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Crab Cake Row: A five decades long Aparicio Family love affair with Dundalk community and Costas Inn


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Crab Cake Row: A five decades long Aparicio Family love affair with Dundalk community and Costas Inn. Nestor Aparicio begins Day Two of “A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl Week” with his son Barry as the executive producer for a full day of charity conversations to benefit the Maryland Food Bank. (Yo, Stevie Cho we’re looking for you!)


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Barry Aparicio, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:04

Welcome in it is a beautiful morning here in Dundalk, Maryland we are at Costas in my son Barry’s riding shotgun today because like he didn’t anything else do on a Tuesday afternoon. We are doing a cup of soup or bowl it is crabcake row cost this isn’t even open right now so like the doors are open so if you get here I guess you can sit down if you want my kid came in the side door, haven’t for how are you everything? I know our microphones are working which is you know the most important part? Yeah. You did radio with me last year. I did your city do radio with me when I’m in Dundalk. I love Dundalk when you were kid used to always kind of want to come in and like hang out on the show and I used to bug you to come in you were excited about it. Well, hold on. Let’s see. I started doing radio 91 December 91. So you came to the radio station in 92. You remember light street the elevator remember like street man or door man? Remember that?


Barry Aparicio  01:01

Tom Taco Bell tacos for 30 cents. That

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:05

was later on that was sort of a later incarnation you’re actually sitting over the WNS T logo. So it’s kind of funny, shall I call this? I mean, because we have great guests coming today we have important things happening here in the east side of town.

Barry Aparicio  01:18

Yeah, I’ve never seen cost as this empty. It’s weird. There used

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:22


to be a band called Disneyland after dark da de okay, they had to rename themselves ever Swedish band, you can Google them to Sealand after dark da dee dad. Okay. Like, um, your dad, father, my father, that’s foreign daughter. So, I would always think that the best fantasy book that you could write would be a fantasy of being trapped in Disney World after dark. Where everything would would be you would have the whole park to yourself. Kids

Barry Aparicio  01:48

series I think is ghosts come out and I don’t know.

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:52

I don’t know, man. I’ve been an employee before because I’ve been to some of these like I’ve had in Texas at the at the All Star game in 96. They did their gala at Six Flags. So I mean, it wasn’t like empty but you had you could get on any ride the whole park was open. And there were 1200 media members there in a park that would have had 20,000 people in a crowded that right walk on rides. So yeah, I mean, like I got on the Rebel Yell or whatever the version of that was a couple five times he’s get back on again. So there is a part about like when a place is closed. And I was in here the other night was packed in Saturday Night was a wine and it was crazy packed. And you know, this time of year crabs are tough. So like you got to call ahead you reserve crab so some people show up. They don’t reserve them and they’re mad and we’re like, well, we reserved them for these people. They called on Thursday and said they’re coming Saturday and they’re gonna get to dosing you can’t just make crabs in the back. It feels that way like they do it cost this but you don’t know. Alright, so buy some berries here. This is the first year I’m not at the Super Bowl. And I’ll tell you on a Tuesday. the God’s honest truth is it feels like I’m at the Super Bowl because of what I’m doing. Like I did 10 hours at fade Lee’s hooking up new buddy like to new equipment he loved

Barry Aparicio  03:10

the new equipment it’s bright shiny doesn’t even look like light bright it little bit it does. My


Nestor J. Aparicio  03:16

cat is just stared at it for like three days saying That looks like fun. And the weird part is it has all these lights and it doesn’t do ish it doesn’t blink it doesn’t I don’t know what these are. It’s like the old instant replay we had at the radio station where I’d hit it would open Marvin Lewis always brings that up with me. He always thinks that’s the most unique thing ever. I sat in an open beers and play pianos I

Barry Aparicio  03:37

found that piece and I cleaned it up and can’t find software to run any of it anymore replace all still in there all the instant all those sounds are still in the board but what

