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Orioles fans are flocking and gathering for ownership change


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We did lots of charity and community chats on “Crab Cake Row: A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl Week” but we also stuck to sports when it was appropriate. Ron Cassie of Baltimore Magazine returns with Ricig and Nestor to discuss incredible state of local sports passion and future from Koco’s Pub in Lauraville.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Ron Cassie, Marcella Knight, Mike Ricigliano

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home it is almost 420 What type of a 412 or something like that for 19 Alright, for 19 We’re Coco’s. If you’re listening out on radio land at 815 Seven, eight live because we’re live like Brent Musburger was live. We’re laurelville receivers my co host with a que


Mike Ricigliano  00:23

Well, I gotta get your microfiber crabcake place.

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:25

I know I know this about you, but it’s, it’s not like me to recruit people. But this morning I woke up and we’re seeing in Luke, we’re gonna we’re gonna do sports this afternoon, Brian puking behind its brain. But I’ve done so many like churches, food groups, like military, children, pets, just awful stories and great people doing amazing things. And this afternoon just turned into like the sports day of the week, right. And I hit John Rollo this morning. I think he’s coming tomorrow because he’s bitching about hardball and broadcast. He’s like, our defending champion around here from Baltimore magazine. And I reached you like a breakfast time and I’m like, We’re six coming out. I probably should invite you even if you don’t come it’s cool. You know, either when you did come on your bike, I was gonna give you a lottery ticket 10 times the cash. Remember lottery response you get that? We’re seeing I think you’re good sport. There you go. I’ll get Terry up. He’ll give her one. All right. How are you? I mean, you’ve had a, you’re doing a lot of sports. And I think when I left Luke, and we’re sick about 30 minutes ago, this I don’t see a renaissance of sports here but the relevance of sports. This past season since August, we got together with the Ravens accomplishing what they didn’t accomplish. And now all of this incredible news that still like you told me in August, that when you met him and you met Yeah, man. Yeah. And we talked about using the Ravens gonna win the World Series that but we will be sitting here on crabcake row doing a cup of Super Bowl soup that the Ravens wouldn’t be in the Super Bowl that the NFL would have come in the back door hardball take all those coaches out. You know, they’re about to have a bloodletting on free agents. I mean, they’re gonna be The Minish team to some degree. And the Orioles are here, courtesy of six hat and the home team sports hat that we had earlier. Bronze had the day they’re here to save the day rockin

Ron Cassie  02:12

Yeah, absolutely. You know, I mentioned through SIG off the license, I got here swaddled greenroom. We do let you to get right we were doing an April pre oil preview which I’m actually working on now because this this is where we’re at our cycle. And we have we had a one on one with Elias have scheduled for Monday this Monday. One more

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:32


than is very nice.

Ron Cassie  02:35

Right? I mean, what they are at Wednesday, so today’s gonna be at a one on one to Camden Yards. We did a photoshoot of with him out on the field and and he and I sat down for actually like 45 minutes in the clubhouse auxiliary room. And it’s like the timing. You know, we’ve had this in the works. Actually, since the playoffs last year is when I pitched the story idea. We wanted to talk to Mike Elias about the rebuilding the success of that, and then boom, all of a sudden, you know, the team soul and all of a sudden they’ve got a number one starter and I was joking with people texting them that right now there was like the biggest story after Taylor Swift and all sports like this.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:13

Great Tuesday, she goes away she goes back to Japan and they’re gonna have a parade no kissy poo or be bad times. And Santa Clara, we’ll be having a good time. You know what I would have given you on this if I would have known your meet with Elias, because I was very snippy about like, I’m pissed off about all this. I’m pissed off that I’m here right now making the most of it. But I should be in Las Vegas doing radio row. That’s a fact. But all of that being said, last week, the caster had his thing with one time he makes himself really available than the draft time to talk to the media. I put out online I’m like somebody should ask him about his role, and getting Michaelides and SigmaTel. Hired. That’s a fact. I promise you as a journalist as a as a man of faith and good word. Who’s never lied. Eric the cost befriended Michaelides, but more so sigma del, because Eric was trying to he loves baseball. Eric loves baseball. And he was trying. Did you write the piece on Eric last year? No, no, you didn’t write I read that recently. It was like the August or September edition. Yeah. Corey McLaughlin. Football stuff work. Yeah. So I didn’t know if that was your piece or not. But Eric befriended sigma dal trying to learn analytics because he saw what the Yankees were doing. He saw what the Astro ball like all of that, right. So so Eric said we’re not as sophisticated in the NFL as we need to be baseball, Moneyball all that caught up and Eric wanted to be on the front end of analytics, which is why he hired the guy from Johns Hopkins that didn’t work out. You remember that they made a big splash that they were getting into that space. That was Eric, Eric, Eric all along. Steve loved it, all of that, but he befriended it because he was trying to understand the science of baseball statistics. And he Eric said to me 18 months before, Mike lies and sigma del We were on a plane together flying somewhere. I’m Eric and I were very close your letters common bro. Trust me. It’s, it’s, it’s common. He said to me that, that I should Google seek my doll and Mike Elias he’s like, Yeah, you know, they’re they’re like with the Astros and they’re like on the cutting edge of like, and I’m trying to figure out what the cutting edge is going to be in football. And then Eric admitted to me. He said, Hey, I had lunch with John angelos, and he’s looking at you know, he’s picking my brain about and I told him, Mike Elias, and three months later they were hired. So that that’s a fact. And the team websites will write it up one day when it’s all tidy, and you know what I mean, and all that, but it’s

