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The curse of two left feet and the blessing of Zumba movement


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Childhood friend Gigi Causey Zumbas onto the Maryland Crab Cake Tour at Costas Inn in Dundalk in an effort to bring Nestor back to the dance floor as an antidote for fun and fitness after the realities of being a realtor. There are no friends like old friends!


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Gigi Causey, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about w n s t tests in Baltimore and Baltimore positive you’re positively a Costas in my home and they’ve left me more tickets. I got Froggers on that these are fake ones at least a sample of the real ones are the instant lottery tickets were given these way next week will be fade Lee’s on Friday opening day Bruce Springsteen, the Eagles, next week, we’re going to be a Pappas in Bel Air brand new location. That’s Thursday afternoon. Come on out from two to five say hello. And then on the 27th the captain Larry’s downtown and Federal Hill having a capillary since I was gonna be underage. It’s been a little while I have great guest on the program. And Gigi is wondering why, why me? Why did you call me to come on the show, GG cause the I’ll call her Papadopoulos. Because we grew up together has been my friend since 1979. First Date Halliburton a couple girls had a crush on agricoles that you now had you both on the show, I had angered out, I did the show drug city last month and I had Calvin state amount. And I started thinking about my childhood and people who do things in the real world that I’m still very connected with that are not just interesting, but people I really like that I’ve never had on the show people that would say, Why do you Mr. stadiums, like why do you want me on? I’m like, only because you’re gonna be the greatest guest ever. It was. And with you. It’s like you do this Zumba thing. We’ve been friends forever. We never hang out in the real world. We have all of these inside jokes and crazy stuff that happened in the 80s and 90s. And then like, you married my friend made babies and I haven’t talked to you 25 years. So welcome to the crab cake tour. How are you gonna get your lottery ticket? Yes. Tell everybody how I know you and how what? What do you think you’re doing here? I’m not a great realtor. Thank you. You do say I mean you’ve made this life but when I knew you and had a crush on you as a kid you were gonna like go to Broadway and be a rocket and be an actress. Yeah, right. That’s literally what you’ve done community theater here. You’ve raised the family. You’ve been married to my one of my craziest friends for 30 years. We’ve never gone and had a beer your husband and I because everybody we’ve kids. That’s


Gigi Causey  02:02

not true. Oh, we went camping together. That was

Nestor Aparicio  02:05

with my girlfriend in 1989. For crying out loud. Yaki gagne we still have great memories. We almost died that weekend but we did almost was crazy. It was like a Fred Flintstone camping. Her husband’s out with with two sticks trying to make a fire in the middle of a rainstorm. So you’re Zumba things interesting to me but you but the realty side of making a living and dealing with people I often think like anybody that’s successful from Dundalk, it really and I think this every time I drive through Miracleman, there’s so many people here, and we all live on top of each other, whether it was you know, Eastwood or Colgate whatever, that dealing with people is a gift that many of us learned at an early age different kinds of people. Yes, that it. The people that have thrived from my childhood, all have this commonality of being Gumby to some degree to being pliable people Yeah. Dundalk taught us and we’ve been kicked around Yep, the ship plant the whole deal, right the whole day the whole deal. Where are you from? Dundalk. Oh. So I just, you know, and I do the show down here and whatever. So I just thought like, I’m here. I want to celebrate my Dundalk. Thank you. That would cause your inlaws Rainier still in Dundalk, Costas are playing lottery here. They’re watching Grayson Rodriguez pitch it looks like it’s going a little better thank you Orioles for the bats. But but you’re you’re done darkness when you try to sell zoom. But if people like my wife who could do it, yeah, she’s physically able but just tell her to come a little nervous about trying Zumba. Okay,

Gigi Causey  03:50

so the thing about Zumba is it’s a party. That’s all you have to remember. It’s a party. It’s forever but nobody’s judging. Nobody’s judging. There’s no judgment. It’s you just move the way that you can move doesn’t matter what you’re doing. If I’m doing something, you’re doing something else. It’s totally fine.