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:48

is going on? Yeah, I can do them all Yeah, I’m a very available individual. We

Barry Aparicio  03:54


had all of them have that anymore. You don’t need no no

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:57

no no no we’re not there yet. The birds are not fried. It’s pretty close. You know I asked a windy Braun fine this week with the champagne of cannabis is or what the champagne. I’m gonna have champagne. What I’ve already we appreciate this because I want to drug city with with with Jen the other day we did some shopping this beer shop and when we came to Costas, we came to Costas had dinner here the other night. setting things up making sure everything worked. So come on down to cost is where you’re live. You’re listening on the radio, my son Barry’s here he’ll be here all day we have Maryland lottery scratch offs. 10 times the cash is what we’re doing. So stop by say hello. We’re practicing doing radio so went to drug city. And I thought to myself, alright, I made the champion of cannabis joke with curio wellness and foreign daughter. We talked about champagne. I don’t like champagne because my headache a little bit mouth tasted but I’m not going to drink it. It’s my wife’s favorite

Barry Aparicio  04:49

drink. And fizzy is in the tiny bottles. She does the tiny bottles so she doesn’t overindulge. Has she ever been hung over on champagne I think once or twice and that’s why she does the tiny bottles. We

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:59

just ranch Ed Brown did not I was just talking about Tiesto. And he and I and Julio ripped it up in San Francisco at the 16 Super Bowl. So it’s eight years ago this week, I met Chad Steele and we became we’re friends you know, like in the real world. And former Steeler I said he’s my favorite Pittsburgh Steeler. Rob Woodson is a good guy too. But that’s okay. So since Tomlin, but he didn’t call me anymore. So we went in and I thought to myself, I want to get a really good bottle of red wine. I like red wine, but I don’t like spending $100 on a bottle. But if I’m going to indulge ever in my life, for a celebratory bottle of something to drink, it really should be the day the Angelo’s family is no longer running the team. And you’ve known me a long time. Had I ever discussed with you or anybody in my life? One day, they won’t own the team? And it will be No, I like, I haven’t thought about that, really, since I did free the burns. And he dug in further. I gave up the dream that he was ever going to die, or that Major League Baseball was ever going to do anything about it. Or the city was, I mean, Westmore got rolled by him last year and at some point when he sat here would be before he’s governor, like at some point. All of that was going to be changed because we live long enough that things change, right? They just do. And


Barry Aparicio  06:20

David Bowie taught me that one

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:23

so I never went to bed one night staring at the ceiling thinking one day they’ll be gone I just I gave that up and and like I’ll come back and it’ll be normal and people be treated normal cow being like that was a fantasy may be a reality in real terms. Stephen. Oh, miles the great lawyers my buddy. I hope his places Okay, in Santa Barbara. It’s a mess out.

Barry Aparicio  06:50

I missed this commercials.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:51


Let’s talk about it. Yeah. Steve went with me to make sure I didn’t wind up in jail. The day of free the birds. did. Did you know that? I

Barry Aparicio  07:00

don’t think I knew that. You went to free the bow was my shirt. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:04

found the picture with grandma with my mom for Mother’s Day probably had a lady on yesterday. Who runs the grace and hope mission down on Gay Street. It’s the most beautiful sign in the city. It’s right around the corner from the block pleasure palace don’t deal. But it’s a beautiful sign. And I always thought it reminded me Guys and Dolls. She came into the show before 20 Dude, you got to see it. She looks like grandma’s looks like Liz. But she looks like Liz’s sister. And she has the southern thing about her. But she was a woman of God. She was literally was one of the coolest ladies and Maryland Food Bank sent her to me yesterday. And like I fell in love with talking to her, you know, but so we’re doing all this stuff. And I’m thinking to myself, the prayers answered on the Orioles. And the thought that this could happen. It hit me last Thursday that took 48 hours. Like Tuesday, it happens. I’m on the phone with deep throats all over the city getting information about like, what does this mean? Every one of them assured me it’s real, but every one of them had this caveat. It’s the Angelo’s family. They’re dysfunctional. They’re volatile. They lie. So is there a term sheet? Sure. Has there been a handshake? Yes. Is this a sale? No. So it’s not

Barry Aparicio  08:28

on paper yet? It’s


Nestor J. Aparicio  08:29

not over and it’ll be over when it’s over. Right. We’ll know when it’s over. When it’s a signed deal, believe me, David Rubenstein. But but it feels to me like John Angelos isn’t coming back, that maybe there’s been a, you know, an agreement to say you’re done. We’re taking we’re not going to let you to face this for the next four to six months. We’re not going to handcuff the baseball. I mean, it’s not coincidental that the burns trade happened that they added $16 million in payroll on a blank, right for this year. Right? That’s not coincidental. So I bought this bottle of wine at drugs city thinking, this is going to be the thing I’m going to do that’s going to be celebratory. And I thought man, what’s a bottle of wine that I can’t afford? That I’m going to buy? One time in my in that I bought one other time? What am I going to spend 5999 on a bottle of wine and why would I do this? And I thought it’s the perfect bottle of wine. I bought a bottle of the prisoner the

