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Making sense of the dollars of the $260 million marriage of Lamar and Ravens


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Luke Jones and Nestor react and opine on historic contract between Ravens and Lamar Jackson. Even though there really isn’t a battle, they greatly disagree on who won the war between the MVP quarterback and the billionaire owner.


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Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back, WN S T tassel Baltimore and Baltimore positive momentous occasions around here. We are going to be doing the Maryland crab cake tour at fade Lee’s on Friday and then next Thursday, hope to see everybody in Middle River will be there from two to five. Hopefully we get a good sunset we get a good weather thing going on. We’re gonna be at MC falls, oyster in real new joint down into the old su Island and in the Middle River had a great great show on Thursday with Maura and some great folks that a captain Larry’s I was at Captain Larry’s where I was sitting with the Shannon tobac and Chris reel. And then my dear friend Todd Schuler from blonde Dell Miller shoulder, the law firm in Essex is we’re sitting talking to talking to talk. Look, we talked so long that I never looked down on the phone. And the people at the bar capillaries are like, Hey, you just sent a text that said that the Lamar Jackson decide. And I literally said to them I’m like, unless we sent a text it’s not real and sure got off here. It’s like my friends are effing with me again about this Lamar Jackson thing I and I look down I’m like no, no, no WNS. T’s reporting according to the our friends or coons forward. Look what’s going on, man. I don’t know where you were at around 420. Weird number on Thursday afternoon, but I know you were working because I was working.


Luke Jones  01:19

I was I was preparing to head to Owings Mills for night, one of the NFL Draft where ultimately we found out the Ravens would draft ze flowers. And we’ll get to that in a little bit. But there had been smoke. And this started all the way back of what was it late Tuesday night, Lamar Jackson with one of his many tweets that we’ve tried to interpret whether some of them meaning something, you know, such as him announcing when he had requested his trade as John Harbaugh was going to the podium at the owners meetings back in late March. But in many cases, it would be something cryptic right. It would be a message that you’d say, okay, is this about his contract? Is this about the Ravens? Is this about football? Or is it about whatever else? It was a SpongeBob SquarePants tweet, and it had ravens Twitter ablaze as far as well, what could this mean? Because he’s smiling in it. And he seems excited. And at the time, I was just thinking, we’ll see. I mean, there there have been these types of tweets over the course of different points, not just this offseason, even going back before then, where fans and speculation would would get out of control. But I guess you know, it was Jay Glazer, who really had the first legitimate information out there that the ravens and Lamar Jackson had really made hay here over the last couple of days and made it really sound like hey, a deal is going to happen. If something unless something really goes off the rails here in the final hours. It’s going to happen. And I think you look at the timing of this in relation to last week, with Jalen hertz getting the deal that he got, and seeing how that structure looks similar to the reported offer that the Ravens gave Lamar last summer. I think that right there to me was kind of the last checkpoint in terms of a reference in terms of a comp in terms of a peer, you know, a very comparable quarterback who very accomplished what Jalen hertz did last year. That seemed to me, even though Eric de Costa, downplayed the significance of that deal itself. That seemed to be what, again, another example of a non fully guaranteed deal, you know, so once again, the Watson deal looking like the outlier, but really feels like that was the deal that kind of made this Yeah, that was the turning point, so to speak, that Lamar Jackson backed off of what we believed his demands were as far as a Watson like, full guarantee at signing. And even though we’re still waiting for the specifics, the year by year break down all of that, but you look at $260 million 185 million total guaranteed now we’ll see what the guarantee is at signing remember, that was a major sticking point, or was it what was believed to be but this is a deal that wow, it’s a lot, you know, $52 million per year, but it seems to have a much more quote traditional structure than what we had been talking about with the Watson thing. So

