Crab Cake Row: Trish Woodward tells us about Camp Opportunity for kids who need a summer to remember

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Crab Cake Row: Trish Woodward tells us about Camp Opportunity for kids who need a summer to remember at Costas Inn on “A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl Week” in Dundalk. Always The Artful Dodger, Nestor sings “Oliver” show tunes from 1982 in this one!


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Trish Woodward

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back, we are W NSGA and 1570, Towson Baltimore we’re doing crabcake row it is a cup of soup or bowl. I have had a cup of soup that felt like a bowl. But it wasn’t what like really like, you know where I was, but I’m going to come back later on and make that happen though. So we’re doing it all courtesy of our friends at the Maryland lottery. 10 times the cash is the way to make that happen. top prizes $10,000 Our friends at window nation as well. A six 690 nation and Jiffy Lube, multi care the way to make that happen. We’ve had great guests here today. I’ve only cried two and a half times. I’m not gonna cry in a segment, I don’t think but I’m gonna try to figure it all out here. This would be a favorite segment of the day, I think. And she’s she’s laughing and she’s giggling and smiling but I think Trish Woodward is gonna be one of my favorites. I didn’t recognize your name because you’re like married now. Right? But you wrote me an email that I got three days ago, two days ago. And it came a topic of conversation my wife to dinner table. I’m like, You’re not going to believe how small to more small tomorrow can be that when I give a shout out to my community and say I need charity people community people stories I’ve never told like that amazing story. I just told me St. John’s, the food pantry in Essex and I’ve had animal people out here. I’ve had military, lots of food people and pantries for the Maryland Food Bank. By the way, if you’re still out driving around listening to Rush hour traffic stop by we’re at Costas in we’re in Dundalk. You can bring canned goods lots of people have done that we got up we’re bound on a second table right now full of canned goods. If you do that we give you a cup of soup or ball. Trish heard about this? I don’t know. Like I I’ll let you tell the story because like you sent me an email you LinkedIn


Trish Woodward  01:47

me us message me on LinkedIn.

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:52

Somebody recommended you Yeah, I mean, that’s what somebody wrote to me and said, You need to feature camp opportunity. And I’m like, I don’t know what that is. And when I wrote to you, you said it has Dundalk roots. You said Dundalk routes, routes. And then I wrote you back and said come on by, you know, come with three o’clock or whatever on Tuesday because you wanted to come here. And then you wrote me back and you’re like, I know you and I’m like, Okay, I gotta hear this. So you want to tell people the story about our childhood? Yeah, absolutely.

Trish Woodward  02:22

So, like you I went to Colgate halberd Dundalk like him. My son went to Colgate. Yep. Yep. So you’re a couple years older than me. I’m 52. And I’m 55. Okay, so you were cast in Oliver

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:38

at Colgate? Oh, my first my jack Delaney and Gary Shriver. Mr. DeLay, Miss evangelist, who was the principal there at the time, although she was not my principal. But yes, yes.

Trish Woodward  02:49

So he cast you to come down from the middle school to perform and Oliver what was the what was your I

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:56

was the Artful Dodger. Yes. And your question last night in jeopardy. Like really? I went home Monday night, and I was exhausted. What I’m going to do tonight, right? Yeah. I mean, I did 12 You know, 12 hour day. Yes, I’m doing 12 hours every day. I haven’t done live radio in 10 years. I’m going to be hoarse. And I went home. And I will say a prickly but like, I’m like really folk, I had to answer your email, send that stuff, right. Yeah. I mean, nobody, but my engineer should have these. I’m surprised you’re alive today, you know, especially with stuff breaking down and be freaking out, like, whatever. So my wife’s watching Jeopardy. And I’m trying not to be like, distracted, but it’s there. And my computer’s here. And I had to hit pause. Whenever I want to talk to my hit pause, because I want your attention, right. And I said, Okay, go back, answer an email. I said, hit pause. And I looked up and the question was, it was this character played the art. This was the Artful Dodger. It was what show is it in the show? Was Oliver Twist, right? Yeah. So I said, this is crazy, that Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger, and you forgot the Artful Dodger, you even asked me what it was. And you were part of was I was part of Fagin’s

Trish Woodward  04:07

gang. And that’s where I was as well. You were


Nestor J. Aparicio  04:11

you were at the dirty phase. Yeah. All that stuff.

