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How will Lamar Jackson negotiate his best deal?


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Now that we’ve heard Eric DeCosta and John Harbaugh profess their burning desire to keep Number 8 in a purple jersey, Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss the fans’ understanding of the business of football and taxes and counting the money of Lamar Jackson.


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Nestor Aparicio  00:01

What about w n s t tests Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively into AF and NFC Championship we ground here for you sports fans, we’re going to be doing the middle of crabcake tour over to state fair on Friday. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I have a handful of holiday cast drops to give away they’re getting into the 50th anniversary in the wishbone. Which I’m appreciative of also our friends window nation 866 90 nation you buy to you get through free even a better deal than I got 0% financing for five years. Can you do better than 0%? Financing lender Raskin I’ve dubbed it you can’t do better than zero,

Leonard Raskin  00:39


you? If it’s real, you can’t.

Nestor Aparicio  00:42

Okay, fair enough. It’s

Leonard Raskin  00:43

real. Sometimes you got to look behind the curtain there because they they raise the price and give you a 0%. And if you find

Nestor Aparicio  00:57

that I know it you know what to remind I’m


Leonard Raskin  01:00

talking real 0% Okay, so this 0% Then there’s ain’t nothing better. It reminds

Nestor Aparicio  01:07

me of like, and this is no knock on my friends and wise markets, right. But some of these ice cream manufacturers and packaging cereal, you know, it started as 18 ounces. And

Leonard Raskin  01:19

that’s called shrink flesh. Alright, it’s

Nestor Aparicio  01:21


a different thing.

Leonard Raskin  01:22

That’s a different thing. The 0% thing is like this. So let’s just use a car for an example and not our friends at window nation. Okay, let’s say that a car from Joe’s car and grill, okay. They’re selling the car for 10 grand, okay, and they tell you a 0%. But if you went out and got your own financing at a bank or credit union, something like that the price might be 9000. If you negotiated your best deal, and you financed it yourself. And so what happens is they effectively throw the financing in the price. So the fact that you could buy the item cheaper, if you paid interest, then you can really compare what the real interest rate is on a 0% deal. But if you’re getting a 0% deal, buy to get two free all in. And the regular price is a regular price, right? Nothing finer than that. Well, I’ll

Nestor Aparicio  02:15

tell you this. I bought buy to get two free tonight. I thought I had a great deal. I mean, I really I don’t want to discuss expired 15 When I met serious when Yeah, right. Yeah. It had zeros at the end. This was not like, right, again, you know, I’m one window one pain, like I got real windows. I was very pleased with it. But this whole like, I didn’t get the 0% I didn’t get I didn’t get 60 months. So this is you know, it’s better deal than I got. That’s all I know what Raskin is here. He is Raskind global. I’m wearing the shirt. He’s all things finance to make sure that zero means zero. He says zero means

Leonard Raskin  02:49

zero. That’s right. On the March contract, zero means zero.


Nestor Aparicio  02:53

All right. So this is where I want to give this to you. Okay. Yeah, and I don’t I just want to say in the modern era, now that there is social media, because this is my 25th year of owning NST. It’s my 32nd on the radio. And every once in a while, I would get a phone call with some jackwagon that would say something so outlandish. And it didn’t make any sense. And maybe they weren’t that sophisticated, or all that college educated and they didn’t, you know, understand finances away, whatever. That was one thing. But then in the modern era now in social media, I get to see what every single person thinks of the John Harbaugh Eric, the cost of press conference on Thursday. And I found it unbelievable. Like just the fact that Jamison Hensley standing there with his mike flag on ESPN saying what they’re able to bring in the barmac are fully committed to law. They’re fully committed to the law. And I’m thinking to myself, that’s if you believe what they said on Thursday,

Leonard Raskin  03:47

Seattle was fully committed to Ross Wilson till they traded them. Well, let’s talk. Jerry Jones is fully committed to everybody till he fires.