Mike Ricigliano  05:45

an interesting story.


Nestor J. Aparicio  05:51

They’re on they’re both on the edge. I mean, Eric came this close to being in a Super Bowl. Yeah, the Orioles had their 101 wins. But yeah, I mean, that is a prelude to Corbin burns and to Rubinstein. What did you learn on Rubenstein? I mean, I Ron cast he’s here by the way, we’re six year Rococo is going.

Ron Cassie  06:08

Well, I you know, I don’t think anybody knows too much about Rubenstein. I mean, I think one thing that’s interesting, and maybe it hasn’t been talked about so much and is Rubenstein is what 4074 years old. I think Mike Bloomberg is an investor you know, thinking of like Baltimore Hopkins connection guys, he’s like 80 and the other guys are younger from New York. And of course you have cow and Grant Hill with some Baltimore connections but Eric Getty Michael Eric Getty pronounced his name I know nothing about and but these are big money New York finance guys, right that and I wonder if they’re going to do something like the Fenway group, you know, where this is their first purchase, you know, the Fenway group owns not just the Red Sox or the Liverpool Football Club news Premier League, the the Pittsburgh Penguins, right, there are a whole and Theo Epstein just went back to the Fenway group. And this is and he’s only like, 51 years old.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:01

I don’t know I don’t think he was originated. That was his money originally, right?

Ron Cassie  07:06


Yeah, I’m not sure of the history I was just looking at like how much they own and the diverse properties kind of that they’re in charge of and wondering if the interest and Eric the guy if they’re if the orals are going to be, you know, that development around Camden Yards, this is gonna be a springboard to to other things, right. The one the one woman who’s in the group already runs the soccer team, right to feed the woman. That’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:31

correct, right? I mean, but grant Hill’s in his tea. Okay, Callum Watkins. Yeah, they brought names in. Smoke hurts. All right. There’s

Ron Cassie  07:39

definitely Baltimore real Baltimore people involved. But I’m just thinking when you see a Mike Bloomberg in his car Rubenstein involved? I don’t know that they’re the old school owner. Just like it’d be fun to go though. Camden Yards and watch a ballgame. I don’t know that. That’s just where these guys interest cuts off. This is a $1.75 billion deal. And these franchises in the stadiums and venues are not the old cigar chomping kind of owners in the box, you know, the. So there may I don’t know, I’d be interested to see what this ownership group does going for you to

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:11

like, think they’d be more like the Red Sox and the Cubs over the course of time. Yes. You know, when you say corporately run that it’s run that way. Right. You know, and, but the first Splash is, as a media member as a fan as a very disgruntled civic stakeholder in the baseball team. For all of my lifetime. I it took me 48 hours to like it Tuesday night. I was shell shocked Wednesday, I thought through Thursday night, my wife went to yoga and I was home alone and did some deep thinking. Yeah. And then it’s had this, like Stanley Roper smile of like, I’m gonna be able to root for them again and go back and I can stop all the Bichon it’s all over with. And I went out on Saturday with my wife, I told story was sick with the drug city. And I had asked Wendy Brown, fine from curio wellness, if there was a champagne of cannabis, because she was my guest the next morning. I’m like, is there a shit I need to champagne, but I don’t like champagne because it gives me a hangover. So we joked about it, but then I got to the liquor store and I’m like, You know what, I like red wine. And I’m gonna buy one $60 bottle of red wine in my life. And I found the perfect one. It’s called the prisoner. And on the night when it gets to Yeah, I’m gonna let the prisoner out. But I mean, it just feels very Fidel Castro to me it feels very like it I never saw the end that there could be an end. I said the loop first thing I said to Luke when he sat down before you were even here three hours ago. I’m like, I love you. We’ve been together a long time we drink together we go to have I ever said to you one day all call me one day they won’t be there because I never I thought that they were teeth in that this kid wasn’t the pucks that he turned out to be that they were going to dig in and just say it’s our team. had the, you know,


Ron Cassie  10:00

the lawsuits that were filed, right about the mother and the hula. Right. I mean, things looked like at that point there the theme was going to be sold at some point right like they were going to have to divide up the resources at that point. And I think that the the talks would Rubenstein apparently been in the works like three years. So I’m not surprised that they moved out. I mean, I think, you know, what’s come out is they kept all this. And we’re not truthful. With Westmore and Derek Davies and the head of the Maryland stadium authority, Brooklyn Lear. And not in negotiating this in good faith.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:36

Which not shocking is Brooks said. Right?

