Crab Cake Row: Christi Green tells what Maryland Coalition of Families is and does for local folks

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Christi Green tells us what Maryland Coalition of Families is and does for local folks at Costas Inn on “A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl” Day Two from Dundalk.\


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Christi Green, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:07

Welcome back. We are live at Costas. I mean live like really lives. First time we’ve done live radio in like 10 years. We’re over Dundalk, my homeland the 21222 next to the to one to two for Essex. I featured them earlier today. So we’ve done our turn for Essex today to one two to one. Our friends at the Maryland lottery are giving away 10 times the cash my son actually is going to be in charge of giving everyone in the room 10 times this is how many I have. So here you go, dude. lottery tickets my son’s producing the show today, because we’re in Dundalk. We’re going to be Coco’s on Wednesday on Thursday. We’re going to be I stay fair and Catonsville Friday, we make it up to Pappas and Cockeysville we will have more of these to give away at a $10 winner yesterday. I like when I get like 50s and $100 winners and they come up and hug me and act like I gave him the money now John Martin in the Maryland lottery, our friends in winter nation I got my wacky hat because she’s beautiful. I’m not going to dirty up the program by having like the wacky hat on tickets but does look a little bit like the miller lite giveaway hats a floppy hat make you think some Orioles baseball 866 90 nation or friends at winter nation. I wear that later on as well as Jiffy Lube. Multi care. We’re doing this for the Maryland Food Bank and it’s called a cup of Super Bowl crabcake row people are bringing out canned goods. If I turned the camera we got we got I got shells and shatter macaroni and cheese gold metal unbleached flour, Sun Maid raisins. Off from wise markets no doubt are sponsoring all of this and our friends at Royal farms as well. Maryland Food Bank simple you bring cool stuff. We give you a cup of soup or bowl. kind of clever of me. Christy green is here. She has been on the program before I believe right? Yes. zoomy resumed Yeah, yes. Torben ever tell you the story about us. Were you within that day quickly? On opening day?


Christi Green  01:55

Yes. We ran into you. Yeah, right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:58

I ran into you. Right. And I was there getting a beer at the bar. I think Doc Martin was playing out in the street. It was opening day. And I told this story to Ayana yesterday from St. Francis. Because your hub was over yesterday under the weather. Don’t touch me if you’re touching him, because I hear he’s sick. So but they came by for St. Francis and I’ve done things for St. Francis. Neighborhood Center. We did a big piece on that Monday, you’ll hear it you’ll find it out. Right in your Druid Hill Park, everybody’s you like I said, so I told the story about your hub yesterday, because I’ve never really met Torben, you know this, right? Like, I don’t really know Him know him in the real world. I know him on Facebook. So like, on the D level celebrity who people follow for sports and fun and whatever, charity. So I know who he is. He’s unique looking fellow with the silver in the dark in the whole thing, right. So I’m in Quigley’s, and I’m like getting a beer. It’s opening day and I’m kind of minding my own business. My wife wasn’t when I was just alone, hanging out. She was with a friend. And I’m in line. And a guy turns around, and it’s him. And he says to me, Hey, you’re Nestor Aparicio. Do you know who I am? And I get this all the time from people like in Dundalk, people come up, say, hey, Nestor, we went to middle school together, you remember my name? And I’m like, that’s a that’s a finite that’s only one answer to your name. What’s your Charlesworth? Shaka? Charlie? Right. And I’m like, it’s, it’s like a math question. It has a real answer your name. And he said to me, and I didn’t know who he was. And he said, Do you know who I am? And I’m like, You’re Torben effing green he’s like, you know who I am? I’m like you’re on my Facebook every day but I’ve never met so that’s all I met him. I think I was going to pee literally when the lining in the bathroom was one little bathroom he quickly that one little right. So that’s all I know about him. And then he walked in yesterday, and a shattered him out and he shouted me out and he disappeared. And the weird part there was a different dude, you look like him that came in? I’m like, Did I mess up was that not Torben So how was yeah, let’s first things first when we get to your cause and coalition’s and families and important important work here. How’s your hope?