Trish Woodward  04:14

Yeah. And then yeah, so we were in that show together. I was in sixth grade. You’re in middle school. And I just remember

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:24

because it is part of the family. So I do that. And we exchange do pictures. Oh,

Trish Woodward  04:31


I loved it do

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:32

anything. Yeah, there you go. It was

Trish Woodward  04:35

awesome. It was such a great he was such a good principal. Like just Jack was a beautiful man. Such a beautiful man. And yeah, I just remember you you coming down and of course you know you’re from the middle school. You’re older than everybody so everybody’s like oh, no, sir. No, sir. You know, and then you do like that you took pictures with everyone and you gave us your class picture and you wrote on the back of it. I’m sure I have it somewhere in my box full of folded note Tony

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:00

nistico was in that show with us. And Mr. Shriver Harry Shriver was a teacher at Overlea High School. Anybody me I remember everything. And I think we lost Jack in the 80s to age related illness, and he’s a beautiful guy and we lost limb Henson Lemuel Henson was one of the beautiful people in my life. Music teacher. He was brutally murdered, about four years after the show. Awful. But on the good side of things, that’s three cries dude, three and a half, three and a quarter. I’m gonna lose myself. But so we did the show. And at some point, some parent, this is 1982. So you gotta put your heads around this. They had a video camera in Dundalk, right. So they had one of those camcorders or shoulder cam. I don’t know what it was. But we did a dress rehearsal before the show, and it was videotaped. And it was a full run of the show. And I have had that videotape, in my videotapes and boxes that move from cane Street, to Whitemarsh to two different places. My son went to the hall, Perry Hall, and it moved back out back downtown with me with the tapes. There were a treasured possessions of mine. I had no idea they existed, there were videotapes. And I always had a working VHS machine, but I never used it. I still have it still works. I don’t use it. And when my wife got cancer, I had a lot of time on my hands. And I have archival audio of interviewing David Bowie and Robert Plant. And, you know, I have all this stuff from the 80s that there are little mini tapes. So they were the first things I wanted to put them on the radio and figure out what stupid thing I may have said to David Bowie when I was 19. And actually, it turned out better than I thought. But I have all all of my audio tapes from 30 years of doing radio. So I have tapes. I have many people asked like, how do I make Baltimore? How do you find an old interview? Somebody just died? Well, I have them right. I digitized a lot of that when my wife was ill. And he gave me something to do in the hospital. And you know, like, I just had little recorders with batteries. And I just put it into GarageBand and just turned everything into an mp3 and mp4. videos were different. I couldn’t take the video player to the hospital in 2014 and 15. Sometime in like 16 or 17 years before the plague. I got a program and this is what Greg Landry does at Towson transfers. My friend he was on the show yesterday, he was supporting Baltimore outreach services which is at the harbor which takes care of abused women and their children to church. So you can go listen to that piece. But Greg takes these tapes and transfers them he does this professionally at Towson transfers, right up off Loch Raven road. And I didn’t I gave him stuff to get to do for me, because I didn’t have the equipment. He has a Betamax for crying out loud. And I cannot begin to tell you that I didn’t know if these tapes would be destroyed. Whether they would work or not. Right? Like I thought maybe they would toggle or they would just disintegrate or whatever. But I got the MP fours back of me with John Buren trying out a channel 13 and 1987 stuff that I had that like it was on a videotape. What am I going to do with it? Well, then YouTube comes along, right? So I got the mp4 of the whole show of Oliver. It sounds good. It looks good. It’s real. And I thought this is so personal to me and the 40 people that were in the show. And anybody that might care to laugh at me when I was 13 singing show tunes, right? And you could still laugh at me singing show tunes, if you wish that I took the pieces of my songs and just edit them out for three minutes. I do anything consider yourself and I put them up on the web and I got people howling. But the weirdest part is and I’d have to go on the Facebook and find the video. The GAO and I’m gonna forget her name, and I hope she’s hope she is listening. But there was a grown up a woman who wasn’t a kid. She was a grown up in the show. She was 2223 she was she was a grown up but we were kids. She saw the the posting. Wow. And she’s like, Oh my God, you had that videotape. Like, that’s unbelievable. And I connected with her and I’m so sorry, I forgot your name again. But I haven’t seen her. And then you appeared this week with this Oliver reference from 1982 and you do this camp opportunity thing that I’m gonna get to in a minute. But so you’re the second person I mean, Jack’s dead limb was murdered. I don’t know if Harry’s alive. I hope he is Harry. I hope if you’re out there, you’re beautiful guy. But it’s been 42 years man. Yeah. And I think Jack is being young and vibrant and probably he was in his late 30s, early 40s At the time, Jack would be at now. Yeah, that’s crazy, right? Yeah. And we were we had this moment in time. So he certainly did. Yeah. Weren’t you living Colgate which maybe you want I lived in Eastwood. Oh, you’re one of those. Yeah. So John Allen East weekend. Yeah.