Ron Cassie  10:40

Yeah. I mean, that’s that’s so right. One more reason, really, just to, you know, celebrate in the city. This purchase I know means a lot to you, personally, is

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:49


a lot. It means every I mean, I fought from the beginning. And I just I have this moment where like, I’m gonna walk in that press box and have a hot dog with Luke. And I didn’t say this to you guys. And we’re sick. I’ve known you since 1984. I’ve known you long time. I said this to my wife. The second night, Wednesday night, we had dinner together and we’re just sitting to talk and, and I said, I thought about this. I can’t remember. I don’t have a memory of the last time I walked in there. And people were nice to me. I mean that like I mean that from my heart. And I don’t mean because of free to birds free. The birds happened because they weren’t nice to me. It was a reaction of you need to clean this up. You need to be better people. You need to stop lying to people, mistreating people, you had Cal Ripken here. You need Brooks Robinson, I mean, here you didn’t hear invested in care, and they can’t because they don’t trust you. And I don’t trust you. And they screwed me over $30,000 You can go you’ve known about that for 20 years. So this is what they this is how they treated the people that love them. And before I mean, really when the Albert bell thing happened, but there was a level of arrogance and like 9596 97 because they were winning, and Davey Johnson and he was a news every day and I wrote the Peter principles, but once 98 hit I mean, so it’s been 26 years since I’ve ever been around there were I thought it was there was anything that felt like competency love pride, it was all punishment. You’re talking about the ownership love. No, I’m talking about the players. I’m talking about the way PR told the players when John maroon left like that Aubrey Huff would call the plate our city a shithole, right, and come back and open opening day Adolphus cap that was 2004 was a long time ago, and that that stuff was tolerated in a place where Cal Ripken was

Ron Cassie  12:40

my experience the last couple years and this is several years now covering the words and writing the oils preview and covering the playoffs last year and so is the communications folks that I work with are terrific. They’re all new, they all know me. They’re all just they’ve been fabulous to work with them and really helpful really, really terrific. I can’t say enough good things about the communication staff at the world that I work with I mean really friendly professional on top of it you know we it’s getting a sit down interview with Mike Elias the photograph on the field is really busy time right all this breaking news was really terrific. And the same thing, same thing covering same thing getting we got not one but we got to press passes. Baltimore magazine does not cover throws away the sun or the banner during the La mayor. But the way Baltimore positive got raised, we have to press passes to all the home playoff games last year which was fantastic. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:36

passes in Arlington. I sat at the kids table. They threatened my employee was clubbing them. This is really, really what happened. Yeah.

Ron Cassie  13:47

I’m just saying like I just wanted to text rich with John


Nestor J. Aparicio  13:49

Blake in Major League Baseball and John Blundell, who runs Major League Baseball and Pat Courtney, who’s the right hand man and Roger Goodell who I’ve known for 30 years who went to college with my, one of my listeners Pat out. You know, like, I I’m just telling you, I forget what I just said. I feel like they might be nice to me. Like the new Pete. Yeah, right. Like, I don’t know what it’s like, yeah. Walk in there. Anyone of any kind. Matt Trier people that were at my wedding had to mistreat me. People had to unlink me and pretend they didn’t know me to keep their jobs back. Brown.

Ron Cassie  14:27

Hopefully you get back in the ballpark and you meet people like text me when you get here and stuff like that.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:34

I really thought I never thought that would be passed. I gave up and

Ron Cassie  14:42


clubhouse like I did do some stories when Cal BJ surhoff and Raphael Pamir those guys were there and you know they were superstars and they they did not have the person I like the 2004 Red Sox right those guys right? There was no those were the no facial hair oil days and stuff right? that these guys, Austin Hayes and Adly and Cedric models these guys are super approachable, super easy to talk to really down to earth. They are they show

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:12

really well on postgame things they did I think I’d like to meet that newcomer

Ron Cassie  15:16

but you know, they’re all the time like in the in the clubhouse and even the guys they saw you know the Kyle Gibson’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:24

wanted to be there were single tell you I had a pass for 21 Yeah, right. I was there for 21 years. Yeah, day every day. Time.