Nestor Aparicio  04:06


See that issue? I will say this to my wife and this is a planet fitness issue. They’re one of our sponsors. And you know, I’m a yoga hot yoga guy. So I do a ton of hot yoga. It’s just become my thing, right? Brian? balding or former football player got me into it. But there were step aerobics aerobics. Yeah, what’s the thing where you get on the bike and like spinning and spinning my daughter does I call that hurt my groin? Yes. I don’t like bikes. I don’t like that seat on my crotch. I just don’t know interest and running on a treadmill or running. I mean how many times I was at the Bally’s holiday spa over here on the treadmill or the and I have a stair stair stepper all that stuff. And then there’s oh you know let’s grab a fountain or even John Allen when I used to jog up at Patterson on the on the track jogging, running through the neighborhood dogs bark and whatever. I’m 55 You’re refer to the same months apart. Yep. And things that you can enjoy doing that make you sweat. Yes to keep you sane and healthy and out of the hospital. There’s so few like fishing, golfing. You know what, that’s not that’s tennis would be something but my knees and my shoulder and my back wouldn’t like to know that. And I don’t want to be an old guy like dancing, right. So like the Zumba part of dancing would be up my alley. But step aerobics felt so structured. And it felt like I’m going to be the only guy in there. There’s not a hot chick that’s doing things wrong. People be laughing me and I’ll probably never catch on to the step now because I’m not good at learning dance. I watch the answer the stars, and I think I can never do that.

Gigi Causey  05:46

Well, that’s that’s we’re not doing that for sure. We’re not doing that. All right. I’m, quite honestly, it really is just about moving your body. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. If I’m moving this way. As long as you’re moving that way, you’re good. You’re not going to run it and it’s just like the electric slide after three be pretty much I mean, we do the wobble. There’s a there’s a dance we do. It’s exactly like the wobble. It’s like you’re dancing and somebody’s wedding. So Zumba was it’s all based on four core live results. So so much fun, intimidating. Oh, no,

Nestor Aparicio  06:16

my friend John does it to you do it? I mean, I’ve known people over 20 years that have said to me, you’re young you’re sexy. You like to dance you like music, you like movement? I like movement a lot. Which is why I don’t think I’ll ever be a fisherman or a golfer. Like I just not right. I’m right. And I’m I am intimidated. So take this forum, because I want it I will talk real estate and will tell stories. Talk about King Street make up stories. But I the Zumba part of having you on as my life a friend. Because I’m an apostle for yoga. everywhere I go people. I’ve tried to drag you. Yes. I tried to drag you to my class. I said you do all that Zumba. You can? You can make it on a mat. And you might enjoy it.

Gigi Causey  07:03

I love yoga. I do. Yeah, I do. I’ll come


Nestor Aparicio  07:07

what what we get what would make me come to zoom or where do you do it? When do you give me a primer?

Gigi Causey  07:12

Okay, so me Yes. Yes. Feel free. So I have a partner. We teach at a space just adjacent to Skateland on Bella road and powered fit. Oh, nice.

Nestor Aparicio  07:24

I’m up there all the time. There’s talking about right around the corner. My my wife markets is right here.

Gigi Causey  07:28


So I shop there. We don’t work for empowered fitness. But we teach at that facility. Okay, fair enough. Okay. And we teach four nights a week. I’m sorry. There were four classes. It’s big enough. It’s big enough. Okay. Four classes a week. Tuesday, Thursday. 730. Saturday morning, nine. Sunday morning. 10 hour? An hour. All right. sweat all over. Is the room hot? Oh, that mean? There’s fans. There’s air conditioning? No, no, I like hot. Don’t stand by the fan. I mean, it’s not like it’s cold. You can definitely be sweating. Definitely. Okay. Yeah. And just as an aside, I mean, I had somebody I taught this morning, just because I also teach for LA Fitness. But I talked this morning there was a woman who was 85 in my class. She was she was fine. If she could do it.

Nestor Aparicio  08:15

You can so do you play you play music you play Latin music, Latin music

Gigi Causey  08:19

for core Latin rhythms. That’s how the whole thing and it’s actually interval training. So you do a really hot like,

Nestor Aparicio  08:26

Oh, I know. It’s workout bait. Yes. It’s not about dancing. It’s about heart rate. And it’s about fitness.


Gigi Causey  08:33

And it’s about a party. It’s really about having fun. It’s a way to disguise fitness. So that you’re having fun and at the end you

Nestor Aparicio  08:39

listen to Latin music without having sangria. I mean come on.

Gigi Causey  08:44

No, no, after.

