The guy who knows the numbers says Ravens should be Super Bowl favorites

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Many consider him to be the Godfather of modern football analytics. The always analytical Aaron Schatz has moved his important football work over to FTN Network and brings Nestor some fresh Lamar gospel via DVOA and the metrics of the Baltimore Ravens as his Super Bowl favorite based on their solid play of the first half.


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Nestor Aparicio, Aaron Schatz

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Back at W n s t TAS Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are up chatting with all sorts people and all sorts of walks of life. If you’ve missed anything this week, please check out my chat with Tom Kelso and the Maryland stadium authority about the future of Camden Yards. Speaking of that, we have the Maryland crab cake tour out on the road Raven scratch offs to giveaway, we’re gonna be moving the crab cake tour, also brought to you by our friends at wind donation 866 90 nation to buy two, you get two free 0% financing for five years, and Jiffy Lube MultiCare, where we had an oil change last week. So I think we’re going to maybe January, maybe February, I’m not driving to too much here. But make sure you’re getting out the Jiffy Lube as well. So I got a dozen dates, we’re gonna have crab cakes, we’re gonna get out and do it looks gonna join us, we’re gonna be having a good time out there. And also doing a fundraiser next week for the American Cancer Society that I want to plug next Thursday night. So make sure you check all that out of Baltimore positive, this guy comes on maybe twice a year, he is really the godfather of sort of modern stats. Luke loves him, Luke loves being a part of this, I had been separated from my press credential, so I don’t have like Super Bowl access, where I usually run into him and his other people. He was a founder of a company which we may or may not have divulge here at this point, but has now moved on in his first time on now as the chief analytics Officer of F tn network and you know him through DVOA and all the the work that he’s done if you’re anywhere in the nerdy sphere of football, and the loop sits at the forefront of our nervous sphere. So I don’t nerd it up nearly as well. You know, Aaron Schatz when I told Luke, you’re coming on and he like, it just couldn’t do it. Like it just didn’t work out timing wise, because practice and whatnot, and him being out of facility and be the only guy they let in. So he asked to go, but like, he’s much better suited. I said, this would be better with him, because he’s totally on your side of the fence and all these arguments and, and I don’t make them nearly as well as he makes them but Lamar Jackson sort of sits at the forefront of a lot of the work you do right, like in in a lot of ways as to how sports has changed football changed positions, change the game’s change, expectations have changed what you can or can’t do, and what you can scheme up. Lamar is an incredible test tube for your kind of work. Am I correct?


Aaron Schatz  02:21

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, because he’s, he’s a really difficult guy to figure out where to sort of give the credit. Right, like, how much is Lamar Jackson in the passing game? And how much is problems with receivers versus what Lamar Jackson can do himself? In past years, there’s been a lot of discussion about the scheme was it holding him back? There’s the fact that the threat of him running opens things up for their running backs in a way that it doesn’t with most other quarterbacks. So he’s definitely an interesting guy to discuss.

Nestor Aparicio  02:54

Well, let’s let’s talk about this because we’re on the forefront of the Seattle game. And maybe you hear this afterward. Maybe it goes one way or the other. Depends, right. But I want to keep us a little bit more broad that the NFC teams really struggle against him and teams don’t see him well or don’t or can’t scout for him. And others say this. Rex Ryan is a multi time friend of mine aghast when he was here we were legendarily solar street friends, we would go have wings together. I did a show with his dad. I love Rex. So this isn’t me kissing wrestle Rex’s ass. But because I’ve watched every week, and it doesn’t always make sense. But two weeks ago, he said, I ran scout team against that. And you can’t see you have to put a punt returner in to run scout team that week. And then you don’t really get a scout team, you get a running back. And he said, so you really can’t prepare for it. Now. Maybe you would say well, you Kyler Murray plays it this way. And so many teams played it that way. And it’s been going on that. And then the college game, most of these guys feel it see it that we’re no longer in three, four defenses and four, three defenses. Everything’s very hybrid, and everything you must do to defend anything that’s not a drop back pasture becomes scheme and personnel related. What do you say to folks about defending Lamar and why? Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t work.

