Getting past the bare minimum and hitting the “other” bar with barre

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Staying in line and learning basic of barre with former Ravens Pro Bowl cheerleader Angel Windsor at The Local in Fallston on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour presented by The Maryland Lottery and Window Nation


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Nestor Aparicio, Angel Windsor

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about wn S T Town Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively no longer in Baltimore we’re in Harford County. Just across the line and mountain road and Blair rude on our way up to Bel Air. We are in fallston we were at the local elevated comfort food. I am going to elevate this crabcake tour up and the plate weighs about a ton it feels like it has like 10 pounds of crap get to delicious crab he will pan fried here and maybe the way I like it. We’re up here in fallston courtesy of our friends at the Maryland lottery we’re giving away these Maryland scratch offs to everybody in the bar we got a big party coming in here in our friends at window nation 866 90 nation if it’s still may you still in FBI to get to three and five years 0% financing that financing is gonna go away because money’s gotten expensive and this lady knows a little bit about that because she’s in business herself. I missed you a couple weeks ago. I had Pappus crab cakes and and my my Philly pretzel joint up there by the way you can freeze them and they’re good. They’re a buck apiece they’re delicious. You meanwhile have this studio in thing your Raven cheerleader who’s directly related to Scott kick. Hi, Scott. Give up your champion are nice to me. Harford County Business Owner and workout Fein I don’t even know how to say in line a stay in line stay in line Bar Bar. Yeah. Just like French or is that like Quebec? French? What does that


just bar like a ballot Valley?

Nestor Aparicio  01:32

Be a ballet bars. AR ar e i didn’t know that’s what they are. Alright, look, I know Baryshnikov did it and whatnot, you know and I was not. My mother tried she she used to watch Lawrence Welk. Okay, and the guy went through the test. And she always wanted me to be a tap dancer and I want to tap dance once I was six years old and like, Mom, I’m gonna play baseball. Like you know what I mean? I’m not you’re an Indian. So I didn’t even know I was caught by the mayor getting it at Janet Jackson two weeks ago because I dance but I did not so ba RR a bar. That is the name of the thing. The name of that. Used it I used it when I did PT on my back you know just Yes, you can bet right? Okay, like

Angel Windsor  02:19

an actual ballet bar that’s secured into the wall. You can hang on it you can lean on it you will hold everybody

Nestor Aparicio  02:24

in your classes using the wall because that’s part of the


added points in that bar class. Yeah, so a lot is body weight too. There’s a lot of planks. So I’m

Nestor Aparicio  02:33

a yoga plank has made me the man I am makes me fit into these fantastic shirts.


Yes. And this has

Nestor Aparicio  02:43

ever been great. I mean I put but part of this is like you have to sweat you have to put the time in you have to find something you love correct which is like where I am with you because I had planned I began my they were playing a fitness because they’re they’re doing 14 to 19 year old people free all summer. It’s a beautiful program. And I said when I was a kid I went to holiday spa over Dundalk, America, you know, NorthPoint cost my parents a fortune, it was this long term club thing. And then like, they really weren’t interested in getting in shape and they didn’t really write prayer. You’re here. Come on in. Yeah, steam rooms in the back. You know what I mean? Like, whatever. I find that as an adult, I don’t want a treadmill. I my knees don’t like running away. I need that I need an environment that supports me. And I had a football player turn me on the hot yoga Brian Baldinger yo, baldy turned me on to it. 1999 and I’ve been doing hot yoga 24 years now. And and for anybody that falls in love with something. And I told my wife I was coming in hanging with you. And she knew it, but she knew how to pronounce it too. But she didn’t tell me it’s the name of that. That’s what ba RR E means. Is it dudes? The ballet bar. So what will I get if I come in and I want something hot challenging, you know? Yes, I want to sweat. I want to be juicy. When I get off the menu.


You need to go with one of our more intense instructors number one, okay. And then add that a little bit of cardio aspect. Plus, like you’re gonna have a good time.

Nestor Aparicio  04:14

Well, no told me there’s music. A lot of it is choreographed. Okay, so like when I do a lot of my routines if the ladies are standing at the bar, and I have them below or down to a slower beat, hold. Pulse, pulse, pulse, hold. And we’re doing low.


