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Does the OBJ signing open the door for a Lamar kumbaya?


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From what we saw on social media after the Odell Beckham Jr. acquisition, it sure looks like the Lamar-to-OBJ combination seems like a sure thing. But is it? Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss the business of professional recruitment. (And the tax deadline coming this week!)


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

W n s t tassel Baltimore and Baltimore positive and it is such an incredible week for sports radio around here. Odell Beckham, the Orioles, the masters. We had the CFG Bank Arena opened over the weekend with Earth Wind and Fire and Bruce Springsteen and the Eagles ever gonna be up at Pappas and I know my guest is gonna appreciate that there is a new Pappas up in Harford County in Bel Air that he can take clients to. We’re gonna be there on Tuesday in the bar doing the Maryland crab cake tour, and it’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery estimates that lottery scratch offs to give away had a $40 winner and fade leaves on Friday at a $20 winner it cost this on Tuesday or Wednesday. They brought the whole fire department at John Martin everybody was a cost this we would fade these now we’re moving to Pappas I mean what is it crabcake tour without the three of them and without going up to Harford County we’ve given these away also our friends at window nation 866 90 day should I don’t have the floppy hat on I made Gigi wear it the other day over cost this by to get two free five years 0% financing Haley and the guys go we gotta go on on so I want a little bit know about that letter. raskins gonna be joining us up. He’s got some plans this weekend and the boy in Ohio State it’s like football every day in Columbus Ohio. Or your thought it’s like football every day on steep shot. He’s bowed apparently. Dude, I have this this crab mallet that you give her that has the very very special beer bottle opening and there’s a problem with this crab mallet had it all winter. Do you see a problem with with say crab now other than it’s perfect.


Leonard Raskin  01:34

I don’t see a problem what’s been used.

Nestor Aparicio  01:36


Leonard Raskin  01:40

the good crustaceans yet

Nestor Aparicio  01:41


I thought when I went to cost this the other day, I brought it with me. I thought I was gonna eat crabs, I wound up doing yoga. It was a long day. It was opening day and this and that and moving this

Leonard Raskin  01:52

bad weather on a great weather day. It’s been a crazy

Nestor Aparicio  01:54

couple of days. Let me just say this. They opened an arena honest to God and it’s different. It’s a lot different. And I can go into a million ways. It’s different. We reopened the stadium was full and vibrant downtown. And then this trade happens with the Ravens. We all watch the Masters we had Easter we had pasture we had, like, what a week it’s been around here,

Leonard Raskin  02:16

Steve, Steve Bashaud. He’s put out a was it a tweet said now that we got obj I guess that’ll make Lamar happier. And maybe he’ll sign


Nestor Aparicio  02:26

something I don’t think we I don’t think it was

Leonard Raskin  02:28

whatever it was, I don’t know what it was, whatever.

Nestor Aparicio  02:31

What do you make of this as a fan, you’re a guy that buys tickets and sits in the club

Leonard Raskin  02:36


Laughing That’s kind of amazing. I think up till now we’ve had a quarterback with quote unquote, according to them, nobody to throw to, although his receivers weren’t happy about that. Now we got a couple new receivers to help out the young kids and and grow them up, I guess. And one who is if he’s healthy, quite the talent, and from what everybody says whoever they are. They say he’s great in the locker room. They say he’s a great teammate. They say that he’s obviously a big persona. So therefore, you know, he gets himself is clicks and tics. But look if the guy can play, which if his knees good, and hopefully he can play now we just need the quarterback to throw to him. Does this mean they’re going to sign him longer term? I don’t know. Does this mean? They’re going to just play out the franchise tag this year and keep going. And will he play for that? I don’t know. But it certainly is interesting that obj announced his signing with his son in the Lamar jersey on his Instagram, which I’m not a member of the Instagram. So So I saw it on the Facebook, it was on the facebook and on on ESPN over and over and over again breaking news. And I think it was kind of astonishing. And then there was the the screenshot, I don’t know who put it out of Lamar and obj FaceTiming. So somebody popped that out there one of the two of them put it out there. And Lamar had the big, the big shield, Raven medallion on his neck around his neck. So it wasn’t the Trade Me medallion.

