When the Orioles move above the fold for the summer

Finding Orioles Fever all over again Leonard Raskin
Finding Orioles Fever all over again Leonard Raskin
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With the Ravens taking the summer off and the Orioles surging in the standings, Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss life in Baltimore – almost the way it used to be for local sports fans.


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

wn st Towson, Baltimore, Baltimore positive or positively into another beautiful, beautiful spring in the summer it is now June in the Maryland crabcakes wars get back out on the road. So I brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery I’ll be giving away these instant lottery scratch offs like I did in fallston. Last week at the local with Clancy and J LME and a bunch of friends. We had some winners up there as well. And of course our friends at window nation 866 90 nation, it is June new offer gonna be telling you about it, save some money this summer on heating, air conditioning, all that stuff. Roll the windows up. I tell you the allergies were killing me. I found local honey here this week. So I’m learning new things. It’s certainly learning what it feels like, again to be the bartender of baseball for the city, where people actually watch the games. There’s decisions to be made. There’s pitching decisions, hitting decisions, lineup decisions, personnel decisions, injury decisions, bullpen decisions, letter Rascon is here. He makes a lot of decisions with what he does following the American Dream for people’s money. I guess the next most important thing to people’s money Leonard is is who’s pitching on Monday for the Orioles because pitching. Yeah, the pitching is you know, I know that you’re back into the routine. You’re one of these guys. It’s like, yeah, no, we’re good. No, but like, got our pitching. Uh

Leonard Raskin  01:22

huh. Well, you know, they, they, I think they tried to go the Tampa Bay route and do a starter follower finisher. And that didn’t work out well on a want to get away day it seemed. Boy, you know, you, you bang out eight runs against the team that supposedly can hit. I think they gave up. I don’t know 1112 Something I

Nestor Aparicio  01:46

went on to the yoga mat. We were winning for one, it was a third inning and I’m like, I’m going to come out because yoga is an hour and they get baseball done quickly. I’ll come out be the seventh inning. They’ll be up like seven or two. Yeah, and things will be good. And I came out and they’re losing 11 Eight and I’m like what that what the world has been talking a lot about the pitching and Rodriguez and means and the cavalry and overusing the bullpen and really getting good starting pitching for the most part in April and into May against bad teams. where that’s going to be going against good teams a little bit.

Leonard Raskin  02:19

Yeah, look, look, we we talked, I don’t know, two weeks ago, three weeks ago, they had a big, big stand coming up. They played teams that were winning. consecutively played the Yankees played Tampa played Texas played the angels say, you know, they come out of this this run 500 they’ll prove something. They came out far better than 500. Out of that run. They were

Nestor Aparicio  02:48

worried pace. I mean, when they’re extraordinary.

Leonard Raskin  02:52

Extraordinary. Yeah. And then and then you lay an egg against the Guardians. I can’t even say that. It’s it’s the Guardians. And the commanders. I don’t get either.

Nestor Aparicio  03:05

Yeah, many people this week I’ve talked to that have sort of made fun of the Guardians. It’s not like a new thing. They’ve been doing this for a couple of years. I know that

Leonard Raskin  03:13

you haven’t played them here. And a couple of years that mattered. People paid attention.

Nestor Aparicio  03:17

Or they came home a city. When did when did when did they arrive in Cleveland? Right? Right.

Leonard Raskin  03:21

Right. Where they came home. It didn’t matter that they were the guardians until now it matters. And you go, what? Cleveland? What? Now I know that I’m just

Nestor Aparicio  03:31

getting used to commanders, and they’re gonna change the name of that outfit pretty soon,

Leonard Raskin  03:34

right? They, they didn’t get their trademark, I think it was. So that’s a business move. You know, we tell people you talk about the American dream. We work with a lot of business owners and business owners come up with company names, tag lines, things that that identify them Baltimore positive, you know, these these things, and it’s great. Till you find out what Baltimore positive you’re not probably not gonna have to worry about. But to find out the guy in Cleveland is Cleveland positive or whatever. And, you know, you go to name your business or you give yourself a tagline and you don’t trademark it. Or you go to trademark it. And you find out hey, this dude, and like you just said Oklahoma City, some dude in Oklahoma City already has that. And he sues you and sends you a cease and desist letter, like right away, stop using our stuff. So you find out, hey, you know, everybody hates lawyers, but ever just like Congress, everybody hates lawyers. But everybody loves their own lawyer. Everybody hates Congress, but everybody loves their congressmen. You find out why people get reelected and why so many lawyers have a job, but we tell people all the time if you’re gonna come up with a name, a tagline, a reference, you better own the domain name. You better check the business directory you better check the Google you better check the trademark office and make sure that you You own that. Otherwise, you’re gonna spend a lot of money on stuff that you’re gonna find out, you got to spend a lot of money again.