Barry Aparicio  09:35

the Borden edition. I don’t know

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:37

what it is. It’s a red blend is what it is. It’s gonna be milky and delicious. In a it’s gonna be the best glass of wine I’ve had since Sammy Hagar and

Barry Aparicio  09:45


Andy new frame in the in the rain after getting out of shock.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:49

By the way that night Tuesday night some dude went down to the stadium and let off sparkler. Did you see the video do went down in front of like the Babe Ruth statue and let awesome confetti and ran around. and like, I’m with you, man, I am completely with you. But I have been warned by people who do these transactions to just believe in it, like, let the ink dry. But I did go to drug city, George foetus and Chuck and I did lay down 5999 on Saturday night after I had dinner cost this and I have a bottle of the prisoner and I kept it upright because I want to, like our wine rack sits right next to where I eat dinner. I’m going to look at it every day for the next 6090 days, 120 days. And at some point, this summer. I’m gonna open that one and building a thirst for it. The prisoner released I’m going to release the prisoner. I’m

Barry Aparicio  10:45

a whiskey guy. I like the whiskey bottles, but

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:47

I mean, whiskey name. We could use the troll Angeles. I don’t.


Barry Aparicio  10:50

I don’t know what you think about it. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:53

mean, I really have never thought about the end. I’ve never thought much Jen got on me like, Thursday. She’s like, this just be that 48 hours to marinate on this. And I said, I think I might get my media credential back.

Barry Aparicio  11:10

I asked like I was like, I don’t know, I found that I was like I don’t does the prison open again? Is it a playground again? Is it not a playground? But is it like do we keep players after three years? Do we like how does this work for

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:21


your age and follow the Orioles and think like, I’m a joke and you know, I get that on the internet. I mean you credential for 23 seasons. I had immediate credential almost longer for the Orioles than I did for the

Barry Aparicio  11:33

Ravens all the Ripken years. The Messina years the Sidney pawn stones that came in my first

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:37

Oreo media pass is in 1986 Pass. Okay, so I had a pass every year from 86 through oh six I 2021 passes. I’m sorry, I said 2321. Year 86 206. I had to pass every year. I have them all. They’re hard cards, some had my pictures, you know, most years they look the same. But then in oh seven after I did free the birds. That’s when Greg Bader met me at the front door. You’re not coming in. And so that said, I haven’t talked to Greg Bader in 18 years and I’m aware of I’ve seen him a few times because I buy tickets and go down there once in a while but I free speech and free. Yeah, whatever. I mean, I haven’t been wrong. have lied, y’all. So like

Barry Aparicio  12:23

JC said, when you get nervous to tell the truth.


Nestor J. Aparicio  12:27

I saw that the other night. Grammys was great. On Sunday night one night I

Barry Aparicio  12:30

don’t watch I actually boycott I don’t watch any of it. Well, why do you said that? Yeah. Well, he said clip. Yeah, he said it he said it’s not a boycott when you go back and watch him on TV, the hotel. Right? He made fun of Joe Smith for that but right but he does the same thing. Like look, if you’re in the industry, and you’re up for it. If I was up for a Grammy I would probably boycott the same way.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:49

Listen, I didn’t want to watch the Grammys Sunday night I was a little nervous about doing 40 hours a live radio here with my kid this week it cost this so but my wife put it on and I was like working Sunday night and then like it got good. Like the performances were good. Miley Cyrus is just extraordinary. And Taylor Swift singing Miley Cyrus songs was awesome. I liked it. And I you know, it’s Hollywood glitzy and it’s the academy and like all that, but I didn’t even see the Tracy Chapman thing. I woke up I’m gonna watch that. Oh, God, he was phenomenal.

