It’s time to Soiree with O.J. and get loose with The Juice

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Chanda Brigance returns to Baltimore Positive to give Nestor a Juice update and full details for Soiree With O.J. Brigance on September 29th in Anne Arundel County to benefit the Brigance Brigade and ALS families in need locally.


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Nestor Aparicio

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W N S, T, Towson, Baltimore, and Baltimore positive. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary here with 25 stories of glory that really go back to the first game, the Ravens in the Raiders back on September 1 1996. You can find all of that out as we get ready for the Houston Texans as we get ready for postseason baseball, Luka beyond all of that. But this one’s near and dear to my heart. This segment here we have the 15th anniversary, I can’t believe it’s been that long. Sometimes it feels like yesterday, of the beginning of the Brigantes brigade. We’ve done many things over the years in regard to OJ who came and sat in my studio as a member of the then CFL colts that then became the stallions that then became something else. And then he became a raven and a dolphin. And, of course, has been with the Ravens forever. chonda brigade Brigantes joins us now she is the founder, I would say unfortunately, of this incredible organization. I know famously the story. I think I’ve written in both of my books with Brian Billick, about his relationship with OJ and OJ saying that his diagnosis was a gift and all these years later, how are you? And how was he? And I haven’t seen either one of you in a long time since I got thrown out of the castle. But I love you guys. And I hope we’re gonna promote the soiree, any soiree with OJ to Soiree. I want to be a part of it. You know that?


Well, first of all, I just want to apologize, you got thrown out of the castle? I’m so sorry. How long should people throw someone who’s so amazing? How could you get thrown out someone who’s so amazing, but

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wonders the same thing, by the way.


But thank you so much for having me today. I you know, I absolutely love being on your show. Thank you so much for making the time to sit and speak with me about our foundation about how OJ is doing about what we’re doing as a foundation and, and then just just being here after 15 years, you know, I mean, like you said, it’s amazing time flies, it waits for no one. But what I can say is that we are so excited and happy about the years that we have had to be able to help people who are living with ALS. So we you know, we have been really blessed to be chosen to be the two that couple to be able to be around to help people who are living with this disease, what we have chosen in ourselves, no, we would not have, but guess what, here’s where we are. So we’re going to go ahead and grab those lemons and make lemonade out of the lemons that we were given. And so you know, one of those things is like we say, we found that the foundation to help people who are living with ALS, because as we know, insurance covers very little to none, you know, with with equipment and, and medication and just all the things that is needed to live with this disease. And so OJ and I, you know, once we had were diagnosed and we said hey, what can we do to help someone else? And so that’s how we found that the foundation and here we are 15 years later, still doing that still helping people we’ve helped many, many, many people we’ve we have raised along with people who have come and helped us and volunteered and been there to support and who have been donors help us to raise over a million dollars, you know, to help people who are living with this disease. And like I said, we’re still doing that. We’re still we’re doing it to the best of our ability. And one of the examples is what we have coming up on Friday, September 29. I was soiree with OJ. So we’re going to be celebrating 15 years, we’re going to be you know, celebrating being in the community helping people who are living with ALS. And of course, we’re going to slide in a happy birthday to OJ because the 29th is his actual birthday date. So we’re gonna win it on all over again.

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A Yeah.


He wished but you know, he’s 40 Plus, you know,

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SMI, same age actually, John Kansas here begins brigade is the way to find Brigantes So I want to ask you so 16 years ago, he was diagnosed and I remember this mean, Brian was coaching the team and OJ was doing television and being a part of the the liaison with it with a team that then later Jana Spiner was a part of that or Jimmy OH, McLean it’s it’s a very special role in the organization to begin with and, and he was diagnosed, and obviously you guys wanted to help, but that period of time about what you wanted the Brigantes brigade to be about from diagnosis to oh my god to well, how are we going to handle this? What how long will I live all of those important questions to how are we going to live to say alright, we’re going to start this foundation. Can you run me through that? That part of it because I know you felt like you needed to do Something, how did this thing come about? And then over 15 years how it’s grown. I know you’re really proud of it. I know juicers do.