Christi Green  04:01

He’s good. He has a cold. So I’m on one side of the house and he’s on the other side way. No, COVID but Tuesday over here, I can’t be getting sick now and I’m fine.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:11


But to get the Hollywood casino on Sunday, don’t see my girl tape tape.

Christi Green  04:14

I’m spraying Lysol, like following them around to spraying

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:18

Windex. Like Christie green is here. She’s here for a great cause. I mean, I tried to get you over and try to get to her but we did a good turn for St. Francis. We’re trying to do community and charity stories. And you and I are friends and you got like reading points down.

Christi Green  04:33

I just have it with me.


Nestor J. Aparicio  04:36

Okay, Repeat. Repeat with me if you had the answer that you don’t know. The Marilyn coalition of families. I heard about this recently and I know you’ve been with them. Give me the story because you’re doing great work. Sure. Thanks.

Christi Green  04:48

Well, we are statewide nonprofit, but we’re local. So we have teams actually in Dundalk, Essex perfect Baltimore City across the state. We do what you call is family. Your support. And I know a lot of people know about peer to peer, like you’ve been through it. So you help someone else through it like for recovery for addiction? Well, we have been through it as a family. So we’re going to help your family get through a behavioral challenge, which can be mental health, it could be substance use disorder, or problem gambling.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:19

So as you see gambling is in Jr’s leaving, everyone give Jr. applause because Jr kept us on the radio we love Jr.

Christi Green  05:29


So we are the only statewide provider of this service. And there’s a gap in mental health services. Right now there’s a shortage of workforce. There’s a mental health children’s crisis right now with mental health. So we serve families. And it could be like you calling for your wife, it could be me calling for my nephew. It doesn’t have to be your child. It could be any age, anyone that you care for, that you need help navigating that service that help that support resources that they need. So like, we’ll go to school with you and your child. And we’ll help at the school with an individualized education plan

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:09

people like you this week, because there’s such a, whatever it takes, whatever it takes, I mean, literally, everybody I’ve met, whether it’s been spiritually based religious base, yes. Whether it’s just been money or state based or just like, they’re rescuing dogs, whatever they’re doing. Yeah, it’s sort of like, We are the people that roll the sleeves up. Yep. And try to get a solution try to get a positive outcome. Because I mean, it warms your heart, right? I mean, when you help people, we all like to make money and do so. And I feel the same way when I can help somebody. That’s why I’m doing this this week. It just it’s the reason we’re all here. I mean, we’re not here for baseball, football. We are, but like, show me a tattoo go Hey, come on. Come on, show me the tattoos. You know what she has come up to me Dundalk and wanna show me their tattoos. That’s a real rave. And that’s not like Pavan. That’s not like a cartoon bird. That’s like the Raven, I saw in San Francisco flying over my head last week as

Christi Green  07:06

well worrying i for the greens. You want the greens,

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:11

Christie greens here. It is the Maryland coalition of families connecting through you. But let me put that. So I’m doing this in lieu of radio row. So radio row, I would go to Super Bowl and you would have some handler and some ex football player with you. And you would hand me the notes. Right, they would hand me so I could read off. So I get all the talking points, right. I hate being handled. But I do like notes. I love you because you don’t come with some jerky handler handing me the notes and pointing to and see make sure make sure that you mentioned emotional support for someone who has first hand experience for caring for someone when they make me through this. So but this is it all touches me because I came from a really weird family. Right? You know, my parents lost their child as well. Right? Yeah. And I was replacing the child and I have my finger cut off when I was three. And it’s just, you know, like, I had a kid when I was 15. He’s over there. He’s doing well. He’s 30 It’s relatively well adjusted smarter than me. And he got a cup of Super Bowls because of him. Oh, so I’m just saying there was times in my life. Early in my life. Certainly. You know how to Venezuela father trying to steal me from me off the bat. I mean, I’m crazy ish. Like to miracle No,