Nestor Aparicio  05:08

Well, you know, you’re given great wisdom. And I’ve spent so much time this week talking about the Oakland A’s moving, yeah, Major League Baseball and these RSNs like, just sort of like turning the money back into the San Diego Padres and saying, We can’t do the gates. The money that sits behind all of this when the quarterbacks make it $52 million. And then like what the Orioles rolled out last week, when they had your attention, which is Nikes gonna roll out jerseys, they’re gonna hire a local poet, they’re gonna make up a you can’t clip these wings thing, jerseys out there to play like dog meat in them. But nonetheless, they look good. They look good. They create this narrative about the city and Baltimore, and I’m old enough to remember when the owner used to call around here three times a week intimidating us forever thinking that the word Baltimore could be on the jerseys. Yeah,

Leonard Raskin  05:56

you wouldn’t even look, I remember that. I remember those days very well. And I can think back when all we wanted, not we who the hell are we? We are the fans. All we wanted was when the team was on the road. Put Baltimore out there. So they knew it was Baltimore and man did it take for how many years did it take till they finally put Baltimore on a jersey?

Nestor Aparicio  06:19

Dennis this week? I’m re releasing Peter Principles Chapter Four. And that is the chapter where Peter and I got together in 1997 and spent a couple of hours together. So you can hear in Peters own words, when I brought it up with him as a whippersnapper. 27 year old.

Leonard Raskin  06:35

We’re not gonna put that on there.

Nestor Aparicio  06:38

Let me tell you why. Here’s why we didn’t go to bat. Have you been to the Bay Area? They have two teams there. So he went through all of that it was March of 97. This is before NSD existed, right? I seen it come to August of 98. I hear like, I’m going into the Wayback Machine. There is a history for all of this. But then there’s also the president of what they did last weekend when

Leonard Raskin  07:04

they look good. I think they look great. I like it. When I first saw it, I thought the inside there was a little pride, jersey. With all the rainbow colors. Come to find out it represents the Baltimore city neighborhoods. I didn’t know each neighborhood had a color. But now I know. Now I know. So okay, great. I think they’re I think they were snappy looking. I think they look good. I think they had Baltimore on it was looking good. I and they tagged in. I tapped into a little social media last weekend, and and heard that people were upset. It didn’t have the Oreo bird. anywhere on the uniform. You couldn’t find Oreo. You could only find Baltimore and to be on the cap. You couldn’t find

Nestor Aparicio  07:48

anything. A whole lifetime of fighting to get that pee on the cap all the way. And you

Leonard Raskin  07:51

couldn’t find Oreo anywhere now people are upset that Oreo is not on the uniform and

Nestor Aparicio  07:56

no doubt I’ll never forget when he came out and sat to get to know me. And I guess Kevin Byrne kind of grease them up about you know what he was gonna find? Yep, he came over to the Sheraton. It was the first day he was there. Beth Botsford was in my studio. She just won the gold medal in Atlanta right way back Kevin Wright who became a friend of mine forever and I love Beth Botsford if anybody knows or sees Beth, one of my favorite people in the world and Olympic champion Yeah, and awesome, just made of awesome stuff. So David’s in the studio and we’re doing the show and I’m opening beers on the keyboard that I had doing all this stuff, and I’ll never forget we go to commercial break. And he says to me, like something about Angelo’s and I’m not sideways it Angeles 96 I mean, it is was your Angela says this loud, crazy guy fighting with Steinbrenner the Orioles are winning David and his dad are coming in kicking the dogs wearing the purple Barney uniforms trying to get Pete poor suckers licenses sold the whole deal. And I’ll never forget David saying to me, Hey, man, you know, we’ve we’ve done a lot of research around here. And when we take phone calls, I’m going to be asking people how they feel about B and Baltimore. I’ll never forget this. I have the dates right and he knew right away and he did research. He was a market researcher. He was paying Bob Leffler 50 grand to pay some marketer 30 grand to do a study on what they needed to do whether purple was the right color, whether Americans was the right name or ravens was the right name or Edgar Allan Poe whether the side bird or the front bird, everything anybody ever told him was Baltimore’s not a part of the Orioles? The Orioles have sold out to DC he built the stadium at the foot of town. It’s all Washington people. That’s what was going on. And I And David said to me, we’re gonna put a bee on our helmet. And like I was flipping, we’re gonna play it on our helmet because they won’t do it. I said this was a 99 and he got sued for that and this and that and the artist, the artist got $1 or whatever. Right? I had to take it all off. But the B is, is ubiquitous to everything Baltimore Ravens don’t say marches be Right and David figured that out 1996 The first thing when he came into the city and smelled the air, all the air was Oriole air and all the air was arrogance. And we’re not Baltimore steam, right? Right. So it’s fast in the region. They were the

