How much of this can you really blame on Lamar Jackson?

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With the Ravens offense missing key starters at every level, Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the play of the $260 million quarterback and what Todd Monken – and the fans – expect from him on Sunday afternoons? Six years into the “experiment” of Eric DeCosta and John Harbaugh, Lamar Jackson running the football on an RPO is still the team’s best chance for success on any given play.


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Nestor Aparicio, Luke Jones

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn st am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive good to have you aboard with us as we go on the orange magic carpet ride here this week looking for a clinch miss. But in the meantime we’re talking ravens football we’re gonna be giving away ravens scratch offs courtesy, the Maryland lottery on the Maryland crab cakes where we were at Coco’s last Friday and Laura Ville had my prusik Liano had Max wise had Liz and her brother sea bass who will if you spend any time at Coco’s, you know them as well as alternates a, just a phenomenal show all of brought to you by the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at window nation and our newest sponsor, Jiffy Lube. MultiCare be talking about those oil changes as well as when donation at 866 90. nation. We have to hiatus it a little bit because we have this this Oriole magic thing we are going to be up at Hollywood casino on the 15th with Ravens. I don’t know what the record is going to be there two and one now after a hideous loss to the Colts on Sunday. We’ll be there bright and early on October the 15th. At the Hollywood casino in Maryville. My picks weren’t as good this week with Christian Horton. We’ll see how they go. I got off to a good start. Much like the Ravens. I struggled in week three a little bit. Maybe the weather. Maybe it was the offense. Maybe it was the pass rush on. The quarterback Luke Jones joins us now. He’ll be in Owings Mills all week picking up the pieces of a 2219 overtime loss to the former team from Baltimore and the horseshoes. And I celebrated my 50th anniversary as a colts True Blue believer back in the day. But it was song sung blue on Sunday. And look, Lamar struggle, right like and they went back to this. Lamar running the football was their best play on Sunday, and that that can’t be their best play. And that’s probably why I never love this thing four or five, six years ago, because I’m like, That can’t be their best play and right now with the injuries and where they are and no running backs. And now they appear that they’ve lost Gus Edwards again. And maybe they’ve lost Bateman. This is it’s an attrition thing. And he’s still their best football player. He’s still their best chance to win.

Luke Jones  02:11

Yeah, well, I mean, it’s why you gave him $260 million. It’s that simple. I’ll say this. Lamar Jackson running the ball is going to continue to be one of their very best plays. Now I I’m in agreement with you that they need to be able to do other things and do other things more proficiently. And we really, we saw them struggle with not being able to push the ball down the field. I mean, think about the first couple drives, Lamar completes the 20 yard pass to Isaiah likely on the opening touchdown drive, at the 20 yard or to Andrews, the 24 yard, which was more of a short pass to Drake, but catch and run, you know, as they get close to the redzone before Drake puts the ball on the on the turf and everything changes from that point. But after that, I mean it was very little downfield passing. I think a big part of that was the offensive line, you know, as well as the offensive line played in Cincinnati against the Bengals front. They really struggle. And I mentioned in our previous segment that that’s a good Indianapolis front. It is I mean, as much as we look at the Colts as this rebuilding team, because you know, they have a rookie quarterback who didn’t play on Sunday, and they have a rookie head coach, still still talented players, you know, they’re lacking skilled talent at the at the skill positions on either side of the ball. But they have good football players. And when you have an undermanned offensive line, that you’re hoping can duplicate what they did in Cincinnati. That’s not always going to happen. That’s why their backup players right, backups can play well for periods of time. But if you’re having to depend on them for multiple weeks, it’s probably not going to turn out well for you. So Lamar Jackson, you know, after a hot start, I mean, you know, Let’s call a spade a spade. And I saw some people mentioned that he was inaccurate. I mean, he completed 71% of his passes like let’s not let facts get in the way of descriptors here when he made

Nestor Aparicio  04:03

that Frys in the postgame with you guys in there. He’s made that face in May, when I asked him why you’re on the ball 20 ones right. The first thing he does is does that dramatic? What you’re talking about Willis, you know, like saying and I’m like, Okay, I mean, but he he threw behind receivers.

