Supporting the Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce and celebrating your dog

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Beth Rheingold of Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce invites Nestor to Heads & Tails 5K & Doggie Dash on October 29th at Garrison Forest and educates him on the modern state of local community business groups and holding neighborhoods together.


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Nestor Aparicio, Beth Rheingold

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

W n s t, Towson Baltimore. And Baltimore positive we’re celebrating 25 years of all of this madness at wn St. Our 25th anniversary brought to you by our friends at curio wellness and foreign daughter. We have been providing some educational segments on cannabis with our our friends Wendy and Rebecca over at the cure curio and in foreign data we’ll be doing more of that. We’re also gonna be doing the Maryland crab cake tour. Now look all this Oriole madness kind of put me on a little bit of a hiatus we did do the show for my birthday. I truck sitting in the front last week always brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery gateway some winning scratch offs on Sunday at Hollywood casino as well. It’s also brought to you by our friends at when donation 866 90 nation you buy two and you get two free 0% financing. I’m enjoying that because it’s saved me money on the the economics of heating and air conditioning our place. Also we have brand new windows that actually work in our cat loves them as well. Jiffy Lube MultiCare around the corner from you sponsoring all of our Maryland crabcake tour stops and my little light went on on Friday my little oil lights I gotta get over to the mirror Bulevar location. That’s my Dundalk location to German Hill Road not too far from drug city. This lady is on the other end of town and I’ve had a good time with her at various points in Pikesville Owings Mills, Reisterstown area. She, they’ve rebranded so I was a little confused when Beth Rheingold came on. I’m like, Hey, you were Owings Mills, Pikesville some some. And I remember I had, I ate great food at your event. But this you’re doing a different kind of event, your Halloween season. You know how much I love my cat. And if I had a dog, I’d love my dog as much. So we need to talk rebranding and talk about the northwest side of town a little bit. Beth Rheingold is our defending champion and back on the program, talking about walking and running in dogs and fall and all this good stuff. How have you been?

Beth Rheingold  01:52

Great. Thank you so so much for having me, Nestor. It’s just great to be with you again.

Nestor Aparicio  01:57

Well, it’s always fun around here because we’re always doing a charitable turn in the community turn. First things first, the rebranding the Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce GBC. See, I sometimes I get good groups and Greater Baltimore committees and foundations and all this. Give me the lowdown on your pledge, because it’s not really different than it was just a rebranding of the name your stores that the northwest side of town, right.

Beth Rheingold  02:22

Yeah, absolutely. So and thank you for asking about it. Because there’s always been a lot of confusion about our name, we were the pixel owing smells chamber called POM. And during the pandemic, we took a deep dive into our membership and looked at all the zip codes and really found that a lot of our membership was actually outside of Pikesville Owings Mills. Pikesville is our historic core for sure. But we wanted a name that really reflected our membership so that everybody felt like they were did the name included them. So after a lot of research, we decided to go with greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce, serving Pikesville, Owings Mills, Reisterstown. And really, like you said, Northwest Baltimore County. So that’s our footprint. And we’re we’re really excited. This is this is the first full year of being greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce.

Nestor Aparicio  03:19

Well, you know, I get invited sometimes to speak to two groups and I spoke to a group A month ago, I’m not going to completely out them. But the first question I said is, what does your organization do? I am unfamiliar, a Chamber of Commerce for anybody listening out there. I think we’re like, well, that’s just a bunch of business people that get together and do good stuff and have little events and stuff. I’ve been a part of some Chambers of Commerce putting on like your friend, Nancy Halford here, and I’m a Towson business owner here. Yeah. And I mentioned Greater Baltimore committee and different groups in downtown Baltimore, Downtown Partnership that do different things. But you know, I think at the heart of it, you stand in the middle as a president, CEO of just trying to bring people maybe different political backgrounds, maybe you’re on the left side of the street, and I’m on the right side of the street. Maybe you’re uptown and I’m downtown, maybe you sell widgets, and I sell non widgets, whatever it is, what the chamber commerce is really, sort of at the core of holding business together in an area so that people can park their car when they come to your area and want to come back again and have that sandwich or have that experience or add that shopping experience. Right?