Trish Woodward  10:17

So they closed our our elementary school to go to element. Kindergarten and I did it through second grade went to Colgate third grade.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:25

Okay. Looking at you turned out? Yeah, I did. All right. What happened? Make It Happen shirt on. Board word maiden name.

Trish Woodward  10:33

Falken Stein? Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:35


I think I remember. Yeah, he was talking to you walked in or looked at you. And I’m like, I know you. Yeah, I

Trish Woodward  10:41

was at your house on Kane Street when you would have this house parties.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:43

You’re the second one today says it. You illegally drank alcohol at my house for 28k Street back in the lady. I

Trish Woodward  10:50

don’t know if it was illegal. But I’m gonna wink wink. No.


Nestor J. Aparicio  10:55

We would never do anything like that at 420 8k street parties to BurgerTime or no. Is there anything you want to say about my parties other than there was a lot of beer and a lot of growers. A lot

Trish Woodward  11:05

of people I just remember there being a lot a lot of people. I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:10

lucky I’m not in jail. I mean, I didn’t do anything really bad. But a lot of people, people with those parties, you

Trish Woodward  11:19


know, it was always fun. Yeah. Yeah. cops showed up. I mean, yeah, I think there was I think I’ve been to and I remember the cops at one of them. Just one

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:29

50% Wasn’t bad weekend. There were never any fights. It was just Oh, no, it was it was all

Trish Woodward  11:36

you it was just volumes.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:40

volume of people volume of sales volume of both people the back yard camp opportunity. While we’re having fun. I mean, this is obviously I Googled you. I know what you do. I told my wife how cool this is gonna be to have you on and by the way. I told everybody I don’t know if you care or not. I’m gonna give you the mp4 of Oliver. I would love it. You have kids and stuff. Yeah, I


Trish Woodward  12:02

have three three kids. They’re gonna love watch. Oh, yeah. I already sent him the little snippet you sent me on the store that you were the whole shovel. I was right next to you and one of them.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:10

That’s why I remember you.

Trish Woodward  12:12

Yes. Yeah. Yeah, no, I would love that whole. The whole thing.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:16


I have it. It’s just a file transfer at this point. So you thought it was gone? Yeah.

Trish Woodward  12:22

I didn’t even know it existed. I had no idea. Yeah, yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:26

What’s not I got it. You got it now to camp opportunity. Trish Walmart’s here. We’re Costas you. I feel like Oprah you get a lottery tickets. 10 times the cash. I’m giving these Alby Coco’s Wednesday. Thursday, we’re going to be at State Fair Friday. Excuse me at Pappas, if I don’t lose my voice. I ate some soup. And I’m gonna be doing some yoga later on. But let’s talk about your kids. Let’s talk about camps. Let’s talk about a camp opportunity. And you told me it was born in Dundalk, so perfectly?

