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Making the adjustment to the chiropractic life in Towson


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When Nestor first got aligned at WNST in the summer of 1998, local chiropractor Steve Elliott called the new sports radio station and offered to adjust his spine. No wonder he’s stood so tall against the rest of the corporate, out-of-town owned media these 25 years later! Along with wife Allison, the Elliotts discuss the heart and soul of their family practice on Joppa Road and why sports and community matter in Baltimore at Drug City on our 25th Anniversary Crab Cake Tour celebration.


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Allison Elliott, Steve Elliott, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back wn st Towson Baltimore Baltimore positive or positively drug city the sign above Alison Elliott’s head says so it’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery we have the Maryland lottery scratch offs $5 winner I don’t know what you’re gonna do with all that dough Allison we had a $2 winner yesterday account it’s a problem is some people want $100 a slick at the sale calm Tell me. I mean you know it means like you win if you win the $1.2 billion and I know your guys are got tickets downstairs your drug city I’m not going to come in and get an adjustment first of all come Monday you want your doors gonna be so I’m gonna have to find a new car


Allison Elliott  00:34

that’s how you know we’re gonna

Nestor Aparicio  00:37

show up at the door. Tell me that’s what I did have $100 Winner cocoas about three weeks ago and we had some winners you cost us yesterday. I’m glad we had a winner here on on number 19 This is number 20. Sir Frank Robinson, maybe this is the lucky one. Steve Eliot Alice led here all courtesy of our friends at Windsor de sheiks 690 nation. You need Windows. I can’t recommend that enough. They’ve been great with me. All of our sponsors that have kept us alive for 25 years, including this family. You and me. We’re like a real local business here. We’re not Odyssey we’re not clear channel radio one or Amazon or Apple or Google. We’re a drug city and Dundalk. You got a family chiropractic practice. And when I think of that you mentioned Cameron and baseball and I’ve never been in your place where like a member of your family is not there. And I brought this up yesterday because this was a Costas Pete sunning himself. Nick slate dude he Mr. Kostas disapproves me beer and disappears. He refuses to come on. And we went up Christina said I don’t think I’ve ever been in here where there hasn’t been a member of your family, literally in the building. Man that’s so fashion. That’s like drug Samina. Like that’s that’s Baltimore, though, right? That isn’t that a beautiful part of they don’t have that in Texas, they don’t have that and in places that are new and built up that this community has been here in 1954. This place has been here, you know, yeah,

Steve Elliott  01:53

I can’t speak for this place. First time here. And it is a trip. I walked in, I walked in downstairs and I was like, holy cow. They’ve got everything in here. I mean, from

Allison Elliott  02:04


I texted him and said, Help. Where do I go?


It’s It’s, uh, y’all gotta come down here. visit this place is awesome.

Nestor Aparicio  02:12

Yeah, well, I mean, it’s it’s fun drug cities fun to say. But it’s been a part of my life. So when I say in Atlanta, it doesn’t like I don’t chitter about drove which drug city or whatever. I remember in 1954, that was a different thing. I used to drive up to Hershey on 83. Maybe you remember this, you know, the barbell guy. Right on 83. There was a place in downtown New York where the road bends like King Queen Street or whatever. There used to be a giant sign on the side of the highway. It was sewed above everything. And it just was a light and said drugs. At least the pass by them. Like we’re passing by drugs. You know, this is sort of the Reagan administration. So you know all that all that Nancy just say no, and all that. So when I say drug city, I sort of think of that a little bit. But I’m coming here my whole life and the fan. But for you guys and Family Chiropractic, and you guys helping me my wife, every everybody in the family, you got to see people every single day. And it’s it really is a community thing. And I think that has been the thing. The reason I’m here 25 years, as I shared my Dundalk Eagle story that was written 25 years ago this week, the community and sticking together that’s the anti wall modification that we talk about politically, socially. Yeah. And what the root of the community is, is, I was at the local the other day, and they proudly you’re serving local beer, right, like independent. And you talked about being up in Bel Air. Local is the basis of everything, we’re going to do your food, everything.