Aaron Schatz  04:18

It’s hard. You’re right about the scout team thing. It’s funny because I don’t think that his record I think his record against the NFC. There’s a little bit of just sort of randomness in there because there’s lots of AFC teams that also only see him once every couple of years and they’re not particularly prepared for him either outside the division. But if you just look at the last couple of games like Detroit doesn’t have anybody on their roster who could play Lamar for the scout team. Arizona doesn’t really have anybody on their roster who could play unless the Kyler Murray played scout team which if he’s not healthy enough to start he’s not healthy enough to boy scout team so yeah, he’s a hard guy to prepare prepare for because he’s, I wouldn’t say unique but a rare skill. said, definitely. And he’s a hard guy to prepare for.

Nestor Aparicio  05:05


Well, even in my days of doing this professionally for three decades, Marvin Lewis is sort of famously, I’ve told this story, you know, a lot, I sat with him in a suite, the week a Super Bowl 35. And he’s watching the film of the giants in the Eagles in the Vikings and freight train games, if you won’t go back to those playoff games, and he said, they have no idea how fast we are, like, they just can’t prepare for how fast we’re going to be to the whole, we’re gonna get there faster than they’ve ever seen it. And this is in talking shit, you know, 20. Now they’re making movies about it, and like ESPN and whatever. But like, I’m literally in editing suite at the Hyatt. And he says this to me, and I’m thinking, does that even make sense? And then 23 years later, I have to talk to I go to out of town radio, and I do stuff. And it’s like Lamar, Lamar, Lamar, especially a couple years ago, when they were really doing it that way. Sometimes I just scratch my head about all this mean, he ran a trawl play when there were up nine points in the fourth quarter. That’s the best play you’ve got. I mean, especially when he’s a $260 million player, and he doesn’t this isn’t, you would say this, this doesn’t look anything like it looked under Roman or anything we’ve seen him do

Aaron Schatz  06:11

before pass. It’s much more passed forward now. Absolutely.

Nestor Aparicio  06:16

And in seeing that, what do you make of it, and it’s success at the halfway point at this point, because I think we’re all bullish when you see film of the Detroit game. So that’s what it’s supposed to look like. But it looks that way. And Luke and I fight about this, we fight about because he always backs you, he’s got your he’s always got your back. That’s why I want to bring you to win here and see what you guys would disagree about. But here he says passing game sets up the running game, and I’m like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, go back to 2019. That was that was the threat of Lamar running the reality of Lamar running because he really would run and then Mark Ingram and the fact that nobody figured out Andrews that early on, and that sort of second into second in one sec first, you know, or 12 yards on first down, but they weren’t in third down much. And when they were they went to fourth down and figured it out most of the time, right. And most of the time, they got the ball crammed on the other side of the 50 and had no problem going on a fourth into fourth and three with Lamar or kicking the 50 yard field goal because he got the best kicker on it. So they had a lot of assets because everything we do is comparing it to 2019 because they paid him for that now, right?

Aaron Schatz  07:23

Yeah, so I would say that in general in football, the passing game does set up the running game with Lamar Jackson. It’s more like Lamar Jackson sets up the running game for everybody else. Right because there’s always the fear that he’s gonna bootleg or he’s gonna run or he’s gonna keep on a read option. And that opens up space for a guy like Gus Edwards. I mean, there’s no question Gus Edwards gets more yards per carry than he would otherwise because of the threat of Lamar Jackson. I also think when you look at their passing game this year, Jackson has played really well. Right the problems they had like against Pittsburgh, we just dropped passes and drop passes, dropped passes. That’s not Lamar Jackson’s fault. So I mean, their running game has been better than their passing game this year, but not because of Lamar but because of the receivers.


