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A holiday and New Year that begins hangover free


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Our Chief Cannabis Officer Wendy Bronfein of Curio Wellness joins Nestor to ring in the revelry and relaxation of the first New Year of adult-use in Maryland without the hangover. Let’s make 2024 the best year ever!


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Wendy Bronfein

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn St. am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. Happy holidays. We’re going to do this one last time this year just after Christmas on the 27th. We’re going to be at fadeless zoo in the Maryland crabcake tour for last time there. I still have leftover scratch offs. They do smell they actually smell more when you sniff them. I learned that from John Martin over DWIs markets this week on the Maryland crabcake to our friends and when their nation reminding you Hey, it’s cold outside Santa’s coming down the chimney 866 90 nation you buy two you get two free 0% financing for five years, and Jiffy Lube multicarrier my little orange lights still on I went and got cookies, I did stuff. Had crab cakes. I went to cop and I saw Angel Reese play a little homecoming game here this week, but I did not get my Jiffy Lube taken care of. So make sure you’re doing that. I did. However, I feel like this has been a great month in a lot of ways. I miss my wife. She’s been away for a couple of weeks with her sister. But I’ve been like out doing a crab cakes were out visiting people. I feel like I’ve seen like everybody this month like all my clients, all my friends. I’ve seen fans. I’ve been out of sports bars and it’s been around, but I don’t know that I had a better conversation or more fun. And we just launched this a Baltimore positive than our chat last week where Gina shock sort of crossed over with Wendy brown fine, but a little fan girl going on with the Go Go’s outfit, but then dad shows up. And it just turned into this sort of cannabis science thing. Since then, I’ve been releasing my 25th anniversary stuff sponsored by curio wellness and foreign daughter. We welcome Wendy brown fine back on to the program. She escaped for the holiday and for the new year. And for all the leftover gingerbread and pumpkin and eggnog and all of that good stuff. We had some fun. That was fun. I’m sorry, the lighting was so weird in the video. And it’s shocking. It was weird time in the day. We were all kind of in a hurry. I felt like we could have sat there. If some eggnog were served probably until like nine or 10 o’clock at night just going on like talking about rock and roll drums and cannabis. We need to do that again. Yes,


Wendy Bronfein  02:05

absolutely. Oh, yeah. Well, Michael was trying to get Gina back over to his drum kit and to have like some, you know, session time together. So George

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:15

had her body hurt. And you guys wound up like speaking on adult use in about like, I mean, when she showed me her hands, her hands almost looked like a linebacker like Ray Lewis, like from from drumming, and just how physical it is. And your dad’s love of the drums. I mean, it just, it just played in a pretty natural conversation. And I think maybe for the holidays, and maybe this is something you could speak of as families gather. And man, I’ve been in your place enough now. And I say this. This isn’t about any sector or cross section of socio economic. I think people are going to speak about cannabis at Christmas time. Instead of smoking Ajay in the back out by the fire pit. Nobody talks about it 30 years ago, I think this is a different thing where bombs and creams and science comes into a conversation where someone like your dad and Gina shocking somebody will hear that along the way, and bring it up at an at a family and we talked about taxes and estate and stuff like that with with Linda Raskin. But I think it’s kind of an interesting science topic across a couple of generations. And how a 21 year old would feel versus a 51 year old versus a 71 year old would feel at a dinner table, right?

Wendy Bronfein  03:33

Oh, absolutely. I mean, I think it’s definitely getting more and more into conversation amongst people in their daily lives. I mean, our lens is always, you know, how can cannabis be used to improve your quality of life, which might be socially use rite, aid in place of drinking or something like that. But it also can just be for aches and pains and stress and sleep and GI issues and whatever’s going on? You know, I think internally we’re very excited, because there’s sort of a shift here, right. So in the previous years, when we were just medical from 2017, until through last December, it was, you know, we would see a lot was this peak in sales and the end of year because people just had lots of stuff to do. And they were looking to be energized or their mood uplifted, they were stressed, they got the family the inlog they wanted, they like kind of want to deal with that mental health part.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:29


working right, I mean, this week, they’re kind of off and they’re kind of like that we’re a little vacation and or maybe the paint the walls and get things done too because there’s a part of us to to make you very very active and very, very focused on getting a project done safely. Of course, right.

