Rodricks: Why we love Baltimore so much and why it matters to us

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In the aftermath of his brilliant stage production of “Baltimore, You Have No Idea,” our favorite columnist Dan Rodricks joins us on The Maryland Crab Cake Tour and continues his tales of the good and bad of Baltimore and why we care about its image, reality and future.


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Dan Rodricks, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00 We’re gonna continue on, even though you know, we’re 20 minutes in this Yeah, I don’t have any rules here like your your stage play. So a year and a half ago, you say I’m going to do

Dan Rodricks  00:10

I want to do a play,

Nestor Aparicio  00:11

I want to do a play.

Dan Rodricks  00:12

So next thing for me to do, you know, I’ve done a column, I’ve done a radio show, TV show, TV show, you know, books, couple of books, and I thought, hey, this is where you actually this is what I’ve always wanted to do.

Nestor Aparicio  00:25

When you bring your mallet props, which has always been a part of your thing. Yeah, into it as well brought this comedy at the end that like when I stopped crying through all of it, I started crying and laughing at the end.

Dan Rodricks  00:40

And it’s authentic. See, that’s, I think that’s another thing about the stories that people like true. These are all true stories. You know, I’m I’m making stuff up, right? It’s not I’m not making stuff up. So my the Malla props for all collect, I collected them over the years, people would write to me and say, you know, my aunt said this. It’s not the heat. It’s the humility. Baltimore, anything he didn’t see humility, or what was another one woman went to Franklin Square hospital, I have her Eucharist removed, you know, stuff like

Nestor Aparicio  01:14

that happens. Religious stuff

Dan Rodricks  01:16

like that. So I collect those and they’re always good for a laugh.

Nestor Aparicio  01:20

When my wife is a fly in right? She met me at a hockey game in Manchester, New Hampshire. Everybody in her family has your accent. Not mine. She came down here was not a newspaper reader during that period of time. knows of you in my relationship of you knew you were on the radio thinks of you as one of my newspaper friends. And I don’t say I dragged her in any way because she was doing her hair. And we were literally just going shopping. We were getting new shoes for me. And she was getting bird feed for the bird seat thing. She was getting her hair done. Okay, here Don did to manual. And literally, she was walking out the door. And I said to her, Rajesh, this gave us two tickets for this thing. Do you want to go because that’s when I went downstairs. And I said hold on and went back home? Yes. And she’s like, Yeah, yeah. She knows if Dan only in one way. Dam was a man who met her at a McDonald’s in Williamsport, Maryland next to Luke, Maryland. Oh, yes to a paper mill in the middle of the crabcake tour a year half ago. Right. And you took us down the road and she doesn’t know you as a guy. I’ve idolized red TV celebrity. All she knows. Like, Dan son, Nick was supposed to teach us how to fly fish. Right? Yeah. And you were my celebrity. Like person on day 23. On my crabcake tour last year. Yeah. And you took around the water with waders on that you gave us and played in the woods.

Dan Rodricks  02:47

It’s hard to wade water. So

Nestor Aparicio  02:49

you should ask her if you had credibility on stage, because you’re just the guy she fish with.

Dan Rodricks  02:56

She thinks she likes to play for

Nestor Aparicio  02:58

her. Baltimore is this thing that she flew into? And she knows she’s 20 years she’s been in all of this maybe? I think it was more emotional in some ways for her because every story was new. She’d never heard all the mallet prompts. I’ve been reading them for 30 years, right? So every part of it for her was completely new in the same way. That’s why compared to the Springsteen, I read the book when I saw the stage show him like 80% of the stories I read from the book, right? Yeah, she it. She didn’t read the books. It was all new to her both times. It was new to her. i The audience was I went to the first show. I turned around people were sobbing. It was insane, man, like, I’m a bruiser mean. I’m talking about Rogers. Yeah. And I think there’s an emotional chord that you hit that you clearly when you were writing this, there were reasons you told these stories in the ways that you told

Dan Rodricks  03:54

Nestor I mean, this was complete. What’s the word? Not a long shot. It’s not. It’s not a good description of it. But I had no idea. Pardon the pun. Now, how this was going to go over. I really didn’t know how people would react to this. Didn’t I will Schwartz had more confidence in it than I did?