Nestor Aparicio  08:10

Eric Schatz is our guest and I’m gonna give you a chance to expand upon everything that you’re doing that’s new and old. You know, so Luke, no, so So we all know, but just on the concept of Lamar and the pocket and the offense and and what Monken is trying to do with it ultimately, and again, I think that Detroit game is we saw it and I wrote about that last week in my column this I’m like a one time one day that’s we know it can look like that Now will it look that way in Buffalo Kansas City in January, will we get to that point? I don’t know. But they’re a very healthy team right now. And the offensive line healthier than it’s been certainly with Ronnie Stanley receiver card and they’re playing a role. All of the receivers even obj a little bit. Getting the ball I said Andrews is like the cowbell in the Senate last year. I need more of that. I mean, I need more and more of that the SE flowers thing feels like it’s getting shoved around a little bit. But this Lamar in the pocket and teams trying to trap him with three guys last week. They you know trying to trap him and saying we’re gonna play eight deep and run around and not give you a receiver and cut off a running lane and we know you sort of don’t really want to run and they don’t really want you to run like that but when he runs it’s devastating when that happens, but it feels like that’s not a first and second quarter thing that they’re doing and if they can get a lead you never get to see that and that is a fundamental change to what they were trying to do and it feels like him getting sacked is weird to me. Do you know him getting trapped is weird to me.

Aaron Schatz  09:47

Mobile quarterbacks gets sacked more than more than stable quarterbacks do more than you know guys without a lot of mobile mobility actually gets sacked less because they look to get rid of the ball. rivers mobile quarterbacks tend to try to make things happen. And so they end up getting sacked more often. But I mean, if you only rush three and put eight in coverage, eventually someone’s gonna get open. It may only be short, it may only be for four or five yards, but get to five yard passes and you’ve just moved the sticks without even getting a third down. So, I mean, I think it’s all working really well for them right now. I mean, we’re talking here about Lamar, Lamar, Lamar, let me just put in a word their defense has been outstanding this year, which there are number one defense right now against the past and the fact that they’re doing that without the young edge rushers that the young edge rushers are injured, but they’re getting so much out of veterans like clowny and Van Noy is fantastic.

Nestor Aparicio  10:43

Well, and then I think the defense in general, like we’ve been talking this week about Mike McDonnell is potential head coach and candidate at some point, sort of getting to the point where he might fit that bill, if this thing goes in that direction, we talk about great defense. And we’ll get back to the offense. Row Quan. And this week, they made a trade a year ago this week, to bring in a player they could never be bad enough to get right, like, you know, a top five ish kind of guy that the Ravens would have to really stink, to be able to get that kind of player and acquire that player and give up draft picks, whatever, and then sign in for a whole lot of money. And Luke and I went down that river as to what the value of that position is in other places, and the way he plays it. Hey, man, I’m from the Ray Lewis School of Dance in the squirrel and I was in every one of those games, every one of those locker rooms I saw the impact on the field off the field, this guy and I know you measure things that try to measure the leadership and the heart and all that stuff. This has been a different it’s been a heart transplant for the defense. The way to constantly ended up when he brought him in because they went all in in the middle of the year and Lamar got hurt but seeing it all kind of come together with Patrick Queen playing a different role

Aaron Schatz  11:53


playing better playing better than the first couple years. Definitely.

Nestor Aparicio  11:57

And the thought to draft Kyle Hamilton in this sort of this weirdly hybrid role that this defense sort of mandates and calls for. Tell me about the defense’s, you see what would you call it? You know, it’s not a 46 Isn’t it? What what is this?

Aaron Schatz  12:13

Well, it’s definitely they do a lot with the safety. Ro Quan, you know, there is a lot of argument in the in the analytics world about the value of the off ball linebacker the because of the you know, historically the off ball linebacker was very often that Thumper who came in to stop the run. And because the run is less important than it used to be the off ball linebacker is less important than he used to be. But ro Quan, like Fred Warner in San Francisco is a pass stopper to not a run stopper. And that’s what gives him a lot of value compared to other off ball linebackers around the league. I think you said who are the best off ball linebackers around the league, I think you’d have three guys who really move the needle in the passing game in particular, and that’s Warner, Matt Milano from Buffalo and row Quan. So, I mean, there are no numbers to measure leadership. Right? That doesn’t mean those things don’t exist. There’s just no numbers to measure them. But I mean, their defense is playing outstanding, he’s obviously plays a very central role in it. Other players are playing better than they did before he was around so I mean, he’s definitely a straw that stirs the drink