Yeah, right low, low, low. Right there. Hold on that bar. There are lower and down. And a pause. crabcakes Yeah, exactly. Bounce crap. Right. And then you can go half. All right half.

Nestor Aparicio  04:45

I’m getting a lesson right here. Yeah. I’m doing bar,


bar and bar at the table bar would be the bar would be here. So the spine is nice and straight. The core is tight. And you’re the chair your way Send your heels. Your core is tight though their shoulders are back and you’re not relying on that bar that’s only there for somewhat of support Angel Kadima. crabcake. Now, maybe Alright,

Nestor Aparicio  05:09

he or she is from it, stay in, stay and stay in line.


So yeah, it’s hashtag stay in line. So pretty much we’re telling everybody with your goals, your fitness goals, your mental health, you just stay in line with those goals and you’ll succeed. So that’s my whole motto. Stay in line, keep coming. Stay in line, keep your fitness and we’re

Nestor Aparicio  05:31

no fence. Where did this come from? Like, I don’t know, like I’ve never heard. I’ve done a lot of 31 years I’ve talked about Nautilus this workout that eat this drink that run here. I didn’t even know how to pronounce your sport, or your your


super has been around for a while. And I started I took bar at Merritt Athletic Club, they had like one or two classes a week and I was like, I really love this. You go to the beat and being a cheerleader I picked right up on that. Okay. And then I love the challenging of the lower weight, high reps. So like you’re doing three or five pound weights, and you’re rapping you’re like, oh, my gosh, my shoulders are gonna fall off. But then everything, just tuned. So like I really believe in it. And for any, anybody can do it. And then you turned it into a business and then correct. So my husband previously had this business. That’s that’s a long story. But he needed help taking that over

Nestor Aparicio  06:30

for you. So your background is you’re from Harford County.


I’m actually from like Baltimore City. I grew up in that Parkville Hamilton area. My father was Baltimore City police officer. Okay, so we grew up I grew up down there. I moved up here show

Nestor Aparicio  06:43

a good show. Yeah, can tell are really Yeah. Well, he came by and did the show Pappas couple of weeks ago. He lives in the neighborhood. He mean, he knew about all your place and like,


oh, yeah, we’re tight. I used to do this all the time. When I chaired with Friedens. I talked to him. We did nine eight rock constantly.

Nestor Aparicio  06:58

Well, for me when it’s something that’s new, and look first time Baldinger said to me, you got to do yoga. You gotta do all Yeah. And I’m like, Hey, like, why don’t you remember like, Marcia Brady had a yoga class, you know, in a Brady Bunch episode. I’m like, yoga like, isn’t that something like in like, India, like we so you get on the mat, you own a little bit or whatever. And I gatewayed into it. And and it’s not for everybody. And I’ve tried to turn some people on, or whatever. It’s, it’s worked for me, in that I had knee surgery and Oh, six. So running became much more problematic for me. And then there’s just the something you’re going to do that. You can meditate. Think challenge yourself see results. Exactly. All the difference when I’m in shape. I sleep four hours a night. So people think that’s crazy. My father was 55 when I was five, I’ll be 55 this year. Right? So I couldn’t believe my dad would take me Memorial Stadium when I was a kid. Take the bus home, get home at 11 o’clock and get up at four in the morning. Good on the point you put in eight hours right? Right I mean, that’s my and I would think man How does pop through that like he only sleeps a couple hours. Now that I get older. I sleep less but being in shape Yes. And I sleep so much better. You get better and quality and way shorter than our two I give to staying in shape comes back to me in time I love my business. I love doing what I’m doing. Yeah, you’re clearly a serial entrepreneur will get into your cannabis business. And Bobby wood he’s both but but for well and obviously the world’s about to change in a couple of weeks. In Willy Wonka kind of way. But But I would say for for people that say what are the benefits? I don’t I can’t even equate to someone that’s unhealthy. The difference of being healthy and if


