Bringing purple roses for Flowers and wondering just how much Lamar will throw in Monken offense?

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Luke Jones and Nestor discuss Ravens first round pick of Boston College wide receiver Zay Flowers and add up the plethora of wide receivers in the new room for offensive coordinator Todd Monken. A new revolution of purple football is underway.


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Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back and W n s t test Baltimore and Baltimore positive it is positively in NFL draft weekend we are off to a hell of a start. I mean, the biggest news of the draft didn’t even happen during the draft and before the draft, all of our Maryland crabcake tours presented by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I’ve got these instant scratch offs. We had some winners a captain Larry’s on Thursday, the big winners will be everyone who hears the conversation. We had great, great conversation Shannon tobac. Join me. My my pal Chris really does. He loves Baltimore as much as anybody loves the Orioles. And Todd Schuler came by and we also had Mara from capital Arizona talking about crabcakes and South Baltimore and all that good stuff all brought to you by our friends at wind donation and the Maryland lottery back at fadeless. On Friday, next Thursday, we’re MC falls, oyster and real not the Iron Horse tavern, but the one over Middle River the old Sioux Island. We’re doing the crab cake over there. My buddy Terry Cook, we’ll be talking a little Vegas, a little football and I’m sure we will be talking about ze flowers the newest Raven, as well as Lamar Jackson and a whole host of other Raven players In news this weekend. Luke Jones joins us now from Owings Mills, where it was a late evening and if you want to hear all the words of Eric Kosta and Joel Ortiz, and all that, all that available at Baltimore positive as well, Luke how the toothpicks holding up with the eyeballs here this weekend, I thought flying back from Hawaii and almost being stuck in Las Vegas and almost having to pay $19 for two piece chicken box at the airport. I thought all of that was bad. But boy since I’ve gotten back, the Ravens have improved on they have a quarterback now they drafted a wide receiver. They sign this hotshot. I mean, we’ve come a long way in a couple of weeks here from what’s going to happen to the Ravens. Well, we know what they’re going to be now they’re gonna go out in they’re gonna compete as they’ve done for 27 years. It was a big big day a historic days you were called or maybe historical if you didn’t know any better.

Luke Jones  01:49

It was definitely historic day. I mean, you certainly and I saw some younger fans on Twitter, kind of put this in a light of one of the absolute great days in franchise history. Let’s be careful, they won two Super Bowls, right. So I would say how

Nestor Aparicio  02:06

are they in the books if they want to if they want to know about the history I’ve written on that. In terms of business days, though, this is right up there.

Luke Jones  02:14

I mean, you go back to 96 when you draft Jonathan Ogden and Ray Lewis even though at the time no one knows if it’s going to be what it ultimately was

Nestor Aparicio  02:21

otherwise. So that picture is SAP and Brooks are rolling around within the creamsicle to Draft Day is great because, you know, you get Bill Polian and you get Mel Cuypers hair, you get it all, you really do