Leonard Raskin  10:15

DMV that the 95 T, they should have put 95 on the on the hat.

Nestor Aparicio  10:20

While the aura has been trying to undo this since 2018. Jim Palmer came down that staircase at the Galleria wearing that beautiful gray, the 1960s, late 60s right grip that they’re wearing to this day on the road. And it just, I brought a tear to my eye right like to see that and that they fought it every step of the way. And they finally gave in and then of course we got no credit for any I don’t want to credit I blame. Right but

Leonard Raskin  10:45

but now they’re champions championing championing the town and it’s great. I think it’s great. You know, I watched a national broadcast. You just thought this is a I mean, look, it’s a great city. We’ve talked about it enough a lot. They made this town just sound fantastic. They were loving all over Baltimore. They were loving crabcakes they were loving the harbor. They were loving Baltimore. And that’s fantastic. It’s not a bad thing. So now the baseball team should do for That’s right. It should it should step up, step up to town and so they apparently have and look, I guess sports as much as anything, maybe more than a lot are the superstitious breed. So we lost we lost two in the bed jersey. So I guess we’re not going to wear I’m ever gonna wear my Friday so yeah, I think I think it’s good. I like to I like to look you know, some of these teams, the, the space City did you see the space city?

Nestor Aparicio  11:46

These futuristic I said let the Marlins wear their pajamas, right? You don’t need pajamas, you know, whatever

Leonard Raskin  11:53

space city I looked at that as like I know where that is, but that’s terrible. Terrible, but at least I gotta say the city concept the the league had a thought somebody had a thought and saw the NFL NFL and the NHL. The they found this a number of years ago, you come out with this alternate jersey and you could sell more stuff.

Nestor Aparicio  12:17

Well, Jerry Glanville started that whole thing in Atlanta by turning on black right. He ran and they were black jerseys. And that was the end,

Leonard Raskin  12:24

right? It’s like, Come to me, it’s in my brain. Hang on getting from the brain to the mouth. Oregon, Oregon. I just that’s all ducks, right? What did they have? They have a different uniform for every game that Maryland did with unright. Right. Well look the the Ohio State has to and they came out last year with an alternate helmet for one game and the people went nuts

Nestor Aparicio  12:48

and I’m gonna put you on the spot. What do you do? Do those colors have official colors that the red and the silver? Do they? Is it Scarlet and gray, Scarlet and gray is what makes sure I get it wrong. I’m in the Dundalk Al’s Hall of Fame. There you go. We are kelly green and gold. That’s Ellie green and gold.

Leonard Raskin  13:07

My Randallstown rams were just black

Nestor Aparicio  13:10

and yellow. Ain’t going it’s kelly green.

Leonard Raskin  13:14

I get it. I get it. Yes. Scarlet and gray.

Nestor Aparicio  13:17

Scarlet and gray. I’m checking.

Leonard Raskin  13:19

So the the the Orioles now have black pants black shirt. I liked the look. It didn’t look like a pajama outfit. It was very snazzy. And from a business perspective. They’re gonna sell lots of those jerseys.

Nestor Aparicio  13:35

Well, they’re gonna win a lot this year. It’s all you’re wearing. Speight. Look, the Orioles have done awful throwbacks and awful throw a heads at different things. Nobody’s nobody cared, right. He cared because by the time they get to this point in the season, they’re 18 and 34.