Nestor Aparicio  03:57

That’s where I want to get in on this. Level of always says this, the level of sophistication for your fandom is where you want it to be. If you like pink jerseys and Todd deep and you like drinking beer and tailgating you didn’t even understand the rules. You could still have fun with the ravens, right? Yeah. Now for those of us who really don’t, don’t wear purple underwear and have Lamar Jackson’s quilt above our bed and the number eight and he’s here forever, and we’re gonna give them a statue and he he’s only won one playoff like all of that, for business and for finance. In reality. You’re a really sophisticated human sports fan. You are What do you make of where when, when you and I get together and get a beer and a crab cake? What are you going to say about what’s going to happen? What is your Leonard Raskin? $250 million crystal ball say about words, deeds, actions, contracts and negotiations over the next day, because this is going to be illuminating. Right?

Leonard Raskin  04:55


I say first of all, there was some stories this past weekend about how much they offered Lamar. I’m sure you saw those 113 130, guaranteed of 250. And I remember during the season early in the season, he was at a postgame. And somebody said, Hey, we, we heard you turn down to 30. Guaranteed? And he said to 30 Guaranteed No, no, no. In other words, that offer was never on the table. So if I’m him, and they offered me 130, guaranteed, I might be offended, and I might want to leave, you know, that would be to me that would be damaging to their, to their brand. And who somebody put that out this weekend that inside was putting it out now he’s on offense, right? I’m saying right inside sources with knowledge of the contract here. So somebody knew,

Nestor Aparicio  05:54

I said, Leonard, it’s almost like professional wrestling at this point, like anybody can be an NFL fan, anybody can have an opinion, you really need to know anything. And much like Dan Connolly said to John angelos, last week, I do this professionally, Powell, don’t insult me. You know what I mean? So people look to me, and they say, papa, papa, John said they’re going to an airport, because when I was scribbling, I couldn’t even look up his his he

Leonard Raskin  06:22

was writing the whole time he was writing the whole time, it was very weird. He was writing something, leaning down writing something the whole time. Look, you know, they’re not going to negotiate in public, but they’re going to put their best foot forward, they got to keep the fans happy. They got to keep the tickets coming. They got to get everybody to pay their bills. And, and they’re still going to do that. And they may still believe that he’s going to be here, and I look, I hope he’s going to be here. I don’t know who they’re going to get and what they’re gonna do, if not accept, you started by getting rid of your offensive coordinator. So the game plan for tomorrow’s game is gone. You bring in a new offensive coordinator and a new quarterback. I don’t know who you get. There’s some garbage out there that I wouldn’t want. I can tell you that and

Nestor Aparicio  07:08

terminology. That means a lot of homework. That means everything


Leonard Raskin  07:12

everything. And I’m saying I don’t know who they’re gonna get either offensive coordinator or quarterback, and they’re not in a position to draft. A high quarterback. I don’t know who’s high quarterback coming. They’re not in the position to get that. That’s the bear.

Nestor Aparicio  07:29

It used to be this eight week deal and deal into the top 10 And get a quarterback. Yeah. This situation? Well, whoever’s coming out the draft, right. I mean,

Leonard Raskin  07:38

CJ Stroud. Say that again? CJ Stroud, right there.

Nestor Aparicio  07:43


Well, I know you I know you used to be number one quarterback but yes, he’s close. He’s close. Would you say this for top three? I’m asking you because you run in professional circles with by club seats and regular people. Yes. Your ass mingling? Yes, they did a great job of selling people Thursday, that make me a fool for saying I think you’ll be dealt that’s what I think would be when you asked me yeah, my professional opinion on this based on what I begged m&a

Leonard Raskin  08:19

traded, tagged and trading traded correct. And I think it would be a terrible thing for their brand, locally to do it. And they would have a couple of years to overcome, they would have to overcome that quickly. Quickly, because with him on the team and the team, they’ve got their clearly set up to run the playoffs. They’re clearly set up to win. And they’re gonna have to start all over with somebody else with a new offensive coordinator with a new quarterback with a lot of unhappy local, although, you know, they they’ve also tarnished his brand. It’s kind of what is it arbitration right when you go to arbitration, the team has to tell you how bad you are. You have to tell them how good

Nestor Aparicio  09:01

your agent sits in there. Scott Boris is in there between you and right.