Nestor Aparicio  04:21

How crazy is it? There’s their Instagram, you’re not even on Instagram, it’s on Facebook and you’re sitting you’re trying to dissect what’s going through the mind of a 25 year old kid impossible. $30 million. That if you knew this kid and you manage his money, you would. I mean I saw

Leonard Raskin  04:36

I saw an amazing thing. I don’t know if you caught this last week during all the craziness. This was really interesting. It said and I don’t know who said it. It said Lamar doesn’t need a fully guaranteed contract. He just wants at least as much guaranteed as what’s his face over there. Shawn wants to show I’d Watson gotten Cleveland. In other words, you can give me 300 million, as long as 250 of it’s guaranteed I don’t need 250 with 100% guaranteed. So he’s now trying to reset the world to just give me a bigger contract. Give me seven years even though you don’t believe in me and you’re for, right, give me seven years for 500 million and guarantee 251 of it. And I’m yours. So who cares?

Nestor Aparicio  05:29

I have one Aflac. Those guys come on my LinkedIn the other day. One Flacco is old financial managers, who I’m friends with. And he just clarified he’s like, everybody’s mad at Joe for getting the money and not winning again, Joe and 111 playoff game, right, like ridiculous. Been in three championship games and have won a Super Bowl and a throne the past to get another end. And then he got paid. He did all that there was a parade, right? And then he got paid


Leonard Raskin  05:59

110 million and that was the end of the world, the end of the world? Well, you know, let’s face it, they they all get paid at some point. And it’s just a question of who’s gonna pay him. But looks like the ravens are the only one that might pay the markers. Nobody else is stepping up?

Nestor Aparicio  06:17

Well, this is actually they come back and say we love you more than anyone else. And we’ve proven it time and time again, right? I’ve offered you all this money. Look at the shiny object. We got you. We got your wide receiver now. We’re doing what we need to do to win because that’s who we are. You want to play here?

Leonard Raskin  06:32

Yep. And, and I say 32 million,

Nestor Aparicio  06:36


by the way. So we’re back to that little guy. And Leonard says why you’re not playing for 32? Dog, you know, you’re not, you’re not going to practice. You’re gonna meet Todd Monken. You’re not meeting Todd Monken till you get to under $32 million

Leonard Raskin  06:51

dollar guaranteed guaranteed will take 235 Guaranteed on a $300 million contract.

Nestor Aparicio  06:59

Well, I mean, listen this all last summer, and I didn’t beat you up too much about it. And I didn’t mean to pin you down on it. But like, would you have advised him to play for 20 million last year if you were your client? Or would you tell him don’t even walk out on the field. Now, that’s a weird thing to say to anybody, right? Because none of your clients are making $20 million a year to stay employed. Last year.

Leonard Raskin  07:21

Last year, I had him play because it was under contract. And that’s the way it goes. Now this year, we got the whole tag thing. And he’s got to sign the tag and go on from there. Now we’re talking positioning. And it might be interesting that at the end of this negotiation, he ends up getting a lot of what he wants, they end up getting a lot of what they want, which is him at quarterback and somehow somehow they’ll come back and hug each other and he’ll play quarterback here. It’d be very interesting to see what the heck they do without him. Especially now that they’ve got the rockin obj at the WR one, wide receiver one and then we got wide receiver. Three, I guess Bateman who’s gonna be upset that he’s not one. I don’t know


Nestor Aparicio  08:10

what’s gonna be fascinating. And this is where I’m going to start to urinate upon the segment a little. We can talk, we can talk.

Leonard Raskin  08:18

Nobody knows.

Nestor Aparicio  08:20

In a week. I’m not gonna let Chad steal stop a press conference on Wednesday and not make that a story because it is a story. So we’re gonna have Mr. Sign. And then we’re going to have a Lamar and John come back and sit on a dais and

Leonard Raskin  08:35


hug each other, kiss each other, love each other.

Nestor Aparicio  08:38

And what what are the reporters not allowed to ask about anything? What are we allowed to ask? How did you feel that day in front of everybody? When Lamar, like put this out that he wanted the next question? Question. Right, exactly. I mean, entered a place where, you know, accountability.

Leonard Raskin  08:58

This is the world. This is the world look, this is the world we live in. I hate to say it and I can slam you a bit here, shorten this. But let’s not kid ourselves, your man Joe Biden comes to the lectern with a list of pre approved people to call on with pre known questions that he studied the answers for because he can’t answer on the fly a darn thing. Where and I’m not saying that he was a great person, but Donald Trump stood up there in front, back and forth, he answered lots of questions. You call it what you want. He’s answered lots of questions about lots of things for a long time and and didn’t care who was asking him and took them from everybody.

