Sam Kouvaris: Lamar is a problem rest of the NFL can’t solve

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Longtime Jacksonville TV voice and Pro Football Hall of Fame voter Sam Kouvaris comes home to Baltimore – he’s a Woodlawn native and Terps grad who went south four decades ago – to talk about the demise of the Jaguars, the Canton resume he’ll present for Fred Taylor and the Ravens’ path to a third Super Bowl title while his adopted town still awaits its first.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Sam Kouvaris

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

What about w n s t Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are a put the Maryland crabcake toward a little bit of a hiatus here for a couple of weeks because we might win the Super Bowl. But since I have been excommunicated from radio row after 28 years I’m starting up a new industry radio row we’ll be doing crabcake row beginning on February 5 here actually we’re going to be doing it in February the eighth on this guy side of town, the other side of town as we say here, I’ll have some error, the lottery scratch off some leftovers from the holidays. And we’re also going to be honoring our friends at winter nation at Jiffy Lube for presenting what is going to be just the greatest Charity Week that I’ve ever done. The biggest thing I think I’ve ever done, I think it’ll grow into the biggest thing we’ve ever done but we’re celebrating 25 years of stories of glory around your I would say time will not dim the glory of your deeds and helping us keep WNS T alive this guy’s been a friend does from the very, very beginning. He disappeared from Baltimore when I was a younger person and made a life and it stays like today where I look out here and it’s like 38 degrees. It’s raining sideways. It’s awful. snow shoveling he gave it all up. He went to Jacksonville. What a flag in the ground and the sand down. They’re sort of playing golf and doing television. And low these it’s a bit 40 year sam i Sam Cabarrus joins us here he is a Hall of Fame voter for all thing and I said I’m having my favorite people on right now to talk about Lamar and football literally because I don’t do a ton of fly do football but I’m gonna do it like I used to write you, Sam, how you been? How many years was it that you moved out of your because of John Buren?

Sam Kouvaris  01:37

John, who’s a good friend of mine, by the way. I left Baltimore in 1971 52

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:46

years ago. Yeah.

Sam Kouvaris  01:49

And, of course, that’s when I was in high school went to Woodlawn High which was kind of funny because you know, here I am a quarterback of Woodlawn High and they had just won the Western Division back then. And I remember stacked stepping in the huddle and I was 14 years old. Okay. Because I have a late late birthday my mom sent me early. I remember stepping in the huddle looking around. These guys were shaving someone probably had kids. I was like, Wow, this

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:21

was right, ended up

Sam Kouvaris  02:22

playing Clemson my freshman year transferred back to Maryland graduated from there, got my first job in Charleston my second job at Jacksonville I thought I’d be gone from here, you know, three years later, but that my wife liked it here and and good things kept happening. You know, we kept having kids in Jacksonville, we’ve got a football team covered 35 national football championships, you know, just you name it, you know, when you’re around Florida and Georgia and Miami and, and all that. Although I was at the 83 World Series, I will tell you that.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:57

Well, you know, I still reside and I found my picture

Sam Kouvaris  03:00

on that team. And he’s from Jacksonville. That’s I love

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:03

storm came back and pitch with the Orioles in the early 90s When I was covering Camden Yards, and I remember he, you know, these guys didn’t have to live up to Jim Palmer, you know, like without the senseis had to be broke. You know, like, that’s tough. It’s often you been down to Jacksonville long enough that the Pacelle ease and the and the brunellos and everything that happens. We’re about to go into a really weird place here, right? Like we’ve never been this good. They’ve I’ve never sat here 32 years of doing radio, the first six, seven, we didn’t have any football here, right? But I You know, I’ve been on the air since 1991. This is the first time I sit here in January with you, Sam. And the ravens are expected to win the Super Bowl. They’ve won a couple, then they were a contender. But this is the year where it’s like it’s all come together. And you had Jacksonville had a couple of 14 twos. I remember this is this is when the road gets tough. And I think the next couple of weeks, whatever is going to happen here in the AFC because certainly the Jaguars were going to be in the tournament, right? They were eight and three, right? I mean, they were going to be in the tournament, eight

