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Every day is a great day to get started on a path to better fitness

We all love our New Year’s resolutions to be more healthier every January. So in the spirit of your future, Quinton Dailey of Planet Fitness joins Nestor to discuss today being the perfect day to start a new health journey. Time to get moving…


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Quinton Dailey

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome Home and happy new year we are wn S T am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We got so many cool sponsors around here and, and in a couple of weeks, I’m putting the band together. We’re gonna like do one of those all in, especially if the ravens are in the Super Bowl, radio row week. So Well stay tuned for crabcake row and, you know with us for, I guess about two decades. I mean, it’s going back into the aughts. Now, it’s 24. I saw all those Planet Fitness hats and everybody’s smooching and all that New Year’s Eve and, you know, I mean, all Dick Clark, the whole deal, I saw that, so I figured you know what, it’s time for me to get my PF go in here. We’re into the new year. Honestly, when I left this guy couple months ago, at the gym, I’m still like sort of struggling with some core strength. I took some of his advice, and so much of that I need to where can I get a good massage? Where can I get a good hydro massage? Quick daily. My main cue joins us back from Planet Fitness to start the new year right. You know, I get at this honest because I came out and I met you on your own turf. Right. I mean, I came out, we walked the gym, we talked about weights, my age, what other people were doing. And it’s New Years and I’m thinking like, is the gym a little more crowded today than it was a week ago? To be honest with me.


Quinton Dailey  01:26

It’s getting there. I will say, you know, day by day, we started to get those people to start their journeys, for sure. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:32

and I guess from starting a journey, I can tell you my journey happened. When I got pictures back in 2006. I was 38 years old. We went my wife and I went to, to South America, drank a lot of wine, ate a lot of red meat, you know, had a lot of fun. And we chased the stones around we went and I got the pictures back and I’m like, you know, it looked like I had like a chipmunk like I had stuff in my and I’m like, Are those my jobs? What do I weigh. And then I got weighed in. And I had a friend who challenged me that I would never get back to the weight on my driver’s license, which was then 148 pounds. And he laughed at me, and he threw my license at me, he’s like, you’ll never weigh that again. I weighed about 180 then, you know, my wife may say 178 I think she’s been generous. I weigh as we sit here today, 151 always within two, three pounds of that no matter how much eggnog or cookies, but man I had to find you know, my Creator, and find my Mojo and find a place where I could take better care of myself and I, you know, I’m unabashed about that I was called Doughboy I was called meatball for years as a kid. So like anybody that knows me from holla bird knows that all that’s true. And, you know, so I come at it honest, Q, I am that guy, we’re talking to that cow, whoever you identify out there is where you are, even if you hurt yourself, this is an opportunity. And I want you to come on and talk about what you find this time of year. Because I will see you save lives, what you sort of, you know, somebody comes in there and they find fitness and they find a better way of doing things. It adds quality of life. And I guess that’s my point, big


time. And you ended up with one of the things that I want to hone in on in 2024. And you know, years to come. Number one, I always start off the new year by saying every day is a resolution, right? People will normally want to wait until January 1 To resolve certain things that they know they should have, or, you know, they jumped straight into action as to what they should be doing as opposed to preparing themselves. And that’s when we get the trickle off effects. Right as opposed to get in that mindset of, alright, I know, this change did not happen overnight. So I wouldn’t expect it to be tomorrow, when I do see change. So it has to be like you said, a part of life but a lifestyle, a lifestyle for sure.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:08


