Crab Cake Row: Bill McCarthy tells Nestor many ways Catholic Charities serves our local community

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Bill McCarthy tells Nestor many ways Catholic Charities serves our local community on “A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl” week at Faidley’s at Lexington Market to benefit the Maryland Food Bank.


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Bill McCarthy, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back wn S T A and 5070 tasks in Baltimore. We are doing a cup of Super Bowl. It is crab cake row. We’re down here at fade Lee’s in the beautiful Lexington market. I’ve got all sorts of guests. I’m a little behind on certain times Bill McCarthy’s here for Catholic Charities. No stranger to WNS. G no stranger to charitable things. Certainly no stranger to Baltimore and running banks for many years. How long has it been since I’ve seen you or been able to like chat with you in this way? I see what various events but I don’t know that we’ve ever liked sat next to each other. Grab the drink or water or a meal together. It is a pleasure to have you here. How are you bill? Great to be here. I gotta get your mic right. You’re on to number three. Here you go.


Bill McCarthy  00:48

All right to be here. It’s

Nestor Aparicio  00:49

good to be here myself. It’s great to have your mic on.

Bill McCarthy  00:52

How are you doing fantastic. Naz how are you?

Nestor Aparicio  00:54


I’m I’m excellent. But you know, Catholic Charities. I want to talk to you about this. But I was driving from up in the reservoir was up at four corners coming down the Laney Valley Road and I saw Stella Maris this three days ago. And I’m coming to us and I saw Catholic Charities on the outside of it. A number my radio stations two miles in there, Pine Ridge up that way. Right. And I was driving him I thought, is that where you are? And I thought that would be the lead of my conversation with you to say, is that where you are?

Bill McCarthy  01:24

That’s, that’s great. We’re there for sure. We have 200 locations throughout Maryland. So we’re in many places, but right there. Where you passed is our Villa Maria school. We also have St. Vincent’s Villa residential program for children. St.

Nestor Aparicio  01:38

Vincent’s is something near and dear to my heart. I mean, we talk about original charities I talked to will last segment about my father starving as a kid and why we’re doing this for the Maryland food bank. And we are doing this for the Maryland Food Bank with our friends at the Maryland lottery when donation and Jiffy Lube. We’re going to be all week we’re going to be everywhere. But you know, in regard to what you do, and all these I mean, I don’t know enough about a lot of these charities. And I know you I know you through banking, I know you through your unfortunate loss many years ago, which we did our best to support you. But you know, all these years later, this is a week for me to learn. Like literally when I passed it. I saw the sun I’m thinking is that your base? Or are you supporting that? And when I went by there, all I could remember was 20 years ago, 25 years ago now, but don’t have your 32 years. I work with AdBlock AdBlock was the only charity I worked with in the 90s. And the reason for that was Larry Harris, who covered the Colts back in the day at the evening sun. When I worked at the evening sun at block was a big part of our every year the Baltimore Sun got behind it every year, we went out to Martins West, we did feature stories on all the football players that were missing. We didn’t have a colts, right this is this is I worked at the paper from 84 to not to 292. We didn’t have the Colts. So it was the only football thing the NFL did in Baltimore every year. And I felt like this before we even had the team 9394 I was at those events at Martin’s West with Wayne growing and with the SAM LaMantia whose son Paul cuts my hair and the AdBlock thing and what you were doing with children there, it inspired me I went to an event there in 1995 96. And I would have been an orphan child. You know, my parents not taking me in both my parents were they struggled my maternal parents, and I was adopted by a family that lost their son and a drowning at the age of 12. My parents, and I didn’t respect that or understand that a 2728 29 years of age. But I went in there that day. And I saw these children running around and I thought all right, we nasty Nestor needs a charity. Yeah, nasty Nestor needs to be involved. And this is 1996 9596. And I think about those children their wills age, right? You know what I mean? Like you had 26 years to the 11 year old kid, the 37 years old now. And this is the kind of work you have done forever and other paint that so many people have made St. Vincent center was a place I went every single year with the kids and the football players. Yeah, I went out there and played football with those kids every year.