Leonard Raskin  13:49

Well, there’s gonna be the Oakland A’s they’re the Oakland A’s they’ve lost 40 I think 40 Some games already. Were

Nestor Aparicio  13:57

asked you this just fundamentally and I know you know, we’re politically different. And certainly finance so America, Major League Baseball isn’t it fundamentally wrecked by the fact I had Barry bloom on this week right we’re talking about the Oakland situation Yeah, and what a disgrace it is and like all in nobody’s going to games and the stadium is a disaster. Like all of you seen that been there seen that? Barber say when I was a very young man, I was a teenager I saw that here right? Yeah, I would just say baseball fundamentally. The ticket biblical you know, the Garden of Eden the original sin is that no matter what, and Barry brought this up with me, and it kind of went blank and embarrassment covered baseball. 46 years. Yeah, I mean, cover Billy Martin janky stuff. Like all everything. Tony Gwynn. He’s just done it all right. And he said to me, Well, you know, the way I see it is you’re still the Yankees, the Red Sox, the blue they’re always gonna have five times the amount of money you have. And I’m thinking to myself, Man, that’s like being an am radio station saying BHEL will always be the Baltimore Sun. So what you know, but so is a point but where you only have to compete for your share in the real world. That’s right. You don’t have to be pizza, you can be Joe’s pizza and make money and make a lot of money. The issue though, is in Major League Baseball, where the Orioles are right now, and I keep talking about this because it’s never too early. We just lived through the LA Marathon, right? But we knew all along. It wasn’t like Steve couldn’t afford the quarterback and he had to go somewhere else because of the financial situation. Right? Hey, I’m telling you what if these players really do bake the cake, and they’re really good, and we win a World Series this year, next year, and Anderson’s good and Mullins is still awesome, and the pitching comes and this kid Rodriguez figures it out and wins 20 games like all of that, when that happens, you then become the Kansas City Royals, which is you keep two of them with stockists and whomever else right, and then you lose all the rest of them. And then you then you win too much to get draft picks. And then you rebuild. Start from zero. Yeah, but the Yankees don’t have to rebuild the Red Sox, not the Dodgers, like ravens don’t have to rebuild. The Bengals don’t have to rebuild the NFL, the NFL and the NHL and the NBA and they fought for years about it. Baseball is still archaically dramatically broken from a business model. And now the Padres have lost their TV funding and it it glitter when you peel it back and you get involved in baseball. It’s just a disaster because the model isn’t anything like the other models. How much bad college sports is going through this with the NFL where they don’t?

Leonard Raskin  16:28

Yeah, you’re gonna Yeah, and to go to college sports for just a minute. I think what you’re going to end up with is three or four Super conferences. And then everybody else in the NFL is going to pour in and the TV is going to pour in more than it already does.

Nestor Aparicio  16:47

And is that ever happened for Rutgers after it’s already happened for Ohio State and Alabama? You know what I mean? Like, I’m thinking of these places, we think let’s does that really? Boston College and I

Leonard Raskin  16:56

L, the NIHL combined with the transfer portal has just made college football free agency.

Nestor Aparicio  17:04

It’s unwatchable unless you’re just drunk guy in the parking lot. Kids are just moving around like

Leonard Raskin  17:11

a school team. Yeah, that’s like, like, bro, like pro ball. That’s what’s going on. So baseball, you know, you go back to that. I say, Look, you and I compete in markets, where there are 800 pound gorillas all around us. Yet, somehow we’re successful.

Nestor Aparicio  17:28

Because that’s a lot harder to do. And


Leonard Raskin  17:30

well, look, the Orioles are here they’ve drafted Well, how long did it last? I don’t know.

Nestor Aparicio  17:36

Well, my question is whether you’re going to step up and front out a sky box, or people like you or your competitors well, and fund the thing, right? Because the next thing that’s coming from John, I promise you letter, I promise you mark this down, write it down because they don’t have a lease. The next thing it’s common is we want 104 games this year, and we only drew them and then and then and we only sold them and then and we don’t have the feminine and the masculine. And Mr. Learned he came and took our money and then maybe Major League Baseball came and took 200 million and we can’t afford and you know, I mean an athlete watchman’s agents a jerk and he wants to be a 375 million and I’m like, the angels are gonna lose Otani. Oh, man, right. I mean,

Leonard Raskin  18:17

all about picking him up. How great would that be? See

Nestor Aparicio  18:19

Aaron Rodgers leave and go play for the Jets? And it’s one thing to see Steve have to bite his tongue and pay Lamar, right. But in the NFL. There’s, there’s an it is a fair game, which is why we love it. Yeah.