Well, you know something, it’s funny you say that because we were just looking at that a little earlier. You know, when we first received the diagnosis, first of all, we didn’t know what it was, we’d never really heard of it. Didn’t know what to think of it, we just didn’t have an idea. So like you say, after we do a little research and find out, there’s no cure for this, oh my god, there’s no cure. There’s no medication per se that could take it away or anything, you know, and you we only knew very few to zero people who have been diagnosed prior to our diagnosis. And so it was a lot going on, in our mind, a lot of emotion, a few tears, a little rolling in the floor about what we’re gonna do, how’s this thing gonna look? You know, oh, James was in his 40s, then, if not late 30s. And he’s thinking, Oh, my God, you mean, I could be dead within two to five years? You know, because it’s

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what they were saying to you. I mean, it’s, it’s unbelievably miraculous that 16 years later, yeah. So you’re, you’re still here. We’re all still here? I mean, yes, that’s a blessing. Let’s start like, I meant to start the segment with that.


Yes, absolutely. A huge blessing, you know, because, again, you were told we were given the the diagnosis of, well, you have two to five years. And we were literally told, start getting your things in order. So, you know, so, you know, after being told that, what do you do? What do you do? So finally, you know, OJ and I cleared up by tears, we said, you know, what, we prayed, we listened to God, you know, what, what, what do we need to do, and God said, You know what, I’m going to use this and use your diagnosis to help others. You know, and so and that’s exactly what has happened, we really do believe that, you know, we have taken this and God has allowed us and he’s walked us through these 15 years. Because if it was on if it was just Oh, Jay and I, this thing would have been messed up long time ago or are not followed through. But because there’s a greater power that’s directing us and leading us and guiding us and protecting us through this, we’ve been able to see 15 years after being told to get your affairs in order, because you have two to five years. And so to be here, still 16 years, you know, I mean, that’s just a testimony within itself. But I’m like you said a lot of emotions, you know, you don’t know what to do. You don’t know anything about this thing. You don’t know where to go, you don’t know where to turn or who to. And we didn’t really want anyone else to feel that way. And that’s why we said let’s step in, and step out and let people know, hey, this is what we have. This is the diagnosis. And guess what we want you to know if you’ve been diagnosed with it, that we’re here with you for you, as well as them being there for us as well there because people are who are diagnosed and their caregivers, they are huge. They are an encouragement to OJ and I as well. So I think both sides of the table are pulling from one another as far as in support and being there for each other and just knowing that they’re not alone.

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You know, we’re coming up on the 10 year anniversary of my wife’s leukemia diagnosis the first time and not the second time. That was eight and a half years ago. And she’s doing great. She’s back to relative full health. She’s going to visit her donor in Germany in November and but but from my perspective, everything you just talked about, which is confusion, fear, unknown, Googling things, yes. In the boogey man wandering, you can’t be thinking about where the end is, you have to think about where today was right. And you know, for us in that moment, the first people we reach for a group called there goes my hero, you can Google them go That was a a group that had been down the pathway, right? For you. The minute this happens. Did you have that at that point? I mean, even with the Ravens around you a different people around you. I mean, it’s named after a baseball player, right? Like so. Literally, it was it was known as a sports disease or it became sort of infamous to sport. And I guess for you guys with that support system that was there a phone call you made and said let’s find someone that’s had this and because the first thing you do is look for information, and thank God for people like you being there for the next group of people because lord knows my wife picked up the phone. You know, every couple of times a year someone calls and says we have leukemia how do we navigate this and there’s nothing like finding people that have been through it and that’s really what your organization your your first reach somebody in my world is diagnosed with your awful disease. The first thing I’m gonna say is, you got to you got it there, you know the path. You know, you know what this is like to do this and be a caregiver through this challenge.


I mean, absolutely, you’re absolutely Correct. We had no one that we knew of, to pull from to call on to reach out for. No, we did not. We did not. We that’s what I’m saying. We didn’t even we rarely even heard of the disease. You know, I mean, we may be vaguely heard a little the name, but what it all entail? We didn’t know. So when we got the diagnosis is when we learned what we learned, you know, and the rest we had to Google, like you say, and just learn it and figure it out first couple

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days, right? I mean, the first couple days, it’s sort of like, all of it, but then you realize you got to settle in and fight.