Yeah, you know, as far as our practices concerned, you know, in our office, we we don’t view the folks that we take care of so much as patients as they are extended family members, or these are folks that are coming in to be taken care of, and we try and treat them like family. And that’s just sort of our philosophical approach towards care and towards how we run our practice. You know, I say this all the time, I have probably, if my accountant knew what I’ve done financially, she’d be very upset with me because I’ve most likely given away far too much care, just because, and that’s and I guess I shouldn’t say this stuff on air. It’s not smart advertising, you know, talking about how dumb you are as a businessman. But since these folks are all family members, to me, it’s, you know, it’s sort of hell, well, it’s not a taxi


Nestor Aparicio  04:19

ride, right? You know what I mean? It’s not a one time transactional. You know, like, I got a shot in my spine a year and a half ago, you know, this transaction, I met the doctor when he put the needle in me and, and I told him that you need to anesthesia with a painkiller wouldn’t work. I didn’t know him. I never had to see me again. I did a teleconference with a guy that quite frankly, I was calling lawyers thinking whether I had because I was in pain, man, you know, but I never met that guy. And meanwhile, like every time I’m in, your hands are on me, and your eyes roll me and my wife and you’re like, I care about I have to care about you, or why would I have a practice? You know what I mean? I have to care about our community here. Sure. When I put out this microphone is what I believe and what I know to be true. That’s always been my you know, Your truth is helping people. That’s that’s where you are. And that’s


Yeah. And that’s sort of where I am and how it’s been since you know, 1989 When opened, so and that’s just I don’t know if it’s inculcated just because of where we’re from, you know, very family centric sort of town because I think places like Cleveland and Pittsburgh and people practice a mile and a half from where you grew up, right? Correct. Which is not always a great idea. You can’t be a prophet in your hometown. Somebody wrote that a long time. So, so but yeah, actually, it’s, it’s actually kind of cool. I I still see folks that I grew up with, I have school teachers that are patients of mine, you know, people that I looked up to when I was a kid, and helped me get to where I am today, and their patients. So you know, my next door neighbor, from when I was a little kid is a patient of mine and he’s, he’s been a patient for a long time. So yeah, it is a little it’s interesting. Practicing a mile from where you grew up

Nestor Aparicio  05:55

know what you guys me because I know you as like a unit. Was he chiropractor or chiropractic school?

Allison Elliott  06:00


He was a school. So you knew you were marrying a chiropractor. So here’s what I’m gonna say. I’m gonna go back to the last thing, the last segment and you were saying the Orioles might win the World Series he knows as a Georgia girl. Oh, do you really think the Orioles are going to beat the Braves?


Oh, gosh. Really?

Nestor Aparicio  06:24

She’s got to do that. She just did you have a good enough football season. We got your offensive coordinator route for him


throw a hand grenade right into the room. Golly days.


Nestor Aparicio  06:33

Well, you went to school in Georgia. Atlanta, Atlanta.

Allison Elliott  06:36

Yep. You’ve never heard this story.

Nestor Aparicio  06:39

I don’t think I asked us on the air at the time. You guys sat in one time and I remember we were not your mom has my back hurt like hell. I was right. It was during a bad period football season. I’m kicking crabcake toril I don’t know that. I don’t know how you met. Alright, so

Allison Elliott  06:53


here’s the story. We were I was at a nightclub with a friend of mine a co worker. No. All right. And and he walked by and I turned to my friend I said look, Stace, there because man of my dreams. Whoa. And he was heading toward the bathroom and about 1015 minutes later,


what song comes on? Neutron dance by the Pointer Sisters. It comes on. That’s your song she asked me to do I just

Allison Elliott  07:23

I asked him to dance. And the rest of the

Nestor Aparicio  07:26

1984 five fives was I know that song. I remember that song was the second Wednesday



of January of 1985. She asked me to dance and it’s been over ever since.

Nestor Aparicio  07:36

You are an eclectic soul talking about Pointer Sisters like because whenever I come in to your place you have it. Second place your musics not as good as the Royal farms pumps. Royal farms. It’s really good music. I said that’s awesome. When you pump gas and royal farms. You do it’s true. I thought I never thought pump gas for a farm shirt. They’re my sponsor. Make sure you’re listening to the music, even when it’s cold as hell and you’re out there in December. And it’s 12 degrees you like I’m just doing the new trumpet, you know trying to answer be in that mix. So I come into your place you play great music, but you you you read more books than anybody I know. Other than maybe Eric de Costa. And I really know him anymore because he screwed me over. But you read a lot of books and then you have this eclectic the little they’re not bobbleheads when those little things, pop dolls pop dolls, and you’ve always had a Pee Wee Herman and you’ve always had a John Taylor from Duran Duran behind you they both had rough year I mean, your friggin little dolls don’t get a Geddy Lee whatever you do popped by to Pee Wee Herman thing I haven’t talked about Pee Wee on the air and I should have my son my son’s got COVID His wife’s got COVID he would be here lay my son’s not avoid those start rumors of my son was in a part of the 25th anniversary. Oh