Nestor Aparicio  13:19

and shots is our gas now he has been a multi time contributor to what we do around here. I think everybody in our audience either knows about you or should know about you in regard to you know, where you sort of set the standard for for the way we look at the game and analytics and and I guess I can take this into the gambling side of things here a little bit. I work with the Hollywood casino Perryville on picking my games I’m way over 500 Feeling good about my picks and whatnot but and analytical level everything that we’re doing now in the gambling space in math is about probability and Mike it’s a shame my dad didn’t live my dad would be proud of me wearing that Passerini throwback by the way I didn’t want to wear the Warren Moon to put you in that run and shoot you know gangster roll of your friend like to near but I would my dad love math. My dad loves statistics. That’s why I love baseball. He loved batting averages, he loved all that. strata, magic cards, APA probability, all of that in the 70s when I was a kid, clearly because I’m wearing 70s Houston older stuff, I was a kid. This is the advanced part of where you are taking your company into a place that I think it sort of merges all of this and it creates, dare I say in the gym Firestone value for folks out there?


Aaron Schatz  14:36

Yeah, okay, so first thing I’m gonna say is this. I don’t know if you’re listening to this after the Seattle game, and maybe they lost the Seattle game and it let’s assume that you’re listening before the Seattle game or that they beat Seattle. If you want to put money on the ravens to win the Super Bowl, this is the time we love them. Our numbers love them. Our numbers right now have them as the Super Bowl favorites, which is very different from the market. And I think arbitrage why why so good this year. And one of the things is like they’ve slowed down a little bit in the fourth quarter with big leads. And the new version of our DVOA stat that I introduced this year, lowers the weight of how teams do with a big lead in the fourth quarter, right? Because we know that if you’re on top by 30 points, and you shut down your offense, that doesn’t really tell you anything about the offense in the future, you’re shutting it down, because you’re up by 30 points, right. So like that Detroit game was so good, because they did all their damage in the first three quarters, right? Compare that to the 70 burger that Miami put on Denver earlier this year, where they had three huge plays in the fourth quarter when the game was already decided. Right like whereas Baltimore had all its big plays in the first three quarters before that game with Detroit decided. So our numbers think Baltimore is just absolutely outstanding this year. And because there’s no superlative team this year, right, Philadelphia, seven and one, but nobody in the AFC is better than six and two, right, so the Ravens have the top record in the AFC, they’ve got as good a chance as anybody to get the number one seed in the AFC. Although their schedule does get harder from here on out, right, their schedule gets a lot harder. They have a really tough December with Jacksonville, San Francisco and Miami. But our odds of them winning the Super Bowl are a lot better than the market odds of winning the winning Super Bowl, and you can put money on them to win the Superbowl without feeling like you’re being a homer.

Nestor Aparicio  16:34

Give me what you do in a nutshell now because I think it’s a lot different than where you came from, at your former home.

Aaron Schatz  16:42

Well, it’s a little less editing and more writing. So I’m now with FTN network, you can find my stuff at FTM But it’s not like I’m doing more fantasy than I was before. It’s still you know the same. During the ratings talking about which teams are likely to win the Super Bowl talking about what teams need to do to build a Super Bowl champion. It’s pretty similar to what I was doing before. Also, I’m still at ESPN. I’m a part time employee at ESPN. So you can find my writing at ESPN plus every couple of weeks. And some of my picks are at ESPN shock every week.

Nestor Aparicio  17:17


Well, I tell you what, you know, over the course of time and setting the standard for all this stuff. I do think that people look to all of these things. I know this the industry looks to these things to say the value of of what we’re going to pay you this year or next year. I can’t imagine that the public that this that the way that the investments have changed here recently hasn’t changed, you know, to sort of where the future is gonna be right. I think for all of us. I’ve done sports radio for 30 years, you know, the Ravens

Aaron Schatz  17:46

Look at me, man. I mean, harpaz mentioned DVOA and press conferences. So I know the ravens are one of the teams that definitely follow my stuff.