Christi Green  08:23

I don’t trafficking,

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:24

bad at every minute of every day. But like, when I hear things like this, and then get individual story. Some give me no names, no fake, give me a private story in a public way that of a circumstance where somebody comes in, you get an outcome. What? Show me a story. Somebody comes in bad and goes out good with what the work you’re doing. Because I think that that’s, that’s the best way to show people what you can do what you’re capable of at the Maryland coalition of families. Sure,

Christi Green  08:50

sure. Sure. So we have over 60 family peer support specialists across the state. A good news story is we’ve been able to hire some of those individuals that have been through our services, crisis counselors, right. In a sense, we’re not counselors, and we’re not I guess the it’s like we’ve been through it. So you’ve been through what you’ve been through in your life and your family. Right? You just talked about that. What if you could take that and match with someone who’s had similar experiences, but needs help now? That’s what we do. Okay. So if I, for example, I can tell you Torben, and my story. Sure. We it didn’t end well, but I can see why this service is needed so badly. So we had our young adult nephew living with us in recovery. Okay, he didn’t want to use anymore. I went turned his life around and torbett and I were trying to navigate like how to get him counseling. Teenager, young adult, young adult. Yeah, okay. So he’s living with us. We’re helping we’re trying to get him counseling. We’re trying to get him a job. We’re trying to get him a car or transportation Sian, we’re trying to work through all this while we’re still like watching his every move because he’s in recovery. And we’re starting to see signs and symptoms that he might not be. Okay. So, in that moment, we feel very alone. Like, we’re the only ones going through this and just not

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:16


listening to us. Right? Not responding for us, right. So

Christi Green  10:19

at that point, that’s when I could have used Maryland coalition of family, somebody who else has been through that, who could have taken us through like, Okay, here’s where you get counseling. Here’s where you do this.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:31

We’ve learned a few when we got a job. And this is the pathway we

Christi Green  10:35

Yes, no techniques. And anytime I need that person, I can call them, text them message him like, Hey, this is what I’m seeing. This is what I’m going through. I’m struggling getting him an appointment. What do I do? I don’t understand this terminology. Because that world has a lot of acronyms and a lot of language that I had to learn when I stepped in as Executive Director, I’ve done a lot with human services, you know, that was St. Francis Neighborhood Center, but to walk in and do deal directly with recovery or substance use disorder or mental health. It’s a, it’s another world, it’s another very intricate, intricate place to be. So I could have called and they would have signed me to someone who would have walked me through it. And I want wouldn’t be alone because they had been through it themselves. They could relate. Well, in our case, unfortunately, he ended up using one more time overdosing and dying. And if I wish I had known about Maryland coalition of families at that time. But now what I’m seeing is people who have had that support, like 1am, for example, Cory, I’ll just talk about her. She she’s an employee of ours now, went through our services, had a whole bunch of court cases her child was acting out, she had a lot of issues in between, like, ex husband and her and family issues. She didn’t know what to do with her child, she was feeling very lost. And so we connected her with family peer support specialists that matched her and then walked her through it. And she loved it so much, that not only is her son doing better and better in school and doing well. She now is an employee of ours and helping others and helping other people with her story. And now helping other families navigate. So it could be a child, but it doesn’t have to be. We all care for our parents, some at some point or grandparents might be caring for grandchild. So it’s you care for someone, it could be your neighbor, you see them, something’s happening. You want to get involved, you call Maryland coalition of families or email us and then we’ll connect you we have a referral specialist waiting to talk with you sets an appointment and goes through all of this. But we know like for example. Well, I would say like last year, we served almost 5000 families.


Nestor J. Aparicio  12:51

Yeah, I was. So last year more than 60 family peer support specialists living and working in all 24 Maryland jurisdictions, meaning the counties supporting 40 603 parents, caregivers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, spouses, adult children, adult siblings, you can learn more about it at MD MD And Krista Greene’s here talking about, you know, making an investment and people really Yeah, and that’s what so how, how long just been going on? How did you get involved? Because I still think of your same friend. I expected you to show up with the St. Francis.