Yes, exactly. You hit the nail on the head, you go through all these emotions, like I said, crying and rolling the floor. But eventually, the next day or two, you got to pull yourself together, we pulled ourselves together, we gotta we stood up, we said, Okay, God, obviously, this, you want us to do something, obviously, you’re getting our attention, or whatever you want us to help or do something or be examples or, or whatever it is that you’re calling us to do. So we immediately had to really dig deep and change our mind set our mind frame, the way we’re thinking about this, like you just said, pull yourself together, and then say, okay, how do we navigate through this? You know, so that moves on to the next step, the next phase? How do we navigate this? What is it we’re supposed to do here? What is there for us to figure out or look forward to doing? And so that’s where OJ and I were? And that’s how the Foundation came about, you know, you know, after praying about it, and just kind of learning that there are people out there who have this disease? How in the world, are they affording 200 to $250,000 a year? You know, that’s not something you can just go pick up a leaf off the tree and say, Okay, I have it, you know, so we, you know, we begin to think, How can we help people who cannot afford it? You know, how can

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that how do you help people who cannot care for themselves, right, like, care giver, that OJ wouldn’t survive an hour tonight without care. And you knew that going in that that level of care. And I remember when my wife was hooked up to tubes, and I was her caregiver, my God, the doctors and the team around her. She’s a walking miracle everyone that ever survives anything like that, but someone in your position where, you know, the quality of life is gonna deteriorate to the point where they’re going to need another human there at all times. And knowing you’re that human I mean, I love that you have a caregivers corner. It should be its own section. Yeah, no, I don’t add on your website. But can you speak to that a little bit as to not just how taxed you are as the wife and doing all these things, but how many other people around you because it’s not just you, it can’t be you. I have my friend had had Ms. Like your friend Frank van and his parents were a little older, and I saw the care toward the end of his life that was necessary and just the chair to move him and the the kind of vehicle that it takes to get from point A to point B even a doctor’s appointments. I you know, I think if you guys every day, I really do.


Well thank you so much, you know, so honestly tell you sometimes I ask myself, How do I get through it? And how do I you know, how do I find how did I find the energy and how do I find the knowledge because at the end of the day, I wasn’t I didn’t go to school for this right? I’m not a doctor I’m not a nurse and I think sometimes you know that’s often forgotten because people see well that’s your spouse you should know every and anything about you know,

Nestor Aparicio  13:52

I was diabetic and he said to bone marrow transplants and I I honest to god don’t understand how they saved your life. I could never explain it to this day the bags of blood came she almost died she sat up she and that’s all I got I don’t know the science of it because I’m not a doctor and literally,


but you know what, but as being a caregiver you learn so much along the way. But again, this is not my profession. I didn’t go to school for this I that I didn’t even take a a class. Let’s no go to school a full blown you know, schooling Ford, but um, but I’ve learned a lot along the way, but at the end of the day, I’m not a doctor. I’m not even a nurse. I’m not even a candy striper, you know, so. So I had to kind of feel my way through this thing, you know, and neither is OJ he’s not a doctor either. But at the end of the day as a caregiver, we’re still there to do what we can and that’s what Shannon does caregiver corner comes in at because I understand those cat pals c a l s k else, caregivers of those living with ALS. I understand a lot of them are not doctors and nurses. Some of them are. Some of them are. But there are a lot who are not doctors and nurses. And just to let them know that I’m walking the same walk you are neither one of us have been trained in this area. But so we understand how challenging it is. Because one we don’t know we’re having to take a crash course along the way,

Nestor Aparicio  15:30

physically, emotionally, spiritually, along all of that watching the person you care the most about.


Yes, yes. Yeah. And yeah, well, to honestly tell you Nestor, I think it’s on both sides of the table, both sides are struggling, both are in need. Both are both need help both. Because when you’re the caregiver, it’s so much pressure on you to be able to care and give what you can and you’re just like, what I don’t know, okay, let me figure out, you know, so it can be a stressful situation, it can be for both, but for what Oh, Jay and I have found, you know, our faith keeps us grounded, we come together in our faith. And we understand that we have to be patient with one another, and we have to pull strength from one another. But we also learned that we have to give each other pass, when we become a little upset or tired or because we just don’t know we’re navigating through this. So we give each other a pass to be human, maybe that’s what I’m trying to say, to be human, you know, so, you know, the frustration will come in not because you don’t want to care for them, or you don’t love them is because you just don’t know how to do that. And so you have to learn that along the way. And that’s what I have learned. And, you know, with my caregiver corner, that space is for the caregivers to just come together, we can laugh, we cry, we share our experiences with one another. We also will ask each other’s advice about how did you address this when you came across that? How did you do this? And you know, when you when you need it that and you know, we’re able to share little tidbit pieces with one another. And it helps so much. It helps so much. You know, they’re like, Well, how did you travel with them? And what did you do here? And how did you get them on and off? And how did you? Oh, God just call this number? And they’re like, oh, my gosh, thanks. So

Nestor Aparicio  17:22

you can information support?