Nestor Aparicio  17:53

There’s no doubt about that. Alright, so for the rest of the league for you loving the Ravens. Give me some things you love, or maybe some things you don’t love about some other teams and Bengals as an example, being a team that feels like they’re coming back. And yeah, a lot of the problems are when your quarterbacks limping, not good. Whether it’s that’s in September, whether that’s in January, very, very hard to win, especially when mobility is part of the game, bro looks like burrow, which allows chases like jet, you know, like, that’s better

Aaron Schatz  18:20

their defenses better burrow, you know, weeks five and six people were like, oh, burrows back, burrows back. His performance really wasn’t back to his burrow level. week eight, against San Francisco. It was back. And now you’re like, Oh, he’s healthy. They’re dangerous now?


Nestor Aparicio  18:38

Well, I mean, big games this week to right, like two good teams going over to Germany, we got the cowboys and eagles. We got the bills in the Bengals as well. So I think what we’ll sort all of that out for your website and people to get in now and just go out to the Gimme the fan approach to to what they’re going to find when they go out to the big website. Well, yeah,

Aaron Schatz  18:58

I mean, FTM, you’ll find all the content by me. There’s a couple of other of my old writers from football outsiders that have moved over to FTN Brian Knowles and kale Clinton and we’re writing stuff about what’s going on with teams. And then you need to get an F tn stats plus or fantasy Plus subscription. And that gives you the deep dive, like all the splits of DVOA and all the historical numbers and the ability to get my picks against the spread every week and all of that stuff. So that’s where you’ll find my stuff is F tn where if you just search DVOA on the internet, my name will come up for you hoping

Nestor Aparicio  19:39

the best players in the game this year, the players have the highest value.

Aaron Schatz  19:43


I think that I would vote for Josh Allen for MVP right now. Because the problems that buffalo is having are not about Allen it’s about the defensive injuries that they’re having. I probably put Patrick mahomes Second certainly the best non quarterbacks have been a Christian McCaffrey Tyreke. Hill miles Garrett Wright is fantastic. For Cleveland. Their defense has been the best in the league. We have Baltimore’s defense number two, Cleveland’s defense. Number one. There’s some interesting discussions to have about certain quarterbacks and how much they are good and how much it’s the scheme and the teammates that you know, that’s to me. That’s pretty, that’s Jared Goff. It’s the same discussion about all three guys, and I just, I don’t think they do it as much themselves. Those are all good players. They’re all valuable players. They’re not as valuable as the quarterbacks who can do it on their own, like Alan mahomes. And Jackson,

Nestor Aparicio  20:48

what are you teaching? You bring that up, and I wasn’t gonna bring it up, but I shall now which is, you know, the Ravens make all these gaudy stats, and I’ve seen them run around a bunch. Five, these quarterbacks haven’t heard of you, I mean, or if you ain’t heard of them, it’s Gardner Minshew and you’re like, Okay, fine, but it’s like that. The backups, rookies, guys, it shouldn’t be good against them, guys, they should sort of dominate if they were healthy. And I would also say the first couple weeks, they weren’t very healthy without Marlon Humphrey. I think they’re a different team.

Aaron Schatz  21:15

Was Stanley being heard and it wasn’t Linda bomb hurt for a while?

Nestor Aparicio  21:19

Yeah. And then the wide receivers have all been in and out as well. So and obviously, the running situation with Dobbins the minute he went out, it’s sort of as changed the dynamic. I mean, I thought it Jacob Sora Henry acquisition Super Bowl favorite. Right. But


Aaron Schatz  21:37

the facts are good. And I feel like their backs are good enough. It’s the offensive line and Jackson himself that really make the running game go would have been an upgrade Henry? Yeah, a little bit of an upgrade, but I don’t think as much as it would have cost.