Nestor Aparicio  08:47


I find that like after Yoga I always say because like I do hot yoga right across in the barn. The barn Yeah, they got beer over there. And every night I come out I’m like, I don’t want a beer right? Yeah, I just don’t want to

Gigi Causey  08:59

hear you get out the endorphins kick in too much. You don’t need anything like that. All right, for me anyway,

Nestor Aparicio  09:03

what got you into zoom but because by the way, GG cause he just to reset my dear friend my life a friend. We’re at cost this we’re doing the Maryland crab cake tour. I’ve already had my crab cake you’re gonna get one to go as well. Did I give you a lottery ticket? Yes, I do remember to use a lottery scratch off came out. We you when you scratch that he had all that grit underneath on the Nicor today clean this thing up. And you can also check online which is where my wife does my lottery rewards. So you were when I was very young. We were in seventh eighth ninth grade together. We went to high school together. You were an actor actress sort of bent. Mr. Riggs loved you in shows. I had Mr. Stadium on the show and one of the reasons I invited you honestly you were like, What am I doing here? The My Fair Lady ad happened during the football games in December. And I reached out to Calvin to come out and we went to my fair lady. And I love Broadway and I know you love Broadway that was your track and I thought you know I’ve never had you on I want to talk Zumba but I bet this is like all the Zumba thing goes back to the fact that you were a Broadway kick goes

Gigi Causey  10:11

way back way back right so love to musical theater still involved with Dundalk community theater I’m still in the board I have a board meeting called Act which used to be act one that’s it. Yes. That was a children’s theatre and now that no longer exists but I’m on the board at the at the college for Dundalk community theater,


Nestor Aparicio  10:30

my alma mater

Gigi Causey  10:32

and went away to school, studied modern dance, not Broadway. Came home.

Nestor Aparicio  10:38

I didn’t know that. Well, what did that mean?

Gigi Causey  10:41


Well, it means that I’m a real estate agent.

Nestor Aparicio  10:47

Seven years of college at Rutgers down the train baby or just for fun seven. Yeah, right. Right. Right. Right. I was always your first phone call when you can’t see

Gigi Causey  10:56

where my mother always said she she thought you’re gonna marry

Nestor Aparicio  10:59

me and then you marry date. She said he knocked me. Right. Yeah, true. That’s true. Yeah, neither was Dave.


Gigi Causey  11:08

You were my first phone call. Yeah. Yeah. And you’re responsible for who I marry.

Nestor Aparicio  11:13

Oh, is it 31 years? I’ve never had you on my radio show. Oh, no. Well, I mean, you’re you’re here now. Right? So this thing comes from like the Broadway background that you were a kid that

Gigi Causey  11:22

I love dance. And I love to perform. And I love having fun. And it’s just a way for me to get up in front of people and and encourage them to do the same.

Nestor Aparicio  11:31


I’m going to come to your zoom please. Do my hot yoga. I will because I can’t get you enrolled man out to drink beer have fun go anywhere. I used to love rem and I invited him out to art like I’ve done inviting up only time you come is one invite you on my show. I see how it is you know, I’m telling you how they can find you on Zumba. And then I want to talk real estate because that really is a serious thing. Yeah, but your your Zumba background and Broadway and dance. People coming in. I would think there are a lot of people like you that went to school for this wound up doing real estate, being a mommy doing all that that once they get to a certain place in life. They’re like, I always had fun going out with my girlfriends dancing. I always I liked dancing. And I’m not going to do in the bar too in the morning with a bunch of young people. But I’m intimidated by that, gee, I am I’m intimidated. And I love you. And I know you’d laugh at me with me whatever. I’m just wondering whether it’d be fun for me,

Gigi Causey  12:22

there’s definitely no judgement in the class. There’s people of all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities. So from that perspective, it has nothing to do with that. It really isn’t my

Nestor Aparicio  12:31

yoga classes like that people really my yoga classes completely

Gigi Causey  12:34

right? You got somebody doing headstands and somebody like can barely touch their


Nestor Aparicio  12:37

people in class to think I’m really good at it. I’m like, oh, you should have seen the girls in my old studio.

Gigi Causey  12:41

Exactly. Yeah. So I mean, really, it’s absolutely no judgment, no reason to be intimidated. And really, it’s if you think about it, it’s just exactly what you explained. You enjoy dancing. You want to have some fun? And you know a lot of the people that come are I think people like me, moms, we do have some men but moms

Nestor Aparicio  13:05

I like the ratio right? Yeah, moms

Gigi Causey  13:07


actually. We there are some there’s a couple of people from Dundalk that come to my class. Really? Yes. Um, would they laugh at me or with me? No, no, no, no, no. They would love with you of course.