Sam Kouvaris  04:05

and three and then went one and five, I mean, probably the biggest collapse in franchise history and they fired virtually their entire defensive staff yesterday. And rightfully so I mean, after about half the season when the Jaguars were eight and three offensive coordinators figured out that the Jaguars were really good at like one thing on defense. They were fast. They weren’t big and they weren’t super smart, outside of the front for so everything started to flow this way and the ball would go that way. And you saw that Derrick Henry did that on Sunday. So you know they’ll have some new philosophy coming in there defensively. I don’t particularly like the fact that press Taylor is still calling plays but I think Doug Peterson is a better play caller. And you know, the Jaguars injuries on offense really affected what what they could do but you got to have 53 guys on the roster, Baltimore’s prove that and we got a chance to see them obviously and how good they actually are. And you know, for a while the Jaguars gave him a game but Lamar is one of two, I think in NFL history, the other being Michael Vick. And I just think that if he is, if he’s having a day that you guys are unbeatable. Plus you got the right coach. Remember, when you have that week off, it goes one way or another, either you’re rested and ready and ready to go, or you’re a little sluggish, and you kind of can’t get out of your own way. We’ve seen both of those. Well, and

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:33

when you make a mistake, and you know the one thing for the Ravens this year, and I’m gonna have Aaron Schatz on talk and DVOA and the greatest team ever in that way that didn’t fall behind Sam by more than a touchdown until the final for fourth quarter of the last game. Like literally four minutes left in the season is when they fell behind by 10 points for the first time in 17 games. I mean, they came prepared to play they had a daddy lead at the two minute warning and the first 16 games every game and they pick three on the way here Cleveland Indianapolis and Pittsburgh and we talked about the the trinity of teams you don’t want to lose two in your division plus the Colts you know, they they’ve been that prepared that good every week, they stayed mainly healthy other than Mark Andrews and I think this level of expectation and to your point the waiting waiting is it rust is it rest what is it? You know, where are they where their veteran heads, but if they fell behind, and that would be the same thing I guess for San Francisco we saw on Christmas night you fall behind the game gets real different offensively.

Sam Kouvaris  06:39

Right? You have to do different things and the Jaguars experience at 99 When 1999 When 14 and two had the week off blasted Miami in the divisional round. So that

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:50

was awful. That is that was like was that Marino’s last it was like No, something awful happened. Right Jimmie Johnson got both of

Sam Kouvaris  07:00

them retired after that. The Jaguars retired Jim Kelly too by the way, you know all that that that playoff game that they played against him up there and in what was at 97 But 9697 But and then the next week they were a little sluggish and got behind against Tennessee and ended up losing in the AFC Championship game. So you’re right there’s a difference between rest and Ross but I mean, John Harbaugh figured out a way to get to Houston last night and back I’m sure they’re, you know, he he is I think Doug Peterson can be that kind of coach given the opportunity I think shotgun is going to give him that that chance to sample

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:45

better assessment doing sports for 52 years since he left here as a Woodlawn graduate and almost a Baltimore on right like I mean you can get like crabs where you are right like every once in a while you probably steam them the right way because you’re coastal enough to do that right.

Sam Kouvaris  08:02

Oh, absolutely. And you know, you go through the Charlotte airport a lot when you’re flying out of Jacksonville and there’s a Phillips there. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:09

oh, okay, well you know, we’re doing crabcake row here I’m not gonna let the cat out of the bag and all this stuff but from afar you’ve been a Hall of Fame voter for a long long time. Where the Lamar part of how he affects the game you compared him to Vic one way or another one and three in the playoffs two time MVP winner now and has been a part of these legendary offensive team 19 Team was a you know freight train have a team as well, much like this Marshal yanda was a part of that different but different weapons this time around and I think maybe a different resolve defensively to with with Vanoise and the counties where they are in their career. Plus ro Quan Smith was a real heart transplant for the team. So as much as it’s Lamar Lamar, Lamar, mahomes mahomes was 52 other guys and the complementary pieces that this team’s managed to put around Lamar with the salary cap, that’s gonna change dramatically. Queen Mata BK all these guys had a hard time as any winner does is anything with a $50 million quarterback. But this is this is their time and you know, a hiccup here you’re maybe four years away from maybe you never come back and Lord knows you’re in Jacksonville, you’ve had really good teams, you had championship game, but you haven’t played in the banana and certainly have won the banana. We’re about looking at our third parade here since tangley. Booth took the team to you instead of Austin. We were gonna get a museum and do all that. You know, the pain of this, you know, really good teams and how hard this is to do it