Nestor Aparicio  21:50

Well, I mean, if the cost is a second round draft pick, I mean, they’ve been willing to play that poker to your point to win a championship. I said, if they had that kind of I said to Luke this week, if they had that Mark Ingram, they had that die, which they had in 19. That’s because I would say what was missing the last couple of years was Marshall yonder. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And we would always say what makes things different than 2019? Well, I was in a locker room after one of those games. I don’t think so Marshall, yonder smile from the minute they won the Super Bowl in New Orleans. And so literally, and I’ve know Marshall from the minute he came over, and Harford road, and we got these pictures, we look like two kids sitting together. And, you know, Marshalls probably probably go into the Hall of Fame, I would think. And I remember seeing him just eat bullying in the locker room, like, this is fun. And, and I remember all of that vibe of that, that they got smacked in the face in the playoffs because they couldn’t pass the ball and somebody figured them out. And and that’s unfortunate. We’re all it remembering that saying, How is it going to be different, you know, and, and how it’s going to be different than dominant running game, but I don’t feel like they’ve had a dominant running game the way they need to

Aaron Schatz  22:58

know but Jackson makes the room the offensive line makes the route. If I were them on the trade deadline, I would have tried to get more depth for the pass rush. Like I think it would have helped them more and they didn’t do either thing, right. They didn’t do the running back and they didn’t do the pass rush but for example, if they had been in on Montez sweat, or chase young I think that actually would have been better for the ravens to Derrick Henry or say Quan Barkley.

Nestor Aparicio  23:21


Oh my god, it’s like having Luke on dude, you guys are like the same. He said that the set that all week. Aaron Schatz is here, please go find him out on the interwebs he’s one of the great football people was once introduced to me in a hallway underneath the Hoosier dome and I don’t admit that I spend that much time in Indiana with another Baltimore guy Jim Schwartz introduced me this fall and says this guy know stuff and I you know by now I thought you would have been spit out of three different football organizations and been miserable and like all that so I give you major props for staying on this side of getting your press credentials taken away and being miserable in a different way. A shots NFL it’s like the like the beer in Milwaukee only spelled different S C H ATZ. NFL you can find a picture of him Seth Meyers up on the front of his Twitter x and you can also find them out on the website. I’ll give this out though as well at f t n network f t n network and there’s a whole hub there as a whole way to get DVOA and do all the cool stuff with all the cool people that he’s been doing it with and you know, Luke sends his bass and it’s just like we’re I trash talk him a little bit I said I’m going to tell shots that you’re ducking him you know, oh, no,

Aaron Schatz  24:32

he’s got responsibilities man. You know what we’ll do this again come playoff time. All right tours gonna be in the playoffs. It would be very difficult for them to miss the play. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  24:40

what’s the odds they’re not making the playoffs now? Like a couple percent?

Aaron Schatz  24:43

Yeah, Tiny. So we’ll do this again. Come like week 17 or 18. You can be there then and we’ll talk about how they’re looking


Nestor Aparicio  24:51

going into the playoffs. I’m the guy was in Vegas last week for like 36 hours and I didn’t even really look in a sports book. The check odds are in there because sort of the phones are available and work on my partner’s up in Hollywood. I’ll be up there on December 1, two in the Maryland crabcake tour. But like the whole notion that the ravens are the favorite, don’t talk like that. You know what I mean? Like, please, it’s way my

Aaron Schatz  25:12

favorite. They’re not the favorite in Vegas, man. The Chiefs are the favorite Vegas chiefs and 40. Niners still, but yeah, they’re my favorite. All right, well

Nestor Aparicio  25:19

give it a couple of weeks. You know, we’ll see how it goes around here. I’ll wake me in two weeks after they get through Cincinnati and Cleveland, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and that order in a couple of weeks at Cincinnati comm and

Aaron Schatz  25:28

their schedule does get a lot harder from here. So like we have them rated really well, but their schedule does get a lot a lot harder. But by the way, they have the number two hardest schedule the rest of the way. The number one hardest schedule the rest of the way is Cincinnati.

Nestor Aparicio  25:43

All right. Well, I think all of you, they haven’t played great quarterbacks, right? Like, I mean, I’ll give them golf and they beat the hell out of them. And it didn’t it Oh, man. You know, I’m just I want to show that

Aaron Schatz  25:54

they played injured. They played injured Burro and otherwise they have not played great quarterback. So yeah, here comes Geno Smith, and healthy burrow, and Herbert.

