Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks talks about mutual respect shared with fellow Florida native Ray Lewis

Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks joins Nestor and Luke at Super Bowl 51 in Houston
Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks joins Nestor and Luke at Super Bowl 51 in Houston
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers great sat down with Nestor and Luke at Super Bowl LI in Houston.


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Derrick Brooks, Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back, wn, st Towson, Baltimore and wn St. dotnet. I’m already having fun with this guy here. He is a Hall of Famer was hard to beat him when he was on the other side. We welcome in Derrick Brooks. If on behalf of K jewels, you said to me, my jacket, my ring and your hat, and we’re looking places we could go about this shirt. Yeah. Sacred look, yes, what

Derrick Brooks  00:19

I was saying you represent a great man in the battle that he had and inspired a lot of people. So I’ll say the combination of the four these things we can do great thing

Nestor Aparicio  00:29

my wife battled leukemia twice over the last three years and had a life saved in the bone marrow registry. So you know, we try to give back and swab and get young, good looking guy. Do you want a bone marrow registry to save more lives?

Derrick Brooks  00:40

Thank you. Well, I raised my hand because I’m already there. Nice. So I am a registered organ donate organ donor across the board. So I told my wife if I didn’t know if and when the Lord calls me home, if there’s anything left in his by to give someone else by all means doing. So I understand the journey that you guys on,

Nestor Aparicio  00:59

you know, we’ll talk about K and Hall of Fame and the ring and a jacket and all that. But the first thing you said to me when you sat down is you said Baltimore, you got an Arena Football League team, and I would be happy to hear that as well. We had a press conference last week there. Tell me about a renal failure. You’re involved. I know Dorsky Bon Jovi kisses, you know, there have been people in that have been out. It’s trying to sort of rebuild and using Baltimore Washington video as a test thing this time around. Right.

Derrick Brooks  01:29

And I’m glad that you mentioned that because it gives me an opportunity to say no, with what the Leona’s family is doing is helping along with Jeff vinik, our owner and Ron Jaworski, and his group, you know, and Dan and his group out of Cleveland is really trying to find like minded owners such as themselves, that an NBA NHL owners that own arenas. So now when you start to switch up the ownership types, you won’t have the guys that are in the guys that are out, you have a brand that can build over time. And that’s what we’re trying to do. Yes, we got a few last teams, but I expected plan is very aggressive and what we’re looking to do for 2018, moving forward with the same like minded owners with a good nucleus. And that once we do that, now for my mind, how far forehead I think we can approach the NFL is talking about development conversations, and what that look like, because I know the NFL wants some type of development league development partner excetera, where arena football could probably suffice that space, once we get the right group of owners in place to do it. So we’re excited to bring on Washington, in Baltimore in the temporary stone will be coming up there twice, twice the Washington wants to Baltimore so I’m excited about it. And I’m glad that I’ve been involved with the last five years I had an opportunity to grow and transition away from football into the executive role and it’s been a fun ride. It’s been a bumpy ride, but it’s been fun. What’s

Nestor Aparicio  02:58

interesting about this because I went down to the press conference, and I said I’ve been all these minor league hockey, basketball, things that don’t work. The thing that is interesting is how decorated the owners are and they have deeper pockets and they’re not some guy in a you know, basement trying to fund a football team right that these guys know how to operate a sports franchise and you know that that’s part of the soul and what the Jaworski tried to get involved in Bon Jovi tried to use it to buy an NFL team

Derrick Brooks  03:27

back. So when you look at you know, all those things that you said, it’s about what spring Springboard forward, but we got to get that foundation set. And then I think what the Leona’s family has done, is brought that because they have a multitude of brands, you know, under monumental sports, so they bring that experience and now we transcend that up to the league level, and therefore set the foundation for us to move forward in what are the team with this type of expansion other than what 1996 When the Carolina Panthers and the Jacksonville Jaguars 95 Or I believe with the Jags in the Charlotte team expanded. We bring it into teams, you know, in one year that’s in each other’s back yard. So it’s that type of forward thinking but as you said with the proper owners in place that allows us to have that long term vision.