god knows what HIPAA is about man don’t talk about them having COVID

Nestor Aparicio  08:59


calling my media status, you know, but you know, I think for like your place and all of these weird little idiosyncrasies The Pee Wee Herman thing is oh, we see it. I was right behind you. And I see it and I’m like, I wonder you know what’s up with Pee Wee we’re in Pee Wee dies. Big fan. I know you’re a big fan and my son was the biggest Pee Wee Herman I mean, my son was born in 84. So I want to say 8990 9192 videotape Saturday morning Playhouse The whole deal right? My son Love Love Love, Love Love peewee. Herman it was his favorite thing when he was a kid. You know, and I know you love peewee.

Allison Elliott  09:37

I was I was an early fan. I was doing peewee impersonations back when I was a freshman in college. So we’re talking 1980 81 I was a peewee fan back then. And there’s a picture I stole this t shirt from somebody. And it was a Pee Wee Herman t shirt. That’s what maybe 86 On the houseboat. Yeah, maybe at six that I’ve got a peewee. I’ve loved him for a long time.

Nestor Aparicio  10:08

It takes a guy die and really Sinead O’Connor and you start to see they did like a lot of things that I didn’t see in life, but like and then things you remember like Peewee Herman was at a Cheech and Chong movie, like peewee like showed up in at MTV in these Christmas videos where he’s in the back dancing during the Billy Squier like peewee was like, immersed as a public figure popping up almost like a Where’s Waldo thing, right? And the whole movie theater thing that day, well after his thing or whatever, but it’s amazing like how a pop culture icon like that dies, and my association is this little thing you have that’s kept it. He’s in front of me because I’m in your chiropractic office couple times a week. And I’m like, What happened to him? I haven’t heard from him, you know, and it’s, it feels like a Saturday Night Live skit that lasted his whole lifetime and was such an incredible character that he’s not known as Paul Rubens. He’s known as Peewee Herman and that that character he dressed up in that suit, way into his 60s and did really funny, poignant, all of its poignant, because it’s all from a child’s to an innocent point of sweet it’s very sweet. It’s very innocent.

Allison Elliott  11:23

Did you see any? How many people were would talk about how he sent them cards always sent them birthday cards. I mean, just miss your birthday. Dozens and dozens of these, you know, stars, a lot of comedians and everything he was he kept people. Oh, he did? Yeah, he really can. I


Nestor Aparicio  11:42

never would have known that. And it takes time to learn that socks. I mean, because I didn’t necessarily want to talk about Pee Wee Herman but I saw your figurine and when he died, if you’re the I was going to text you and say, Man, I’m so you know, like the day Geddy Lee, you know, I’m not going to talk about it anymore. But he did show up at the Blue Jays series and I’m worried he was there last week is the 70th birthday. I hope he’s enjoying himself playing the bass somewhere. But you know, as we get older man, you know, start losing people. And we all have associations to our favorite this are our favorite. I mean, not as bad talk, Bruce Springsteen, I don’t want anything to happen to him. But yeah, I mean, I the sinead o’connor thing even like with her life, and you know, the RIP in that thing. And so I don’t remember all that. But I’d think on a daily basis, and now I hear music. And I’m like, Man, our music was better than

Allison Elliott  12:27

Shannon awesome voice.

Nestor Aparicio  12:29

She’s incredible. Yeah, right. Why do people have to die for us to love them like this?



Show mother alive, right?

Nestor Aparicio  12:35

All right, your kids gambling on baseball, I get it.

Allison Elliott  12:41

I do see he’s down there. And he’s got like, computer screen TV screen and it’s like, you know, separate it up. He’s what he is he so I’ve

Nestor Aparicio  12:50

known your kid since he was five years old. He didn’t start talking baseball with me until like last year. He’s always he’s, he’s an avid sports fan. He



has more freaking sports knowledge in his head. stupid stuff we

Nestor Aparicio  13:03

don’t even know he never considered before. He didn’t talk to me about it.

Allison Elliott  13:06

He could sit down and he could sit on here and you could bring up any team. Any anything. Is he co host? I don’t know. He should come in.

