Ringing in a new year with a flurry of prizes and holiday winners

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With all of the holiday fanfare and added bonuses for the Maryland Lottery during the yuletide season, Executive Director John Martin tells Nestor about some Christmas magic for one local winner and second chances coming for some lucky Ravens fans


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John Martin, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn St. Baltimore positive and 1570 We’re just getting through the holidays. I am just eating leftover cookies and we’re getting ready for some crab cakes into 2024 The Maryland crab cake tour is on the road. I still have some leftovers. The purple wins are very popular right now I can’t imagine why the Oh snaps are after I found out that we had a big winner in peppermint pay out multiplier. So I’m going to talk to John Martin about that a friend of winter and he put his back out on the road again, our whole schedule will be up to Baltimore positive we’re taking a little holiday respite, you’re gonna hear some of our our finest work of the last year on the Maryland crabcake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery win donation and I need to say Jiffy Lube because my little orange light is on it is the holidays, the weather’s kind of icky and all that, but I gotta get my oil change before I go out this weekend for my new year’s eve activities. This guy. I sent him home last week with a beautiful wise tray of kielbasa and sauerkraut. I hope it went well for John Martin who joined us last week and Weis markets and how to go Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas Kwanzaa, Hanukkah New Years Festivus even the Browns are going to make the playoffs John Martin like everybody’s happy. It’s an it’s an incredible start to 2024. Right?

John Martin  01:14

Well, we’ll the same all over YouTube, but you know what? Don’t Don’t be tempting fate with with my browns. They are only a 99% chance of making the playoffs as we record this. And you laugh, but believe me as a Clevelander 99 Ain’t 100 So

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:31

yeah, never had Joe Flacco either, you know, no, how about that?

John Martin  01:35

Oh, this kid’s got a future in this league.

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:39

You know, for me, he’s my all time favorite athlete. I’m unabashed about that. I’ve covered them all. Like I seen them all kid. You know, I’ve been doing this for 39 years have been my 40th anniversary of having locker room access back when I used to be a media member. But I’ve been doing this since and I wish gene Aubrey Jaco, my dear friend he had his birthday was the other day as a first coach I ever covered 1984 I walked in with my little notebook. I was 16 years old. And you know all these years later, Joe Flacco is my favorite guy. And here he is rising from the ashes like the ghost of Jim Brown and art modell and the Phoenix. But more than that, I have all these Cleveland buddies that are media members, Sean, and like friends of mine on Facebook and whatnot or Instagram or wherever, like Daryl writer who’s a frequent guest here. He puts videos up so I see everything’s Joe’s doing because the algorithms of social media. It’s astonishing to see him in front of a locker in front of all this brown stuff in this sort of fresh way. I mean, are you following this as a Browns fan and like you more engaged with it? Or just normally engaged because I would think every Browns fan, this has got to be the most amazing thing you’ve ever witnessed. Not just because he was a raven, and I’m a Flacco guy. But just from a Browns fan perspective, this is going pretty well.

John Martin  02:58

I am old enough to remember 1988 and Don strock. And you can look at a

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:03

rock around the clock. I was at those games. Yes. They made rock use strikes claim

John Martin  03:08

to fame was holding the clipboard. For the Miami Dolphins on the sideline. Right. Yeah, that was his career and getting a good Tan and looking like a matinee idol while doing that. He

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:20

was the first offensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens in 1996. So I know John strock. He’s a good man.

John Martin  03:25

Look at that. And in 1988, you could look it up because I know you do. He was in fact, the fourth quarterback who came in that year after guys went down Cozaar went down, Gary Danielson went down. Mike pagal went down. Bounce rock was left standing in in the cold, which he wasn’t used to in Cleveland willed that team to the playoffs in 1988. So history has a weird way of repeating itself, does it not?

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:49

I was a Houston Oiler fan and I’m pretty sure I spent Christmas Eve of 1988 at Cleveland stadium having dog biscuits thrown. I was wearing this color by the way was Houston Oiler. So yeah, I remember those battles well, and I remember they wrote a song called strock around the clock and this week, the ESPN people in Cleveland wrote a song for Flacco and like it’s fun. I hope they don’t lose the Jets. I’m just saying by the time people use John Martin is here. He’s executive director of all things America.