Nestor Aparicio  04:24

what’s your deal right? I mean, like, it is it’s a Ford that that 80 million on the back end that’s it we’re not paying you and you’re five you get hurt in year two and we stink because because there’s big possibility for Chris Davis type of bust when you’re talking about for for any of these guys, for the kid out in Arizona that didn’t play well last year, right for any of these guys that you put this sort of money into, and you’re saying they were in on you until I mean, 2026 27 it starts sound like a long time from now. Not not I mean, it’s 50 football games, like literally and we’re there Right, like no problem. But it’s a four year deal, right? I mean, that Guaranteed part of it is the last year he’s think we can get rid of you and we probably take a cap it and and if you stink, we’re probably gonna stink and we’re gonna pick another quarterback. I mean that’s kind of the cycle of how this

Luke Jones  05:10

works, or it’s a four year deal. And if he’s playing really well then that last year, yeah, probably rolls into whatever your next contract is. I mean, we saw this with Joe Flacco when he signed in 2013 he was back at the table three years later, because of the way that thing was structured. The Ravens kind of needed to and that’s why jolenta did such a good job with that deal. In terms of really kind of sticking it to the ravens, quite frankly, that’s what happens when you win a Super Bowl and you have that kind of leverage. But But yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  05:37


oh Lamar stuck it to the Ravens. I mean, you know, just it is what it is. I mean, like, Lamar got everything. Lamar wanted everything. Lamar is Agent wanted everything Lamar was mama wanted, like in the end, he got


it. I mean, I was telling

Nestor Aparicio  05:51

the football game after Thanksgiving the last few years, and he didn’t even show up on it. I mean, I keep going back to all of the optics that you say, and you’ve been around the team because they threw me out so I don’t I don’t have people I can ask or, or be a reporter because I’m pretty good reporter I’ve been doing this a long time. He in the end, whatever the antics, whatever the tweets, whatever the not going to Cincinnati, whatever happened behind closed doors back in November, December. The Ravens paid him for that they did and he won. Lamar is the big winner here. Let’s not Lamar is the winner. He won them to go. Hey, I mean, my perspective,

Luke Jones  06:28

I completely disagree with you


Nestor Aparicio  06:32

getting fully guaranteed money because he’s not that cool. He’s not the best quarterback. I mean,

Luke Jones  06:36

no, it’s because no one’s getting that other than Deshaun. Watson. I mean, I don’t want Joe burrow

Nestor Aparicio  06:40

gets Let’s go. You know, let’s, let’s see, we’ll see.

Luke Jones  06:43


I mean, I I just I don’t know how you could possibly say Lamar won the negotiation that he didn’t get his fully guaranteed contract. I mean, this is the ravens, we’re always willing to give him this kind of a deal from a traditional structure standpoint. I mean, this is, you know, he got a ticket from what Jalen hertz just got, and whether it’s Herbert or Joe burrow next, probably get the next Hiccup and then, you know, because that’s how this works in the same way that Joe Flacco was the highest paid quarterback in the NFL for about five minutes. And then I think what it was Aaron Rodgers or Matthew Stafford, or whoever was next gets a little bit more, you know, so I think the Ravens won this negotiation from the standpoint of, you know, everything you mentioned, which is I said all along, I wasn’t nearly as convinced as you were that they were looking that this was not salvageable, or that the Ravens no longer wanted Lamar Jackson, I think they wanted him, but I think they wanted him on the terms of a more traditional contract structure, rather than saying, we’re going to give you what the Cleveland Browns did with with Deshaun. Watson. So and, you know, all signs pointed to it not being anything close to that. Now, again, once we’ve seen what the full guarantee at signing is, we can debate, you know, debate that, but the early indication is 185 million total guaranteed, which to me, that probably means a year or two, you know, injury guarantee that kicks in, which is essentially a full guarantee, because you’re not going to cut the guy after year one. I mean, that’s just how this works. But, you know, I mean, and some of it is semantics. I mean, sure. Lamar Jackson, one from the standpoint of he always deserved to get paid, he always deserved to get this level of a contract, because he is that accomplished, you know, whether whether you think he’s the best, whether you think he’s the third best, or whether you think he’s number eight, let’s say, you know, no pun intended with with his jersey number, he’s somewhere in that category. So when you’re in that category, when you’re in that top tier somewhere, and again, we talked about this with Joe Flacco a decade ago, if you find yourself in that bracket, then it’s cyclical then right, whoever’s Up next is going to get a little bit more than the previous guy, because that’s how it works. It’s how it works with the salary cap. And, you know, from that standpoint, I think Lamar wins, because he finally has gotten compensated to an appropriate level of where he’s been as a quarterback. And in his five years and where the Ravens have been since he took over as their starting quarterback, but the ravens are, you know, to your point, it’s not a fully guaranteed five year deal, no questions asked. It’s more in the neighborhood of four. And then you see where you are at that point, whether you want to extend or heaven forbid, it is, you are in a position where you want to make a change at that point. But from the negotiating standpoint, based on everything we understand, in terms of what Lamar wanted, especially over the last year since the Watson deal. I think the Ravens Absolutely. Were patient, they waited this out. They got beaten up a lot by national pundits, a lot of that criticism, I think, really proved out to be unfair, but they stood their ground and at the same time, once they Lamar Jackson backed off of what we believe his full fully guaranteed That signing demand was then they got something done. So from that standpoint, both sides are winners because yeah, you know, we can debate the negotiating part of it, but he gets a top of market deal. But it’s a more traditional structure that does provide the team. A little more protection, a little more flexibility over the long run.