Sam Kouvaris  09:41

to get there. It’s so funny because you talk about Lamar and of all people. I had a delightful conversation with Ray Lewis this week. You know, sometimes, I mean, I just remember when Ray was a player he was not much fun to talk to and I had a chance to talk to him about Fred Taylor, who’s one of the finalists at the Hall of Fame. And he said some things that were really interesting that when a guy steps on the field, he’s a potential Hall of Famer, he’s a problem. Lamar Jackson has a problem. In fact, Ray said, a guy who kids consideration for a Hall of Fame is the guy who changes how you think about how you’re going to play that game against him. And that’s certainly who Lamar Jackson is, at this point. And you know, you put a resume, put a resume together that he has, you know, MVPs and, and Super Bowl championships, you know, Pro Bowls, all pro teams, those those are the things that the voters look at. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:40

you you’ve been doing this a long time when you say things that they look at your pitching Fred Taylor right now, right? And and I think you and I spent years with Boselli, right, like for years about how frickin good he was and Mary, you know, yeah, I mean, and it but in that day, him and Aden were one on one A and ampacet Lee’s career was cut very short, John’s career was cut kind of shorter than a Bruce Matthews or some other guys that have gone out there and done it for a long period of time. But this part where you get them into often, like I think about Fred Taylor, and I say really good running back, but so was Jamal Lewis, I haven’t looked at the numbers. I mean, I know Taylor had a longer period of time there and in one place. What is the case for Fred Taylor, as you’re making it in the Hall of Fame? From

Sam Kouvaris  11:30

1998 to 2010, Fred Taylor was the third leading rusher in the NFL. So if you want to talk about the best player of his era, he was there like Danny and Tomlinson was number one. edger. And James was number two. But Taylor had 400 carries fewer than James. Yet James only gained 550 more yards than then Fred Taylor, for Taylor 17th on the all time list. So what is this is 16 that cut off. Two guys are in front of a major and Peterson and Frank Gore who aren’t in the hall, every other player is in the hall. So when you start looking at his body of work and what he did, he averaged 4.6 yards per carry. There’s only two guys in the hall who average more than that, and that’s Jim Taylor and Barry Sanders. And that list gets even smaller when you include guys who had 2500 or more carries, and that becomes Sanders and Taylor. So when you start comparing him to the greats and then to the players in his era, well then then all of a sudden, you know, you’re you’re you’re looking at a guy who was certainly top two or three in that era, the knock against Fred. People say, Well, you didn’t score enough touchdowns he scored 66 rushing touchdowns. Thurman Thomas scored 65 You know, Jimmy

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:42

Smith and kini cart out? Yeah, and a lot of those guys McArdle took, took a lot of touchdowns away that time, that

Sam Kouvaris  12:47

and also Tom Coughlin would take them out of the game and put Greg Jones in to score the touchdown. He really, Greg was, you know, 256 three and you know, they had a pretty decent offensive line in from zero respect


Nestor J. Aparicio  12:58

for the fantasy team back in the day. That’s right. You know, and when you when you learn the Callie’s role we were kids remember

Sam Kouvaris  13:08

he was a Christian McCaffrey before Christian McCaffrey right. If you if you look at who blocked for for Taylor, the only All Pro or Pro Bowl guy was bestselling that was only the first three, first three years of his career. And after that his career, numbers got better. Because the team leaned on him more. He also made he had nine consecutive 100 yard games. That’s fourth all time he has 13 runs of 50 yards or more for a touchdown. And for more catches. And he still holds the record for the longest rushing touchdown in NFL playoff history. 90 yards against the dolphins. The only

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:48

way we get a touchdown is if he ran it 50 yards because at the goal line, they’ve never given the

Sam Kouvaris  13:53

ball. That’s right. And you know,

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:55

it’s such a weird that’s such a fantasy thing to grade on how many touchdowns use I mean, I just all of it and I would say to you for the for your ERA and trying to get him in. If they made one super bowl if they would have beaten it, you know if he would have or won a Super Bowl. You think about these guys very, very differently when they play in some godforsaken place. Not like I would say Jacksonville but a place where they haven’t won Super Bowls. I think you’re different if you’re brown or a lion or you’re a Jaguar where you didn’t win or sea hawk or whatever, even when you get thought about differently in the old era. I think