Beth Rheingold  04:26

You’re You’re so right, Nestor and people don’t really understand anymore. Chamber chambers of commerce, your parents, my parents were probably much more familiar with them. And they were very strong membership organizations. We’ve changed over the years what chambers do. chambers are 501 C sixes. So we’re actually

Nestor Aparicio  04:48

Oh, well, I know 501 C 333. I have never heard of cit. What’s it say? Write

Beth Rheingold  04:52

a C six can be a membership organization and we are a business association. So we’re here to support business. like you so beautifully said, that’s, that’s really what we do. Our mission is to promote business enhanced economic wellbeing and foster community development. So that’s our, our specific mission. We don’t just provide networking events, although that’s an important part of what we do. We advocate on behalf of businesses. So like, we know what’s going on in Annapolis. And we keep our members informed about business friendly legislation or legislation that could impact their small business in some way. And we are allowed to advocate. We’re not on the left side or the right side, but we can advocate on behalf of business legislation for our members. So we advocate, we provide networking, and we contribute to the community. And we really drive economic revitalization. And we happen to cover what the county calls a commercial revitalization district that is Pikesville. So Pikesville has come upon hard times, there are more vacancies. There’s a lot of work to be done. And we work really closely with Baltimore County Government, specifically the Department of Planning. And we have about $250,000 that we will be implementing in streetscaping projects and improvement in Reiser, excuse me in Pikesville. And that’s really important because that drives business we want people to live where they work and play where they live and work. So that’s really part of of what we’re doing. That’s what builds strong communities,

Nestor Aparicio  06:43

you know, your tasks and we have feet on the street on Friday nights. Real proud of that downtown, I lived at the harbor, they would always do things at the at the Waterfront Park and send out flyers and send out notes. And it’s always bring your kids bring your dog, bring a smile, wear a hat, come on out, meet some people, there might be a band, there might be some ice cream, there might be some vendors, there might be some beverages there might be. But more than that there’s really community right and, and I think at the heart of it for me with with small business that holds the world together. And I own a small business. I’m up against Odyssey and the Hearst Corporation and Clear Channel and you know, I heart run all these giant companies. I’m the small guy. And when you talk about Pikesville, when I think about Pikesville, specifically, and my whole life of going there, whether it was Chili’s or whether it was bond to jewelry, or whether it’s to get a to get a sandwich anywhere in on that corridor. One of the things they’re all they are small frontage is right, I mean, just in general. And then there were heritage businesses that have been there a generation two generations, three generations. And here we are in 2023, where maybe kids don’t take the business, maybe they move out. And something has to come in there other than nothing, right? And trying to figure out the new world from a small business perspective for all of us for what our needs are. And for, you know, the Walmart ideation of putting businesses out of business. There’s so many businesses that used to be a hardware store or whatever, that Walmart now takes 20 of those categories and puts it in one space. And that makes it there’s a lot of Pikes fills, you know, and I say this with all due respect to Johnny. Oh, and I’ll say it the West more. There’s a lot less Catonsville. So these places you go, where there’s business everywhere. There’s new business, and I’m a part of that with El Guapo. And State Fair and Beaumont in the places that we promote. I’m from Dundalk, you don’t I mean, I saw the vision of the avenue with Perry Hall and what y’all done up in Owings Mills at the foundry building these new areas out of nothingness off of Campbell Boulevard Whitemarsh. But then there’s Hey, what do we do about Belair road and Harford road and you’re and and in your case is Liberty Road or, or Reisterstown Road where there used to be a little town center that we need that that’s the heart and soul. That’s the bricks and mortar we talk about in this country.