Nestor Aparicio  10:20

Well, John Harbaugh told you a million times and the fans a million times we love Lamar, we love Lamar, and now they love Lamar, and they’re married to Lamar now. You know, how do you feel about that, from a football perspective, you feel differently about Lamar than I do, having witnessed him for five years in believing you’re going to win a Super Bowl with him, you believe there’s going to be a January where he’s going to beat Herbert burrow mahomes or the team will or the effort of the team will or Justin Tucker field goal well, but but at some point, you have to believe you’re going to win the Super Bowl with him. I have I believe that three years ago, I don’t believe that now, I think the last two seasons to me. And now that he has this money good for him. But that’s 20% of the cap now. Now they’re going to play with some diminished version of their football team unless they draft players that outplay their contract because they’re paying Mark Andrews they’re paying Ronnie Stanley they’re paying moral they’re paying for Lamar Jackson. They’re paying their players right now. Who are the guys there? They paid ro Quan Smith. I forgot about him he got all the money right? So they paid why guys and I remember what this look like when it’s like well, we can’t get you up Joe any help or bowl or any help or whomever any. We got Suggs and Ed Reed and we got 68% of our money on the defensive side or whatever the number was, you’re the math guy on this non eye. But there is a point where you now have to win with him being a $50 million quarterback and I’m just saying from my experience with Flacco here, man, it changed everything Flacco won, like a really one. I know that’s hard for some people out there to remember he won the Super Bowl, he should have won two. And so the Lord’s not come close to anything like that. And now he’s got the money. He’s got the cap number. And I just remember how quickly this turned south when things went bad for Flacco. Now that being said, Lamar is gonna have weapons like when get into the draft get into Odell Beckham and all that they, Eric has done a great job, the last couple of months of building all of your criticisms, all of my criticisms in regard to the offensive throwing the football. Now they have to go out there and really throw the football, this is not going to be Lamar running 18 times, because I don’t I don’t see it can’t be I guess it could be because they’ve won that way. But then he gets broken. And if he can’t play in December, this is this is going to be different because the pressure now really is on him, even though he’s paid. But I I heard Joe Flacco get booed in the stadium. And I know how things went when he got all the money and nobody else did. And then everything became about him. And it’s everything’s been about Lamar for five years. I get it. But financially, this changes what they can do with the rest of their football team. And, you know, that changed everything around here with Joe. It really did.