Wendy Bronfein  04:46

Oh, absolutely. And and because there’s a lot of things that like eat that are not about quote how high you would get right. They’re just sort of improving the you’re either Your mood or how your body feels without feeling intoxicated. But I think this year, what’s really exciting that we keep buzzing about in the office is like, it’s the first time it can be a gift. You can buy it, it’s not just buying it for you. You can buy it for someone else, you know, it’s stocking stuffers, its presence, you know, a bunch of people in like, a couple weeks, they’d be talking about what their New Year’s resolutions are and choosing their health and wellness. You know, for them. By

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:26

the way, New Year’s resolution Don’t be hung over on New Year’s Day.

Wendy Bronfein  05:29

Yeah. Well, cannabis can help with that. Well, I


Nestor J. Aparicio  05:33

you know, I’m just saying, right, like, I’m saying, I’ve sort of the worst days of my life, I could go through the calendar, January 119 96. Ocean City, no good. You know, I mean, like, literally, and I do I mean, we all speak of running around getting hammered on New Year’s Eve, right, like parties that was very socially. I mean, jeez, I mean, CNN with Anderson Cooper, and Andy Cohen, right, like, so we talk about it in that way after Prohibition 100 years ago, but would hang over on New Year’s Day. Let’s talk about that. Because there’s no you don’t have to have that to have the feeling of being light and fun. And, but also the adult use sleek Well, this is the first year we can literally talk about that.

Wendy Bronfein  06:20

Yeah, I mean, look, you and I we talk about our churches all the time, but the orange and the mango tattoos, like that’s their formula, their formula is uplifted and energized. And you know, in a lot of ways people use them daytime, right as a, you know, start instead of waking up and having a cup of coffee, use that. But I mean, I personally find that I use them most often on a Friday or Saturday night. So a New Year’s Eve would be an ideal scenario to be highly social. No pun intended, but not feel inebriated.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:54

Wendy brown fun is here. She’s always educating us. And she gave me the shirt by the way I need, I need a large think shrinking or maybe I’m just getting to buffle in the yoga mat. The I’m a blunt, probably probably the latter. It’s one of the I’ve been on the yoga mat a little bit this week. Hey, I had that conversation I had before you even got there, I hope you could listen to true Westervelt who sat in your showroom. And in the in the wellness side. And just we sat there and talked about this product that gets attention like crazy conversations I’m having you’re sponsored by our friends at curio wellness, and foreign data on our 25th anniversary. I feel like the last couple of weeks, we’ve just talked about so much beyond just the Ravens winning and all of that, but the science of what you’re doing and next year. And I talked to John Martin about this with sports wagering, which two years ago wasn’t a thing, and a year ago was just coming online, and then the mobile side of it. What would you guys what the science of the things you’re doing? What has you excited about 24? What what are you looking at as an industry thing, now that this has been much more established in a lot of ways and legalized and available and, and talked about in the open and in positive light, but also in, hey, take it easy, this is new, but for for your industry next year, what happens in 2024 in your industry,

Wendy Bronfein  08:16


my hope is that we start to see the consumer population become more educated and discerning. So I’m starting to feel like right now what we’re seeing is very similar to what we saw in medical, when you know, the doors open, the access is there. And people are they go to kind of what they know they go to flower, they go to the idea that there’s THC, but along the way, they start to realize that when there are products that have different cannabinoids, not just THC, what the relief or the positive effects that that could provide, that they start to learn that the terpenes are really what drive that effect. Like if you’re saying I want to help fall asleep, I want to be relaxed, or I want this to not hurt or I want my mood to be uplifted. A lot of that is in what’s happening with the terpenes. And they just become more educated, which makes the menus much more exciting. I mean, I think it’s very, I think it is overwhelming for new people because the menus to the dispensaries are very large. And I think it’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:15