Trish Woodward  12:54

Yes. Yeah. So, Camp opportunity has been around since 1985. volunteer run. It was born in Dundalk community of Christ’s Church, which is no longer here. I think that the most the closest location is now in Laurel. But yeah, they did a study they had the church paid to have a study done to figure out what was needed in the community. And they came back to a camp a camp is needed for the kids in the local community. And so what camp opportunity is and has grown into is a traditional overnight summer camp for kids ages eight to 11, who have experienced abuse and neglect. And so it’s not just the one week camp, they come they return year after year for up to three or four years depending on age and grade. And we keep in touch with them throughout the year. One of the blessings of the plague or COVID is that it’s sort of encouraged us to do even more virtual with them. So we each kid goes home with a tablet at the end of the week. And then they log into virtual cabin time the first of every month so they get to reconnect virtually with counselors and staff and friends. Sure. And so I

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:06

gotta tell you this my wife told me the worst experience of her life was summer camp. She told me last night we’re talking. She’s like, never tell you about my camp. I was 10 There was a girl there. She hated me. We sent them away from like, you sound scarred. She’s like it was awful. I hated it. And she’s like I hope camp opportunities better than that. And that’s what she said. And I said I’m gonna meet this girl Trisha a new 40 years ago and she’s giving these kids a better opportunity than No, my son went to camp. Did you hate it? He loved it. Yeah, I thought I said to Jen, I said I think Barry love camp. Yeah,

Trish Woodward  14:40

yeah, no, they I sent him off to get rid of him because he’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:44

like, but you know, I mean, like, you’re 13 dude like you I needed some downtime

Trish Woodward  14:50


right now I get it. We would we would do me time Yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:55

Yeah, these are dead All right, Colgate. He’s fun. Yeah. Good

Trish Woodward  15:02

evening. Yeah, yeah. So but our kids, they love it. They look forward to coming and you know, you guys talk about food insecurity, you know, this population that we serve a lot of these these families and kids they do you know, Florida camp, right? It’s yeah. So they go for free. They get three square meals a day that mealtime in the dining hall is the favorite time to highlight the highlight, right? And I have a sad, you know, happy story that I’ll tell in a minute. But it’s, you know, it’s just a really great place for kids to go. They get to, you know, get out of their environment. A lot of these kids have never seen the woods before or camped before cat a campfire with you know, so they’re experiencing something completely new.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:43

Are there bugs at camp there are lots of I don’t that’s why I’m not a camp counselor. My wife’s always trying to get me to go walk in the woods. I’m like, There’s mosquitoes out there. I’m like going out there.


Trish Woodward  15:53

They don’t care. They don’t care. We have a swimming pool, they get to go swimming, that’s the highlight. They also they come some of them with nothing. So we have a shop where they can go and get their toothbrush and clothes and swimsuits and, and swim shoes and flip flops, whatever they need for the week. They are taken care of. Where is it? So we don’t have our own campground yet. But we were grandfathered into a week at camp haShoah which is in Carroll County. Okay. It’s really great. They’ve been a great partner for us.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:22

I sent my kids to West Virginia to like, see real nature. Yeah, yeah. So that’s the whole country row. Yeah, yeah. Carroll County,

Trish Woodward  16:31

Carroll County. It’s a beautiful campground. They’ve worked with us for since 1985. As a week, it’s Oh, it’s one week. Okay. It’s one week and we’re growing so they brought me on last year as the executive director and so this year we’re gonna get in another week of camp we’re gonna be able to bring camp opportunity to up to 36 more kids. So which two are gonna have two weeks? All right, yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:53

so that’s already partners do 372 kids we’re gonna

Trish Woodward  16:56

have up to 72 kids this year. And then the you know, the dream the the end game is we’re gonna have a whole summer of camps have we, you know, weeks of camp for it for you? Yeah. So that’s the dream.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:09

Oliver? Yes.