Luke Jones  13:09

It did. But it’s no different than any any other quarterback that you have to pay. I mean, they’re 45 and 16 when he starts football games. Look, I’m not gonna sit here and say that, if it’s Lamar Jackson against Patrick mahomes, I’m picking Lamar Jackson. But as it pertains to every other quarterback and every other team, that’s not the Kansas City Chiefs and every quarterback that’s not Patrick mahomes. Then I still I like my chances with Lamar Jackson as my quarterback now, to your point. Yeah, he’s got stay on the field. There’s no question and that’s part of it. And that’s where we point out, it hasn’t been these catastrophic, debilitating, long term type of injury, but he

Nestor Aparicio  13:47

doesn’t need to be if he can’t play in december two out of the next four years. But


Luke Jones  13:51

that but that’s true of it. But that’s true of anyone. I mean, I hear what you’re saying. But I guess my question to you is, what’s the alternative? You know, if it’s not Lamar, what do you do you pick 22nd Johnny Unitas reincarnate is not walking through the door. I mean, they want a lot of football games with this guy. He’s really good. Yeah, he might not be Patrick mahomes. Great, but he’s really good. And you can talk about a lot of quarterbacks, including some of the all time greats who their first four or five years in the league. They did not break through and win a Super Bowl. Peyton Manning, it was what year seven? I think it was, Well, Dan Marino and moon are still looking for one right? And that’s the thing there is no guarantee so for, for you to ask me if I’m confident the Ravens will win a Super Bowl with Lamar Jackson. I think they they have a really good chance to be able to do it. But there’s a lot that goes into that there was a lot that went into it when they won in 2012 when they won the 2012 that was not the best team of the of the John Harbaugh era that that 2011 team was absolutely better than the 2012 team. So the point is that you’re making as far as the roster and keeping a good enough team around him. Yeah, but that’s that’s it. That’s indicative of any team that has a high price quarterback, you have to draft Well, you have to be very savvy and smart with your signings, you have to be healthy. We saw this with the Rams here recently, look how that team was built, and how they won a Super Bowl in 2021. With all these high price veterans, how did that happen? They stayed really healthy. And they really hit on a lot of their late round picks. As much as we joked about les Snead and bleep those picks and all that go and look at some of the late round picks that played really well for them. A year later, they didn’t stay as healthy. And all those vets were a year older, and we saw how it fell apart. So there are no guarantees or that’s, that’s other than mahomes and the Chiefs that’s as close as you get, and just like the Patriots and Tom Brady, previous before that, but from from the standpoint of where the Ravens were, and where they’ve been with Lamar Jackson and where they’re going and Todd Monken is a part of this. You mentioned a greater commitment at the wide receiver position. They need to be able to throw the ball better. I don’t think it means 50 times again, like you said for one thing, go look at Patrick mahomes. Josh Allen, Joe burrow, they average about 38 3940 pass attempts per game. So that kind of shows you where it is, you know, the Ravens with Lamar have been in the neighborhood of No. Earlier in his career 27 attempts per game up to about 30 to 33 at different points the last year or two, where clearly they had some injuries and they did throw the ball a little more where they were at with the running backs.