Nestor Aparicio  09:47

And there’s the fact checking part of whether you can fact check both you can put bleach in your veins during a play.


Leonard Raskin  09:56

The The point is you exploit is the ravens are just gonna say next point. should

Nestor Aparicio  10:00

be expectation should be accountability. And yes, from the president down but at Raskin global I know absolutely at Pappas, they pitch that anywhere.

Leonard Raskin  10:10

So we’re out of business we lose that we’re out of business that’s like, for us, that’s just I think for any business that is in the business of, you know, communications and reputation. That should be table stakes, that should just be a requirement. It shouldn’t even be a one off, you know, the fact that at the the liar’s lunch, they started with, you can’t ask questions about Lamar. Let’s see, we’re a football team without a quarterback. And you can’t ask any questions about our quarterback,

Nestor Aparicio  10:42


Luke. And I got into this, and apparently it was uncomfortable for people in the audience, because I got enraged, because I thought to myself, What would have happened if I were there? Yeah, if look like Animal House, where I would have stood up and said, Hold on, you’re not gonna sit here and take this right. Right. Like, are you kidding me? Right, we know you. So answer me this question. I as a journalist, I have one question before the assassination here. Right. What happens if I keep asking then,

Leonard Raskin  11:12

then they throw you out. You removed they have you physically removed with with security, like

Nestor Aparicio  11:17

the Chinese leader was in parliament that day, right. Yeah. That’s what happens that that’s where we are. What do you think we’re in here? What happens if we keep asking about Lamar?

Leonard Raskin  11:28

Look, the problem is, nobody did it.


Nestor Aparicio  11:31

So there’s I was already thrown out. Yeah. And they all know that there

Leonard Raskin  11:37

was in there who, right? Well, guess what, if everybody starts asking, you know, at some point, the serfs need to realize there’s more of them than the leader. And the serfs need to step up and revolt, but the serfs it really needs to have some stones to say that’s not acceptable to me. You know, that doesn’t work. And so when they say you can’t ask, you just gotta keep asking. I remember back in the day, I don’t know if I guess it was Carter, and Reagan. Remember Sam Donaldson? Yeah, ABC. Dude used to ask everything scream at everybody. On top of everything. He didn’t care. He didn’t care. They throw him out. He didn’t care. He came back asked more questions. You got to keep asking. You have to keep asking questions to power. By the way,

Nestor Aparicio  12:28

I got denied Oriole credentials this weekend. There. They allow Luke But not me, like the Raven. So what’s that something? What

Leonard Raskin  12:34


is going on there? That doesn’t make any sense? Right. Doesn’t make any sense. It’s just stupid. That’s it. But you know, they don’t care. And I guess they don’t care that they don’t care. They don’t care. Yeah, it’s Richard. They’re

Nestor Aparicio  12:49

in the business of winning football games. And I, it’s, it’s come a long way. For me as a community guy, and you’ve been listening to me for a long time. I’ve been I was on the air for five, six years before we had a football team, right? Like so I sat here and begged and grovelled in one day, we’ll get back in the league. And then they’re gonna have press conferences where you can ask about the quarterback, who’s,

Leonard Raskin  13:08

who’s not around. It’s not like he just, you know, had a hiccup and you want to ask about his hiccup.

Nestor Aparicio  13:13

You said any way you want. But don’t tell me I can’t ask the question. And


Leonard Raskin  13:16

even if you do, then take the day in question. I mean, it’s ridiculous. It’s totally rigged. It really wasn’t embarrassed, and I wasn’t there. And I didn’t watch it. But Did nobody ask?

Nestor Aparicio  13:26

No, everybody was silenced because I’ve been shot in the head.

Leonard Raskin  13:29

But I’m saying everybody, everybody listened to them and said, Okay, we want to ask. That’s correct. They have a very obese radio out there. That’s right. So so meanwhile, John hardball is bleeding from the head. And nobody can ask what the blood is.