Beth Rheingold  09:05

It takes so many partnerships. And that’s really what we do as a chamber. We’re a convener, we bring the partners and we bring the volunteers in. So we have a great group called the pike school revitalization Action Plan Committee. And they’re working very hard to promote to propose projects in Pike. So that was a lot of peace to say, by the way, but like murals, for example, these are the things that we do that help revitalize the neighborhood, you need all your stakeholders involved, whether they are the residents themselves. If it’s Baltimore County Government, and we get a lot of support from Baltimore County, we’re really grateful to the Department of Planning because without them, you know, we wouldn’t have the funds and the structure for it, but we’re on the cusp of hiring a project manager to help lead these projects. I’m doing two interviews later on today.

Nestor Aparicio  09:58

And it’s it’s I gotta get I got I can’t do it. I can’t do it. I’m sorry. I gotta get right now even though the Oreos last I gotta gig. But but it’s it’s it’s the people it’s the straw that stirs the drink in that case, right and, and for landlords to have credible, small, sometimes minority female owned businesses come in and say, I’ll take that 1400 square foot spot out all right, that has failed this time in that time, but we’re going to put a business in there that’s going to succeed. That’s that’s really where you come in. Because from that first day in this opens, it’s perilous. It’s treacherous. It’s very, very difficult. It is. And

Beth Rheingold  10:35

you know, I also should mention, the armory Foundation. We have an armory that the county just gave the title to the armory Foundation, a 501 c three, I serve on the Board of that. And we are working with Tebow mannequin of seawall, who you may know who has done some great development, our house is something he’s most famous for in Baltimore. We got

Nestor Aparicio  11:01

to get him on the show, because I’ve seen him out. I just I gotta get him. I got a crab cake. And at some point, yeah, man,


that will pull anyone in. That was the idea. So good. Yeah. But

Beth Rheingold  11:13

so we’re working on revitalizing the armory, it’s all going to tie in. And like I said, it involves a lot of partners and the chamber is, is we work with these partners, there’s the 1000 friends, and all of these people are so committed to bringing our community back to where I don’t even want to say back to where it was, but we want to bring us into the next, you know, 50 years and what that’s going to look like, and sustainable communities. It’s just so important.

Nestor Aparicio  11:45

All right, listen, everybody loves knows I love my cat, right? I’ve been home with my cat for 16 days. And I’ve been invited by Baltimore humane. You know, they do that the dogs and tails and cats don’t travel. Well, you know, my wife’s always trying to get in the bag and thinking like, the cat’s going to become like a dog. And it’s not the dogs are dogs and cats are cats. But dogs, you

Beth Rheingold  12:07

can have a chihuahua like I do. Well, okay,

Nestor Aparicio  12:10

I gotcha. You know, there’s some antisocial, you know, afraid of things, dogs. But for the most part, these dog events eat when the Orioles open up for dogs, and they go into dogs, you have a dog event. So I think it’s anything that I can say negative about dogs other than they bring people together, they bring people out. And as much as we talked about politics, and right side, the left side, rich and poor, and east and west black and white male and female dogs, everybody loves dogs, you know. So you can have a dog event, even if you don’t have a dog, a guy like me and my wife will come and pet your dog will be a part of this. So run me through your big events on October 29. Coming up very, very soon. It’s at the garrison Forest School in Owings Mills. And these dog events, people might be laughing at me or whatever. I haven’t had a dog in a long, long time in my life. But I would say this anytime I’ve been at an event where everybody’s got dogs, it’s party. It’s good time, people like bringing their dogs out and eating ice cream and have food and have fun.