Bill McCarthy  04:12

That’s a that’s a great memory. And you know, it was the first Courage House in United States was St. Vincent. I knew that. Yeah, now they have 20 maybe wanna? Yeah, more than 20 Actually, but it started there. It’s still vibrant there. It brings so much joy to the kids to there. They


Nestor Aparicio  04:29

would come they would sing to the football players. They would make gifts. God made me cry thinking about Yeah, probably cry twice this morning. Start talking to David Modell. I get I get emotional here. We had American Cancer Society. Alright. Catholic Charities. Bill McCarthy is our guest. If you don’t know, Bill, you’re not from Baltimore. You were banks for a long time. Right. I mean, that was your primary. Sure. Tax banker. You thought that was going to be your life’s work, right? Yeah.

Bill McCarthy  04:54

So how that change, you know, 16 years ago or actually 17 years ago, our daughter Erin passed away and, frankly, that’s how we really got quotes. You know, Erin died of osteosarcoma, you know, after battling that disease for three and a half years, so

Nestor Aparicio  05:11

17 Yeah, she was 17.

Bill McCarthy  05:13


I knew that she was 1414. I’m sorry. Yeah. 17 years ago,

Nestor Aparicio  05:17

I know she was a she was a teenager. And

Bill McCarthy  05:19

yeah, yeah, so she was diagnosed that 11 died at 14. But being a Baltimore person, and always trying to live my life of giving back, and actually supporting and living with purpose, you know, had the opportunity to take over Catholic Charities 16 years ago. And it allows me every day to know that lives are changed, our communities made stronger, and people are better off I, I wake up every morning, knowing that people are hungry today are being fed people not sheltered or being sheltered and people out of work or being placed in jobs. And it’s just three of the things we do. That’s a big thing. Yeah. So super excited to be here to talk about you. And well, we’re talking about food insecurity. For example.

Nestor Aparicio  06:03

What is Catholic Charities at its heart, national multinational internet was given


Bill McCarthy  06:09

because sir, Maryland were the largest private human service agency in the state. We serve everyone from birth to our oldest neighbors. So it’s the whole lifetime of service to our neighbors who have a need, and where we can fill that need. We fill it from here to Garrett County, to Allegheny County. crabcakes.

Nestor Aparicio  06:26

With me, yeah, so my belly you feel Gerrity? Yeah. So so the basis for Catholic Charities, where can people learn more, do more, and I know your wealth of information, because when I think of Catholic Charities, I think you more than anything else, because you’ve been in front of it forever. But I also realized, I don’t know enough about it.

Bill McCarthy  06:46

So if people want to go to cc hyphen,, you can find out you know, all about Catholic Charities, all of our programs, where you may live, you know, throughout this area or throughout the state, and opportunities to volunteer support and learn more, really, we want to educate our neighbors about the plight and journeys that people are taking, where we can just give a hand up by helping people with an act of kindness, it could be a meal, it could be mentoring, it could be providing health services, all sorts of things, that every day I call Catholic Charities a movement to improve lives, you know, almost 8000 volunteers each year coming in, you know, and that’s a good that’s a Baltimore positive story. Neighbors that don’t know each other coming together for a common purpose of just helping their neighbor.

Nestor Aparicio  07:33


Do you have a Super Bowl it for Catholic Charities there one thing every year, that is the biggest initiative that you do

Bill McCarthy  07:39

yet is there’s a couple of things our leadership breakfast right before Christmas every year, which is served that our daily bread brings people together, you know, to support the agency’s work. And also to learn more about what takes place. It’s always the first Wednesday in December, and great way to kick off the holiday. And of course, there are other events throughout the year. But what I’d like to share just a little bit, it starts at our daily bread because it reminds us of you know why we’re there. You know, a lot of people do events at venues like hotels or clubs or whatever we like to do it 730 In the morning, knowing that their neighbors are coming for the only deal that meal, they’re gonna get that day at 1030 to remind people why they’re there. And I think of a sports analogy of our daily bread or our daily bread, open June 1 1981. And it was originally in a corner of Franklin and cathedral streets. Okay, my sister’s places there now. Since January, June 1 1981. Till today, we have not missed a day of feeding our neighbors who are hungry. That’s blizzards better Chow Rifkind stretch. That’s a street that’s a street to give you the tally on that. That’s almost 15,000 uninterrupted days, 8 million meals served to people are hungry by volunteer for neighbors feeding acres.