Ron Cassie  15:33

Time is good for this a great clubhouse, and it’s a great communications team right now is great. So hopefully none of that stuff changes. And, and Mike Elias was very generous with his time very forthcoming. I mean, he to me, he’ll tell you what, he’s not going to talk about a front. And I’m like, fine with as a journalist, you say, I’m not going to talk about that. He’s not an elected official. You know, he is. But the things he will talk about is, he shares anecdotes with you. He doesn’t you know, he’s direct. He’s funny. You’re in a real conversation.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:05

I got to ask him a question. I got invited by Leonard Raskin. Elias spoke in April, and it was early, it was 10 days, it was April 15. Like that. He spoke to the bottom or CEO club up at the golf course. In Hunt Valley in Chawan. I would not what that’s what homes in Pikesville. I’m sorry, I’m not a golfer. But it’s the it’s the one that’s at your can shawanna 83, you can hit a golf ball on the 83. From the west side is short. I’ll look it up. But he was there. And it was a little bit of an older crowd. It was a baseball crowd. It was at a country club. But it wasn’t a country club. But there’s 100 bucks. You know, it was a series luncheon is delicious. And there were maybe 60 or 70 people there, you know, there weren’t 100 And I sat in the front table because Leonard’s a big shot and had tickets and invited me thought it’d be funny for me to see me. I actually took them a copy of Purple Rain, too. And I handed it to him. And he’s like, what’s this about? I’m like, this is a championship in Baltimore from your friend Eric de Costa. I just want you to have it, I want you to be inspired the fact that you can build a championship too. And at the time, the issue from the fans, the fans were yelling about the outfielder stout. Right. Right. It says they’ve set the kid Kyle’s and ours. His name, He didn’t play the deep. Like they everybody was pissed that he was back in North like, this was April 15. Right. And there was you know, maybe will be 500 this year, right? You know what I mean? Like that’s kind of how nobody expected 101 wins. But I asked him a question and and he was very magnanimous and he gave me his email address. And he actually wrote me a thank you. He wrote me a thank you for the book. And and he was He was charming and he was being someone in the room he he’s just talking I don’t think he even knew who I was or like that I was that guy or whatever. It was a beautiful afternoon and he seemed like the guy want run on my baseball team and seemed like a guy want to spend money and support the guy I want on my show because he’s intelligent you know to treat me well

Ron Cassie  18:11

was treated well by caravan things and Brandon Hyde was was very relaxed, approachable. I mean, think going back to the Hardgrove years and they’re the guys and cows a super super nice guy. But he was a little quieter sometimes a little more formal that that BJ surhoff era. I felt like these guys are really, you feel like you’re covering a high school college team through that. That easy to talk to do that down to earth like that. And maybe because they aren’t all just coming up. I mean that maybe

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:40


they’re not polluted yet. Roger dried in there to mix it up. We get Corbin burns. Yeah. For six year rock assays here. We’re we’re talking sports Believe it or not, we’re Coco’s. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland food bank or for our friends at the Maryland food bank. It is a cup of Super Bowl. Cast your jersey guy you transplant you eat crab soup, right? Yeah, you crave cream or Maryland?

Ron Cassie  19:06

No, Maryland I am a little overshare here. I’m lactose intolerant. I love spicy Maryland crab soup like alright, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:14

was gonna ask if you are 5050 guy but if you’re lactose intolerant eliminate you, right? It’s like these people that are shellfish intolerant. I can’t have a crab cake.

Ron Cassie  19:21

To me crab soup is the tomato base. This bull Bay spicy that’s crab soup. Which the other things like okra and things like clam chowder, kind of like New England. First thing I bid into


Nestor J. Aparicio  19:33

when I did all half and half was a piece of okra. And I’m like, yes.

Mike Ricigliano  19:37

Yeah, he was excited. Yeah, he was excited on the air for the okra in

Ron Cassie  19:45

real time. Very Yes. In regard

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:47


to it will stay with us for a minute. We can do it with ravens as well. But the city and the 162 games and 8281 games at home in the harbor and that whole era you mentioned that fit I’m way that vision. I keep saying and I roll respect to you. But two years ago, you came on the show and you had a vision for the harbor we talked about. Tom was with us, we’re talking about visions for the harborplace. I don’t know what the vision is for the baseball football facility other than and I’ve said this, and I’m not being a jerk. I’m not being flippant, and it’s not even about the ownership or the media or any of that. They’ve had trouble down there getting people there for crime, this fox 45 The song getting bought all that? What’s the big ideas? Because the big ideas 101 wins. They’ve done that if the big ideas Cal Ripken we have the big ideas, Camden Yards, there it is. If the big idea is Lamar, Lamar, and we’re going to win 14 games, they’ve done all of that. And they’ve had empty seats. And Luke is talking about ripping 8000 seats out of the stadium, I think, shoddy and his people and I will say him, I don’t know how involved he was, but they’re building gold plated toilets down there, right with their $600 million. I mean, they don’t have an idea. They’re gonna build a nightclub green, and they’re going to charge a premium and the snarky guy got up at the press conference that I wasn’t invited to and said, the beer is colder in the hotdogs or better taste, you’re inside the perimeter. And I’m thinking the Orioles aren’t gonna be building the perimeter the orals are gonna be building something that everybody’s going to want to come to not an exclusive kind of thing. They do that $600 million of work right