Beth Rheingold  13:07

So you had all the really important points. And you know, we’ve done the Pikesville 5k for over 20 years. And that was a great event. Last year, we rebranded that too, and made it the heads and tails 5k and doggie dash, and why did we do that? You You already you already explained it Nestor being who you are. And the reason is because coming out of the pandemic and really getting back into you know, full fledged events. We said what brings people together, dogs, dogs bring people together. It’s a billion dollar industry in this country. And it attracts some really wonderful people. If you love dogs, you’re a great person and everyone wants to hang out with you and your dog. So our 5k is still a competitive 5k For anyone who’s training for marathons trying to improve their time. You can be a competitive runner and take part in our 5k You can be a walker, the difference with the heads and tails 5k is you can do it with your dog. Alright, as long as your dog is on a leash and up to date on their vaccines, and you signed your waivers and your dog is friendly, you can run or walk with your dog. You can also participate in our doggie dash and that is just a super, super fun event. It’s a half hour after the 5k starts. And it’s sponsored by Tito’s because Tito’s is a dog friendly company. And so we’re going to have a doggy lounge by the dog dad doggie dash. But we’re also bringing in because we bring in our nonprofit partners and we’re bringing in Reed’s rescue this year and Reed’s rescue is a little nonprofit. And they support Nesta SR and hospice dogs and this is where really important to me, and our chamber is a dog loving dog friendly chamber. redressed you really helps these dogs that no, it’s so sad some people you know when their dog gets older and you know they’re not as capable anymore or they’re on expensive medications people been known to just drop them off on the side of the road will read rescue comes in. They take these dogs they rehome them they find foster homes or a permanent home, a very special home that has a big heart for senior dog who might be in their last few years of life to just give them love and attention and a deserving home and so we just love the work that Reed’s rescue is doing and so they will be at the doggie dash as well. We’re going to have dog friendly games and kids can participate adults obviously. Then we’re going to have a costume a Halloween parade because it is October 29. So the dress and


the dogs up that’s when it gets crazy dressing the

Beth Rheingold  16:08

dogs up and the cats and they breed around our vendor village it’s going to be so much fun.

Nestor Aparicio  16:13

We’ll tell you what class caterer is going to be out there as well to get Gail my best if you see her and read everything off here a 450 runners volunteers and canine companions expected to gather this is on the 29th garrison Forest School starts at 730 in the morning for registration. The the Ravens play in Arizona that day later, so you have no late to bat that pre race warm up 5k Run and walk a doggie dash with a Halloween costume contest as well as the pet festival vendor village hot breakfast and classic Kate gets cornered trunk or treat pug mugs. I love pugs, pug mug station, a DJ not me and more spending so you can learn to learn more about it and run sign We’re gonna give you all the information out at the the bay GPCC I gotta get the name right Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce. Beth Rheingold is our defending champion here. You can get more information info at Greater Baltimore as well. It’s good way to find a best as well. Am I leaving anything? I mean, you’ve already got vodka. You got food, we got dogs. I think all we need to decent weather, right?

Beth Rheingold  17:18

decent weather you get your hot breakfast with classic catering their back. That was such a big draw heads and tails five

Nestor Aparicio  17:26

All right, well, best. Thanks for all the work you do. Next time you’re putting on the eating thing where everybody goes around and you make me a judge. People think this is like, I don’t want to complain to you because you run the place. And I’m appreciative care and all that. But I’m getting older and I’m not skinny, but you know, trying to be fit. These eating judging things. People think this is like, Karen gives this gig to me thinking oh, you’re perfect. You eat a lot of food. You’re good. You can overindulge. You can eat too much at some of the eating events. And I’ve told people It’s nice being a judge. But when you’re the judge, you have to eat everything. You have to try everything. It’s different than being like a patron where you’re like, I’ll just have four of those kumquats and three of these bowls or something else. No, you have every single then you go back and say that’s the best thing. So I still get a lot of love from clean cuisine. Because they were like, Yeah, Jerry. Jerry had this lasagna. That’s amazing. Great. And my wife still orders and we go out the Owings Mills, we get it to go. We throw it in the oven. It’s a it’s a squash. It’s a squash, lasagna lasagna, it’s insanely good. And I made it the winner. So now I go in his little join up mode. He knows he has on the thing. Award winning and I’m like, Dude, you’re award winning because I went to the judges instead it was worthy of the award. Remember that? Still trying to get me a crap picture? Awesome.