Nestor Aparicio  08:59

That’s an amazing story. Yeah. Since 1981,

Bill McCarthy  09:03

yeah. How about that? So that’s something I remember getting a call but at some paper during the blizzard, that’s when they still had that going to


Nestor Aparicio  09:11

be open and ask them Yeah, at every Blizzard you’ve been open? Yeah,

Bill McCarthy  09:15

every blizzard and they said, Well, what what stories you have? I said, Well, you’re covering stories about parking. Yeah, you know, lawn chairs and parking spots. Why don’t you walk out your window and you can see the line of people coming in, just to get a warm beer meal and to get out of the woman’s, you know, for an hour being served by neighbors that are giving back to one another. So it’s a really, it’s a movement, it’s positive. It’s the things we don’t hear about that we should be talking more about. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  09:41

I mean, I did a news program at Fox 45 the other day and I watched the 11 week it’s bad bad bad bad bad. I like Baltimore positive I’d like to look good. So interesting. You would say you do your daily brew your your your Super Bowl, your annual executive thing that you do at our daily bread. One of the inspiration because I’m 55 Bill like I’m inspired by what you went through with your, your, your daughter and our role in that and seeing you out on on social media. I did a thing with the food bank, not the Maryland Food Bank, believe it or not the Indianapolis Food Bank. All right, so hold on here is a story behind is the Indianapolis Super Bowl in 2011. I had done a taste of the NFL every year, the night before the Super Bowl, a guy named Wayne Ostrowski who’s a restaurant here in Minnesota founded this 35 years ago back in the early 90s. He got what the NFL much like Ed block is NFL sanction. And in every Super Bowl city, they had this big vent, and it was always in a in a convention center or big ballroom or big space. 1000s of people miss America’s there they would bring bands like REO Speedwagon, Brooks and Dunn big bands, Barenaked Ladies big private event. Super Bowl lights. NFL players there every team had a chef Nancy Longo from PeerPoint was the Baltimore chef. And there would always be a celebrity sometimes be Matt Stover or Kadri. Ishmael signing autographs at the table. So you had the Browns table, the Ravens table, the dolphins, the dolphins or bring some chef making some good fish thing from Miami or whatever. So it was a tasting event. And they were always at the swanky events, swanky places. And this one wound up being at the food bank in Indianapolis that year because they couldn’t find anywhere else though, that those Wayne told me this later. And we went to the food bank that night. And this was a different kind of party. Now you’re partying in a warehouse. Literally. It was this giant warehouse at the end of nowhere in Indianapolis. And there are 5000 people there the night before the Super Bowl, eating drinking players. It was your no colts fan, right? Absolutely. You remember Bert Jones? Absolutely. Remember Bert having a shoulder separated by a big defensive end named Bubba Baker out Bubba Baker, Detroit Lions Silverdome. It was a preseason game and rec birch career really was the beginning of losing the franchise really. I mean, Burke got hurt. Bob Baker was there that night signing autographs at the Cleveland Browns table. Because he was a Browns alum. I think of him as a lion, but, and I had my camera on I’m gonna ask him about Bert Jones. He said, Yeah, I meant to hurt him. I wanted to hurt and I’m like, Oh, I don’t want to hear that. There’s weird interview, right? That night, we had a couple glasses of wine to band play whatever. We couldn’t leave. Cabs would not come to the food bank out at the end of the end of the street. And there are hundreds of people that could not get back downtown and like for the circle, and I’m stuck at the food bank. We were stuck there till two in the morning. They were sending bosses and five. Like nobody got to leave. Everybody got to hung out at the food bank. And I called Wayne about a month ago when I train this crazy thing up. And I said to Wayne, you trapped me at the food bank. So eventually I give to the food bank. So I’m going to tell Carmen del Cueto when he comes by on Thursday, that it was a night trapped at the food bank that inspired this thing in some way in some small way. But it is sort of when people come down our daily bread and they’re there, they get to see a different side of hey, I’m Bill write me a check or write me a corporate check or just give something or I think it is different. And I’ve on Thanksgiving, go on the West Baltimore and as part of a basket brigade with Tony Robbins sort of food on Thanksgiving Day. And if you’ve never done that in your life if I inspire anybody to do anything this week, volunteer one time in your life one time and it could be our daily bread it could be you’ll be the food bank could be different but could be with anybody. But if you see people who woke up this morning not knowing where their next meal is coming from and I’ve never been so unfortunate I told a story about my father if if you’ve been that person and you see these people every day your life people that are really unfortunate and need society’s help we hear about politically handouts and and given free stuff away and an entitlement all of these words that we put on poor people, you know that we have we’ve ostracize them and we’ve stigmatize poverty in this country. Yeah, we shamed something that should be a We should be above shaming it and it should be below being shame a ball to be to be to be hungry in this country.

