Cris Carter credits Buddy Ryan for helping him get on path to sobriety and Canton

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver talked about his career with Nestor and Luke ahead of Super Bowl LIV in Miami.


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Cris Carter, Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back, WN st Towson, Baltimore and wn St. dotnet. We are on the set a Super Bowl 54 We we wish the Ravens were here and but we are we’re getting through it here in Miami all it brought to you by our friends at Liberty pure and our friends at Rascon global Chris Carter joining us on the set. I’ve never I’ve never spoken to you before so I appreciate you coming on and you’re Natalie you’re tired to you like you’re on a TV set man.

Cris Carter  00:26

They told me you have a big TV show man I wasted the outfit

Nestor Aparicio  00:30

you got you got all dressed up for me man you’re on video, get your back looking sharp my hair the whole deal? You know, I don’t know you would I know you through TV and football and being a season ticket holder with the Eagles back in the day. And I ran into Rob Ryan at the media party and I just wanted whenever I think of you, buddy Ryan loved you. I did a TV show buddy run in 1997. For one year me him and Lawrence Taylor. And he would just always talk about you when he found you and you where you are and his pride in what you became as a human being. Yeah, I I’ve always said if I ever had you on I was gonna ask you about that.

Cris Carter  01:05

Well, I mean, I do appreciate it. It was one of the things that was not bright moment in my life being released. But it was a reality check for me. And I was able to utilize that release into going on an amazing journey. And September 21. This year will be my 30th year of being sober. So buddy Ryan, I can count that, to his credit. A lot of other people have helped me along the way. So when I think of buddy Ryan, I don’t think about the football I think about the catastrophic changes that I had to make in my life because of his decision to release me from the Eagles. So I’m very, very happy as far as what I went through.

Nestor Aparicio  01:54

Well, where are you on right now? Give me your for sleep number and I gotta tell you all the years in the media that rooms are expensive down here South Beach now right? So yeah, I thought to myself, if we get thrown out on Thursday night, why do I want to go out to the Miami Airport, I got a pass. And I figured I just go over there and I figured out what my number is. It’s I don’t know my

Cris Carter  02:10

sleep. No, it’s the best display that we have on radio row. Because you can sleep in it. Yes. Well, the thing about even if that beds not available, I live about 40 miles from here and I got a couple of sleep numbers at my house.

Nestor Aparicio  02:23

Well Baldinger put me up a couple of weeks ago so if he can put me up you can put me here we go.

Cris Carter  02:27

So yeah, but baldy is not sleeping with all those injuries and auto surgery he had baldy needs to sleep number four himself. Because if you look at true wealth and haleness there’s three components. And that’s food nutrition. That’s exercise. And the last component people don’t even talk about how much sleep you get. And is it possible for you to be able to monitor the quality of your sleep and that’s what you do have with Sleep Number. My wife I love her to death. I’m gonna sleep in the same bed with her but we got to two beds

Nestor Aparicio  02:53

in one was as the numbers work so give me Kiki. Well, typically,

Cris Carter  02:57

I’m gonna be a little bit higher. My wife is a little bit lower. He likes it’s funnier or she likes a little spongy or everything because she’s a smaller she’s five four

Nestor Aparicio  03:07

is it is the air is what makes the number happen underneath.

Cris Carter  03:11

Yes, yeah, yes, absolutely. The air you have to. I just I just moved from Connecticut. I had to call the whole unit over. It’s like, amen. What do I do with this bed, they were like it’s just air in there. I was like, Oh my God. I thought I had I had a whole operation I like for people to come over the to take it apart and everything. But the settings on the bed are amazing. I always thought I should have Firm Settings and everything. And as I’ve gotten older, I realized that they are a lot softer, more conforming to my body. And he was Side Sleeper back sleeper Bella, you have to analyze. So you have done some research.