you’re making better choices, right when it comes to food when it comes to

Nestor Aparicio  08:57

all these crab cakes aside, the asparagus I’m all about that. Great seafood. I’m getting this low carb because it’s crab cake. Do you don’t mind that I have a crab cake with the least he was just so busy. You got a big party. Shout out to Zach. He’s a chef of the year. It’s amazing. And it’s just got busy here today and I respect that so he sent these out for me to share with her. Tell him about stay in line bar and like i It’s when the Pappas parking lot you’re 50 feet away Asheville, North Bel Air, are there other bars are stainless like


we have a couple of studios around the area. I mean, we differentiate ourselves in many ways that we just had our one star lead instructor her name’s Tina Marquese. She just became certified and our only Maryland certified fly dance and

Nestor Aparicio  09:44

drone on Natalie told me about this classy I love you. I’m talking about getting in shape. I’ll drink beer with you later. All right. She told me about the fly that give give me this because this is this is ropey kind of


now do you think what do you think fly? You think it’s on a rope? No fly dance fly dance as a concept. You’ve heard of Zumba. You’ve done Zumba.

Nestor Aparicio  10:05

Okay, so I had Gigi my high school friend he calls you on the crabcakes for a couple weeks ago Yeah. And she don’t has a Zumba thing down by Skateland and Bella, and she was she went to school to be like a Broadway dancer got 30 years ago and this is her mojo and it makes her it makes me happy watching her do this because movements where it’s


fine cardio if you’re not one that’s what does that fit into it? Yeah, so it’s like Zumba. Like on steroids. It’s like, with all the upbeat.

Nestor Aparicio  10:37

I like me some zoom


in zoom was wonderful. But when it comes Okay, give you an example. It tick tock dances. I’m glad you love it. It’s incredible. Oh my god, clearly why he’s shopping here.

Nestor Aparicio  10:51

That’s really nice. All right, good. Keep going. She’s talking crabcake tour with a local


server. So when it comes down, you know to that for the fly dancing. we separate ourselves with X once we saw it on tick tock tick tock dances beat became very popular all the girls, you know, see little ones and even teenagers and adults during COVID. What did they have to do? They learn these tick tock dances and they did them. Well, anyway, we’re looking on tick tock, there was this fly dance and it’s a whole group men, women, all ages, sizes, everything. And they’re learning this fun choreography. And it drew to me because of being a real cheerleader. So like, I love choreography. So I saw

Nestor Aparicio  11:31

Janet Jackson two weeks ago now CFG bank, and I saw the dudes around her and they were like, no offense to Jan. I mean, she’s older. You know, I mean, like, she’s still Michael sister, and she’s still my little penny. But the male dancers around her kind of stole the show from me. Yeah, they’re a little younger. And it reminded me of like, I’ll make some funny but like John Travolta stayin alive when he was in shaping the second movie. Yeah, sort of this crazy


presence. Yeah, and formance


Nestor Aparicio  12:02

so I’m thinking like that kind of dancing around like a Janet Jackson


picking up on this and they’re feeling confident. And it’s a sue my studio. It’s a comfortable environment. I know. You know, women walk into gyms and even some men and they’re like, I don’t know what to do with us. Going to class you have a printer personal trainers, why

Nestor Aparicio  12:21

I never did like step aerobics or whatever. Because I always felt like a Jag. You know, like, I don’t know, the up in the down. And I think people were looking at me, it wasn’t like that. It was just more of the frustration of I’m not doing it right. And I’m never gonna get it. Right. Right. You know, like, that. I’m not, I’m not good at it. And I don’t know that I’m going to hang in long enough. And don’t feel that way in long. All right, you’re good at it, you


know, but then there’s women that come in there. They want to learn that they go oh my gosh, I did have dreams of learning. That was like, um, but they haven’t even a barrel house.


I’m like the line dancing. Oh, sure. They have the buddy country line dancing. I’ve even done that with my son alive.


But at the same time, I want to implement another fun modality at stay in line that people can come and have no experience learn a dance that they love it love it. They don’t they don’t. Then they do bar.