Nestor Aparicio  26:04

Hi, Lulu blue. I mean, well, I’m wearing Columbia blue. Oh,


Aaron Schatz  26:07

no. I liked Detroit this year a lot. I liked Detroit. They really built their defense up their offense already was really good. Last year. Ben Johnson is going to be a head coach next year. Like I don’t think he can make it through another hiring cycle without getting hired by somebody. Let me tell you the truth. I’d love to have him here in New England. If Bella check calls it a day. Ben Johnson is a great mind guy. He’s the offensive coordinator in

Nestor Aparicio  26:28

Detroit. It’s lovely to see the Patriots struggle the way they are. And I don’t want to talk issue about the Steelers because they might already want by the time you get because I never ever, this is what I’ve learned never ever shoveled dirt on the Steelers.

Aaron Schatz  26:40

It’s really interesting. It’s really interesting to me that people are so happy about the Patriots being terrible and they don’t feel the same way about the Packers being terrible even though the Packers also have been good for 20 years like this is the first time in a long time that the Packers and the Patriots have been bad

Nestor Aparicio  27:01


yeah and I mean the whole thing about their quarterbacks being so dislikable, you know what I mean? That the two quarterbacks of their era of the Packers. Yeah. And have just like, you know, I mean, their reputation precedes them for what they who they are. And like the fact that we don’t, yeah, I never hated the PAC maybe sportstar maybe it’s because I’ve been to Green Bay and had the kill Boston sauerkraut and you’ve eaten abroad worse, though, like drank the beer did all that. I don’t know. It was really easy to hate on the cowboys and hate on the dolphins when I was a kid in the 70s Oh, man, you know, like, and it’s like, I have a Steelers buddy that comes on set. Seth elke came off in America lottery. And like, I’m wearing my oiler thing. And I’m thinking like, I don’t know, it’d be like wearing a heart for wearing your jersey in front of like a Bruins fan. I mean, like, like, you never want you know what I mean? So like, this is a benign throwback, right. Like, I mean, I love Dan. Yeah, you know, but it’s a benign throw. It doesn’t. It doesn’t offend anybody to the people of Houston when the people of Tennessee wear it, you know?

Aaron Schatz  28:01

Yeah, well, I want a throwback. I want Doug Williams, Oklahoma outlaws. That’s the throwback I’m looking for.

Nestor Aparicio  28:07

Here’s a throwback for you. All right, I want you to go back and I want you to evaluate the 1976 or 77 stats of Bert Jones and tell me that

Aaron Schatz  28:16

76 We did a thing at one point about the best quarterback seasons ever and I had birthstone 76 as the best quarterback season ever. He was fantastic before he got injured. Oh man, he was the man.


Nestor Aparicio  28:28

I tell people you’re smart. I do you know that Rick Jones is

Aaron Schatz  28:31

76. If you look at rushing value, and passing value is fantastic. Just

Nestor Aparicio  28:35

yeah, look, I’ll be so proud of me for bringing that up. All right, good. We miss Luke around here, Luke, Mrs. Erin and Eric will find Luke and they’ll nerd it up out on the internet and do all that stuff. But I love having those guys read. Thanks for the perspective you bring. And I’m blessed that Jim Schwartz is my friend to introduce me to you many many years ago and you always make time to come on here and try to educate our audience about Lamar offense defense, always agreeing with Luke always which my body’s agreeing with

Aaron Schatz  29:02



Nestor Aparicio  29:04

Ah, oh shots fired across the Pennsylvania bow toward Shrewsbury. Fine Aaron out on the internet. You can find me through the Maryland crabcake tour and a shots gets down here. He could bring me some of that legal clam chowder and I’ll make sure we got some crab cakes for him in the Maryland crab cakes were presented by our friends at the Maryland lottery be giving these away a dozen times between now and Christmas. Oh, we get a lot of things going on around here. It’s all up there. It’s all brought to you by our friends at window nation in conjunction with our friends at Jiffy Lube, multi care as well find all that up. wn sta a 5070, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore

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