Beth Rheingold  18:54

I love Gary. C. I

Nestor Aparicio  18:56

make friends I keep for life. You know? Yeah,

Beth Rheingold  19:00

I’m your friend for life.

Nestor Aparicio  19:01

You know, Jerry’s funny because I walked through that day and I didn’t really know him. And he looked at me, he says you’re nasty effing nester. And I’m like, yeah, yeah. And, and he knew I was a judge. He was trying to butter me up a little bit. He didn’t listen. His food was great. He I told him this. I tell he went on merit. When it’s that good. I go on the radio and brag about it. So I will. See you bragged about it, too. You know how good it is.

Beth Rheingold  19:26

And you know, I’ll tell you something. Jerry was on our board of directors and during the pandemic, and this is something a chamber does during the pandemic. The Baltimore Business Journal contacted me and said, Who can we feature? We want to feature some restaurants that are doing something different. And we featured Chili’s that you mentioned and and we were also referred them to Jerry. And those those were full article spreads on Pikesville and Owings Mills businesses and

Nestor Aparicio  19:59

carry out were are instrumental in keeping any businesses alive and 2020. I mean, it’s one of the reasons I really rebranded the Baltimore positive because the more Jerry’s and the more Beth’s local business owners I talked to I realized the Oreos in the Ravens they don’t give a rat’s ass about you. They’re their billion dollar out of town. They really don’t. They don’t care about me. They don’t care about you that but chilly, local businesses, every local business that has ever been born needs, needs the local constituency. And I think that’s why I always make time for chambers and I like talking about

Beth Rheingold  20:33

that about you Nestor. I really do and, and our big sports teams like the Ravens of the Orioles need to give back to the local community and they can either start letting

Nestor Aparicio  20:44

the media into but that’s another story that I that I’m on and answering questions honestly being transparent. That’s That’s my charge as a sports guy. But while they throw me out, trust me, I am all about keeping businesses in business because that was a truck city last Friday. You were taking the crabcake tour everywhere we’re going to have Tebow on he didn’t know it yet. We’re gonna find him. Bring him on and talk about why it’s important because I think there is a point as a sports fan for all these years Beth even when I was there with you with Geryon eating a lot and in picking winners and giving out ribbons and all that it has not been lost on me during the plague because I did that before the plague your amount I believe was in 18 Maybe 19 that I was there. Yeah, yeah. And since then the world’s changed in that way. Yeah. And I think taking care of local businesses is the reason I’m here really

Beth Rheingold  21:33

neatly drive the economy. It’s the small businesses that drive the economy.

Nestor Aparicio  21:38

All right, well, we’re gonna drive small business to you the 29th It’s a big event up a garrison forest. You can learn all that you need to learn at the Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce, other serving the whole community. Bring your dogs can’t bring your dog wet pet somebody else’s dog. It’d be nice to get yourself out of the house on Halloween. We can’t wait to see you guys. All right. That Saturday night goes for me. And I gotta be honest with you. I appreciate you. Thanks for coming on. Thank you Happy Halloween to you Beth rank Rheingold. Joining us here from the Baltimore greater ball I knew I was gonna mess it up Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce GB CC I’m getting. We’re getting around the crabcake tour together very very soon. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery. I’ll be giving away these winning ravens scratch offs, just like the Ravens won this week. So that’s all good. Luke is out knowings Mills all week as well. When I get this together our friends at when donation 866 90 nation you buy to you get to free 0% financing all month long as well as our friends at Jiffy Lube, sponsoring a crab cake tour or gets back out on the road. I’m looking I’m going to Annapolis Bel Air. I’m going to be in Hidalgo. We’re gonna be back down to Dundalk all during the month of November. I’m putting those dates together. You’ll get all of that out at Baltimore I am Nestor we are wn St. Am 1570 Towson Baltimore powering up the business with the Chambers of Commerce. We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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