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It’s a week to week league. But which week is it for the Baltimore Ravens? Leonard Raskin joins Nestor to discuss the Ravens return from London and the Orioles long offseason of “what ifs”.


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Nestor Aparicio, Leonard Raskin

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

To welcome back W and st Towson, Baltimore. And Baltimore positive we are positively into the postseason that we’re not a part of. We’re watching baseball every night getting ready for the Detroit Lions. I know little rascals not happy about that. I’m not happy spent all that money on the ALCS and World Series tickets. We’re gonna get the Maryland crabcake tour back out to Pappas specifically because that makes Linda Raskin very happy. So brought to you by the Maryland lottery. We had some winners on Sunday up at Hollywood casino and Perry Vale. We had a great time up there. Ravens one good contest great food as well to get up to Hollywood casino support them. We were at drug city on Friday, I was joined by Luke Jones as well as my one time science teacher George Schulman at Dundalk high school talking about science and baseball so my son joined me for my birthday along with Chuck J. Jacobs. You can hear all of that this week talking about old fashions. This guy is a little old fashioned letter Raskin is here from Raskind global bringing you the American dream. So where are you on the hangover with baseball? And the concert schedule and the football schedule? And the scheduling of the scheduling because like you’re a guy that travels you manage money for people and you manage people for people and all that stuff.


Leonard Raskin  01:12

But this was specials over? Yeah, it

Nestor Aparicio  01:14

was tickets for game two. I have tickets for games. Yeah, he’s gonna go

Leonard Raskin  01:18

apart the boy the boy came home for fall break because he wanted to see his dog. He doesn’t care about his parents of course, but he wanted to see the dog came home for five six days. Thought we’d go Friday night. Watch a game five didn’t happen. Over done. got up early Sunday caught the Ravens ugly when you know it’s amazing Lamar looks. The March stats are really good. And he looks really good except that obviously one interception and other turnover. But having said that, from the 10 to the 10 their magic, and suddenly in the last couple of weeks from the 10 in the magic is gone. They fell apart in the red and the red red. I guess that’s the bright red zone. I don’t know what they call it, but it’s it’s troubling watching. I mean, it’s great to watch Justin Tucker kick six field goals but it should have been at least four touchdowns would have

Nestor Aparicio  02:13


made the game like it would have been over by 1030 touchdowns. Right especially playing and you know I’m gonna write about this versus backup quarterbacks they

Leonard Raskin  02:24

that’s gonna hurt next week. If if they do that against Detroit, because Detroit is looking good. They’re five and one and they’re playing some strong ball. Not only do they have Jared golf running the show up there, the offense is hot, but their defense is tough. Tough and if you get threes, they’re gonna put up sevens. It’s gonna be a tough night. Tough morning, tough day, whatever it is. We’re three

Nestor Aparicio  02:48

these NFC games coming up saying you know, Detroit we go to Arizona next week. Then Seattle comes in here. This is a little different to Cleveland in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati and I think the London game is different in that they went over there a week early because they didn’t want to disaster. But Lucas talked a lot about the hangover when you come back when they came back from London in 17. They played awfully

Leonard Raskin  03:11

quickly come back quickly and they didn’t choose to have their by the week after the London trip which a lot of teams apparently do. But they didn’t. So they’re coming back to a hot Detroit team. Go figure a high this


Nestor Aparicio  03:26

is supposed to be the homecoming game. They’re honoring Suggs this week right bringing all the play all the alums are calling me Hey NAS Where are you Saturday night whatever I said I’m gonna raskins parties. With me,

Leonard Raskin  03:39

dropped by have a crab

Nestor Aparicio  03:41

this lions game supposed to be homecoming game. I mean your big 10 fan you Maryland put Illinois on the homecoming schedule.

Leonard Raskin  03:48


Booboo, bad plays bad execution, bad loss. Bad loss. They went out and laid an egg. And I think they had the Ohio State hangover. They got whipped in and they came home and and Homecoming was supposed to be a big win. And the line I jumped up and smacked him. Just goes to show you look the jets. The Jets beat the Niners for goodness sakes, right?