Ron Cassie  21:21

a couple quick things is one tenants didn’t plumb it until the Orioles lost 150 games or whatever it was up until even through like 2014 2015 they were drawing people the idea that people aren’t coming to Baltimore because of torture was because a crime is just not borne out by any of the numbers CFG Bank Arena which we talked about so it’s gonna have like a million people they’re going to draw this year right like a 40% like increase I mean it’s unbelievable and there’s a lot of

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:48

clues me seven times this year right? Pretty day I

Ron Cassie  21:51

went from the world to see Bruce Springsteen walked I mean there’s a lot


Nestor J. Aparicio  21:54

that goes I saw queen I saw John Mary a

Ron Cassie  21:57

lot of Jackson’s a lot of synergy that’s happening and you know, whatever the harborplace final plans look like there’s going to be high high rise residential mixed use there’s going to bring more foot traffic is of course but so the train station at Camden yard right used to be legend Steve Jeppe his museum and everything right that’s going to become some type of mixed use condo something is going to happen there is empty for all intensive purposes and Camden Yards warehouse the best of warehouses basically largely empty right so those are really two easy parcels to fix up on and they aren’t going to move they’re gonna do something with the wall I mean it did talk about this a little bit with Mike Elias you know that was kind of a quick okay just shove it the wall back raise it up and

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:42

do some pitching

Ron Cassie  22:46


and attract some pitching and attract yes, and yes, it did turn out conversations

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:51

I had personally with Mike Messina in 1990 789 like about whether it was him staying had nothing to do with the wall though it was an impediment it was all Peter put the wall was like if I stay here pay more because my yard is gonna be fine.

Ron Cassie  23:05

Elias says that you’re gonna go for a Corbin burns well he’s a free agent years walk here he’s not coming to Camden Yards and the other wall and given up you know record number of home home runs right yeah, he’s gonna come here now I mean that’s attractive. He’s got a free agent year well, you might stay with it with Ruben says when he but either way. Ron’s numbers are gonna be good better with the wall back 30 feet and his numbers are gonna be a hell of a lot better. So that’s attractive now to get in guys like him. And then coincidentally, oh, by the way, we had drafted Gunnar Henderson he’s a lefty. We have Jackson Holliday, who’s a lefty slugger. We have Colton Couser, who’s a lefty slugger. We got Adly. He’s a switch here got Anthony Santander we got Cedric mauled. All of a sudden, we have these all these left handed guys in a lineup. And we can get free agent to track free agent pitchers. And we have a young athletic team too. So it plays into that the bigger ballpark. But there you’d have to really be like a civil, real architect, urban designer and go up to 30,000 feet and look at that space and see what possibilities are there you know, where the Brooks Robinson statue is and pickles and Russell Street. There’s a lot of empty weird space there. There’s not being berms, that’s not being really utilized to the fullest extent. I think the warehouse in a train station gonna be the first things but downtown, right. If there’s one neighborhood in Baltimore that’s growing, its downtown. That’s where populations moving and a lot of those old offices are being converted to condos because people

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:40

remote work I was in San Francisco two weeks ago and cities just this is what’s going to happen to happen to these structures. They’re not going to be places people go to work now. They’re


Ron Cassie  24:48

gonna be places they live. They’re already doing that around the bromo seltzer around downtown around CFG bank like a lot that’s already happening. So, you know, we see all development around like Fells Point. stuff like that that’s going on. You know, Baltimore’s population you’re getting more younger people who might not have families, they might not stay long but or for decades that will live and the grandchildren might not live, but you’re getting younger people moving back to cities, and the kind of live work environment and

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:19

like you with bikes and bike lanes, right

Ron Cassie  25:22

now, I’ll gotta give a shout out. You know, it was an easy bike ride here from Phil’s point just just right up to Lake Clifton, his bike lanes all the way here. Beautiful right

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:31


there trashing the bike lanes because I saw that on Oregon, it pissed me off a little bit. I thought of you driving on Oregon down here. Like it was like it like literally there was crapping and I thought you build these bike lanes. Now we’re gonna screw them up and navigate this is

Mike Ricigliano  25:48

a lot of people in my hood that don’t like the bike lanes, but I love Ryan Dorsey for doing it. You know, Brian Dorsey’s my guy, I don’t know if you’re,

Ron Cassie  25:56

he’s responsible for emails with me. This is how all cities are developing all around the world walk. Listen, when Baltimore had a million people, people were not driving their cars. They were taking the trolley they were taking. Yeah, that’s how people got around. Cities are built the size of Baltimore, they have a million people. Everybody have their own car. You don’t have the route. I put