Nestor Aparicio  13:46


What I said, Man, I you know, don’t ask you about the purple elephant in the room. You know. I said it’s like it’s like having the guy running Ukraine on an ask him about the color of the curtains. Like there’s a war going on. Right. So like, let’s just get to that. And again, I played this out last week letter Raskin is here. I’m not going to be labored because we have Obj. Now we have Okay, we have the new arena, by the way, the new arena, would you think? Would you think it’s a mixed bag for me? Because I’ve been going for 50 years. I know, they want me to say it’s this and it’s that it’s clearly clearly a greatly upgraded facility. Yes, start with that. Yeah, like it is a better place to go. But it’s a different place than before. And it’s some of the limitations are built into it. Right club level is beautiful. And this and that the four years are a little more crampy all of the foods in the middle concourse, now not the lower concourse. So they’ve completely if you’re used to it, but if you’ve never walked in the building before, and you said they retrofitted to fit a 60 year old building to make it much, much better and give it another 20 years of life. I’ve done that and I was the sound. It’s really dark. You know what I mean? It’s

Leonard Raskin  14:55

yeah, really dark because it’s made for concerts.

Nestor Aparicio  14:58

I think it’s made for theater. Yeah. Yeah, because they would say that and they would say, you don’t want the lights on and here we are. But it is a really big dark theater now. Yeah. And I was the sound beautiful. I mean,

Leonard Raskin  15:14

that’s what matters. Yeah, yeah. But the lines


Nestor Aparicio  15:18

to the bathroom and get into beer. They have the open. It’s like a royal farms where you just go and grab your beer and check out Yeah, everything happened fast as opposed to the upper deck at Oriel Park, where it’s not built that way. And they didn’t have humans to open beer on opening day and people. The band wrote a story about it, right people upset in the upper deck. This was more about ingress egress, getting people in security. And then once you got in Leonard, all of the wide open concourses are gone. You’re it’s a little bit like a hamster trail. And you know what’s like that Madison Square Garden is a little like, yeah, it’s a little crampy like that in the way that they’ve remodeled the 80 year old building. Right, opened

Leonard Raskin  15:56

it up hot. They opened it up hot, that’s for sure

Nestor Aparicio  15:59

it is. It’s lovely. I want to encourage everybody to go downtown. I want you to see it for yourself. If you remember the old building, it’s not the old building, but there’s remnants, but we loved it. I mean, I you know, I I can pick on this or that or whatever. But we loved it when we came back.

Leonard Raskin  16:14


You know, it’s great. There you go. And, and the pot bank is happy.

Nestor Aparicio  16:18

Everybody’s happy. Everybody’s happy at this point. CFG banks happy? Well, I mean, we’ll talk to people about that later on, too.

Leonard Raskin  16:27

It’s it’s a brilliant strategy. It’s it’s served them very well. CFG served very well me

Nestor Aparicio  16:32

about your strategy here because it’s like April 10 1112 3014. It’s a big week. It’s extension week people sweat even if they don’t mention


Leonard Raskin  16:43

extension week. It’s, it was masters weekend masters weekend was wonderful. It was a great tournament, if you watched any. The weather was terrible for a couple of days. But of course, when everybody watches Sunday afternoon, it was beautiful, sunny, magnificent. And John ROM for Spaniard to win took the masters. And that’s what it’s about, man. There were people down there having a ball watching him play. The end of the tournament. I guess it’s a tournament golf tournament. Yeah, at the end of the weekend. He won and his wife and two little kids were out of the course to greet him and that’s what it’s all about having your family and those closest to his parents were there and I guess that’s the Spanish American Dream. He’s a Spaniard who who apparently I did not know this went to ASU, Arizona State met his wife at Arizona State has a lovely wife. And two, two little to tip headed kids. And happy as a clam live in the American Spanish dream. I don’t he probably has a place in Spain somewhere. But he clearly lives in America now, I guess. And, and won the tournament. Great weekend. And that’s what life’s about is living the American dream. And I don’t know how much money he got. But he got a bunch. And there was harmony. There was harmony on the golf course between the two tours. Phil Mickelson came in second, second place in the Masters. And of course he’s the live guy. He’s the one that made everybody leave the PGA Tour. You’re talking about money. Man. Every golfer on the PGA Tour should bow down to Greg Norman and Phil Mickelson because their purses for the tournament’s went double on the PGA Tour when the Live tour started and all these guys are making stupid money. But Mickelson and a number of others from the Live Tour came back kept meeting, which Africa was in charge right up until Sunday, midday, but he tied for second with Phil. So you had to live golfers making a decent pay day on the PGA tour that surely made the PGA people unhappy, but it made the Masters people very happy. They didn’t have to deal with it. But yet they had two great golfers play some great golf and they talked about him. Jim Nance I don’t know if he’s going off into the sunset or not.