John Martin  04:19

Get back on track. Let’s get back on track here.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:22

Let’s let’s talk about the Ravens. Is that you know

John Martin  04:27

we can talk about because it is fun.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:31

Good time right. We are winding

John Martin  04:33

down on our 2023 prize faster, if you will, our 50th anniversary year and of course all year long. We’ve had wonderful opportunities for players to get engaged with a variety of products but nothing is more popular than our ravens Second Chance contest and we are down to the final drawing for the final two applicants if you will or finalists I used to final enough times there deny we have Come on two more people to round out. Our six people we have, let’s see January 2, we the drawing. So you still have plenty of days left to get your non winning entries into the Ravens contest at MD lottery.com. We will pick the fifth and sixth person, and those six people will be at a date to be determined will join us at m&t Bank Stadium and one of those lucky six will win Raven season tickets for 20 years. And they can be talking about the things that happen over the next 20 years while you and I are resting comfortably somewhere watching it from afar. Well, you know, you

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:40

and I are only in the room together once or twice a year. But we were last week, and I have this funny screenshot of you like faking like you’re taking notes of all the Santa Claus things that I was throwing out at you. So I’ve been taking notes here and you said most popular so I’m gonna put the journalism hat here isn’t really the most popular Second Chance like it. I mean, I would think for any of these tickets, and I tell people when we when I give them out, we have chances to get $30,000 peppermints a out winner right here in the Parkville area this week, by the way, but I give these out and I say to people play second chance play, and I’m not sure who does or doesn’t. I know you sort of encourage them want everybody to play because that’s sort of the fun of this is that Doug calls him and says you want something that you entered? Did you really and but the Ravens thing, you guys really beat that up pretty good because all of the I would say the reason why they owe money hall door number one, door number two, door number three, all of those kinds of fun things are all tied to second chance, right? Like you you have to play second chance if you want the tickets for life. And that’s sort of the whole game to get in if you’re a Ravens fan that you want to have all these really cool experiential things. So I could see that it would be it the most popular second chance right?

John Martin  06:51

We have we’re very proud of the of the of the depth and breadth of things we offer our players throughout the year and promotion Second Chance contest. Today as we’re winding up the calendar year we have no less than four. Second Chance promotions, we have our holidays, Second Chance drawing so those non winning scratched scented tickets, among others can be entered in for drawings for cash prizes. We have a couple more weeks left for cash prizes on that.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:19

So when I give these out, or these out the scented ones, this is what you’re you’re speaking of there is a second chance. Doug’s gonna call somebody and say you want a bunch of money or correct.

John Martin  07:30

Exactly. And it’s all the holiday tickets. So it’s even the unscented ones but enter your non winning tickets into our drawing. And we have weekly drawings, we have three more drawings to go. And the last drawing and addition every week we had 11 weeks we will have 11 weeks of drawing or five $5,000 winners on the 12th and final week, we will have not only the five 5000 winners but to Lucky $100,000 winners. How’s that to cap off

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:58

a lot of money man and I would like and they don’t know what it’s not like scratching off. You go into second chance you play with your app. And then Doug calls and you’re like, Nah, not me. I’m camping. Yeah. This is fun. John Martin is here. He’s executive director of all things marital lottery gaming, talking about these and second chances and ravens and all that other good stuff. I have to ask you this because we’ve done 25th anniversary for my end. We’re in the middle of that we’re we’re about to make a huge announcement. That’s my little plug for for radio row week what we’re planning on doing in February but planning on the Ravens being the Superbowl even though Joe Flacco has other plans and I’m sure Patrick mahomes does as well, your 50th anniversary as we go into Guy Lombardo when you New Year’s night declerck And all that it’s over the 50th is worse. We’re done with that right?