Nestor Aparicio  13:13

I’m gonna try to come up. Yeah, and, and do some. We have yoga. I’m interested in it, in that, you know, one time trying it out and seeing like, what what did we do for my back and stretching? And I don’t like every kind of Yoga people like, Oh, you’re into yoga. Mat yoga is like It’s like saying I like cars. What kind of cars I like vinyasa. That’s my thing. It’s a total flow, you move the whole time. It’s not Grunty hold long. 14 You know, and my first yoga instructor told me and maybe there’s something that you could somebody that gets in shape and selling it to the public where you want them to have good experience. My first yoga teacher before it was hot. Teach me four corners basic, basic balance, where you would want to be a line not out over your back. Turn your head when you’re inverted. Just things that are basic tenants don’t get hurt on the map. First day class I’ll never forget his name is Moses Brown. He’s a beautiful man. jolly man happy man. And he said, if you’re not smiling, you’re not doing yoga. And I always think of that when I’m like dog ass an hour and a half sweat everywhere I’m sitting there I’m just a mess. I’m thinking breathe and try to smile laugh at yourself just try to try to keep your countenance about you because the whole part of like working out doesn’t do it doesn’t do it for me. You know like that’s not something joyful for right


and everybody is different. Everyone so that I created a safe place for anyone to come in and enjoy the workout reading

Nestor Aparicio  14:49

part of this and acted as a heat part of this for


there’s not I don’t like it. Oh when it comes to the fly dance or bar And then yoga, yes. But then we had more of restorative yoga where you really wouldn’t heat up essentially just more into your stretching and more.

Nestor Aparicio  15:09

I mean my wife goes at his house here an hour we did three poses.


And that’s fine.

Nestor Aparicio  15:17

I call that Shavon Osnos, right no and different Angel winters here are her hobby Bobby is also involved in the cannabis space work. across the bridge, right, that’s Cecil Carrie they’ll marry Phil. So I, I do a lot of business with Hollywood casino up there. Two bands coming up my boys in a pineapple band who coming up in a couple of weeks up there as well. And we’re gonna be doing a lot with them in football season as well. Man, everything’s changing right from medical cards. Everybody had applied for this that to now whatever July 1 is gonna be I was at an event was the Preakness over the weekend. So I saw Westmore Johnny, like Stuart Pittman. Glassman up and we have a councilman here right now. For me, the politics of it, the the implementation of it, and then the whole stigma of all of these years, finding through all that and I’ve had a lot of people in the air talking about cannabis from athletes using to distributors, to all the politics around it. You and your family have been on the front line to this, this last five or six weeks before it. Everything’s about to change all over again. And it’s been a changing cash business all these different things that you don’t have it stay in line bar and that they don’t have it a local WSG the gloves are about to come off in a big way. And I know your family’s been studying this and


yes, my husband. This has been a long time coming for recreational

Nestor Aparicio  16:48

he’s talking about cannabis alley. crabcake Oh,


it’s all good. Yeah, I mean, cannabis and crabcakes Oh, well look, there’s another business delicious. So my husband’s number one priority are his patients. That’s why he went it honestly went into this industry when it comes to cannabis and getting people away or just from big pharma. Essentially. He wanted to help you know, people that were addicted to opioids, that that was his number one all the time and number one priority and people who you know weren’t as educated with the with this which is completely understandable because

Nestor Aparicio  17:25

100 years about it being like leading to murder and crazy stuff,


which at the end of the day, you’re gonna get more of a bar fight than you are people that are smoking cannabis

Nestor Aparicio  17:34

over tasty kids. Right, they’re


gonna be taking shots and fighting not you know, not with cannabis. But that was why he went with this dispensary. So then now that we’re going recreational, to where it’s open to everyone, which is similarly governed, like like the liquor, sure this is a new animal for all of us and we’re trying to do it properly. We are going to do it properly. But it’s a lot that goes into it and especially with Annapolis, and it’s just being signed and this shit like you said like this opens up the floodgates for anyone to come in and purchase. And I don’t know the specific he knows more