crazy. And I’ve been in your showroom. And I hear people talking Sherry This and strawberry that and like and I often think like, and no offense, and I mean this really sincerely. I’ve done sports here for 32 years, and I don’t want to be a jerk. But I sat at a lot of games where a lot of people went for years and years and years and had to turn around say Do you even know football? Do you even know what you’re spending all this money and all this time on this? And you’re here? Do you even know? And I and that part of it for me? It excites you? Right? I mean, it’s like this is someone who we can teach more about it. And I think I talked to you and your father last week and even Gina who was getting educated, you know on the set, like literally asking the kind of same questions are being asked every day, but the more your people can understand about But all of it, it goes beyond maybe where it was the first 50 years of my life, which is, it gets you high, or it makes you laugh, or makes you giggly or makes you sleepy, or gives you a headache or whatever those those old world thoughts would be, I think it’s much more specialized now in what if there’s a level of trust, and there’s a level of use it, see what it does experiment, and then move from there to say, I don’t need to smoke it out of a pipe. To get a good night’s sleep. There’s a product here that that is scientific and way beyond, I was explaining to a friend of mine about the time release part of it. My chiropractor, actually, and he’s like, really, and I’m like, really? And this is stuff that I guess 234 years ago, didn’t exist.

Wendy Bronfein  10:50

Absolutely. No, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, I think I think it’s so much Fiat, look, there’s plenty of ways to inhale it, whether it’s through flower or vape. But like, I don’t, you know, I don’t even know if people at this point understand the difference in they know strains, right? But do they know that? Do they understand the difference in how stuff is grown, the quality of the operator who’s delivering you that product, the way that it was extracted, to get the oil to make a vapor, other products, all these things like, you know, there’s a lot of products that we buy in grocery stores in, you know, like in Walgreens and things like that. And we have such a perspective on this brand versus that brand and how it was made and why I would choose this over that. I think the consumer is not there yet to understand how nuanced it can be. But we saw this before. And I think that will come in this next year as more people continue to buy and start to understand. And the other piece of it is the people who work in the dispensaries, right. There’s a lot of new staff who came on when we went to adult use, because we just needed more people to support this industry, the more they become educated, the more that they can inform consumers on the right product. You know, I think that’s an ideal place, you want to know that the person who’s guiding you is thinking about your needs and the product, not just what they want to sell. What do you I mean,

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:13

I could go at this for hours. But the more I think about it, I have to laugh a little bit. Because I’m thinking a lot about my mom this time of year, you know, lost my mom, five years ago, she’d be 104, or whatever it would be at this point. And how many times my mother would roll into a Rite Aid or the, you know, dimestore back when I was Reed’s back when I was a kid, or if you’re in New York City, and say I want to Tylenol, I want him to leave, I need some Advil, like not knowing what an acetaminophen would be, or an aspirin would be or a bear would be or a buffer. And God, I’m just going through all these names. With you. I guess I went through absorbing JR and Bengay and all the the rubs back into debt, you know, you know, but I’m just thinking about like, for me, personally, the last 30 years of my life, I do better with Advil than I do with any of the rest of that stuff. And I’m not an Advil junkie, I’m one, you know, I know enough to know enough that it’s not good for you. And it’s not an everyday thing. But I can’t begin to tell you anytime I feel inflamed, something’s bad. Take two of these three, these four these, make sure you’re you know, washing it down a lot of water, and making sure you’re eating things to mean all of this common sense. Drug use, like drug use, like the drugstore, like Walgreens, we’ve all gone in there with something and found the aisle, whether it’s a cough, whether it’s a hack, whether it’s an I draw whatever it is. And I know that when this is all said and done your legacy and for talking to you, and you’re going to be known as people that are going to be healing those things, not as a head shop.


