Mike Tanier: Teaching Flacco calculus and the rest of us football analytics

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It’s true that our recurring football analytics friend Mike Tanier taught Joe Flacco high level math in Audobon, New Jersey. He talks the magic of Joe Cool and the Ravens’ insanely outlier DVOA dominance in 2023 as Lamar Jackson preps to play the biggest games of his career in Baltimore.


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Mike Tanier, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back, W and st Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive Happy New Year to everybody out there happy Festivus we are getting ready for some serious football around here. And if you’re tuning a day and 1570 Hearing wall wall football wall wall out of town people I know we have a lot of Believe it or not all these years in 25 years into the station 32 years into my career now in my 33rd year, we stopped new people finding us and I have recurring theme guests that have not been on in the football world. I mean, little known secret chats to throw me out but I got a lot of friends in football and people to vote on Hall of Fame’s Super Bowl champions and friends I’ve met through the media. This is one of my favorite people in Philadelphia, one of my favorite people, not just because he was a teacher, like Luke Jones was a teacher here and in certain ways, but he was Joe Flacco is algebra teacher and also a football Insider. He is the running shoe gangster I should have worn my Warren Moon jersey, I have busted but I’m a little cranky about the Titans wearing the Oilers gear and I’m kind of glad freebo got fired for wearing that hat. Mike today. He joins us now from the fighting city of Philadelphia on the other side on the Jersey side where Flacco would tell me they’re tougher over an ottoman and Haddon heights. How are you? I mean, you must be having fun with this. There is a part of you that probably really loves Joe Flacco or at least likes him a lot as a neighbor. There’s


Mike Tanier  01:19

a PART part of everyone in my community who loves Joe Flacco and has always loved Joe Flacco. By the way, I was just calculus teacher by saying algebra teacher use short sell Joe and you short sell me because it was a calculus class. And I don’t even

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:33

know how to say that. I didn’t make it through algebra. I really thought it was out. So tell me tell our audience because it is a good Come on. I mean, you know a lot about football and we’ll get to all of that. You do football for a living these days. And they’ve given up the math teaching, but I did think it was algebra. So I’ve already I’ve already pissed away the story. I’ve already messed up the story. So I want you to get the story right as a journalist.

Mike Tanier  01:57

Yeah, it was calculus it’s also Autobahn not Autobahn but that might have been a little bomber you might been speaking bomber to me, I recognize and we are tougher here on the on the South Jersey side than in Philly. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. But I’ll tell you what, you know, as Joe Flacco is career with the Ravens those later seasons, and he sort of became this Hey, it’s Joe Flacco elite that became this little joke and this punch line and then had some weaker seasons. Even people here in South Jersey started to be like, you know, whatever. Were the favorite son, the neighborhood hero, whatever, that kind of fell by the wayside a little bit. There was even some sort of like, like sort of like sour grapes criticism of Joe Flacco here in the community. We don’t get that anymore. This comeback has been a wonderful thing, a wonderful reminder, not just for football fans for this community here around autobahn and Haddonfield Haddon heights Chevy Hill Collingswood that this was a special individual that still lives among us is still here and a special football player as well that we should appreciate all the things that he has done. Well, you

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:57


can I’ve been to your community. I wrote chapter eight of my book in Purple Rain to about not just the regular Joe I went up I spent a day and a half with Joe driving around having iced tea at his his cousin’s were coming into the bar. This is three weeks after won the Super Bowl. This is in February, you know, and I got to say that, you know, and I knew Joe pretty well before that. And he and I talked back in the summer and he told me he was he still wanted to play and I sort of said, Did you see yourself last year you look a little slow, Joe, you know what I mean? Like, and I don’t know what he’s been doing the last couple of months. But do you have any relationship or have you run into him in the bakery at some point in the last year or two? I mean, give me a little primer, but also, who was the kid you met? Like tell me the day you met Joe Flacco is he 10th grade is he pockmark is he five eight because he had a growth spurt apparently at some point. I don’t know if you know when he was shorter. I

Mike Tanier  03:49

see him like parades in a neighborhoods like hey, and that’s what we do. I talk to his brothers. Sometimes I see them socially going around because I was like 500 Brothers and I just got a bunch of and I was gonna send a sister and I taught many of them as well a chunk of them and know them as well. But the kid I knew was already six foot or taller than me. By the time I met him. I did not know the freshman or sophomore Joe Flacco. He comes into my classroom, I believe, as a senior that I don’t think

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:15

he took calculus as a freshman in high school, you know, no, no, no. I’m 55 and I still can’t do calculus.