Yeah, and like I say, and we laugh, and we cry, and you know, and sometimes we, we I know we’ve had like a yoga class. And it’s probably bad to say, but during the yoga class, everybody’s asleep. Because it’s just that relaxing that you’re not supposed to sleep. But it’s just that

Nestor Aparicio  17:43

yoga classes. We don’t do a lot of sleep in my yoga class, you know, but


we’re so tired, and it’s hot, just tired, physically, but you get tired mentally and emotionally Of course you do. Sure, you know so. But at the end of the day, we you know, our cows love our pals and our pals love our cows. And it’s a special bond. It’s a special relationship. But like anything else, it takes patience, time, and commitment and consistency. So that’s what we try to give on both sides of the table because each person on both sides of the table have to be mindful and understanding for the other person so the Powell have to be understanding what the cows and the cows have to be understanding what the Powell,

Nestor Aparicio  18:29

Chanda Brigantes, is here Brigantes brigade, I’m gonna pull it off. If you’re watching out on the video side of things, as opposed to the audio side of things. The soiree with Oh, Jamie, I’m a I’ve never missed a soiree. September 29. Seven to 10 It’s gonna be down at a run though Mills Mall area at the Hall at live Casino. It is the 15th anniversary of the Brigantes brigade foundation. You can get all of the information at Brigantes 40 bucks on the brunch, tell everybody what the events all about. Because I I’ve been to several of these. I’ve been to the five point sevens in the runs. And the things with drinks in the morning and people running around the city at nine o’clock seeing you guys do a whole bunch of different things. What’s this one?


You got to come to the Suarez? Well, the 517 is more family and kids and all that and we have a good time like you just said and you know, games and all that and music and running around and all that that’s a festive as well. But the soiree

Nestor Aparicio  19:29

the beer, I do remember that


for some reason, oh, Jay, and I just didn’t get my beer. And our board told us they say yeah, after we’ve run well, but some people will specifically one beer because it does something to the body of for the body after running or working out.

Nestor Aparicio  19:46

Make it at all.



Oh, Jane, I didn’t know anything about that. You know, okay. And I will I will know but if that’s what the board wants to do, you know, but, but the soiree is some thing that’s just, it’s absolutely on a scale of its own. We come this year, of course, because of it being the anniversary, we you know, it’s dressy chic. Yes, it’s

Nestor Aparicio  20:12

dress got a new shirt, maybe it’s much,


you got to wear it you got to wear, you got to come out. And so you really, really do because this year, we got to do a totally different from previously and a previously, they’ve been very, very good. I mean, prior to COVID. And we would at least bring two or 300 out because we just had a wingding of a time. And so we’re trying to get those numbers back there, you know, and so people can know, we’re back, you know, out and doing things and all that. But the soiree is we have a live band. So we have nightlife band they have phenomenal Shelly and her band are just phenomenal. We’ve got to have a live auctioneer this year, normally we have silent, but this year is gonna be live. And normally it’s just a social move around thing with with different buffet tables, different carving stations, and all different types of yummy food. But this year, we’re going to sit down and be served, we’re going to be served and just kind of catered to and all that with yummy foods and all that and my mouth is watering now because I do know the menu and, you know, nice beautiful salad, you know, set on table settings and all that. So it’s going to be really wonderful. And like I said, the auction items are going to be amazing. And the like I said nightlife band, we have the live auctioneer, we’re going to have a program also, we’re going to look at and celebrate a few people in our program. And we’re just going to have a good time and just just just celebrate 15 years, we’re going to recognize and celebrate our pals, some of the PALS that we have helped instill helping now. And we have a fabulous, wonderful gift parting gift for everyone as they leave out as well.