Wendy Bronfein  13:50

I mean, I think that’s our hope, but for both being able to use that science to address all markets, right, those who are very symptomatic or condition specific who are looking for a way to harness cannabis as a resource. And those who want cannabis for a social lifestyle purpose who just want to know that they’re getting a really great quality product that is that is made and facilities that that kind of take the greatest steps to ensure that quality. And, and I think that right now, that’s that’s what we’re able to deliver what we will continue to deliver. Because, you know, there’s a lot of power in this plan. And we’re just trying to harness it in a lot of different ways to meet people’s needs.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:34

All right, well, we’ll cut it short this week, when he’s been around the last couple of weeks doing all sorts of free holiday stuff with Gina Shaw with her dad, Mike. Who, who really we got to have him back on your you’re gonna let him come back on the show. Right because I have more questions than I okay. Just yeah, I think he has answers. We’ll figure out the rock and roll thing. And by the way, I’m gonna follow up with Gina because like I didn’t even do a whole lot of All the stuff that she’s doing in the 2024 Other than this drum art stuff she was doing in her book. So Gina has promised to come back on pretty soon again as well so looking at all that so we’re still gonna be doing this next week when it’s 2024 Right?

Wendy Bronfein  15:13

Yeah, I’m gonna I’m gonna plug her book for her because I was fortunate enough to get a copy and then I took it home and was looking at it and it is really cool it’s called Made in Hollywood it’s all her photos from you know, the years with the Go Go’s and on the road and young in the in the story of the band, I mean, like shots of Polaroid and and then you just these behind the scenes like, oh, we were just backstage and here’s like, you know, Stig and Stewart Copeland hanging out and like, there’s just it’s amazing. The there’s the story of the band and seeing them and it’s a really great cocktail book. So last minute shoppers, if you’re looking for something and you love music, you love the 80s You love the Go Go’s I’m telling you go get it

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:56


even if you love Dundalk because there’s a hell of a local story in there somewhere. So I’m telling you, it’s gonna be like the Dan Fogelberg song on the New Year’s Eve I’m going to be like in the drug city liquor store Island run into Gina and wind up like you know, that was my birthday a couple of months ago. So Jean and I were destined to figure it out so we’ll figure that out. I’ll figure you guys out next year as well have a great holiday have a great news the ravens are still gonna be playing when the next time we get together at least into the playoffs we got to figure that out so some excitement around here as we get into January as well and we got concerts we got music we have all sorts of fun stuff but we gotta get through this winter thing first we got to warm up here a little bit. Yeah,

Wendy Bronfein  16:38

well yes and Happy Holidays Happy New Year to you and see on the other side whenever

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:42

I find joining us here from curio wellness and Farr and daughter get over to Moni and say hello to them you can give this time of year when New Year’s around the corner as well into 2024 and by all means if you don’t do anything else you don’t listen any mother crap here like Tom Kelso doing stadiums or the fun I had a wise markets with Derek The Wrestler and listen to the Michael Brown five piece from last week as well from curio and foreign daughter and she had a shock it was really good as was true Western phone I’ve just had it’s been fun. It’s been it’s been a good couple of weeks around here at the Maryland rampage door. We’re gonna be taking it back out on the road with the leftovers and still winters provided you with peppermint payout. Oh snap, the gingerbread sniffer Scratchers as well as the unwrap the cash holiday. Scratch off ticket to the Maryland lottery our friends are weathernation 866 90 nation and last but never least certainly not today when my little orange lights going on Jiffy Lube multi care. I didn’t even have time to go across the street from foreign daughter last Friday to get my oil change but I swear I’m gonna get my oil change at some point before the end of the year at least I’m not driving a whole lot. Get out Get a crab cake ship a crab cake buy something local kiss the people you love hug them. Get a COVID shot when you do that please don’t everybody sick on New Year’s Eve. I can’t be the only one out there. We’re in a party had havin fun. We are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore. Triggered up the eggnog and the holiday cheer celebrating 25 years at Baltimore positive

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