Mike Tanier  04:21

I don’t remember if I had started teaching, right that would have been in his freshman sophomore year, but I taught juniors and seniors. He was the first of the brothers I taught. I’m pretty sure he’s the oldest. I think Mike is the second oldest. But, you know, he was he was a phenomenal student. You know, he was in the class and his wife was in the class as well. But like, the Audubon football team was like five and for that year, like he is already six foot five. He’s already thrown the ball 60 yards downfield. Everybody else in the team was five foot eight.


Nestor J. Aparicio  04:50

He told me that the team stunk. That was the lead of that. of my my profile of Joe Flacco. My book, the lead was we always stung But I love playing because I got to play with the same kids I played with growing up. It wasn’t they were the same. They were the neighborhood kids. He said we weren’t very good, but we loved each other and I was the big guy. He could throw the ball but we stunk. You know, we’re playing and he also played I’m trying to think of Brian was a prime McCain No, it was there was a line in Woodbury would pay. Right. Okay, so it was Brian McKinney who grew up and they played they played against each other schools,

Mike Tanier  05:25

right? Yes, they played against each other school. McKinney was in the marching band. I think his first year or two I think he moved over when he had his growth spurt. But they played against each other Flacco did play on defense sometimes he’s sometimes played safety but yeah, it was all his buddies. I’m not going to name drop all these guys that might get the names wrong. They say 20 years later, but they ran the T formation. This coach Coach deal I think his name was and he the offense was like a T formation to be like you know, running off tackle and running in the middle of three backs in the backfield and two heads and I had to modify it a little bit for Flacco to put some bombs in there because for I don’t know how many years I thought about high school there was nobody was gonna get the ball more than 20 yards down the field on a floater and suddenly he’s got this guy you can watch it 5060 yards was like okay team formation somebody go in motion wide so you can run the ball you

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:10

need one really fast kid

Mike Tanier  06:13

didn’t have like a sneaky sneaky

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:17

quick yesterday. Yeah, I’d like to know yours. Here. He is a running shoe gangster one time calculus teacher to Joe Flacco next time I see gentlemen apologize for saying algebra all these years. Dude, I reached out to you because I love you. I haven’t had you on I haven’t done as much football in season. Two, a lot of Luke and I didn’t want to bother you. And then you know, I figured I would chunk everybody into this time when the Ravens make the playoffs to get sort of big and I like booked you on. And it took me till I got my couple royal farms, coffee or my whole roofing mug to say you’re tough, wacko. Like I completely spent I didn’t even call you because of that. Lamar and the Ravens and your assessment of all of this. I mean, tell me what you do because that Aaron Schatz on this week. You’re in the nerd autocracy of DVOA and analytics, that’s really who you are. Taking your math skills. My father loved math, and my father would have loved to been alive today with statistics he loved all that stuff. I was an English guy. You know, I was I was verbal not not math. But for you with where Lamar is and what the season has represented. I had Aaron on already talking about all this sort of record setting unprecedented never been seen before. Kind of team that had leads in every game leads to two minute warning screwed a couple of games up, but they can be undefeated. That’s how they did not roll out of bed and have a bad game all year in that way.

Mike Tanier  07:40

That’s right. I mean, the one bad game really was the Steelers game. I think that we all remember there but I’m guessing Aaron talked a little bit about there was a degree of vindication for the statistics. In that especially early in the year Aaron statistics kept saying the ravens are the best team in the NFL ravens are the best team in the NFL, and they would cough up a Steelers game and they’d have the drop passes or they would have like you know whatever little mistake that wound up costing them a victory and late in the year to go out there and steamroll the 40 Niners and you know steamroll the dolphins and win these steamrolled alliances. It was vindication for what Ireland did. I think it’s it’s vindication for what this team had been building, you know, in 21 and 2022. That fell apart because of injuries. You know, and both of those seasons. You see Mr. Huntley finishing out the season, and like rotating door running back and not having enough guys receiver and injuries all over the defensive. It’s like, this ravens team doesn’t get it done. They’re not they’re not a marquee franchise, they don’t look like that anymore. And yet, if you look at what they look like when they were healthy, and what they were trying to build, when healthy. It was that team, it just it all fell apart. And this year, even with the injuries it didn’t fell apart, which is a vindication for Harbaugh. And I think I look at this team as a continuation of just the 2019 and 2020 team, where we’re like Lamar is the MVP or the MVP candidate, the team is one of the best in the league, they’re up there with the chiefs. And for two years that got away from us now that’s back and this is just a continuation of that,