John Martin  08:47

Yeah, the the party is over there sweeping up the confetti is already a fallen. But yeah, a great year, we had a we had a lot of engaged fans, and people who have been with us for many of those 50 years. And also people were new, and found a lottery for the first time for whatever reason. So it was a great year. And we will be very quickly getting into 2024 Lots of things on the horizon. I’ll tease as well we’ll have new games, new products, new promotions, as well as an interesting I don’t want to get too political here because we’ll have plenty of time to do this very interesting legislative session in Annapolis starts the second week of January. And as you may know, and your listeners and viewers know that it’s a 90 day session in Annapolis to set up the laws and the rules and regulations for upcoming things across the spectrum. And the lottery is going to be a big part of that this this year. And as we get into it and we have an are able to tell you more. We’ll talk about some interesting potentials in the lottery and gaming space in the months and years ahead.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:48

Well then we tie it all together. And last week we you know, we took a deeper dive just in having Tom Kelso there and the Orioles money being in the news and the Ravens plans being in the news and like just the lottery funds a lot of things, you know, and and it’s getting bigger because of sports wagering and all the things we’ve talked about. I mean, obviously this time of year bowls, playoff games, excitement, all that stuff that’s happening. We encourage everyone, please do this stuff responsibly. I always say that we always put that out there, but I didn’t get winters, right. And I saw, and it’s a holiday week, John, it’s New Year’s, by the way. In the old days, I had a like a little, little kazoo, I would play I was gonna play the guy there. So I was gonna go to a little old lang zine there for your 50th. And that

John Martin  10:35

was like I said, Maybe you had a bad burrito.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:39

I had a delicious burrito last night, the peppermint payouts. I saw on the list that there was a $30,000 winner. And this happened not at the wise markets, but at the giant markets are nice people to Hartford Road in Parkville. And I saw this a $30,000 prize. And I think to myself, I’ve had two people in the time we’ve been together and Mitt winning $100 in front of me with a scratch off. And I say to you all the time, because last week, it was a fun week, I got to play Santa Claus and give you sauerkraut and kielbasa and wise market. But anytime I get these out, people are always really happy to just have one. And I keep thinking to myself, did I get away the $30,000 winner? Or could I? And I know I could. But I see people want 100 bucks or 30,000 I forget how much power I have when I had somebody one of these and say hey, good luck for the mere lottery Baltimore positive, but literally a $30,000 prize this week right here in Parkville. That’s

John Martin  11:34

that’s the beauty of the lottery. That’s the SCP Oh, that’s the draw of lottery, right that those opportunities to dream about? What if and what could and you know what? Let’s put it out there. Let’s put it there out there for 2024. I can see it now. At some point in 2024. You are going to hand someone a ticket and there will be far greater than $100 prize winner I’m going on record right now is saying that is going to happen sometime somewhere in the next 12 months.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:03

Well, I mean, you’re saying it’s possible and I know it’s but listen, people come up to me after they win and they’re happy to give five bucks, 10 bucks, two bucks, whatever it is, they like playing and they like and a lot of times like figuring out the game. Or I just say look at the app and they’re like, oh we play lottery. I mean Costas or some of these places and there’s a machine people are playing they’re playing racetracks are playing games. We always have fun with it. We try to keep it light and fun for everybody. Right? So we got winners. I know it’s light and fun. Until Doug calls and says you want 50 grand.

John Martin  12:35

Hey, how about being on either end of this call Christmas Day, right people. Sometimes the presidents have been wrapped and then papers strewn all over the floor, and you just got to get out of the house for a little bit. So some lucky person went to their Lottery retailer of choice out in Windsor mill and bought a multi match ticket multi matches a game here in Maryland that’s drawn on Mondays and Thursday evenings jackpot starts at 504 or $500,000 in increments as it goes unless it’s hit. Well, Christmas Eve, October, I’m sorry, Christmas day it was hit for $540,000 a multi match winner who has not come forward yet. They have 182 days to claim they’re probably still basking in a little bit of that eggnog bath that they’ve taken since since they’ve won that was the 11th Multi match winner in 2023 that that’s what swings the pendulum the other way we normally have about five six winners a year so to almost double that up and have 11 winners and 2023 the MultiMax players were extremely lucky this year.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:43