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:16

my car up on the sixth floor for 20 years, and I walked everyone wants to walk. Because why would I take downtown? Right? Like, why would I do that? If I was gonna get cranked off or the weather’s bad? You get a cab or later you get over? Yeah, invest a little bit of money in that. I mean, I don’t think I took 10 cab rides a year, the first 10 years and I don’t think


Ron Cassie  26:37

with Penn Station over getting overhauled and excel platform already opened up with the Howard Street Tunnel, working in Westport, a bunch of memorials get a ton of money. Yeah, we mentioned that, you know, a ton of money. We

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:48

didn’t care. We mentioned that often. Yeah, yeah. I

Ron Cassie  26:51

mean, one of the

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:54


greenroom, you come in here and you start talking. And then the next thing I know, you think you said things that you didn’t say, Well, there’s a

Ron Cassie  27:00

lot of there’s a lot of great things happen. We know that the homicide rate thank God has has took an incredible drop this past year, thank God, his

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:09

credit for that. I want everybody to get credit, because everybody got blamed for it. Right?

Ron Cassie  27:14

Well, you know, it’s really hard to parse things out. I mean, there’s other cities around the country experiencing who experienced similar Rise and Falls. And I think sometimes we bought more resilience, or we think these things are just related to us, but, you know, we suffer the ups and downs of national trends. And you know, I think, was it it was ANSYS I mean, it was unsustainable, where we were before


Nestor J. Aparicio  27:41

the unrest in the plague. It was

Ron Cassie  27:44

a very, very special concoction a very special concoction of leadership actually, that appears going to pull out from that as we see the right leadership. And I think I think I do think the holistic approach of Brandon hein monsy and Shante Jackson and that they’re doing is is the only way the only way to go

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:05

rock assays here and we’re gonna call your editor writer senior something that what is your man senior

Ron Cassie  28:13


my title Mike was saying is the man and your Facebook pages is hysterical. The cartoons? Fell it is talented, talented dude. can really tell you know, I said to him or I can barely type I just want to he’s great artists.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:27

Is more bullish on his Rubinstein thing than I am. Is it Rubenstein or Steen? I think it’s nine I think I think it is I’m not sure I want to get it. Right. Right. I think it’s time but I’m not sure I

Ron Cassie  28:38

want to print journalists that don’t normally have to worry about.

Mike Ricigliano  28:42

Well, we don’t I only I have a little bit of insight. Just a smallest amount of insight. So I a man named Howard gold Steiner Steen, I’m sure either approached me last year to do a cartoon about who’s the manager of the giants that just got gave kappler KitKat? Oh, yeah, good. kappler, who’s the exhibit he was doing was of Jewish sports. So he’s got art. So he has a painting of Sandy Colfax and Greenberg. He has a Hank Greenberg. And he has he asked me to do a gape kappler. And I said, I don’t know that much about K cat. But he goes, I’ll send you all the info. Well, the guy it turns out that the guy is like a rookie. He’s an incredible guy you have to read up on I


Nestor J. Aparicio  29:29

interviewed him when he was a player back in the day and I found the tape of it one day and listen to it. And he was really hard. He I think he’d struck out a couple times a day before he’s a guy sucked and it was really funny. Yeah, seems like

Mike Ricigliano  29:39

a guy never really knew him or met him off the air sometime. I’ll tell you about this guy. He’s just I was just drawn into drawing this cartoon about him because he was such an interesting, dude. Anyway, he had just received my cartoon that I did from and really loved it and and wrote, wrote back to me about the Orioles. He follows and about Rubenstein and he knows Rubenstein and he did say, this is a great guy. This is a I’m excited for Oreo fans for this. I

Ron Cassie  30:09

grew up and his father was a mailman in the city, right? I mean, he grew up in Baltimore. He went to City College he went to I think he was like a class ahead of Curb smoke.

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:19


He had to have been a 66 Orioles fan. So I feel like I may have an in there. I’m saying are sick when Luke was here, that you know, we’re six brilliant, like a sports cartoonist that he had all these little quips and cheap shots and funny little things he would do that he could get away with and people would buy the paper by the publication to your point to see his art. And I said to him, you’ve had the two filthiest dirtiest prick owners ever. In Angeles, you know what I mean? Like this has been his career here is that one or the other two pair? That

Mike Ricigliano  30:52

was gold was the Chinese proverb.

Ron Cassie  30:54

May you live in interesting times. Right.

Mike Ricigliano  30:56

I’m telling you, man, it was cartoonists call that’s


Nestor J. Aparicio  30:59

doing in your magazine on his dummies. Oh, yeah. So

Ron Cassie  31:03

we did a story for the March issue, which will actually hit newsstands about two weeks. We did a little piece the back page of the magazine on the paper mache like kind of like larger than life. I live where we call it. That’s not a doll mannequin.