Luke Jones  04:21

But my point but Nestor, he still completed 71% of his passes. I don’t think inaccuracy was as much of the issue as they just couldn’t push the ball down the field. I mean, think about it. Ze flowers had eight catches for 48 yards. Z flowers, a speedy guy who makes everyone Miss average six yards per catch. So and look, I’m not saying Lamar Jackson’s accuracy was perfect, either. Let me be clear about that. But I don’t think the accuracy was as much of an issue as they just didn’t make any plays. You know, everything was underneath and I think a big product of that was the offensive line. I do think, again, I don’t think Lamar played all that terribly well, either. I think we can’t be dismissive of the running element. That’s part of who he is. And that that counts, by the way, you know, that’s part of why they paid him what they paid him. You don’t want to eliminate that. I’ve said that over and over. The worst thing that you could do is just try to make Lamar Jackson, a pocket passer, you know, like Tom Brady. I mean, that’s not who he is. But you don’t want to have to rely on that to the degree that the Ravens had to rely on that on Sunday. I mean, when you’re losing

Nestor Aparicio  05:26

in the fourth quarter, that’s, that’s the best you’re gonna do.

Luke Jones  05:31

But it wasn’t even. I mean, he was perfect in the first quarter. I mean, didn’t throw an incompletion. And then in the second quarter because of fumbles, and because they couldn’t stay on the field and pass protection was shoddy and he didn’t even attempt to pass in the second quarter. He was sacked twice, but he didn’t even attempt to pass on it. And they had a couple multiple fumbles.

Nestor Aparicio  05:52

So it was just a lot of problems with him throwing the football right now with him dropping back and being a quote unquote pocket passer, that there’s not a pocket there. He steps up, he’s got nowhere to go. It looks different. It looks like every other offense I’ve ever seen, including Joe Flacco. But the problem is the center and the left tackle aren’t as good as the senator in the left tackle and the wide receivers suddenly aren’t Beckham and Bateman and their flowers and to your point the front seven of the Colts excellent, but they tackled too and they got they got guys down onto the ground. But they they’re not going to have 456 seconds first reach secondary. Oh, I’m going to throw the ball 62 yards down the field and find Bateman on the fly or Hollywood brown or whoever that the taking the top allege Sean Jackson, whoever is going to take the top off the offense as a wide receiver. Maybe it’s Aguilar, right like that there’s a lot that has to happen in the framework without Ronnie Stanley without Linda balm without Pat Ricard on the field because you’re setting up the throw the football right, that you’re not taking Andrews underneath or ze flowers underneath. Because that long play, it’s that’s gonna be hard for them. Without the running game without the running backs without the threat of Dobbins that long paths that we dreamed up with all these wide receivers. That’s a lot harder to do. When Morgan Moses is banged up in one knee, and two fists to the other offensive line are nowhere to be found. And, and that’s, I’m defending them. Now I’m defending why this show isn’t working.

Luke Jones  07:26

Sure. And look, they were able to do that in week two, the past protection didn’t just hold up. It was really good. And Lamar Jackson. And this passing the quick game. We talked about it all last week, they got into a rhythm and he was very accurate. And he made good decisions. And then the occasions where they did take a deeper drop. They were trying to push the ball downfield. The past protection held up to do that, what we’re talking about here, and I’m glad you mentioned and you even brought up Joe Flacco because you and I exchanged texts Sunday night and you made just to pull back the curtain a little bit I don’t think you would mind here. But you made the comment about the quarterbacks struggling against pressure on Sunday, by the way, that’s both quarterbacks and that that was Joe Flacco for Well, that’s why Tom Brady

Nestor Aparicio  08:09

early you never saw them in dispute, because they got rid of the ball before. They had a guy breathing on them where they had to deliver a ball 28 yards outside the pocket on time. And with a guy in their face without getting their shoulder separated while they throw it right. So like the whole game, the whole goal is to make sure Lamar doesn’t have that happen. I’m not sure that’s possible now.