Nestor Aparicio  04:14

Well, no, no, no the night, the Browns

Leonard Raskin  04:17

beat the droughts beat the Niners the Jets beat the Eagles just beat the eagles to two undefeated teams drop into what drop into the Browns with a third string quarterback and drop into the Jets just you don’t need to say anything else. It’s the Jets.

Nestor Aparicio  04:33

Jets don’t have their starting quarterback there. They


Leonard Raskin  04:35

have nothing. Nothing and suddenly, that’s the way it looks. The NFL is not for long. You ain’t gonna talk for long.

Nestor Aparicio  04:44

I make my pics here every week with Hollywood scene. So Chris Norton comes on. This is the first year right 20 years that I’ve like done it done it. And I’m not doing it in the way that normal gamblers would. Right, right, like a normal gamble. We’re overs and unders. I had a guy You’ll love this. I’m sitting at Hollywood casino on Saturday or Sunday morning, we’re up there, giving lottery tickets away doing our thing with our friends up there. And a guy comes and sits at the bar with me. At halftime, and I’m sitting there and I had a lot of space. And the guy sits down, he starts talking to me to know who I was. And he was just right. He’s a football fan. He’s like, I got 17 points with the Titans. And I’m like, How’d you do that? He’s like, Well, I bet it in the first quarter, you once the game started, right? And they were using really bad, you can then bet in the middle of the guy

Leonard Raskin  05:30

No crazy. More points.

Nestor Aparicio  05:32


He’s like, Oh, my 17 points. If they lose by 17. I felt like they would have a comeback. And lo and behold, no did. He sat there, he ordered two orders of muscles and the muscles were great. And Hollywood Casino. And he sat there eating the muscles. And by the time he finished, he won his bed. And he sat down. He said to me, I got 17 points for the Titans. And I’m thinking to myself, he said, that’s the way I bet I watched the game Star. And then I bet I see a team get behind. And I get more points. And if I believed in the team at the beginning, and I get more, so everybody has a system on this. Right? Right. Including hardball going over there. Picking games, are you just picking games you you pick it spread? So I’m picking spread? Okay. I want to talk about earlier in the year because we’re weeks into this. I got off to a rousing start week one. Yep. And then I did okay, in week two, and then I 500. And in week three, and then I struggled a little bit in week four. And then I came back to life and week five. And then this week is the week I got my ass kicked. So I’m I am six and seven, right? I can’t I can’t even get the 500. As for the six and eight for the week, I can only get to six. How you doing?

Leonard Raskin  06:42

Do you have your total?

Nestor Aparicio  06:43

Yeah, do you ready? I was 4332 and three. So it was a I was 11? Over 500. Okay, we I now to under this week, I can still make it right. Pray for the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night. If you’re listening to

Leonard Raskin  06:57

this, for the end of the season, you’ll be 500 or worse and the house wins.


Nestor Aparicio  07:03

My only goal was to try to be maybe 10 or 20. games over find goodness 10 is huge. No 20 over 501 a week, I get 17 weeks, right? I don’t know 20 over 500. It just means I was one above every week, this second week that I’ve lost. I get only the second week that I haven’t been above 500. A lot of weeks have been nine and five, eight

Leonard Raskin  07:28

people. That’s how people buy stocks. So people buy stocks, they hoped they would one out of 10 they hope they would 10 out of 10 they may be when one out of 10 So

Nestor Aparicio  07:38

what is your philosophy on stocks? And because I want to turn this into a game? Yeah, yeah, look, yeah. So if we’re gonna have stocks and you would say especially 1980 Your speculate somebody’s not as smart as you would have said to me Ness, here’s here’s where you are. You’re at the you’re at the news, newspaper, you got a little bit of money. Take the $100 a week at the end of your salary. Yeah, maybe $50 At the end, because this wasn’t a lot of salary back in 90 days. Yeah, sure. And just buy one share of coke every week one share of at&t one share of Disney, right? I mean, there were these stocks that use your consumer products not knowing anything about like nothing industrial, or medical or things behind drugs or buying even Apple back in the day. No. blue chip stocks I’m talking about. Nobody knew your math on this back when you and your wife were young people when you got married, that if you just would have gone all in on blue chips. And I guess blue chips changed the whole lot?