Nestor Aparicio  04:14

Did you have any test audience at all like other than we’ll see. Did you do a Thursday night thing for 28 for friends and family or no?

Dan Rodricks  04:22

No, I didn’t even do it. I did it. We did table reads with the cast. And I welcome their comments. And I got one important comment that that I that was very helpful, but I trusted will Schwartz so you gotta get it. You got

Nestor Aparicio  04:37

what you were here today. Yeah, you’re coming. He’s busy. He’s

Dan Rodricks  04:41

still working. You know, he’s like the rest. He’s got another gig. Yeah. But I actually trust his judgment. And then we just went with it. I trust my own instinct to but I really didn’t know how people are going to react to this. So

Nestor Aparicio  04:54

let me let me go to current time Dan Rogers here for the Baltimore Sun. The show is Is Baltimore you have no idea. What do you want to tell people about the next time it’s coming? Well, I’ve been following you on Twitter.

Dan Rodricks  05:04

We will announce it soon. Some dates. I hope for this. I think we’ll use the same

Nestor Aparicio  05:08

theater. It’ll be I was gonna ask you to be at the Meijer off.

Dan Rodricks  05:10

I mean, I liked the theater. And I like being associated with that institution of the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Nestor Aparicio  05:16

And bringing it was a beautiful night. We, you know, we did

Dan Rodricks  05:18

that night so you can get dinner there. And you know, for 35

Nestor Aparicio  05:21

I got tickets. We’re out the door in Towson. My wife had a five o’clock haircut. I went bought shoes, bought some other things came back, grabbed her at 605 She’s Bs, and I’m like, we gotta go shopping. They’re gonna go. We went we ordered ekiben This is a perfect Baltimore. No, yeah, we ordered EpiPen, tempura broccoli.

Dan Rodricks  05:40

That’s the best thing on earth. Like literally it really is good. So

Nestor Aparicio  05:44

you have to eat it in the box in the cars Romana. So we pulled into an alley on the back side of Hamden. I got broccoli in a box with my wife, and I said 30 436 blocks away. Let’s go right. We drove to 34th street we parked right in front of rocket Venus. And we sat romantically with the Windows crack listening to Led Zeppelin eating broccoli, Tim poor, we got out we took a selfie with the 1000s in the mom’s Christmas, Christmas lights jump back in the car. Yeah. And then we parked right at the BMA and we ran through the whole like grass area there to get to you. And it was a Baltimore Nani ran through a grassy area. He was a hopper and we went through the campus. We were on the backside. Okay, so we went through the this, this whole like beautiful area, and then we’re at the theater that I don’t even know where the theater was. I know. I didn’t know there was a theater. A lot of people

Dan Rodricks  06:38

don’t know that. There’s a theater in there.

Nestor Aparicio  06:40

Beautiful atrium. It’s beautiful, beautiful

Dan Rodricks  06:42

theater. Yeah. So

Nestor Aparicio  06:44

I had a Baltimore night. I had a Camden you did. I came down to Grady and I had a fun time seeing the show. Right.

Dan Rodricks  06:51

Right. And I hope we do it again. I think we’re gonna do it in the same venue, and maybe do a deal with gertrudes. Next time. We didn’t have time to arrange everything i i need a handler really? Well, I know. I you know, you go to dinner at gertrudes and and see the show something like that.

Nestor Aparicio  07:07

Make a note of it. Well, I do want to ask you about Baltimore. You have no idea that it? I hadn’t. I had no idea why. Yeah, but upon what I was buying that night, right came in. And the interesting part for you is all the death, destruction to K, crime movement down the line, all the bad things about Baltimore.