Luke Jones  08:34

I mean, right now, without Stanley without Lindenbaum. Yeah, it’s tough to disagree with you. And it’s tough to think that it’s going to hold up in Cleveland the way the way the Browns have played early on defensively if you’re not going to have Stanley and Linder bomb out there. So but you know what you’re mentioning. And look, Tom Brady hated pressure, especially inside pressure now defensive tackles that could that could make him move his feet. That was how you beat Tom Brady didn’t happen a whole lot. But the formula for how to beat him was always that interior pressure. So you know, what we’re talking about here with Jackson is not unique to him. Very few quarterbacks perform well against pressure. And when you talk about the Colts, I mean, it wasn’t just the front four, but you know, they sent blitzes, and they did very well with that. And the Ravens did not handle it. Well. So we talked about it, they got off to a fast start. And you look at how Lamar performed in the first quarter throwing the football and then second quarter, they couldn’t. They couldn’t even you know they couldn’t protect and they certainly didn’t protect the football and that for me is probably my biggest concern early on the passing game. I always expected that this was going to be a work in progress. You know, you don’t go from a Greg Roman offense to something that is more 11 personnel more wide open, more of responsibility for Lamar to get the ball out quickly. It’s by design, not even talking about the past protection just that’s how they want to play you know, Lamar It’s been someone as a mobile quarterback that has been accustomed to holding the ball longer. And that’s worked out when when that when the pass protection has been good. That’s worked beautifully because you can either make the big plays down the field or if no one’s open, Lamar takes off and suddenly he’s in, you know, you have guys in the secondary that are 20 yards downfield trying to react to tackle the fastest quarterback in football. So, you know, it is a transformation that I didn’t expect to be flawless in week one. It looked really really good in week two, even with some of the guys that were missing, but I can a reminder that this is week to week matchup to matchup and when you are talking about the number of injuries the Ravens have, specifically with their offensive line but then throwing in Odell Beckham throwing in Bateman having the hamstring late in the game, although he wasn’t that’s an issue for me too. You got to find a way to get Rashad Bateman more involved. You know, he’s been largely a non factor for three weeks. You know, and we know that the talent is there. We’ve seen it in the past. So you know that there’s but there’s a lot working against this offense right now, when it starts up front when you don’t have adequate pass protection, which they did not have that in week three and Lamar at times, escaped, you know, he was sacked what four times come in six or seven easily.

Nestor Aparicio  11:21

I mean, we can like God, it’s like a pinch. It could have been at Hebron to the ground and, and like, and I’m thinking like a safety shoots the gap and tries to tackle him around his shoulders. I mean, the first thing you should be going at is his legs. Right? Like, and these guys don’t do it. And, and he is proven to be tough to tackle. Yeah,