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:00

you know, we get back to balance and football and things that general managers tried to do in the offseason and I mean they had a draft and I’m sure I had you on after the draft two years ago when they drafted a safety and a senator in the first round yeah football guys like you would say, that’s that’s ishi value. You don’t want to do that. You know, like how are you gonna get the value out of that and they wind up getting two basic Pro Bowl players that look like they’re gonna have to pay them both and the paying them we’ll talk about that that they after the parade or the day after they disappoint everybody two weeks from now and get eliminated. But this is a sort of a once in a lifetime opportunity given the money that they have in the Lamar what they’re going to have to do to franchise tag Mata BK what they’ve already spent on ro Quan Smith, all good money spent all of it great money, but the Patrick Queens going out the side door and the players are going to lose and all of that stuff. This is they have a unique opportunity here the next couple of weeks and when I’m writing my dear Lamar letter next week, to the franchise into him saying you know 19 was fine and you freight train everybody lost it. We all said there’ll be a next year there’ll be a next year then there was it because of injuries. This is a here and now issue for this team and I thought all along, they would have a hard time navigating and Lamar and the franchise would have a hard time navigating going into Kansas City in the Buffalo into Cincinnati in January and winning two or three or some combination of that Trevor Lawrence, whatever. Boy, homefield sitting home quarterbacks out, you know, bad things happening. Buffalo shaky at best. defensively. Kansas City, fine offensively can’t catch the ball. They’re all going to have to come in here. Yeah, this is set up for the Ravens in a way that I wouldn’t have envisioned it because I didn’t envision them being a one seed and taking a week off and having burrow her and they’ve had a lot of good fortune. But more than that, the balance of the football team and the fact that their defense is better than their offense. Defense


Mike Tanier  10:53

is better than your offense and the complimentary football element of it is great where each one is complementing the other the offense if it doesn’t get it done with a touchdown gets a drive gives the defense good field position. Defensiveness doesn’t necessarily get a touchdown stop gets a field goal stop gets the team in position to win the game. I’m in Philadelphia right now the Eagles cannot play complimentary football at all. Each side is letting the other side down regularly. I know you mentioned the free agency and everything down the road there. I think Hamilton and Linda bomb that’s another year down the road, isn’t it there

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:23

but they’re gonna have to pay those guys. They’re gonna I mean, I’m just saying they’ve drafted guys that they’re gonna have to give real market again and again. And they got into this back during the I mean, given up sharper and herring and all these guys they had to give up after the first Super Bowl. And then the second Super Bowl, same thing. I mean, re aged out and read raged out and and they kind of fizzled because they gave Joe I mean the knock on Joe here and you talk about Joe star, you know falling when he’s the backup with the Jets and the Eagles and doing all that stuff in your own community. Pillock would always say he hold his ring at these things. Well, they say when you win a Super Bowl, they can never take it away from you. But they’ll try. They’ll they’ll try and the thing with Flacco they’ll try and but the knock on Joe here on the streets always after he signed, what was he’s making so much money, they can’t have good players around him. We’re not at that point here yet. But we won’t be, you know, that’s going to be there. So to me, this is this is the here and now opportunity. And you will talk about eras and the Ravens are going into an era where they’re going to be the next three or four or five. He still runs into linebackers more than he should and the injury thing. They are in a position where they must win the Super Bowl I there is a level of expectation here and disappointment that would happen if they fizzle out next week or the week after that, that I can’t begin to tell you how big the bubble has gotten here, Mike, you know what I mean? And