Dan Rodricks  07:28

But you’re in the play. It’s not every bit. It’s not. It’s not a it’s not a love letter to Baltimore. Well, it is a love letter to Baltimore, but love letter, but the way Baltimore is, but the reality of the city, you know,

Nestor Aparicio  07:41

but out of this, you try to find some hope. Right? You? Absolutely. I mean, we’re all trying to find out what’s possible. If we

Dan Rodricks  07:49

just give up and leave, you know, we’d all leave you can’t. You know, it’s our city. And I feel very strongly that you recognize the problems. But don’t that’s not all there is to it. It’s you know, it’s a very interesting life. We

Nestor Aparicio  08:05

solutions on this. I mean, I’m thinking you’re gonna live another 2030 years, as well, right? If we get together a 510 15 year Westmore coming in changes being made things happening. Rebecca hockberger Hit me this morning. I wish to come on next week. I was going to try to have her down today. She couldn’t make it. I was going to have her fill in for will but this the new inner harbor and where the things are. Give me some hope your new Lexington market 20 feet away with

Dan Rodricks  08:32

so much potential I actually the new arena. The arena is being redone. I mean, he’s call it a new arena. Essentially, it sounds like it’s going to be a nuisance. Tillman and Bruce coming to inaugurate it right. I mean, there’s a lot going on, if you drive around the city and take a good look at it. We’re dragged down by this crime. But you know what? The whole country is suffering from violent crime. Baltimore, we’ve had a problem here for several years now. But this has been the trend throughout the country. It’s not just Baltimore, it’s a violent country we live in correct with way too many guns for the number of people we have. So, you know, how did the police get a hold of that they would rely on the police to do that the mayor has a more holistic approach to it. And people say well, there isn’t time for that you have to go out and arrest people like we didn’t in the 2000s. And you address that and you’re playing? Well. Yeah. And it ruined a lot of people’s lives and made it harder for people to get back on track here or to get on track at all. So I don’t know necessarily. I mean, I feel this way sometimes I get tired of writing about the problems and I think just focus on the positive and make people feel better about the city but you can’t do that either. I can’t do that. I’m a journalist.

Nestor Aparicio  09:44

I call my show Baltimore positive. He just said the word positive and it’s not all positive. It’s not

Dan Rodricks  09:50

discuss you don’t just discuss the positive aspects of the city in this

Nestor Aparicio  09:54

space you’re in right now. That’s important to me and I want to give love the fate Lee’s and damy word fate Lisa down In the old Lexington market, which is all that’s left of the old Lexington market, and they’re gonna be shipping crab cakes in here, they’re gonna have boxes stacked to the roof. I mean, literally here in two weeks shipping out crab cakes all over the country all over the world. And so you know, I see local businesses and I’m in it, but I sat here with Martin O’Malley. I’ve sat here with Brandon Scott, I’ve sat here with Jack Young, I’ve sat here with Sheila Dixon. I’ve sat here and I’m just trying to think of the people that have been in this space. Believe me, it has not all been PR and happy, Tom.

Dan Rodricks  10:30

I don’t think that at all. Can’t be Yeah, but you you’ve got a title there for your show that brings people in to say, Okay, I’m gonna hear. I’m gonna hear some good. Good things about Baltimore when I listen to this show, right? Perfect. I don’t knock you having that title at all. But you don’t. I don’t think you’re pollyannish about anything. I don’t think you can be if you not in this city.

Nestor Aparicio  10:50

I worked at I worked with you in 1986 87. I saw Simon coming into the newsroom late at night. And you bet NAT Collins and Dicker when coming over and, you know, pulling his notebook out and telling me about stories. i The one thing I’ll say about your show that was so great. It had the whole like sort of Barney Miller vibe to the newsroom and the the old VDT. Like, that’s the real thing. I think that’s really one

Dan Rodricks  11:18

of his, you know, where I found that, like a chance. So I want no, they don’t have those computers here. So I wanted as a prop. I wanted a LVDT from like the 90s or even the 80s. There were they were even, you know, real big one to one I worked on. Yeah, we all did. We had coyotes, they would call. Yeah, they were called coyotes. And they they were set up in the Baltimore Sun newsroom on a laser type little green. Oh, that was went bad. Those are the Harris term. Harris. That was that was before. Well, all I remember