Nestor Aparicio  13:19

Well, I mean, I’ll wear my sneakers I’ll come out one day I mean, I can I can do anything for an hour.

Gigi Causey  13:24

I mean, it’s great it’s you’re gonna have so much fun what lens so I like the music he’s allowed Yes, it’s very loud. I like my music really

Nestor Aparicio  13:31

loud girl alright, so when you’re not doing that you’re selling real estate? Yes. I reached out to you on a real estate matter about appraisals a couple months ago I still haven’t acted on it. And the market and and percentage points and where we were in the plague and how crazy y’all were and everywhere I’m looking people are bidding over you know, asking price all that. Where’s the stability in it right now because that your feet zoom was fun but the


Gigi Causey  13:59

real estate’s what to do real quick about the zoom. But can I just say one thing? If someone’s interested in finding me They can find me on Facebook at macho mama Zumba. Ma she’s like

Nestor Aparicio  14:07

saying that macho, she’s always on Instagram. I did 31 years of radio to get to this point where I could let you promote on my radio station macho mama. Yes. Macho mom is that one m one M and Mama? I think so. Mama? Just killed

Gigi Causey  14:24

Okay, so real estate real estate? Yeah. So the market is really still strong. It’s amazing people that have places to live people need a place to live you’ve got to live somewhere you got to pay to live somewhere if you’re not paying for your own mortgage you’re paying for somebody else’s if you’re renting so I mean it’s it’s still we went through

Nestor Aparicio  14:42


this a year ago when it’s time for us to move as we’re gonna rent we’re gonna buy we’re gonna did downtown uptown Howard County and Rowan County. Yeah, we looked at a we looked at so many situations that it was it was like a Cheesecake Factory menu. Yeah, it was much it was like, we want to live here because my wife water does a paddleboarding You want to live here to be near my radius, if you live here, if you near the airport, we live here to be near rather than whatever. And all of it is really a life balance. And I think after the plague where people can work in a lot of different places and a lot of different circumstances, our needs were that we both needed a workspace that didn’t exist where we live when the plague happened, and forced us both to work on top of each other. Right? So we, you know, that was more of like, do we want the mall nearby or be on the line or? Nah, man, we spend like a lot of our lives working. We need a comfortable workspace. Yeah, home. Yeah, yeah. People are thinking about that, like, yeah, 10 years ago now. From your home. 99% of the time. 99%

Gigi Causey  15:38

of my time, right. Yeah. And luckily, Dave worked from his office the whole time during COVID. Because I think we would have, I think we would have Yeah, I think we would have killed each other if we were together. But now the market is still strong. The, you know, interest rates have risen. Yes. But because of the lack of inventory, so there’s not a lot of homes for sale, prices have remained high. People are bidding over and above. They’re doing all the things that they were doing a year ago, the

Nestor Aparicio  16:06

things they didn’t do for me because I had a downtown condo nobody wanted. Right. Well, that. I mean, you see the sunrise is in my place.

Gigi Causey  16:12

I did. Just the pictures. But yeah, let me clarify.


Nestor Aparicio  16:18

I invited her for 19 years and two months to my plate. You never came to my place. Now. I didn’t. I hadn’t seen any realtor. That’s what I wanted you to come. I wanted you to see how beautiful it was. And now it’s gone. Only lost 150 grand. Ruff, ruff. Yeah, well, I mean, but Location, location, location, I bought the Inner Harbor. I thought well, what could ever go wrong there and you were able to pack it the guy on the team and screw the team up like that? Yeah, get the carpet placed in the and then the riots and then the mayors and the like. So that’s why I do Baltimore positive because, like, this is an amazing week. Gee, I mean, we were opening a new arena. Opening day. Yeah. I mean, there is a renaissance happening here if you’re looking for it, right.

Gigi Causey  17:02

I mean, you gotta be looking for it, though, but I don’t mean that a man a bad way. I mean, look, open your eyes. Yeah. Don’t Don’t get caught up in all the bad stuff. That’s all.

Nestor Aparicio  17:12

Well, we haven’t had a reno since 1961. We’re opening one this weekend. Springsteen eagles are here we have this. There’s reasons to go downtown. There’s restaurants. I’m trying to promote them. And more than that, like the quality of life. Yeah, is what you’re in every house. somebody buys a house in a neighborhood. They’re buying into their space. I spent my money in Otterbein, I bought into downtown right right my ass. Right? Right. But I bought into it. But

Gigi Causey  17:35


you didn’t. Even if you even if you lost money, living there? Well, right. And you had to pay to live somewhere.