Christi Green  13:25

Well, Maryland coalition family has been around since 1999. Okay, so we’re getting ready to celebrate 25 years. All right, it’s a pretty 25

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:33

This year myself. So I got inspired by the lottery is 50th last year, and I’m like, I’m not going to print up fancy tickets and stuff. But I did do a fancy logo that’s here right now. It’d be she’s a little cupcake. And but yeah, it’s so that’s momentous. 25 years of doing anything, you Yes.

Christi Green  13:47

And we were the first in our state to do anything like this. And we are very successful at it, we’re filling a gap of workforce shortage, we’re filling a gap where you can’t get an appointment, you’re in that gap where you don’t know how to get out, you can’t get out, you have to wait for help. We have more kids and families showing up in the emergency room in a hospital because they can’t get the help or support they need and that they’re not equipped for that right for like a behavioral health crisis, which quite honestly, it can be scary. A child may want to harm themselves or others. And then you might think well, I’m going to call 911. Well, we also know that might not work out well either, because unless you’re trained for behavioral health challenges, but some police are and some police have the basics. But now we’re talking let’s get people to call 988 which is the new suicide hotline. But it doesn’t have to be for suicide. It can be any crisis. Let’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:44

talk about this because you said you’re here to talk about mental health. Yeah, boy, that’s a that’s a big, you know, I hear mental health mental health and I think Am I okay, some days I am some days I’m not we’ve all had our moments, various points, right? Like stay in with it and you do crazy marathon radio going home and saying what am I doing? You know, that but mental health? And I think we’ve all had our moments at the bottom, we’re like, all right, you know, like, do I want to continue to do this in this way? How do you talk about this? I guess, from from the Maryland coalition of families say, what is a mental health challenge? At what point? Do you pick up the phone and call? I mean, I don’t know where that that slippery slope is of today’s a day I call 988. I don’t want to do that. Right. But but people, if you’re at the edge, you need help. Yeah, I want people to have a place to get it. But I don’t I don’t know where that is. For every person. It’s different.

Christi Green  15:39

It is different. And when we look at a child, it’s very complex, very unique. Human beings are unique. So like, I love these statistics, if we look at them for just a minute, all mental health deaths 74% of all mental health disorders develop before the age of 24. But then we look down here when you’re a child, you know, it’s more difficult to figure out what’s going on. Because it’s complex. Like when I worked for St. Francis Neighborhood Center, I was there for 10 years, I, Maryland coalition of families found me and I found them and it and here I am almost two years later, and now I get to focus on

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:14

that someone in the neighborhood, a whole segment that’s really having these problems. Where do you refer them out? Because the olders call the cops, they got a gambling protocol, the cops they have a drug problem, right, right. That’s what we grew up on. Right. And


Christi Green  16:27

that’s not necessarily what we want to do now. So we’re gonna call 988. If there’s a crisis. Now, obviously, children are complex, people are complex, it’s hard to diagnose. So we’re trying to get legislation passed, that says you don’t have to diagnose a child for at least six visits. Because we also don’t want the case where we see children diagnosed with something that is not 100% Correct, or could change because they’re still developing. So my story from St. Francis is I had a kid who was seven years old when I started, who used to throw a temper tantrum every day at the after school program. Every day, he would throw himself down the stairs, like we would catch him, we would try to keep him safe trying to hurt him. So he was trying to hurt himself. It was very, it was just, it was awful. Well, when the actual

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:14

ones child and God you want to call their parents and say this child harm themselves. Yes. That’s it. That’s tough. So we’re trying to just a temper tantrum. That’s yeah, that’s beyond that. Yeah,

Christi Green  17:26

throwing books, throwing chairs, hurting other people. You can’t let that happen to other kid like, you can’t let him hurt someone else. So what do you do? So we got him into counseling. One of the first things they discovered which we all can figure this out, at some point, you tell

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:42


a seven year old they’re having counseling. You say you’re gonna meet with someone wants to help you? Yes. Okay. Okay.