Nestor Aparicio  03:47

Research happens like I’m a side sleeper, but I got a bad shoulder. But when you wake up and it hurts, that’s when research begins. That’s when you’re like, Well, what am I doing? So I was having this problem in my elbow. And I went to the specialist and he said when you’re sleeping He said after he said how do you sleep? I’m like, asleep like this, you know, I sleep on my face just sleep like this. He’s like, No, you don’t. He said, I bet you sleep like this. And he’s like, and I’m like, no sleep like this. I said nobody sleeps like this. And I and I my wife took a picture of me. And I’m sleeping like this. Yeah. And he gave me this wrist thing that keeps my arm from doing that in the middle of the night. So the places you put your arms right that was screw my elbow up. I thought I was gonna need elbow sir. I couldn’t pick up a pot or a pan because I was sleeping wrong. So now sleep on my back like shavasana Bobby got me into yoga Right? Absolutely. I sleep on my back now. I’ve just tried to get good at because I’ve been a belly sleeper for 50 I’m

Cris Carter  04:38

51 I was a side sleeper and I’m 54 in the last 12

Nestor Aparicio  04:41

months I’ve started to go on the back because it makes me feel

Cris Carter  04:45

better good now that’s why I hate it. If you want to go up to the majors you need to get a Sleep Number though.

Nestor Aparicio  04:49

It’s like when I went to sleep. I didn’t want to do that. All right. Yeah. So

Cris Carter  04:53

make Sleep Number We got 2000 last two years 2000 NFL players so utilizing that so not only do we have the current players We have the gridiron greats, we got the Hall of Famers, we got it covered.

Nestor Aparicio  05:04

Tonight if we get thrown out of our hotel you got a better bed than when I got down on the Strip. It is night Chris Carter’s your show, buddy ring, man. Tell me Tell me. Nice. What’s that mean?

Cris Carter  05:16

I don’t have a Super Bowl ring. And I typically don’t wear this a lot. Well, you’re not wearing your yellow jacket either. Now that’s later in the week. I got a couple of

Nestor Aparicio  05:24

parents comes by and whatnot. And he’s like the most on a Hall of Fame Hall of Famer ever, you know, it’s just like when you’re not wearing jackets. You’re like, dudes, when you wear jackets. It’s sort of like the Hall of Justice. Like, it feels like Superman. I can’t talk to him.

Cris Carter  05:36

Yeah, this is just a warm up. I got a couple other things I’m doing later. They’re gone. The jacket will, will be out for that. But it’s a it’s an amazing accomplishment. And the reason why I wore it This trip was because I wanted to remember my friend Chris Dolman. He’s a guy that recruited me University of Pittsburgh to try to come play there. I ended up going to Ohio State. But we played a lot together there in Minnesota. And he passed away last night I decided this morning, open up the box and said I’m gonna put my ring on and wear it in tribute to my friends. So man, a lot of bad news in sports. The last four or five days we’ve missed and two great men, Kobe Bryant on Sunday with that tragic, him and his daughter Gigi and the rest of those people and our condolences out to all of those families that were affected. And then last night, we lost another great man and Chris Dolman nice you

Nestor Aparicio  06:26

remember that? Because we brought that up yet today. I appreciate that. Chris Carter here, the Hall of Fame. Let’s talk some football man. The Ravens were here. And he’s disappointed. I’m disappointed. You surprised that would happen to the Ravens in the way that it happened to them?

Cris Carter  06:39

No, I’m not surprised. And towards the end of my career when Randy Moss who was there to to have the first three years Randy Moss was in Minnesota. We went to the NFC Championship game.

Nestor Aparicio  06:49

Brian Billick reminded me that if you

Cris Carter  06:51

lost both of them, so to say that a young team would get in the playoffs and not wait. We’ve seen that Peyton Manning with the Colts underperforming Aaron Rodgers underperforming in the playoff the playoffs are tough. And to say that lack of playoff experience are years and years of playoff experience doesn’t come into play. You will be missing a lot of what the NFL is about Drew Brees. Last couple point three, three years in a row coming up a little bit short the playoffs are tough Lamar, that organization that coaching staff, they are on the right track, they have to develop their wide receivers on the outside because people are starting to play in a box and leaving the outsides available. So Marquis brown this year he had a bad foot he was never 100% next year he will have an amazing year and Lamar needs to continue to grow regardless of what happened in that playoff game continued to groom yourself and next year he’ll take even that next step.

Luke Jones  07:54

Were you surprised that at the gigantic step Lamar took this year? I mean,

Cris Carter  07:58

I wouldn’t know no I was surprised with throwing the ball I was gonna I was absolutely and I was I’m not gonna say I was supply price surprising Greg Roman, because I knew he could come up with sure the scheme, but to utilize it and to teach it. I was so impressed with what they taught him and how they were not dumbing the game down. He was reading it out and making the right reads all throughout the season. We didn’t see it in the playoffs, but I guarantee it will continue in the 2020 season this

Nestor Aparicio  08:28

football game right. All things aside, we wish we were in it and all this but as far as an evenly matched football game to sit here for a week and talk about one of the better football games with fresh blood fresh uniforms. Fresh characters, Andy Reed John Lynch, many this game’s got a lot to offer.