Trish Woodward  17:10

Yes, that should we do themes so I should pitch that to Patti Steinberg one of our founders. She is in charge her and her her husband, Phil are in charge of our journey curriculum. And so everything is themed when they come to camp. It sucked. Last year it was Harry Potter. This year. It’s Kung Fu Panda, so I’ll have to suggest

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:28

a little while. Do some kids like you know,

Trish Woodward  17:33

in general showtunes would be fun. Yeah, it’s it’s fun. But my story I wanted to tell about food insecurity Patty Steinberg, again one of our founders. Wonderful just ambassador for for camp. She tells the story about spaghetti and and pockets. And so there was counselor came to her at the time, she was the director of the camp and said, You know, I have this camper that has spaghetti in their pockets and literal spaghetti in their pockets. So they sauce sauce to Okay.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:04

Yeah, pull the pull the kid, Chef Boyardee thing, had

Trish Woodward  18:07

a little chat with the child and you know what, hey, what’s going on? You know? Why, you know, why did you put spaghetti in your pockets and the camper said, you know, I’ve never seen that much food before. And I wanted to take them with him because of what you know, these are again these are children don’t know where their next meal is coming. Don’t know where the next so when you come to

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:26

me about that all week, and I’m so it’s so glad that Chad Steele threw me out. And I could come here and talk to you. And really? Yeah, you know, I mean, because my dad starved right? And then it took me years even thinking to I thought this promotion up I never really thought like about it. But my father always say put food in your belly, your belly, and my father shouldn’t shoot blind. So it’s a little bit about him, I guess, sharing but more like doing something that’s good with meeting people like you. I told my son I said, three months ago, he came up with a cup of Super Bowl. And he says, Well, he said to me, it’s Super Bowl week. You should do some crab soup. Then I took it to soup when I want a cup of soup or a bowl of soup Super Bowl soup or bowl. Maybe we should do with the week of the big game. There you go. Yeah. So it’s we’re here. So but you hear this? So this this child had spaghetti in their pockets? Yeah. Because they didn’t. You? You could have given them a takeout. But yeah, take that back to your room. Right? Yeah, but I didn’t know that. Yeah, yeah. How old are these kids?

Trish Woodward  19:27

Yeah, they’re little. They’re ages. Eight to 11, sometimes seven to 12. It all depends on what group they’re in. Yeah, we try to get them before they go to middle school. Okay. Yeah, right. Yeah. Yeah, it’s, um, it’s great. So yeah, you can find us on the web at Camp Jack

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:41

Delaney. We’d be very proud of you. Yeah, we’re big. Yeah. All right. Yeah, he’s proud of you too. Well, I’m gonna send you Oh, I don’t know. I mean, I do what I do you know what I mean? So I’m having fun. Well, thanks for coming out. told me how to find you how to donate what they can do. Is there anything that happens other than these kids going to camp the other 50 weeks of the year around? On here other than writing a check or being nice,


Trish Woodward  20:02

yeah, I mean, so we’re pretty active year round, because we do year round programming. So we have like a winter event that’s coming up this Saturday. That’s virtual though we send packages home, we do stuff around the holidays, where we do adopt a camper, and we, you know, we deliver presents to their homes. So there’s, you know, go on our website, there’s a whole page about you know, how to get involved. Obviously, donations are great, we’re trying to grow, we’re trying to get the services to more kids that need them. There’s, you know, over 4100 kids under court protection in the state of Maryland, and we’re serving, you know, this year, maybe 72 of them. So how do you find them and vet them referral sources? So

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:39

DSM who knows someone that has a child and could use

Trish Woodward  20:43

our services? Yep, they come for free and we get them to camp we don’t let transportation be a barrier. We pay for it. Everything. So yeah, aren’t you

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:51


awesome? Yeah, you back again? Sometimes? Yeah. Have you watched the whole Oliver reading you come back and give me an Oscar or something like that? Give me a jack. You can give me give me a jack. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Find the gate camp. opportunity.or. Major. orgs and nets and calm. Make sure you get all that to get

Trish Woodward  21:08

to get some soup? Not yet, but I am all right. Yeah, you’re done dog girl. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:13

you know make shellfish. Oh, yeah. Shoes off. Yeah. Here’s one more camp opportunity. I’m not going to lose my voice by far. I don’t think I mean, because I’ve let everybody else talk a little bit. Yeah, no,

Trish Woodward  21:22

you are. You are a talker. It’s your gift.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:27

I’m gonna go silent now. I went home last night. My wife’s like, small talk to me. I’m like, now I’m done talking. I’m just starting talk.