Luke Jones  02:31

get it all and everyone’s happy, right? I mean, every single camera shot on Thursday night is of draft war rooms that everyone is excited about our guy, little Little do we know that a year or two or three years from then all those individuals will either not be happy or they might be out of a job because the guy they just picked did not work out for them. So that’s part of the the beauty of the draft. But yeah, I mean the Ravens you look going back to Easter Sunday, where you make the deal for Odell Beckham, Lamar Jackson posts on Instagram, their FaceTime call, kind of the first sign of okay, maybe Lamar doesn’t want out entirely. And then Lamar gets signed hours before the draft, he’s extended, he’s signed up for the next five years, you’ve got your franchise quarterback, and then you go out for the third time in the last five drafts. Which by the way, they had only done three times in their first 23 drafts in franchise history. They take a wide receiver in the first round and ze flowers really productive player at Boston College slot man easy comparisons made to Hollywood brown because you look at the size but more saw more solid. Hollywood Brown was maybe 160 pounds soaking wet coming out of Oklahoma. It was a play flowers is 185 a little more solid little more yak ability. But profiles in terms of a slot receiver guy that’s gonna move around a lot, a guy that I think will do some gadget type stuff for them as well. And just a really productive player. And let’s face it, Boston College with apologies to Doug Flutie, not exactly a college football powerhouse, especially in recent years, and to see what ze flowers was able to do with hardly elite quarterback play. It’s not as though he had Matt Ryan throwing him the ball up at BC really productive and really, really good. And I know Yeah, he struck up a relationship with T Martin ravens assistant. During the shrine bowl they hit it off really well. And hearing Eric d’acosta Hearing John Harbaugh hearing Joe Ortiz talk about this in individual first of all, he has 13 siblings Nestor, he went back to college, his senior year wanted to get his degree. You hear so many things about him beyond the football player and look, him being a great football player is paramount when you’re taking someone in the first round. So let’s be clear about that. But in terms of the character in terms of he’s got some swagger don’t get me wrong. He’s a wide receiver after all, let’s be clear about that. But he said all all the right things through the pre draft interview process. And Eric flat out said, You know what, I’m not gonna lie. This is one of the more impressive kids we’ve come across in terms of talking to him, and us really hitting it off with him on a personal level. Steve Smith has spoken glowingly about him, Steve Smith, someone clearly that the Ravens still have an affinity for. But just someone that I think is just going to add another dimension to their revamped new offense under Todd Monken. I still don’t think they’re going from run heavy to pass heavy. But I think you’re certainly going to see way more balance and certainly a greater commitment to being more productive, more explosive, more efficient, via the air. And certainly, even though you and I already debated this and fought over this. Yeah, there is a higher level of pressure for Lamar Jackson and all these guys now. But especially Lamar getting paid, but they add another wide receiver to the room, and to me with Beckham and look, I’ve already said it, they overpaid for Odell Beckham. No, there’s no question about that. But the combination of him and now drafting ze flowers. I think it’s Eric Acosta’s attempt to right or wrong from a year ago, not that trading. Marquis Brown was a bad decision in isolation. It was not doing enough to replace Marquis brown

Nestor Aparicio  06:25

and the Vernay and the guys they did believe in right and they talked about believing in all that’s gone and those guys were all pissed. And Eric said we need better wide receiver. Ah, you know, boy, they fill that room. I mean, the Nelson Aguilar signing is so last month ago, right?

Luke Jones  06:41

Oh, totally. I mean, that’s an afterthought. And by the way, I’m fine with Nelson Aguilar. If he’s my number four wide receiver I just didn’t want it to be Hey, that’s that’s our veteran guy we’re bringing in here. So but you look at this on on paper. Now. You have Beckham. We get it. Your questions there. There’s absolutely questions there. But clearly, they felt very highly about where he is physically compared to where he’s been in the last couple years. Time will tell Rashad Bateman when he’s been on the field. He’s looked apart. He looked at what the Ravens passing game did as much as we talked about the failures and Greg Roman being dismissed and all that go back and look at what they did the first three four games before Bateman got hurt that passing game was hummock Lamar was have off to a great start throwing the football. So you have those two, hoping they’re gonna stay healthy. But now you add ze flowers to the mix, who played 12 games last year played 12 games a year before that played 11 played 13. You know, this is a guy who stayed stayed on the field played in the ACC, again, Boston College is not a powerhouse, we get that but still managed to be very productive, even without having a top tier quarterback throwing him the football. So I think you know, this just gives them another dynamic to their passing game would not be surprised to see some gadget plays and some screens and different things like that for him as well. But it just gives them another piece and it’s another long term piece. Going back to what you mentioned, when you do have a $52 million quarterback, you better hit so this is the first of moving forward. However many first round picks and early round picks they’re going to have over the next three, four or five years. With a high price quarterback. You better nail those pics and we saw what happened when Rashad Perriman is not the guy, right? Right or you know even if it’s other positions. I’m Matt Elam is with us, those types of things that adds up. So Prashad

Nestor Aparicio  08:32

Perriman turned in Antonio Brown, Joe Flacco would have still been here and they would have won more.