Nestor Aparicio  11:49

is that it was green to in the newsroom. There was a room over on the side by Jack lemons office. Yeah, Minnesota fifth floor. Yeah. And it was where all the computer stuff was. There was a fella there from Ghana. His name was coffee. Coffee, coffee. Coffee. Yeah. So all I remember is when they had like three modules and one would go down and they come out and say choose down was a Harris module. That’s all I remember. We had

Dan Rodricks  12:14

Harris’s and then these Coyote. Anyway. So I wanted one of those old VDT terminals on my desk because that’s for years. That’s what was there. So it was hard to find one word to get out of bulk trash in my neighborhood. A few weeks before we did the show. Your kid somebody put it out with a bulk trash and one of the large you know pavilion. That’s serendipity Rogers. Yeah, it is. So I said, yeah, those things are going to be plus I need to throw a prop out to Christopher Winslow and Gary flowers, who agreed to do the scenery for the set on a you know, for very little money. At first I didn’t know whether we’re going to sell out I didn’t know I said listen, I don’t know how much revenue we’re gonna generate with his play. So I kind of talked them into it but then they go on Union yet but but Christopher Winslow in particular, he got really carried away I think he put about 200 hours into the waiting the set and Gary construct sets for real professional theater, you know, so I was lucky to get them and with the seller, we were able to pay them a little better than Yeah, really? Right. Right. And all that scenery is now in storage and we can use it again. Sorry so

Nestor Aparicio  13:34

you’re gonna do a few more shows you think in March April somewhere I think it’s a week and you think it’s three more a Friday Saturday, Saturday, Sunday kind of thing? Or no?

Dan Rodricks  13:42

Maybe Yeah, maybe four shows? And then And then again, I think this has a nice holiday element to it. Yeah. So maybe in December do another short run and or get people in you know, use it to get people in the mood for the holidays in December.

Nestor Aparicio  13:57

Well makes perfect holiday gift. Dan Rogers is here where I failed. This doesn’t feel like I’m just hanging with my man Dan, brought to you by the Maryland lottery got some rabid scratch offs to get away with Dan’s gonna get one. Goodwill and of course our friends and window nation word fade Lee’s we will be celebrating my 31st year in Baltimore radio. Tuesdays my 31st anniversary December 13 1991. I want to do it Kenny Albert wi th am 1230 Big Man radio. Field. Ta wi th

Dan Rodricks  14:27

1230 Wow, we don’t have to seven where was that? When

Nestor Aparicio  14:31

did you lose in five lights street up on the eighth floor. Wow. It was above the McDonald’s right and five labor Layton Baltimore right corner right. And then we moved to the Lord Baltimore hotel and we became W L G. 1360. Michael hotels bought it moved it out to the hotel home and pesan studios in the Sheraton north. And then I bought wn St. 98 and a half years ago Wow. So it’d be my 25th year of owning NST next I focused so how about that? So 31 years on Thursday, we’re going to be a Costas in Dundalk. It’s going to be hootenanny. The Hammer Jacks folks are coming. I was a part of the hammer Jack’s documentary. It’s gonna be a hoot. It’s gonna be Hootenanny and Gina shock. The only Rock and Roll Hall of Famer from Dundalk, drummer from the gogos who will be joining us. Genius Shana shock. Genius shock. She’s a legend. She’s back in town all month. The Go Go’s the Go Go’s are very much around the beat. Yeah. Okay. Are you thought they were on vacation? Oh,

Dan Rodricks  15:33

yeah. You lost track of them. So Eddie Lauer

Nestor Aparicio  15:36

is gonna be strawman with Gina shock down at the Hard Rock. We’re gonna be a Costas next Thursday, John Allen from Trump city devils in stone horses gonna be joining me one of my best pals to celebrate 31 years we’ll have some crab cakes and some fun. We’re talking shipping for all of our crab cake places. Alright, so a little hope for Baltimore. What what gives people wish to Baltimore like sitting next to me on a plane? We’re flying O’Hare. And I said, Yeah, you’re from Baltimore. Hi, your reporter in Baltimore. That place? Oh, yeah. What do you what is Jane Miller has said to me, she’s just not she will cut them down. If you start reading Baltimore, she’ll stop you and cut you down.