Nestor Aparicio  13:15


I want to it’s a Family Chiropractic. I got another mic. You know, I


could have done it. He could offer some bond mod. Well, look, man, a month ago,

Nestor Aparicio  13:23

I talked to Joe. It’s not that you’re not in a circle. I didn’t bother you. I probably should have. But I don’t talk to you in this way. So Joe, Enoch, Bill Cole and Greg Landry from Towson transfers. And Greg’s right around the corner. I


know Greg, right. Yeah.


Nestor Aparicio  13:36

So the three of them I reached in about a month ago, my wife went out of town, Fourth of July. And I was like, I want to put a 25th I was really inspired by the lottery. Right? 20. And that’s why I asked you of you. You’re 34 years right now, you started at nine. So we’ve literally I feel like we met within 30 days of me either starting the station before, uh, right after I was sometime in July, or I’ve known you 25 years this month. About that. I mean, that’s when we started the station. So I was thinking like, what am I going to do for my 25th anniversary, this 50th anniversary thing got me and I’m like, I’m only going to do it once. Let’s blow it up. Make it a big deal. We made a big deal about our sweet 16 as a station. Nine years ago, we had a little logo and a cake. Jessica Val has put together this beautiful logo with fireworks looks like a Disney thing. And a cupcake for our 25th. And I thought I said to all three of them, what are we going to be known what’s wn what’s my legacy? WNS day and they’re like, Oh my God, you’re legacies people and memories and community like bringing people together? And I’m like, okay, so I have all these pictures, because sometimes it’s egotistical but me me me and when I was with our Donovan or when we did this show, or when I did that show at the barn, or wasn’t that fun? Or wasn’t that show good or whatever? This is more just like this is about people and you gathering bus trips, parties, walk ins, walk outs, free, the Burj, like all of that stuff. So I started going through all the 25 years of this. And the thing that really occurred to me is how sports centric I was then, not just Am I passion for sports, but in the way that we wanted to be a sports thing. And then 25 years later, I got a baseball team and a football team that have appreciated my work so much that they thrown me out. And I’ve wind up talking about Peewee Herman, but this is where the sports thing again, and we talked about this for 20 minutes with Bill yurman. It’s back front and center again, and I and I’m really pleased with that part of the 25th anniversary that I’m going back and reading this stuff, and that hope that we had 98 that one day, the Ravens might win one Super Bowl, and the Ray Lewis might one day go to the Hall of Fame and one day we might be as good as the Cowboys are better than the Redskins or whatever those thoughts were 98 the baseball thoughts in 98 we’re look at that stadium. Look at this. Look at Cal rail Man where the Orioles are, you could at all with this ish, right forever. And now as I celebrate 25 years, it really feels like a new opening where nobody’s ever gonna think of me as anything other than a sports guy. Right? You know, obviously been doing it too long, right? I mean, you go make pies for the rest of your life. You’ll be a chiropractor, right? People think of your rugby because you’ve been doing rugby forever, right? I’ll always be a sports guy. My last name is Aparicio. But the fact that sports is back and rolled I see in our traffic. I see it in your shirt. I see your son, I see your mother Chuck’s wearing oriels gear. I mean, it. It’s that electric, and it was that missed, you know, all of it was missed. And bringing that together after all these years. It’s what brings a community together maybe more than any, any religion, any neighborhood any thing


you know, between 84 and 90. Whenever I was sick, right? What was it like? one trick pony, right? And it was it was a one trick pony. With six months of games and six months of talks about games

Nestor Aparicio  16:45

and the Winter Carnival. Yeah, exactly. Right.



But you know, it was a it was there was a big dead spot in the middle of our sports lives.

Nestor Aparicio  16:54

Watching the Colts play on turf in Indianapolis. Yeah, exactly.


So yeah, sports is has a has a central unifying effect, that it gives people a tangible thing to root for in their city. And it’s it’s a surrogate for the city. Right? So when your team is not doing well. People are down on your city so to speak, especially from outside. All they think about when they think about Baltimore if they’re not talking about Freddie Gray or whatever else is going on in the national news is Oh, how’s your team’s doing right? People will talk about you know Wichita from you know, people will talk about Kansas City because they’ve got percentage