Barry Aparicio  13:23


Aubrey told my wife told me about that. She she showed me a little bit of the Miley Cyrus ad lib to prove she wasn’t lip synching about winning her first Grammy. That was kind of cool. A couple clips here there I didn’t watch anything.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:34

My only look like Jane Fonda Jelic Jane Fonda 80s hair and she boffin she looks like she, I love always love Miley Cyrus. I mean, I wasn’t like

Barry Aparicio  13:44

a Hannah Montana guy or whatever. But I’ve always I’ve always thought she was great. She’s talented. Yeah, I mean,

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:48

she sort of sold the show for me until Tracy Chapman showed up, but it was just all really good. And I love music. So it’s one thing I have left that nobody’s effed up for me. I use IQ if I were to go deaf, that would suck but I love music. So I love baseball. I love sports. I you know I want to go back I want to be I built this to love that but here I sit Super Bowl week during the show Costas because, you know, quite frankly, the Ravens behave like jackasses. So I don’t, I’m here and it’s all good. And we’re giving away these they’re 10 times the cash. It is a miracle lottery. My son Barry’s riding shotgun. So what’s going on but he signs it give me a little Dundalk update here.


Barry Aparicio  14:24

I’ve just been remodeling the house I grew up in slowly and steadily. It’s changing wires out changing walls out finding old pink paint from the 80s

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:34

It’s every time I drive up our street that I grew up on. It’s still the same old neighborhood to me and Toby Rubinstein lives here and Louis Michonne he lives there and you know, like Sean does across the shop. Like it’s still that’s what it is for me. You know,

Barry Aparicio  14:49

the neighborhood hasn’t the blocks haven’t changed? Just people. Good community now, I always have so many of you

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:55


reference Shonda shilling because like, I thought of her this morning because I had a joke yesterday. Greg Landry came on from Towson transfers and we did a segment where he he is promoting by the way I got so many charities we’re going to have your lay and yesterday we did 17 charities yesterday. Charity I think we’re going to do more than a dozen today we have Leah Pittenger from bringing them home Animal Rescue on the east side of town. Lost Dog lost animals bringing dogs the pet. No, but she’s bringing stores. Barbara nock and Otis and Josh from churches for streets of hope and Essex. Steve Torino, my buddy is going to come out we’re going to talk about Vehicles for Change. Marty Schwartz, who’s Jim Schwartz his cousin, football coach Jim Schwartz. Marty does a thing called Vehicles for Change. Hit me he’s been on. Like Ellen and Oprah kind of him. He’s He’s serious guy. He’s out of town. I love Marty. Hello, Marty would do that Christie Green, who just signed up today. Her husband turbans group was yesterday, St. Francis, she’s from Maryland coalition of families. We’re gonna have Felicia Fleming and Julia letterer here from zagging against cancer. That was a Terps thing about 10 years ago, young man, so that’s going to be a story there. Misty Bruce is coming from MC vet MC vet. And they they help vets, get employment, get housing, get jobs, get back into the workforce. There’ll be your later today, St. John’s food pantry. That’s what we’re benefiting today. I have some sheets around here. Yeah, went over there and grab that paperwork over there, dude. So the Maryland Food Bank is always looking for money, obviously, but can good. That’s right here. This is what I have right here. This is a little sign. Please donate today a cup of Super Bowl, cash accepted Maryland food bank. So that’s what we’re doing here today. But locally, the St. John foods pantry, Karen le Ventus is going to be here friends for supper ministry. This is where the food is going today. So anybody brings canned goods today here to cost this beginning attending and we’ll do that Tanya, I hope I’m pronouncing your name right, Keats, I believe it is to show your soft side animals so we’re doing some more animals later this afternoon. And then one of my favorite people are Brian Marchetti is coming today. He is He plays Santa Claus around town and he’s a buddy of mine his his sister was our my mother and your grandmother’s caregiver at the end of her life so his sister was the person who came to mom’s house every you know his sister so and last but not least and this won’t be last this is in the three o’clock hour and I’m really looking forward to this so this is this is one of the small Tamar thing kicks in because I’m about to make you laugh. I sent an email out to everybody said if you want to come be a part of this and promote your charity promotion community and by the way I have some space today so I’m gonna be is really listening live and you’re in the air you just want to roll in the Costas and like Tommy story come on by we’re here Costas in doors open around 1010 30. Can’t get your cup of soup to 11 because that’s when the staff comes in. But we’re here. girl writes me back. And I mean, I don’t have the email like in front of me. So I can just paraphrase. I was going to read it. Her name is Trish Woodward. Like Woodward and Lothrop are like a Bob Woodward. Center note. She said yeah, I represent camp opportunity. Like Alright, Camp opportunity. This is a kid’s camp, eight to 11 kids that have had neglect abuse, awful things, showing them the world this summer. So that’s what we’re going to be talking about later today. But she writes me No. And she’s like, I have to tell you that I’m a Colgate graduate. That camp opportunity was built in Dundalk and that you and I were in Oliver together in 1983 to two or three. I don’t know it. All right. So 42 years ago, you weren’t even born. And she said I was in it. And I found this is where Greg Landry comes in from Towson transfers, okay. This is where Shonda shilling comes into this for the whole Colgate ECI thing happens. So, I have a VHS tape of a play that I was in when I was 14 years old before you came along. Where I played the Artful Dodger in Oliver. We did it on the stage at Colgate Elementary School in November of like 82 So I think I was in nine I was in middle school a couple of years Adam elementary school but everybody there changes at the music teacher was the same. A beautiful man named Lemuel. Henson, h y n s o n he was brutally murdered in the city. A few years after that in the mid 80s was just an awful awful thing. But I have a videotape a yellow Kodak VHS of a camera that was held in the back during our rehearse probably held and it was our rehearsal camera that was like a VHS 1982 There was an expensive camera. It’s it’s $1,200 camera with $1,200 like five grand now