Dan Rodricks  16:12

The thing I don’t understand about that, because I saw a tweet that James put out on this subject of people in the suburbs who seem to take Glee in the cities problems. I don’t understand that. Because when you say you’re out of town, you might be from Lutherville or Dundalk. But you’re from Baltimore, too. Yeah. Say when you meet a New England Patriots fan up and they still play in Gillette, right? Yeah. Fox, you say you’re from Baltimore. You don’t say you’re from Dundalk. You don’t say you’re from Timonium. So I don’t understand this added to that. That’s really gonna stop and what I wish would happen more. We have some very progressive county executives, Johnny. Oh, Stephen balls, Stuart Pittman. I’m getting ready to write a column about those three guys. They are the buy in of the city to I think they do. I think John

Nestor Aparicio  17:05

sat with him and looked in their eyes. There’s a way to articulate

Dan Rodricks  17:07

that to the public, though there’s a way to get that across to the public more that I think would be very helpful. Also, people say, you know, they think that sports is trivial or something. It’s not. If the Orioles do better, the Ravens do better. You You hear people talk about Baltimore more who live out in the suburbs and otherwise, are ambivalent about the city or think it’s a hellhole. Some people do that you get more buy in from people when they feel like safe they can come downtown. This reputation of the city has for not being safe because of the homicides is really hurt really hurts the city. People are under the impression that if you come to Baltimore, you’re gonna get shot, you know, and unfortunately, it does happen there are shootings in the city but you know, you go to pretty safe places when you come here

Nestor Aparicio  17:55

my whole life. I haven’t ever God bless. Shake my hand. Knock on wood. Yeah, I have

Dan Rodricks  18:02

never seen we’ve never had my car stolen twice. But years ago, I had my car

Nestor Aparicio  18:07

broken into three times right in front of five one last

Dan Rodricks  18:11

life. Right. But you know how many people came to the Paul McCartney concert Billy Joel.

Nestor Aparicio  18:15

Whatever, right? Was it Billy Joe JC doesn’t matter. Whatever. Yeah. Football game. Yeah, Garth Brooks, whatever it is. Yeah. Oh, come downtown. Yeah.

Dan Rodricks  18:22

And that, you know, that arena that’s being redone. renovated. They draw big crowds there over there. You know, people say Oh, nobody goes, it’s not true. You know, Reba McIntyre 14,000 people, you know,

Nestor Aparicio  18:35

this spring when it opens, and I’m going to have the CFG Bank Arena folks on I’ve gotten to know those folks. And what they’ve done in Belmont, what they’ve done in Austin with other players. Yeah, they’re betting on Baltimore. Right? There’s still a lot of people, all those cranes that are port comm. They’re betting on Baltimore, the hospitals that are here, they’re betting on Baltimore, you know, and you and I still live here. We’re still betting on Baltimore.

Dan Rodricks  18:59

You know, my kids. I feel both my son Nick and my daughter Giulia have bought homes in the city live in the city work in the city.

Nestor Aparicio  19:07

I saw Nick in the cameo

Dan Rodricks  19:08

role. Yeah, Nick had a cameo. nailed his rock lions didn’t eat.

Nestor Aparicio  19:13

Did perfect. Dan Rodricks is our guest and extended conversation with fate and he’s doing a crab cake tour. Coffee is good. coffee is delicious. You’re fading

Dan Rodricks  19:24

from next door, right? Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  19:26

Microphones ready to fresh. Um, Whoa, sorry. Okay. Yeah, well, I

Dan Rodricks  19:31

like I like ROFO. He

Nestor Aparicio  19:32

likes Western fry. Ever ROFO car, Max Weiss on this program down in western fries. And I I won’t have it. Yeah, I will not have you talk bad about Western fries on this program? No, I let anybody languish. So here’s the here’s a question for you about your show. And about you know, I say I idolize you, but I would say I idolized cover Schaefer in some way. At the end of his life. He was still with me. You had a rough and tumble relationship with the guy governor and the mayor who didn’t? That’s interesting, right? Like you saying that he should have been a character. If you’re going to do this and to point out he

Dan Rodricks  20:09

was a dream character. Do you want do you want me to put them in my play? You mean?