Nestor Aparicio  16:32

Look at their numbers the last few years when Tyler Huntley has been playing at the end, right. You know what I mean? Like, I don’t know how to end part of it, and we’ll throw Roman under the bus because he’s the guy that’s gone. Lamar is retained Eric’s retain John Harbaugh was retained, you know, all these guys are retained. Greg Roman is the fall guy. It was his fault, right? Like, he’s the guy that they had to get rid of. And they had to change philosophically. Now, they changed philosophically and they come in, I’m wondering whether the personnel is going to be able to change with it, and they’re all being paid to do it. They’re all being paid top a class. I mean, Odell Beckham overpaid Lamar, I don’t want to say overpaid, because that’s flippant, but nobody else wanted him. Anybody else could have gotten into this game for a couple of draft picks, and given him $200 million. There was not a long line, there was not a long line of teams, desperate teams. I mean, the Indianapolis Colts said, We’ll take the kid from Florida, we’ll just take we’ll take a cheap kid. And we’ll play the next five years with a 21 or 22 or 23 year old that maybe by the time they’re 26 can be some version i i know Anthony Richardson had two different first and last names that had to do with Lamar Jackson and running the football and being that kind of an RPO quarterback. I don’t think I don’t think we’re gonna see what we saw before. I think we’re ripping the page up, we’re gonna see a whole new thing. That’s exciting. It’s exciting for them. It’s exciting for the fans. Now it’s gotta go work. Now, Lamar Jackson is going to stand back in the pocket and not run all over the place, I guess. I mean, he has to run right. And there has to be a threat for him to run. But he can’t run as much as he ran the first five years of his of his deal. We know that. So what happens in those other plays? Well, they have verticals now, right? They’re going to attempt to throw the ball down the field a lot more than they have, because they have a coordinator that wants to do that they have personnel that they’re built in, they’re not really sneaking around here anymore. You know, they’re drafting guys to throw the ball. Now the accuracy has to be there, the touch has to be there. The reeds have to all that has to be there more than it’s been there before with potentially less personnel over the long haul. Not Odell Beckham this year. But you know, we’ll get to ze flowers and you know, him blooming in a way that maybe Hollywood Brown didn’t in year two, year three, where there will be I’m looking at long term product. I don’t think they’re winning the Super Bowl this year. I don’t know. But how can they build into that around Lamar? Because they don’t have to win the first year. But he has to play football in January this year. You know what I mean? Like the team has to play football in January, and he has to be standing up in January this year. And you know, I they they look on paper to be a better offense. Now they have to go out and execute that part of it in a completely different way that we haven’t seen before. So I think it’s harder to be predictive of that. Because I do think, had we seen Lamar throw and this is unfair to him, because 2018 1923 years ago, had we seen him try to do it this way. This is why nobody drafted him, because nobody thought he was going to be a guy that was going to throw the ball 40 or 50 times in a traditional kind of offense. That’s why he wasn’t a first round draft pick. And the Ravens still haven’t really, and there were some games in 19 where they embarrassed teams and stuff like that. But part of that was really about the way they ran the football and other teams not being prepared for it a different way. Five years later, everybody’s seen it. Every defensive coordinator has been up at night trying to figure out what the Chargers did in January five years. To go to play it better. But this is a step up, he has to be a better quarterback than the quarterback we’ve seen. And we’ve seen a really good quarterback fine. He This is he has to be better now, or they’re going to boom, they’re going to that this is going to be a rough ride for him because I think all of us were cheering for him to get paid this time last year, a year before that. I think the antics the last year have changed the fans a little bit about the expectation level for him. And I do think he won the negotiation. I’m not going to back off of that, because there was no other team even they negotiated with themselves. So at the end, and they couldn’t let him play for 32. Because he wouldn’t have shown up we know that they they were sort of forced as the draft came up to to give him more than they wanted to give him and I believe they gave him more than they wanted to give.

Luke Jones  20:48

I guess I mean, I just I don’t know where your justification is to say that he’s just he doesn’t get market like the other top quarterbacks. I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  20:56


we played in two years in the playoffs. I thought, I really don’t go back to this guy doesn’t show up with his teammates in a playoff game. And then you go give him $200 million. He won the negotiation. You know what I mean? Like that he was a bad.

Luke Jones  21:12

I think I think you’re saying that because you didn’t think he was going to be back. I mean, I don’t know how you can say he didn’t that he won the negotiate. He didn’t get what he wanted. He wanted to under 30 plus million fully guaranteed at signing. He didn’t get anything close. He

Nestor Aparicio  21:23

didn’t deserve that. You don’t I mean, maybe Patrick mahomes would deserve that cuz he just went and won the Super Bowl. You know what I mean? Like Jalen hertz last week, negotiation games in one playoff games, Lamar? What would your give us in done that? Yeah, I

Luke Jones  21:38

would use given Lamar any contract, or did you just want them gone? Serious question.