Luke Jones  11:41

well, I mean, let’s, let’s be clear, you can’t do it when he’s in the pocket as a passer. So that’s part of it. But yeah, and the open field when he scrambling, and yeah, that’s a different story. But I mean, it’s just, it was, it looks so good. The first two drives until Kenyan Drake puts the ball in the ground. And it just, you know, it really went away didn’t didn’t come back until what late in the third quarter, then I mean, where they finally got the running game going. And they did just enough with the passing game. But you look at his numbers the rest of the way, you know, third quarter. You know, I mentioned, I mentioned second quarter didn’t even attempt to pass third quarter Seven of Nine, but only for 44 yards. I mean, that’s just under five yards and attempt. I mean, I mean, that just shows you they weren’t pushing the ball downfield, you know, and, you know, fourth quarter, they got a little bit more going on that front, seven of 10 for 62 yards, but, you know, then late, late in regulation, they couldn’t run the clock out, and that was much more not not been able to run the ball. But you’re looking overtime, you know, he completed one pass now likely dropped one in a crucial spot. So, you know, it’s not as though Lamar was getting a lot of help on that front. But, you know, it just the offense completely broke down and could not sustain drives could not move consistently could not get points and overtime. I mean, they wasted great field position on both drives and overtime. And I mean, it’s just, that was disappointing, especially after the way they started. And I think what’s troubling for me, you know, if we’re going to acknowledge the past protection, but also acknowledged, you know, you got to fight still have to find a way to make a few more plays downfield. They operated better on that front, in the first quarter, when there was some precipitation, as the game went on the rain, you know, for the most part disappeared, right? I mean, at least it looks that way from the past, but not a bad weather game. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  13:36

What do you thought it was? Right.

Luke Jones  13:38

I mean, the wind, and you know, wind is usually the big factor. I mean, I remember you know, Flacco talking about this, John Harbaugh has talked about this in the past, you know, Lamar has talked about it, you know, as much as everyone talks about, you know, the reigning and look if it’s a monsoon, like in New England a couple years back that Sunday night game, that’s a different story, but it was a light rain, a heavy mist, however you want to classify it early on, but they did better throwing the ball downfield early on pass protection, again, was the major issue. I’ll continue to point to that. But, you know, you’d like to think that there were some more plays to make downfield and that just didn’t happen whether it was Lamar not taking it. And yeah, let’s also I’m not gonna I’m not saying this to fire up this conversation too much. But, you know, what was Todd Monken trying to accomplish with with with with what they were running, you know, but I think so much of it still comes back to you were bang so banged up on the offensive line face and a really good indeed defensive front. And, oh, yeah, you’re also down to your fourth and fifth running backs. No, JK Dobbins. No Justice Hill this week, Gus Edwards leaves with a concussion. By the way, your luck protecting Lamar in those sets. Sure. I mean, it’s just it’s all it all comes together. I mean, we always try to, not when I say we just in a general sense We always try to put it on one thing, but it’s the entire operation, then that breaks down. When you have guys missing key guys missing. And you know, your everything is supposed to complement itself, right? A run game complements the passing game and vice versa. You know, your past protection allows your quarterback to stand tall and the pocket allows receivers to get into routes. You’re missing guys on that front. I mean, it’s just they just it broke down, it looked really good for about a quarter, not even a quarter, 10 minutes, let’s say 11 minutes, 12 minutes. And they were they chased that level of efficiency and production the rest of the way and you just look at it in very plain terms. They scored 17 points at home against a team that has a good front but does not have a great secondary. I mean, I mentioned I mean Indianapolis one of the starting corners listed on their depth chart this week was a healthy scratch. They benched him that shows you how much unrest and uncertainty there is on the back end of their defense. And the Ravens did not exploit that whatsoever. And again, I think the big reason why we’re breakdowns and pass protection, but it’s everyone and that includes Lamar Jackson comes down to and I said this when we were talking about this in an earlier segment. They just no one made the big play at the end. Whether you’re talking about Lamar, whether you’re talking about one of the receivers,

Nestor Aparicio  16:22

aka Tucker, I mean on TV that ball was going through 100 times and it fell short. I had it up on my screen right you know like I was ready to hit send on my Twitter. Yeah, my ex whatever we’re calling it these days. And that’s how shocked I was that he missed it and we shouldn’t be shocked and missing 61 yard field goals but I was just gonna sit right

Luke Jones  16:45

I mean we’re not talking about a 51 yard or there it was a 61 yarder but it lends itself back to the point I was just making no one made the big play to put the Ravens over that they needed one play a turnover on defense on one of those final couple drives.