Trish Woodward  21:35

Well, my husband’s a talker too. And I should do this for you. I call your husband and no, I tell him I say you’ve used up all your words for the day. So can you just stop talking?

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:45

I’ve never done my words. When I’m done. The words are gonna be burying me. You know, y’all be sad. I’ll be gone. Here’s what works here. She’s Camp We knew each other 42 years ago. 44 years ago. We know each other again. Now. Brian’s near Santa Claus in the house. What’s up, and we got two more segments here. So I would recap everything we’re doing. But I’ve gone from veterans to churches to food insecurity to children. We’re gonna do animals. I did animals the beginning of the day. I did leave a bit injure here earlier from Essex. She’s bring them home Animal Rescue. And the best part of her is she’s a reformed Steeler fan. I got rid. She got rid of the Steelers years ago. So I liked her better now. So that’s good. Tanya is it keeps your coats Kate’s That’s what I said. Tanya keeps showing your soft side. I’ve always wanted to be a show yourself side model. I don’t know what I need to do lose weight. I couldn’t get a prettier kitty than I have from show you. So yes, show yourself side right now. They do animals and what they do is they try to get people from stop hurting animals. And you know show your soft side the tough guys like like my my buddy, Johnny Rollo, my former Our Lady Fatima altar boy, and football teammate, baseball teammate and MMA tough guy. He gets his muscles and his tattoos but you get him a little kitty. And he’s he’s weak. John Rolla. So, love John and John’s come on and talk about adopting his cats. And he’s the one to talk me into it. He adopted a cat and he came on my show. And he’s like, it’ll be the greatest thing you’ve ever done. Your wife’s gonna love you for it. It’s just 2011 before my wife got cancer. So my wife and I get the cat I’m in love with the cat from the beginning. Then my wife starts to die on me twice, gets leukemia twice in a hospital 155 nights. And all I did was stay home and the cat fell in love with me. And my wife survived and came home and the cat loves me. And then the cat died. And it was the word my mother died. And my cat died four weeks apart. Oh my god, but my cat died. It was like the worst thing that’s ever happened. And we readopted in 13 days I made it 13 days. I canceled a trip to the West Coast Chad steel took my press credential for such things. But we readopted a Baltimore humane and we love our girl Mala. So every single cat you’re friends with me? I think Listen now she’s gonna be I gotta go to the right library to make sure that I find my the right pictures. Albums right because she’s in my favorites. So let me get to my favorites album. Hold on favorites. There we go. Because she’s she’s like the first 10 pictures of my favorites. That’s my girl. Does everybody see my cat before everybody knows when she she’s beautiful Calico. This is her sleeping in my wife’s yoga bag, which she moves. She’s my wife’s cat. Yeah, she Yeah, yeah. Me. She loves me when my wife leaves, right. But she loves me. But she loves. She loves my wife. That’s awesome. She’s attached to my wife. She digs me good. When she’s screaming at four in the morning. I’m the one that feeds her. So good for you. All right, we’re gonna talk animals. With Tanya, show yourself side. We’re gonna have Brian Marchetti here. I don’t even know what charity he represents. I don’t know. He’s just sort of Santa Claus. And I know him and his sister. His sister cared for my mother to the day mom Mother died. That’s awesome. So special people in the house here today. We’re Costas bring some canned goods dad. If you’re listening, we’re in our final hour. It’s 420 Do not bring me any cannabis. I already have a sponsor. So it’s it’s 420 though it really is looking up right that’s not for 21 shows off SIDE BRIAN Marchetti. We’re Costas bring us some canned goods our friends at the Maryland lottery. You already got thrown them out. You get a lot of my son is here today. My executive producer Jr’s kept us on the air my wife knocked us off the air and then got us back on the air. So I’m happy with her today. We’re back for more from cost. This is a cup of Super Bowl and I’m gonna make it till Friday. At least I think I am doing brunch. Sure. We’ll find out

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