Leonard Raskin  18:33

Lots of spread money, lots of spread money. It’s a capitalist socialist combination. I knew the politics had come in. Well, that’s what it is right. Politics is

Nestor Aparicio  18:45

the NFL. of hardcore Republicans voting for socialism and really hoping for democratic handouts in regard to go I mean, John Angelo Epson and pn steep Ashati both went to Larry Hogan and Westmore. And they watched checks and checks to make these stadiums better so that Steve’s investment of 550 million which is now worth 6 billion, and others investment Borno third thinks he had a triple his father’s investment of 145 million is now worth 2 billion while the team is festered for 30. I mean, it’s, yeah, it’s a hell of a

Leonard Raskin  19:20

gig land. It is a it is a great gig. And I would say that it’s out there everywhere. In business, you know, the biggest developers get tax breaks on structures. They build the they get handouts from government all day long. In the last 15 years, we’ve seen businesses that should have failed all over the nation that have been propped up by bailouts from state, local federal government. Big businesses bailed out by the federal government, time and time again. And Marty McFly Tesla. Well, it started way back when with Chrysler and going right up to Silicon Valley Bank, who got taken out. But the big boys got a big check to buy them off. Right. And that’s gonna happen forever. And I hate to say it, I think I don’t hate to say it. I love to say it. I think it’s horrible. I think the government needs to get out of the way. Stand and make the playing field level for everyone to play. And not pick winners and losers. If you win my appointment baseball the way I agree. No, I

Nestor Aparicio  20:37

agree. If you will, Yankees have all the money, they’re gonna continue to have all the money because they but here’s the thing, I’m gonna go buy a watchmaker bias. And they’re

Leonard Raskin  20:45

gonna get it and I agree, but I’ll put a button here. When’s the last Yankee championship? Well, that’s that’s,

Nestor Aparicio  20:52

that’s easy. That was

Leonard Raskin  20:55


rippled Republican point. But at the end of the day, reality wine, right. They haven’t won. They’ve paid all that money. They’ve looked at the Padres. Oh, how much money have they spent?

Nestor Aparicio  21:06

But they wonder they had fun last year. Yeah, they had fun. But they didn’t know we can ask if the Orioles want if they’re in the playoffs in next three years. I mean, yeah, they’re in the playoffs next few years. They get taken out in the first round this year, second round next year, and maybe go to a World Series and that was

Leonard Raskin  21:21

a challenge. Failure. No, the town will be happy because it’s perspective. It’s where you came from and where you’re headed. Well, then the perspective is

Nestor Aparicio  21:29

we give a boatload of money to John Angelos and he decides whether he wants to keep it or give it to Adley rutschman That’s right. And he he’ll sing Greg Bader out in front of it and ban people like me from asking questions while promising to show his books. Like I know how this plays I you know, I’m not I keep finding that’s the fairy tale we go down to buy tickets. Oh, I get it. I can have a good day with you. But the the the absolute understanding for everybody here needs to be the baseline that the Orioles ain’t the Ravens. And then they don’t even have a lease. And at the end of all of this, you better really enjoy it because he will get wildly successful and everybody by skyboxes to support the continuation. That’s right,

Leonard Raskin  22:10

but don’t get a lease because it’ll be $1 a year for 20 years.

Nestor Aparicio  22:15

That’s what John wants. I think John wants the Atlanta plan, which is, which is you get we’re gonna give you half the city.

Leonard Raskin  22:22

Oh, well, you know, hey, if you can look, if you get it, Asheville is willing to do it. If you can get it, you gotta get it. Art modell came here for one reason. One reason only it was It wasn’t to bring Baltimore a winning football team. It was to liquidate his estate. The man had a big asset, with big value. We think that a big situation that said, When I die, my kids are going to lose this asset. And I want to make sure they keep it one way or the other. Baltimore said, Come on in, we’ll take care of you. And Owings Mills was $1 a year for a training center for however long he wanted it. And we’re gonna build you this beautiful new stadium after we get you out of 33rd Street. And then we’re going to find a buyer for you to keep it in Baltimore, you’re gonna get a lot of cash and cash means you can get out of debt free means when you die, your estate is liquid. Your kids can continue on your legacy. And all’s good in the world. And

Nestor Aparicio  23:24

news about that as John modell and I went out to dinner in Oakland a year ago and continue that legacy and I talked to Michelle modell and continues that legacy with grandkids and there you go. So, you know, I understand the business. I understand

Leonard Raskin  23:39

to be the Las Vegas A’s. And then I guess they can’t cry about not having enough money because Tom Brady will own a part of the team. And he’ll pitch he’ll pitch it out of the bullpen and this satchel

Nestor Aparicio  23:52

page in his fifth

Leonard Raskin  23:56

What is this? So let’s spend a second here. What is this nonsense? He’s going to own part of the raiders and he might be the quarterback.