Nestor Aparicio  19:26

Now I think it was a basketball retirement right? I think Yeah.

Leonard Raskin  19:29

They talked about him retire. They didn’t talk about it during the tournament but he I don’t know if he sunset it out or what maybe he’s just doing golf but Yeah, he definitely left the the NCAA Tournament basketball and I guess he’s still doing golf but he’s living his dream. All these people doing what they want to do and having the life they want to have and our goal at Raskin global is for you to do the same. So how to position your wealth so that you protect it. You save it, you grow it and you enjoy it. And then you pass it on. And the magic is if you can enjoy it, and pass it on. And that’s what we are expert at, showing you how to have it, enjoy it, not be worried about it, and pass it on to those you care about, whether that’s family, charity, whatever the people that in your life that you want to get the money when you’re no longer here, legacy. And to me legacy is also about while you’re here, too many people think legacy is what money I leave behind. And I can tell you, in 36 years of doing this, it’s more about the values you leave behind. If people were given the choice of leaving money or values, more than 80% people we talked to would choose values. They want to leave their family and charity in good stead they want to leave their kids with great values. They want them to be great people, productive members of society. They’re less concerned with how much money they leave them. Although generally with us, they leave significant amounts of money as well. enough for them to survive and thrive and do what they want to do in their lives. But the American dream, that legacy piece is about showing your your heirs how to act, how to be we talked earlier how to have that integrity, how to how to move in your skin in a way that you’re fully in alliance with that you have your values, right? And then the money is great. Some people think, well, if I leave them all that money, there’ll be spoiled rotten kids. No spoiled rotten kids become spoiled rotten adults, great kids become great adults. If you raise good kids, you pass on wealth. You have great kids with wealth. So what you know, there we are,

Nestor Aparicio  21:55


that I have friends around me like you that care enough about me to find a patented a crab mallet that has him here opening, right? I don’t know whether to frame this keep this on the set, but at some point, I’m going to use it on how to use it, got it and then it’s gonna and then my sets gonna smell like Jao spice before.

Leonard Raskin  22:15

Got it, you got to use it, you got to use it. If you don’t use it. It’s useless.

Nestor Aparicio  22:19

You know what I’m going to use it for. And this is from Luke and I and the chats the OIC is just give me my Chad steel gavel. You know, I’m gonna swing the gavel down and say, this is out of order this whole courts out of order. You can handle the truth. You You know what, that’s the truth. And I would have been an Al Pacino moment, you know, like from the Baltimore movie and justice for all, where I’d say you’re out of order. You’re out of order. You’re all out of order. That would have been me at the press conference last week, so I guess they stand up. It’s not really a good idea. They threw me out because you stand

Leonard Raskin  22:51

up. Open the window, put your head out and scream. I’m as mad as hell. And I can’t take it anymore.


Nestor Aparicio  23:02

Girl Gigi, hey, let her ask you to be fatter Rascon Not just during tax season here. For all your money. You’re thinking money. You gotta be thinking about that. 53 weeks a year. He’s there for you. Rascon global also a Baltimore positive. Hey, Rest up. Enjoy yourself out of the Ohio State this weekend. Oh, we’re on break next week. We’ll see you two weeks. All right.

Leonard Raskin  23:21

You got it. What time you get back?

Nestor Aparicio  23:23

Oh Dal and Lamar. We’ll have him ready for OTAs we’ll be hugging hardball together. They’ll all be down at draft night signing autographs with the fans kumbaya Oh, that’s the What’s the word for the golf season coupe Ayala for April letter Raskin, Raskin handling money and managing the American dream. My American dream is to be in Harford County on Thursday, Pappas doing the Maryland crabcake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at window nation. I’ll be there on Thursday. We’re going to be a captain Larry’s in Federal Hill on the 27th that is two weeks from Thursday. Looking forward to that the Maryland crab cake tour moves on with great crab cakes, great conversations. We made it local last week over cost this it was awesome. We are wn st am 1570 Taos to Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore pasta

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