Nestor Aparicio  17:33

of people any day I come in I sign your ledger when I so I think it 30 to 50 people you see on any given day what percentage of come in and talk baseball with us and icebreaker now. Like literally come in, they you just they come in Alisyn Cameron, baseball whatever, that you’re where you’re always when Loreal shirt lately, so it’d be the first thing I’d say hey, good game I relief pitching and hide. He didn’t know what he’s doing. Should have dealt for somebody else. Flaherty they should send down cows are like all the stuff that I hear everywhere I go, you know,



it’s, you know, it’s not 100% That’s for sure. And you also as since there are family members, I also know who’s not interested in who, of course, right. So it’s not just you know, the ones who are are they are, and more so of like, yeah, and that’s mainly good, I think. Yeah, I think it’s I think it’s great for a community, it creates a central thread for people to, you know, to communicate through be pissed off the manager together, right. I mean, you know, a minute ago that you were talking about what you were doing is being a conduit for people in your community. Right. When there’s like

Nestor Aparicio  18:33

we took phone calls that was an outlet. I mean, there was no internet. I mean, I’m never going to be that again. I mean, you have to rethink that. You know,


listen, every guy I talked to that used to be an on air guy in the sports world radio world hates that hates having to deal with

Nestor Aparicio  18:48


it’s not gonna give you the because I got good calls in a nice what built my show and we would always say a good call let it be backlit bad. bat out of hell or you know, paradise but let a good call last 12 minutes. Yeah, bad call has got to be bad. Yeah. Beatle song around, get them off in a minute. You know, like, so many. But we had a wide variety. And nobody wanted to call and be a jackwagon they wanted to elevate the conversation. Yeah. 90s By the time we got to the arts, and I got myself off the air and oh five, it was the same people calling to hear their voice. They had nothing to add. And then there was the I’m on hold, oh, I have you and then the internet happened. Basically, internet happened and they could go here. Phone quality of phone calls had already eroded to the point where I didn’t want to do it anymore. And the people I knew who were intelligent kind of callers. They’re not the kind of color that’s going to hang on hold for 15 minutes through your ad and through a 2020 sports flash so in essence they were pre staging social media, right? People that social media is all about me. I mean me compare compare Prepare, but they at least had to wait on hold, get through my screener and I was here earlier and he said I screen calls I’m like, oh my god, can you imagine screening the internet? Well, I mean, that’s what he had to do. And Ray would always Ray would put a color up on the glass and he go like this guy’s gonna tell you, your mother had seven second delay. And we like I swear Ray would know that this guy’s a jackass, right? And then they would call from phone booths. I’m not even kidding you dare. Ray would say I’m gonna make this rabid comment. I’m taking a leak and it’s between we get the 2020 and raise like, yeah, I got a guy on hold on one. I think he’s bullshit. Let let him sit 20 more minutes. We’ll see if he really wants to get on. And then I wait and the guy would come on. And sure enough, you know, do you have King Alberta? Can you better let him out for Yeah. You know, which way worse? You know? And then there were the people calling with higher conversations that were I like Tony banks because of the color of skin. I like Trent Dilfer, because of course, you could just you know, like I had all of that very Trumpy social media thing. And much like Richard share on square off, I had to be the gavel of your off seven second delay dump. I don’t have any of that. That was gonna have block 99.


Now internet trolls, that’s where they are. Right? That was the precursor to the internet troll guy

Nestor Aparicio  21:29

said to me the other day and I’ll give his name Adam Hyman he’s a troll. He’s a professor. He’s on my pay. I don’t know why I let him on. He always goes to the end of the plank. The other day I wrote something about the trading deadline and Jack Flaherty which by the way, you’ll be pitch one on Thursday, universally panned like as a as a real move to win the Super win the Super the win the World Series. It’s just a move. It wasn’t a money move didn’t give a lot. They didn’t give a lot. They’re not gonna get a lot. They can number three store. Maybe they can win the World Series and fine. So I just basically I was lukewarm, but I’m not panning it. I mean, they did the best they could do. I didn’t want to give up halimi on a sports talk basis, I can make a case that this was certainly they’re a better team today than they were Tuesday. So that’s great. So this guy’s a jerk. He comes on. He’s like, this sounds like butthurt. So I hit reply sounds to me, like you’re viewing it from your rectum. You sound like a premium troll. And he went on, he just took the comment down. He’s like, alright, I lose. So I’m like, you know, one more. And I view the social media is like, I love you guys. And I got invited to my buddy John’s pool this weekend, I wouldn’t pee in his pool and think that I could come back a second time to do it again. Right? So I’ve always looked at my social media as like, you’re reading it, you’re reading it, my mother used to read it, my son reads it, you’re not going to you’re not going to come in and get a cheap shot and the knots on me, you’re gonna get one, you’re gonna get one make it good. You’re gonna pee in my pool one time. And then you’re never gonna see the pool yet. And I had to do it that way. And when I met you, 20. And this speaks to that letter I wrote in the son that I shared. I was trying to get every listener I could get. I wanted every listener I could get an every caller, we would judge right. How many calls did you get today? All a lot of calls. That was sort of a measurement that we had. Yeah. And then you come to a point your life you’re like, I don’t want every listener. Right. I remember reading Adam Clayton making YouTube albums 20 years ago. He’s like, you know, we’re just at a point where like, we’re not doing this to get more people. We’re doing this because it’s our art. It’s what we do. If you love it, you love it. If you don’t, you don’t but we’re not going to be affected by it. We’re artists. And I felt the same way about me. Like I was like, I’m not the naysayers and they never go away. The trolls are like, No, I mean, it’s it’s the Howard Stern movie. They are listening to Todd Locklear. I know you’re out there. And the people that I have a guy that sent me hate mail for for I haven’t back to 2003 I’ve 20 years, I’ve never answered one. I don’t think he knows I even read it. I don’t even I don’t really read it. I just file it. Now I see his name. I have 300 pieces of hate mail, from the same email address from the same guy for 20