I always tell people in any time of crisis or wherever they’re going, be good to yourself, right? Like I’ve had to learn I’m 55 years old. I you know, we’ve all had that morning we’ve been hard on ourselves or got on the scale or saw a picture we didn’t like or mean even before it came home. You I gotta say this for everybody pF, I want to let you know, that started the year right? I wasn’t going to like jump in the shower and shave it. And I’m like, You know what, I’m going to look good to start the year here and do my planet fit. But you know, I’m I’m very fond of everything. All of you do a planet fitness and we’ve been doing this so long. And look, I don’t want to be the guy that’s, you know, goes to church twice a year just shows up on New Year’s Day or just shows up on Cinco Demayo or just shows up on a day because that’s not I mean, we both know and you’re being you’re being dishonest yourself if you think that’s where it is. But you’re also being dishonest with yourself, you can’t start and you think you can’t start by having a good habit. And I’ve always told you this and I, and I always joke with Justin, which everybody comes on I, I say, you know, I went to this is a funny story because I started to think about a massage the other day, and I thought, I went to holiday spa, what do you the Bally’s and holiday spa in 1982, they called it a spa. Because they wanted to make it sound like some place you would just get fanned. And you know, they would just feed your grapes, you know what I mean? And then you realize, oh, you got to do something, besides just go in and sweat right or whatever. And, you know, I think there’s a thing about fitness and the word fitness in Planet Fitness, the fitness is different for everybody. And I loved when the beginning there was lunk, alarm and judgment free and all of these things. And I know, you know, as a brand ambassador for what you’ve done for all these years, and even as it expands, and I can’t do about the massages, but they it’s true. And if you missed our segment from a couple of months ago, he was gonna fill us in on all that. But, you know, for me with with making that first step that there’s so many people that just feel like, you know, a short walk is, you know, a good place to start. But when you join in a place like Planet Fitness, it costs a lot of money. I guess that was my point about holiday spa, this was a real decision about a monthly bill, that was a lot, there was a fee, it was all of that. And I think for anybody my age who’s you know, hadn’t been to a gym in a while, or they joined and paid too much than going off or whatever. Or they just went because the pool or this or that, that they really want to get to your 50s. And things happen, you know, you want to get strong, you need a starting point. And you need Honestly, I’d loved my time with you because I like people that are smarter than me telling me what I should or shouldn’t do. And that’s where I think you really have a lot of help and a lot of assistance. When you come into Planet Fitness. Not only is it really affordable, where it really wasn’t 40 years ago, but from the minute you walk in it isn’t stacks and weights. And it’s it’s very welcoming to say, what are we trying to get done here to make our life better in April measurably than it is in January?


Yes, sir. That’s the truth. I mean, you know, we have people like myself, fitness training support managers, general managers, and trainers at the grassroots level ready to exactly what you said at the door, I want to, you know, give you a hello. When you’re leaving, I want to give you a good vibe. So you know, I’m a part of your journey, just like, you know, you’re the pilot of such. And in this year, you know, definitely we’ve already passed the sedentary sit down time with COVID. You know, we’re getting back into moving a lot more having people in a brick and mortar building. But we still have, you know, exercises if a person is still preparing, I’ve want to keep using that word, prepping themselves to come into the gym and attack that New Year’s resolution as they wish to and I want you to but we have the planet fitness app, which is free to everybody, right? So you can go on there. And you can see my god, Teddy, he’ll take you through a full workout.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:07

I mean, your Facebook friends do yeah. How about holiday? I mean, that’s it, church. I mean that. You know, shout out to you, bro. So I mean, I saw him out there. Yeah.


And, you know, we have a plethora of educated trainers, digital and in person that you can go see. So you’re not alone in this at all. I want to make that very clear. You are not alone in this process.


Nestor J. Aparicio  08:32

I was thought that quitting daily on because makes me think of the basketball player quit daily from many years ago, you’re not related to and I always, you know would make that point. But for my sports audience out there, because it’s Raven season around your I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, we’re pretty good. Tell me what you do. Because you have a fancy title. And the day I spent with you, we were out at a really premier location with new massage new of light therapy, just all sorts of fascinating things that maybe the holiday spa level 40 years ago, we weren’t thinking about. But also maybe people thought that there was a you know, you have to pay $100 a month to have these kinds of things. And I spent a whole day with you out there. It was really what it was spa like. And in many ways I’m a little stronger now. But I’ve been really stretching and peeking and really trying to work on my weaknesses, which there’s a New Year’s thought, right? Like if you don’t work on your weaknesses, they decay and then your knee buckles. And here I am 17 years later after a knee surgery where I had Condor Malaysia and 17 years later. It’s acting up que you know, so you know, I’ve been working on it. And but I’ve been getting stronger through all of this. When I came out to visit you. We were in Owings Mills, Randallstown Reisterstown area, and I think of you as being like the headquarter guy there because you knew everybody everybody knew, you know, but the truth is like you’re in Elkton one day, I mean, you’re all over the state, because what you do is get The people ready when they come in and they’re 55 and they had a back surgery 17 years ago and they probably squatted too much as a catcher play far too much tennis played far too much street ball play tackle football when it when we didn’t where we did stupid, right like just stood right like all that right I did all of that as a kid everybody that knows me knows all that. And my knees hokey My back’s screwy. And, you know, I’m always I’m not going to get hurt, which is why anybody knows I’m yoga. I’m noncontact, swaddle, play pickup basketball, I’d love to pick up a tennis racket. Maybe when I get my back repaired or, but like for me, I would come in to you and say, I just don’t want to get hurt. Right? And I think you’re you blew me away with the science part of the knowledge of how much science there is for someone like you to know. But then you train these folks, and you want them to meet me at the front door in Dundalk, Taos and golden ring, an apple wherever they are and say, All right, where are you because everybody’s coming in at a different level at this point. And nobody’s coming in to be Schwarzenegger. Let’s stop with that. Anytime.