Luke Jones  08:37

I mean, I don’t know if he still would have been here today. But certainly 2015 1617 would have been more fruitful. There’s no question about that. So yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s all related. It all matters, right? Especially when you’re talking about these early picks 6/7 round picks. Fine, you know that that was one issue that I took with their previous philosophy on wide receivers, you know, going back to most of Ozzie Newsome tenure, as much as Aziz a Hall of Fame executive, how they handled the wide receiver position, for the most part, left something to be desired, especially as it became more important as time was going on. And we saw that and I think you’ve seen the Ravens adjust in that way. And that’s where Eric the caster in five years five drafts now as general manager, we’ve seen him draft three wide receivers in the first round now keep in mind he traded Marquis Brown, so, you know, you can almost look at it as like two and a half right? Because, you know, they traded him when he still had counting his fifth year option two years of control left, but I think in the case is a flowers. I think it’s just another piece. He doesn’t have to come in. Unlike some of those receivers of the past that they drafted. He does not have to come in and be quote the man, really you look at him on the depth shot. He’s the number three wide receiver right now. So clearly, you want him to show signs that he can be even better than that. But this is what you do to try to fix a position whether it’s wide receiver or any position that you’re trying to attack in the offseason, something that’s been an Achilles heel for you, you go, and you spend assets on it. And it’s not a guarantee that it’s going to work. But it shows a recognition of what we were saying, and what became painfully obvious, especially when Bateman went down last October, it’s, we need to get better at the wide receiver position. And we can, we can debate what that means in terms of what it’s going to look like with Todd Monken, and all that. But they clearly whether it’s gonna be Monken, or whether it’s Greg Roman coming back for another year, they had to be better throwing the football through the air. And yeah, a big part of that is Lamar Jackson, I agree with you on that point. But you can’t say that you need to be better, and then continue to neglect what is a very valuable, important position on the football field. And that’s, we’re seeing that across the league now, doesn’t mean you have to have the best group out there. But you can’t have the worst you can have the second worst, you can have the third worst in the NFL. And that’s the territory the Ravens have kind of found themselves in. And frankly, for a long time at the wide receiver position. So you hope, you know with Beckham and again, it’s a gamble. That’s a big $15 million, one year gamble. But you’re hoping that that he does, you know, that he’s productive and gives you know, has some good influence on some of these other guys, the one thing about Odell Beckham that Todd Monken even talked about, he works hard in practice, you know, you can talk about the antics and some of the other stuff that comes with being a high profile wide receiver, but you’re hoping that the work ethic and some of the intricacies of playing the position at a high level will wear off on some of these younger guys and ze flowers is gonna be a big part of that now.

Nestor Aparicio  11:38

Luke Jones is here he is Baltimore, Luke, he’ll be monitoring all things all weekend with the NFL Draft. You follow them on social media everywhere we go. And obviously the WNS D tech service was first with the Lamar Jackson news. If there’s anything else that’s happening over the weekend, we’ll also be watching some Orioles baseball around the wide receiver position. And as much as we talked about it from back with Travis Taylor and Mark Clayton and the other names Prashad Perriman. That they have failed on and for every Anquan Boldin and Derrick Mason and this Steve Smith which we’ve already mentioned signing these veteran guys and the belong last Mike Wallace’s and Jeremy Maclin and Lee Evans and we can just Nelson Aguilar throw him in there these guys that were top 60 picks at some point you bring them in and they’re 30 the rooms crowded they got a lot of wide receivers we haven’t mentioned the running back from Ohio State and a little while right like we haven’t mentioned Mark Andrews in a little while but you did mention Marquis brown and the deal now a year and a day old with him that that netted of what they believe is going to be a pro bowl center right that that that has netted their Matt Burke their solution at that position that they never you know that they haven’t had since Burke really like a real solution at that at that position where they have a young guy under contract that they believe they’re gonna grow into. They sacrificed the five foot nine wide receiver last year to get that now they’ve replaced it. To your point. You think flowers has a bigger upside than then Hollywood Brown in this offense, especially given the other weapons Hollywood Brown would have been unbelievable across from Odell Beckham right like that didn’t happen and we far forgot about Bateman. Bateman spent okay when he’s played right like Bateman still that’s promise he’s not we’re Perriman was are you know in year four of Mark Clayton Are you finding out where you are? Bateman is stolen an AI is not even a might be he’s got to be an is he’s your number one traffic leisure I mean so all that being said they have stacked room now they must throw the ball more and they must throw the ball better because they’re like I said when we talked about Lamar is contrary there are no more excuses but they have her too many bodies now and they got guys that are gonna want the football they’re gonna have mountain guy starting with back home they’re gonna have guys who expect to get the football I don’t know how much football distribution there can be to keep these guys happy. But that’s a that’s an interesting storyline over the next five months is that we have too many wide receivers to get the football as opposed to where we were in December watching Tyler Huntley run around throw the ball to James crochet. Yeah,