Leonard Raskin  09:05

In this case, it’s Lamar is Lamar Lamar


Nestor Aparicio  09:07

up greatest point ever last week, and I brought it up three times since then. You said to me, all right. So they say to Lamar, go make your best deal this Lamar get on the phone with Stephen Ross and the general manager or the like how does Lamar even orchestrate this? Why she does actually is working out in March all day long, throwing footballs doing all the things rehabbing the leg. That’s

Leonard Raskin  09:30

yeah, he’s chosen to do it all. He’s chosen to do it all. And he’s going to have to prove that he can do it all and it might be just as easy. It could be, you know, look, it could be just as easy as Joe Cool burrow, gets a big big contract from the bungles and puts the Ravens on the hot seat. And Lamar has got Houston I think Tampa the Jets some He’s gonna be willing to write him that that big check. And I think him getting on the phone he he’s been negotiating apparently with the Ravens for over a year. So he knows what

Nestor Aparicio  10:12

he wants 33 That’s not close for him. No,

Leonard Raskin  10:15


I don’t think that’s close at all. 180 200 gotta be in that range. He’s got to get Russell Wilson. He’s got to get Kyler Murray money. If they’re offering him less guaranteed than Kyler Murray got with the Cardinals. He’d be a fool to take it. Because there’s other teams, Houston, the Jets, Tampa, that will all pay him that

Nestor Aparicio  10:38

all the more reason I really believe that he has played his last snap here. I think he had that opportunity to come back. He says he wasn’t well enough. I think just the fact that there’s a seed of doubt in anybody’s mind as to how injured he was when they were out telling the NFL Network people and telling everybody he was going to play and or he would be ready to play. Yeah. All of this to me. It’s been caustic. Yeah. I mean, like literally, yeah. And I think it’s been toxic. And I think based on that press conference on Thursday, where everybody came out and Kumbaya. Yan and Eric de Costa couldn’t even look up. Because he likes being honest, Eric, because he really he likes being Yeah, I don’t think I thought the whole thing and I use this word, you’re ready because because I know you’re a theater guy because your wife to theater gal. Yeah, I saw my fair lady last week down at the Hippodrome with my dear friend Calvin.

Leonard Raskin  11:31

My wife test in March. So it was fantastic. Fantastic. Missed it. I was out of town for that one.

Nestor Aparicio  11:37

I’m gonna channel my Henry Higgins, my colonel Pickering and my allies to do little right now. But but but nevermind, Freddie. And I would say it’s poppycock. I would say the Thursday press conference was theater. It was theater. Yes.


Leonard Raskin  11:54

It very well could have been and that’s their job. And so now it’s it’s in the public if if they gave him 130 33, whatever. I think he’s in a position to say you’re crazy. And to your point about negotiating and working out, I go back to he’s been negotiating for a year. And he knows how to do it if he’s doing it. And as soon as Joe burrow signs his new contract,

Nestor Aparicio  12:21

well, it’s worked out really well for him so far, right? Like

Leonard Raskin  12:23

so far, so so far so far. He, but he’s never

Nestor Aparicio  12:27


stepping on the field under a franchise tag. Like anybody that thinks that’s happening, and he’s gonna show up. He’s gonna show up the way he showed it last Sunday. He’s

Leonard Raskin  12:38

gonna show up. He may show up day one of the season, but I don’t know. He won’t be there for anything else. And that that would be that would be a negotiating tactic. They’d have to run that up the pole, see where it goes? It’s a lot of money. Like we’re talking about a lot of money. We’re talking about quarter billions of dollars. It’s just silly, isn’t it? When you think about it, go back to the day, go back to the day when when Orioles and colts had to have an offseason job to survive. And everybody said, Well, that was the community. They were in the community because they played and then they went to their job and they went to their job because they had to eat. And now we’re talking about the difference between 130 and $200 million.