Big time. I mean, you know, I make a point for most of my trainers, my staff to understand you want to meet the person where they are, right? If you give them this cookie cutter way about exercise, when you get that effect, you get, oh, you know too much impact on my ankles, knees and hip, you get too much torque on my lower back too much talking about thoracic spine, things like that. And spending time as a fitness training support manager. So I am the one that goes to the training and say, Hey, here’s how we can cater to this demographic better. You know, we always talk about special populations, we have adolescents, we have the elderly and we have pregnant, those things, you know, for the person that’s going out to get a certification or trying to start to train they might not think about that avenue or people that have pre existing injuries, COPD, how can I meet you where you are, so that this experience is enjoyable number one, but also is progressive. Right? Now there are times in which we notice that we get stagnant we plateau. But having somebody like myself, like my trainer, Kayla, they always have the antidote, if you will, you know, we never prescribe, but we always have the antidote as to Alright, let’s try this, you know, in the next one to two weeks, we’ll see some progress. And it’s not doing the whole kitchen sink, it’s those small wins, that’s going to elevate to those big ones. And we’ll get into you know, the science behind rest and recovery in a second. But for sure, that’s what what we do here at Planet Fitness.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:39

Well, look, man, we’ve all been hurt. In one way or another. If you were old enough, we’ve, you know, I never broke arms or legs or any of that stuff when I was a kid. But as I’ve gotten older, I guess the old sports injuries and breaking down and at some point back hips, all that, you know, the notion that people were coming in there, everybody’s coming in, they’re imperfect. For some degree, it’s one of the reasons they’re there. And to say, this is something I gotta be careful about you’ll football injury, whatever that is, you know, and to start themselves by having a strategy, right. Like, I always talk about that with gambling with all the things we talked about here that advice oriented, or life oriented. It’s just, you know, know your outcome before you come in and know your goals, before you come in to say, what am I really trying to do? And if it’s, I don’t wanna see something simple, like lose five or 10 pounds, if that just makes you feel better in the mirror. But I think there’s a part of strengthening that I’ve understood that he never could have told me this when I was young and sexy in vain que you know, that it’s more about the number on the scale, right? Because I think society just has a i, I started this whole thing with what I weighed, right? That’s the measurement, right? I mean, just, we measure things, right. But I think that the measurement is, Hey, did I sleep? Well? am I waking up? Am I moving? Well, am I you know, can I sit in the car and make it to Philadelphia without my backfield like it’s going to break without me having to get up and stretch around? How much stretching do I need to do before and after? And how can I approach this to have better days for my knee for my cartilage for weightbearing for standing during this segment, maybe sitting in the next segment, like all of these postural things where I sit here and stare at a screen. If I told you we’re doing a crabcake row thing when February so I mean, I do all this exciting stuff. And I sit and stare at screens and computers and crank my neck and do all of this stuff. I just find that that hour, hour and a half that I have, that’s my outlet, right? My wife took a three mile walk in the woods the other day, it takes whatever that outlet is to get out. And as everybody at Planet Fitness would say move, right get out move at this time of the year. But I think specifically for what you guys do, and getting into a routine and having help and meeting new people. And the resolution of all of that is it’s really affordable, right? I mean, I think that’s the thing that anybody He can come in and give this a try. If you haven’t done it, and if you’re, you know, if you’re old school and you’ve been to gyms before, I think you’ll find it different. I mean, I know I found a different experience when I came in with you a couple of months ago, then what I remember before the plague, that’s