Nestor Aparicio  21:43

Serious question is, do I want him to be my quarterback for 55 $60? million? A year? Three years? Okay. Three years? Like, where that is? I think this is they might this is boom or bust to me. They’re either gonna win the Superbowl, or they’re there. They’re not. And if they’re not, then what are they doing when

Luke Jones  22:04

you say that about every single quarterback? That’s not Patrick mahomes. I mean, you know, I just keep coming back to if the state’s

Nestor Aparicio  22:10

not as big a believer in him, okay. As you are, and that’s okay. I mean, you and I can in the ravens are, by the way, too. Well, clearly the ravens are now I mean, but like, but I’m just a little shocked. I mean, I thought that the Ravens beat him up enough and beat his agent up enough, you know, over the course of time, that it felt like, they didn’t want him It really did. And it felt that way, not just to me, but to a lot of people. And so, so the fact that this happened, I think they would have been very fine dealing him to the Colts four weeks ago, had they gotten what they wanted, and he got what he wanted. And I think that that would have been an OK outcome for them. And they could stand up and say we drafted Anthony Richardson, or you know what I mean? Like they would have been okay with that narrative that Kevin Byrne you know, we’re gonna play it out three different ways. We’re gonna shine it up for Luke and three back and, and Jamison, however, they needed to pitch it. This was not desperation on the part of the Ravens. I never believed they were desperate. Because I mean, John makes them $12 million a year and Eric’s got a job and they’re not desperate. They could have survived this and rebuilt and retold. Clearly Steve didn’t want to do that. Eric and John didn’t want to do that. And they decided that this really is and I’m not disagreeing with you. This really is the best option to win here right now. When they’ve given ro Quan Smith money. They’ve done all this stuff. This is their best chance to win right now is to overpay him overpay O’Dell roll the dice keep the fans kind of sort of happy not being last place. They won’t be picking lottery pick next year. Right. I mean, they shouldn’t be they should be a good team a really their Super Bowl contender in their mind. Now they have Lamar back and okay, but now you I want to see Lamar Jackson go out for 17 weeks, play football, not pitch about his contract, not tweet, poop emojis, none of that show up at practice, like do all of that stuff. And then really go win. And really, really, really, we’re six years into this when not, not winning September, when and show up in December in January and show me that you’re gonna beat burrow mahomes Herbert, name any of the rest of the guys, right? They got Aaron Rodgers in the division leads for five minutes, right. And Dennis and I got together He’s warm and wet about the jacks because there are lots of people who just believe Aaron Rodgers is going to be plug and play and they’re they’re good for 1011 12 wins now. And so now they’re a problem. All of these guys are better than Lamar. Now. I mean, no offense, dude. That’s not Nestor or being a dick. That’s 31 teams passing on him five years ago, and him being floating out. Anybody can have him. Anybody can have

Luke Jones  24:52


a bunch of other circumstances at play. Now, let’s not act like he was a he wasn’t. He wasn’t a pure free agent. Let’s not act like that.

Nestor Aparicio  24:58

So the Colts had to give up In a form where they took a quarterback that’s a dart throw for a guy who’s been an MVP in the league. Yeah,

Luke Jones  25:05

a colts team that’s done nothing since Andrew Luck has done nothing of real consequence since Peyton Manning left a decade ago. So you know, you’re comparing all these teams, you’ve done nothing, including, by the way, not win as much as the Ravens have, even in the regular season with Lamar Jackson.

Nestor Aparicio  25:21

It’s not lost on me on draft night, brother, then I’m sitting here watching Carolina, the Texans, the Colts, you know, these dog meat franchises continue to be thought I was waiting for the browns. And then I realized, oh, they gave their pick away. Right. Right. Right. So I mean, it’s not lost on me who the bad franchises are. I’m just saying taking a bite of the apple here. This was a big step for the shotty a big step for Eric, a real commitment to this guy that has been problematic. It’s been this has been problematic. You wouldn’t have been sitting here for a year and a half talking about this kid taking this money that they’ve been offered him. And in the end, he got a lot more money than he would have gotten a year ago, two years ago, three years ago. I mean, the longer he waited, he won. I I will not, I won’t back off of that, because there was no bidding for him. No one else stepped up. There wasn’t even any smoke, that the commanders wanted him or like that anybody wanted him this the second time around for him, that the ravens are the only team not willing just to bet on him. But to go, Oh, we love you the things that John says, you know, like, no one loves you the way we love you. And it’s true. It really is true. No one loves Lamar, the way this organization loves Lamar, now, they have to go win. And they there are no other options. There’s no more backups. There’s no excuses. There’s no nothing. Now they have to go out and throw the football and beat burrow mahomes Herb Allen,