Barry Aparicio  19:47

right the VHS stuck in it still the whole VHS went and I have

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:52

a tape. Perfect sound perfect. Everything from 1982 of this play Towson transfers and Greg Landry this is what they do they take a tape from 1982 that Trish doesn’t even know exists, and I own and I was in it and I transferred it to Greg takes the VHS and we talked about this yesterday because I was in Carson City, Nevada two weeks ago and I went into the antique shop you know, belt buckles by the way today. Today Van Halen nice that’s Dundalk you know I gotta go Van Halen today. I think Yes, yesterday I’m picking ones all week. I’m gonna do heart tomorrow from Marcelo cocoas so I go into this Carson City Nevada antique joint and there’s rush this and Springsteen this stuff, but there was a legitimate Betamax like it said on it still works. You know, it was 59 bucks or whatever was a Betamax. And Greg Lanches. Like I got one of those to Towson transfers. So Shonda Schilling was the only one I ever knew that Betamax so that’s why I thought of her yesterday, because her dad had beta. I never knew anyone in my life. Beta was the first it was the best Sony had bet better stuff in 1979 8081 we had a Sylvania VHS, because quite frankly, we went the last skins and he was the cheapest guy in town. Steven Oh, miles, his uncle. And my dad could only afford the Sylvania at the time, not the you know, and, and the guy that sold us is like, the VHS is going to be like, more open source, right? Like, as opposed to like Apple, which was more like Sony, which was this weird format, right? Yeah. And so I saw this Betamax and I’m thinking to myself, this is exactly what Greg Landry does. You have these old tapes laying around. So this young lady’s coming today. Unless she’s listening right now, she doesn’t know this. But I sent her two clips, mp4 video clips that are up on YouTube, of the scenes that I sang. Because I Greg did this for me like, six years ago, he mixed down all this stuff for me and gave it to me digitally, right. And I have the digital copy and I cut it out where I saying consider yourself and but I have the entire thing for her. So I’m going to gift her today. Nice. The entire show we were using 1982. So that’s Trish Woodward. She’s here from Camp opportunity. She obviously is living a good life and doing good work. So it’s Colgate grad. That’s awesome. And she’s older than you so she’s got to be in a mid for too weird then I’m Moses old. How are you?

Barry Aparicio  22:32

I’ll be 40 this year.


Nestor J. Aparicio  22:36

This is my son everyone. Hard for me to believe that. I know you’re happy to be here today, right? Always. Yeah. I’m gonna send you in a row run later. We’re Costas we are over NorthPoint Boulevard. We are celebrating. Really? A cup of Super Bowl. We used to do this thing at Radio row. I’m so much happier being here with you right now than I would have been in Las Vegas. Right? Yeah, right. You don’t want to be out there. 52 degrees out there. Nice.

Barry Aparicio  23:01

I like Vegas. But

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:02

I bet it was cold in Vegas this morning because the daytime highs were in the 50s. So that means like in the desert, it’s probably like, really cold. I put this on my app so I can like figure out how miserable I am by not being there. It’s 42 degrees right now in Las Vegas.