Leonard Raskin  08:37


Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. They the names changed. The s&p 500. turns over. Good companies go in, bad companies go out. The problem is when it’s a good company going in, it goes into the highest price possible. When bad companies come out, they go out at the lowest price. That’s like betting on the Chiefs right now. That’s right, right. You’re always you’re always betting buying high selling low, which is not good. The idea would be the market is where the returns are the individual stocks is speculating and gambling you can win. It’s wholly not prudent. It’s wholly inefficient. If you bought the s&p 500 Index, or a Russell 2000, which is the small companies index, you own them long you hold them, hold them, hold them add add add good times and bad you’re gonna be doing great with no knowledge. No stock picking, no timing, no speculating. No hoping just big companies, small companies, if that’s all you did, you’d outperform 98% of the investors in the country over a 1020 30 year period without question. Without question being safe. It Well, it’s safe is relative. Okay. Safe is relative when I say by the large and the small stocks For a lot of people that’s speculative, that’s aggressive. That’s all stock. So you’re in the market, you’re buying what the markets doing. But if you just buy it, keep buying it, keep holding it, hold it long, don’t change it, rebalance it, that’s it, then over the long term, you’re gonna produce great results. Now, that’s oversimplification. Don’t take that portfolio, go buy it, say I told you so and you lose a little money and you come back and sue me on the radio. The idea is, the idea is, you can set a portfolio academically, two asset classes, own them over the long term without any hunting for the best company, the best fund manager, the best category, the best industry, and you will outperform 98% of the investors out there. Because here’s what people do. They buy a stock, they watch it, it goes up, they’re happy, they buy more, it goes up, they’re happy, they buy more, and then it goes down. And then they sell it, they lose. Or something better. This new shiny object comes along, they buy that, but people don’t buy Apple. When it was they buy it when it is. And then sometimes it isn’t after it is people make terrible mistakes, investing and emotion gets the best to you all the time. So it’s just like gambling. You know, your guy comes in he waits to the end of the first quarter.

Nestor Aparicio  11:24

He feels good about the lions this week. All of a sudden, right? Yeah, right. Right.

Leonard Raskin  11:28

You say okay, the lions look good. They’re five and one, the Niners look good five. Oh, the Eagles look good five. Oh, you bet him against the Jets and the browns. And like everybody

Nestor Aparicio  11:39

else I lost on the Eagles I lost on the 40 Niners this week, I’m trying to be the


Leonard Raskin  11:48

last overflow sports more than the market. In the market, you know, things are gonna happen ups and downs. And over time, you can’t control any of that. You just hold and watch with sports, you can’t know go into the Niners game that two other stars are going down. And then what happens when a couple of stars in the middle of the game go out? It’s like oh, no, the Mr. irrelevant, doesn’t have his his team around them. And Superman lost his cape.

Nestor Aparicio  12:16

By the way, the ball was wet to the ball. The ball was wet. A birdie had trouble just holding the ball like yeah, literally.

Leonard Raskin  12:23

And then you can freak out. And you got Samuel out. And then suddenly, like your guy, maybe you should have bet that game after halftime.

Nestor Aparicio  12:33


Now we’re saying let her let her ask and he he’s at the point of Baltimore pause if you can find her asking Global’s well, he manages money in the American dream, we talk a little bit about that. But it really is the being in a casino during the day and watching people bet football or feel like they have an angle on football to same thing in your world. People think like, oh, I drink coffee. So therefore I want to buy coffee stock or like it literally is that way, right?

Leonard Raskin  12:59

Absolutely. Absolutely. And look, if you buy what you know, and you have the fortitude to keep it over the long term, you probably do. Alright. My point is don’t let a broker tell you that these are the 10 stocks, or these are the five stocks or these are the 20 stocks or the 100 stocks that you should own. Because they don’t know any more than you do. And I’ll tell you this, in fact, they don’t know anything. And I’m talking about me included. If I told you let’s just pick a stock if I told you to buy at&t, do I have any clue what’s going on with their financials? Do I have no clue whether they’re going to sell direct TV or not? Do I have any clue whether or not they’re going to raise their prices? And Verizon is going to clean their clock? Do I have any clue if somebody at the company is embezzling money? Do I have any clue if the CEO crashes in a jet and the company’s in turmoil? Do you have no clue about anything going on in that company? If you work there, you don’t know what’s going on in the company. I got news for you. The CEO doesn’t know what’s going on with the company. If they did, they’d never lose their jobs, CEOs turnover because they’re not doing well. They don’t know nobody knows stuff happens. People’s people’s habits. Look at what happened in

Nestor Aparicio  14:13

Israel last week that just got you know, in one day over the last 10 days. I mean, this year with Putin invading Ukraine, yeah, the Israel situation.