Nestor Aparicio  21:55

Give me one story of someone that’s come into your life that you’ve helped in a specific way that only you guys could have done that when somebody really reached you guys in need. And you could provide something for them. I’ll give you a story. Okay, my wife when she was fighting for life had a woman in the hospital bed next to her that didn’t have the same insurance. And my wife had these patches that kept her from being nauseous. And she had extra ones because her insurance covered it. We slid see it you know what I mean? These crazy things that happen in hospitals that that you don’t need, but your organization is set up to help anyone. And I would think you said you’re honoring pals, give me some stories where you’ve helped some people because I know they’re out there. And certainly in this community, where I think your name is synonymous with fighting ALS. I think there’s anybody that’s diagnosed with ALS, probably the caregiver needs to talk to you or someone like you to get so you


know what nessa you have described many, many, many of of situations for us, because at the end of the day, that’s what we do. We raise funds, and we grant those funds to pals and their families up to $5,000. And so the our biggest need our largest need is in home caregiving. Someone to come in to home and hair help with personal care, help with getting them dress help with, you know, giving them their medication, just help them with their everyday needs at home. And so that’s one of our largest needs. And that’s what we really help a lot with. Because again, insurance is not covering this. So we grant them those funds. And they can have a caregiver for like about a month or two, you know, and don’t have to pay anything

Nestor Aparicio  23:45

and the help that that provides someone like you and listen, not everyone’s as beautiful and young and strong as you right from Oh,


thank you like,

Nestor Aparicio  23:55

but they’re I mean, I speak to my friend Frank, his parents were older, they got more elderly as he got more sick, and he got more heavy in the equipment like all of it just became like a day with caregiving was a blessing to his parents.


Absolutely. So if someone can come in the home and they can get a responsible, reliable professional caregiver to come into the home and knowledgeable knowing about ALS or you know, are some type of knowledge about that gives a caregiver like myself or like your friend’s parents a break, they can go and you know, just have some me time take a nap, relax or maybe go out and have dinner or maybe go to a function or event or just take a little trip or something. You know, if they find a caregiver that can kind of sit with that pals, maybe around the clock for a time that they’re going but the it’s rare, they’re unnecessary, it’s very necessary and then you have some caregivers who are still trying to work and take care of the past at the same time. And so that also frees them up to be be able to go ahead and go to work and concentrate on work. And the power can set up the caregiving structure it in whatever way fits the family and fits them. If they need someone to come in for three hours with a construction with that way, or if they need someone to come in for six hours or 30 minutes or so whatever that the the structure that they need. So it can be structured in whatever type of way that’s needed for the family as a whole, and caring for the pals and helping as a caregiver come in as a caregiver so that the family caregiver can can have a break or just get some rest.

Nestor Aparicio  25:39

Anybody in Baltimore knows her voice, Chanda Brigantes, has been with the Brigantes brigade from the very beginning and with OJ and I don’t remember the first time I met you, I mean, I was at the Ravens Super Bowl ring party back in Taiwan. And, you know, I know you were at that one. So I know we read a lot of rooms together. But I mean, I remember Mike Gaffigan, and Jews coming into my studio, that and they remember at that at the Lord Baltimore hotel back in 1994 1995. And we’re trying to sell this Canadian Football League with these wide fields and these long end zones and the ruse you still the Moulin Rouge to me, you know, but so I tried to learn all that. But what a journey you’ve had what a warrior you are, you know, our heart to you, as always, and I hope you pack them in down at the live casino at the Hall down there on the 29th. So it’s dinner and there’s a brunch as well, correct, right? It’s just a dinner. No, no,


well, the dinner that’s why I’m saying it because of 15 years, we’re doing it big this year, we’re doing something we never did before. So the whole soiree is gonna look different. And so that’s on Friday, then the next day Saturday, we have the brunch week. So we have the event, we offer lodging in a four to $500 Row for about two something. So you’ll have a lodging overnight, you get up come down to the David’s cafe. It’s a nice restaurant, and we’re just going to have a nice casual social brunch the next morning, Sunday, Saturday morning.

Nestor Aparicio  27:09

All right, tell me about your church’s doing give me a little give me a little OJ update for everybody. You know, Sunday, I got to see something that’s gonna make him smile, because I know he’s gonna watch this segment. So I know right?