Barry Aparicio  23:17


I know that shut the pools down because we were there in October and we missed it by a day. Oh, it’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:20

42 in Las Vegas. What is it here? Hold on. What is it right? Oh, it’s only 34 here, right? We’re in Dundalk, Maryland. We’re Costas. Everybody comes by. He’s gonna get a Maryland lottery ticket today. They’re gonna get a 10 times the cash at a $10 winner yesterday and families are very happy with that when they won 10 bucks. We’re going to be Coco’s on Wednesday. Thursday, we’re going to be at State Fair in Kingsville. And on Friday, we keep the equipment running, and I get quality help like my son here, who’s no longer like a kid will be Friday at Pappas up and Cockeysville So, I’m gonna get your crab cake today. What’s your favorite thing cost us What do you eat here?

Barry Aparicio  23:53

We get the chicken Euro.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:54

This is easy. Nobody gets the Greek stuff here.


Barry Aparicio  23:57

The chicken euros the best thing on the menu. Probably. You love it. I’ve had a lot here and soups.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:03

Good. I love the soup soups.

Barry Aparicio  24:05

Good. Meatloaf was good. I’ve had the meatloaf. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:09


have never had the meatloaf meatloaf was good. Dude, you’re weird you come in to crab house is another meatloaf.

Barry Aparicio  24:14

Because I know that I know what’s good. I want to see what else is good.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:17

Right? That’s good point. I had the crabs here variety. Right. I had the crab Imperial stuff mushroom caps as sort of my go to Okay, well, a Costas there are several things beyond the crabs. Everybody knows about the crabs people come for that crab cakes whatever. Crab tower pizza promoting that all the time taking fun pictures, but the cream spinach absurdly delicious and unique. It’s completely unique to this place. Nowhere else in the world serves cream spinach like this is unique flavor to it as an AMA Reto to it. It’s delicious. And the stuffed mushroom caps for me are the crab Imperial, the best. Like I like that more than crab cakes more than crab. It’s one of my favorite things. It’s the common nation have the crab the Imperial the egg and the mushroom do it for me and the little, little top on it doesn’t feel like royalty because I want to feel like a king, you know, than that about me for a long time. And then the other thing that I got the other day that I’ve been getting for like six months here, and I just fell into this. I never ordered fried shrimp anywhere. Like I don’t know why I love fried shrimp cocktail sauce. That’s mostly like the thing. I would go down to New Orleans and the whole like if I was going to New Orleans for the Super Bowl, which I’ve done five times. Whenever I would go there I would hanker two things, the chargrilled oysters that they have down there that are amazing. I’m trying to think of the name. What’s the name that place that I’ve. I’ll Google it. But there’s a there’s a famous place down there. It’s not currently but the Acme Oyster House sits right off of Bourbon Street. And the Acme Oyster House is where I would always get fried shrimp because I love them and they’re dusted and cornmeal. They do them the same way here. I didn’t know that

Barry Aparicio  25:58

you have to go to New Orleans. Say


Nestor J. Aparicio  26:00

they know this becoming a Costas since 1976. Or something. Right? Like I didn’t order a fried shrimp here until last year. And Pete brought them to me at the bar with Karen over there. And they treat me nice here. I mean, I don’t think they it always feels like they bring me bigger shrimp than they would bring other people I may be wrong. And then people say no, that’s just what we do. But the shrimp calm. They’re about the size of my hand. You know, like they’re giant. And I mean, they’re like five baits for one shrimp. That’s not a shrimp anymore. Jumbo shrimp is at a prawn. I was a stripper kind of prom. These are like under twelves or what I mean they’re big shrimp. And they butterfly them and they they fry them in this pan. This cornmeal. And I would just say like, I can’t believe I ate your 1000 times before ever had

Barry Aparicio  26:54

one. I don’t think I’ve ever had that. Maybe I’ll try that today. Oh, fun. Lunchtime, maybe.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:00