Leonard Raskin  14:24

very bad, very dire, very bad, dreadful situation for the whole world. The whole world for the whole world and, and oil prices are going to do something as a result of that, you know, what we say is, look, markets are efficient. All the knowable information is in the price of the stocks just like it’s in the price of the items you buy at the store. It’s supply and demand. It’s all there. And then the thing that changes the prices in the market is news is news and suddenly law Last week on the seventh, we had a horror invasion of Israel by terrorists, killing innocents for their joy, for their joy. And then you have Israel lining up to destroy the Gaza Strip. And it’s going to be brutal. It’s going to be ugly, there’s going to be a lot of death and destruction. You got countries lining up on both sides. You got people lining up on both sides. It’s going to be nasty. It’s going to be horrible. And war is people think war is good for the market. It is not it’s never good for the market. But having said that, if you went back to World War Two, and you looked at the Holocaust, and you knew in advance everything that was going to happen, the the atomic bomb, you knew everything that was coming, what would you have done with your money, you would have been out of the stock market. And yet over that period of time, the stock market had an amazing return, an amazing return. And nobody can predict. You can’t predict what’s going to happen to the market. It’s impossible. So you don’t try you buy asset classes. You hold them. You keep them through good and bad. You add to it as you have capital. And you watch over the long term you make a lot of money.


Nestor Aparicio  16:13

Let her ask you this year. We have not talked any baseball and the fallout of what happened last week. You know we did the show together. I was in Arlington. I got back it was my birthday. I was over drug city you’ll hear all that’ll wn st this week. So good to have my son on the show. We There you go. My son did an hour with us. We talked about the drinking and eating and having fun and being Dundalk and going to drug city and all that good stuff that I ran into Gina shock in the liquor store. We went up it was like Dan Fogelberg. So we went out drinking all night. It was great. So we’re the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer nonetheless and playing the drums and singing songs on the bar over there. I tried to get through the baseball Fallout and like full disclosure, I did not watch game one on Sunday night because I was kind of glued to the football game. Yeah, I don’t want to say I’m out of the soap opera, the Phillies are involved. And I got a little piece. I hate the Astros and I despise the Rangers. So I don’t care what happens on the American League side. But the baseball piece of this for you and me and me and all the people that I talked about. It’s the first time that I can remember and Anna and I even 12 and 14 and 16. Yeah, this is the first time there’s an offseason for we’re really going to have a hot stove. Yeah, we really have expectations. Yeah, there’s gonna be questions for the owner even though as I answer them, right, they’re gonna sign it’s not gonna be signing. It’s gonna be about trading. Yeah, who that goes to the arbitration. Mullins was Santander a lot of days a lot of people pitching situation with Gibson going out and the Fujis and the Mateos and the urea Susan, and then the counters and the her current stats, and the holidays and these guys that are all coming up. You’re gonna be you’re gonna talk baseball here for the next five months mixing.

Leonard Raskin  17:56

It hasn’t happened in a long time.

Nestor Aparicio  17:58

First things first. They say hold better sign the lease, like let’s start with that. Everything else but the lease is important. What’s going on? Beyond that, how they’re going to manage and this is, this is for you. Lana Raskin, Mister Money guy. Yeah, as they’re going to manage their money, how they’re going to manage their resources, how they’re going to manage their talent, how they’re gonna manage their human capital, right?

Leonard Raskin  18:21


Yep. Well, they got 600 million coming from the state if they ever signed this deal. 600 million goes a long way to help you sign some players. I don’t care what they say. Money is fungible. It’s money. They don’t have to spend on other things. That’s right. That’s right. Well, we were gonna it’s for stadium improvements. We can only use it for Stadio imagine

Nestor Aparicio  18:38

if you gave me $600,000 right now or 6 million and said, ness, you can’t spend it on your mortgage. You can’t spend it on a car or gas.