Nestor Aparicio  17:41

I love living there you go. But I thought when I went in, I would sell it for more than

Gigi Causey  17:45

Yeah, I get it. I understand.

Nestor Aparicio  17:47

Everyone dreams, right?


Gigi Causey  17:48

Well, and most people do so. Over time. Let me give you the stats over time real estate increases about 3% over you know, the course of you owning your home 1012 to

Nestor Aparicio  18:01

a tree falls on the Roof roofing story from

Gigi Causey  18:05

last week, so but you know, you want to sell your house now the market is really strong for sellers, for sure. Buyers a little bit of a challenge, you know, because you’re having to bid up. So if your price points 400, I would tell you don’t look at 400 because you’re not getting the house for 400. Look at 350 Look at 375 and then you have some place to go if you’re having to over bid or you know put an escalation clauses. You got to have somebody who can guide you that when a lot of the a lot of the things that you’re saying about buying into a neighborhood or buying into you know,

Nestor Aparicio  18:35


we’re not gonna talk football and you talk about having an agent. Yeah. So represent yourself tell these people Yes,

Gigi Causey  18:41

that’s absolutely true. I get your lane that you know people watch HCM, I’m gonna get on my soapbox. Now people watch HGTV. And they think that a lot of what happens is very simple and easy. And there’s not you need a professional who can guide you through the process, it can get very complicated and you need someone who can professionally negotiate contracts, can, you know, advise you in a way that you know, when you get the keys in your hand, you’ve made the right decision for the right reasons at the right price. And you know, then you’ll be happy all my business is by referral. So the worst thing that can happen to me is I sell a house to someone and they think oh my god, why did I buy this house? Right? So I want that person to have all the information that they need so that they can make an educated decision and then refer me to everybody that they want is the American

Nestor Aparicio  19:27

dream. Yeah. Every house I’ve lived in I’ve absolutely loved when I got there. I hated leaving. I cried. Every time I sold I cried every time I saw yeah, like I mean that last shutting the door on the 23rd floor downtown. It’s a killer. It was It was awful. Yeah. Yeah, until the snow came and we had a grill and you know, the squirrels came to the front. You know, like things are good. The fog first fox ran by.

Gigi Causey  19:53

It’s a very emotional process. It is


Nestor Aparicio  19:55

and that’s why you might someone like Gigi, she’s been my friend Gigi, cause he told me he ought to find you on Allstate place they don’t want to dance with you they can lease buy a house from you.

Gigi Causey  20:04

I work with Cummings and company realtors have been there for since 2011. All right, been agent for 20 years this year. Wow. 20 years. I’ve seen the ups and the downs and the ups and the downs.

Nestor Aparicio  20:17

I thought you were gonna be in a touring version of, you know, I know like, right. I know. Yeah, me too. But you kind of shows I do. Yeah. Lovely. Like I went down for My Fair Lady

Gigi Causey  20:30


Love. Yeah, I’m trying to think of the last thing I saw

Nestor Aparicio  20:31

the Wizard of Oz. Which the wicked I saw. Like that show. Really? Yeah. And I like that you went to New York to see network with Bryan Cranston. I mean, gee, I’ve done a lot of things. I’ve been able to 27 Super Bowls. I’ve been places I’ve been to concerts, backstage on stage and stage, like all of that. See, and Bryan Cranston do network from the second row of the balcony overlooking, like, it was like seeing Jordan, you know, it was like really? Well, oh my god, that’s amazing. It was one of those nights where my wife and I went to a Broadway show. And, you know, it’s not necessarily her thing or not her thing. It was a play not it was magic. And in a crowd, a little thing. And here’s Bryan Cranston, one of the biggest stars in the world. And she didn’t know the movie and the movie is 40 years old. And it they never changed the word. And it holds up interesting about the Russians about pollution through media about Howard Beale, about Howard Beale sort of being like a Donald Trump, he kind of

Gigi Causey  21:33

interesting, you know, like,

Nestor Aparicio  21:36

the movie network is fantastic. But the Broadway, I mean, it won all the awards. But to see an actor, do it that way and be 50 feet away, right? And my wife and I are there and like, the gunshot goes off. We’re like, whoa, holy. It’s like we saw the World Series. Right. Right. And I think you can have those she wanted to go see Hugh Jackman up there. He was up there doing stuff a couple of weeks ago, that there when the word gets out about a Hamilton when when something like that happens. Yeah. When there’s that momentous,


Gigi Causey  22:06

right? You gotta get in. Yeah. And I think Broadway

Nestor Aparicio  22:09

when probably went dark during COVID Like a friend of mine, Mike Flynn, senator from the Ravens. won Super Bowl champion, okay. His son was the lead and Willy Wonka as a 12 year old series at Jake rollin Google him. And he got the lead in Mrs. Doubtfire. And they went one night and shut down, shut down. He hasn’t been practical and his voice changed.