Christi Green  17:48

They want to talk with you. And you just say how you feel, you know? Well, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:52

was, you know, relatively screwed up kid because of my family situation. And I I knew the guidance counselor knew Don Mohler, you know, I mean, guidance counselor’s Miss Evelyn Stowe Peck who passed away a few years ago, and I found her obituary, because I went looking for about a year and a half ago, but she she just take me out Holabird and play tennis with me. Oh, yeah. But she was my guidance counselor. And I had to go down and sit with her. And just tell her how I was doing. So they were worried about me. Yeah, right. I mean, this is 1979 and hollyburn Middle School, and I was a smart kid. I was did okay in grades and, but I had, I have to, I have to have somebody like you want to go all Dr. Melfi on me to realize how effed up my life was as a kid, right? Like literally. And but I had a guidance counselor, and I’m thinking about how I took to that when I was 12. Yeah, and I felt safe. Now I think about it for two years, felt very safe, obviously have a warm feeling for her all these years later, I didn’t stay in touch with her, but I bared my soul to her. And that’s a tough thing to do. For for a professional to take a seven year old child that trying to harness and try to change that.

Christi Green  18:54

It is very difficult. And you have to think like we want to remove that stigma so that you as a child, feel comfortable with your guidance counselor, that it’s okay to share how you feel. And we’re struggling with that stigma still. I mean, it’s still big. And so we want kids to feel comfortable. And so that’s one thing we have with Maryland coalition families. That’s


Nestor J. Aparicio  19:14

your seven year old doing. I know you got to happen. Yes. And I got to get the story. Yes. Yes.

Christi Green  19:17

Youth Voice family voice so I’m going to so he ended up in counseling. One of the first things they discovered is he was starving to death. So he didn’t feel good. Okay, why stories? We got it right. So Right. So with that’s number one, we could address that. So we made sure he had food. His parents made sure he had food every day immediately after school. He wasn’t eating at school.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:42

We’re doing this on behalf of America. This is literally this food. I’m looking at this big stack of food over here because this this is where this is going. Yeah, he is.

Christi Green  19:50


Well then he was diagnosed with other things. He had dyslexia so he was getting very confused in school. He had a he had a disability. He couldn’t read he was getting frustrated. So when he would get called out to read or do math or do something, and I’m sure, yes, he felt like he couldn’t do it. So he would get mad and throw things and run out of the room. Well, we had to get him properly diagnosed. He also had to ADD and ADHD like he had well, more ADHD, he had, you know, attention deficit hybrid disorder. And then some things are co occurring, like we’re talking about CO occurring things. There could be other problems, right? So he might have depression, but we don’t know all that yet. He might have OCD, but we don’t know that yet. So but what we can do is look at what we can right away. But we don’t want to miss diagnose, we want to want to early diagnose, we want to be preventative, we want to say, Okay, how are you feeling? So as an adult, if I’m not feeling well, there are things I can do for my own well being and self care, right. But if I ever get to that point where I don’t think it’s going to work going to work, there’s a reason why I am in therapy weekly, right? And I will talk to I will tell everybody, it is huge for me, even if I don’t feel I need it, that’s when I get the worst, the most work done on myself, is when I can go to

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:09

a deficit, you’re working for a positive, I can say like, Okay, how

Christi Green  21:12

do I handle this moving forward? Or how you know, so I think it’s important for everybody’s wellness, you know, but if you hit that point where you think I need to call 988, that’s crisis, then you have somebody on that line, who’s going to help you and potentially send a mobile crisis team to your home, which is new. We’re getting we’re now doing this statewide, and it’s in the city. We’ve been doing

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:34

this a long time and see, I mean, I’m sure you saw lots of traumas, and Frances, you know, lots and lots that that, are we getting better at this after the plague? I want to ask what for that question. No, but I’m interested in a general sense, are we getting better from where the resources are being used to try to help people, we’re at least acknowledging that there’s problems and then he has solved? I mean, boy becomes the criminal becomes the problem. All of that. And we know this, we know this intellectually, this isn’t, you know, this isn’t hard to figure out. How can we help that person? And how can we invest in that and who can and what organizations can we trust to do a good job? Yeah. Well,


Christi Green  22:14

I know we’re good.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:18

All right. I want to plug a Maryland coalition of families what we’re doing here all week, it’s bringing great people only Christy green doing great things in the community. Our hub would have been here would have been here yesterday, St. Francis, neighborhood centers where she came from that’s, you want to get two minutes on the St. Francis neighborhood. Sure, sure. Sure. So love them.