Luke Jones  26:51

Justin Herbert’s never want to play off game, by the way. I gotcha. But I mean, I’m just saying you keep throwing out names of guys that haven’t even accomplished as

Nestor Aparicio  26:58

much one less than Lamar has won, and Lamar just got 200 million. So yeah,

Luke Jones  27:03

he’s also been MVP of the league. He’s also led the league and touchdown passes. So that should be an indication that he can probably throw a little bit better than maybe you’re leading on if they have better weapons. And that’s something that I’ve beaten the table about a whole lot. So look, I’m not saying there aren’t any guarantees. No guarantees or any of these guys. I mean, Patrick mahomes is the one guy that you say, yeah, he’s got two Super Bowls under his belt, three to two titles. So but I’ll continue to say, the ravens, I say, got their guy, they got him at a price that’s much more conducive, though, to what they had been offering. Yes, it goes up incrementally. The next guy in line is always gonna get a little more than the previous guy. But they didn’t give them the Watson deal. He didn’t get anything close to that in terms of a full guarantee at signing. But at the same time, Lamar saves a little bit of face. He gets a little more than he would have gotten back in September. And the Ravens get their guide that for all the questions and some of them fair, others not quite as pressing in my mind, at the very least, they get their guy and they’re not starting over because Yeah, it sounds great to talk about starting over until you put that young quarterback who is completely unproven out there in September. And then you realize you either have a guy or you don’t. And then you’re doing something like what the Jets did, which is rolling the dice on a very expensive dice on Aaron Rodgers fighting off Father Time for another year.

Nestor Aparicio  28:27

Well, and then keeping their jobs as well. Joe Douglas, right. So there’s a little bit of that that doesn’t exist here, which is why I felt like this whole thing was a little different. I said that for months. In the end, it all worked out the way peacefully could have worked out, shout out poop emojis without signs being held without John Harbaugh looking ashen faced at the owners meetings when Lamar is tweeting out that he’s asked to be traded. So it’s Kumbaya. It’s one big purple love and Luke Jones has been in Owings Mills will continue to be an always Mills all weekend long. We’re gonna get fit. They drafted say flowers. I don’t know if you know, we’re going to talk about the draft. They’re going to draft we’re football players. There’s chaos up and down the board and the Houston Texans and trading in and trading and all that stuff. Is a big draft weekend. We’re gonna skip a little Orioles conversation a little bit this weekend. But the girls are playing this weekend. And playing well we might add, but it’s a little bit of football on the brain around here. He’s Luke he’s Baltimore Luke, I am Nestor we are doing the Maryland crab cake tour all week long. We were on Thursday at Captain Larry’s great great local place with a great local story and bullet holes in the ceiling long story about a cop bar from 100 years ago and prohibition on the brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I was giving away these instant scratch offs. We did a $10 winner a couple of fives and twos but no big winners I see big winner 20 bucks is a big win to me. So we didn’t have any of those capillaries. Maybe we’ll have some at fade Lee’s on Friday and then next Thursday we will be at mid falls oyster in real I’m very familiar with the fireside in and iron horse tavern excuse me, fireside That was my first sponsor in Glen Burnie Wow. 30 years ago, MC falls Iron Horse tavern. We had Justin Tucker and Joe Flacco and Dennis Pitt out there many many many years ago. Next Thursday we’re going to be the Middle River location down on the water the OSU Island doing the Maryland crab cake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery. I don’t have my window nation hat because I was too busy wearing it the other day, but I’m wearing my one today shirt 866 90 nation may is on we’ll have new deals and we have new sponsors around you’re doing all sorts of stuff. We’re gonna be out on the road. I’m back from Maui. We have new football players, the same old quarterback at the new old contract now and we’ll be talking about all of that, as we’ve been doing for months. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore. Positive

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