Sam Kouvaris  14:31

Jacksonville is considered an outpost still by so many NFL types. You know, we’re the place where we don’t have enough strip clubs or late night cocktail places to go to I mean, it’s just it’s a place where I tell guys all the time. If you go from the airport to the Hyatt to the stadium to the high end back to the airport in any town in America, you don’t see anything so, you know don’t judge cities on on your experience like that. But Fred Taylor could be you could call him the one yard Back at 612 28, he could score from your one yard line. He could also score from his own one yard line because he was big enough to run over defensive guys strong enough to stiff arm linebackers. And he outran every defensive back. Fred ran a four to nine at his pro day at Florida. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:19

Well, I mean, remains to be seen. I mean, you know, a lot of times these guys come in, do you do it in a room? How do you because forever and ever I know all of you, I Clark judge on earlier, I’ll have Howard Bowles run like it used to be I would be there when you’re doing it. You know, I was one of those guys maybe in line to be the guy from Baltimore really threw me out, of course, but I don’t know anything about the history league. But you guys would coffee up and bathroom out and fight and yell and in the hotel and Tony Grossie would make a case against art motel me all these things that happen. How does it happen these days, I don’t even know, for the


Sam Kouvaris  15:51

last three years has been a zoom call because of COVID. But we’re getting together this year as a group in person, so. So that’ll that’ll be good. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:02

where are you doing that? Super Bowl again?

Sam Kouvaris  16:04

No. And in fact, we now do it a couple of weeks before the Super Bowl. And this year we’re meeting in Atlanta. And uh, you know, it’s been an interesting because the new leadership of the hall of fame has really entrusted the selection committee with a lot of confidential information. And I’m kind of amazed that it’s never leaked out in the last three years. Because, you know, we have information that that that people would like to know, let’s put it that way. So, you know, we’ll meet and we’ll know, again, and hopefully, the information won’t get out until they make that announcement. You know, when I first got on the committee, which was 93. Year, that’s my 30th. year on the committee. So you were on

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:51


the committee before the team, like when the team got a team, right, like Jacksonville, got a team, therefore had a vote or you were that guy to vote?

Sam Kouvaris  16:58

Yeah. And so. So. My first meeting, yeah. The meeting started at 7am, there was a continental breakfast beforehand, and the announcement was at noon, of the Saturday the Super Bowl. Now the end the committee had I was a 32nd person 31st No 30/31 person on the committee because Jacksonville got to 30 its franchise, every franchise had one person. And then there was a pro football Writers Association of America president was also on it. Now there are one representative for all 32 teams, and there are 2018 at large. So there’s 50 people on the committee now. I mean, it’s huge. And, you know, there’s it starts at seven, they serve two full meals, and there’s a TV show that night. So it’s, it’s totally changed. But it’s a you the fact that we’re meeting in person, I think is important. And, you know, even people who are candidates and finalists don’t understand the process. And I’ve tried to explain this to people. You know, I go into that room, and we talk about 15 Modern Era candidates in a row. Every presenter, in this case for me for a tailor gets five minutes, and that’s it. And then there’s the discussion, and then you get another minute or two to follow up after that, and then you move on. I mean, it’s not like I’ve got a half an hour to kind of lay out Fred’s case, like, like I would with you here today. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:33

Sam, I always appreciate time and the insights into all this and as you sit in Jacksonville and see this implosion of a franchise, it was eight and three, watching this ASC tournament. And I’ve said this a few times. And I’ll say it again this week that, you know, anybody thought it was a naysayer on Lamar and I distinctly remember this conversation at a crabcake tour over Coco’s on the east side, not the west side right in the middle and Laura Ville and resync was with me and Dave shine and from the Washington Post, we had to your heels were really good. It was August the end of the orals, we’re gonna win the World Series and Aiden won a game. This has been an unbelievable year for Baltimore sports, both teams being so good. So ahead of everybody else first in class, watch. It