Cris Carter  08:46

It’s got great storylines, it’s got great players, and we might have one of the all time greats and Patrick mahomes. Is this the stays that he takes off. We know what he did last year’s regular season came back this year where he could never duplicate what he did in 19. And man had an amazing year. Does he utilize the Super Bowl as the platform to be the next Tom Brady to be the next Drew Brees to be the next Aaron Rodgers. I do believe that Patrick mahomes is the leader of the next quarterback or next to ultra superstars that we have in the NFL pretty fun

Luke Jones  09:18

era to see some of these young guys doing their thing. Yeah, so of course guys like Lamar, Deshaun Watson to be the mobility they bring, but also make

Cris Carter  09:25

sure it’s about stars and it’s about coaches and organizations not trying to bend players to what they want to do, but come up with a system 99% Of all the players that have played in the NFL for 100 years. We are system players. Anthony Munoz Deion Sanders, they’re one percenters they don’t need no system. They are the system but the rest of us need a system Patrick mahomes who he gets. Oh, Andy Reid, Eric be enemy. Oh, what is the market? Oh, he gets Greg Roman. Oh, he gets that running attack. He gets that Baltimore defense and hard All we all need that but they’re just building blocks right now you just want to ask them are how big is the building? We know it’s about 10 storeys now but is it a skyscraper or is it a 15 storey building you hope it’s a skyscraper you hope it’s a stretch that’s how

Nestor Aparicio  10:15

bad how he reached defenses and how they put him in a position in the having a Marshall Jana having a running

Cris Carter  10:20

wide receivers gotta develop man. They need that

Luke Jones  10:23

I said after the after the playoff game. They have to get better at being able to play off schedule when they fall behind and no one wants to fall behind. But you fall behind 1014 points you can you function and yes, and I don’t. I mean Marquis Brown, I think is going to be a heck of a player once he’s fully complimentary. They need another if they can find another Anquan Boldin type like Joe Flacco,

Cris Carter  10:45

Notre Dame Myles Boykin Yeah, if he if he improves his route run. Yeah, be a little quicker in and out of the route. He’s really slow. And he’s not a good 5050 play, right? If you if you if you’re that skill set, and you don’t have blazing speed, you got to be better at 5050 balls. No question the Ravens as

Nestor Aparicio  11:03

a franchise 25 years they’ve been many, many tests have already said here, and I’ve never had you on but you go back to the day where there were no ravens there was no Stadium in Baltimore, for what Re and add and I’m going to the reunion down here for the Miami guys. But the Ravens has been quite a formidable franchise amidst all the Baltimore

Cris Carter  11:22

Ravens and not because you’re here are one of the top seven franchises top to bottom. But shoddy what he does on a regular basis, the power they have in the front office, as far as the transition from Ozzie to the next guy, amazing transition that picked the players. They work with the players, their PR team, I think is the best in football. The Ravens man are a monster they got a real chance every year, the Ravens got a chance to win because they have what I call and we got to wrap this up institutional talent, right and that comes from ownership coaching infrastructure, they have all those things involved. What’s your sleep number

Nestor Aparicio  11:58

8080 All right, there you go. He

Luke Jones  12:00

does his catch touchdown to sleep comfortably. He’s

Nestor Aparicio  12:03

making that on Chris Carter Hall of Fame.

Cris Carter  12:05

I’m 35 Well you can’t rotate let those peep you got to rotate the meat man you can’t overcome that 615

Nestor Aparicio  12:10

Tomorrow morning people come in here I’m sleeping over there you know what the situation is? And I’ll find my number maybe my numbers at Chris Carter joining us here on radio row. Oh the brought to you by our friends in Liberty pure solutions 1-800-253-2692 A clean Also our friends and Raskin global letters give me down he gave me lip balm. I got some investments around here somewhere. This is my lip balm but Rascon global joining us up for sponsorship on radio row here at Super Bowl 54. Gotta get some Western fries from Royal farms forts all over as well. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram and streaming live on Facebook as well as our YouTube WNS TV channel. We are wn St. dotnet am 5070 wn st Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking. Baltimore sports

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