Nestor Aparicio  18:12

than those are so much investment made from the grower side distributor guides. There was so much convoluted legislature about it and to have it just be now going out fully into the open day. And it feels quickly to a 55 year old guy feels like this. We didn’t talk about this the first 50 years of my life then we talked about it for five minutes. And now we’re here and we’re not we’re not put the genie back in the bottle. Hey, I talked about this all time I’m giving lottery tickets away. We’re at the local I talked about gambling on your phone right? Yes, I was at the racetrack all last week talking. I said all my horse racing guys like you guys are going to generous I knew that gamble 365 days a year but you did it the track your horses all that. Now we’re in a different environment where Ben McDonald is giving me propositions to bet in the fourth inning on the third inning in the middle of the baseball game. Like it’s happened quick. Yep. And that’s the only thing I can sort of compare it to is saying something that you just couldn’t do you had to see Louis the bookie in the mafia to do or buying weed which you had to have a guy who was connected to some black market bad place and fentanyl like all this awful stuff that’s going on. I’ve liked the fact that that we’ve legislated this into a place of safety yeah and beyond common sense use something we’re all talking about instead of hiding in a basement somewhere right


and it was a stick mine I mean, it was a stigma. My father was chief of police in general for people away for this right he put people away for this. Now I’m putting the cat on the bag a little bit. He’s going to be working with my husband the dispensary. So it he’s Chazz Jones from a police hat with this was what he was locking people up for, to now support wording because he’s understanding the concept of this making people better this,

Nestor Aparicio  20:04

this can be this, this will be, I believe, a good thing if it’s managed the right way. Right. So concerns from your husband’s point of view and what’s going on. You know, we we talk about these things all the time. What’s your what what are the concerns from how this is going to roll that because it’s got to be made, right.


This is a new animal, obviously, for the state of Maryland. Sure, then with my husband, because he is a rule follower, making sure he does everything right. Well, they

Nestor Aparicio  20:31

down first, the first exam 90 days ago, there’s no rules. Correct.


So now everyone is I don’t want to say scrambling, but putting their heads together to make this best effective way. It was common. Yeah, we know it. And we knew it was coming. But there was just like, all these, you know, there’s rumors and this is happening that whatever now that we have the bill signed, and we’re going forward with us, we just want to make sure it is seamless, like example, we’d love to have you up for July one for at the dispensary, right to do this. So there will be medical line, recreational line, we’re still encouraging people to get their medical cards, because there’ll be more of an express line to where if you’re an ill patient, you should there will be a benefit to having a medical Absolutely. So he was not shying people away from going to get their mature hard. But when it comes down to obviously the threat, the recreational use, yeah, there’ll be in a different line. He’s going to have you know, multiple iPads, checkout stations and things. The bud tenders are amazing. And then CW, which is nature’s care and wellness, okay to assist with what you know, somebody comes in, I bet I’m having anxiety or I want this I don’t smoke, I’d like a gummy.

Nestor Aparicio  21:35

I’m wondering how many people don’t have a medical card that want to explore, figure it out, whatever. I wonder if that’s a big percentage or a small percentage, I just wonder, I know I like to, but it was much of a hassle or my privacy and want to get to state my, you know, whatever any of that was, that kept them away, that’s now going to make them a consumer customer or patient wherever you want to use the terminology that on July one,


July one we’re going from 2% of the population, which was medical carts to 20% of population. Really? Yes, you believe that? Oh, I know that. From listening to him and all the research and everything that’s, that’s going forward with this. The absolute

Nestor Aparicio  22:16

radical that, you know, I’m like, I’m skeptical Lamar Jackson, when people get pissed at me about that, but that is so I would agree with you. So I would totally agree that 20% of the population or more wants to participate in whatever way legal illegal medical, medical, my neighbor has, you know, as a card, what am I, whatever people are doing to obtain, which they were always doing anyway. So people were always doing it anyway. So a gambling it’s like, because it’s mobile, everybody was doing it. Now they have a conduit to maybe not do it. Well, this is kind of feels the opposite to me. We cannabis, that only 2% of the state has a card


that’s that? Yeah, it’s going from 2% of the population to seem like a crazy

Nestor Aparicio  23:06

number that only two out of 100 people will go to the trouble


because honestly what my husband was doing with marketing when we were at events, he’d have a booth set up to explain because people aren’t educated and where would they go and who would they trust correct so that’s why I feel like as a bit smaller of the population because anywhere we were people were like wait a minute, I’m scared of that or oh I did this once in high school and I felt this way and then we have our educated bud tenders and employees on CW going look you have anxiety it’s different terpenes there’s so much oh my goodness you’re back you’re you know you’re taking I don’t know oxy Kota well let’s let’s try this let’s switch over to this you’re not going to have these side effects work