Christi Green  22:34

I do love them. I’m a huge supporter, and I will continue to be my husband is the executive director there now. So I left after 10 years, he went through a very grueling process to get that role. But he had worked with me for 10 years as the director of operations and program. So it made sense. It was a perfect transition. But yeah, I started when I started there. 10 years ago, the front door was falling off. It was a house in the middle of West Baltimore, where kids and families would go to I love the fact that they loved hanging out there that that was their center, and I work for the neighborhood. And so when I came in as Executive Director, I mean, the board said, we don’t think the organization is going to last another six months, the founder had passed away.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:16


I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me, Joey nos, brother, John, I’ve always reached to me to try to help you and support you. I’ve had people, you know, just friends in the community that know about you and wanted to help you.

Christi Green  23:26

Yeah, that organization is it’s just neighborhood voice. It they, they say what they want what they need, it’s and then we get behind it and do it. So after school programs and summer programs for kids are what’s what they do the most, but they do so many more neighborhood things. But what’s exciting is that after 10 years, we it’s now a multimillion dollar organization. That’s beautiful. It’s expanded once it’s on its second expansion. It’s a lot of work. And it’s it’s going to always need support and help. But it’s thriving. And that’s exciting. And so I felt like I could leave on that note, knowing it’s in good hands, the board of directors in a Maryland coalition almost two years. Okay.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:11

Associate you same time.

Christi Green  24:14

Yeah. Well, when they found me and I found them, I’m like, I’m not leaving St. Francis Neighborhood Center, like, I’m gonna be here forever, until I started to see the work here. And I’m like, Okay, I’m being called to something bigger statewide. It’s an opportunity for me, and it’s an opportunity to do something great with a statewide organization that has local work. So everybody that’s in Dundalk, that works in Dundalk. That’s part of Maryland coalition, famous lives in Dundalk. They know the resources here. They know the networking. They know the people. Same with Baltimore City. Same with Western Maryland. We have people in Allegheny and Garrett counties. So we’re on the shore. We’re everywhere. So but when he five years, yes, and I love that we’re local, but we’re statewide. So we have nine teams across the state. And if you count our central office that supports the whole state, and I’m part of that. We


Nestor J. Aparicio  25:04

are doing crabcake row a couple of Super Bowl trying to tell some good stories. Christy green is here from the miracle coalition of families, in addition to St. Francis will always be a part of that. I guess we’re ever done over Costas will be Coco’s all day. Wednesday, Thursday. We’re going to be over at State Fair in Catonsville Friday up and Pappas onto a live radio because I’m out of my mind, and you know, I just needed to take on craziness. Zayn is we’re actually doing it for the Maryland food bank, a lots of folks have donated food here that goes to places like St. Francis Neighborhood Center and pantries and St. John’s pantries and people were stopping by and I got good folks over here want to talk some more good stuff. So I haven’t eaten anything today. So I’m gonna take a break for do that. Well, how are we going to celebrate this Oriole news and like freedom, I told my son earlier today I went over to drug city. So we came here in a dinner Saturday night, and we stopped over drug city. And I’m not a champagne drinker. And I had conversation with Wendy Bronfman last week about what the champagne of cannabis might be, because I’m trying to figure out how am I going to celebrate when it really goes down? Like when you know what I mean? When Angeles is no longer the owner. How do I celebrate that? I went over to drug city and I bought the most expensive bottle of wine I bought in years, right? I bought a $60 bottle of the prisoner. So I’m gonna release the prisoner. When we when we so you’re gonna have any day. I mean, your biggest sports family. I mean, you went to orbiter games. Yeah, time went opening.

Christi Green  26:31

So my celebration is this arm is going to be an Oreo. So I have a raven tattoo. In

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:36

this defense the day that Angela sells a tea. Oh, man, I’m getting your sleeve.