Mike Tanier  12:48

that was done everybody that would stand national fans as well, because most of us have the Ravens reaching the Super Bowl, or getting to the AFC Championship game against the bills and going into a war or something like that. That fizzling out next week would be stunning for everybody along the way. But there’s a little bit of I’m always I never mind saying well, this offseasons problems are worth worrying about, you know what’s happening a month from now with Odell or with some of these other guys. It’s all worth worrying about next offseason to not worry about that. Do not worry about that. Because when you can see the problem doubt coming down the road. The team can do that as well that’s part of it. So they can look at these contracts two years down the road, make a plan,

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:26


Ronnie Stanley is not going to be a problem two years now he’s not going to be on the cap. Right. So you know, there’s all of that. But the problem is Lamar taking up 21% of the cap that that’s that’s different from where. And that was the problem with the Ravens in 1560s. You know, during that period of time, they had a lot of money tied up in Joe they

Mike Tanier  13:44

did I don’t know if it was ever 21% They can’t. They restructure now much more smartly. All teams do. Then teams did about 1211 12 years ago, they would avoid years, there was not a lot of simple restructure bonusing happening that was kind of a new idea that teams were just starting to do. And also again, we have a rising cap, you’re saying one, two years, Lamar is gonna be 21% it could be 16% by the time that comes because of the way the cap rises, and then you can do a restructure, and it’s 14%. It’s like, okay, we’re just like every other team has got a big quarterback now, how are we going to do but Joe’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:15

career is different at Prashad Perriman. Works out right if you know if the guys that they drafted became Kyle Hamilton and Tyler literally, you know, that’s that was part of the other issue after that is they were not getting blue chip players in the 20s drafting. They weren’t drafting and read anymore. And I find this team to be a fascinating put together. I’m not talking to Eric to cost any more. He helped me write purple rank two. I’m not writing a purple ring three, even if they were just full disclosure for everybody out there. I’m Adam. But if I were writing Purple Rain three, the structure of putting this team together and where we were 12 months ago with Lamar in limbo, not showing up in Cincinnati to even be supportive. Like all of that went on On, they want Eric to Costa has done with row Quan Smith, which a lot of teams don’t make that kind of move and lay that kind of lead that kind of money out and just say we want that guy for the next five years in the middle of the season. So they have done some unbelievably unorthodox things, but Tom Van Noy, clowny, just unbelievable identification of football players for their system. Yeah, identification

Mike Tanier  15:24

on that side where you’re getting value from like the free agent market and the trade market from some older players, using them in support of a nucleus that you did draft. And that’s a very good and powerful one, two punch. And it does give you long range options, because you can shed some of those veterans. And usually there’s another veteran out there, again, you’re not bringing a veteran to be your savior, you bring a veteran in to be a support character from these other guys rising up. And that is something that the ravens are doing very well now. And I think they were really we’re trying to do that in 2021 2022. You saw the old receivers that came moving in here, but it was usually to bail a boat out because there were so many injuries. And because yeah, the infrastructure of their roster wasn’t as strong as it is right now. Because of that 2021 I guess, no 2022 draft. Well, class Campbell


Nestor J. Aparicio  16:09

would have been nice on this team. And I saw him walking off the field for the last time in Atlanta last week. And I’m thinking, you know, I thought they couldn’t use him and then Matt, a BK and they give him Pierce money this week. But more than that, these spare parts the van noise and the clown knees that came in and produced and are still producing and will be a huge part of Purple Rain three if they win a Super Bowl a couple of weeks from now, because we talk about Lamar and we put all that Lamar Lamar in it, and it dazzles the eyes. But the defense is the reason this team is where it is right now. And without that they would be a very unbalanced operation. And you speak of that and Philadelphia, Mike Teniers here, the running shoe, get tell me what you’re doing. Give me the professional story for you so people can find your wisdom out there.

Mike Tanier  16:53

You can find me at the messenger, the messenger.com. And as your source for not just sports, not just the NFL, but news politics, business tech. Entertainment is basically a newspaper, but it’s on the internet, and it’s free. So check me out the messenger.com I’m still affiliated with Aaron Schatz. We have a podcast we do on Monday and Thursday out of the FTM network, which is where Aaron is now. But my main gig is the messenger. All right. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:18

