, I had a thing, right? So like, they were going to bed and they got mad at me. And they instead of Uncle Nestor, they started calling me nasty Nestor got it. That’s a good story that I do that. Yeah, that’s correct. That’s true story too. It’s good. All right, anything else?


Anne O’Brien  33:31

All right, looking forward to seeing again want to see me seeing.

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:36

The next time the cultivated plays at the Emerald tavern to honor Harvey Meyers. I will sing strength and probably New Year’s Day so come out. It’ll, it’s past my bedtime. So I don’t want to promise you that I’m coming. And then it’s like, a night where I get to have my milk and cookies.

Anne O’Brien  33:51

I’m gonna invite you to breakfast and tells us got to get you a thing or two just haven’t.

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:57

Alright, well, we still be awake. That’s the first things first, the Tiana foundation. We’re at Pappas and Cockeysville. I don’t want to tell you not to go to Bel Air or Parkville or Glen Burnie but they don’t need you today. I do. So come on out here and meet us out of Cranbrook bring us some good stuff for the Maryland Food Bank. People are really smart man. Like I told Carmen yesterday for the Maryland Food Bank and like on Tuesday you’ll see like peanut butter and black beans and I’m like but but I looked at it and I’m like That’s wild collection of things. And then everything that Carmen came on and mentioned was everything I talked about that was already on the table so people go to the Maryland Food Bank site you’ll know the good stuff to bring bring some stuff out if you bring stuff we give you a cup of soup or bowl at Pappas, thanks for coming by. Anne, Danielle and a Tyanna Foundation. We got a whole day ahead of things Mike Rosenfeld from web connection is gonna be coming by. I already gave you guys lottery tickets. I gotta get some more ready. If you’re out here lottery tickets for everybody 10 times the cash or friends or window nation 866 90 nation as well as Jiffy Lube multi care. I got a press pass with the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Thank you very much I’m gonna I’m gonna weird around my neck and be like like Wayne’s World that’s what I’m gonna do I’m not back for more right after this we’re Papist stay with us

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