Luke Jones  14:15

I mean, I don’t even know if it’s quote too many. It’s just that they’ve been so accustomed to being in this position where they don’t have enough and look, of course you had bodies of course you had inventory but how much quality depth did you have at wide receiver? And that’s where I look at it and say okay, when Nelson Aguilar is your number four when we’ll see what happens with Devin DuVernay, and you know how that plays out. But just looking at the top three, you have three guys now that okay, there are some questions, some legitimate questions about Odell Beckham probably too many for $15 million. But again, we’ve been over that well 31 other teams thought that well and the Ravens maybe they had to maybe this is some lingering Greg Roman tax right because we know that wide receiver First did not like playing and Greg Romans offense. I mean that that is painfully evident at this point in time. So was there some tax there? Of course Beckham came in with no guarantee that Lamar was absolutely 100% going to be his quarterback. That was part of it. But the point is with Beckham, and as you mentioned with Bateman, and look, I like Rashad Bateman. But yeah, the health he’s got to stay on the field. There’s no question about that. So you have those top two, going into draft night, one of the draft and you say, all right, on paper, that looks a lot better than where we were a year ago, or you can debate two years ago with with Bateman and Marquis Brown. But they both have some questions. So we can’t just have two guys that have some question marks. And then after that, we’re looking at the same same old story with, you know, later round picks, who, for the most part haven’t really panned out, you know, do Bernays had his moments, certainly. But it’s not a guy that you’re looking at as a starting wide receivers. So you adds a flowers to the mix. Now he brings a little bit of a different skill set for them. You know, Beckham still going to play on the outside, although I think you could see back and play in the slot a little bit more depending on formations and look, you move these guys around, you know, the days of just having, you know, your wide receivers and your tight end, you’re

Nestor Aparicio  16:16

an extra why go I mean, you you want it

Luke Jones  16:19

to be much more. You want to mix it up, right? You want to stress the defense, you know, whatever sub package they’re in. That’s why Mark Andrews has been so successful because you know, whether it’s him lining up to three point stance in line or more primarily playing in the slot. He’s a matchup problem. So you add, say flowers, who is smaller, but again, like I said, he’s got more physicality than Marquis brown ever had. Even for his slider stature.

Nestor Aparicio  16:46

Are you comparing a guy to Steve Smith? That’s it Steve swisscare. And Steve Smith, right. Yeah, exactly.

Luke Jones  16:50

I’m not comparing them to Steve Smith. Yeah. Because yeah, Steve Smith, you know, is at least a borderline Hall of Famer. But certainly he’s got he has a little more physicality to him for his size, I think a little more of a willingness to be more of a yak guy. And we saw Marquis Brown. Look, when you throw a bomb to him great, but you threw the ball underneath. You know, for the most part, he wasn’t going to break a tackle, right, we didn’t see a whole lot of that from him. And how much of that was his foot his first couple years, and how much of it is just not a big guy. And that’s just part of part of his limitations. I think you’ll see a little more Yak, I think John Harbaugh talked about flowers being someone that could kind of win at every level, you know, through something underneath with him and gain some yards after the catch, you know, some intermediate stuff, RPO type action, or send them on a deep ball, which is certainly something that they’re going to want to be able to do. So. We know, from we know, and we watched it the last couple years at this passing game needs to be better. And that doesn’t mean you suddenly throw 50 times a game either, but needs to be better. And when you do it, it’s gotta be more efficient, it needs to be more explosive. So how do you do that? You bring in a new offensive coordinator, you resign your franchise quarterback who has certainly even if he’s not, he’s not Patrick mahomes, not not even going to debate that he’s nowhere close to that. But he still has had success throwing the football with the right elements in place. And now you add another wide receiver there, and you hope to have that much more diversity in your passing game. And now there is an expectation for them to say, Hey, you can’t say any more that that the wide receiver position is sorely lacking. Look at what we’ve done. Now it’s time for you and the entire offense to go out there and be more explosive through the air and be able to win football games that way. This is still John Harbaugh lead team, they’re not going to bend in the run entirely or anything like that still think the runs gonna be a big part of what they do. And Lamar is still gonna run even if maybe he doesn’t run quite as much as he’s getting older, which has always been my thought, you know, I kind of viewed it as a dial, you would want to dial back some of his runs as he gets older, and what replaces that more passing. So I think this is another important step in doing that. And we’ll see how it all comes together. Certainly good health is going to be paramount for Beckham for Bateman for Lamar Jackson, but again, even with a flowers looking at him and saying yeah, 591 85 is not a big wide receiver. But at the same time, you know, he’s filled out a little more than Marquis Brown was and I think that should help him as he adjust. And I think the biggest thing, unlike some of the names that we mentioned some of the unsuccessful stories, you know, Travis Taylor and Mark Clayton, although Clayton certainly had Derrick Mason opposite him, but Paramon you look at those guys even Marquis Brown, they all came in and the expectation was what they had to be the number one wide receiver because who else did they have whatever first round draft at those different points. But the point is, you bring in say flowers. He’s not coming in and being the number one day one he doesn’t have to be So I think that’s going to help him that’s going to make them better. And you hope from a long term standpoint because I’m guessing Odell Beckham unless he really has an unbelievable kind of Renaissance. I’m guessing it is going to be a one year deal for him and then you’ll see him move on. And then the Ravens will hopefully see a healthy Rashad Bateman. And as a flowers, who won’t be the number three anymore, he’d stepped into being the number two or it’d be it’s one in one day, however you want to slice it. But clearly, the Ravens recognized a need that they have to be better throwing the football. Again, it started with Greg Roman moving on from him, because that’s been his MO everywhere. It’s a great, fantastic coordinator of a running game. And we saw historic success in 2019 and 2020, in what they did running the football, but you’ve got to be able to do more than that, if you want to play deep into January. So Todd Monken clearly has designs of being more of a passing team than they’ve been the last couple years. And they’ve now added weapons to hopefully facilitate that. And to your point, as you mentioned it in passing with Tyler Linder bomb. By the way, they still have an offensive line that finished 2022 on a very high note with Ronnie Stanley finally healthy and playing at a high level again. And that offensive line minus Ben power so yeah, they got to figure out left guard but that is an offensive line that is also intact and looking much better on paper at this time of year than it has the last couple years.