Nestor Aparicio  23:47

and indicate get your sleep at night get your sleep right of course exactly. Especially


with the sleep there’s like CB n which is helps with sleep and keeping you if I’ve learned so well

Nestor Aparicio  23:59

I’m it’s a science about cannabinoids and you know what’s gone into the endocannabinoid


system we wouldn’t have one if it wasn’t for some purpose in our bodies.

Nestor Aparicio  24:09

She’s bringing this wisdom It’s Angel Windsor she’s here we’re at the local we’re having these crab cakes that came recommended Natalie is still here she’s your originator of coming out to local I had met Zach before you know check Natalie out she’s she’s Alpha Baltimore positive she still shows up up at bat was with me and at some point I’m gonna get Bobby out as well for work and and traveling and doing all this I want to talk about the local little bit crabcake here because she recommended it and more than that when I came up the backside because it came from the Loch Raven area count the backside so I didn’t really I didn’t come 95 and and pass mountain branch and just turn the corner and seeing friends of mine. 70% of my high school friends live up here. Right, right. Yeah, it’s Norfolk County, and I’ll see fallston bear house I’ll see mucha Gousto I’ll see the Hawaiian grinds I’ll see low glossy Pappas. I’ll see Eat more of somebody’s cup somebody else opened up up here. Another friend of mine opened up a Bel Air low. Wait,


hold on was a DOS beer

Nestor Aparicio  25:08

Das. Scott open up, so and loonies came up here. 20 years ago, this guy before I got married, he came up here McKercher. But this has really become a food area you like, and it breaks my heart for Baltimore, because you don’t have to get in your car and false and drive down to the city anymore. And, you know, I’m all about Baltimore positive, but seeing communities like this take on places that look like they’ve been here a long time. It’s been less than two years. It wasn’t the Pizza Hut. And it wasn’t really it


was the original Pizza Hut. Yep,

Nestor Aparicio  25:42

nobody told me that. Oh, yeah. Looting told me. I was wondering how a joint like this gets in the neighborhood of waffle acid. Yeah, this was originally that. And then my friends would stay fair in Kingsville. It was a friendlies for a generation. Yep. And it’s completely rethought anyone never been local. Great. Chef. Great food. Great menu. Yes, locally


sourced everything. We have the Top Chef,


Nestor Aparicio  26:08

Restaurant Association, he The place has gotten so popular having a big party here out on the deck, and he got stuck back in the kitchen. So he sent Lou out but he did send the crab cakes and I’m working on and I’m trying to talk and eat at the same time without spending too much. Or biting my lip. But but for living this part of the world and loving you moved up here. I


did that in Baltimore. Hamilton Parkway. Oh, you been up here? Since a senior high school. So like I’m thinking now you’re H me like 15 years.

Nestor Aparicio  26:38

Okay. Just a young these babies.



Like Did I do the math right kind of 1517 years, but

Nestor Aparicio  26:45

having a local place. And I know this is one of your favorite places as well. You guys were involved. And we are


Yeah, we’re the investors. Sure. So we met Zach. Zach. His talent was incredible. completely impressed. Oh my gosh. And my husband and I and Zach and his fiancee, Natalie blonde Natalie behind the bar worked very well together. And then we have a management management team like Lou. So with his expertise when it came down to the culinary expert,

Nestor Aparicio  27:16

I’m trying to figure out what’s in it to do that. Right, so describe what it tastes like. When I was a boy, we clean the crabs and I wouldn’t eat as I went along. May I take all the meat and pile it up?