Nestor Aparicio  13:27

Well, the last job in March isn’t negotiating His job is to be ready to go play and earn dollars a year. And by the way, unlettered

Leonard Raskin  13:37

has to be ready, he has to be ready for any owner that’s willing to write him that check and who’s the guy with the jets that said, all we need is a great quarterback and I’m ready to pay him.


Nestor Aparicio  13:48

I recently found your investments. By the way, let Baskin global you can find him at Rascon He helps you invest your money, be smart about your money, stay away from the tax man. But without being a REIT and making sure that things are in line so that you can go live your best life and hopefully when the weather gets really bad, go do something better than I’m doing. I saw preposterous playing golf and broke on Monday. So I think he’s got a bit better than me on Monday morning. But let her you know, this is where watching football all weekend long. And knowing the Mars limitations and capabilities, right, like all the way around, and the team and franchises and the fact that the Eagles are playing a championship game again in a couple of days. Right. Right. The Niners are doing this with a third string quarterback. My mom’s relevant that Mr. Romo my mom’s favorite word. At the end of her life, she sees some she say that’s pretty. That’s so so we sort of root for this pretty guy. And then of course on the other side, there’s watching Josh Allen get embarrassed first, by the play in the snow and the team and their will and then Stefon Diggs, the fact that Joe burrow was really good. The fact that Patrick mahomes played hurt and really good bro played her to like watching these guys and thinking alright Lamar here’s your 222 million get whatever it is and you’re gonna come play now are we gonna beat these guys in January back to back to back to back with them or I’m wondering with a bang up Lamar Jackson in January I

Leonard Raskin  15:18

know healthy Yes Look Look if I mean Tyler Huntley okay almost beat the Bengals in Cincinnati. He lost by a foot on a bad play a foot. They had Cincinnati on the ropes, they were beating them up, the defense was strong. The offense was capable with Tyler Huntley and no wide receiver. You get the more healthy, one wide receiver top to go with what they have. And I think you got a team that can win. I really do believe that from again, fans perspective and looking around the league, who does Joe burrow hat he’s got Chase and a couple running backs. And because he’s got Chase, he can throw the ball wherever he wants, because he’s either catching it or he’s a decoy for it. The Niners man they’re a package right there. They got McCaffrey playing great ball they got the their tight end kiddos doing it. Yeah, kiddo. What a nut job but how good is he? He’s hysterical. But but catch in everything. The kids got a receiver too. And then somehow Mr. Irrelevant has become very relevant to that franchise. Because the owners we know the owners there don’t like Jimmy G. But they put up with him and all he did was all he does is win and they put up with winning. It’s funny, but this kid probably is really cheap. Birdie, probably costing him like $1.50 We’re talking about 200 million for Lamar which pretty costing him league minimum a million dollars or

Nestor Aparicio  16:55

something. He goes in and steals the Eagles lunch money on Sunday. That would be oh my

Leonard Raskin  16:59


oh my. If this kid goes to the Super Bowl, he’s getting paid 45 cents

Nestor Aparicio  17:03

for a manager game like Nick Foles right. Literally,

Leonard Raskin  17:07

he’s but he’s actually putting points up. He’s not just managing he’s actually playing good ball.

Nestor Aparicio  17:13

You know, I agree with you. But it’s hard to like him going into Philadelphia for a championship game. But I think it’s been hard to like in the last seven weeks and all he keeps doing is winning and seven. Sort of some sort of weird Kurt Warner story here again.