Nestor Aparicio  21:31

Luke Jones is here he is Baltimore Luke we are fully engaged in NFL draft a conversation as well as out on line a Baltimore positive ad on our Twitter as well. And any breaking news you get first WNS D tech service brought to you by Coons, Baltimore Ford over security Boulevard and Dennis will be here opining as well before it’s all over with an the passing game and all of this is new I mean the Todd Monken thing and what he did at Georgia even before that and the league and how all this is going to work but Mark Andrews Mark Andrews Mark Andrews he’s been their whole offense dude, let’s not you know, let’s let’s not kid ourselves. They had no running game two years ago, they had no running backs two years ago. He was the only guy last year they don’t have Bateman. Anyone have a quarterback at the end. And Andrews was hurt at the beginning of both seasons, quite frankly. And we’ll talk about him much or his money or his position. But once the game starts, and it’s 37 we started looking for him. Right? When they’re inside the 15 yard line and looking to score a touchdown, we start thinking, well, he’s the guy who catch it. If you throw it to him, you’ll get open you’ll figure it out what this can do for him. And what it did for him to get him paid the first time right. Got it paid the first time we’re running right we’re running left Lamar is running back, Omar could do this. Lamar was like Snoopy back then. Right. And he he got paid off of that, and then became a wide receiver overnight became the only option down the field in the passing game. He’s really talented, he’s going to be healthier. Unlike quarterbacks who lose their speed or wide receivers, I think he’s in the prime of his prime that I don’t know what this does to him. Or how Todd Monken will will choose to utilize him when they’re not running the football. But boy oh boy, back home. I’ll I’ll I don’t know anything about flowers other than if Steve Smith likes him and they drafted him. I’ll just assume that he’s gonna get on the field. Right. And then Bateman back healthy. And we have a running back job. And like all of this as they take the field, what does this mean for Mark Andrews, because we’ll talk so much about the wide receivers in Lamar. But if they’re gonna throw the ball 40 to 50 times, and I’m gonna say that and you’re gonna say, well, 3630 Now when they’re losing, they’re gonna throw the ball and not not after the pick, you know, not after things go wrong. There. They’re going to be losing in games, and they’re going to need to throw the football late in games, which, which is the reason they put all this together. I think in the end, there’ll be more plus 40 past games, then there’ll be less than four bilott Probably, I think it’ll be they play 17 games, I expect them to play 12 or 13, where they’re going to throw the ball more than 40 times a game. I just believe they’re gonna have to play that way. They have wide receivers, they paid to play that way. Now they have to have success that way. Boy, Mark Andrews, you know, like, we haven’t talked at all about him. But what does this do for him? I mean, he’s still only going to be targeted 810 times he I don’t think they’re targeting him more or less, quite frankly. But I think this really helps him.