Gigi Causey  22:33

Now he said, Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  22:34


that was Peter Brady. Right. Right. Right. Right. It might be it might not be, but he’s like in a regular school. And they’re like, good. We all lived in New York for four years did the latte stage times we did. And our son was a professional actor at 12. Wow. Right. You know, and now he’s 17. And yeah, in school and being normal. Right, but there’s something for you. You wanted to be that kid? Everybody wanted to?

Gigi Causey  23:00

Oh, yeah. Yeah, I love it. I mean, I would I would love to be on stage.

Nestor Aparicio  23:03

We gotten an Ivory soap commercial in 1983 It would have been you know, the main right

Gigi Causey  23:07

herbal essence or whatever.


Nestor Aparicio  23:11

GG cause he’s been my friend for a lifetime and this is why you keep lifetime friends around like her in case you need a realtor or a Zumba instructor or in laws to play the lottery over here cause this in our her husband, Dave, so I would I haven’t had never had you on the show. But I DJ your wedding many years ago. I forgot I can’t appreciate this. It was a night the Seattle Mariners played the Yankees in the Ken Griffey a rod early night. It was It was October of 1995 or six which five All right, there we go. So pretty good. Right. So it was so I had to forego playoff games to DJ her wedding. And this was like a half Greek half Dundalk wedding. I mean, everything man. Oh. So we had everything going. And so but you met your husband, who was my football Little League football team at Dundalk Longhorns in 1978. Dave was a middle linebacker I played guards, swing guard and defensive tackle. I was fat. I was an oval team. She remembered why she didn’t have a crush on me. Dave was just shrimpy he wasn’t chunky. Yeah. Then he grew like a lot. He was like the littlest dude ever. And then he like grew he played the drums. So Dave, I play football with Dave which you laugh at? Because Dave was such a small guy. Yeah, right. So Dave comes to high school. I he’s one of the few guys I know. GGS my beautiful friend for like all these years, had a normal high school experience. Both of us get out of high school. I started throwing parties at Kane Street. The cops showed up Google it’s long story. And one night, I invite my friend Dave, my rock’n’roll, buddy. He was in the Army Navy running around the world. What a great place. It’s a great place to start. So days at my house. I’m like, hey, you know my friend Gigi? They look at each other and they’re like, oh, I don’t know. You should know you Yeah, and next thing I know you’re married 30

Gigi Causey  25:02

Married yeah 2027 Well, you’ve been together 30 Yes. You met Christmas in my house Christmas yeah so I’m betting my ass yes you’re responsible for sure. i My daughter just turned 20 house

Nestor Aparicio  25:15

was like a house of ill repute on this

Gigi Causey  25:17


awesome it was so awesome as a 20 something it was like the greatest

Nestor Aparicio  25:24

Jovi Slippery When Wet last Yeah, I watched a home improvement show. You’re gonna love this. My I was screwed up. I had a Stein my I went to see Brian Granick, edit visionary. i Today fix my eye. Thank you. I love you, Brian. So I’m in his waiting area. He took me on short. Just get out here. Your eyes screwed up getting literally Monday. And I went out and I’m sitting there for 2030 minutes waiting for him because he’s trying to fit me in. And the home shopping networks on and they’re doing a house. And it’s this woman I call her girl because she’s 30 But she’s young. And they’re in Arkansas to Bentonville, Arkansas show, whatever the Walmart show. They’re making houses. All right. country life, okay, house cost $20,000 And are fixing it up because it’s Bentonville, Arkansas. Nobody wants to live there. So the show comes on and it’s really pretty girl. She’s single. Her parents lived down the street. Parents have a sort of weird southern accent but not really. She was sort of raised in New York, she seemed a little refined to be living in Bentonville. She she had a house and I thought she’s like this refined chick and the house is like, starts falling apart. Yeah, the boards. There’s a trap hole in it. They asked her what she wants. She’s like, I’ve always I’ve always wanted a pink house.