on your podcast, what are you saying about these teams and this collection of teams? I think we’re all in agreement. The Ravens in the 40 Niners are chalky year, and probably on their own side. The 40 Niners are more chalky, you know if I have to pick one or the other to absolutely make it, the 40 Niners the NFC looks to be a disaster in a lot of ways. And you’re sitting in Philadelphia right now, but I it does concern me when teams have talent like Philadelphia like buffalo like Kansas City, where you look at these teams and say, I believed in him in September, I believed in him in October, I believed in him when the boat hit the rocks in November. I mean, it’s like looking at the ravens and saying, Well Cleveland in Pittsburgh and piss on Cleveland beat the Ravens Pittsburgh beat him twice. So if you see them next weekend, you’re looking at it and saying well, I’d rather see Miami and in the NFC I still think like I think Philadelphia is gonna get out and figure out how to beat Tampa because like, I think there was a little pedigree even though it hasn’t been good lately. I think they have good football players. I believe that December 5, I believe that the Philadelphia Eagles had the talent to win the NFC. I believe the lions might have the talent to win the NFC but going out and actually doing it but there’s going to be a shocker. Some Joe Flacco or some there’s gonna be a Blake Bortles in here somewhere this year, so somebody’s gonna shock the world. There

Mike Tanier  18:33


might be and I think for a buffalo Ravens fan, Baltimore Ravens fan, yet you you want to see even mahomes but Miami or Kansas City coming out of a negative 10 degree day or whatever that’s going to be having beaten up each other having frozen to death come into Baltimore, that’s what you’re going to want to say you don’t necessarily want to say a division foe who comes in who has all this history against you and a Flacco quote unquote revenge game. Or Tomlin out there trying to prove some kind of point and trying to jam the ball down your throat, although with watch out that makes them a little bit weaker. I think you want to see one of those big offensive teams because especially the offense you crushed him a couple of weeks ago, here in Philadelphia, the whole issue is this team is completely demoralized. It’s like if there was a morale slider that could go from zero to 100. It’s zero right now. And this is every little problem that snowballed. They have not been able to solve the problem, and I think has gotten in the collective heads of these players.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:24

Oh my god, you get on a plane, you get out of Tampa on Monday night and you’re gonna have 71 degrees, you know, you’re a better team, you go in, and then all of a sudden, you’re on the plane to San Francisco and you go out there, you get Mel, and you feel and the morale changes dramatically next Tuesday, if they land in Philadelphia, and they’re in the second round of the place, like they should be like, like, like where you thought they were gonna be and now they’re gonna go have to go on the road, which you probably knew that we’re gonna have to go through San Francisco anyway. And then you go out there and take the chances. But I think that for all of these teams that I mean, expectations are high in Detroit, right because they haven’t had it Cleveland first time in play was gonna win this. So I believe your guy Joe is going to my guy Joe is I, I’m a believer in what Cleveland has done that they’re going to pack their defense. And if they have to come in here next week and see Lamar, they’re not good. They’re not going to be yellow yellow puddle between Joe Flacco his legs at all. And certainly Jimmie Schwartz has pieces to match up to try to take the ball away once or twice and win some weird 2117 game right?

Mike Tanier  20:27

What’s very frustrating about playing the Browns is particularly on defense. Each of their corners can match up with your receivers don don don, and Myles Garrett is going to get wins against your defensive offensive line no matter how good it is, whether it’s Stanley or Makari or whoever Dun dun dun and you’re like how do we solve the problem that they can just play the most bass playground defense against us and when that’s that’s the frustration that you face whenever you face the brown so the best way to try and beat the Browns as you know is to manufacture some offense and hope that you get the back to earth game from Flacco and like we all keep waiting for the backdoor of game the flag. I do think it’s happening I look at like the overall offense around in the offensive line is depleted. They don’t have Nick Chubb. They don’t have a lot of wide receivers besides Amari Cooper, even independent what Flacco is capable of that offense, okay, contrary to falling among itself, that’s kind of your best bet against the browns. Because if they’re doing this thing where Joe’s drove for 300 yards and three touchdowns, even if just three bombs, and that’s the three touchdowns, you’re in deep trouble against that defense.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:27

Like 10 years here, the running shoe gangster ad on the messenger ad on social media up in the fighting city of Philadelphia. But even the tougher side, he went over the Jersey side where rocky retired before we heard from him at the end. Bills and chiefs and the whatever threat that they pose here, two weeks from now, if the Ravens get through Pittsburgh, Cleveland, whoever it is, you mentioned Kansas City coming to Kansas City and buffalo, the Ravens only have to get one of them. And at home. Boy that is so different than any way I ever thought about it the last three or four years that this pathway is different Kansas City buffalo in that game in Buffalo, if that’s where it winds up this week, or next week, I should say, thoughts about that thing and where Buffalo has been and where they’re going. I still think I would hate to see Kansas City in here. You know, Buffalo. You know, I take my chances on this defense here, forcing turnovers and finding a way to win that the defense would match up better. Kansas City worries me because Kansas City has always been a problem here.