the truth. I mean, in the experience now, you know, small plug, if you will, the company is allowing, you know, you just sign up for 24 cents, you know, I mean, for cents, why 24 cents, or 24 cents for the $10, membership, a classic membership, way to get in, and you still have access to those things, we talked about the trainer, and the app, where you can still get education at the palm of your hand or education in person. And as you spoke to, you spoke to a few great points about you know, coming in with their pre existing injury and knowing Hey, you know, this might suck. Let’s have our starting point saying, all right, I’m scared, or I want to make this better, but I know it’s going to be difficult. Then we have a person like Kayla to say, hey, you know, you don’t have to go after the the intense exercises that you see your favorite fitness model on Instagram doing, here’s a way we can mimic that same effect and get the same result. And once again, going back to my words, the small wins, they add up, you know, in the mentality of making a change or behavioral change a lot of people they do the the race, as I call it, they do they pre contemplate I know fitness is a benefit, right? Then they contemplate maybe actually get a Planet Fitness membership. And then they prepare themselves, I’m gonna get the best water bottle, I’m gonna go get the leggings that I liked that fit that make me feel comfortable. And then they go into action. But what we see a lot of times a lot of times is the skip of contemplation, pre contemplation and preparation. If we skip those three, we are at a deficit, if you will, just like you helped me out setting up my audio, you know, hey, here’s, here’s the steps in what you need to take in order to be successful. I might have been heard without the audio setup I have right now but you would have been like hey, what workout exactly, it would have been half a workout, it wouldn’t have a workout. So those those things right there, don’t skip that part to the point where you’re susceptible to injury, this falling off a lot faster to not have in support group that you need it. So using that 24 cents down coming in, in that classic membership, you can still upgrade it if you wanted to. And if you you know choose to come in as a black card member, you get these amenities to rest and recovery like our hydro massage beds, our massage chairs, our cryotherapy lounge, all of those in which you’ve had tried you’ve tried

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:53

I love the hydro the hydro is the one I didn’t like the one that beat on me too much about you know the punching bag thing which you know felt kind of good certain places and other places like that there but don’t the hydro thing I love that thing. And I love the light the teller Buddy What that thing’s about because it was sort of space trippy, I thought yes.


So we spoke on you know, you talked about that 45 minutes to an hour and you spin to yourself that that therapy time if you will I see exercise as therapeutic. You know, I release those feel good chemicals, dopamine, norepinephrine, you know, and serotonin oxytocin.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:32

But you also focus on Effort, Right? You know what I mean? Like, to me, that’s people like why do you like hot yoga? And I will tell you, it’s because there is no phone there is no wife, there is no life there is no radio station. There’s no blog to write, there’s no Charity Week to plan for. There’s no, there’s only How can I get into this pose? And how can I stay there? And how can I breathe through it? And the only thing I’m thinking about in that moment? Is that Yes, and maybe the song that’s playing if I’m if it’s going well, you know,



maybe you’re a lot more conscientious when you when you’re dealing with self and it’s not one of those self centered things, right? It some people have their fitness goals for other people, I want to I want to be there for my kids. I want to I want to extend life a little bit longer. So I’ll make sure that I see them graduate or see them get married, those things are the big wins that people might not see right away right away. But as you keep going in it, you will get there. But going back to your question, or posting for me one more time, so make sure I got it right. No,

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:38

no, I you know, I was asking more about training and trainers and when people come in, they don’t really know. Then I’ll be honest, I walked into your place come I mean, literally walked in. I had a bag like you said mate, you know, like, I didn’t walk any jeans. Maybe I didn’t change or whatever but but either way I’m there to see everything and fit in. And to, to my point, I guess some people had headsets on and their jam into their music in their own world, you know what I mean? And that’s their workout. And that’s like, their time to not be on a computer to not have a boss to not have people you know, like, wherever it is. And I think there’s a lot of different ways to do that we were talking about the light therapy, and about you meet me at the door. And I’m like, man, there’s free weights here. And there’s machines I recognize there, and there’s something over there that I do not recognize at all. And that looks like monkey bars over there. And that looks like something that might hurt my back. And, you know, things you recognize and things you don’t recognize, but then you put me into this James Bond bed and you know what I mean? And I’m like, This is what they did not have that and holiday spa, I’m gonna be honest with you back in the day. So


they, we are definitely progressing in what you speak of, and I’m with everybody to try this out is the wellness part. And it is a way to unplug from the daily hustle and bustle, you know, boss in your ear, kids in your ear, you know, spouse in your ear, if you will, or you know, the stresses of the Go, go go. So, that wellness pod, they can be a 10 minute meditation. It can be a scenic route through Paris, it could be a scenic route to the Maldives, things like that, just to take you away from where you are for a moment. Now this is not a replacement to exercise, but it is a portion mentally that we need to tap into because you have to work as Lindbergh says you have to work your mental health as well. Right?

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:45


You’re no longer on York Road anymore. You’re like somewhere else for a couple of minutes. That’s it for your Jay Z or your Vania whatever you’re listening to. Quinn dailies here he’s Q he’s our powerful planet teller but he fancy title again because I always get this wrong. Because it’s Fitness Training Support Manager, fitness training support manager you train the trainer’s based on training the trainers, how many locations now and how often are you getting around and, and you know, how many are going you know, full on to where they add the massage therapy and the light therapy and all the things you guys are doing.