Luke Jones  24:31

Yeah, well, and he’s gonna help all of them, right. I mean, it’s a give take, right? It’s a matter of you’re not in a position where you have one bonafide legitimate eye and pass catching target, right. You’re hoping and look, I still think Mark Andrews is their number one receiver at the end of the day if we’re going to lump in wide receivers and tight ends together because he’s been that good. That said, is he going to get 153 targets like he got two years ago? Probably not. So I think you’re going to be looking at him more in the territory of no 110, let’s say what he had 113 Last year, but that was with a couple games missed, you know. So you certainly don’t have to put as much pressure on him in terms of to be the guy and defenses are not going to be able to devote quite as many coverage resources to him. Because now you have guys that theoretically, you feel good about waiting on the outside, you have even another slot option now is a flowers where, you know, even though Andrews is lined up in the slot a ton and is really a slot receiver. As far as how you best profile him, you’re still going to be able to do different things with him. So I think, doesn’t mean he’s going to have 1300 plus receiving yards like he did two years ago. But I think you’re gonna see him continue to be the guy know, to continue to be one of the top three or four tight ends in the NFL, which is what he’s been for the last four years. So I don’t expect that to change, again, is he going to see quite as much is Lamar going to feel as compelled to lock in on him, which we’ve seen at times even being a little detrimental? Because I don’t think Lamar trusted other guys that were out on the field. And I think that was part of the issue. And, and yeah, Part of that’s Lamar and part of his ongoing development and getting better as a quarterback. But I still think, you know, with Mark Andrews, he’s still going to be, you know, at the top of the, you know, the top of the food chain in terms of talking, you know, guys that they’re going to, especially on third down, especially inside the redzone. So I don’t expect it, this means he’s going to have another 100 Catch season like he did two years ago, but still talking about him eight, 910 11 Touchdown somewhere in that neighborhood, there’s no reason to think that he still won’t be that it’s just now, there’s not quite as much pressure on him quite as much focus being devoted to him from the defense, because they’ve got to account for better wide receivers. And in turn, because he is so good. That makes things that much easier for wide receivers to get open. It’s all related, you know, we tried to make this out to be more complicated than it did, then it is it comes down to, and Greg Roman talked about this a lot. But 2019 is probably the only time they really did it. And even then you could still debate how true it was, but talked about the idea of forcing a defense to defend every blade of grass on the football field. Now you need guys who can win on the outside, you need guys who can win inside you need to be able to throw the football you need to be able to produce from heavy formations, you need to be able to run the ball from light formations. I mean, it’s all of those different things at work. So now it feels like they do have the personnel and you’re hoping you’re going to match that with a new offensive coordinator new eyeballs, new ideas that they’re going to incorporate and you’re going to see what you hope the goal is to have a more complete, more explosive, more efficient offense and, you know, time will tell how that’s all going to play out. But to answer your point again, you know, I don’t think any of this means that Mark Andrews isn’t going to continue to be one of the very best tight ends in the NFL and I still think when it really matters. You’re going to see Lamar Jackson going to him and looking to him first and but the difference is now that you have those other weapons defenses aren’t going to be able to devote quite as much to trying to stop mark Andrews because if they do then the idea is that God will make you pay Rashad Bateman will make you pay as a flowers will make you pay so no I think this is maybe not the best for Andrews from a fantasy football standpoint. But that doesn’t at all mean that I think that he’s not going to continue to be their true number one receiver if we’re gonna lump wide receivers and tight ends together because he’s just that special of a talent. Luke Jones

Nestor Aparicio  29:00

is here he’ll be monitoring all things Orioles and Rodriguez and Rodriguez and tigers tigers and Orioles and ravens Oh my all weekend long the NFL Draft. You can find him at Baltimore Luke you can find me at nasty wn St. dotnet. And so at Baltimore We’re very available individuals here this weekend as we get back to work at a Baltimore positive and talking football Lamar contract and ze flowers and day two and day three of the draft. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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