Nestor Aparicio  24:04

You know what I asked today that because you know JT the brick and air close in Brixton, Raiders inside Yeah. Brick was like out on social media and I literally wrote to him and I’m like, Kenny own the raiders and be a broadcaster on Fox. Last night. He was getting 40 million a year to go

Leonard Raskin  24:22

to television, right? Go do TV, television and own the team. Was he going to take out Romo is that what it was? Was he gonna be the replacement of Romo CBS I don’t even know where anybody broadcasts anymore.

Nestor Aparicio  24:35

Yeah, I don’t I Joe bucks on the internet. I own

Leonard Raskin  24:39


apple plus, Hulu, something. Who knows?

Nestor Aparicio  24:43

I talked at length with Eric Fisher about that this week from front office sports. And just about where the money’s coming from,

Leonard Raskin  24:52

you know, like find you gotta find a game. It’s like they’re playing. I know they’re playing. I can’t find them.

Nestor Aparicio  24:58

Leonard, this is the funniest thing I want you to go Listen to the Eric Fisher piece because he’s one of the smartest people I know about. You’ll love it. And you can follow him in a Eric Fisher. He’s moved from Sports Business Journal. He’s had a couple of career moves here, but still covering sports, but anybody he said to me, and I had to stop him, because I don’t want to paraphrase. I want to get it exactly right. He’s like, Yeah, well, Major League Baseball is going to need to find revenue sources where the people actually know they’re giving them the money, as opposed to cable television. Where like, like, baseball is now in the place where hockey by the way, the Stanley Cup Finals, not on TV, you have to go fish it out.

Leonard Raskin  25:33

It’s ridiculous. Ridiculous. I know you love hockey, TNT.

Nestor Aparicio  25:37

And now you fish it out. And when you fish it out, if they say to you, it’s 299 a game. Are you paying 290? Are you paying 58 cents? Are you paying anything other than your time to watch the Las Vegas knights play the Florida Panthers in a hockey game? Like it’s crazy. But the baseball side of this is their whole business model was taking money from people who didn’t know they were giving them money. Yep, that was the whole cable television model absolutely said to me, they have to go actually get money from their own customers now. And I’m thinking boy is if the Orioles are left to all if massive dissolves and nobody’s coming Jaycees coming wave from a check or BHEL? And those checks are small anyway, these days. Yeah, I’m in the media business. I remember when REITs fees for Oracle baseball in the 90s Jeff bow shape had to write up you know, four or $5 million check to put the games on that all that’s different now. Right. If the Orioles model five years, 10 years from now is like hockey has been forever. Tickets sponsorships, we get some national television money for whatever the Apple TV, right. But if the real model locally is that everybody here has to pay for the 162 games, and pay per game or pay for a season ticket or whatever, the orange pass you by the 13 game plan, you get the TV for free, or whatever the bundle is going to be these teams are gonna have to get real smart, real quick. And the San Diego situation is prime example. They’re, they’re promised all this money to Manny Machado, based on a television contract that just became a zero sum.

Leonard Raskin  27:11

That’s it’s bizarre, isn’t it? Who’d have thought that it would just die? I don’t know how that happened.