Sam Kouvaris  19:15

was amazing.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:16

I mean, it’s been a great Baltimore sports here, but it takes a thought if if Joe Flacco comes in here and beats them next week or the Pittsburgh Steelers come in and beat them next week or whomever Houston or whoever they draw, wherever any of that is, but when we talked about it, I threw this flippin question is who’s gonna win the championship? What’s the next parade? Is it Oreos or ravens and shine and said neither because it’s hard to win. It’s just really hard to win. That’s the odds you’re in Jacksonville. It’s hard to win. Right? And I said fine. I said well make the case. I’ll take the ravens and here’s what I’ll take the Orioles. I said I’ll take the Orioles to win before the Ravens because I thought Lamar is path would be difficult and I thought winning three games in January. If you You have to beat mahomes, Allen and Lawrence, or you have to beat just go through any of those names of the now you throw Straub in there, right? You throw these great burrow would be the guy in our own division, as well as Watson who made a lot of money say what you want about his massages and like all of that good quarterback, well thought of good, capable, right? I thought this is that that’s the treachery, the treachery is three games, maybe two on the road, maybe you know, maybe you get lucky in your one seat one year, but that would mean that everybody else has to take the year off. Well, here we are. He’s not going to have to beat mahomes and Allen one or the other cars there, the two and the three. Right? It might be Flacco might be Mason Rudolph, it might be starring whoever it’s gonna be next week, it’s not going to be Barone. Those names Aaron Rodgers throw in it, which we were talking about here in August right here, and you’re gonna put him on the Hall of Fame ballot at some point and have and make that case, right. So I looked at it and now that I look at it and say, they’re really healthy, they have a week off, they’re getting healthier. They have a great defense, they have a kicker who’s the goat, you’re gonna be voting him and at some point, right, like, all of this happens. And now their pathway is homecooking went up a B game. I mean, it gets the team they oughta freight train, and then they’re gonna have their moment with and maybe they won’t, maybe somebody else will sneak in, right? I mean, you guys snuck in with Blake Bortles a couple of years ago, right? Like so all of that’s possible. But boys, I sit here with you. And it’s cold out and it’s warm in Jacksonville where you are. This is like, this is dreamy. And this is how they win by having an easier path because it’s it’s too hard to go on the road through buffalo Kansas City Cincinnati, thinking you’re gonna win. And I’ve been thinking about it that way. That’s not the reality. This is their best, best best chance. I think

Sam Kouvaris  21:48

the Packers in the Steelers only teams who have who have gone on the road and won three games to go to the Super Bowl. And with with Rogers and ravens did

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:59

that ravens did that. The Denver game was the home game. You’re correct, because you’re always Greco, the Denver game was home and then it was. So you are correct. Yes, you get

Sam Kouvaris  22:08

that week off. Like you said, you should truck whoever shows up in in 10 days. And then the championship game is where, you know, it really gets tight. But as you mentioned, and I tell you what, when when Smith was at Georgia, we were all like making this guy play. And the fact that he ended up with the Ravens is just, it’s criminal, because, you know, that shouldn’t be allowed, you know, he should still be in Chicago. But that that’s, you know, that’s the kind of defense that even if you’re offensive sputtering just a little bit, you still win a 1310 game, you know, something like that? Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:46

from your lips to God’s ears and NFC side, we talked about how, you know, everybody thinks San Francisco is pretty safe right now right week off better than anybody else. Genius and offense, moving parts, you know, and teams having trouble defending it till the raid, and the defending part for the Ravens was the confusion and McDonald on the defense. But the five turnovers I mean, they play in the Super Bowl again, the Niners aren’t gonna turn the ball over five times. Four

Sam Kouvaris  23:12

interceptions in the Superbowl, I don’t think but you know that, to me that looks like the Super Bowl matchup, particularly since Philadelphia is falling off the same cliff that the Jaguars did. But you know, that certainly looks like it. And I’d love to see that game again. Because I like it when teams kind of know something about each other. And you see the adjustments that they make and what kind of game it might be.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:35

I think about the fan base here and the Orioles in the you know, it’s been since 83. Almost since when you left and waiting and 12 years and a place like Jacksonville, they haven’t won unless you’re Florida State Florida, you win championships, you do that sort of thing. But the parade notion of something going on here maybe for the third time since you got the franchise. It really speaks to how special this thing is. But it also speaks to how difficult it is if two weeks from now Joe Flacco comes in and by the way, the Flacco story is crazy, right? Like you vote on all this hall of fame stuff. I don’t think you ever thought Kurt Warner would wind up on a ballot, let alone get in after he was buried on the New York Giants bench. Right. Like so. Stranger things have happened, then this Joe Flacco thing, but it is pretty strange. Yeah,