Leonard Raskin  17:26

Look, you know, he’s he believes that’s what you have to have. He believes and I can come from that. You look at some of these top guys, man. I don’t like burrow. I just don’t like him. I told you that before. I think he’s cocky. I don’t mind ego. I don’t mind. What’s the word? bravado? bravado, confidence. Confidence. I don’t I love confidence. I don’t like arrogant and he comes off to me as as arrogant. You know, little little too little too high for his britches. But then again, let’s face it. kid went to LSU and won a national championship comes in the NFL and after being hurt is going to the Super Bowl. So he’s got it there. He’s just got to calm himself down. Patrick mahomes Last year last year, let’s say last year, you know, got himself to a Super Bowl. Yeah, mahomes is not going to be happy about losing the he hasn’t beat burrow yet. He hasn’t beat the kid yet.

Nestor Aparicio  18:23

Well, and he’s not going to do it within height 100% This week either. I mean, mom is gonna be really really sore after what we saw there and getting back out on the field this

Leonard Raskin  18:30

week. It’s great, but at least this is a sprain, a sprain and not a break. What’s his name for Dallas there he he broke his ankle. Just awful.

Nestor Aparicio  18:39


Injuries we saw over the weekend and guys getting rolled up on the snow and I even saw one guy somebody apologized to another player at the end tripped him up maybe was burrow at the end of the game. I think it was Shaq last and apologized to borough said hey I’m sorry man. I you know came up underneath and Laura Raskin is here he is Raskin gonna tell me what you do or attempt to do for people like me here is we’re into a new year and I have investments but you do more than investments?

Leonard Raskin  19:07

Absolutely. We do insurance. We do investments. We do. Tax planning, we do estate planning, we do everything money. Our goal is to help people understand what the government and the financial institutions are telling you to do with your money, and why you shouldn’t listen. So it’s kinda like the puppy caulk, it’s theater, everything that you hear out there. We don’t have to look too far. You know, one of the things I’ve had people ask me about, we haven’t talked about this ever here is whether or not they should put money away in a 529 plan for their kids education. And I tell people that that’s not really a great idea that you shouldn’t do 529 plans for kids college and lo and behold, we see a lot of Maryland parents locked out of their 529 plan money, their kids are in college, they can’t get to their accounts. How does this possible? That’s the question how is it possible the head trustee of the plan just resigned last week, it’s possible because somebody screwed something up and a computer doesn’t know who you are. And now your money is missing some money must is missing somewhere. That wasn’t what it was supposed to be. And people are putting their kids through college and having to find money to pay Johnny’s tuition. Because Johnny’s 529 plan isn’t where it’s supposed to be. So my point is this, we look at what you’re told to do, by the government, by the financial institutions, and we help you understand that that’s not the best thing to do. And how you do create wealth and how you do live your American dream financially, and get to that retirement and educate those kids and protect your wealth. The way you should, you know, one of the worst things for me, in 36 years of being in business is somebody passes or somebody gets sick, somebody gets hurt disabled. And you see they or their family set up a GoFundMe page, to pay for the kids college to pay for the house to do whatever, when a little bit of money spent on an insurance policy or two would have protected all of that. And people just don’t want that they want to invest. They want to get rich, they don’t want to be safe. Because safety suddenly, in our in our world has a not good connotation. But I can tell you this, it’s not sexy, right? Yeah, right. And I’ll give you a statistic. And you gotta hear this clear, people don’t hear this. I say it all the time. It’s a line I picked up from a friend of mine in New York, who’s brilliant. I heard him say this 2520 25 years ago, and it’s just brilliant. The people that we work with, would rather have 95% of the result they hoped for with 100% certainty that it will work versus a 5050 shot, and 100% of what they hoped for. And too many people are playing 5050 shots for 100%. And then something happens and they have to set up a GoFundMe page because they didn’t tear off 2% or 3%. To protect the what if the what could have happened and as crazy as commercials on TV are, you know, one of my favorites. I hate it. And I love it is the Allstate commercial with the dude the mayhem dude, right? It’s stupid. It’s silly. They’re dumb to me. They’re patronizing. They’re horrible. But they explain to people that stuff happens and you better have insurance to take care of it.