Leonard Raskin  18:48

That’s right. You believe for food and healthcare for for as long as you need it for food and health care. Okay, whatever. You know, non

Nestor Aparicio  18:57

traditional cannabis. Here we go. Right, right. You’ll spend it all you have to spend it on something,


Leonard Raskin  19:02

right? Right. The thing is, what you get to spend it on is what they tell you you have to spend it on, which means you don’t have to spend 600 million or as we talked a little earlier the case of Iran 6 billion on humanitarian needs. You can spend it on war, or in this case, he can spend that on the building behind you. So he can build up the the area around the warehouse, and he can put nice new cushions on the seats are whatever he wants to do. But it doesn’t have to use 600 million of his own money for that. Which means he can side rutschman Henderson he can find one pitcher one strikeout pitcher it seems striking out people was very hard at the postseason. I don’t know why. But but you need whoever you need. And you got good young talent. Look, we talked about it. I don’t know we could go two weeks ago watching the the internet You know, Minor League World Series, whatever it was the championship game where they beat the Dodgers, the young kids, and it’s time to figure out who you’re gonna be. And they’ve got the talent. They got the base. Let’s face it up the middle. You got all you need up the middle. Who’s gonna be your centerfielder? That I guess that’s the question, right? Who’s gonna play center? Are you gonna sign Cedric?

Nestor Aparicio  20:25

It’s not about signing its arbitration eligible, it’s going to move these guys to six $7 million a year right now Castle, ditto. And Santander is really the guy he’s going to he’s gonna make $12 million a year

Leonard Raskin  20:39

and he’s made nothing so he deserves a payday. He gets he gets paid for

Nestor Aparicio  20:44


what does that come out of out of Angelo’s his money or do you deal them off to the Tigers or deal them off to the White Sox and try to do something else? I mean, everybody’s playing the same game with pitching but you’re dealing from a huge surplus of position Mike

Leonard Raskin  20:57

Elias This is why he gets paid the big bucks you know, that’s that’s why he’s getting the big check in the gray hair. Because he gets to he gets to figure it all out. decide who they want to keep who they want to go get it show Hey Otani available

Nestor Aparicio  21:14

Well, that’s a different that’s a different price range and Kenny pitch at this point as well. Next year, they went out Batista as a club. That’s right. That’s right. And they’re gonna return probably not so much to be here closer.

Leonard Raskin  21:26

Is that going to be deal Hall?


Nestor Aparicio  21:29

Closing pitch well in the playoffs? They did. He did. Are you wanting to hockey yet? Are you?

Leonard Raskin  21:35

You lost the first game for nothing to Pittsburgh. It was debilitating. It was a terrible night. Opening Night. New coach. Big high hopes it’s going to be a great season. Ovechkin is going to get closer and closer to Gretzky’s record. And then what happens? Sid, the kid the squid comes in scores two goals. Malkin scores a goal and they made 10 years ago they lose to the the hated Pittsburgh Penguins have

Nestor Aparicio  22:08

more gray hair. You were a batch. Can Can I ask you? I think

Leonard Raskin  22:10


we’re pretty good about time. I think. So he’s got he’s got less. He’s I still have more. I’ll tell you that.

Nestor Aparicio  22:18

Well, you’re a little older.

Leonard Raskin  22:19

But no, I’m talking about hair. Oh, yeah. He’s got less. He’s got he’s got what he’s got is all the salt and pepper. You’re absolutely right. But the 38 You know, they asked him when it was over when it’s over he so he’s not having fun anymore. And this is you’re talking about the Orioles tried to make up a hockey team. The other night when they played. Pittsburgh is the oldest average age team in the NHL. The capitals are number two. So you need these young kids that can skate around the ice. I mean, these guys, these kids are fast.

Nestor Aparicio  22:54

When you’ve been good for a long time. If you don’t pick one, you don’t get Ovechkin anymore. Yeah, you have to win 12 games a year to get a match.


Leonard Raskin  23:02

But you have to pick from the kids and hope you get good kids. They have this really good kid. This Russian kid who’s now starting in Hershey, because he’s just quite not quite ready. They’ve got a whole different Defense Corps this year. It’ll be interesting to see how they play.