Do yoga tonight. My son berries here we are doing a couple of Super Bowl. It is the it is crab cake row. I think crabcake rows kind of fun like it’s not radio Rhodes crabcake row. And when you think about the places I’m going this week, right like, fade Lee’s they originated the jumbo lump crabcake right, Costas, my hometown, love of my life. East Side Crash Asia from everywhere. Coco’s is the Maris favorite crab cake. I’ve know Marcelo 32 years in under Marcella forever her crab cakes legendary, so we’re gonna be there Wednesday, Thursday, we’re gonna be over to state fair with Evan. They have three restaurants over there. Beaumont, El Guapo and state fair, but we fade these moving into the parking lot next door. I talked to will, and the folks about that yesterday. They’re getting into the news stall, and once they get that open, they’re going to Catonsville they’re gonna get this thing going out there as well. And then on Friday, we’re up at Pappas in incognito that’s Oprah’s Favorite crab cake. And and you think these crab cake people don’t get along and stuff like the cost is family and the Pappas family are like really good friends like they like so. It is kind of neat. Bringing Baltimore together and small tomorrow together and doing it with the Maryland lottery friends and window nation. I have my wacky ad. I’ll put that all out. I may make you wear the wacky hat you’d like wacky hat

Barry Aparicio  28:12


I love wacky hats. This isn’t my Don’t trip. Don’t trip at from California.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:17

I like that

Barry Aparicio  28:17

it’s a good reminder.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:18

You want to I love this kid. We’re gonna be here all day our friends at Jiffy Lube multi care I got my oil changed out at York Road across from curio. I had such great guests yesterday, and I feel bad. So I’m going to do this. Our next break and I’m going to get everybody listened on the radio. We bought out yesterday at about 915 Because I’ve all new equipment I’m trying to I haven’t done live in 10 years. We made it through most of the day yesterday. I’m going to invite the dudes that came on yesterday that was sort of messed up at one o’clock. The two city police officers for youth for tomorrow. I’m gonna have them back but I taped everything we did yesterday for the American Cancer Society. Vivian Stern’s Elliot came by in the morning I was their emcee for a big event back in November that they did for the Hope Lodge and the Hope Lodge beautiful story. It didn’t air yesterday at like 929 30 Luke and I put some tape on and I went back and fixed everything getting everything working. So I’m going to air that so yesterday the American Cancer Society stopped by I’m gonna step out take a break so we’re not going to be in live radio for a couple minutes when we get back. Leah Behringer is going to be here from I have so many plugs here. Bring them home Animal Rescue. We’re going to feature that 10 o’clock hour barber knock churches for streets of hope and Essex, Steve Trevino for Vehicles for Change that will be this morning on later on in the afternoon. We’ll have some more people stopping by there is a chance that a bucket list thing is going to happen today for me here. There’s a guest that I’ve been stalking for five years to have on the show. He is a James Beard award winning chef. He is out on a shoot for Vice Today. He shot a vice piece that I’m gonna make while I’m airing and not that I don’t want you to listen the American Cancer Society piece, but while I’m airing that I’m going to make you aware of the vice Costas piece that got released two weeks ago, Vice came in here in the fall and did a 11 minute segment on Mr. Costas Mr. Tree on populace, three Anta Philo’s, I want to get it right. Priyanka, Philo’s I’m working on that. And Pete and Mr. Costas, his dad did a whole sit down in here in front of this sign, and like, you know, quiet and told their story about Mr. Costas is never told me his story. He always buys me beer. He comes in and always greets me. I listened to your show every day, every day. I listen to him 1570 I hit him I add, you know, so that’s pretty good. Mr. Costas, you know, so he’s never done the show with me. He’s always avoided me. He waved at me laughs and runs off. He’s afraid of me, right? Even though he listens to the show. He’s probably listening right now in a way and he probably is. So he’s been avoiding me all these years. And he wound up on the fight show. And I heard the story that I want to hear on my show


Barry Aparicio  31:12

that I’ve always wanted to ask from the hometown from your hometown

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:16

unis vice channel, you know, but the vice thing is unbelievably good. It’s 11 minutes and you’ve been at Dundalk, native, Colgate grad, like Dundalk, resident. Pay your taxes. You vote here hopefully the right way. Yeah. Tom Crandall won’t wanna hear that. But you know, I’m saying I’m elementary