Nestor Aparicio  16:58

They needed say flowers to run the ball around for three and a half seconds. They needed the coaching staff to tell him that I mean he did a first down

Luke Jones  17:05

affirm even even after that if you get one first down, and that game is maybe you’re putting it back to them with a few seconds left.

Nestor Aparicio  17:13

What you’re saying is they don’t have a great running game right now. What we’re saying is they can’t go down the field right now because they can’t protect Lamar and oh by the way, Lamar running the football still their best play because that’s something they can do. They don’t need anything else to work for that. They just need to scatter everybody out. decom around a little bit dink and dunk underneath a little bit put Pat Ricard in there to be a pinball and Lamar can get you seven yards.

Luke Jones  17:38

Yeah, like, and I’ll say this, Lamar Jackson needs to take better care of the football. I mean, this has been an issue now for three weeks now. Week two, remember the fumble got wiped out by the penalty, so no harm no foul, but it’s we still saw it happen. It doesn’t show up in the stat sheet, but we still saw it happen. It’s got to protect the football better. I mean, they have to be more careful with the football. And that was that was very disappointing. How that first half played out were Kenyan Drake fumbles. Okay. It’s one fumble, it’s a fumble that it’s a bummer because you’re about to score points and maybe have a chance to go up 14 Nothing before the first quarter is even over. But then they fumbled three more times over their next seven offensive snaps. I mean, that can’t happen. And I don’t care whose fault it is, you know, whether it’s a quarterback pass protection, all of the above bad snapped by must have her all of the above that can’t happen. And it’s it completely derailed a good start. And it allowed Indianapolis to have what Pope and the Colts took advantage of. And they they weren’t perfect either. But they made just enough plays. And, you know, we haven’t talked a whole lot about the defense. The defense was an awful by any stretch of the imagination on Sunday. And I mean, Kyle Hamilton had an unbelievable football game. But, you know, they had opportunities to make plays at times. And other times, Zack Moss was running the football. I mean, they gave up 122 yard rusher on Sunday that that’s not ravens, like right there. I mean, even with a couple of the guys missing that, that were missing in that game, I mean, that you just don’t see that from a Ravens team. But, you know, credit Zack moss credit coach offensive line that, by the way was without their pro bowl center. So it’s not as though Indianapolis was at full strength either, but certainly, you know, it just comes down to as I wrote it, Baltimore Breakdowns occurred in every phase you can imagine, at some point in time during the football game. The offense, I will continue to say was the biggest culprit. But we talked about the coaching special teams, they allowed a couple of punt returns. Jordan stout had a bad punt at the very end of you know, put put Indianapolis in position to kick the game tying field goal after they couldn’t pick up a first down everyone and the defense they gave up a few plays, you know and look, is that unfair to them? Because they were Bang, you know, banged up and missing some guys. Yeah. But at some point in time, again, Shawn Arbol talks about this in a very general sense the idea of playing winning football. And that really means you make just enough plays. And you limit your mistakes, right? You don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Raven shot themselves in the foot too much on Sunday, and ultimately Indianapolis made them pay thanks to a kicker, who hit four field goals from beyond 53. And, again, we’ve seen over the years Justin Tucker do things maybe not that extreme, maybe that that many kicks over 53 yards, but we’ve seen the Ravens be on the good end of a performance like that. But unfortunately, on Sunday, they were on the bad end.

Nestor Aparicio  20:41

Anything you would say about the defense for you know, I throw this thing back to baseball conversation where, you know, our hearts and minds would be blown away. Rick Dempsey coming on this week, Allah McCallum stopping by talking baseball with us this week, and we’re gonna have a clinch, Miss around here, we hope, you know, doing the dishes with my wife during Sunday night football. And I said to her if they don’t clinch the match numbers, like if they don’t clench this thing, by Thursday or Friday, it’s going to be very nerve wracking because like, if they have a week to either win three games or have the race lose three games, and that doesn’t happen. We’re gonna be going back to the 60 Phillies and like Al awful things. I mean, it’s a foregone conclusion. Right. But in the meantime, you know, the Ravens defense, where are you with whatever it is at this point, and when Humphries coming back and a job Oh, and the pass rush? Boy, Kyle Hamilton look, right. I mean, you know, they’re and Ro Quan Smith, a dude and Patrick Queens playing to get paid, and we’re trying to keep them all healthy. But the defense is the stronger side of the ball right now.