No you did that I did not have the willpower. Oh, I was a meat pile rubber oh I’m like

Nestor Aparicio  27:35

I cleaned three crabs and we little crabs and grew up poor Dundalk. You know, but we clean the crabs out and I put it all together and I have one big ball I swear to God I mean I mean this with all my heart I mean this in the most positive this chase like, like, like I bawled it out like it just tastes like because we don’t taste like summer If Annie and like taste like summer is what it tastes like. He’s really really


good credits more of the crabmeat because that’s what crabcake is

Nestor Aparicio  28:04

delicious. Look at Yes, man. All right, but yeah,


so that’s how that I’ll have any we met center for everything here. Oh my gosh, I love the fillet. I’m a fillet girl on I feel like whenever I come here, man, dude for steak. There. There’s so much the beef carpaccio isn’t everybody

Nestor Aparicio  28:19

recommended the cheesesteak, I’d roll that too. That’s what the


favorite for me.

Nestor Aparicio  28:24

My wife loves beef stroganoff too.


But it’s that’s like for two so you’ll be having leftover I’m not going to eat

Nestor Aparicio  28:29

asparagus right now because for obvious reasons. I’m going to be sweating a little bit. Yeah, that’s great line bar. I didn’t know how to pronounce I still don’t want to call it bar. It’s bar


de la bar. It’s a bar where it has an origin eonni even tell our girls there Barbie my son’s name

Nestor Aparicio  28:45

is var or why. Two syllables Berry. You know, like Bari? I kept calling it Bari. I didn’t know how to call it. Bar. Bar. More Raven, cheerleader years.


So I did six. I took off for eight. And I went back for one. Right one? Yeah. So the year we went to the Super Bowl.

Nestor Aparicio  29:09

We’re still in Honolulu then yes. VS pick up gated ins. Listen, and it was never good. It was when you went. But at least experience was you know, going over to Oahu


that it was incredible. I mean, I was the only representative from the Ravens because everyone was at Super Bowl. So I had to go to Hawaii and fly back into Maryland meet my girls. Then we went to New Orleans and then we won that. So that was like, cheering for the Ravens was the best years of my life.

Nestor Aparicio  29:37

Well, I wrote a book about it. I’m gonna give you a copy. I get a copy. around here somewhere. I put it on the chair. Yeah, we’re gonna cheer. One for you. Purple Rain one and Purple Rain. That’s the first one you were just a baby. Yeah, exactly. But the second one, you’re working


hard. Purple. Amen. Burgundy. This is cool. Yeah, I

Nestor Aparicio  29:58

think we received input You want to cover but this this? This had a happy ending. How about these Oreos? Huh?


I know, right? I mean, obviously I’m more of a football girl clearly like, this is what was my little Hamilton girl

Nestor Aparicio  30:11

doesn’t go to baseball


did buy it? I don’t I’m just not cheerleader. You know, the Orioles had cheerleaders be different.

Nestor Aparicio  30:19

We got a quarterback, we have a chance we have a good roster. I’m heartened by the kind of year we’re gonna have. Yeah, and you’re done. You’re done. Cheering I am done. You’re not going to be the 60 year old goes back in those


ways. No, I was the 33 year old that went back. And that was a little too. Because I started in 19, retired 25. And then when I met my husband, he’s amazing. And he was so supportive. And I said, I miss it.

Nestor Aparicio  30:42

Listen, I dated a cheerleader 20 Many years ago, and, and I had many, you know, Tina, you back running things. 30 years ago, they came in and I was amazed. And I know everything’s going on with the Washington cheerleaders. And God bless you on one of them. Right cracked, but how hard it was to make the team than the expectations, the crazy no pay or whatever the L stipend or whatever it was. I just always like, when it first came in. I thought one thing about it, I think differently about it now because I know what they put you guys through. And I know, like for what you earn, and what you do, and what they earn and what it represents. I just always felt like it’s been imbalanced. I just want to say that not on behalf of like defending you or and or the institution. I just know. You gave a lot of your life. Just say, Well, you were even cheerleader. That’s nice. You’re pretty you bounced around. We got pictures, like amount of effort, practices, years, and I think about


it and it’s so you know, we’re so appreciative of that. When I started when I was 19. This was a dream. I didn’t care about Yeah, I mean, I was in I mean I don’t even know if that show was even