Nestor Aparicio  27:17

Everybody’s been predicting the cable caught it pretty quick. And they’re just saying, well, they’re baseball, they’re smart, they’ll figure it out. Well, the time has come,

Leonard Raskin  27:24

right? Well, they’re Look, they’re gonna have to step in, like everything else, that the beauty of capitalism. And this is the thing about baseball, they don’t let anybody die. Of course, they’re just move them to somebody who’s willing to pay. But the fact is, creative destruction happens all the time you and I know it, if you’re not breaking your business model and, and re re racking how it runs in a future world, you’re going to be out, your competitor is going to eat you alive. You know, my business changes every day. There’s now we’ve gone from advisors who give investment advice and financial advice to robo advisors where you can put your information into a computer and get back quote unquote, a financial plan to in the last six months AI you can ask the computer anything and get the answer to your financial everything question. And if if people that are traditionally doing what I do, don’t recognize that this is coming for you, you’re gonna be out on the street looking for a job, you’re gonna be doing something different because creative destruction of this world is happening fast. And you got to be nimble, and you got to be forward thinking as to what you’re doing in your business model to keep it fresh. Otherwise, competition just passes you by people don’t need you anymore and baseball will find that and so Oakland moves to Las Vegas or Vegas as I now understand it. It’s not Las Vegas unless you’re a visitor. It just Vegas if you’re there, so it’s the Vegas Golden Knights not the Las Vegas Golden Knights. But it is the Las Vegas Raiders I think. I don’t know. But But yeah, you better make that change or city Oakland City of San Diego the The fathers are gonna go

Nestor Aparicio  29:13

well, I guess from the baseball perspective, we’re all buying into going down and giving them money and and understanding like, this is an investment we’re making in a keeping the team here. Nobody’s saying that. But that’s right. But that’s true.

Leonard Raskin  29:24

You gotta prove it out. Baltimore’s got to prove it out that warehouse centered

Nestor Aparicio  29:30

on games like they’re winning right now. Yeah, they don’t start getting more people. Yep. Like if it doesn’t really grow for if I don’t start giving them money or somebody like me and I have not been moved to give them money. The

Leonard Raskin  29:42

water. The waterfall section looks pretty good. They’re they’re spraying people with water. I don’t know what that’s about. I know what it’s about. But it’s packed. It’s packed. What the heck. We know. That’s what you got to find. You got to find a way to put them into seats. And you got to have black jerseys that say Baltimore, and maybe you got to give away a black jersey. See or to, you know, to the first 20,000, or whatever it is people that walk in the gate. But they’re gonna, they’re gonna have to do something because they got to fill that stadium and that’s what’s gonna happen. You’re either going to fill it, or as Ursi says, We’re gonna move it, we’re not gonna

Nestor Aparicio  30:16

we’re gonna move it even if they don’t move it. How competitive can you be if you’re under if, if you’re, if you literally in this sport, have three, a Jackson holiday a rutschman. And if you have a three headed monster, that’s awesome. We will then be looking at this 24 months from now and saying, Who can we pay? That’s right. Only 18,000 People are coming to the ballpark. That’s right. And televisions to write a check to to the learner family and Major League Baseball comes in. That’s when they throw John out. Right. That’s when they come in and put a Mr. Big in here. And you just have to pray you’re Mr. Baig is not this jerk in Oakland. Right. Local. Yeah. Well, that’s what Ben loves. About being local. 30 years ago, we saw that turned out

Leonard Raskin  31:00

Right, right. Right. Well, you know, there’s this there’s this Ripken guy who

Nestor Aparicio  31:04

who? Oh, we’ve been hearing that for a long time. For 30 years. I love count. I count loves his life in Annapolis. Letter Rascon isn’t reskinned global. You can find him out on the front of Baltimore positive and anything you need from a sort of one on one money how to handle your money where to start invest trust the market all that’s available Rascon global any any seminars you’re laying low it’s little summertime

Leonard Raskin  31:31

summertime with you anytime they get a little time off but we can we can be found info at Raskin global el Raskin it Raskin global out on Facebook, on LinkedIn, they can find me and as you said, if I need questions, money, we’re we’re good to go. We’re good.

Nestor Aparicio  31:45

This was a juicy one today we we we peel back a little money on you and you find that all at the bottom or positive could be doing the mayor ruling crabcakes represented by the Maryland lottery, kind of the list is so long, I don’t want to go through it. We’re going to be challenged. We’re going to be experienced West and we’re going to be cost it’s going to be a Pappas, my goodness. We’re going to be at Hollywood casino at the Barstool Sports restaurant later in the month. So lots and lots of places. Lots of crab cakes, lots of lots of lottery tickets to give away and our friends at window nation 866 90 nation we appreciate all of our sponsors around your wise conversations. It is it’s been nice to survive 25 years on August 3 long enough for the Orioles to bring us back in. We all know nsda in 1570, Towson Baltimore, and we never stop talking Baltimore. Pause

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