Bill McCarthy  14:44


And and here recommendation if you volunteer just once or at least to start do it again. You’ll do it again. Because what you realize is we’re more alike than we’re different. We’re closer than we are Yeah, people’s journeys are different. And there’s descend great sense of purpose and achievement as doing something as simple as serving a meal, or mentoring a child or just doing an activity with a child or, or just trying to help somebody mock interview for a job. And then you realize that this human connection is what gives us purpose. And we have such a positive experience. You hear more and more from volunteers. I feel like I’ve got more out of this day than I was giving. And we said, well, you know, I view our role as as nonprofits and Catholic Charities specifically, for the people that are come for service or come with an presented need, we certainly serve them. But serving the volunteer is just as important because that’s what creates this movement. And then it gives people greater meaning in their lives as well. Going forward

Nestor Aparicio  15:52

is this one I have guys like Bill McCarthy come by and have a cup of soup or a bowl, it’s for the Maryland food bank, but the whole idea is you I tried to get 100 charities at this week. I think I’m going to be stuck somewhere in the mid 60s. Okay, and I just couldn’t physically find 100 charities and slot them all. And some people around some people said Casey cares. Casey couldn’t make it. I’m sending somebody people are sending people that can make it here this week. But maybe next year we’ll get up to 100 but I think every story individually is important and what people can do so Bill to everybody out there right now what violence How does someone how do I volunteer? What would I do? Go to the website, click the volunteer button and sure email that way. You

Bill McCarthy  16:30

see joven and click on volunteer and we’ll find where you are what you’re interested in volunteering in

Nestor Aparicio  16:37

Dundalk. Let’s just say I’m gonna be done. Dr. Mark Costas. What do we know about Don Sure, supposed


Bill McCarthy  16:41

to you we have the Dundalk Deville Maria clinic right on Dundalk Avenue and there’s a drop in center for kids after school could be an opportunity to volunteer there as

Nestor Aparicio  16:50

well. What’s on them? Whitemarsh by Bellaire Road area. Well,

Bill McCarthy  16:53

that’s great. You go doing this? Yeah, we have Crossroads senior community right there on Fitch. So you can come down and, and work with our seniors. There’s basketball

Nestor Aparicio  17:04


at the by Coda center with my late great friend Alan Goldstein many years ago, yeah. See the senior centers with these basketball programs that you know, I’m trying to fix my back in my knee. I’m walking like John Wayne a little bit with my knee lately, trying to get it together. I was in PT couple weeks ago said this young girl was there. She had her hip. She was a I was up in Harford County. And I said, Man, I get up in the morning. I’m walking like John Wayne and the girl said to me, who’s John? And I said, Man, I’m walking like so. Tough scenario. What do you got in Towson for us?

Bill McCarthy  17:38

So we have Trinity house right in Towson across in the library. It’s another senior building. Downtown, downtown Towson. We have Gallagher homes, which is our group homes for adults with intellectual disabilities and a Gallagher day program right there as well. So there’s other charities

Nestor Aparicio  17:54

Now the one thing that’s not you see,

Bill McCarthy  17:56

you said you’re as Catholic people. Let’s start with that. Oh, it’s more it’s we serve everybody. And that’s what we went


Nestor Aparicio  18:03

covering Catholic. Y’all are trying to get right. I was thinking

Bill McCarthy  18:06

where you grew up over at Fatima. We’d have two senior buildings right there on King Street. Now we bought the property from the parish and

Nestor Aparicio  18:14

now you know, I my first home I bought was for 28 King Street. Yeah. So am I hear these people pitching about mortgage rates? A point 75675 You know,

Bill McCarthy  18:25


people have been spoiled with free money. That’s when you’re a banker. Yeah. You know, I remember to and when you tell you I tell my 20 year old son that he goes dad you’re out of touch

Nestor Aparicio  18:36

every time I drive by Kane street I think anchor post fence there and you know, Our Lady Fatima or confirmed and yeah, you know, it got my first Holy Communion the whole deal CCD.

Bill McCarthy  18:46

So to two senior buildings there. If we have time, I’d love to talk about one new project where we just undertake Absolutely it’s what we’re here. So I grew up in West Baltimore, St. Wilma, York, and they play basketball. And we used to play in St. Edward’s jam all for poplar grove. Every Saturday morning. I

Nestor Aparicio  19:03

don’t know where it is. Where’s pops through?