Nestor Aparicio  31:59

one when you think about the value


of your time. Yeah. As I got older and I was in other things now with that with the Ravens they were sending me on calendar shoots, I traveled overseas to Bahrain and Djibouti performed for troops. I had the experiences that I don’t care. I mean and my coaches mentors

Nestor Aparicio  32:15

well, back and you honestly say


I’ve ever done it was I and we were paid a clearly nothing to live off of I worked a full time job at Johns Hopkins for the chair radiology

Nestor Aparicio  32:26

is a hard gig leaving the chair of radiology going and I


went straight to practice twice a week I did tons of appearances purple Fridays.

Nestor Aparicio  32:34

weren’t seeing your husband or two friends weren’t doing things but


it was I knew I’m a Baltimore girl through and through that I love that organization. I will always love that organization and I’m still part of it and alumni version now but

Nestor Aparicio  32:46

alum that me and we’re old enough to have a low Yeah, we’re the old colts cheerleader would come out and John Ziemann in the early days it’s a it’s a brother and sisterhood I should say brotherhood now because stunt and everything that the Ravens had always had male cheerleaders, David Modell in the beginning. And of course, Michelle as well. who I’ve known for a lifetime as well. Her Yeah, Michelle and I she used to work in Bel Air and we get lunch the only place that we could get lunch was Chili’s


1999 There was nothing there was nothing and then you’re looking at looking at and now we’re

Nestor Aparicio  33:19

gonna now we’re up to local. Our friends Natalie and Bobby and angel sent us up here to local to to be with Zach and to be with Lou. We appreciate the hospitality the crabcakes great guests fancy Clancy was here. Feel like I had some baseball love going on J LM he came by I told the story of running in my underwear through downtown Baltimore. You want to go listen to the first segment I’ve been on for years but I was so convinced when we didn’t get the team with Jacksonville. I went on the air for a year and a half and said We’re never getting a team we get a team I’ll run naked from Hooters the balls. So Hooters and balls were sports bars, right? You probably have drank in both of them. You don’t know them. Bowls, naming balls is the current L Street press street Ale House. Okay, he’s right down the hill from right. Yeah, that was balls. Okay. And then actually was PJ crickets and balls is next door, and Hooters. So I told the story about running through the streets of Baltimore monitor were tied to it so I can show you the video of it. I was younger, but I’m in better shape now. Thanks to bar studio.


You stayed in line of credit. That’s your yoga.

Nestor Aparicio  34:26

Are you running with me? I had Hooters girls that were like chained smoking behind me couldn’t even keep up with me. It’s all a video too. It’s crazy. News. I think the new time Jamie Costello Alright, we gotta get out of here. I have class she was Claire. I have no class, the Marilyn crabcake tour based in Baltimore. But traveling all around the state of Maryland personally, the Maryland lottery. That’s a winner for you as well. You’re of the illegal age everybody gets to play around here. I’m giving these away. We’re gonna be at shame. In a couple of weeks over unhealth torque we’re gonna be experienced West. Taking the show we’re kicking the 25th anniversary golf a drug city in Dundalk classes and Dundalk. We’re coming to fate and he’s in his a whole summer tour. It’s also brought to you by our friends at winter nation alley where the funny hat would have the pretty girls on the show so the winter nation 866 90 nation buy to get to free if it still may, you still have this much chance to get 0% financing for five years. My thanks to Angel my thanks to fancy Clancy Lu J. Can everybody that came out to hang out today here at the local I text my wife when I walked in, I said this place was cute. I didn’t order the cheesesteak reg roll thing i’ll be back I’m gonna watch an Oreo game right there you bring Bobby we’ll get one night. I want to get that fancy shmancy Beef Wellington. Tomahawk little glass Amol back my, my new driver. Alright, we’re gonna go live in fallston sending it back to the studio. I’m Nestor we are wn st am 1570 We never stop talking Baltimore positive and these crabcakes right here. They’re delicious.

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