Mike Ricigliano  31:18

I call

Ron Cassie  31:23


the owner we use that term in the story and we have a photo of you with or say dummy in veteran Stadium. The first time the Colts had come back. It’s just I mean I went to see it it not because Right, yeah, I got a picture on my phone. I showed him Did you

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:45

find the beanie, the little beanie? The beanies on the back bar. He made a beanie Bob, you’ve never seen the beanie Bob. You’re gonna see a picture with Don Shula. You’re gonna you’re gonna freak, because I put in front of Don Shula when we were doing, we’re doing a show with them. And there’s the beanie, but I’m gonna show it to the audience here too. Yeah, there’s there’s Don Shula with with the with with with with beanie Bob. So right there, and he’s got dollar bills hanging out of his pocket. It’s like hilarious. Right and

Ron Cassie  32:19

when and Shula used to play football played for the call center. Blue right. And he was the coach left for Miami. Timers they bought the team right? Yes, absolutely.

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:30

Yeah, I mean that speed this Feeny boss is here at the back bar. Oh, my God, Nacho mom as you go all the way to the back. Like he’s being held up by a bottle of vodka.


Mike Ricigliano  32:46

Man, that is good.

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:49

Yeah, and with that, we shall depart anything before we leave, because I’m gonna sign off because I My back hurts. And I gotta go. I gotta get up. I gotta pay the State Fair. Early in the morning. I am 24 hours into the marathon. 24 hours radio since 9am. On Monday morning, I’ve done 24 live radio. And I’ve only cry now. Five and a half, five and a half times. I’m taking the two to stack to go I’m gonna make a mark or read die when I get home. I’m gonna do it up. All right. Sounds good. I love Mars. I love you. You know what I don’t have to give her the mic. Procedure. She can say goodnight. Oh, come on over and say good night to everybody. Remember seek out you know Ron Cassie from Baltimore magazine. Her only hold up I’ll do a pull it down more or worse. A little card here. I gotta get a little subscription card. Just fall out.

Ron Cassie  33:43

There. I don’t know. I think maybe I took it out. This is one from my house. Come on. Well, you get the website. There’s always deals polymer mag comm on the show the

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:53


car where you go, he wrote to me last week. He’s coming on the show. Oh, great. Soon, he says funnies love. I voted for West I support it. I campaigned for West and I was I’m a West guy. We dive into

Ron Cassie  34:09

some of the policy issues in the budget issues and transportation woes. That’s my man. That’s all I want to God.

Nestor J. Aparicio  34:17

We subscribe and get it at home. It’s just gonna take Mars, what do you want to say about today? Thank you. I love you. Appreciate you. You’re going on vacation and your people been coming all day. It’s been fun.

Marcella Knight  34:30

Yes, it has been and it’s for great calls. And I noticed that earlier that you said that your dad grew up hungry. And my mom grew up hungry. My mom was a foster child. Had a she was grew up very poor. And she has the biggest heart of anybody in the whole wide world


Nestor J. Aparicio  34:50

and a work ethic that is remarkable. Like what was yours? Like literally

Marcella Knight  34:54

she taught me everything I know and to be kind to people and mostly to feed people. think

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:00

all the nice people out here. It says right in the door. Yeah check yourself when you walk

Marcella Knight  35:05


in My mom always just, you know, she would give anything, anything to anybody. She had a big big heart. Well, she still has a big big heart.

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:14

All these crabcake people compete I just want you to know he could have come across just He loves you so Oh, and by the way, you know, orders crabcakes from you that I found out and I could read the text off. Marvin Lewis and I are real close like we ordered crabcakes

Marcella Knight  35:29

from us what he told me when he told

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:32

me you know he literally said he text me two weeks ago we did he did the show but we you know we were I love Marvin he’s special man.


Marcella Knight  35:39

Ramallah used to send them

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:43

there you go. Bella check must have ordered Bella.

Marcella Knight  35:48

So then Marvin liked him and he started ordering. There you go.

Ron Cassie  35:53


The bears favorite crab cake.

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:57

I don’t pick favorites. But hers was really good. But But I always say this to you. And you know, this coconut shrimp and I will sleep and this tuna stack and you’re really trying to you’re trying to get that to me. Because

Marcella Knight  36:08

every day you see this special and you’re like, oh my god, I’m not there. I can’t get it is that it’s a special tonight. That’s why you did a Wednesday day here. My

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:19

mama told me to get special. All right. Well, your mother told me I was special too. We’ve noticed you’re 32 years. We met at the at the Emerald tavern back when your mother Catherine was


Ron Cassie  36:28

gonna say second grade? No.