Bill McCarthy  19:04

So it sounds it’s all South. It’s the rose greater Rosemont neighborhood. It’s just south of Edmondson village off an avenue. So Brooke

Nestor Aparicio  19:12

almost did

Bill McCarthy  19:14

you defend Baltimore neighborhoods? I gotcha. All right. So so we’ll call it greater Rosemont which encompasses about six neighborhood guy Joppa town the other day.

Nestor Aparicio  19:27


Don’t do that, you know.

Bill McCarthy  19:28

So what we’ve done is we finally the old Alexander Hamilton School, which is across the street from St. Edward’s the city was divesting of it. It sits on five acres. famous alumni include Kurt Schmoke. Who went back Kurt smoke. Yeah, so that’s great. He went there, and so many others. But what we did was we had this idea if we’re able to work with families from When time a mom is pregnant to a senior, is it advanced age and needs other services at one place, we can make a difference in the community and we can break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. So what we’re doing is we’re redeveloping the Alexander Hamilton site. And to interject intergenerational Engagement Center. This center is going to have three elements, an Early Learning Center, which will serve pregnant mothers, and there’ll be two infant classrooms to toddler classrooms, five, three and four year old classrooms, after school programming for for older children as well. There’s gonna be a recreation center. And being a West Baltimore guy, I really love this. We want a recreation center that’s appealing to everybody. So obviously, there’s a great school gym in there. There’ll be program for the arts and dance and turf, but we’re building a West Baltimore dome. And I’m calling it the Superdome to rival the Johnston squared dome, which will be attractive to everybody to come over play ball play ball. So William Wells ran the one on the east side, I went over like a summer ago, we’re sitting out there in a bleacher having a Coca Cola. I said, Mr. Wells, I said, you know, we I know West Baltimore is better than East Baltimore. And I can’t believe that best West Baltimore has been deprived of this covered dome all these years. As a kid I was telling him when I played VMBO. And you were telling you didn’t know much about West Baltimore, I didn’t even know East Baltimore existed to the eighth grade, till I went over to Johnston square. So they’ll have this rec center will have a dome, which will be used for hoops and, and other sports because it’ll be used for for movie nights and other things as well. It’s just going to happen. Well, we break ground in February. Okay. And then it’ll open February. Yeah, to break down to week right now. All right, yeah, we’re doing starting demo in a couple of weeks, February 19, to be exact, and open the summer of 25. The other important thing is there’s a 200 unit senior building right next to it. So the community center will have a dining program for seniors. There’ll be a pantry, workforce development, health services. And we talked to the community about what kind of program do you want to have that allow you to connect and engage with kids. So it’ll be things like a chess club, somebody wants to do, they want to do a game night, they want some of the seniors in a build and want to learn how to use the apps on their phone. So something that the kids could use that to help the seniors as well, kids to teach seniors kids teaching the senior citizens an exciting project that we’re undertaking that’s going to make that neighborhood in West Baltimore, you know, even more vibrant than it is today. And, and hopefully it can be replicated. Community so

Nestor Aparicio  22:44

important, right? Yeah. No, I mean, like, you know, just, I think about where I grew up over and Colgate it’s now everybody there looks like me, everybody’s Hispanic, I was the only Hispanic kid in the neighborhood adopted, and how the communities changed people come together, but I grew up in this really tight knit community where still know all these people from my neighborhood and little leagues and the gym and my dad, you know, was was a baseball coach and umpire and just involved in the rec Council. Yeah, I mean, keep kids out of trouble. Right. Right. I mean, summer camp, we, you know, every day we went up to the elementary school, even when we didn’t have school, and the Rec Center was opened. We play chess, checkers, games, hopscotch, stick, ball, baseball, basketball, dodgeball, all of that, right. You make me a kid again, Bill. People coming together, man. Well, it turned out all right for me. No McCarthy’s here. He’s Catholic Charities. How many years at the bank for you son trust Correct.