Luke Jones  04:17

Derek you’re being a Hall of Famer and having the credibility that you bring as one of the great defensive players of all time and certainly haven’t been that far removed from your playing career. What do you like about arena football? If you’re talking to NFL fans who and the AFL hadn’t had a Buddha popularity about 10 years ago that was on ESPN and everything but how do you sell the game to fans that are love the NFL but what would they enjoy most about the as

Derrick Brooks  04:42

I say The NFL has its three F’s. fast, fun and affordable. Death. Big day that is very big. Now when you go to an arena football game, and you bring your family you don’t feel like you just spent a paycheck, you know and you’re getting some fast action you get high octane action and you get you know activation from throughout the whole arena that you don’t get in the outdoor game you don’t have the fan engagement you don’t have the music the kids you know the whole life the whole shebang you don’t have that and the players are engaged because they’re right there with the fans in the NFL for you know there’s walls up that don’t get crawls barriers that don’t get touch when arena football that’s not the case you know I’m jumping over this table to catch the ball I need you to catch me while I’m doing it but it’s that type of interaction that type of as I said before fun fast and affordable that arena football break in it’s still football guys are still getting hit guys are still blocking tackling but the scoring is a lot looser rules.

Luke Jones  05:45

I was gonna say defensive guy later just to get

Derrick Brooks  05:48


used to seeing 60 points and you win a game but you know and then let the guys celebrate obviously for you know the touchdown celebrations you can see anything goes but as long as it’s tasteful. That’s a part of what the AFL brand is. And again I’m excited to be a part of

Nestor Aparicio  06:04

their approaches here for changes lasting on arena now we’re gonna talk about Kane talking about your jacket and all that good stuff

Derrick Brooks  06:09

to get me fired.

Nestor Aparicio  06:12

Because you said developmental for the NFL. And last I look Kurt Warner’s couple tables over here. You had trouble chasing him one day in St. Louis as I remember I was out of that game when they you know you got yours they got theirs but he came from that whole background had there been no Arena Football League he might be wearing a gold jacket soon and he probably deserves one

Derrick Brooks  06:32

yes you know you would bring up that championship game you know we will win and you know we win that game six to five I remember in Ricky poll caught a miracle all the side of his helmet. Who knows that’s the only touchdown he scored that year but I’ve gotten over it but Kurt Warner came through the eyeball the eyeball Barnstormers and yes, he he developed as a quarterback started with arena football got his chance obviously in the NFL, they didn’t look back. So you got several guys that have had NFL and AFL careers that are playing and I want to get back

Nestor Aparicio  07:08

well he brought a lot of those elements yeah feeding you know that hair I’m

Derrick Brooks  07:12

interested a quick release when you think about just say the quarterback development. You get a chance to have a third string practice squad quarterback for example. Where else can you develop him that’s going to throw the ball 98 98.9% of the time. Arena football so you want him throwing now Yes. offensively. You know, it’s different angles, different spaces, and that comes with the setup of the game. But the actual what you want him to do to develop is pass a football that’s what’s happening. So yes, there is a lot of space and obviously, you know some further discussion, but I think the AFL can be a legitimate choice oil legitimate franchise or legitimate entity. When the NFL looks at development league partners, a

Nestor Aparicio  07:57

lot of credibility from the Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks. You’re here for Kay Jewelers. Yes. You’re gonna make me sing.

Derrick Brooks  08:02

We’re gonna I’m not going to make you sing because you’re going to volunteer. Here’s why.

Nestor Aparicio  08:06

Oh, man, he’s a leader. In the locker room. You know, we’ve seen you’re gonna tell me what I’m going to do.

Derrick Brooks  08:12

Kay Jewelers, people post videos seeing the jingle. Every kiss begins with Kay. And it’s up here. Yes, k will make $100 donation. Once you put the hashtag let’s get the hashtag right. I don’t want to miss it up. Reading Glasses yes, no, but the hashtag seen for St. Jude donation, sing for St. Jude donation post that along with a video of you singing the K jingle and they make $100 donation on your behalf. Now listen, as a business person that believes in charity. You may not have that amount of money to give. But you got to time to give Sure so spend 10 seconds sing the jingle post this hashtag and they make a donation on your behalf.

Nestor Aparicio  08:56

You still Marcus Allen’s ring. No I don’t. It’s more.

Derrick Brooks  09:00

I have my own. But that’s the charity part and the business part of 14 days from now let’s just face it for women is Christmas again. Can help men serve that purpose? By being a good steward on

Nestor Aparicio  09:18

Valentine’s I am aware of February 14 Yeah, Mary Yes.