years. So.



You gotta appreciate that. Like,

Nestor Aparicio  24:11

it is unbelievable commitment. I hope he’s a patient. You know, I don’t really well, but that’s the point you you advertise to me open up my Odyssey Bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger. You know, there’s point when social media came where it’s like, I don’t want all of you know,


the old quantity versus quality. Right, right. Yeah, yeah, I’d rather have more better quality. Quantity is you know, it can be overrated. So, you know, it’s, it’s just an interesting sort of, how do we deal with that

Nestor Aparicio  24:42




In my office, we have this concept of that there’s a lot of healthcare out there. That is high tech, low touch. And our office is high touch low tech.

Nestor Aparicio  24:55

Well, she’s on the computer all the time. Joe Spotify. Yeah, I got Boulder County Executive Johnny yo yo RC Johnny’s here he thinks this is gonna be light and airy because he’s in Dundalk and join them. We’re gonna come on I only got one complaint for you today it doesn’t have anything we call a plane. Well I mean I complained to the open Colgate and now when a guy is doing you a favor I want to give him love this is the only complaint I have about Baltimore County in this involves my friends here own a business on shop road. I got his attention I just can’t tell. Whoever painted the lane. In the middle of chopper road. It’s too narrow. And I don’t know if this is your problem or not, but it’s your county. And if it’s not your problem, and you want to pass it on, I’m gonna give you a couple minutes to think about restroom. But


this is not for me sir. I did not send this letter is for


Nestor Aparicio  25:49

I did not line job. I’ve done a lot of things. Baltimore County Executive Johnny Oh was recruited to join us on a Friday afternoon because he wants to get off of work I’m going to see to smithereens in Hershey in a couple hours. I’m not going to hold you long. This is going to be nice and easy. It’s going to be better than when Moeller was here hitting you with all that. I’m just going to softball you today. I’ll say I love you come back anytime you want. And I’m sorry about peewee all right. Don’t buy any of those. What do they call pop dolls? I didn’t know what that was in a record store in Buffalo about six months ago and I solely had no hope they have rushed in don’t buy the Bryan Adams went off of that. Okay, people were dying and getting cancer in your pop doll collection. I’m a little worried that

Allison Elliott  26:30

those are my favorites. So you’re who’s the next winner any


bill Shatner?

Nestor Aparicio  26:36

Whoa, whoa, go do that. Steve Kelly chiropractic family life and I’ll see this before Johnny gets here. If you get in that center lane Goldstein when you’re making wn st back for more. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery and our friends here at drug city and window nation, stay with us.

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Let's talk True Blue local facts about summer Maryland jumbo lump crab and your 'cake

The original Fishmonger's Daughter Damye Hahn gives Leonard Raskin and Nestor a jumbo lump crab meat education at Faidley's Seafood in Lexington Market on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour. You can see – and taste – the difference!

Baseball, Sinatra and crab cakes with a Yankees historian

Yankees beat writer Pete Caldera of The Bergen Record talks all things of the summer winds of an amazing baseball pennant race in the American League East – and singing Sinatra show tunes off Broadway with Nestor at Faidley's on…

Let Luke Jones take you to Ravens summer training camp

Luke Jones takes Nestor to an early camp prep and attacks the Ravens summer offensive line issues in Owings Mills. The Maryland Crab Cake Tour includes a cameo from Leonard Raskin as our football and baseball passions converge in Baltimore…

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