Christi Green  26:44


I’m getting an Oreo. I should,

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:46

like go that go home. We have more guests coming by. I’m stacking them up. I have let’s see who I have here because I identify people that I’ve never met. This has got to be Felicia Fleming and show you a letter from stalking against see see I know I looked you guys up on the internet. I know about stalking against cancer in Maryland for like 1012 years, but I gotta get an update and I want I’m gonna get a full update missed the person’s gonna be here from MC vet St. John’s food pantries here. My favorite piece of the day. No offense to you or Torben or anyone else is going to be with Trish Woodward from Camp opportunity. There are Dundalk group that takes young kids and that had been through trauma and take some it’s summer camp. She wrote me back. She was in a play with me in 1982 at Colgate Elementary. Oh

Christi Green  27:31

my goodness.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:31

So 42 years ago, God Oh, I’m expecting this 12 year old girl to walk in. And she’s 46 out of something. I don’t know. I’m gonna find out. And she’s she’s not in the room. Right? Because I won’t get a secret away. You’re not You’re Misty. I know who you are. Alright. So I’ve been on the interweb with you. So I know what you look like. But so this girl wrote me this week and she’s like we were we were in Oliver together at Colgate Elementary. I was 14 she was like 10 So she’s, she might be 50 Wow, that’s crazy. So this was middle school. I have the VHS of that. And because I have Greg Landry at Towson transfers plug for you Greg who did the show yesterday. And he was with Baltimore outreach yesterday doing all my people do good. I have great friends I have great sponsors. But soon Greg turned my VHS into an mp4 like five six years ago because he has a Betamax and VHS and all that. I haven’t on mp4 She didn’t know Oh, wow. She said so I sent her a clip of me singing consider yourself and I do anything. Okay, yeah, I sent it to her she’s like I’m in the video I’m in the chorus in the front. She doesn’t know I have the whole thing. Oh my gosh, I’m gonna give her the whole show you


Christi Green  28:42

check. Well, we should partner because we can help those kids. But so that’s what we do. And she’ll be here later well and I will add our Baltimore City office guess where their offices go ahead St. Francis Neighborhood Center because we work together we partner now we help those kids there with the Maryland coalition families it’s about partnerships All

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:00

right. It’s about last night good people like you working hard and really caring about this.

Christi Green  29:05

Thank you because this is our opportunity to get some visibility for the work that we do so we can help as many people as we can. Well

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:11

let’s go help some people. All right, go get some soup. Here Maryland coalition of families the Maryland lottery is putting this whole thing on I feel like Oprah wanna give these away free ticket for you. Yeah, there you go. To free for you free for you. Our friends at window nation 866 90 nation I want to give them short shrift I gotta get a better hat than this little fun no I don’t I love this ad 866 90 nation you buy you get 0% financing right now if you’re buying but I’m gonna get doors I’m getting doors at window nation cuz that’s kind of guy and our friends at Jiffy Lube multi care as well. I’ll take good care of my car, your car everybody’s car took mine to the I usually take it to the mayor Boulevard here in Dundalk. But I was up in New York Road as I curio and right across street so I went over there did a great job. Got the oil, the lube, Jiffy Lube. There’s the guy that’s been avoiding me all my life. He doesn’t want to come on my show. He goes on the vise Go. Mr. Costas is here. I’m doing a great job you be an excellent job if you’re on a show. Tell me your life story. So while we’re Costas, I give him a hard time around here. They were on vice two weeks ago she Google it if if you love Costas, if you love Dundalk, vice and Steve show did an unbelievable piece love him minute piece on the history of Costas, on how he came here with $5 in his pocket from Greece. Wow. And made this place. That’s awesome. Isn’t that a story? Saying what it tells you advice and I don’t get the whole story. All right. I’m not sure we’re gonna come back from cost is going to be your day to day. Coco’s tomorrow, State Fair Thursday, and then on Friday, we’ll be at Pappas. I’m doing live radio, I’m just I used to do I do this every day in my life for 24 years. No wonder I stopped aging 10 years ago when I stopped doing this 10 years this week, and it’s on Tuesday. We’re back for more right after this. Stay with us.

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