Bill McCarthy  23:38

SunTrust Bank? Yeah, gosh, I was there for 12 years before that and first national before that. My

Nestor Aparicio  23:44

mother bank that son trust. Oh, good life. So yeah, right next to the joint overall mayor. Absolutely. Give a shout out to our friends wise markets. People have been bringing wise stuff here. I got wise lasagna I’ve been showing off. I was inspired by Jaime Costello and the MO Mar people. My wife and I went to get groceries at the wise you to wood over Thanksgiving time. It was six o’clock at night and I saw Jamie Costello when he’s tensing the park in London. Like what are they doing over there and went over there. They were doing it for the food bank. And I don’t know I just got a weird thing about what I was going to do. Radio row week Super Bowl week, I thought the Ravens could be in the game and this would be a big purple pep rally but it is a cup of Super Bowl. We’re calling it crabcake row where it fails right now in Lexington market. We’re going to be Costas on Tuesday. Coco’s on Wednesday, Thursday at State Fair and your side of town, the West Side Catonsville, and then Friday. We’re north up in up at Pappas and Cockeysville come by bring stuff for the Maryland food bank, you know the drill, bring canned goods bring dry goods, stuff that people can use stuff that’s in your pantry. Don’t bring me any old stuff. They’ll bring me an expired stuff now. But come on out. Help us out. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery don’t McCarthy’s getting a 10 times the cash ticket year. Rosin and John Martin Ladies are shiny and fresh. Our friends at window nation a six 690 nation as well as Jiffy Lube MultiCare. All of our sponsors have put this thing together. They’re all participating. Lennar Raskin will wish. This has led to raskins Crab Mal and I can use this here at babies, but it has a beer opener on. Its right. So this is patent. Leonard is right now on his 30th wedding anniversary in wilayah. Right now, he’s not worried about me. He’s having boy, probably some delicious, fresh pineapple. But rest and global is also a big part of what we’re doing around here. So if you are around this week, and you can’t make it today, you’re listening to him. 15 Seven, you’re out on a live stream. All of the videos will be up at Baltimore positive, all the audio will be up as well. And if you just heard Bill and you hear him again in the month, it’s because I’m replaying this stuff because it’s important. I haven’t eaten anything. I haven’t drank and he thinks good thing the bathrooms, live radio, whose idea was his idea was just to live radio. How am I doing here? I used to take this stuff. Catholic Charities see see hyphen, cc dash hyphen Simple enough. All right, thank you West Baltimore. All right,

Bill McCarthy  26:08

thank you

Nestor Aparicio  26:09

don’t say I’m not diverse. I let the people from West Baltimore on the show to even though I had never been at the West store back history. I always came through the Lexington market. We’re still at the old market. We’ll be at the new market soon enough. If you see the beautiful mural on the wall there that is in front of. I’m calling it a beer garden. They’re gonna call it a crabcake garden maybe an oyster garden, but the new phase is gonna have outdoor space. It’s getting built out it’s really close. I was over all the lights are there all the signs are missing in here. It’s first time I’ve been in here where well they do have the raccoon and muskrat sign here on

Bill McCarthy  26:39


it Damian tells me that’s going over. Have you eaten raccoon and muskrat now gave me tried to convince me to do it will has I haven’t tried it yet. Well

Nestor Aparicio  26:48

was talking about the raccoons do that go raccoons right out in front of my my cat gets in my lap every day. Middle of the night. She looks out the window and the raccoons are at the bird feeder. We call them pandas. Now we’re going to take a break we’ll talk raccoons later.

Bill McCarthy  27:04

Okay, that’ll keep people are hanging on. I’m doing

Nestor Aparicio  27:08

live radio. We had a conversation here and I’m trying to make everything work I got this rodeo is crazy. And the next thing I know I’m trying to get Bill organized give out lottery tickets. And we started talking about the difference between eat raccoon


Bill McCarthy  27:20

and eat must muskrat Yep. So

Nestor Aparicio  27:24

it’s not even lunchtime. I haven’t even had a crab cake yet so we’ll defer down here faith he’s you know gotta get build divine down here as well. Bill McCarthy Catholic charity first I want to program appreciate you coming by appreciate you having me always a pleasure man. Don’t McCarthy Catholic charity CC dash Maryland lottery win donation Jeffie through putting it all together where it fails. It is crab cake rope because he won’t let me go to Las Vegas. I don’t want to be there anyway. It’s 50 degrees but football teams on it.

Bill McCarthy  27:52

Nothing better than West Baltimore crab cake

Nestor Aparicio  27:54

rose the place to be in a cup of Super Bowl you know down here to fails and say hello, stay with us. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stopped talking charity community local Baltimore positive stay with us.

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