Nestor Aparicio  22:24

And it’s an effective ad campaign from absolutely

Leonard Raskin  22:26

otherwise they wouldn’t keep running it.


Nestor Aparicio  22:29

Everybody knows somebody that had something like that bad happened, right? There’s

Leonard Raskin  22:32

a great commercial that you and I might see that many other people won’t see for mass Mutual Life Insurance Company with Alex Ovechkin. And Nick Backstrom Have you seen that commercial have not seen that one? It’s, it’s outstanding. So it opens with Alex sitting on the couch, eating a bowl of cereal. And then the screenshot widens out a little bit. And Nikki Backstrom sitting next to him. And for those of you that don’t know, hockey, they’re the duo that the dynamic duo. Yes, yeah, they’re the dynamic duo for the capital score and all the goals, bring it home, the championship, all that. And then Alex’s wife walks into the scene. And she says, How come Nikki’s here. And it’s a picture, they’re talking about insurance. And he said, I have life insurance so that if I die, Nikki will be okay. Because Why won’t he be okay, well, who will he pass to it? Who will get his next contract? And who will make them all that money if I die? So talking about key person insurance that if Alex dies, Nick needs to be paid? And then she says, Well, why is he here every day for breakfast? It’s just cute. But the fact is, it gets the point across that businesses have key people and you need to ensure those key people that if they’re lost, you don’t lose your company or a spouse who dies and you lose income, or it gets sick and can’t work and you lose income. How do you make up for that? And this is what insurance does. And so we’re about protecting people. We’re about helping people grow their wealth. We’re about helping people keep it a joy, their wealth, and then understand how to transfer it because we’re all getting none of us are getting out of here alive. So how to transfer that wealth and make sure it goes to who we want, how we want without, again, the government’s hands getting in there and taking it so that

Nestor Aparicio  24:18

Bruce Boudreau got fired I hope he has you know, I hope he take care of his financial response was you know, Bruce Boudreau, his name comes up a lot in my world and it came up last week and you and I brought it up over hockey. Yeah, he was on the ice. The first game I ever covered that I had a press pass on my way my checks the first press pass ever had was this jacket slippers. He checks. He just skipped Jack he was on Yeah, ReactOS team. Basketball would have Nike for 2003 It’ll be 20 years next week, February 8 2003. I went to a hockey game in Manchester, New Hampshire to see the Manchester monarchs play and, and he was the head coach of the Manchester ma ours. Yeah, he had a great AHL career. And my wife was a season ticket holder with a front row seat at the hockey games. And I met my wife that night afterward to the team party and did not know that was there. And we both said a load of we might even have taken a picture of Bruce. I don’t know if we had cameras on us. But nonetheless, so I know you have an affinity for Bruce and I, I just love his language.

Leonard Raskin  25:24


Absolutely. He’s great. He’s flowery. He’s fantastic. And he He most recently took over late last year, a Vancouver team that was in the dumps and play a really bad hockey. And he took over there, they brought him back this year, he did a did a really good job in that locker room loves them. The fans love them. And the team was going through a rough patch, I think they lost eight or nine in a row. And the writing was on the wall. They needed somebody new in the locker room. So Bruce was the fall guy. But one of the things they started doing in Vancouver that I’d never seen for him anywhere else. They start this chant. Bruce, there it is Bruce there. So during his coaching that he would, they would chant that and when they knew he was going to be fired this past weekend. The whole crowd was doing it. He was bawling behind the bed. She was bawling. The whole crowd was chanting and he was crying. And then after the game, he thanked the crowd and went off and then they hired Rick takut, who I think is now on his 10th reiteration of head coaching. By the way, Rick takut

Nestor Aparicio  26:29

I mean, I saw Rick takut play for the Hershey bears. I covered him in a locker room when I was 16. Nike, like the whole deal, Rick toxic. I want to play it up for the Pittsburgh Penguins into

Leonard Raskin  26:42

the nice and the big mullet go and he was a big mullet going in the cup. He was bald.