It’s a lot of money you know as I think about it, that’s just a lot of money to did Christmas day you find this that to your point they don’t come forward right away you hope they know they’ve won let’s start with that right so you play the game make sure you’re checking your tickets make sure you know you want but then you realize like I use a little Fred G Sanford here for the holidays. This is the big one you know that you hit right and they they call you they come to you they they step forward but they can’t go over the Wiser over to Costas and catch this ticket


John Martin  14:19

they need to find you they need to come and find us and I need to come and write them one of those big checks and and smile and take a picture and and really see the how how their their life is going to change hopefully for the better and and they get the proper counseling and support they need to make those those decisions. You know, we had another one you’re going to like hopefully a rockville woman who over the last week or so, went to her local retailer and actually she bought it at Maryland Live casino which happens a lot. You know people don’t realize you can actually buy lottery tickets at the casinos. They are lottery retailers and this young lady bought a pick five ticket. And are you familiar with pick five, you pick numbers, you know, five digits, whatever. Then people have lucky numbers or their home address their birthday, there’s something that they pick. So this woman was being nagged by her husband to get her car fixed. And she kept putting it off, putting it off. And she finally had a order from the car dealer, and there’s a serial number right on the order, you get numbers. And so she played the five digit number on the repair order from her car, don’t get ahead of me. Fam, five digit number comes up, she wins $50,000 tells her husband quit nagging me, here’s 50 grand and of course, the kicker on the story. She still hasn’t gotten the car fixed. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:42

for me, I want to know the five digits now I want to know it’s a lucky number. Because when you say five digits to me, I’m thinking zip code, zip codes, you know, so if I’m trying to play five of something, I’m thinking what else can be you know, what else can be five digits but yeah, so lucky numbers man I, I’ve always told you I want on 936 and they’re Springsteen tickets and I’m still telling the tickets. The tickets story of the tunnel of love Tore 35 years later, John Martin is here. He is the executive director of all things Maryland lottery, gaming, and sports wagering and all that. And anything on the horizon that I need to know about any is any laws or rules or anything weird that happened January 1, that affects anything or no, not to show all the

John Martin  16:24

all the weird stuff will happen. All the worst of what happened months after that. No, it’s typically the New Year’s transition is, is a seamless one. It’s an easy one, because people are our home for the holidays and enjoying family and friends. We hope and gearing up for the for the new work week that will start here around these parts on January 2. But no, nothing really happens. We’ll have a racetracks promotion that will start to T’s in the in the stores now. That just get us into into the new year. But other than that, a lot of things, as I said the promotions wrap up on December 31. And we turn the page, and we look forward to even more exciting products and promotions over the next several months. So stay tuned with a lot more to tell you and you can go to MD lottery.com At anytime to get updates. If you can’t wait for this wonderful conversation that Nestor and I have on a weekly basis.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:18

Well, I have not in any way rubbed in the 12 and three ravens and I don’t even rub it in because like your team is okay. Right? I mean, let’s rub it in on like Cincinnati or jets fans are seeing somebody else at this point. But I do want to give one more plug to the ravens and you don’t have to answer this as the executive directors. I don’t know if you know the answer or not. You have to find this out. Because it ain’t never happened before. But you guys have this thing where you throw footballs and you know, they run out during a TV timeout and you do a raven promotion and you give money away and do all that. And I know you have a plan with the ravens, a business partnership and all that. And you plan those preseason games and yes, some folks show up. You plan a regular season games and it’s great. You probably plan maybe a playoff game because we’ve had those here from time to time. What happens early AFC Championship game, is there a special Raven lottery thing where you all run out and do a special promotion you wouldn’t do and give away money that you wouldn’t give away because we’re in the AFC Championship game we never play. So I need to know. I mean, you could take a week and think this through. But I got an AFC Championship Game years since maybe we beat the browns in the 60s or something or they beat us I don’t

John Martin  18:26

think thanks for your last little swipe. The I don’t need to take time at all because people can go right now. Well, we hope they listen to us first but then go to MD lottery.com. And check out the Ravens promotion page and they will find that on January 2 I already referenced this once when we select our finalists for the 20 year season tickets. We will also pick four winners for potentially two postseason games.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:54

Well what happens if we don’t make it then?