Luke Jones  21:47

Yeah, I mean, it is. And again, as well as the offense played in week two, it was choppy in week one. And we saw what happened on Sunday. Great in the first, you know, over the first two drives until the fumble, and after that, way more bad than good. But I think overall with the defense I mean, first of all, it’s it’s surprising when you just I mean, Darrell Warli, played 76 snaps on defense, he was the third safety know, that allowed Hamilton to move back to that nickel spot that he played last year, over the second half of the season, and was really when he came into his own and I know you I obviously understand the appeal and the need for Hamilton to be able to play a deep safety spot. But boy, when you can move him around the way that Mike McDonald did on Sunday, he becomes such a weapon, you know, blitzing off the edge. And look, I mean, Indianapolis, they’ve got to pick it right. I mean, he was a free runner on a couple of those, you know, so it’s not as though it was a necessarily this phenomenal play by him as much as it’s a good call and a breakdown on their front, not not picking them up to any degree. But when you can do the things that they’re able to do with him on Sunday. And credit Darrell Warli on the back end and Gino stone, you know, it’s not as though the Colts threw the ball over their head a ton. You know, they they made the big play to kind of flip the field position in overtime. Sure, but overall, I think I’m not nearly as concerned about the defense other than just you need to get your guys back I mean, a job Oh goes out no way played for snaps. Oh, way was in a walking boot this past week, you know, even late in the week, it was still in a boot. So not sure we’re gonna see him this week. You know, what would that ankle? You know, they need to get Humphrey back. I think I think Humphries very close. Very close. You know, it’s not as you know, I’ve seen him in the locker room. It’s not as though he’s in a walking boot, anything like that. He’s been looking normal, as normal as you can look and whatever you can take away from that, walking around the building and all that so he’s got to be getting close. We’ll see about Marcus Williams. We know he did not get the surgery for for the PEC injury. There’s gonna be some unknown until he’s back on the field. And you can see how he operates with that. But, you know, overall, I think the defense when you consider Jeremiah Moon played 46 snaps. And to your point habeas Robinson was our fourth round rookie draft pick. He played 55 snaps I mentioned Warli plan 76 Geno stone played 82. Brandon’s

Nestor Aparicio  24:19

got Dang, yeah,

Luke Jones  24:20

came back into the game. To his credit. You know, top top ended up being a rubbish I was afraid it was more of a head neck issue. But it was listed as ribs. But he but he was able to come back. Brandon Stevens, we talked about this. He began the spring and training camp, working at safety. He’s been their top coder to this point. And look, he’s played well, I this is a compliment to him. But it’s certainly not by design. It certainly wasn’t the plan. So when you consider the number of guys that they’ve been counting on, that couple of those guys I just mentioned weren’t even on the 53 man roster to start the season. That the defense is the least of my concern right now. I still have some questions about the pass rush over the course of a full season. You know, even week two in Cincinnati, it’s not as though they got to borrow a lot. The ball came out so quick, you know, I mean, it’s still a front for that I question can get enough pressure without having to use blitzing and sim pressures and deception and things of that nature. But, you know, I Mike McDonald, I think can make it work. So I’m not nearly as concerned about the defense other than just you can’t keep having injuries. You know, you can’t keep losing guys. I mean, you know, it’s such a simplistic thing to say and I get it that you know, it’s football and injuries are part of the game but the volume that they’re dealing with me. These seven guys were inactive on Sunday Odell Beckham Marcus Williams, Justice Hill, Marlon Humphrey, Tyler Linder, Baum, Ronnie Stanley adopt a Oh wait, that’s not even counting JK Dobbins and our Darius Washington who are on IR that’s not counting Tyus Bowser, who started the year on non football injury. They lost David a job. Oh, they lost Geno’s stone all the week came back in overtime just missed a couple plays. They lost tylan Wallace, which is a loss on special teams, you know, to a hamstring issue. And Gus Edwards and I know I just mentioned some players who aren’t defensive players, but my goodness I’m out of breath just reciting all those names Nestor I mean, it just and it’s week three. We’re not even we’re not even to October yet. Well, I