Nestor Aparicio  26:47

He was a fighter.


Leonard Raskin  26:49

Oh yeah. Oh, yeah. He

Nestor Aparicio  26:51

was a serious so he he was a a natural enemy of all capitals. Fans. Yes. Yours. Yes. Rick talking flyers. Pittsburgh, ran the team with the Gretzky out Arizona. Right.

Leonard Raskin  27:05

That’s right. And most recently, he coached for them. And then most recently, he’s on TNT. Doing the you know, the the in game not in game, the intermission show and the pregame scandal,

Nestor Aparicio  27:22


too. Did he have some sort of day he had a gambling scandal? It could be could be 1006. Yeah,

Leonard Raskin  27:28

it could be a little bit of something. But he’s most recently been on TV with Gretzky in the pregame, intermission postgame TNT stuff and they plucked him out of the studio and he’s going back behind the bench.

Nestor Aparicio  27:43

With this funny hair and these sweaters, he looks like Father Knows Best wing grass.

Leonard Raskin  27:47

It’s very funny to see Gretzky these days. Put on a pound or three. He’s He’s Mr. conservative, but I’ll tell you what he loves Ovechkin and he says he’s gonna be there the week of the week when Ovechkin breaks his all time goal record which should happen in two seasons probably given his current rate of goalscoring assuming he’s gonna Cup this year now. No, they could not. They could oh no they could. The Windows closing the windows closing so they could they brought some good other talent in the trade deadlines coming up. They could pick a player too. They gotta get John Carlson back. He means a lot to the team. Defense. He’s been hurt. He means a lot to the team but I think they have a shot. They have good goaltending this year so that’s the big thing. You got good goaltending and some goalscorers you can win anything.


Nestor Aparicio  28:39

hockey season. You know when Leonard’s talking hockey meets footballs almost falls over. Next week, I because I didn’t want to blind so did you see the John Angelo’s video? I did not. That’s why I didn’t bring it up your homework. I’m giving you homework. Yeah, sure. I’m

Leonard Raskin  28:55

working right God.

Nestor Aparicio  28:56

You guys give me homework as your client. I always have homework. I’ve given you homework at four and a half minutes. Go watch John Angelo’s break, Dan Connolly. All right.

Leonard Raskin  29:03


I will I’ll do it. All right. We’ll

Nestor Aparicio  29:05

talk about stadium money next week. Let her ask you this Raskin global. He helps you find the American dream he is there for you go to Rascon has a whole series of education. But more than that local right here to caucus Wuhan Valley area, always there to take care of you always phone call away as well. I always on the front of Baltimore I am Nestor. We are W N sta a 1570, Towson Baltimore. We call them wise conversations. We call it Baltimore. Stay with us.

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Let's talk True Blue local facts about summer Maryland jumbo lump crab and your 'cake

The original Fishmonger's Daughter Damye Hahn gives Leonard Raskin and Nestor a jumbo lump crab meat education at Faidley's Seafood in Lexington Market on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour. You can see – and taste – the difference!

Baseball, Sinatra and crab cakes with a Yankees historian

Yankees beat writer Pete Caldera of The Bergen Record talks all things of the summer winds of an amazing baseball pennant race in the American League East – and singing Sinatra show tunes off Broadway with Nestor at Faidley's on…

Let Luke Jones take you to Ravens summer training camp

Luke Jones takes Nestor to an early camp prep and attacks the Ravens summer offensive line issues in Owings Mills. The Maryland Crab Cake Tour includes a cameo from Leonard Raskin as our football and baseball passions converge in Baltimore…

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