Nestor Aparicio  20:13

Schaefer, a person that comes in who plays the role with a doc and who you talk to as a reporter? Yeah, he’s gone now. Right? So yeah, what would he make of the you know, like they’re they’re things you can you can write him in, he can because what you’re saying to me, you’re getting these county executives together, you want them all talk good about but nobody loves Baltimore more than him in that way that you’re looking for a little Schaefer isation of Stewart and Johnny Okay, these people to have that. And Brandon Scott, and Rob obviously right and and everyone, but what you want them to have is whether it was real make believe whether he pissed you off or didn’t like what you wrote or whatever, but whatever that spirit because if I ran for mayor and I didn’t, you and I had a day together down at the flea market talking about this. That’s what’s and that’s mandatory. That’s that enthusiasm is mandatory for whatever you’re running for whatever you’re looking at. This is rad kids for breakfast. Lunch, we must be at fadeless oh my god, look at this.

Dan Rodricks  21:18

Look at that. There’s a thing of beauty. This

Nestor Aparicio  21:23

is a work of art, happy holidays. Oh my goodness. Well, Governor Schaefer thinking this this was his crabcake place right,

Dan Rodricks  21:29

eat it now. Eat it now. Not tomorrow. Dana. Now tell you

Nestor Aparicio  21:32

that. Governor Schaefer sort of put it and I will see you on the map. I don’t want to be disrespectful your family, but elevated what you you did outside of Lexington market. He loved it here. So yeah, so So while I’m talking about him, if you were sperm at the moment, let’s talk sperm in a moment. Okay. That’s a good one for you. That’s it. That’s Archie Bunker. That’s Lea wrote that one, I think. Oh, fried. Would you ever had a fried oyster here to change your life? So Governor Schafer, if you wrote him in or mayor Schaefer wrote him in? If I put you out in the cabin and get you Jack torn seeing on a nine minute vignette where Governor Schaefer comes in from the crowd on stage says Rodricks Euro, you know, like that would be that I’m just giving you an idea.

Dan Rodricks  22:22

I can think of a actually true life story about Schaefer that I could include in the play. Go ahead, tell me so in 1987 88, the legislature was debating whether to build the stadiums whether to build now

Nestor Aparicio  22:39

the rules are gone, right? The Ravens Colts are gone and Aiden Cole, Oregon and the Camden Yards. So we’re in that middle who

Dan Rodricks  22:47

was elected governor in 86. He took office in 87. By 88. The legislature is talking about bond issues for two stadium. Right. Camden Yards and for the football book,

Nestor Aparicio  22:57

Ken Cook was trying to build in Laurel. Yeah, that happened

Dan Rodricks  23:01

in that happened in that period. Yeah. Okay. So anyway, okay. So there was a citizens group that put out a petition, a petition drive saying, This is not up to the legislature, this should be a referendum question for the voters of Maryland whether to float these bond issues for half a billion dollars to build stadia, right. And Schafer didn’t like that he just wanted this thing to be approved by the legislature knew

Nestor Aparicio  23:24

we wouldn’t get a vote anywhere east or west of literally west of elegant, east of the where the water is. Right.

Dan Rodricks  23:31

Okay, so, so there was a ruling by a judge in Anne Arundel County that said that, yes, this could be put out to referendum. And this petition drive is certified, something like that was a ruling by Judge teamie in an aroma County. Well, this was like late August, early September approaching Labor Day, Judge teamie puts out a ruling saying this, this petition drive can go forward to question to challenge the stadia. And we will have tremendous thunderstorms for like three days in a row. So I wrote a column for Labor Day that said, was that a ruling by Judge teamie or his request not to be elevated to the Court of Appeals? And with his thunderclaps? I heard last night or mount Schaefer erupting. Right. And that was a column A was all about how I sort of agreed that why not put it out to voters? It was Labor Day

Nestor Aparicio  24:24

to know about him for a decade at this point, right? Yeah.