Sam Kouvaris  24:19

it was, you know, it was terrible and fun to watch him do that against the Jaguars. But that was one of the first indications that there was a there’s a problem on the Jaguars defense that they they were not playing smart. They didn’t have a Thumper, you know, their linebackers are, you know, six to 220 You know, they they need and they were they were flowing against what what they were doing that Stefanski was doing up there and then all of a sudden the ball was going the other way and, and Flacco was the perfect guy to run that because, you know, he didn’t have to stand there in the pocket. He didn’t have to throw 35 yards downfield although he’s still capable of doing that smart guy, you know, they build through Good ball handling skills good deception in the backfield. He was the ideal guy to beat the Jaguars he’s not the ideal guy to beat the Ravens house

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:07

golf game can you get your body back together? I know you are like the original Humpty Dumpty former broken down athlete. Tell everybody how many sir Is there anything that hasn’t been surgically replaced on your SAM compares? Yes.

Sam Kouvaris  25:20

And but and hopefully that was it both knees and both hips is just fine. But I’ve got a phenomenal surgeon who literally might be the best in the country and that’s been that’s been really good but it take just no it’s it’s a process to get back that’s for sure. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:37

don’t want to find out about it. I mean, I you know, I the knees tricky the backs messy. You know I’m on the mat, my friends of Planet Fitness and trying to get me but I mean, I watch you guys get back from these replacement things. And I’m like, No, I don’t I don’t want any replacements, you know, painful

Sam Kouvaris  25:53

to follow. It’s yeah, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:56

don’t want to hear about all I got enough pain and misery here. Sam, I’ll get down to Jacksonville. I’ll get to you Lee and see my beautiful kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Wassell at some point and you know, in the sun will shine in Jacksonville again. But I’m sorry, I keep missing these trips, man. I mean, you guys get a new crib down there. Is that what’s gonna happen?

Sam Kouvaris  26:16

Yeah, probably won’t be ready until 27 or 28. But they’re gonna spend 1.2 billion on a new stadium.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:23

So the team’s not ever gonna leave. If that happens. I’ve always been skeptical. You know that. Especially when you start playing games in England, everybody should be skeptical. But but that that will be the end right to getting a stadium there fixes things for as long as you’re alive and I’m alive.

Sam Kouvaris  26:39

Well, I mean, if you think about it, you know, the owners know a lot of different stuff. And when they started playing the Jaguars started playing a game in London shod knew they were going to at least play 17 games. So now all of a sudden, every other year, you’ve got nine home games instead of eight. So you’ve got eight instead of seven. I mean, you know, all that thing kind of comes into play. If shod Khan ever owns a team in London and won’t be the Jaguars. I think he if they ever expand, he loves to be the owner in London. But right now he’s very committed to Jacksonville, not just from the football stadium. I mean, he’s, he’s big into development in his town. He’s got a he’s got a development company called stash, like mustache. And he, he just, he he’s very committed at this point. But you know, he’s one of the richest guys in the world. So making a move based on the economics you know, don’t ever say never Jacksonville

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:34

baby cheap real estate decent weather and getting better every day. But global warming, right,

Sam Kouvaris  27:39

that’s for sure. Absolutely.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:40

Hey, man, get back together. I’m sorry. I don’t see you at Super Bowls and things. But we will, you know, I’m making like a grand tour and seeing all my friends now that I I don’t fly in and out for football games and spend time with you guys. But I always appreciate your friendship all these years later, and, you know, go for some good ones. So we’ll get some ravens in there before it’s all over with. All right, well, it’s over.

Sam Kouvaris  28:05

Right? That’s right. I keep threatening to come see John Baron. So because He claims he’s never coming to Florida, so. Okay,

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:15

well, listen, if you come up here to see Buren, I’m buying a crabcakes alright, you know what I’m saying? There you go. Sam Kibera is joining us. Here he is down in Jacksonville, Florida via Woodlawn once a Baltimore on always a Baltimorean in the Charm City. Always good to have him on and go Fred Taylor except when he’s playing against us. I used to like watching him run over the Steelers and run over the tight. I am Esther we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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