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:30

We met we met at a bar. We met at the Emerald tavern. She and her mother used to sit on the far side of the bar every Sunday watch football. I had my Oilers helmet on, right because we didn’t have the Colts 9293 94 early, nasty, nasty before I was I wasn’t really nasty necessarily. But 92 I was in 93 his kids named me nasty. Nasty. By the way. I babysit them. It’s long. It’s true. Yeah. Yeah.

Marcella Knight  36:54

I thought it was because you were like, no, no,

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:57


no, no, no. These kids babysat his kids one night sent him to bed early. And they started. It’s an uncle Nestor. They call me nasty Nestor. That is exactly how I

Marcella Knight  37:12

would have never guessed that. Your name

Nestor J. Aparicio  37:14

his kids. So you know, absolutely true. So you know, I know you guys all compete, but he loves you. And he’s here. And

Ron Cassie  37:22

this is by the way is a great place to catch an Orioles game and have a crab cake.


Marcella Knight  37:25

Yes, it is. You know, we’re not a sports bar. It’s kind of ironic that Nestor has a sports show. And we’re one of his sponsors. Yeah. And we’re not even a sports place. Because we’re not open, you know, on Sundays and Mondays. But it still works out, you know? Yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  37:40

We met at the Emerald tavern. And our friend Harvey who owned it died since the last time we saw each other. And Harvey love to throw these parties. And you should read my eulogy for her because it was a writing piece for me. But he used to lock the doors on Sunday night illicitly, of course, and he’d have a party party. So everybody would drink free beer until somebody had to pay.

Marcella Knight  38:02

And whoever had that everyone would yell at them like not let them go to the bathroom. Oh, it was

Nestor J. Aparicio  38:08


it was a it was a scene dude. But he loved the YMCA school at the same time. And he would he would, he would lead a conga line or out the door one door and they would come in the door at the Emerald tavern. And I was the Dallas DJ and I would play the YMCA. So today when I was looking for you know, I clicked on Pacifica belt buckles. I wore my village people belt buckle. And then the crazy. This is what the craziest thing happened. The craziest thing happened at 11 o’clock this morning. Because I’m Punchdrunk from doing this crazy marathon. John, Jerry Lewis, John Hawaii from the Why was my guest at 11am this morning, literally. And I introduced him. He sat down and I said I got John Hawaii from the why and I’ve remembered like, oh my god, I wore the Village People YMCA belt buckle and the YMCA. The Y president is here and we had to go with that so Harvey we love you. I know you’re listening up there and you’re happy the orals are under new management as I say, Cassie, the the new and improved oriels you know under new management corporate burns baby MORRIS Thank you appreciate. She’s doing this for St. Francis of Assissi that’s churches school. This is where we’re six kids learned and nicknamed me nasty master and received taught that’s why the kids turned out good the neighborhood St. Francis of Assisi he taught art down there so

Marcella Knight  39:33

yeah, thank you to everyone that came out today that donated cash were brought brought on non perishable food items and you didn’t get a lot of time so I got one but I’m gonna take this one because this is for my mom. I’m gonna go see her tomorrow. Mom’s getting a lot of love scratch off.

Nestor J. Aparicio  39:52

This is the first place where I defamed or desecrated the Bar. Bar mayor said every time you’re in here we get the little so We’re shaving all over the bar. I gotta give John Martin a hard time about that because I always ask him what am I supposed what’s the official thing that you’re supposed to use to scratch it? And II would say just use your MD lottery app and just shoot it and then you’ll know you don’t have to scratch it all

Marcella Knight  40:14

right well that’s what my mom does now like she she doesn’t even do the scratch she sees Oh yeah, you just do the price check and check it and she cheats


Nestor J. Aparicio  40:27

bingo and Amazon for you you know? That’s not right. We’re saying we love you love to Terry my thanks to Marcel everybody here listen early. Early, making the eggs and I’m gonna take my wife and I’m one of those and one of these special and and try the tuna stack and the tuna stack.

Marcella Knight  40:46

Every Wednesday Do you realize you always post on Facebook? Oh, that looks so good. And I don’t get to get that special welcome down tomorrow and and now you get to have it tonight.

Nestor J. Aparicio  40:56

I’m going to use you just beat your marketing for yourself. So now Wednesdays I don’t I usually do yoga on Tuesday and Thursday Wednesday night we have dinner. I’m going to keep keep my eye out for next time. You have the teriyaki burger over here so I’ll work that out. Ron Cassie is the senior something something of the executive something writing and he writes things in Baltimore magazine and received his for sick you know the one the only and we’re sick featured in Baltimore magazine next month. For the for the dummies so nice. Everybody knows I’m the dummy here. All right, it’s five o’clock you’re listening to wn st am 5070 Taos Baltimore. I will be back in 16 hours to do this all again. Presto kid

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