Barry Aparicio  31:32

school. So new elementary school, they did

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:35


this 11 minute piece here. And it’s really a piece about Dundalk, and the people and the history and the plan, if Anthony Bourdain were alive and came in here, it would be similar. And this particular guest, Steve Show, Roper pronouncing it properly. Is the host on vice for the local thing they’re doing. They’re shooting something else today. I don’t know what they’re doing. I don’t know, Steve. I’ve met Steve once. Steve has one of my favorite restaurants in the city. ekiben e kibe. N ekiben. And over the weekend, I’m doing this thing here Tuesday, Jen and I were like Saturday night, I said, Hey, just before we came over here, before we came the cost this I said to her, there’s a vice thing. 11 minutes us watch it. And she and I sat in the in the kitchen and just watched this 11 minute piece. And I’m six and a half minutes into it. The stories about Dundalk and the plan. And this beautiful Greek family and third generation family working here in crabs and football and sports and what’s important. And then Steve shows up at the bar saying I’ve always loved this place. I’m like, so much one of my favorite chefs is a Costas aficionado, smarter, more. His family is from these an Asian family. I’m not I don’t want to say where they’re from, because I don’t know. They owned the restaurant called seeking out on Liberty Road. And he was the kid in the kitchen there. Like Pete was the kid in the kitchen here. And Nick was the kid in the kitchen here. So that experience is incredible. But Steve did the video and I said to Pete I’m like you know, Steve, I gotta get Steve on the show. Like I’ve been trying for years to get him to sit down and tell me his story. Because I want to hear it. But he’s been avoiding me. I think I scared him at best the Baltimore party couple years ago. I frightened people don’t i It’s the broccoli. Man it’s good. Broccoli tempura never had

Barry Aparicio  33:31

the bug me to go there for years I’ve ever been. What’s your loss? I know. I know it is it was part of it is you have to eat it fresh. You have to eat it. When you get it

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:39

be in the mood drive over there and get it. That’s you know, I’ll get free plug to activate and all day long. I mean, literally all day long. It’s my little like thing. Like I when my wife’s at a town in my darkest hour, and I’m hungry and there’s nothing in the fridge and I can go to Costas. I can go to Coco’s I can go to any my sponsors I can eat. I’m like Sinead O’Connor. I can do whatever I want. I can do whatever I want, you know? Correct. It’s good. That’s good. Nothing compares to you. Thanks. So, I will go down to the ekiben. I’m sneaking into the Hamden ekiben a pull up a given my $11 Plus tip. I’ll get my little box and my chopsticks that I now can eat and because I’m missing my finger, I’d learn any chopsticks. And I sit in the car and I watch the steam come off it and I dip it and I sit there and eat the broccoli and I think this is the greatest thing in the world. That’s what I think you’re ready for a break aren’t you know,

Barry Aparicio  34:38

I just I don’t have any food. infatuations like you do I guess. I’m happy with just you know, meet your meatloaf. Yeah, I like orders the meatloaf no chicken euros. That two chicken euros.


Nestor J. Aparicio  34:55

We’re gonna step it up today and get you some fried shrimp and some crab period. My son berries here he’s ride shotgun. Today we’re hanging out a big thanks to Jr for getting us on the air. I have new equipment where Costas Lee a bit injures here. We’re gonna talk about the beautiful animals and east side of town. We’ve been talking a lot of great things today, I’m gonna get the American Cancer Society piece on in the 10 o’clock hour because you want to be entered a little bit right. So step out, we’ll take a break. We’ll come back. We’re Costas, I have marital lottery scratch offs were sponsored by win their nation supported by our friends at Jiffy Lube, and certainly here to lift the folks at the Maryland food bank. So please donate. Come on down. If you’re listening live today at cost this Wednesday. At Coco’s Thursday at State Fair, Friday at Papist. Were there nine until five? Jen says to me last night, sort of rhetorically. You think you’re gonna lose your voice by Friday? And I’m sitting there like over a crab cake from families and mac and cheese and I’m exhausted. I looked at her and I’m like, probably, probably you think I’m losing my voice?

Barry Aparicio  35:50

Probably not. Yeah, no, I don’t think so. I’ll take the under.

Nestor J. Aparicio  35:53

But we’re gonna be in Hollywood casino when Sunday night I don’t know who I’m gonna be cheering for Taylor Swift I guess but we’re gonna be watching the football game in Hollywood casino pedophiles. So come on out. On Sunday night. You’ll be hearing about all of that. And big thanks, everybody came yesterday fade these mean but just what an incredible roster of people. Everything you missed or heard on Monday this week, anywhere will appear by the end of the month at Baltimore I’m gonna wind up with 80 pieces to put up we have a new baseball owner. We have a football thing going on. The Terps are playing and there’s a football game Sunday night. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570. We are a Costas come on down and say hello and help us support the Maryland Food Bank.

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