So a lot of our new builds. We had one in wheaton not too long ago, and they’re gonna be having some new equipment out there for you guys to go check out places like Owings Mills you spoke to, but altogether we have around 36 Now 37 With we claim fitness clubs in Maryland, let alone our territories in Florida, Washington State and Tennessee. But a lot of these new bills do you see those those big trucks or those those moving vans in front of your local Planet Fitness? I’m pretty sure you guys are going to have your new Wellness pod and maybe a cryo lounge and some new hydro beds for you.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:02

I love these wise chats with you, bro. Q Why come back on frequently, please come and be a part of our our crabcake row week in February. I definitely want you out for that and I will get in and man that seriously that the hydro that was I’m thinking about that right now. Like, you know, it just would feel nice, right? I mean, literally, there are things in your life that you’ve enjoyed there things in your life, you’re like, alright, I wouldn’t do that. Again. That’s one of those ones. It’s like having a good meal, you crave it again, you’re like, oh, I want to go do that again. You know, thanks,


Tom is actually a piece that I wanted to speak to about that because, you know, we talk about the, the, the tension of exercise, you know, we’re normally tightening muscle right and to be able to relax it. There is science behind it, right. And if you go to your physical therapist, they might even talk to you about this massage there, but they may speak about this, but you can get this you know, for pennies on the dollar at our at our clubs. There is


Nestor J. Aparicio  24:05

no go ahead there.


There is a emblematic style response, if you will to exercise right swelling, it happens. It happens to all of us. Some people call it a pump, but if you have pre existing injuries, normally it comes with a little swelling of the area that was injured before. So the hydro bed compressive massage, you know, they’re pushing water into the fascia in the muscle. It dissipates that implemented. Oh, that inflate, inflamed. It felt a lot

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:35

different than like hands do. Right. Right. So it’s just a different kind of pressure, but I liked it.



So I mean, get back into the different facets for sure.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:45

I certainly could, you know, and it’s it’s a unique sensation. It’s unlike anything else. I’ve had waterbed for 20 years and it was like But the waterbed. didn’t do that. You know, just heat it up. Sometimes. He is Quinton Daly. Nobody would ever Have waterbeds they maybe that’s what my back screwed up maybe they were lying in the back in the 80s I’m not sure Planet Fitness so they will take great great care of you. He dropped Lin’s name and Victor we got to get them on to discuss the John W brick Mental Health Foundation all the good stuff that they’re doing because I get the emails all the time and it’s been a little while you know I need to I need Victor to come pick me up around you’re getting ready for Lamar Jackson in some Super Bowl activity right everybody worked up at PF bet the Super Bowl and the Ravens yeah


it’s a mixed bag man but yes from east to west baltimore we definitely hype about you know the it is a mixed bag

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:33

we’re too damn close to Pittsburgh Philly DC you got you know Yen’s come down here and I mean, I’m married to Patriot fan so you know



at a listen I Foxborough can can have the cold weather but we’ll take we’ll take the clinch for right now and in a first week ba

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:50

Alright, so I’m telling everybody sit around the wings drop you watch football. Get out the Planet Fitness, take your care of yourself out. There’s I would say bigger than yourself. It’s a new year. If you’re thinking about it, do it and get in there and 24 cents


can be to 24 cents to fund it for

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:10


24 cents All right. I mean, I you know, I’ll pay. It’s our 25th anniversary. So I’ll pay 24 cents to to get you on your way. Cute. We’ll see you soon hopefully next month and thanks for coming on. Thanks for always making time your great guests, man. Man, I can’t wait to be back. Quick daily. He is He gives everybody the train.


Fitness Training Support Manager,

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:32

Fitness Training Support Manager. All right, they’re just gonna give you a chief title sometime soon or not to New Year 2024 Onwards and forwards. As we say we’re planning the one of the biggest charity events we’ve ever done. It’s radio row week, the week of February 5, we’re hoping the Ravens will be out in Las Vegas. The weather won’t be as good where we are but it’ll still be a good time we’re doing a great cause. I’ll be telling you more about that our friends at the Maryland lottery shipping and giving us tickets to give away I still have some leftover. They don’t smell as much like gingerbread maybe. Maybe it’s because Christmas is over. Now I need to make him smell like eggnog or peppermint or whatever. Also our friends in winter nation 866 90 nation and Jiffy Lube MultiCare getting us out on the road and I swear I’m gonna get my oil change this week. My wife has mentioned the twice New Year I shaved for the segment I mean I’m I’m trying to get into the New Year swing thing with meaningless football for a couple of weeks but I’m gonna do my best Luke’s out in Owings Mills any breaking news up at first on the WNS. D tech servers brought to you by coons Baltimore for I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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