Oh, Jay is doing wonderful. First of all, whenever I do any interview, he always sends his Hello. He always sends his love. And he always sends his big smile. We all know about that smile, right?

Nestor Aparicio  27:31

So he’s talking to me on a little machine because I come by and you don’t mean I’m fast and fast. But the minute OJ comes up, I got to have patience. You did you know, so I so I’ve, it’s been a gift to me as well to just sort of shut the door on the little office there and have him say, Hello, how are you? I’m fine, buddy.


He’s doing good. He’s a matter of fact, as we speak, he’s on his computer now. So that’s his form of communication. You know, we even help pals to get a speaking device like that to what

Nestor Aparicio  28:05

he does with his eyes. It’s crazy. That’s crazy.


Yes, he communicates with his eyes as well. So, you know, along the years throughout the year, like I said, we’ve had 16 years to develop some type of routine. So a lot of the years we’ve developed you know those routines I mean, we one blink is no two blinks is Yes. Perfect. You know, so we know how to pretty much you know, communicate with and without the computer, but of course with the computers is a lot better for us. But we’d love for everyone to come out. Say hello to us. See us at the soiree on Friday, September 29. Doors open at 615 down at the Hall at live in a Rando meals, we’re going to have a great time it’s for a perfectly good cause. The money from the ticket sales and from the auction is going to again, help those who are living with ALS like you and I were talking about get a bundle because I bhandal takes care of your event ticket on Friday. It take care of your deluxe room and it take care of your brunch on Saturday morning. So get a bundle if you can’t get a bundle purchase a table if you can’t purchase a table within just purchase a single ticket but be there. You know what’s

Nestor Aparicio  29:19

even better the Ravens will be three and oh by them, right? So they beat the Texans in they beat Cincinnati, then they beat the Colts Of course. So they’ll be coming off a cold victory which feels even better for everybody here. And that is Browns weekend. So there you have it. September 29 is a Friday night. We hope that everybody gets down and supports our friends Brigantes The way to do that and have the soiree with OJ on Friday the 29th that Allah that’ll finish off the month of September right before evictory Get my best to the juice. Tell him I miss him out at the castle. Tell him I’m gonna be writing some readings for him to be reading and he can tell him he can still email me tell him I’m still here. I


will I’ll let him know So one thing I also want to say, as the lieutenant governor will be there as well at the soiree, and she’s going to be our impact speaker. Yes. Governor. Yes. And some a who’s who was going to be in the room as well.

Nestor Aparicio  30:12

I like Aruna Miller a whole lot. I saw her a couple of weeks ago down and down at the beach. She owes me a crab cake so I gotta get up. She didn’t eat crab but she owes me a crab cake. She always says that when she sees me so well, you’d be there on Friday Nestor I am I’m hoping to make it I’m trying to figure out a calendar event with my wife but I’m gonna get back with you on that I promise to spotlight that with because if it’s yes, it’s yes. If it’s maybe I gotta say maybe right now. I’m working on scheduling here. You know. One of me you know this thank God for that right. Oh,


thank you so much. I appreciate you so much. I appreciate this time. I had a great time. I love this. I love it.

Nestor Aparicio  30:53

We aim to please in that way we know that we get repeat customers. Chateau Perkins joins us here on behalf Oh Jana began a BF everybody Brigantes brigade. I want to thank Nancy to folks that maroon for for putting this together as well just go out to brigade Learn more about everything they’re doing the Maryland lottery. I just got to hold up the 50th anniversary tickets. But we’re in the Ravens season. I don’t have the Ravens scratch offs just yet. I’m working on that through Labor Day. Ravens scratch offs. We will have them on the 15th at fate, Lee’s we’re taking the Maryland crabcakes we’re back out on the road. We’ll be there in the morning with Coppin State President Dr. Anthony Jenkins as well as my old pal Larry Stewart is new head coach of the Eagles we of course have been the flagship for compensate for about a decade now big thanks to Robin on that so that’s gonna happen on the 15th Faa these all are brought to you by the Maryland lottery in conjunction with our friends at window nation 866 90 nation if you need some new windows do what I did last year. Get yourself some windows and our friends at Jiffy Lube. We have new sponsorship Jiffy Lube as well sponsoring the Maryland crabcake tour I am this we are wn S T A 1570 Towson Baltimore having those wise conversations. Here we are Baltimore

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