Gigi Causey  26:37

Yes. Okay. I’ve always wanted

Nestor Aparicio  26:39

a pink house and I want the outside pink. So you know, of course the graphic comes up and so they’re gonna show you what it’s gonna look like in 28 minutes when she was at Yeah. It’s demoed. Not easy. So then she goes inside and the places is the whole it kids all got to be the girls like we’re gonna do everything here your budget. You pay 50 for the house, do you under 20 and rent. So they’re doing everything she’s like, could we make the walls pink? And I’m like, Oh, if I were single again. Because my house was pink was pink. Yeah, everything in it was pink. And it goes back to John Mellencamp and it comes to contest when the pink houses and he held up a paintbrush on MTV. And they gave a house away.


Gigi Causey  27:28

Oh, no, I just Dave would remember something like absolutely

Nestor Aparicio  27:32

pink houses giveaway I will and and John Mellencamp had hair like mine right now and everyone needs a hand to hold on. He was you know, doing the Cherry Bomb. And he held up a paintbrush as part of the and had that Bloomington Indiana thing. He said we’re going to come to your town and we’re going to paint the mother pink. So that so when I when he painted the mother pink, and I had a house

Gigi Causey  27:58

I thought girls like pink I didn’t well that I know

Nestor Aparicio  28:02


35 years later, and what color were the walls in my home pink you remember though? Yeah, absolutely. So it wasn’t a bad no no did have fun there and

Gigi Causey  28:12

we did we did. We were just Dave and I were just talking about what’s the hamburger, burger, burger burger.

Nestor Aparicio  28:20

It was like Frogger GG cause he is my friend. You gotta come back to the show more often.

Gigi Causey  28:26

I would love to do that.


Nestor Aparicio  28:28

You’re gonna be my real estate.

Gigi Causey  28:29

You’re gonna have to You’re you’re coming to my Zumba class right but I have to stand next to somebody with two right feet

Nestor Aparicio  28:39

if I hurt my back you are coming over with ice and you’re gonna rub my back if I hurt my back see or I don’t hurt my back. No, no, it’s my only issue. I’m not gonna

Gigi Causey  28:47


hurt your back. You’re not gonna hurt your back you’re moving your feet you’re not gonna hurt your back. We’re gonna have fun

Nestor Aparicio  28:53

I got moves like Jagger Yeah, right.

Gigi Causey  28:55

Oh, I play that for it. We do all we do so many like one and we do other kinds of music playlist. You can pick one song I’ll give you something to pick from.

Nestor Aparicio  29:04

I’ll put some Mark Anthony I need to know I got stuff like that makes me want to move my head right right right next to Venezuela. gotcha. I gotcha. All right. This segment which was great by the way is it cost it’s all the Maryland crabcake towards brought to you by our friends and when you’re putting put the put the bucket hat on. Oh 866 90 nation you buy two you get 235 years 0% financing. She doesn’t get 0% financing and real estate deals. I’m just saying that our friends at the Maryland lottery have Old School New School scratch offs. I’m giving away the instant lottery scratch offs here. We’ll be doing this at fade Lee’s I think we’re gonna reschedule opening day gets a little messy for damy love them. We’re going to be at Pappas next Thursday. The 13th in Bel Air. Yes. There’s a Pappas in Bel Air than the 27th there gonna be a captain Larry’s downtown at Federal Hill. They have a delicious crab cake. I’m looking forward to it. I love you know, I’m


Gigi Causey  29:53

a true friend. If I put this hat on my head.

Nestor Aparicio  29:55

You don’t want that on the internet. Here you go. You’re the most beautiful hair In the world thank you and people come to me and like my hair and this is COVID hair and this is does it get pass fail on you do you hate it my hair cuz you like it it’s good it’s a look it’s Pass Fail I’m taking it okay good well even though me when I was an oval team back in the day and still love me comes out to the show. Thanks for letting Raskin Raskin global. This is this is a Dundalk mallet. Oh it’s gotta be your opener on this. Yes, right. Love to get that every day. I’m gonna I’m gonna soil this your cost is very, very soon. Big appreciation everybody joining us opening day new arena friends merrily crabcake tour and great, great stuff ahead. We are WNS da 1570 signing off from Costas on the Maryland crabcake tour from Dundalk to you through our hearts they with us.

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