Nestor Aparicio  26:16

told you that back in May in June when nobody’s getting hurt, and it’s all you know, purple magic dust and fairy tales and depth charts and you know, we have all these wide receivers and all that this stepped in this in this fillet guy and a job Oh guy and you know, when all we’re healthy, Stanley’s healthy Humphreys healthy these guys have ever been healthy or healthy and JK Dobbins is healthy and pissed off for greatness. And wow, boy, the narrative changes by week four on it.

Luke Jones  26:45

Well, I would also say if you told me that back in June, I’d say they’re probably feeling okay about being two and one then rather than maybe being one and two, probably not Oh, and three, because you know, the Texans week one, I mean, even with a banged up roster, you’re expecting to beat them, although, I’d say that, you know, the Texans CJ Strauss, quietly, doing pretty well for himself over his first three NFL games, especially with their injuries. But yeah, I mean, it’s part of it. Again, that’s not to excuse them, self inflicted mistakes. It’s not to excuse the breakdowns that they had on Sunday, they still should have won, even with all those injuries. That’s a game they should have won. They had ample opportunity to win that football game in any phase if they make a play. But you know, it’s part of it. You can’t just sit here and say next man up next man up next man up until you’re blue in the face. It factors it matters. And the Ravens you know it. At the very least, it creates a smaller margin for error. And they did not play nearly clean enough on Sunday in any phase to ultimately put themselves over the top on Sunday, and it’s why they lost it’s why they’re two in one rather than three and Oh, getting ready to start this three game road trip.

Nestor Aparicio  27:57

All right, the Maryland crab cake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery with these fantastic and lucky so far ravens scratch off that we took the Coco’s last week with Max Weiss and with alternate Tay and with Ross from the lottery as well as we’re SIG talking big orange dreams of parades around here. We’re suspending the crabcake tour for a couple of weeks here. We are gonna be doing a morning breakfast at Hollywood casino and I will have these to give away as well as our friends at window nation. Of course, Jiffy Lube, sponsoring the Maryland crab cakes or just a little bit of a hiatus gonna try to get our scheduling together. Luke and I are going to try to go on the road for some Orioles baseball in October as the Al DS ALCS World Series all that and the Ravens are away for a month, which I wrote about my column this this week as well. Our 25th anniversary is all brought to you by our friends at curio wellness and for her daughter. It is number 24 this week, which are all of our barn memories. So I’m going to be throwing a bunch of pictures out and we’re gonna be throwing out a lot about the community work we’ve done here. It’s really important. I think a lot of folks know if you have an FCC license, it’s your first charge to serve the community. I’m very proud of the way we’ve served the community including during a time when we have Orioles baseball and low magic numbers and ravens losses to the former Baltimore Colts. But I go back so far that there were no Baltimore Ravens around here. So 32 years of doing this 25 years of doing this. We’re going to be sharing some pictures and some memories, as well as finding old Indianapolis memories of me. carting bobbers says head on a stick. Thank you for sitting through a union station over the weekend. I am Nestor. He is Luke. Eventually, eventually we’re going to talk some baseball around here because the team’s pretty good. On Nesta, he’s looked for WNS TA and 1570, Towson Baltimore, and we never stop talking Baltimore sports in this case, and positive around the clock.

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