Nestor Aparicio  23:18

That’s something I would do with you. I would go up to Hershey for the holidays do candy lane. Yeah, I’d be I’d be I’d be good for Hershey bars. One thing Leonard is not good for is Depeche Mode next week, one of his favorites. This letter loves Depeche Mode I’ll be

Leonard Raskin  23:31

I’ll be in Louisville, Kentucky, Louisville. Oh, you get a nice bourbon. They’re gonna say yeah. I’m gonna get some bourbon and I’m gonna watch the horses. i By

Nestor Aparicio  23:41


the way, had my first ever lifetime old fashion on Friday night. Yeah, my son talked me into it. He said now that I’m old, I need to start drinking old fashions. I had my first butterscotch old fan it was actually it was quite nice like super. I sipped it and ice cube melted down big

Leonard Raskin  23:59

giant you need the giant cube. You know? When you get when you start drinking that stuff, you need to go online. And here’s what you need to have. You need to go online and you need to get the oh the Deathstar mold. Have you seen the Deathstar mold? No What do you make an ice cube mold it’s a mold to put water in put in the freezer to make the Deathstar. And it’s an ice cube that’s the giant orb that is the death star that you put your bourbon just Star Wars string yes Star Wars to drink it properly. Well you can’t have small cubes because they watered down the water down the drink that’s not good.

Nestor Aparicio  24:37

I learned I learned this on your air cube you need a giant cube that’s just what I talked to chuck Jacobs over to fountain and my kid about because my kids are whiskey head and people say how was your kid he’s 39 he’s allowed to be a whiskey and if the bake right and I chose a whiskey so it was good. I get over to drug city if you’d like bourbon rye and whiskey they know more they have a club they have the tasting room upstairs. There was all this expensive stuff around that I I don’t know better from and I didn’t touch, but

Leonard Raskin  25:02

they’re taking some expensive shots. You could take some expensive whiskey, what I said to my


Nestor Aparicio  25:07

kid and Gina’s shock and we’re sitting, the difference. I’m like, You guys have opened a whole new Pandora’s box for my drug habits. So good news letter raskins. Here he follows the American dream and make sure he doesn’t have any drug addicts cuz he’s managing your money and other people’s money, what you do. And it’s sort of a small sample size to say why somebody’s going to call Lennar and especially by the way, taxes due today, if you didn’t do it, make sure you get your day

Leonard Raskin  25:30

to day. Yes, so we, we help entrepreneurs and individuals enjoy their life. And how we do it is by helping them understand their finances. And for business owners buy your time back, because you can’t do everything. So you got to be somebody that knows how to delegate and how to turn off the switch and, and have the things you want in your life and for executives and other people that get paid income, that aren’t business owners, again, we help you understand what your job is, what your family is, what your life’s about, as you said, how do you achieve the American dream? How do you do the things at work, that you crush it, so that you can do the things outside of work that you want to do? You know, nobody has the guaranteed ticket, that they get to old age, we’ve lost too many clients too young over the years, to not tell people that you have to enjoy now, the future you got to take care of. But if you take care of the future properly, you can really enjoy now and have a great life. And it’s about the times you spend and who you spend it with and where you do what you go all those great things that bring about pleasure that make go into the job or the company or whatever you do more enjoyable and makes all life more enjoyable. That’s what it’s about.

Nestor Aparicio  26:47

Well, I’m trying to enjoy my life. I got all this YouTube information coming back from Las Vegas, John mares here on Friday. The Lions are in town. We’ve all saved a lot of money on these or I think at the Orioles getting asked it saved me 1000s of dollars. At least it put money back in my pocket that I can use for a 30 something else here something else or maybe a new pitcher or something like that. Letter Raskin is here. You can follow him at Rascon global I’ve got the shirt on he manages money. He’s out at the front of Baltimore positive as well probably find them at a hockey game or somewhere in Louisville, Kentucky with a snifter maybe Colonel Sanders or run you down there and there you go. And the yum brand. He is Leonard I am Nestor. We got to look at the smells all week. He and I had a great great conversation about the orals offseason as well as all the residue from London and a slim victory over the Tennessee Titans but it’s certainly the dumb Yeah, we ad 2017 All of you back from like Heathrow or from whichever airport where you go, I flew out to Gatwick is what I did. I am Esther we are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore. And we never stopped talking ravens victories and Baltimore positive stay with us.

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