Dan Rodricks  24:28

All right. So it’s Labor Day. I’m not at the Baltimore Sun. I have the day off. There’s hardly anybody at the sun on Labor Day, just short staff. I get we had voice we had answering machines in those days. Not voicemails. Sure, answering machines. Next day. I come to work. I push the button for voice messages. Mr. Rodricks. This is Sergeant knuckles in the lobby at the Baltimore Sun. There’s a What’s your name, sir? Governor Schaefer here to see you So it was pretty funny. He came looking for me he broke away from his.

Nestor Aparicio  25:05

He thought we hang in there or labor. Yeah, yeah. He

Dan Rodricks  25:07

was very upset with me that with his column and I was just having some fun with a guy, you know, it had no sense of humor. His skin was thinner than yeah why? Oh, he just just went away. He was he was a he was a dream character really pleased.

Nestor Aparicio  25:21

I thought well, yeah, he then you got to eat this. I know. Roger is here. He’s going more you have no idea. Dave Edmunds can be my next guest, David Edlund. Wow. Well, I’ll say this. I ran into Mr. Edlin in Lobby leaving your induction we have said Hi there. I’m going to try to get Dan next week to fade Lee’s Do you want to come if he can’t make it and next thing I don’t have Dan and I have will then it last well, then I got date. So all that’s going on. Mr. Edelen. We have breaking news. Mr. Roderick says you’re going to be refreezing this fine fine stage production yet again at the BMA at some point into the spring.

Dan Rodricks  25:58

I hope so in the spring. Well, you’ll you’ll you’ll be hearing about

Nestor Aparicio  26:01

all right, I’m gonna go eat some moisture.

Dan Rodricks  26:03

Thanks for having me on today. I love this

Nestor Aparicio  26:04

guy. And Ryan’s Happy holidays we got crabcakes here look at this where it fails. So I brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery got some raving scratch offs given away not open yet, but we’re gonna be opening doors down here. And certainly the doors always open to chips and crabcakes. Here Damian be talking about that. Our friends at Goodwill remind you holiday shopping, holiday giving. It’s important and they’re opening the Excel Center next year as well as our friends at window nation. I left my floppy hat and cost us two months ago. I don’t have my window nation floppy hat. But our friends from Windsor nation 866 90 nation buy to get to free 0% finished I got new windows. August 8, in the middle of the crabcake tour. Yeah, I can’t brag about Windows and they are my spot. Like, my place is warmer. Yeah, it’s better. It’s just my other windows were 39 years old. It was time 866 99 I

Dan Rodricks  26:49

say something about Goodwill. You can say anything you want about the deal and my family this year is that we’re not giving anybody a new president. Okay, we’re going to we’re doing recycling, you have to find something cool a Goodwill or second chance or someplace like that. For as a gift. That’s the rule of my family. We’re recycling. So I have to go find something for my son and my daughter, my wife in a secondhand store, but I’ll find some.

Nestor Aparicio  27:14

So this is instinct for your play. You said to me, we’re friends, right? And I’m like yeah, we’ve been friends a long time. How did it go on stage whatever and I’m like we’ve been friends a long time we fish we’ve had lots of coffees together we’ve talked deep comedy. I knew nothing about your family till I saw the show in that way. Father’s name and your mother’s name refer to and your peppers and like all that stuff right? So I know you a little bit but I didn’t know fire and the Christmas thing I have Christmas Train blew me up on the Christmas train through because then I didn’t know right away to myself. 31 years people come up to me and give me gifts like Yeah, beautiful things. Yeah, I mean, and that’s you did you tore me off is a lot of people in Baltimore. You taught me a lot of good people here. There are a lot of good people here including the folks at Bally’s David Edwin’s gonna be here and still editing everything I do. Making sure that my my punctuation is tight and my usage is proper. I love Dan he’ll be doing the show. You can follow him anywhere and of course out of the Baltimore Sun and we’re failing. We’re back for more. It’s Baltimore pod. This was so freaking Baltimore positive or more right after this. Stay with us.

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