Mike Tanier  22:33

Tennessee is always been a problem. Oh my god, that offense that receiving corps makes things so much easier. You’re basically saying limit the mahomes stuff, not stop them at home stuff, limit them at home stuff, he makes two miracle plays, that’s 14 points when 21 to 14. It is very different from when you had to worry about Tyreke hill or even Juju Smith’s future Schuster, or even competent receivers you’re dealing with a bunch of people you don’t know are going to line up. So that’s the one of the things. The bill is we’re in the process of tripping over their own feet. At about 1030 Sunday night. They were down 14 to seven they were making mistakes. They’re committing turnovers, and it could do get a punt return touchdown. And now we’re talking about this unstoppable juggernaut that is the bills, they were tripping over their own feet against the Patriots. They were tripping over their own feet against the Chargers those are horrible opponents, they come back and win both games where they are they take control those games enough to do it. They’re not as good as all that. They’re scary because they keep winning. They’re scared because they have some recent wins are scary because Josh Allen, when he’s just looks like Superman out there at times when he’s not throwing the ball right to a defender. But I don’t think I mean, if you’re saying who matches up to the Ravens better, the answer might be the browns, you for the reasons you said earlier. These teams come in, it’s just a matter of they’re very strong teams. They have very good pedigrees. If the Ravens play their regular game, if they’re at the regular established level, they’re going to beat both of these teams unless somebody goes in the lights out vote.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:56

Well, it is weird this weekend watching the Browns with Flacco run around my buddy Schwartz it’s very hard for me to root against guys that I consider to be family in some way. But the notion that they’re gonna win, or they’ll win early and then we sit here and watch the other games and you know, Miami slapping around Pittsburgh slacker but if they when we get them instead of the browns, and we’d say Good, bad, indifferent. I don’t know. I think the Browns are the worst matchup I think out of this weekend to say you’d rather see Pittsburgh or Miami if you’re the Ravens. And knowing Kansas City of Buffalo, we’re waiting around the corner I think Cleveland to the worst matchup for the Ravens next week. We’re sitting around rooting for Joe to win and Joe does win on Saturday and they’re waiting that’s the nightmare scenario for the Ravens so that’ll take that I don’t think it’s a good fight for them. I mean, I think it’s a real close game and a real a real dogfight for them at the Browns coming and I think the Browns fans come in here and make it really issue that’s

Mike Tanier  24:46

true the Browns fans can get there really quickly. Quickly. The Browns might be the worst matchup and of course there’s Mojo and plays with Flacco is coming back in that’s gonna get in fans minds. It’s not gonna get any players minds it’s gonna get in fans minds, but that’s the worst matchups The only really bad matchup at all for the Ravens is the 40. Niners.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:04

Well and that happens in Las Vegas. Look we’ll be in Las Vegas covering the Super Bowl I will be doing crabcake row beginning February 5 brought to you by the Maryland lottery in conjunction with our friends at window nation 866 90 nation as well as Jiffy Lube multi cares we take this thing through January crabcake towards a little bit of a hiatus here this month while we celebrate purple Festivus and shuffle our lawns and our driveways but we’re going to do this on February 5 All week long to make sure making plans if you’re not going to Vegas to come out and join us Mike I hope to get you for crabcake at some point I will not see you at the Super Bowl but I love having you on love following your work and at some point you and I will gather at the man music central high on a hill overlooking the school cool and watching rock and roll one night I promise all right, high on the hill. Absolutely. You got a mic to near joining us here the running shoe gangster he’s out at the messenger I’m at Baltimore positive.com Luke is at an Owings Mills covering all things ravens, any breaking news happens first and the wn S T tech service. You’re on that. You get it nice and early. Rest up everyone it’s a it’s a bye weekend. We watch six football games this weekend. But we’re still live next week back for more Baltimore positive right after this

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