Derrick Brooks  09:22

And the 15th 16th 17th all the way up. But gay jewelers obviously number one jewelry store in America helping guys fulfill they Valentine obligations today’s to defend others or their wives and I’m proud to be associated with them because don’t honor their partners at a Pro Football Hall of Fame. But in doing that, all the older living Hall of Famers get the updated ring that we’re wearing. And I’m excited for those guys to see when they get to walk round that big piece. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  09:52

we got a guy that wore purple jersey that emulated your style and you emulate next year you know I mean You know, it’s all done, right? I mean, we’re gonna have a jacket in the ring soon,

Derrick Brooks  10:04

you know, and this, this is what I told my good friend, I say, hey, the resume is written. The story is there, but you still gotta have somebody to tell it. So, yes, you still got to get presented and you love watching and playing. Oh, yeah, we, you know, being from Florida, right? We grew up watching each other play. And then we played we push each other. All the time I did was every week, man we call in Hey, what’d you do this week? What did you do? Did we go check your radio and when we play, when we play common opponents, we shared notes against common opponents. But yeah, my good friend. Call them five deuce. Still today, man, which we still teaching each other. He always say I’m teaching him more than he teaching me. But again, I’m excited for that friendship. And, and I’m not, you know, until you go through the process, you know, just just me and us being us. You don’t count those chickens before they hatch, you know, get excited about going through the process. And absolutely, I expect him to be a first ballot Hall of Fame.

Nestor Aparicio  11:05

And we think he’s deserving.

Luke Jones  11:08

Pretty good. Do you like what the linebacker positions hadn’t in the NFL. I mean, you know, you coming out of college and Ray, not the biggest guys in the world, right? But you’re seeing more athletic, you’re seeing a 225 pound linebacker today. And it’s just in the last game, especially that coverage is just critical.

Derrick Brooks  11:25

I liked that athleticism, but the game that they you know, and again, so much of his offense is just now starting to get you know, the smaller guys that are rushing the passer to and called the linebacker von Miller’s impact player. So, as long as the position continues to have impact, whether you you know, 225 Will linebacker as Derrick Brooks or whether you’re 235 you know, grow into a 245 pound binary, Louis, as long as the linebacker position is impacting the game. I’m satisfied, and I can enjoy that from a three four guy that’s rushing the passer like T sizzle, or I can enjoy watching Levante David and tampering. Very different styles, but they both impact the game.

Nestor Aparicio  12:09

Derrick Brooks his Hall of Famer, he’s here on behalf of Kay Jewelers. The hashtag is seeing for St. Jude’s feel a little

Derrick Brooks  12:17

hoarding for St. Jude donation hashtag St.

Nestor Aparicio  12:21

St. For St.

Derrick Brooks  12:22

Jude donation. All right. Yes. K will donate $100 on your behalf. All right. We

Nestor Aparicio  12:28

got that right. We’re gonna do this now. Yes, there we go.

Derrick Brooks  12:30

One, two.


Every kiss begins with Okay, you

Derrick Brooks  12:38

guys. Barisan. We got to hold the last notes. Okay. Follow my lead. Alright. Hold on. Let me be clear to throw clear the pipes. Here we go. All right. Here we go. One. Two.


Every kiss begins with Kay. See? My god. Yeah. Oh, it’s done. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  13:05

Man. There he goes. Derek hearby on behalf of Kay Jewelers, St. Hashtag,

Derrick Brooks  13:11

same st. St. Jude thing for St. Jude donation. Hashtag see when this is

Nestor Aparicio  13:19

down to me. And it’s why were the reading glasses. That’s why I got you. What a team’s about.

Derrick Brooks  13:25

Thank you. And obviously I appreciate your testimony. Man about your wife. It stands sago strong. Hey, when you come up, come on up and see if I will absolutely be on the trip to come to Washington and Baltimore.

Nestor Aparicio  13:37

We got big plans to help. Yeah, I mean, it says Baltimore on it. And my friends on the team. We’re gonna want to thank you guys. You got it. There it goes. Derrick Brooks Hall of Famer. We’re live on the Super Bowl radio row with a Super Bowl 51. We’re down here in Houston at the George Rufus brown Convention Center. You can find anything you miss out in the bio Toyota audio vault, as well as at WNS TVs YouTube channel, and our Facebook Live as well. We’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram. And Luke answers all fan mail at Luke at wn St. dotnet. As well as Baltimore Luke on Twitter we are wn St. dotnet am 1570 and wn st Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking. Baltimore sports

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