John Martin  18:58

Well, we’ll give you some of the party guests.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:00

Okay, fair enough. I don’t get to but somebody will be picked out somebody. So they’ll have that hanging on the first playoff

John Martin  19:07

game. Right. On January 2, we’ll pick four names potential for two games in Baltimore. And it will be the past for cash promotion that people have come to see and know and love all year long. So we are ready to go. All they need to do is show up and kick off a playoff game and we will have people ready for for pass the cash promotion and have some fun it might be a little chilly that day you know so dress accordingly but but yeah, we’ll have some fun with that.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:37

I know this hasn’t happened to you this week yet but you know keep trying you got Flacco ever since Christmas night Lamar MVP ravens are the best team we’re number one in the Power Rankings. People call me asking me for Super Bowl tickets. So you know I’m gonna you know it’s it’s that time it’s go time as Brian Billick would say it’s playoff time around it is the most one full time of the year kind of quiet this week we can get some stuff done. We have new year’s I’m not going to sing die Lombardo for you anymore or Dan Fogelberg or anything like that. But I hope

John Martin  20:09

our viewers on behalf of all everyone who may be watching for both people watching a hearty thank you.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:15

It’s good thing I got a sense of humor about things around here during the holidays. John Martin is here. Last week it was sauerkraut kielbasa this week it’s sour grapes and Joe Flacco good luck to the brand. You know, we around here don’t like the browns, but I’m feeling some sympathizing amongst Ravens fans in regard to the browns in a way that I’ve never felt that before. You know, I mean, I

John Martin  20:36

will leave it at this because there is there is and I know you know in your heart of hearts, there is a slow karma build up. Oh, I know. The inevitable is about to happen. I know

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:47

Joe Flacco is coming in here to play football and two, three weeks right you know this? It could I’m just saying it could happen. That would take the Browns winning a playoff game. Right? If we take that

John Martin  20:58

it would take us closing that gap between 99% and 100%. First off that’s the first thing don’t get don’t get too far over our skis. We’ve We’ve learned that. You

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:09

know what, I’m going to leave you with some positivity because it’s the end of the year. All right. I’m Baltimore positive. I want to I want to turn this into a little bit of a Drew Carey stick for you and make it Cleveland positive. Okay, so Flacco goes out there he’s at his locker he’s looking all handsome and and spry and young and confident and they’re asking him questions about Cleveland. And he said the one thing that I wouldn’t have known coming in is is that it’s it’s better than than I thought it would be. When he got there talking about Stefanski talking about system talking about the room. So you know, he likes the bus he’s on and we liked the bus we’re on Kansas City’s buses rockin and buffalo looks like they’re getting a little better. And I mean, there’s, I don’t know who’s gonna win the South. This is what makes it fun and it’s sports. And we’re all going to be watching this weekend and hopefully doing it all responsibly beginning the year responsibly. John Martin, our friend and executive director of all things Maryland lottery and gaming reminding you to play responsibly and I hope we have some winners here hope we get a big winner next year and I’ll see you on the other side of 2024 Happy New Year to

John Martin  22:12

you and your family and Esther and we will look forward to doing this again in the new year thank you very much

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:17

all right go ravens I don’t say go Browns we got issues next week and game times and all that just get through the dolphins we can all breathe easily here civically and get on to some playoff football and pass for cash and all that good stuff. I am not sure you can find me anywhere the internet travels these days. Luke is out knowing smells getting ready for the Miami Dolphins will have injury reports all brought to my coons Baltimore for some questions about wattles some questions about some starters. And if you’ve been listening to our on air and and 1570 this week, you’re gonna hear a whole bunch crabcake tour stuff all brought to you by the Maryland lottery our friends at window nation 866 90 nation last year was Windows this year it’s going to be doors doors in 2024 That’s what Santa is bringing me and also an oil change my friends at Jiffy Lube, multi care, we are planning the biggest charity promotion we’ve ever done in 2024 It’s gonna be radio week, row week promotion, and I’m putting it together and we’ll have some thoughts on that as we enter 2024 as well. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson, Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore. Positive Happy New Year everyone

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